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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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daytime hours of tuesday. that's tomorrow. here's our forecast for today. a little bit of patchy fog, really not expecting much. 65-72 for daytime high. night time close will only fall into the 50's but the big changes arrive by wednesday. i'm talking much cooler air. how cold will it get and how long will it stay cold? my seven-day outlook in just a few minutes. >> i'm kind of going to show you some live pictures thanks to geico of traffic moving very nicely. 270, that's been great between 109 and the beltway. the beltway moving smoothly across the american legion bridge. good shape in virginia as well. i don't have anything too major for us right now. 66 did have a complication eastbound at 123 with an accident but by the time you get there, that should be on the shoulder.
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back to pamela and scott. >> all right thank you, lisa. our top story on this monday morning, the hunt for a carjacking kidnapper. for the third time in less than a week, someone held an elderly man hostage at knife point and then robbed him. >> and this time it ended violently. the situation unfolded at a parking lot of a target in weeden and that's where brianne carter is live with the latest details. brianne? >> good morning to you pamela and scott. three separate incidents now, all a similar situation and police are now actively searching for the suspect they believe to be responsible to all of this. according no police things latest incident happened yesterday here in the parking lot in this wheaten shopping center. authorities say a 77-year-old man was getting into his car when he was approached by the armed you want and ordered into his vehicle. the suspect then drove the victim town known locations authorities believe to withdraw cash from a.t.m.'s. suspect then drove to east west
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highway and then fled on foot. and this is the third incident of its kind in less than a week. now on november 23 and november 26 two other carjackings involving elderly men happened in wheaten. both victims in both cases were abducted near the giant grocery store and driven a.t.m. to withdraw cash. authorities telling us at this point they believe that all three of these are now connected and that it is the same suspect responsible in these three separate cases. authorities telling us those victims and those other two were not injured in those cases. and they are asking anyone with information to please give police a call. abc 7 news. >> thank you brianne. investigators are still searching for the people responsible for the deadly violence in dupont circle over the weekend. police say a fight broke out early sunday morning at the heritage india restaurant on connecticut avenue.
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it spilled out on to the streets where one person were killed and two other were shot and three were stabbed tonight. word on what sparked that fight. and new this morning, syracuse basketball coach jim boeheim said that he is no longer standing by his longtime assistant. >> this comes after the school fired bernie fine in a new us into accusation and disturb is phone calls between his wife and one of the alleged victims. >> that's right. not only that but a third accuser now has come forward. >> hello? >> hello? >> in 2002, alleged victim bobby davis now 39 years old recorded this phone call with a woman identified as bernie fine's wife lori. in it she appears quite aware of her husband's deviant behavior. >> i know everything that went on. and i know everything that went on with him. maybe he's not aware of but he
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has issues. >> davis said the sexual issueses began when he was a ball boy and it happened in the coach's basement. he says he taped the conversation because he couldn't get anywhere with syracuse police and wanted people to take him seriously. in it, he asks whether there are other victims. >> do you think i'm the only one he's ever done that to? >> no. >> now questions also swirl now around how much legendary head coach jim boeheim knew about this. he says right now, he stands behind the university's decision. >> ben, thank you for that report. the maryland man at the center of his traveling companion's appearance in aruba disappearance in aruba could be set free. prosecutors want to keep him in custody in connection with robin gardner fees disappearance.
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he is not charged with the crime. he says gardner was swept out to sea while snorkeling. >> occupied protestors on both sides of the country are currently defigure eviction orders. occupy l.a. demonstrators were told to leave their camp by midnight pacific time. three days later, hundreds of people are still at that camp. and philadelphia police have not moved in on protestors still camp you had out city hall. they were given until yesterday afternoon to leave. >> we will turn to a developing story in egypt. this is the country's first parliamentary election. it comes as thousands of people take to the streets to cairo to call for egypt's military rurals to hand over power to a civilian government. and the georgetown unit student says it was the most frightening experience of his life.
