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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 29, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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get their hands on the dna evidence. we are live in manassas tonight. breaking news out of maryland where a runaway train has derailed. the single locomotive flipped over and went off the tracks. why wasn't there an engineer in the driver's seat? >> still trying to figure out the answer to that question. it is quite a sight. it is leaning over and it is quite a story. it is our understanding that the locomotive was in a nearby yard, a concrete yard, where it was lent to the concrete company. for some reason, unattended, it went into gear and the accelerated out of the concrete
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yard on the track that is meant to be very slow speed. the trains are moved through here at slow speeds. sometimes, they are operated by remote control. we talk to a witness who says this was different. this train was moving, the horn was not sounding. it clearly got away from its handlers. as it came around the corner, it hit something called that derailleur. it is designed to move the train off the tracks to stop it before it can do any serious damage. the good news is that there were no injuries. there were concerns about a desalt spill but that proved to be unfounded. -- diesel's bill that proved to be unfounded. >> the prince george's county man died.
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willie prince stockton will be neighbor that broke down. a car hit and killed him. we spoke to this family and we have more on this good samaritan. >> this is where it happened. 193 enterprise road. he apparently stopped around 8:15 at the general store. he looked across the street and saw that a green card. it had broken down. he went across, but never made it back. >> he gave everything to everybody. >> she goes through photos of her father. willie prince was a young 78. he was married for 52 years until she died six years ago.
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>> he met my mom in church. >> that life of giving into abruptly last night. he stopped to help a disabled motorist on enterprise road near his son. >> -- near his home. >> he went back across the street to get his car. i turn my head for one second. >> that is when an suvs struck and killed him. the young woman driver stopped distraught. no charges will be filed. his family goes into the holidays without their beloved patriarch, including his 15- year-old grandson, who lost his own father years ago. >> he was a great person, a great spirit. >> he could not stop helping. he picked up hitchhikers took in straight animals and lived and died being a good samaritan.
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>>police have not released the name of the driver of that suv. they say at this point, it does not appear that she did anything wrong. there was no alcohol in a vault. she did remain at the scene. willie prince was not in the crosswalk. it appears to be a very tragic accident involving a very giving man. we are on storm watch tonight. temperatures are dropping. >> dog hill is in the weather center. -- dow deal is in the weather center. >> -- doug hill is in the weather center. >> the son has been down for 15 minutes.
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most of the rain is east of the metro area. the heaviest rain is on the eastern shore. that will continue to move out. it some snow and the higher elevations. some moderate snow across portions of indiana. but it will all clear out and we will be in good shape. temperatures have fallen from the 60's to the 40's. we will continue to drop this evening. overnight, we will clear it out. by morning, mid-30's just as it should be on the final day of november. >> ok. two more people have died as a result of a weekend house fire in prince george's county. the firebirds to the life of a six-year-old boy on sunday -- the fire first of the life of
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the six-year-old boy on sunday. >> this is a tragic and heartbreaking story. you can see what is left of the hall. it started in the front of the house. the flames shot into the air. the three people were inside. today, the 62-year-old collapsed in tears when to talk about those horrifying moments. when she got out, she desperately tried to get her sister daughter, and grants and to fall over. -- grandson to follow her. her sister, at 61, her daughter, 46 and her six-year-old son did
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not get out of the house. the boy was pronounced dead shortly after the fire. the pain of losing her grandson was almost unbearable. today, she learned her daughter and sister died as well. >> they got my sister out after. >> she tried to save everybody. it was too late. >> her family tries to reassure our there was nothing more she could do, she continues to question herself. >> i did not do enough. >> while she deals with a loss of three family members she says she will be struggling to come up with the means to pay for three funerals. police are investigating a possible sexual assault at a
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high school in maryland. a female student said she was attacked by a male student yesterday afternoon. the sexual assault allegedly happened inside a school bathroom. police said the victim knew the suspect. the incident is under investigation. dr. conrad murray will serve the maximum penalty. the judge had some choice words for the doctor and called his actions a disgrace to the medical profession. >> the appropriate term is four years imprisonment. >> there was no mercy shown to conrad murray. >> he violated the trust of the medical community. of his colleagues. of this patient. he had absolutely no sense of remorse. absolutely no sense of faults.
