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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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something that should not be happening. >> it is happening in broad daylight. each kidnapping happened at about 2:00 in a parking lot that is supposed to be patrolled by security. they were busy crisscrossing a lot today, but after what happened shoppers say they are of little comfort. >> we see no signs of security in the parking lot. they were all over the place this afternoon. this evening, they seem to have disappeared. as for the victims in the first to cases, the men were unharmed. but yesterday the man was cut by a box cutter knife. his nose was broken. we are told that he is expected to make a recovery. we have breaking news, police said a and a list of woman bandit accused in a virginia crime spree has struck again. stephanie schwab tried to commit
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a carjacking in baltimore county on thanksgiving day. she is wanted in connection with a carjacking and two bank robberies in northern virginia. a television station says a new woman and plans to come poured in a new claim about herman cain. the woman says she had a brief affair with herman cain. a number of women have accused the former front-runner of sexual harassment. he says he doesn't know anything about this claim and does not know anything about the woman. we turn to the mystery in aruba. a judge declined and 11th of work request to keep the gaithersburg man behind bars. gary giordano is the prime suspect in the disappearance of
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robyn gardner. he could be back in our area as soon as wednesday. >> robyn gardner was well-known in the downtown frederick area. many of her friends work and live there. they have spent the last four months wondering what happened to her. the main suspect is set to go free. in a little more than 24 hours gary giordano will walk out of jail a free man but with a cloud of suspicion over his head. >> i have known her for 10 years. >> here is with robyn gardner. >> she trusted people and this time she trusted the wrong person. >> days before the trip, gary giordano took out an insurance policy on her. he named himself at the
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beneficiary. he said, she went missing while the two were snorkeling. that is circumstantial evidence and it was not enough for a judge. after spending four months in jail, a judge ruled it is time to let him go home. prosecutors tried to fight to keep them behind bars saying they need more time to analyze his computers. >> frustration is not a good word. >> he could be back in his home as soon as wednesday. >> we are hoping that they would have found enough evidence to keep them longer. >> he knows something that he is not telling anybody. i wish there was closure on this. >> two of his neighbors, both women, attempted to get protective orders against them today. they claimed he would leave trash and dead animals on their
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front lawn. the judge denied their request. a judge agreed to extradite the suspected east coast rapist to virginia for trial. investigators say the dna evidence links. thomas to 17 rapes and other attacks on win-win. police -- on women. oscar ortega-hernandez is competent to stand trial a doctor says. he allegedly fired as many as nine shots at the white house earlier this month. he told acquaintances allegedly, that he believed president obama was the anti christ. he will undergo more psychiatric testing. it is november 28 and can you believe that today we it 70 degrees? >> do not get too comfortable because of the weather changes are on the way.
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doug hill is in the weather center with the story. >> no signs of bitterly cold air moving in. we are getting close to december and it is going to happen sooner or later. let's go high above the weather center. here in arlington, look at the day. we had some pretty good periods of sunshine. right now temperatures are very mild 60's. clouds will continue to increase. there is a storm over central tennessee moving in our direction. during mild temperatures, rain developing tomorrow. most of it is midday to afternoon. look at these afternoon temperatures, well above our average high of 52. 60 degrees in washington right now. it will be very warm through the evening.
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tomorrow plan on rain. we will see what comes up for the final day of november. we know the name of a child killed in a weekend fire in prince george's county. the six-year-old died early sunday after a fire swept through this column on group in st. -- on this home on griffin street. firefighters have not been able to identify the cause of the fire but they say the spouse had no working smoke detectors. the scandal at syracuse university is escalating. an audio tape has surfaced. it is said to be the wife of former basketball coach talking to one of the men accusing him of sexual abuse. his wife is challenging what was said on the tape. >> his wife said she will speak publicly tomorrow. she will admit it is her voice
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on the 2002 recording, but the tape was altered. it is this recorded phone conversation allegedly between the wife of former syracuse basketball coach and his accuser that shed new light on the sex scandal and forced the university to fire the coach. >> this recording was made by the chief accuser now 39-year- old bobby davis. his wife reportedly did not know the conversation was being recorded. davis turned the tape over to espn. the sports network. after authenticating the voice. he became close friends with the family. >> he has at least two other accusers to have come forward.
