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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 30, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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time in four months. he is about to board a plane for the u.s. we're with him exclusively on his first night of freedom. what's really in your apple juice? the potential poison in your children's drink. the brand-new investigation that reveals what's hiding in some of america's favorite brands. and who won? the history of who won that $250,000 in the powerball lottery just gets bigger this morning. 7:00 on the dot. >> dropping into the studio. good morning, everyone. we're going to get right into the bombshell allegations of ginger white. her claims of a long-term affair has rocked herman cain's campaign. he is fighting back. we're going to talk to ginger white live here in an exclusive in a minute. also, new details about the mom who vanished after appearing on "the people's court." her former fiance has lost
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custody of their children. we started to get ready yesterday. carson kressley is here today. huge challenge. can he deck out our entire studio for the holidays in just one hour? we're going to find out. >> if anybody can do it, that man can. we're hearing he has a huge surprise. we cannot wait to see how he transforms our studio. we do begin with herman cain. his campaign appeared to collapse yesterday, after an atlanta woman came forward, saying she had a 13-year affair with the candidate. we'll get to her in a moment. but first, john berman is here this morning. and a letter from his campaign, saying i am not deterred. >> reporter: cain's campaign manager tells abc overnight, there's no way he's dropping out. but he's lost supporters in both iowa and new hampshire. he's told staffers he's reassessing his campaign. so, now, the question is, is the champion of 9-9-9 about to deep
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six his candidacy? herman cain went ahead with a foreign policy speech in michigan, uttering the underestimate of the century. >> life can seem impossible. >> reporter: but is victory now impossible? in a conference call, he told his staff -- >> we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud in some people's minds. >> reporter: though, in his fund-raising pitch later, he did say, we will continue on our journey to make america great once again. still, mr. 9-9-9 has other numbers to worry about. accusations from ginger white saying she had a 13-year affair with cain. with phone records showing he called or texted her 61 times over a 4-month period, including a call at 4:26 in the morning. cain denies there was an affair. instead, they were just friends. >> i had been attempting to help her financially because she was
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out of work and destitute. desperate. >> reporter: but in a new e-book from politico out this morning, cain's staffers say they did notice his interesting behavior towards women. >> women who work for herman cain, said he would admire their hair, admire their dresses. something you don't normally get from a male boss. it didn't set alarm bells for them because it stopped there. >> reporter: some opponents smelled blood in the water. jon huntsman saying -- every time another accusation comes up, it diminishes our ability to stay focused on the issues that really do matter for the american people. although, newt gingrich expressed sympathy. >> my heart goes out to them. he'll choose the right decision for them. >> reporter: cain's campaign manager told abc he'll lay out a new strategy in ohio today. the claim is that's what he meant by reassess. the only way he'll drop out, we're told, is mrs. cain stepping in or people stop showing up to the events. >> thanks very much. let's get right to the woman
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at the middle of the firestorm right now. ginger white joins us this morning. thank you very much, ms. white. and i want to begin with the fund-raising letter mr. cain sent out last night. in it, he calls you a troubled atlanta businesswoman. and says your story is completely false. your response? >> it's very disappointing that he would call me troubled. you know, it's unfortunate. i'm not here to say anything negative about mr. cain. i'm only here to state the truth and what's happened in the past. >> and what is the truth? >> well, to begin, our relationship was on and off for the last 13, 14 years. this is not a consistent love affair that went on every day for the last 14 years. so, he is correct when he made that statement. and as far as i can tell, or
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what i'm hearing, that is the only thing he has been correct in saying. >> he also said he has helped you financially over the past few years. has he given you money? >> yes, he has. >> on what occasions? >> i've received gifts and money for the last 2 1/2 years consistently. >> did he ask for anything in return for that money? >> no. this was nothing -- this was not sex for cash. >> one thing i'm struck by is you've also shown phone records showing at least 61 phone calls over the last several months. even after the physical relationship ended. and most strikingly, you gave us earlier this morning, phone records from october and november, showing multiple texts, back and forth, between you and mr. cain, just as these
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other stories about sexual harassment allegations are breaking in the press. he seems to be calling you in late october, on november 2nd. november 3rd. november 4th. november 7th. november 8th, 13th and 14th. he's texting you all month long, all this month. >> that's correct. our communication has, you know, just up until last week, when, you know, the leak -- several leaks and media -- the media was -- they were calling my cell phone. they were calling family members. and just up until last week, that was my last contact with mr. cain. and you know, the thing is, i can't imagine waking up one morning and deciding to come out with this, if this was not true. this has been a very difficult situation for myself, for my
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family. and it's nothing that i am proud of. the truth of the matter is -- >> go ahead. >> the truth of the matter is, when i entered into this inappropriate relationship with mr. cain, i was single. i was not married. mr. cain has been married throughout the entire relationship. and you know, it's unfortunate. as far as any proof, which has -- you know, i was watching several media shows just last night. when you enter into a private relationship that you really do not care to share with the public, you really don't enter into something like that holding on to receipts. holding on to gifts or if there were any notes or anything like that, to come out eventually and say, yeah, this is what happened and this is my proof.