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>> for several minutes the judge blasted the defendant for neglecting his duty as a doctor and caring for michael jackson. >> dr. conrad murray was intrigued by the prospect and he engaged in this money for medicine madness. >> after the hearing his attorneys said it was clear the doctor was in for a tough sentence. >> i thought he was openly hostile. >> the district attorney acknowledged conrad murray would probably served just under two years in the county jail due to california law. >> in terms of to incarceration the sentence might be very short. >> michael's mother and brother were somber. >> i think the judge and i think the prosecutor. >> according to the probation
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report, when jackson was pronounced dead, his daughter started screaming, i want to go with you. a family spokesman said their children lost their playmates best friend, and dad. just a few weeks ago hurricane -- herman cain was at the top of the presidential field. now he is reassessing his campaign. ginger white said she had a 13- year affair with herman cain. he denies he had an affair. coming up at 6:00, we will have the latest from the campaign trail and reaction from the new front-runner, newt gingrich. gary giordano is heading back to maryland? the latest developments on the mystery in aruba. >> zebras on the list.
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>> willie to be a jolly christmas for retailers? >> a local paramedic has been suspended [ female announcer ]
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a paramedics actions may have contributed to a local woman's death. >> this case is similar to the case six years ago with the new york times reporter. paramedics failed to properly diagnose his injuries. new protocols were put in place. now there is an investigation to determine whether or not those new protocols were followed in this incident. the 911 call came in from an elderly woman with pain in her upper body. if fire engine and paramedic responded. so did an ambulance. the paramedic determine the woman was not in serious trouble, but the ambulance attendant past the paramedic to stay with the woman as the transported her to the hospital. he refused. the ambulance brought the victim
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to howard university hospital, where she died 30 minutes later. >> i am disappointed and i hope -- i do not know what else to say. >> d.c. fire chief such the paramedic has been taken off the street. >> i do take this matter very seriously. the employee has been placed on administrative leave. >> a spokesperson for howard university hospital tells abc 7 that all the protocols at the hospital emergency room were followed and the victim did see a cardiologists just before she died. as for the paramedic, he is a five-year veteran of the department and faces possible did terminate -- possible termination. americans are putting it on. they are heavier than they were
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20 years ago. on average americans are 20 pounds heavier than they were in 1990. the average wait for a man is about 196 pounds. the average wait for a woman is about 160 pounds. about 70% say they are over their ideal weight. the rating system coming to apps on smart phones. it is to write applications and games. at&t mark assaad, t-mobile sprint all plan to use this system starting next year. snow blanketed most of the south today. people in west tennessee woke to 4 inches in some spots. it also covered parts of missouri alabama, and georgia.
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>> notes note here but rain. >> -- no snow here but rain. >> we get these upside-down days every now and then. i will show you why that happens. we had clouds and rain and gusty winds today. those were the main effects of this system. here are the rainfall totals. look at the temperatures. already fallen into the 40's. it is starting to clear out. all the rain has pushed east to
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the metro area. that is the mason-dixon line, that is the mason-dixon line, that is the mason-dixon line. all that is moving out and we're still keeping an eye on the system. the storm center is over cleveland right now. it brought all the cold air to the south. we stayed on the warm side of the circulation. it is all going to work out tonight when this whole system pulls out. the skies would clear and colder air will funnel cain. you'll wake up to a chilly start tomorrow morning. 52 in washington, 48 degrees in manassas. temperatures along the coast are very mild. it is not gone to get cold. it will feel cold, it's just
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that we have been so mild. the final leg arrival of seasonal temperatures will put a chill out in the air -- the final arrival of seasonal temperatures will put a chill in the air. mild weather along the gulf coast. south florida is in good shape. this is futurecast. we will start with some sunshine tomorrow. we wind up with a lot of clouds and limited sunshine. the center of the high pressure will takeover late tomorrow night and moved in for the rest of the weekend. it is going to be beautiful out there. most cycladic and breezy for a good portion of the afternoon -- mostly cloudy and breezy for a good portion of the afternoon. mid-50's on friday, low-50's on saturday and sunday. the next weather system moves in on monday.