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one of them is a 23-year-old, who said he molested him in a hotel room when he was 13. >> after watching pornography he asked me to pull my shorts down. >> he is now facing charges of abusing a teenage boy. all this has forced syracuse university to act. the allegations against him first surfaced in 2005. the investigation went nowhere. a big shake up for the washington capitals. >> i am really surprised by desperate this guy can coach. this is professional hockey and the players did not like it. failure by the players to respond positively. it is simple as that.
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the organization said goodbye to bruce boudreau. the capitals moved on to date without the head coach who helped propel the franchise to prominence. >> i was surprised. >> bruce boudreau took over in 2007. ever since this team has won. playoff appearances every year. >> he got to his wins faster than any coach in the nhl. >> but they have underachieved and the playoffs. fisher, they have won only five of their last 15 -- this year they have won only five of their last 15 games. >> this was a case of the players are no longer responding. >> bruce boudreau became a celebrity. >> the cupholders.
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>> the hockey lifer is gone, making way for dale hunter. >> he is going to deliver results right away. >> four straight titles. tonight, bruce boudreau is unemployed. dale hunter takes over. >> what is the back story? >> he needed some change, he was being a disciplinarian. they were not responding. everyone is talking about the firing and it is creating a lot of buzz on our facebook page tonight.
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you can go to your facebook page if you would like to voice your opinion. coming up, cyber monday, but our people shopped out? >> two teenagers explain what happened when they can do fled with a father and son on board. there were only to save one of them. >> frosty the snowman's mill down with police in maryland.
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frosty the snowman had a meltdown over the weekend, and it was not because of the warm weather. >> he had a warrant -- he had a run and with police. it landed him in jail. >> ♪ frosty the snowman gary giorda♪♪ >> that dog was a police k9.
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when officers caught up with frosty things got heated. some calling it a frosty meltdown. >> he took his hat off and hit the officer in the the face. >> this prostate is not a real snowman. it is -- this frosty is not a real snowman. it is 52-year-old kevin michael walsh. >> i never touched the dog. >> he showed us how he said he tried to walk around the dog. he was in a costume. >> and did you hit the police? >> he walked into my mask. >> not a very nice snowman. >> kind of a frosty meltdown.
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>> maintaining his innocence despite facing several charges -- >> i would like to be the snow man again because i have done such a good job all these years. >> he is not smiling, that all the serve. it is a shame the kids had to see it. this is not his first run in with the law. he has been arrested a handful of times. for disorderly conduct. >> persecution of frosty. a 60-foot tall capitol christmas tree arrived at this morning. crews got to work setting up the tree. the tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for next tuesday at 5:00. the tree will be lighted up from a night full and 2 11:00 each
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night. -- not default until at 11:00 each night. fire crews in and out flyers out local christmas tree lots. the one about the danger of fire from trees in five different languages. they include state tips. -- safety tips. >> it is hard to think about it being christmas time when it is so -- i saw people in shorts today. >> sooner or later, or whether lot is going to run out. not immediately so. -- our weather luck is going to run out. not immediately so. the clouds cleared out, a little patch of blue. it turned into a very nice day.
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crystal clear skies overhead. 67 degrees in north west washington. temperatures are mostly in the 60's. there are a few exceptions here and there. a bit of a bayberries. -- a bay breeze. the average high is only 52 degrees for this time of year. these numbers are well above where they should be. 52 is our average high, so our over night lows will be significantly higher. it is the upside down on whether day. colder air is just off to the west, but we will not get bitterly cold any time soon. we will get back to where we should be. by the time meet thursday and
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friday, the highs will be around 50 degrees. that is where we should be. 39 in chicago, 38 in st. louis. there is a wedge of cold air and it will move back from the north east and brush our area. a few scattered showers in the morning tomorrow. we will have scattered showers early. it will become more widespread. the midday and late afternoon hours. r futurecast, this is a stimulation. -- our futurecast, this is a simulation. it will continue tomorrow evening and the rain to come to an end about 8:00 or 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow night. it will be very pleasant here on
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wednesday. seasonably cool weather for the end of the week. temperatures get to the low 60's. there you have it. clearing skies wednesday, bright sunshine thursday and friday. a beautiful day on saturday and sunday. the next weather system could bring a few showers back to the area. let's see how long we can keep that going. maybe we can push our way to april. >> thank you for a great thanksgiving day. >> it was my pleasure, sir. >> we have a new facebook giveaway. >> we're giving away a holiday weekend at the national resort over at the national harbor. it includes a two-night stay and you get to meet the dreamworks characters. go to our facebook page.