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that's absolutely something that -- >> what was the relationship, exactly? was it an affair? was it fun? was it just sex? tell us about it. >> it was a very casual affair. am i proud to admit to that? no, i'm not. it was a very casual affair that herman flew me to -- on several trips. i went on several trips with herman. we -- one particular trip was the mike tyson/holyfield fight in las vegas. you know. i can't make this stuff up. and frankly speaking, i wouldn't want to make this up. >> in these texts the last couple of weeks, was he texting you to try to get you to not tell your story? >> absolutely not. the funny thing about herman cain is, never in a million years did he probably think i would speak out on this. and honestly speaking, i never
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wanted to. >> so, why did you? >> i wanted to come out with this to tell -- to tell my side of the story. i came out being very honest. and so far, i have been absolutely humiliated, embarrassed, and i look at the women who came out with, you know, the sexual harassment allegations. you know, really comparing apple to oranges. so, it's been very, very hurtful. i feel their pain. this is a completely different scenario. but i'll be honest with you, it's not been fun. and you know, have i had financial problems? absolutely. have i ever been evicted? never. >> you have -- >> where i reside now -- >> you have been sued for libel by a former business partner. and how do you say to those who
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say it calls your credibility into question? >> sure. i don't think my dealings with my business partner is any other business that may have had a partner and they had disputes or disagreements. did i handle it? you know, at the time, it was very emotional. and it was upsetting. it was disappointing. and you know, i am -- i'm human. and it was a mistake. i apologize. i actually sent an e-mail stating, you know, my apology and my sincere regrets. she continues to want to move forward with this when i thought this was put to bed and sue me for money. >> finally, do you believe mr. cain is fit to be president? or should he end his campaign? >> in my opinion, no, i do not. i honestly do not think that he is, in my opinion, would make a good president, as far as i'm concerned. our -- my views are different than his views.
