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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute a woman named ginger and the affair that could of lasted 13 years. >> it was very simple, a very uncomplicated. >> see what else she is saying. freedom in just hours before the the center of the mystery in aruba. caught on camera in target, if family at least 16 old, why you need to take a look at this man. live and in hd, this is at 11, on your side. alleged sex and deceit time in an atlanta woman and a gop presidential candidate. herman cain is under fire again. we begin tonight with this bombshell targeting the candidate who once served in the
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polls. -- surged in the polls. has spoken to a television station in atlanta. she says she had a longstanding with herman cain. she is ginger white. she says he knew he was -- still was married and affair was wrong. >> i wanted to give my side was thrown out there somethingut to be filthy. she met herman cain wasthe late 1990's when he speech in kentucky. afterwards, he invited her to him in california. she accepted and the affair began. >> he made it very intriguing. >> he would fly to cities where speaking. was a physical affair that
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months ago. 8 >> herman cain responded to date interview on cnn. in an attempt to prove for showed the atlanta herself phone bills four-month period. numberorter called the herman kane entered. >> we have never worked together. herman cain answered. >> we have never worked together. is one of the political reporters that broke the story. his campaign put out this new touted web video trying to break focus the campaign 9-9-9 plan.nd the >> herman cain says he has no ofentions of dropping out
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the presidential race. his wife says she came out -- says she came out because the way he demonize the other accusers. filed records show white bankruptcy several years ago. live in arting satellite center. >> in light of this latest accusation, we ask for your thoughts on our facebook page. to share your thoughts, go to major developments in the of a rowboat. matter of hours, the
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montgomery county native is get his freedom back. a judge ordered the release of giordano. he has been held in august -- since august when his traveling gardnern robyn disappeared. we are live in gaithersburg with the disturbing details. >> some of gary giordano's is innocent, if he has every right to return to home in maryland. there are a couple of folks that downa couple of streets say in court filings that happy when hebe comes back. on monday, two women living just a couple blocks from gary asked a montgomery issue a pieceo againstr protection him. stated garyomen giordano has been leading trash,
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furniture, and dead animals on her lawn. behavior exhilarated when he placed a dead squirrel under walesa wiper of car. -- the windshield wiper of her car. was jailed and the involved that he was in the presumed death of robyn gardner, an allegation that he denied. a judge ruled last week that he to go on tuesday. due to a lack of evidence. has never been found. the women concluded -- the petition was denied because was filed too late. told us theyhbors are withholding judgment against giordano. >> i cannot say he is guilty or
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not guilty. planning to not welcome home party for him either. the family involved in filing this piece order against gary giordano declined comment this evening. that gary giordano cried when he found out he was being released. >> we will see what happens. in aruba, robyn gardner has not been seen since august. is dead.esume she it is important to know that giordano has never been with a crime in relation to the disappearance. he could face charges in as he remains under investigation by the fbi. is alsoing america development in the case. will get the latest on what gardner the day robyn disappeared tomorrow beginning at 7:00. a five-year-old boy is
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hospitalized after he fell at of the window. tonight in northeast. the boy fellid about 20 feet, suffering but not life- threatening injuries. is still undern way. there are several key scandal at and the penn state. the charity founded by jerry sandusky is now asking donors donate their money to pennsylvania's coalition against rape. an organization for sexual assault victims. penn state will conduct a town for students. with the u.s. department now arrived ons campus and they are investigating whether the -- violatedf polite reporting mandates. we other prosecutors will look at the child againstion case basketball assistant bernie fine.
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the syracuse police department will turn over its records. fine was fired last night after a third man accused him of molesting him. we are on storm watch dark string of warm weather appears to be coming to an end. us with their what is to come. we wanted this forever, bob. is washington and this is november. look at the live doppler. you can see there is not much now. on right earlier today, look at these temperatures. there were some spots might be to a record. 71 degrees in washington. fredericksburg, 73. some big changes are coming our way. by tomorrow, especially noontime, up some rain will be coming end. you can always keep track of
11:09 pm on there is our live radar. i will tell you how much will will be charged as the so- called east coast rapist will be extradited back to virginia. a connecticut judge agreed to thomas moved. thomas had been arrested in march. he isutors say for 17 attacks on women over a decade. shattering sales friday, the cyber monday up to be quite -- as lucrative for retailers. online sales were up 15%. up 43%. traffic was
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an estimated 122 million to shops were expected online at some point today. we want to know, will you be cyberng online for monday? shoppinghey will be for cyber monday. 61% decided to pass. retiredp, he'd just from this morning talk show, but says he isy regis return to prime time. two angry men and a brawl caught on camera. what happened just before hand? >> new details in the hunt for a targeting elderly men.