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we will be announcing the winner on friday. >> coming up, it is a big movie weekend. arch campbell will be here with december's coming attractions. >> he had to do a bunch of damage control. >> a teenager tweets about her governor and it starts a fire storm. why is the governor now apologizing? >> no more waiting outside when you can go inside a
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look at the scene on black friday, crowds of people fighting. >> a happy crowd. today is the day for people they did not want to fight those crowds. today its cyber monday. we are live in alexandria. >> after a record-breaking thanksgiving day and black friday weekend, consumers are ready to go on-line and inside so they can get even better deals and avoid hassle. if you are like most, if you woke up to one in boxful of deals. >> my e-mail has been exploding. >> more than 122 million are expected to shop this rain --
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the screen. all of this after a black friday weekend bumped -- boomed. why aren't we shopped out? >> black friday seems to have what the appetite for a lot of people. >> adc based on 9 q bond -- a dc-bawsed online coupon. nearly 1000 purchases eminent. >> we are now at nearly 66,000 sales. >> between e-mail coupons and online specials, it is part of a strategy to get the best deals. >> a camera or computer a equipment. it is easy to get online. >> knowing the deals helps.
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i understand what i am looking for. >> remember to use a credit card and look for that -- to make sure your purchase is safe. we are live in alexandria tonight. >> will you be shopping online? so far 60% of those who answered on facebook say you will be shopping. go to our facebook page to join the discussion. >> a lot more pleasant than those crowds. still ahead but big changes could soon be coming to a virginia law that would change who is required by law to report child abuse. >> of three murders, two suspects. police say it is connected to a craigslist ad. >> heroism
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you are watching abc7 news at 5, on your side. a father and son were canoeing with their dog when the canoe fled. two teenagers were able to rescue the seven-year-old, but not his father.
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>> we know the border collie was able to swim to shore but it's a very popular member of this committee perished in these waters tonight. his body was recovered today. the hope turned to heartbreak midday when divers found the body. >> one of our great friends. we love him and missed them. we are here to support his family. >> prince of come back to the spot where he had been canoeing -- france -- friends came back to the spot or he had been canoeing. >> it is rough. but the emotion of a frantic movement. teenagers did not have time to speak to each other when they heard the cries of help. >> wages jumped straight in.
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>> fighting the current and the cold the boy's struggle to slam it 50 yards to reach the boy. >> it was all the adrenaline. >> as they got the child to shore, they heard his father cry for help. but he was too far to reach. >> rescue crews arrived but he was gone. >> the water was at 50 degrees. >> his friends remember him today as a great husband father and coach. >> he was a wonderful person. he would never let a day be wasted. >> but authorities say they're still investigating the case. they say there was little question that this was an accident but they're still looking into the events that led up to the capsize of the canoe. >> thank you.
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here is a look at some of tonight's top stories. police a man caught on surveillance cameras carjacked three different elderly shoppers in the parking lot. in the latest attack on sunday, the suspect cut the victim with a box cutter. >> the prime suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner could be back in maryland by wednesday. circumstantial evidence in this case is not enough to keep gary giordano behind bars. he lives in gaithersburg. >> police arrested a man in a frosty the snowman costume on saturday. kevin michael walsh fought with police and kicked a police dog. a murder investigation in ohio connected to the craigslist ads. police want to know how many people answered a craigslist add to work on a phony farm after bodies were discovered. two suspects including a teenager, are in custody tonight.