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but at the end of the day, this is not political. this is absolutely not political. >> should he end his campaign? >> i never made it out to be that. i'm sorry? >> should he end his campaign? >> that's something that he has to look himself in the mirror and ask himself. you know, last night, i slept very well, telling the truth. i'm not sure what's going on in his head right now. but it's unfortunate that any of this is going on. >> ms. white, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> robin? >> we'll see how herman cain responds today. now, to the breaking news in the debate over the safety of your children's juice. that brand-new investigation out this morning says there is potential danger lurking in what your kids are drinking. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> how can you do testing in just one line? in those results confirmed by other labs? no good scientist would ever do that kind of work. >> reporter: it was a fierce
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debate that all started with this dramatic statement from dr. oz. >> some of the best-known brands in america have arsenic in their apple juice. >> reporter: our own dr. richard besser fired back. saying research done by the fda showed the arsenic found in some juices was harmless. >> telling parents they are poisoning children. and you have absolutely no evidence. >> reporter: but this morning, brand-new evidence that there is a potential danger in your child's juice. "consumer" reports did its own investigation, testing both apple and grape juice. they tested 88 samples. among them, america's favorite brands. 10% had arsenic levels greater than the federal standard for drinking water. what's more, 25% of them also had lead levels higher than the fda standard for bottled water. the juice association responded by saying, juice is not water. to compare the trace levels of arsenic o or lead in juice to
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the regulatory guidelines in drinking water is not appropriate. in a statement to abc news about the "consumer report" data, it said a small percentage contains levels of arse nak. it responds, we have expanded our data. >> it's movement. that's encouraging. we want to see the agency get to a point where they figure out the right level. >> reporter: just over a week ago, the agency released the results of its own testing of apple juice, most made right here in the u.s. they found 8 samples out of 160, had arsenic levels that exceeded the fda's current level of concern for inorganic arsenic. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. we're going to bring in dr. richard besser now. abc news chief health editor. >> "consumer reports" found that 10% of the samples had levels of arsenic higher than allowed in drinking water. none of the samples had level
7:14 am
ares higher than what fda has as an internal checking for apple juice. is the level they use the right level? or should it be lower? >> you're not pleased with the fda about this, are you? >> i'm not. i'm really, really back with them. back in september, when this issue came up, the fda made a number of statements that reassured me. and i'm much less reassured right now. they said there was an industry standard. it turns out there is not. they said the type of arsenic in apple juice was the safe kind. turns out, it is not. and to reassure the public, they published the results of their testing online so we could all look at it. the problem is, they withheld eight results that were very high. it reassured me when i saw that. but when i saw the new results, i was not reassured. >> dr. oz, this is what he was trying to alert everybody to. and this concern, the very thing we're seeing right now. and explain to people again. this is the harmful type of
7:15 am
arsenic. >> this is the harmful type. we are exposed to arsenic throughout our days, throughout our food supplies. it's in the earth. low levels of arsenic are not harmful. higher levels and long-term exposure is what is linked to increased risk of cancer. that's what we get concerned about. >> you're a parent. you've been giving your child apple juice, grape juice, all sorts of juices. what do you do? >> as a pediatrician, as a parent, i think it's important to limit your juice consumption anyway. it's linked to obesity. >> how much? >> children 4 to 7, should have no more than four to six ounces a day. if you're older than that, 8 to 12 ounces is fine. babies to 6 months, no juice whatsoever. and you should never have a baby with juice in a bottle. you see juiceaholic babies. if you limit your consumption to that, you will be fine. but fda needs to set standards and hold industry accountable. >> thank you very much. we're going to turn to josh
7:16 am
elliott for the other stories developing right now. >> we're going to start with breaking news in the anti-wall street movement. police getting physical with occupy wall street protesters in los angeles after storming their encampment. hundreds of offers started tearing down tents after midnight. firing rubber bullets. making hundreds of arrests. even plucking demonstrators from trees. occupy protesters are also, meanwhile, being arrested in philadelphia, after they were evicted overnight. and a nationwide manhunt for this man, arthur morgan, is over. morgan was captured in san diego, a week after police say that he killed his 2-year-old daughter in new jersey. prosecutors there are beginning the process of bringing morgan home to face the charge of murder. and michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, wakes up in his jail cell this morning. he's beginning a four-year sentence for the pop star's death. but because of overcrowding, murray's sentence will be cut in half to just two years. before sending him to jail, the
7:17 am
judge did unleash a nearly half-hour tongue-lashing on murray, calling him a danger to society. and was a reckless disgrace to his profession. and the federal government is going to be keeping an eye on facebook for the next 20 years. that's part of a huge settlement over privacy. facebook doesn't admit any wrongdoing. but founder mark zuckerberg admits in his blog that they made mistakes. this is the day that many with high cholesterol has been waiting for. the patent for lipitor ran out at midnight, paving the way for generic versions that can cost up to 50% less. wendy's may be about to take down the king. wendy's went past burger king and became the number two burger chain in the country, behind mcdonald's, which has roughly half the market. wendy's and burger king has one-eighth of the market.