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go to our facebook page to sign up for our latest giveaway. >> you have a chance to win a weekend at the gaylord's national resort. you get to meet some remarks characters. go to we will announce the winner on friday at 5:00. here is what is coming up in abc 7 primetime. the night kicks off with "last man standing." a murder victim's body shows up in place of a medical school cadaver. that is on "body of approved" at 10:00. >> of northern virginians had a
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shock when they looked at their windows and sells zebras running around. >> the future of this fairfax county treehouse hangs in the balance.
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the fight over a tree house in falls church has reached new heights tonight. >> a war veteran build the tree
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house for his kids. >> it is do or die for the tree house that you see behind me. it started as a $1,500 project from a father to his son. it is now costing him thousands in an effort to keep its legal and keep it in his yard. the days may be numbered for this falls church tree house. he will fight his latest battle in this david and goliath struggle with fairfax county over zoning laws. he built the house to fulfill a promise he made to this sound prior to being deployed to iraq. he was told incorrectly by a county employee daddy did not need a building permit. some -- that he did not need a building permit. a hearing wednesday it will tell him if he has to take down the place his boys have grown to love.
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>> it is heartbreaking. >> an on-line petition started by a fellow member of the military is helping to fuel his efforts. more than 1500 people have signed on in support. people posted messages like -- he is touched by the effort started by a stranger. >> i look forward to buying despite a cup of coffee. -- buy into this guy a cup of coffee. >> why not? let the kids enjoy it. >> why is it a big deal? >> a request for an interview with the county was declined this morning. if he is unsuccessful tomorrow, he could take his case to the
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fairfax county circuit court. he is not sure he will do that. he has to consider what is best for his family and you want to set a good example for his two sons. coming up, three investment bankers hit a multimillion- dollar lottery jackpot. >> we are tracking down how zebras got loose in loudon county. >> local man under a cloud of suspicion for mines in the disappearance of a female travel comp
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you are watching abc7 news at 5 with leon harris, alison starling doug hill. this is abc 7 is it 5:00 underside. the man you is being talked about at the center of robyn gardner's disappearance is a few hours from being released from jail. >> gary giordano was with robyn gardner when she disappeared. >> gary giordano has been in jail ever since august. that is about to come to an end. if prosecutors have their way
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his freedom will not last long. the only person suspected in the disappearance of robyn gardner is only hours away of walking out of jail a free man. >> it will be as simple as some walking out. >> a judge ruled investigators do not have the evidence necessary to detain the gaithersburg man any longer. gary giordano claimed robyn gardner was swept out to sea while they were struggling. prosecutors are hardly giving out. there is a from the start the story was suspicious, including the $1.5 million insurance policy he took out on his travel companion to make him the beneficiary. >> this investigation is still going on.
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>> if prosecutors -- the extradition process will be again. by then, gary giordano will likely already be on a plane headed stateside. >> he is not going to run from anything. he will come back voluntarily. >> robyn gardner's cousin said -- we have some breaking news. a murder suspect who corrections officers mistakenly released from jail is back in custody. in a clerical error allowed friedrichs got to face bonds and walked out of jail on november 10. he is accused of gunning down a 30-year-old back in march. here is a look at some of tonight's top stories.
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the suspected east coast rapist return to virginia today. a judge -- thomas is accused of the least a dozen incidents in maryland virginia, and new england >> michael jackson's doctor returned to jail today after a judge denied probation and sentenced conrad murray to four years behind bars. due to overcrowding, he could serve less than two years. a good samaritan dies last night. the 78-year-old stopped to help a disabled motorist on enterprise road. an suv hit him as he tried to cross the street. police do not expect to file charges against the woman who was driving the car. police hoped dna evidence can help them catch a serial carjacker and montgomery county. a man carjacked the three older men. in one incident, the suspect cut
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his finger on one of the victim's cars. investigators are hoping the man's blood will lead to a head in a dna database. a carjacking outside a burger king overnight is not connected to the recent strength up strip mall carjackings. about 1:00 this morning a victim pulled up to the burger king and it was closed. as the ball back to the car, at two suspects showed a gun and took off with the vehicle. no one was hurt. police are investigating an accident that sent a taxi crashing into a d.c. building this morning. the cab struck a mercedes at the intersection of wisconsin and western avenues. the taxes went up a flight of steps. suv also hit the mercedes. two people suffered non life- threatening injuries. you will do a double take when you see these next images. a pair of adventuress zebras
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created an odd sight of residents in leesburg. the wild animals escaped from the leesburg animal park yesterday afternoon. a maintenance man accidentally left a gate open. the zebra's wandered the streets, exploring the fourth three hours. -- exploring the fourth three hours. -- for 3 hours. >> they were not a concern as far as them attacking anybody. it was more of a sense of an animal on accustomed to being outside and not been within the confines of a fenced pasture. >> both of the zebras are doing fine. if you would like to see more photos, go to our website time for a check on the traffic situation. >> slick road conditions are an
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issue, so use caution. southbound 95, a typical delays. an accident on south bound van dorenn. westbound 66 slow off and on. let's talk about the beltway. in the loop, slow traffic. the antelope is slow from the legion bridge to leesburg pike. -- the outer loop is slow from the legion bridge to leesburg pike. you are some delays as you make the trip to head down. still to come, this year's holiday spending helped turn the economy around. shoppers wait and on their christmas list this year. >> this subsidized building opened a waiting list for people who might be able to live here sunday. all these people showed up.