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he and two other students flew back to the u.s. on saturday after the court ordered they be free. sweeney says while they were in custody, they were beaten and threatened with guns. >> for the first time since early october, redskins fans have a reason to celebrate. the burgundy and gold left seattle with their first win since week six. quarterback rex grossman led the skins' fourth quarter rally scoring 15 unanswered points and stunning the seahawks. the final was 23-17. but grossman is getting the credit and ha lieu who had the first 100-yard game of his career. >> it was one of the most impressive runs i've ever seen just hurdle somebody and keep moving and it was awesome. that was the play that really you know got us going there in the fourth quarter and was able to win. >> i just wasn't to make sure i
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got it and i didn't care in the safety came over and kill med in the air. i knew i would get the first down from forward progress. >> and he did. the skins improve to 4-7. they host the new york jets on sunday. a lot of happy fans waking up this monday morning. >> yeah. really gave this boost we needed. 6:07 is your time on this monday. 55 degrees. >> still ahead on "good morning washington", the next big test for the holiday shopping season and how much the 12 days of christmas will cost you in 2011. >> and a prince and a hero. how the royals put his military training to the test. >> first, will sunday's warmth stick around? steve's got the full forecast coming up next.
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♪ one, two three, four >> good morning, washington, i'm michael from plains'burg, high school. good morning, washington! >> and they are ready to go. 28th day of november and temperatures well above average for this time of year. maybe looking at some record-breaking warmth later this afternoon. 53 degrees at dulles. the record high stands at 71 degrees. may tie that. we broke the record yesterday at dulles with a high of 70 degrees. this is what it looks like in terms of satellite and radar. we have a cold front and area of low pressure to the south and west of us. this arrives during the overnight hours into the day
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tomorrow. confident you will not need your umbrella today but tomorrow, a much different story. look at these highs. 65-72 degrees. winds will be out of the south at 5-10 miles an hour. coming up, a look at the extended outlook. if you like more december-like weather, it's on the way. details in just a few minutes. but first, here's lisa baden. >> we're flying directly to news chopper 7. 66 eastbound and 123 has been problematic with an accident eastbound on 66. we're going to show you that now. move to the right shoulder but look at the pace of traffic. delays out of manassas in centerville before 50 to get to the crash here near 123 and moving near in the beltway. 66, buckle down. here we go. back to the routine. now back to pamela and scott. >> all right, lisa. thanks for that. 6:12 is your time. >> coming up, the republican presidential marathon and the surprising endorsements for the
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g.o.p.'s latest frontrunner. >> plus, feel good. topics are uprooting -- vampires. a look at the holiday box office battle. >> and it's the biggest online shopping day of the year and millions are expected to take part. live in northwest washington. we'll have a preview of
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>> a record breaking start to the shopping and retailers hope the christmas spirit carries over online to cybermonday. yunji joins us with a preview in the northwest. >> good morning. industry analysts are saying that about half of american adults are expected to log
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online at some point today and check out what sort of deals are out there especially with upgraded smart phone technology where people can shop from the convenience of their phones and not just the convenience of their office or at home. a lot of people are expected to take part in cybermonday. a lot of people are saying it could outshine black friday the black friday frenzy is over but today, consumers have another reason to keep that spending splurge going. cybermonday is the first official start to the online holiday shopping and the numbers are expected to reach an all-time high. >> as the momentum coming out of holiday, it will create growth the following year. >> cybermonday sales topped $1 billion in 2010. and analysts estimate the sales this year could reach a record $1.2 billion. if they do, it's great news for the economy but if they don't, this is a one-hit wonder.
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>> shoppers took vac of sales over the thanksgiving weekend. more than 220 million people shopped both online and in stores proving the holiday shopping since off to a great start. >> we felt like we had a little bit more room to buy more gifts this season. >> analysts are saying a another thing to drive a lot of people online is about 90% ofline retailers say they're going to offering additional discounts and a lot of those will offer free shipping. >> ok, thanks, jumey. shoppers want the deal but the two turtle doves and three french hens are more expensive than sexfer could "the muppets" come back and take on "twilight"? >> good morning. topping america's money. a big kickoff for holiday shopping. more americans went shopping this weekend and more than ever
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before. totaled more than $52 billion. newly released document shows how big the federal reserve's bailout of bank was three years ago, $1.2 trillion. the banks made $13 million but taking advantage of the below-market rate, even member of congress did not know the magnitude of the bailout. the sun did not set on the latest "twilight" movie with $62 million for its five-day weekend. its take so far, $224 million. and it will cost you more this year to buy all 364 gifts. the total, $1001 up more than 4 p.c. that is america's money. i'm rob nelson. >> republican presidential candidate newt gingrich just got a major boost. the union leader is endorsing the house speaker.