7:18 am
considering the numbers we're talking about here, it's good to be number three. >> thanks, josh. time for the weather. and ginger see in for the vacationing sam champion. >> good morning, everyone out there. we're talking about wind. the windy city living up to its name. i use chicago as a reason not to workout. it would cover lake shore drive and they'd shut it down. either way, it was 40-mile-per-hour to 60-mile-per-hour winds. there you go. it looks beautiful. but i'm going to tell you, it was a raw day in chicago. the raw, cold air moving into the northeast. we're going to be dealing with it. 50 windchill in boston. 30 in memphis. going to be a dangerous day in l.a., too. 80-mile-per-hour gusts possible there.
7:19 am
beautiful sunshine out there morning and here is a great at the sun rise over the bed. -- the bay. we will see some clouds moving in over the metro area. 40 degrees downtown and 37 at dulles airport and manassas is 34 degrees. we are on our way to the lower 50's this afternoon and a little breezy at times. it will b >> hurricane season officially ends today. we'll take a little look in a recap coming up in a bit. coming up here, the only suspect in the disappearance of
7:20 am
robyn gardner, now free after four months behind bars. what did gary giordano do in his first hours of freedom as he prepares to head home? and watch your clocks. we're about to start the clock on carson kressley to turn our studio into a winter wonderland. can he do it? >> i'm ready. i'm ready. i have your scarves from yesterday, a.k.a. airline blankets. yesterday, a.k.a. airline blankets. put them on. rs at your ser♪ ♪ friendly folks with just one purpose ♪ ♪ to help you fall in love with nook ♪ ♪ for movies, music, apps, and books ♪ ♪ and another thing for you and me ♪ ♪ nook support ♪ is always free thanks! ♪ nook by barnes & noble. starting at just $99. ♪ ♪ introducing hershey's air delight. experience new light and airy, melty bubbles.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
7:26 am
good morning at 7:26 on this wednesday, november 30. the prime suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner to thected to return u.s. today. garry giordano of gaithersburg left jail last night. he was locked up for 116 days police searched for robyn gardner but her body was never found. suspected east coast is scheduled to appear in countye william courtroom this morning. aaron thomas was extradited from to virginia yesterday. authorities say he is linked to several east coast newschannel 8 will more coming up in a few minutes. time to get a check -- a quick check on the morning commute. havet now, we
7:27 am
looking at 66 traffic. northbound on 66 under the word left, normal volume manassas, through into vienna and the beltway. on thisis beautiful beautiful day. it is nice to see an open road. 40 degrees right now downtown gaithersburg and winchester. cooler now than yesterday at this time. we're back to average in terms of temperatures, low 50's and breezy at times and partly ofny and a gorgeous stretch whether the next couple of days. thank you joining us and we back at 7:56.
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gear giordano is going free. heading home from aruba after four months in jail. he's coming back to the u.s. we'll tell you how he spent his first hours of freedom. also, robin speaks exclusively with his attorney, jose baez. also, brand-new details about the mom who vanished after appearing on "the people's court." why her ex-fiance has lost custody of their twins. and police are looking at him as
7:30 am
a prime suspect. and check out kelly preston. she lost so much baby weight. looking fantastic right now. and she calls her best friend, kirstie alley her secret weapon. now, let's get right to gary je giordano, a free man after four months in an aruban prison. we'll be talking to gary giordano tomorrow. he'll be here in our studio. first, matt gutman is in aruba with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. gary giordano's first act as a free man was to pick up the phone and call his three sons. his second act was to come to this airport and hop the first plane back to the u.s., before the high court here convenes and could decide on keeping him here another 30 days. "gma" got exclusive access to mr. giordano last night. but he wasn't quite ready to answer the tough questions. >> how are you? >> reporter: this was gary giordano's first, emotional call home overnight as a free man.