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their families say they are innocent. >> ohio police are scrambling to piece together clues in the case of three murders. >> the only connection was answering ads for employment on craigslist. >> two suspects are in custody. in a 16-year-old and a 52-year- old. three bodies have been found including a man who died from gunshot went to the head. two weeks ago he entered an on- line ads for a farm hand. >> i think of the time i spend with them. >> at least two other men received callbacks about the thorny path. -- phony ad. >> oh, boy this could have been
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made. >> my son told me that he did not do it. >> his mother said her son was a longtime mentor to the teenager. >> he is a kid we have taken to a church since he was 7 years old. >> how did it start? what was the dynamics of the relationship in the church and outside the church? >> officials are investigating how many people answered that fake ad and whether there are more victims. >> the family of a florida student who died after suspected marching band hazing says cover- up was part of culprit. robert champion collapsed and died after a game on november 20. police suspect hazing in this case.
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his family announced a lawsuit against the school. >> tried to put it all bear to let people know -- tried to put it out there and to let people know that you have to make a change. >> florida's governor wants the state to join the investigation into the debt. >> it is time on this monday for a check on the traffic situation. >> we are dealing with some heavy delays on southbound 395 from washington boulevard to duke street. westbound 66 is slow. on the belt way have the inner loop delays in virginia. also very slow on the inner loop between the dulles toll road and 270. northbound 270 sing have been delayed on the outer loop.
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in that stretch, in dealing with an accident. it is shutting down the right lane. still to come, did police violate a photographer is a first amendment rights? see the video for yourself. >> coming soon to a theater near you, the holiday movies hollywood hopes you'll want to see. >> man: my electric bill was breaking the bank. so to save some money, i trained this team of guinea pigs to row this tiny boat. guinea pig: row...row. they generate electricity, which lets me surf the web all day. guinea pig: row...row. took me 6 months to train each one, 8 months to get the guinea pig: row...row. little chubby one to yell row! guinea
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a big holiday weekend at the box office. arch campbell joins us with what is in store for the rest of the year. >> we started with thanksgiving weekend. "breaking dawn" has become of the the biggest movie of the year. here are some titles to look for in december.
5:40 pm
december 16 brings "the artist." it is in black and why with no dialogue sets in 1927. >> she told me a secret. the mother of all secret. >> gary oldman plays a master spy. >> december 21, "the girl with the dragon dadtattoo" brings an american version. christmas day brings steven spielberg's "war horse." oh, those vampires.
5:41 pm
i really want to see this movie "the artist. " no dialogue, just music. i am very interested. >> what is the fascination with vampires? >> they are up all night. i do not know. >> it is a trend. >> up next, a teen-ager's-tweet about the governor sparks controversy. but she is not apologizing. >> virginia law says coaches have to report child abuse. i wi
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the sex abuse scandals have raised a lot of questions about you is required by law to report abuse. >> one virginia official wants to change the commonwealth's
5:45 pm
law. >> the lots on reporting child abuse vary from state to state. maryland mandates that everyone, no matter what your job. others list specific professions. in virginia, that includes animal control officers, but not coaches. the scandals rocking penn state and syracuse highlight problems with reporting child abuse as well as committing it. >> i am getting tired of hearing this every day. people are covering up. >> in virginia, this law requires a number of professionals, including teachers to report suspected child abuse. >> it does not say coach or athletic director. >> this delicate has submitted
5:46 pm
to build in the general assembly. one would require public and private school coaches and athletic directors to report suspected abuse. that includes institutions of higher education. the other bill would mandate reporting by coaches and directors of private sports teams. to many, it all seems so obvious. >> i would have to be in favor of it. how do not be? >> they are expected to protect those children. >> appeal your to report an incident within 72 hours carries a $500 fine the first time, $1,000 the second -- a subsequent failures. the other big question, where would you report the abuse? that depends on where you live. several states are taking a hard look at their reporting laws to see if they need to revise them.
5:47 pm
an ohio mother is fighting back after her social worker took away her overweight child and put him into foster care. the 200-pound third grader is dangerously overweight. this was last week. officials say it is the first case of a child being put into foster care because of weight. >> the governor of kansas apologized after a war of words involving a high-school student and later. last week, emma sullivan met with the governor at the capitol. afterwards, she tweeted. in reality sullivan made such -- no such comments. but it sparked a firestorm. the governor's office contacted the school.