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even though it says he is not the perfect candidate. new hampshire voters head to the polls on january 10. >> looking at the day ahead, president obama welcomes leaders of the european union to the white house today. the debt crisis overseas will be the top priority over the one-day summitt. they will also discuss energy and investment issues. >> the man accused of shooting at the white house will be in court. he is charged with trying to assassinate president obama. a judge ordered him to undergo psychiatric >> a red fern will arrive in washington today. that tree was cut down in california earlier this month and driven across the country on the back of a flatbed truck. it will be lit on december 6. >> it's going to start feeling a lot more like christmas around
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here with these cooler temps coming in. >> by then, it's going feel a lot more like december but in the meantime, it's hard to believe. we're around 70 degrees. >> setting a record. we may set a record at dulles international airport. we broke the record yesterday but keep in mind, dulles has only been keeping records for about 40 years. so easier to break those records and we'll see the possibility later on this afternoon. 53 degrees this hour at reagan national airport. yesterday's high at reagan national was 72. hagerstown at 58. down to the south fredericksburg at 59 degrees. at 6:20 in the morning democrats are colder behind a cold front. 34 in chicago. 37 detroit. look at the 64 in norfolk. swimmington, north carolina, looking at -- wilmington, north carolina, 69 degrees. unbelievable.
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the radar shows the confident and area of low pressure that's going to bring us the heavier rain later tonight into tomorrow well to the rest of us the umbrellas, leave them home today but tomorrow, you will definitely need them. maybe looking upwards to an inch to an inch and a half of rain, even a few rumble offense thunder. under mostly cloudy skies. winds to the south at 5-10 miles an hour. overnight calls for nighttime close to fuel into the 50's. showers will become more providewide spread after the midnight hour and into the day tomorrow. it's going to be a cloudy and damp tuesday, periods of rain upper 50's to low 60's. much cooler by wednesday. only in the upper 40's. night time close will hover just around the trademark. to get an up dit to anthony rush hour commute, here's lisa baden. >> and the pressure is on. 66 traffic eastbound getting out of centerville through fair
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lakes. fair oaks accident, the culprit near 123. everyone was moved to the right shoulder as quickly as possible, that is just really wreaked havoc on traffic eastbound 66. on 270 no problems report right now. i'm happy to say. how far germantown to investigatorers 'burg, everything's open getting on the beltway. >> thank you lisa. 6:20. 55 degrees out. >> coming up, heroics from the duke of cambridge. you're watching "good morning washington." >> they left me on the side of the road to die. >> nobody expected her to survive. nobody expected this.
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>> prince williams put hiss military training to the test on sunday taking part in a rescue mission off the coast of wales. the prince co polited a helicopter that capsized in the irish sea. the duke of cambridge is a member of the royal air force search and rescue team. dramatic rescue east of los angeles caught on tape. strangers rushed to help three people who are pinned underneath a pickup truck that rolled over
6:24 am
yesterday. highway patrol made it to the scene just as several drivers lifted the truck and pulled a female passenger to safety. officials have released few details so far and no word on what caused that truck to roll over. >> wow. miley cyrus reportedly joked about being a stoner during her 19th birthday party. reports that the star made the comment after her friend kelly osbourne presented her with a bob marley cake. cyrus said you know you're a stoner when your friend made you a majerle cake. os burn tweeted later it was a joke. still another half hour of "good morning washington." >> coming up, a syracuse basketball coach faces more sexual abuse accusations. now the school is cutting its ties. and a disturbing phone call between the suspect's wife and one of the alleged victims. >> and another carjacking in montgomery county. the third of its kind in less than a week. i'm brianne carter. we'll have the details coming up
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in a live report. >> the weather center. a strong cold front tomorrow. how cold will get get? detailswhen you spend more dayays
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>> just felt like we had little bit more room to buy more gifts this season. >> a record start to the holiday shopping season. straight ahead can retailers candle the demand online for cybermonday? >> "good morning washington." thanks for being here with us on this monday, november 28th. i'm pamela brown. >> and i'm scott due man. glad to have you long for sot record heat but some changes are on the way. let's get to steve with a first check on that forecast. >> yesterday we broke the
6:29 am
record at dulles national airport. made it up to 70 degrees. the old record was set back in 1976 when it was 68 degrees. now 53 at dulles. the same at reagan national. near 60 down in fredericksburg. satellite and radar shows a cold front and associated area of low pressure. that arrives later on tonight into the day tomorrow and may bring as much as an inch to an inch and a half of rain across the mid atlantic. here's you are a forecast for today. mostly cloudy and comfortable. daytime high temperatures well above average for this time of year. 65-72 degrees. winds will be out of the south at 5-10 miles an hour. what can we expect for the overnight into the daytime hours tomorrow? our chief meteorologist doug hill will be up in just a few minutes. but first, here's lisa baden with a look at traffic. >> 95 has been complicated northbound. and there's a vehicle fire on the right side of the highway. news chopper 7 should be there in our next report.