7:31 am
>> are the kids there? let me talk to them real quick. >> reporter: abc news cameras were there exclusively in his hotel room, as he reached out to his three sons. >> get there a second. okay. >> reporter: and this embrace for attorneys, who after four months, helped secure his release. it was giordano's first night out of the bathroom-sized cell wh he shared with 2 other then for 160 days. the only suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner. giordano's release late tuesday, gathered attention and scorn on this tiny nation. his car swarmed by reporters. later, as he arrived at his hotel, he was heckled. murderer, they shouted. without any flights home after his release, giordano was forced to spend one more night here.
7:32 am
while this morning giordano may be going home, he is far from home-free. >> if the order for detention is given, we aim to file for request for mr. giordano's extradition with u.s. authorities. >> reporter: a deal that prosecutors here say could take up to a year. and without a single piece of hard evidence or a single charge pressed, it could be difficult to obtain. >> it's hard to believe that the american authorities would extradite him just to let him sit there as they continue the investigation. >> reporter: lost in all the legal wrangling is robyn gardner's family. still desperately searching for their daughter. in a statement, they wrote, needless to say, our family is very disappointed that even after all this time, we are no closer to finding out what happened to our robyn. and in just a few hours, robin, that high court is going to convene. and they could decide to keep giordano for another 30 days. if they do decide that, they'd have to try to extradite him
7:33 am
because he'll be halfway back to the united states. his attorneys are saying it's very unlikely that any u.s. court would agree to it unless they come up with a piece of hard evidence that's eluded them or find some of that hard evidence and finally press charges. robin? >> matt, thank you very much. joining us now from aruba is gary giordano's attorney, jose baez. jose, thank you very much for your time this morning. i know you and your client are about to leave aruba. you're right in front of the airport. are you concerned about any last-minute issues in a will prevent you from leaving? >> no. i think we should have cleared this all up. the judge has spoken. gary giordano's a free man. and i think even the solicitor general who has been somewhat of an obstructionist throughout this process has admitted that gary is free to go. there's no evidence against him. his detainment is dropped. so, he should be free to board the plane and not have any issues. and it's not like we're making a
7:34 am
fast getaway. he's a free man. >> he's been waiting four months for this moment. just describe for us his emotions the first moments of freedom. >> you know, it was almost a surreal moment for him. it was not something -- he had to keep pinching himself. he certainly couldn't believe it because he had been lied to so many times by the authorities here. the last time he came to the airport, he was told he could leave. and then, all of a sudden, he but picked up and arrested. so, throughout this entire process, he's been told one thing by the authorities. and their actions have been the complete opposite. and i think gary is a bit traumatized over that whole process. so, i think it's somewhat hard for him to believe that he's actually free and going home. >> and if need be, is he prepared to come back? >> oh, well, we're certainly planning -- not exactly planning to come back. we're hoping that, of course, this is the end of it. however, you know, he's not
7:35 am
running. so, if they have a legal basis to require him to come back, he's going to come back. gary has a home. he has an established business. he plans on trying to reassemble his life. he doesn't plan on going on the run. so, certainly, if that's what's required, that's what he's going to do. >> we heard him talking to his children on the phone last night after his release. there is a question on a lot of people's minds, jose. and that is the $1.5 million insurance policy he took out. is he going to try to collect on it at this time? >> you know, gary is really starting to just get his life back together again. i think that's the farthest thing from his mind. and what a lot of people don't realize is the reason he made the initial claim is his attorney, at the time, who was a personal injury lawyer, who dealt with insurance companies, was the one who recommended he did this. he got extremely poor advice from his lawyer, who wasn't a
7:36 am
criminal defense lawyer and didn't recognize or appreciate the situation he was in. and just made the situation much, much worse for him. >> so, what's next for him when he returns here to the u.s.? is he going to attempt to contact robyn gardner's family at all? >> i know what he plans on doing is immediately spending some time with his kids. that's the most important thing to gary. he also wants to spend some time with his family and thank them for their support. beyond that, i really don't know. i know he and robyn were close friends. i don't know whether he knew the family. but i'm certain that he's concerned about her family. he's actually brought that up on a number of occasions. what he plans on doing beyond spending a little time with his family, i really couldn't speak for. >> all right. definitely thinking of robyn gardner's family this morning, too. jose baez, thank you very much. as we said, you're right in front of the airport, about to head back to the u.s.
