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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 28, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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another coach, new sexual abuse scandal in syracuse this one fueled by secret tapes. and pandemonium. what happens when a reporter tries to condense a pack of pandas? he's just one of them. good evening. we hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and we have all been looking for a white knight to rescue the american economy and today an army of holiday shoppers came riding in. some using shopping carts, some the click of a computer mouse. in fact, today half of all american adults shopped for bargains online. an estimated $1.2 billion shattering records giving a vitamin shot to wall street. the dow closing up nearly 300 points so we set out to answer a question tonight, does this signal the start of the comeback for the american economy?
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and abc anchor david muir tackles the question for us again tonight. >> i know you've been tracking the numbers ail day long. they show it could be a blockbuster cybermonday. one estimate says sales up 20% over last year. what happens after you click place order online? tonight we track here what happens next. cyber monday is now the real deal. sales figures skyrocketing. shoppers breaking records since thanksgiving. $816 million spent online. up 26% over last year. >> i love cyber monday, because you get great deals. >> reporter: today "world news" viewers from florida to texas documented their hunt for bargains from peggy kaiser in midland, texas. >> we go to the e-mails. >> reporter: to lee ra harding in gainesville, florida, buying for her family back home on the hunt for a digital camera and searched three retailers prices ranging from 99 to $124.
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she chose walmart and the $99 price and one very big difference too. >> if you buy this item, you get $45 of store credit. >> reporter: for leah, it was a deal. >> hope this doesn't ruin the piece for my sister, but i think i'm going to go ahead and get one from walmart for her for christmas, so i'm lea ya harding, abc "world news." >> reporter: our producer diane mendez taking a look. buying two kindle fires from >> place my order. >> reporter: but we wanted to know what happens after she clicks and went all the way to phoenix, arizona, to find out. one of's 34 warehouses workers holding portable scanners and as soon as you hit send a item pops up on one of their screens, they pull it off the shelf and put it on a bin and on to the conveyer belt. her two kindles ordered. from the time that the producer hits click and buy a mere hours
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before it's on a truck and sent to her doorstep. >> reporter: so is wall street on the move. why is it so important for retailers across the country? >> because they weren't profitable until now and operate primarily in the red at a loss until the last few weeks of the year. >> reporter: predicts they'll blast through the number last year, 14 million items ordered in one day alone. could that be the beginning of the comeback? can this spark be sustained? >> that's the big question. it will come down to the consumer and whether the consumer feels confident to keep spending money. >> no question tonight. off to a huge start and we all know, diane, that retail makes up two-thirds of this economy, so so much riding on this continuing even beyond the holiday weekend. >> made in america returns. >> it is back. tomorrow we go back to where it all began, to that brave family in dallas, texas, with a simple question, every american spends on average $700 on holiday gifts
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and we wondered how little of that could you spend on something made in america, one gift, not all the gift, just one to create american jobs. you won't believe the number of people who are jumping in on this. >> you'll be asking are you in, are you in tomorrow night. thanks david. your voice, your vote, 36 days from now the first votes will be cast in iowa and just this afternoon republican contender herman cain came out swinging, a kind of preemptive strike against a woman who has now come forward alleging she and cain had a 13-year affair. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has that story. >> reporter: her name is ginger white telling her story to aga-tv saying there are documents to back up her allegations. >> it was pretty simple. it wasn't complicated. and i was aware that he was married and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation,
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relationship. >> reporter: appearing on cnn, even before the atlanta tv broadcast, cain said he knew the woman for the last 13 years but that there was no affair. >> i acknowledged that i've known her for about that period of time but the accusation that i had a 13-year affair with her, no. >> there was no sex? >> nope. >> none? >> nope. >> reporter: cain said he had told his wife gloria and family that the allegations of the affair were coming. >> the thing that i'm worried about is the impact it will have on my wife and family because they should not be subjected to false accusations that cannot be proved. >> reporter: the accusations against the presidential candidate comes just as the furor was diagnose down over allegations he sexually aha rased two women as the head of the national restaurant association. sharon said he groped her and asked her for sex. cairncrossauer received a year's salary after alleging he propositioned her for sex.