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>> at 6:00, should you have to follow wardrobe rules? we will see why one group says there should be guidelines for proper dress.
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a line of people wrapped around the block in one northwest washington neighborhood today. >> they were trying to get on a list for affordable housing. many of them left disappointed. >> they hunkered down in high wind and heavy rains trying to shelter their toddlers and babes. so they could did not an apartment, but a spot on a waiting list for an apartment in the subsidized building. >> i have been years since 6:30 yesterday evening. >> first in line or to single mothers to live with friends. at the end of the line, a single man working part-time at a grocery chain. >> just trying to find something you can afford. it is hard. >> the line extends from the door of the building half a block to this corner, and then to block that way.
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a sign the managers of the building say of desperation for affordable housing in the city. >> many people are homeless, living in shelters. there is a huge lead. there is not enough housing for thousands of people. >> by the time the doors opened frustration reigns. >> soon, the police were there. the first in line founded to be a letdown. >> i stood here all night. they told me to come back on the 30th. >> those earliest in line will have their applications considered first. that means a minimum weight of a year to year and a half. -- wait of the year to a year- and-a-half. up next, american airlines files
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for bankruptcy. will it affect your air travel? >> shop until you drop, that is the message the retailers sending out to consumers.
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the long holiday shopping week and is now behind us, but there are more sales ahead of us. consumers are spending in record numbers. >> is this season a sign that the economy is improving? >> it seems to shoppers are giddy about spending money happy days are getting incredible bargains. it has been a record weekend. many of the shoppers telling us they all must have their shopping done. >> i am about 85% finished. >> 94.5%. >> after the busiest shopping weekend of the year, you would think people would be so sick of spending. cut the sales are so great. >> retailers are ecstatic.
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black friday weekend it brought in a record $52 billion up 16%. the tysons corner mall is still busy today. >> we have a couple of e-mail saying bear -- saying one store was 50%. >> marketers are bombarding consumers with personal messages via e-mail facebook, and social media. >> we do a lot of mind over the weekend. >> we did our shopping friday and saturday. it is still nice to get out and enjoys a more sales. >> in november, the consumer confidence index made its biggest jump since may of 2009. americans expect to spend more on gifts this year. the mood is down right jolly. >>the other sign the economy is
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doing well, people are spending more money on it not necessities. they're buying jewelry and toys instead of appliances and clothing. >> we want to find out if you plan to spend more this holiday season. 90% of those polled said they are still being conservative. only 10% say their checkbook is open. go to and cast your vote. a richmond mall is trying to keep track of shoppers. the owners say they temporarily suspended use of the tracking system. the only way for the shoppers to opt out of the system is to shut off their cell phones. the mall tried to use the tracking data to look for trends.