6:30 am
as far as traffic in virginia, 66 eastbound, delays out of centerville to a crash on the shoulder. this is live in the geico traffic center of drivers. headlights heading towards us on the left, outer loop building by but not too bad. now pamela and scott. >> thank you lisa. our top story, the hunt for a carjacking kidnapper. for the third time in less than a week someone held an elderly man hostage at knife point and then robbed him. >> and this time, it ended violently. the situation unfolded sunday afternoon in a parking lot in a target in wheaten. that's where brianne carter is live with the latest details. >> good morning to you, spot and pamela. this is latest incident happened in broad daylight here in this shopping center parking lot. authorities say they believe now that all three of these incidents that have happened in the past week occurred with the same suspect.
6:31 am
montgomery county police are search for the man they now believe is responsible for three separate kidnappings in the county. the latest happened sunday at this wheaten target. >> scares me a lot and it makes me almost not want to come out to the store. >> police say an armed suspect approached this 77-year-old man ordered the man into his own vehicle and then drove to other locations and forced the man to withdraw cash from a.t.m.'s. the suspect then drove to heightsville and fled on foot. the victim was taken to the hospital after being beaten and cut up. this is the third similar incident in less than a week. on november 23 and november 26, two other carjackings involved elderly men also happened in wheaten. both victims were abducted near the giant food store and also driven a.t.m.'s to withdraw cash those incidents, neither victims was hurt. >> i pay attention to myself and my surroundings and that's the
6:32 am
best thing you can do is pay attention. >> now in this latest incident people driving by noticed the victim in the passenger side of the car and contacted police. authorities telling us those injuries are serious but not life-threatening. police giving a very vague description at this point of the man they are now searching for. police are asking anyone with any information in any of these three cases to please give them a call. abc 7 news. >> thank you brianne. investigators meanwhile are trying to find out what caused a house fire in maryland house that killed a 6-year-old boy. the flames broke identity yesterday morning. fire firefighters pulled the boy and two women out. the boy later died. firefighters say the house had no working smoke detectors. >> syracuse university fired longtime assistant basketball coach bernie fine in the wake of new sexual abuse allegations against him.
6:33 am
a third person claims that fine molested him in 2003 when he was a ball boy. two other men have accused fine of molesting and started in the oints and one of them, bobby davis recorded a conversation with a woman said to be fine's wife. >> i know everything that went on with him. he's got issues. mabes he's not aware of but he has issues. >> davis said he told police about the abuse but got nowhere and he says he made the secret recording so his accusations would be taken seriously. syracuse head coach jim boeheim said he supports the decision to fire fine and he apologized for being insensitive for his initial statements. meanwhile, police and state college pennsylvania are investigating another abuse accusation against jerry sandusky. an inmate from oklahoma reportedly wee letter to the state attorney general's office claiming that the coach
6:34 am
assaulted him. sandusky is already charged with abuse against eight minors. >> the maryland man at the center of investigation into a woman's mysterious disappearance in aruba could be set free as soon as tomorrow. he is expected in court for an appeals hearing. prosecutors want to keep him in custody while they investigator rob begin guard fehr's death but on friday, a judge rejected to hold the man for another 30 days. so far he is not charged with a crime and he says gardner was swept out to sea while snorkeling. occupy protestors on both sides of the country are holding their ground. in los angeles protestors were told to leave their camp near city hall by midnight pacific time. that deadline has come and gone and hundreds are still at the camp. and they say they don't plan to move. in philadelphia, police haven't moved in on demonstrators camped outside city hall. they had until yesterday afternoon to leave.
6:35 am
>> 6:35 is your time on this monday. we're following a developing story out of egypt. that's where voting is under way since former leader was ousted in february. the election comes as thousands of people take to the streets of cairo to pressure the military rules to hand over power to a civilian government. meanwhile, now that the three students are back home we're hearing for details about their confinement. derek sweeney and two other students flew back to the u.s. on saturday after a court ordered that they be free. sweeney says while they were in custody, they were beaten and threatened with guns. >> for the first time since early october, redskins fans have a reason to celebrate. the burgundy and gold left seattle with their first win since week six. >> quarterback rex grossman led the skins' fourth quarter rally scoring 16 unanswered points and stunning the seahawks 23-17.