7:37 am
we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us this morning. >> thanks for having me, robin. >> as we mentioned, gary giordano will be here tomorrow, in our times square studio for an exclusive, live interview. his first and only interview after four months in that aruban jail. so many questions object what really happened to robyn gardner. right now, weather. weekend meteorologist, ginger zee, in for sam champion. i'm southern. we love this day. the end of hurricane season. >> all deep threats up the coast. we had a by zaire due to irene. this is the end to hurricane season. everyone rejoice. it doesn't start again until june 1st. you watch that little noaa satellite. incredible pictures there. here's what i want to show you next. a majority of the storms this year stayed off into the ocean. irene and lee were the ones showing up with u.s. landfall. we talked about the 80-plus-mile-per-hour winds possible in los angeles tonight. it comes along with storms and
7:38 am
snow, too. salt lake city could have 75-mile-per-hour gusts with that snow. albuquerque and even south and west from there, included in some of the snow totals. this is another big storm 40 degrees now downtown and what we had 24n because of the cold front. a pleasant day, the lower 50' >> this weather report has been brought to you by jcpenney. robin? >> all right. thank you, ginger. coming up, new details in the mysterious case of what happened to michelle parker. why her ex-fiance is now the prime suspect in the case. also, the teen suspect in the craigslist killings talks for the first time. with the simplest way to save extra. just use your jcpenney rewards credit card and save an extra 20% off all apparel, shoes
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new details this morning in the michelle parker case. she went missing after a tense appearance on "the people's court" with her ex-fiance. he is now the prime suspect. and yesterday, he lost custody of the couple's twins boys. ryan owen has the latest from orlando. and the ex-fiance, dale smith, has now hired a high-profile defense attorney. >> reporter: that's right, george. good morning to you. an emergency custody hearing is scheduled in a couple of hours in the courthouse behind me. at stake, those twin toddlers
7:43 am
whose mom is missing and whose dad is the only suspect. >> anything you want to say in no comment at all? >> reporter: dale smith hasn't lost his freedom. but he has lost his children, for now. the state took temporary custody of the 3 1/2-year-old twins he fathered with michelle parker, after police labeled him the prime suspect in her disappearance. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: smith hired this high-profile orlando attorney, who once represented casey anthony's parents. he slammed the police for pointing the finger at smith simply because he wouldn't take a polygraph. >> why is it in a that not one single court in the united states of america accepts polygraphs as scientifically reliable and admissible? why? because they're not. >> reporter: police believe smith knows something about what happened to his former fiancee 13 days ago. she vanished after the couple appeared together on "the
7:44 am
people's court." >> i never raised my voice. i never yelled at him. >> reporter: it turns out, that wasn't his first moment in the spotlight. an orlando radio station released she's shots of smith competing in a hot body contest four years ago. about the time he started dating michelle parker. her family has begged him to tell what he knows. >> you loved her at one point. try to love her again and love those children enough to help their mother. >> reporter: parker's family has been leading searches for her every day. dale smith has not shown up once. still, his new attorney says the 40-year-old exmarine has just invited texas equisearch to come to orlando to look for the mother of his children. they're often used in missing persons cases. and helped recover bodies after
7:45 am
9/11 and hurricane katrina. >> what person who do such a thing if they were guilty? he wants to find michelle. >> reporter: the head of texas equisearch is expected in orlando later today. police would have to sign off on any new search. and it's not clear they would. almost two weeks after parker disappeared. or if, george, they would see this as a stunt orchestrated by the defense team. >> okay, ryan. thanks very much. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and we're counting down. carson just has 34 minutes left. can he deck out our entire studio before the clock runs out? [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
7:46 am
so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates.
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two pills can last all day. ornyou're a miracle workerful sabrina soto.. [sfx: doorbell rings] and you can mix your seasonal pieces with your everyday china. [sfx: knocking on door] and now you need to hide. oh, i love the mercury glass pieces on the mantel, we could put some evergreen pieces... you know a simple touch like adding. oh, i think we should quickly decorate the hallway, wouldn't that be fun? maybe just put some...oh thank you so much, i'm going to bring you a snack later. wait, i still need to talk to you about led candles. happy holiday's. hey! hi! please come in. you know ornaments, they make a great centerpiece.