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a major u.s. airline is filing for bankruptcy. the parent companies of american eagle and american airlines filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this morning. the bankruptcy will have little impact. a montgomery county teacher received a prize a $25,000 surprise. the foundation managed to keep it a secret from the papers. middle school english teacher. the foundation recognizes teachers to stimulate activity in the classroom ensure long- range potential. she is the only maryland teacher to receive the award this year. congratulations. volunteers helped some wounded warriors. palm depot help decorate 15 homes -- a home depot helped
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decorate 15 homes. the community provides temporary housing for service members as they recover and receive treatment. maureen bunyan is here and has a look ahead at 6:00. >> herman cain is giving some serious thought to continuing his campaign. the reassessment comes after yesterday's accusation he had a long affair with a woman in georgia. we will tell you about the way he is testing the waters to determine the future of this run for the white house. a local school district is pitching and expensive idea to make school bus ride safer. let's go back to the weather center. >> most of the rain is out of here. the weather will improve. let's get you started first to see what temperatures are around
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the area. in chantilly, 48 degrees almost half an inch of rain at chantilly high school. the rain is moving to the east, and temperatures are slowly falling. there is still a lot of cloud cover. the next batch is coming up on the southwest and we will keep an eye on that. overnight, skies will clear and that will start to drop the temperatures more noticeably. the colder air will be your by morning. -- be here by morning. tomorrow is kind of a gusty day. high-pressure rides to the rescue thursday, friday saturday, sunday. low-50's on thursday, mid-50's
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on friday. the next cold front will taken aim at this monday and tuesday. that is the very latest. big changes in the capitals' organization. >> tonight is the first game for the team's new coach. we are live at the verizon center with all the action. >> there is still a feeling of uncertainty among the fans coming to grips with the coaching change. everybody knows bruce boudreau. he is gone. a local hero is back. dale hunter makes his coaching debut in the nhl. a banner bearing his name hangs proudly above. now you reside on the bench below. who says you can go home again? >> i have been cheering for the capt. dialect year.
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but he spent 19 seasons in the nhl. his signature moment. this 1988 playoff game winner in overtime against the flyers. >> whether we were winning or losing that i played the same way every night. >> hunter pasquale is well defined. take the caps to a moderate level -- under's goal is well defined. take the caps to another level. >> it is awesome, the fan support. it is unbelievable. >> the expectations for hunter are high and the pressure is even higher. >> the goal has not changed. the goal is to win a stanley cup. >> it is time to go back to the future. >> i imagine i will have some
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butterflies. >> place will be brought in tonight. coming up at 6:00, at more on dale hunter. this was incredible. two teams from aspirin va. -- ashburn, virginia. it is all coming up at 6:00. it is special. it is all hockey all the time today. >> we will believe it if you tell us. >> thank you. coming up, why some people are cautioning whether or not these three investment bankers are really the newest power ball winners. >> that
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the ex-fiance of a woman who disappeared after appearing on a
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television show is seeking a high-powered lawyer. yesterday, orlando police named smith as a suspect and the dispossessed -- and the disappearance of michelle parker. she was last seen at 12 days ago, the same day a "people's court" episode aired. 3 investment bankers are the latest power ball winners. >> they are already wealthy. >> 3 will be investment bankers walked into a press conference and announce they have won the lottery. they hold their $254 million power ball check to the camera. >> $104 million. that is the after tax lump sum. >> you almost want it to be a joke.
5:57 pm
the winners from connecticut did not seem to want to talk about it. maybe it really was a joke. overnight, they ran a story saying they did not win. glafstone said one of the bankers admitted claiming the tickets for his clients. the goal was to keep it private. they want to protect their client. the bankers brought along a fourth person to speak for them and he said the trooper planning to give their winnings to charity. the spokesman was not willing to talk about details. >> i am not going to get into the time line. i do not want to get into their personal lives. >> these are smart guys they want to turn $100 million into
5:58 pm
300 or $400 million. one of the three bankers said he bought the winning ticket at a gas station for $1. the $254 million payout was the largest ever in connecticut. that is it for abc 7 is it 5:00. >> is that the accuser all she wrote for herman cain? >> this particular individual my attorney has talked with the reporter that will come out with the story. this individual is going to accuse main -- >> much colder weather has arrived. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 at 6 on your side. some second thoughts by presidential candidate herman cain tonight.
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>> he says he is reassessing his once successful campaign. a number of accusations of sexual harassment and out an alleged affair have been telling his staff is concerned about his future for the run at the white house. >> all eyes will be on this beach and herman cain is set to deliver in less than 30 minutes in michigan. >> the accusation that i had a 13-year affair with her, no. >> this was not something that i wanted to hurt anyone. >> the damage to this run at the presidency is evident. in the 24 hours since ginger white came forward. this claim was different, a consensual sexual.


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