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cain's lawyer did not specifically deny the allegations calling them private and consensual conduct between adults and not, he said, a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. but as a candidate and an ordained baptist minter cain has spoken forcefully on the need for morality on those in the part of public life. >> if somebody breaks that guiding principle then they're going to have to suffer the consequences, it's just that simple. >> miss white is now the third woman to come forward publicly and the fifth overall who have made allegations about cain involving sexual harassment or extramarital conduct. she told the atlanta tv station she was bothered by the way she said cain demonized the other women and that led her to come forward now, diane. >> she says that's her reason now. okay, thanks, brian. also in politics while one republican contender fought off an accuser today, another noticed that the democrats are sending him a rocket very early and here's abc's jake tapper.
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>> reporter: republican voters may not yet have decided who their presidential nominee is, but president obama apparently has with the democratic national committee apparently running this add against mitt romney. >> from the creator of "i'm running, for pete's sake," comes the story of two men trapped in one body -- mitt versus mitt. >> reporter: the ad, running in five battleground states, aims to define romney, whom the obama campaign believes likely will be the nominee before romney can define himself. the race is clearly on. on wednesday, president obama will head to one of those battleground states, pennsylvania, for his eighth visit this year. a new analysis indicates that since january, president obama has held 54 public events in battleground states. that compares to 49 for george w. bush during the same period and 40 for bill clinton. >> it looks like the president's campaigning on the taxpayers' dime more than any other president has done. >> well, i reject the premise of
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that precisely because what happened in 2008 was barack obama, then senator obama, expanded the political map dramatically, made states battleground states that had not been for a very, very, long time. >> reporter: but before president obama and mitt romney start full fledged wars in any of those states, romney has to win. and standing in his way is newt gingrich who joined in the democrats' criticism. >> it's wrong to go around and adopt radically different positions based on your need of any one electorate. because then people have to ask themselves what will you tell me relief. >> reporter: diane, newt gingrich recently told me he is not worried about stopping mitt romney. he is worried about reaching out to the 57% to 80% of republican voters who have not yet committed to romney and now newt gingrich has president obama helping him out in that regard. diane? >> from the white house, our jake tapper. thanks, jake. a footnote now, one of the most familiar powerful and
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colorful characters on capitol hill is calling it quits. barney frank, who has served in the house of representatives for 30 years announced today he will retire at the end of his term in 2012 saying he's had enough especially of raising money. >> one of the advantages i don't have to pretend to be nice to people i don't like. >> he is 71 and faced redistricting in his home turf and the powerful congressman, of course, made history as one of the first openly gay members of congress. and we have two big stories to tell you about from overseas tonight. a crisis in pakistan. protesters are burning american flags and in egypt, the most popular arab country today they finally held democratic elections. "this week" anchor christiane amanpour is here to give us the big picture on both. first the historic news from cairo with llaama hasan.
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>> reporter: even before the polling stations opened, they came in their thousands. >> we don't know what elections are. we have no idea. it's complicated for us because it's the first time. >> reporter: for the first time in nearly 60 year, longer than most here have been alive, the egyptian people are choosing their own leaders. have you ever seen anything like this before? >> never, no, never. >> reporter: the line stretches as far as the eye can see and everyone we spoke with tells us they don't mind because for once they feel their voices will be heard. >> people have figured out that they have rights, that they have dignity. >> reporter: back in january, when egyptians first rose up against honsi mubarak, few would have predicted this day. and then in recent days, violence flared again. it's the second revolution. the military did not hand over power as promised, and protesters went back to the
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streets making today's peaceful election that much sweeter. >> i have a voice, i have to use it. >> reporter: and one they will continue to fight for. lama hasan, abc news, cairo. >> there it is on the finger once again and christiane amanpour is here. a hard-won day in egypt, but let me ask you the bottom line question for the u.s., is this good for u.s. interests as the election seems to be heading? >> i think so. you know, that finger reminded me of when we were all together in iraq and they raised the fingers and everybody knew a new day has dawned. when we were back nearly a year ago and saw these people lusting for freedom and democracy and all the kind of things we have here, now they're on their way to getting it. what is going to happen, the street will have more of a voice in foreign policy now, so the days of when the united states could expect the dictator to do its bidding are pretty much over, but, but there's no doubt
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that the people also are friendly to the united states. >> so a little more persuasion will have to be involved. let's move on to the crisis in pakistan, of course, because of the air strikes killing 24 pakistanis. where is this heading? >> this is a disaster. what's going on in pakistan between pakistan and the united states is really heading for a very bad place. now it looks like the united states is beginning to perhaps admit that it may have been at error here and launched a formal investigation but a whole year of diplomacy trying to get them to help with the transition in afghanistan is potentialitily at risk because pakistan says it won't go to the big conference scheduled in bohn not so far from now. >> complicated, thank you. still ahead on "world news," the bombshell recording in the sexual abuse scandal rocking syracuse university. the coach's wife on tape. and how fair is this? three really rich guys win the big powerball jackport.