6:36 am
grossman miss given the credit to rookie running back roy ahlu to have the first 100 yard game of his career and a memorable first touchdown run. >> it was one of the most impressive runs i've ever seen, just hurdle somebody and keep moving and it was awesome. that was the part that really -- play that really, you know, got us going there in the fourth quarter and was able to win. >> i just want to make sure i got it and i didn't care if the safety came over and killed me in the air. i knew i would get that first down from forward progress. they are skins improve to 4-7 and they host the new york jets on sunday. hope they and pull off another one then. >> put a new streak. 55 degrees out. >> still ahead, getting ready for cybermonday after a record-setting weekend for holiday. sales, what should shoppers expect as they head online? >> plus, democrats go on to the
6:37 am
movie in their latest attack on a presidential contender. >> but first, big backups along i-95. this is in lorton. we're going to have a check with
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>> welcome back. it's 6:40.
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time for traffic. >> let's get right to doug hill who is joining us from calvert county. all weekend long, it did not feel anything like november weather. it's beautiful. >> i know. wouldn't it be great if we could just keep that all season long through the december, january, february? it's not going to happen. by next weekend, it's definitely going to feel like early december. hello, pamela and scott. not terrible news there. live nene value academy in annapolis. sunrise come up at 6:0 4. 25 minutes away. temperatures fairly mild. warmer than our average daytime high. 57 in northwest washington outside w -- the studios. the winds are very, very light. here's our story today as far as temperatures we have a great place from which we're starting. an isolated report of 48 degrees coming in from manassas but a very mild day. 70 degrees.
6:41 am
we could get close to faux record high temperatures today. there's the storm center off to our west impacting our weather. there will be some sunshine. that's what's going to post near 70 today but that front will bring rain. tomorrow, it could be heavy at times. monday forecast for you. partly to mostly cloudy. 65-72 degrees. big changes by the end of the week and the weekend, it's going to feel just like the calendar suggested, mike. we're not there yet. enjoy this monday while it lasts. that's the latest. >> all right. we will enjoy it. thank you so much, doug. >> and we have a messy situation in the lorton right now. lisa baden, fill us in. >> yes. we'll take you live to news chopper 7. heading in fairfax county, you can see all the flashing lights. there was an earlier car fire right there. you don't see any visible smoke because everything's you should control in lorton, the main lanes, notice traffic getting by to the left but look at that
6:42 am
backup they're starting to pan up. those delays are going to begin out of wood ridge into lorton. so some added time needed to your travel. you know what you could do is go ahead and grab a slug and then you can make your trip a little bit easier. we'll go back to spot and pamela. >> all right. we'll check back in, lisa. thank you. it's 6:42. >> a special rival. >> -- arrival. >> mitt romney's flip-flops. a preview of democrats' new plans to attack the potential presidential candidate. >> and black friday is gone, but cybermonday is here. live in northwest washington. we'll have a preview of this big
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> the black friday hype paid
6:45 am
off over the holiday weekend. shoppers dropped more than $50 billion at stores. >> that is a record breaking start to the shopping season and retailers hope that the christmas spirit carries over online to cybermonday. >> good morning. if your like me, you're already getting e-mails from retailers telling you what deals and steals are going on about 100 million people to not only log on today during cybermonday but also expected to buy something. retailers offering a lot of deals about $1.2 billion is expected to be spent online and that would be record-breaking numbers as far as holiday sales. a lot of retailers offering extra deals, promotions to try to drive people online. officials at the retail industry are saying that people should not only look for these sales but look for additional sales such as coupons and free shipping but they are telling
6:46 am
fwires beware because of the push to online. they do say that identity theft and a lot of online scam lesser be out as well. abc 7 news. >> thanks so much for that. we want to turn now to today's politico minute. democrats will have a plan of attack before republicans will even have time to pick their candidate. >> mike allen joins wause closer look. let's talk first about this ad. mitt romney already laid some of the groundwork for democrats to attack with some of the changes in position. we phew they would do it but they're coming out strong and tease are some pretty tough ads. >> yes, this ad is starting when markets around the country including d.c. virginia, and the idea is to cement the narrative of mitt romney as a flip-flopper even before there is a g.o.p. nominee trying to get out ahead of defining him.