7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> this is a very good one. take a look. look, i've been called on to -- this is a group of people in australia. they operate under the name how ridiculous. and you're about to see why.
7:50 am
that's a bridge. that's a frisbee. and take a look at it. take a look at it. take a look. >> oh. >> no. >> oh. that's good. >> that's good stuff. >> that's good. and it's all in the name. this is the best part. they raise money and awareness for child poverty around the world. and that's not camera tricks. that is not. >> how many times -- >> i know. how many times did it take? they got it. it doesn't matter. >> 754. >> that's true. for the kids. >> it's for the kids. that's really good. speaking for the kids, we have a lot more show coming up. in particular -- oh, gosh. >> what do we have here? >> getting carried away with all of this holiday decorating. but i'm going over my naughty and nice list. lara, you've been very naughty.
7:51 am
good work. going to make sure you get something extra good for that. >> are you redoing the entire studio. >> i thought this was a pen. but it's a candy cane. >> i'm redoing the whole place. >> you'll have to do triple-time. >> i have to get back to work. a little to the left. thank you. we have the biggest reveal in a minute, coming up here on the program. go nowhere. i can't wait for you to open this. i can't wait to open it. i think you're really gonna love it. i really think i'm gonna love it to. i can not wait. i can't wait to open it. my, my hands are shaking. i'm so excited, i'm so excited... my whole body is vibrating with anticipation. open it, please! open it, you should open it, i'll open it. no, no. chase freedom gives you 1% cash back. and the largest cash back card only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but you know, it's your choice, so... don't' get short changed. get your cash back. chase freedom.
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7:55 am
you know, ahead on "gma," can carson do it? we gave him one hour to decorate the studio. either way, it's good tv. stay with us, everybody. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:56 lummis wednesday, november 30. we will begin with breaking news montgomery county -- police say they have
7:56 am
arrested the man wanted for carjacking three older men for the westfield wheaton shopping center and driving them atm's to withdraw cash. there'll be a news conference morning man was injured in a bizarre accident in dupont circle. into an argument with a connecticut avenue the cabman held and eat it is said down.e was pulled newschannel 8 will have more at the top of the hour. let's find out what is happening the roadways with lisa baden. butaccidents to report virginia commuters on 95, 66 and road and thell dulles greenway are working favorably. on a van full in and out of baltimore on abortions -- baltimore-washington parkway .ar it is not too bad on 270 across the beltway and down to the
7:57 am
american legion bridge. beautiful day today with a of weather,etch dry, the next couple of days. it will be partly cloudy day and cooler thanowntown, at this degrees at dulles airport and in the lowerwere 60's. for this afternoon breezy at times and sunshine and pleasant for the weekend. >> we will be back at 7:00 -- at 8:27.
7:58 am
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods
7:59 am
and communities, the more we can help make opportunitpossible. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] wonderful crowd with us here on this day. i know. if there's a baby and josh is around, he has to grab it. it's a very kressley christmas around here. carson is racing against the clock to decorate our entire
8:00 am
studio. he has about 20 minutes left here to work his magic. can he do it? >> he's been working hard. >> i'm a sucker for timelines. >> oh, wow. >> in the spirit. a lot of santas there in the control room. leading the way. we're also speaking to celebrity moms this morning. >> we are. >> they make it look so easy to lose that weight after pregnancy. kelly preston is looking terrific right now. she says her best friend, kirstie alley, is her secret weapon. >> good friend to have. and we're going to show you how to get amazing lashes without putting mascara on or getting extensions. we'll explain. it's actually very cool. >> george and josh is just thrilled. >> for all our female viewers out there. >> i'm with you. i just felt the energy being between. >> losing weight. and the eyelashes. >> this show is just slipping away. >> over the head.