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three attacks, three older men targeted. the new clues in the search for serial carjacker. investigators say they have new in addition to video of the suspect. all three attacks happened in lot of the
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mall in wheaton. >> up until yesterday, the harmed any oft its victims. now montgomery police say it dna from the suspect money accidentally cut during a carjacking last week. the man seen casually strolling the doors of the target is is man police believe senior citizens. >> it is crazy. >> they are targeting a you. news of three carjackings and all male one week, of the age of 60, has this grandfather's guard up. >> with the holidays coming, have to be extra careful. >> all three incident took place
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wheaton shopping centers. the first one at a giant supermarket. to the surveillance suspectolice said the -- surveillance photos, police may the suspect's blood help track him down. >> it does not surprise me to your there is increased crime in this area. because of the economy. times are tough. time, the suspect takes tour of atms. it is a work for not only those who watch out well.em as >> i am worried about her when she is shopping the about the day. >> yesterday's victim was the first one injured. hospital andd at a is expected to be ok. dramatic video
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between it to a retired professional football players. caught on camera. the 70-year-old men were attending an alumni fund event for the canadian football league. these two former players. the feud between the men apparently goes back some 50 years. regis philbin may be making a television. already. the former talk-show host is ofem around the idea family friendly friday showed. it will be similar to "america's talent." a local frosty the snowman is feeling the heat. amen was arrested -- a man was during a christmas in maryland. >> bid to head the police with head?'s
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>> he'd walked into my mask. >> the 52-year-old kevin michael walsh is accused of fighting police and kicking a police dog. he became agitated when a k-9 police units past and to move from the crowd. he is charged with assault and disorderly conduct. i note it is serious, but it is hard not to laugh. it is just not right. called indian summer. the origins of that are still pretty strange. the nativeikely, be anans knew there would warm.lly late in the season. bring inis the last crops. what a great sky we have.
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a beautiful crescent moon now there. we were printed close to a record. -- we were pretty close to a record. high, 54 degrees. about 20 degrees above average. there were some record said around new york city. right now, it is in the 30's in minneapolis. aow,the pattern we have of moisture coming up and over. some mighty cold there in back of that. over an inch and a half of rain down to the south. the temperature is 45 degrees. in memphis, they had snow.
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there is nothing much going on on the radar. some flood watches are out, a of is that moisture coming to this up -- to columbia, carolina. is snowing right now in some of some spots, a couple of inches snow. overnight tonight for us, about the morning, maybe a few sprinkles. tomorrow morning, we will be that moisture coming our way. india does showers will be scattered. -- all lot of those showers will be scattered. take along an umbrella. as we get into tomorrow hour, everything will be moving past us. then we will get into when spread look coming in.d by tomorrow evening, theeratures will drop into 40's. whened tomorrow morning
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you get up and head out. -- cloudy tomorrow morning when you get up and head out. the temperatures rarely take a tumble. the mornings will be into the 30's. the daytime high temperatures be just about average. as we get into thursday and friday, and guess what able feel like? in december. >> all right. caps make a coaching change. the blues but the tired.s are [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. when the caps general boudreauired bruce he played his final card.
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the pressure is now on him and the players. alex.not just there is talk within the justization the players is hebut the bottom line out and dale hunter is in. >> this was not a slump. this was a case of the players were no longer responding. him and took a penalty. it is the guys in this locker room. coach. a player's the players will know when i am mad at them. >> he makes his debut tomorrow night. go to college basketball. hoyas five and one. 81-51.
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the power their way past one of america's fastest-growing university. that big time slam dunk. was a one-point ball game at the half. but they just ran away with it after intermission. he ends up with 13 points. wins big, 81-58. >> the redskins are hall and they are tired. -- our home and they are tired. turnovers are in his dna. he has 15 interceptions this year. mike shanahan and knows he will have to live with that. >> he has a good attitude. good leader out there. he did a good job handling himself. >> let's go to baseball.
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tonight on "nightline," craigslist killings, how a popular teen, a self-proclaimed man of god and online want ads led to what police are calling serial killings in the heartland. tonight a mother pleads for her son allegedly caught up in a web of unspeakable crimes. mommy moguls. they are turning the daily joys and drags of bringing up baby


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