6:47 am
this is built as trailer including that mr. moviefone voice for a longer ad that's on the web at and there they try to use some humor. they have jay leno, conan o'brien joking about mitt romney flip-flops and they have a couple of mitt romney conflicting quotes and then they have ronald reagan saying here you go again. >> wow. and so this is on six wing states? >> that's right. d.n.c. is going to do events around the country to draw events to it. we've seen mitt romney jumping ahead to running obama. he took his two daughters to surprise people in the stores. so he first brought the reporters in to get them positioned and people started buzzing about why it was
6:48 am
happening. he was there for business which is sandwiched between black friday and cyberspinlte somebody said hello to one of the daughters and even after the president was gone, she stopped to talk to a little boy there which i should she was real poised about one of these daughters who i'm sure don't like to be galked at when they go to buy a book. >> absolutely. mike allen thank you for that. >> and this is a place that you can buy her a birthday present. it's home run birthday tomorrow. >> i like that. thanks for the shoutout. >> taking a look now today ahead, president obama speaking of will welcome leaders of the union european to the white house today. the debt crisis overseas will be the top priority during the one-day summit and heads of state are expected to resolve that financial mess along with energy and investment issues. >> a former maryland governor bob ehrlich is. anded to stand trial.
6:49 am
he is accused of using railroad calls to suppress the railroad turnout. >> and the d.c. fire department's first motor raised company is entering its second century. fire engine company 24 is celebrating its 100th birthday. d.c. council members are among those attending yesterday's ceremony. >> let's check back in with our doug hill. unfortunately, reality is about to set in we've so been enjoying these warmer temps >> temperatures getting close to our recorder totory. we'll get a little sunshine. but eventually, it's going to be a lose. battle as more clouds move in ahead of a cold front and a fair amount of rain tomorrow. a look at the almanac page. yesterday, 72 at inauguration -- reagan national airport. >> very mild numbers across the
6:50 am
mid atlantic. however west, you see the farther west you go, the colder it gets. and eventually, we'll have to deal with that by the weekend. it'll be a slow process. 53 degrees in the nation's capital. satellite and radar, this is the next development. a low pressure area over the tennessee valley. warm front to the north. that is going lied not east over the 24-36 hours giving rain and heavy rain at times through today and tomorrow. local futurecast model. this is a simulation of the atmosphere. how it depicts our weather development. fair amount of cloudiness. mid-level cloudiness tonight and the rain begins probably towards midnight and after and the potential for steady to heavy rain. and they even into tomorrow evening, but we will see some improvement by wednesday. cooler temperatures and colder as we head through the weekend. 65-72 degrees the range partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. temperatures will hold plain in the 50's with scattered showers.
6:51 am
tomorrow periods of rain. 58-63 degrees. we'll finally see some clearing development during the day. -- develop during the day. our online home always an interesting array things to find. steve will look at the seven days including the first weekend in december. spot and pamela? >> all right doug, thank you. >> lisa baden, are things getting any better out there? >> news chopper 7 saying no. not really. they are getting ready to an earlier car fire what's left of it in lorton 3 to the left get by but delays growing out of dell city. we'll take you next to our geico city picture in maryland, outer delays. that's kind of typical first right now. we won't complain. no accidents to report as far as the travel on 270 just heavier to get into hyattstown. >> thank you lisa.
6:52 am
and a special rival at b.w.i. on sunday. a woman gave birth a healthy baby boy in an airport bathroom moments after getting off her flight. the maryland transportation authority helped the woman deliver the child before they were taken to the hospital. >> thank goodness she at least made it to the airport.
6:53 am
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>> a man suspected of carjacking two people may have struck again. a 77-year-old man was abducted the same area yesterday investigator says the suspect drove him to several a.t.m.s and robbed him. >> today is cybermonday, the day millions of people head to the computer in search on the great deals and analysts suspect more than $1 billion in sales. >> redskins fans are savoring a victory. they scored 16 unanswered points to beat the seahawks 23-17. >> let's check on the road with lisa. >> northbound 95 is hard pressed with an earlier car fire. this is in springfield with a headlight. now steve. >> a little bit of record-breaking warmth today. dulles national airport may top the 70-degree mark.
6:56 am
cooler air arrives by midweek part of a cold front that's going to drop our temperatures to the upper 40's by wednesday. thursday and friday, just around 50 degrees. >> enjoy it while we can. that's going to do it for "good morning washington" this
6:57 am
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6:59 am
good morning, america. and huddled mayhem at the mall set a new world record for holiday weekend sale. after the biggest and craziest start to the holiday season. breaking overnight, a top syracuse basketball coach fired after espn plays


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