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the principal ordered sullivan to write a letter of apology. >> he had to do a bunch of damage control. >> today the governor says his staff overreacted. the school does not plan to punish sullivan. you can get a holiday experience in prime time. dr. seuss kicks off tonight at 8:00. never to read about the governor. -- tweet about the governor. >> especially not words like that. >> good afternoon. we are learning new details about the weekend brawl outside the dupont circle restaurant. how police are trying to track down the suspected killer in the case and wide restaurant has
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become notorious. some items of interest in the race to the white house. we will take a look at how democrats are going after it mitt romney. let's get an update on the weather. >> it is not going to come until tomorrow. cloudy skies moving and. very mild temperatures. this is the view from the top of the space lab in frederick. we will put the camera and a motion. a lot of clouds, good enough to a pushed the temperature to 70 degrees or higher. 61 in frederick right now. 68 in fredericksburg. a bit cooler over the eastern shore. 61 in lexington park. look at this, snow in southeastern section of west tennessee.
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cold air wrapping around the storm center of the cold front. the rain is moving in. scattered showers tomorrow. the rain will become a bit more widespread. look where the time stamp says. 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, just to the west of the metro area. it will clear out late tomorrow night. wednesday, the coldest air will stay two or west. -- will stay to our west. it looks like it will turn significantly cooler. when you see those numbers that is pretty much where we should be for average high temperatures. look at the stretch of dry days. wednesday, thursday, friday, sunday. it looks good to me. we'll have more for you at 6:00. bruce boudreau, gone. >> uprising, it isn't?
5:51 pm
it is a tough place to coach and keep your job these days. bruce boudreau was fired by the caps after winning four straight division titles. the one constant in life is change. dale hunter is larger and ones -- is larger in life. today, he was on the ice. his first day on his first nhl coaching job. >> i am a player's coach. >> he got the call from the general manager yesterday. hours later, the hunter was an end bruce boudreau was out. >> he takes the fall for stuff that we do. it is not him that took a penalty. >> during his four years as coach, he held but the caps on the map. his teams underachieved in the postseason and recently, this
5:52 pm
team seemed to be falling apart at the seams. >> dale hunter never won a stanley cup as the caps player. now we get another chance, from the bench. >>who would've thought that the caps would fired their coach and the redskins would keep the bears? -- theirs/ ? the redskins did enough good things to win yesterday. they may have found their running back of the future. 108 yards. he was quick enough to get around that corner. they won which helps mike shanahan immensely. >> it is easy to critique somebody when you win.
5:53 pm
that is when you put the pressure on, when you are winning. people are a little bit more objective. >> mike shanahan. bruce boudreau is
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this story grabbed headlines last week. a 13-month-old baby in the back of a carjacked suv was found safe and sound. >> police tried to prevent a press photographer from taking the incident. >> this is the video that some police officers did not want you to see. it is not an isolated incident. police have stopped at least three different people from taking pictures of police in public including one woman who had her telephone confiscated. >> this generalist was -- this
5:57 pm
journalist was recording. >> they are going to seize your camera as evidence. >> they confiscated -- a trend to confiscate my camera. >> some say that videotaping police helps to protect the public. >> they should be able to videotape. to see if they do the right thing. the u street metro station beat the guy in the wheelchair. >> it is a public place and you are not interfering with police activity, there is a law against pulling out a cell phone camera. >> residents were split on the debate. >> there are privacy issues for both police and the public at large. >> i do not think there is any problem with that. >> lester, police detained a man for taking pictures of a -- last
5:58 pm
year, police detained a man for taking pictures of a traffic stop. >> the journalist says this is not the first time police to try to prevent him from taking pictures. >> it is a loss or a violation of this rights. >> an internal police report revealed that police took the cell phone before they had a warrant. as for the latest incident, cathy lanier has issued an apology to the reporter and told us that an investigation is underway into that incident. >> ok, thank you. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> more controversy surrounded a republican candidate for president. >> violence is no stranger to a downtown restaurant and club or a man was killed yesterday.
5:59 pm
>> an end of an era in congress. barney frank decides to retire. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 breaking news. new accusations against herman cain. >> he announced on cnn that another woman is coming forward with claims she had an affair with them. herman cain is getting ahead of the accusations, the claim is false. >> there was lots of talk about all the balls around newt gingrich but the major campaign story broke -- around the buzz around newt gingrich. but the major campaign story was around herman cain. he says another woman will now come


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