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6:46 pm
mark schwarz of our sister network espn, the powerhouse espn, broke this story and he reports for us tonight. >> reporter: after syracuse university fired associate head basketball coach bernie fine, espn contacted his alleged victim, bobby davis, by phone. he told us "i appreciate the university doing the right thing. it means a lot that bernie will not be in position to use his power to hurt little kids like he hurt me." syracuse fired fine after a 36 year coaching stint, accused by davis and his stepbrother mike lange of sexually abusing them while they served as ball boys for the team as far back as 1978. at first, syracuse head coach jim boeheim fiercely defended his longtime colleague. >> i've worked with coach fine
6:47 pm
and that buys a lot of loyalty from me. >> reporter: espn's "outside the lines" obtained an audiotape which bobby davis recorded legally in 2002 of a phone conversation he had with fine's wife, laurie. on the tape lauri fine says she knew about the alleged abuse. >> i know everything that went on. you know, i know everything that went on with him. bernie has issues, maybe that he is not aware of, but he has issues. >> do you think i'm the only one he's ever done that to? >> no. i think there might have been others but was geared to -- there was something about you. >> reporter: these latest allegations of sexual abuse claim the job of yet another college coach after similar charges at penn state and recent allegations of coaches sexually abusing olympic swimmers and gymnasts. it's fair to ask just how prevalent sexual abuse has become in this nation's locker rooms? >> this is a watershed moment. penn state, syracuse, the other
6:48 pm
stories that are out there for us to look at these coach, look at these institutions and find out what's going wrong because clearly something is going wrong. >> and where does this end, good work, mark breaking this story. are you hearing about other young men about to come forward? >> reporter: well, diane, eight years ago when we first met bobby davis, he told us he strongly suspected that others were abused by bernie fine. he identified some of these individuals. we spoke with them. none of them would corroborate the story. in the wake of penn state his stepbrother, 45-year-old mike lange did corroborate it. many victims because of shame and other reasons are afraid to come forward and don't do so, diane. >> okay, mark schwarz reporting of espn, thank you. still ahead, the un liek lit
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there is real concern tonight about a car that is crucial to the turnaround of general motors. the new chevrolet volt, a hybrid that can be charged by plugging it into an outlet. batteries in two of the cars caught fire after crash tests and now federal regulators have opened an investigation. general motors says the cars are safe and tonight gm is offering free loaner cars to any worried volt owners until the investigation is completed. and where's the justice in this? sometimes the rich getting richer. three asset managers from the suburbs of new york claiming a $254 million powerbowel jackpot. they decided to take their winnings in one lump sum of $104 million after taxes. they said they'll donate a significant portion to charity. talk about luck. they bought just one ticket and
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as you know, giant pandas are among the world's most adored and endangered animals and the chinese government decided that they would be better off out in the real world returned to the wild if they had never had human attachments. what is ate solution? david wright in szechuan, china, put on a panda suit himself. >> reporter: they are adorable, but almost extinct. so the chinese scientists working hard to preserve the giant pandas have come up with an unusual way to keep them company. it's sort of like a giant hall wane costume, huh? black and white fluffy costumes, tailor made for china's wolong panda research center. complete with paws. rrr. have you seen the panda suit thing? >> yes, i have. >> reporter: what do you make of it? >> it's funny looking but, hey, whatever work, right? >> reporter: and now to complete the effect. do you think they'll mistake me for a giant panda?
6:57 pm
believe it or not, this is how the researchers actually dress whenever they handle one of their panda cubs. they hope, in a few years, to release this cub into the wild, and they don't want him to grow too attached to humans. i mean, they go about it so earnestly. >> reporter: they are. and, you know, i think it's an interesting way of going about that. i feel that they can still smell a person no matter what they look like. >> reporter: probably so. this little 4-month-old does seem to be a little unsettled by his teddy bear doctors. do you think it will help those pandas if and when they are ever released? >> oh, yeah. the less human contact they have the better chance they have when they are released. >> reporter: a silly scene in the service of a worthy cause. david wright, abc news, at the wolong panda research center in sichuan, china. >> i'd know you anywhere, david. and we thank all of you for watching. great to begin the week with you. we're always there at
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"nightline" later. we'll see you tomorrow. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever.
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