8:01 am
i know it's up there. >> this is something -- >> he is so busy. >> if you guys want to do the news or something. >> can you give us a little clue? >> it's not a pony. >> not a pony. are you almost done? you're running out of time. >> i have 20 more minutes. >> who knew it was hazardous work? >> i am using it to protect my hair from getting caught in machinery. i do everything. rolling on. >> get to work. >> what a tease you are. there's something in that box. >> and he left it for us. tempting. let's get to josh for the news. >> get right in here. i'm very sorry. we're going to begin now with politics. herman cain's embattled campaign in the purview this morning. the republican hopeful out overnight saying he is not deterred, end quote, despite claims he has been involved in a
8:02 am
13-year extramarital affair. in an interview with us this morning, the atlanta woman making that claim told george that their relationship was casual, on and off, and that cain had given her money for more than two years. >> this is not a consistent love affair that went on every day. this is not sex for cash. >> now, cain's campaign manager tells abc news there is no way he is dropping out of the race. and now, to the ohio teen accused in the craigslist killing spree. brogan rafferty is officially charged with murder. dan harris has the story. >> reporter: looking clean-cut and sullen, the teen at the center of the so-called craigslist killings, was in court this morning. do you have anything to say? >> no comment. >> reporter: he says he is not a
8:03 am
murderer. but in court, rafferty learned he is now charged as one. prosecutors say rafferty, along with his 52-year-old friend and mentor, richard beasley, led a man into rural ohio where that man was shot in the head. police have found two other bodies, both shot in the head and both buried in shallow graves. rafferty and beasley recruited their men, through a bogen help-wanted ad on craigslist. on her way out of court, brogan's mother reacted to the charges. >> no comment. >> reporter: your parents are saying you got roped into a scheme that beasley concocted. is that true? >> no comment. >> reporter: we're learning more about richard beasley, the self-styled man of god known as chaplain rich. abc news obtained this police report that says the chaplain
8:04 am
ron prostitutes out of this supposed halfway house. 15 prostitutes in all, including a 17-year-old boy. law enforcement officials tell abc news they are very concerned there are more disturbing discoveries to come. >> what do you have to say to those families? anything? >> sorry. >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, caldwell, ohio. >> thank you, dan. meanwhile, it is the mystery surrounding a giant jackpot. who really won a $250,000 payout? our bianna golodryga knocked on doors in connecticut where three investment bankers insist they're the winners. but are they really a front for a mysterious millionaire? for now, the lottery officials say the trio's claim meets the rules. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. coming up on "world news," as you know, i've been doing investigations a long time. tonight, truly stunning. six-month investigation into the
8:05 am
avalanche of drugs given to america's foster children. even the tiniest ones. and of course, our "made in america" christmas challenge. >> looking forward to it. the five-finger discount, also known as shoplifting. "ad week" magazine tallied the most sought after items by shoplifters. perfume. and for a reason only known to those stealing it, axe body spray. axe body spray? it's a perfume for men. >> a lot of teens -- guys, yeah. >> there's certain demographics that appeals to. >> i was more mystified by the meat. >> i was lost. >> well, you know, have a nice roast come christmastime i suppose. i don't know. i'm not defending the thieves. >> just wondering. merely reporting their
8:06 am
intests. carson is on the clock. >> "pop news," everybody. good morning to you. in the world of entertainment, the broadway musical "les miserabl miserables" is coming to the big screen. russell crowe, hugh jackman, anne hathaway are confirmed. and now, toiler swift, lea michele, scarlett johansson and evan rachel wood, have auditioned. lea played in the broadway version. this morning, "us" magazine breaking the story that kourtney kardashian is pregnant with her second child. the big sister of kim kardashian confirmed she is three months along. she and her boyfriend are already the parents of two. and courtny will share her tips on e!'s mommy blog. never a dull moment in the
8:07 am
kardashian family. sean diddy combs son, justin, has accepted a scholarship to ucla. he has decided to play for the school's division i football team after being offered scholarships, the university of virginia, illinois and wyoming. nicely done. justin, 5'9", 170 pounds. >> solid. >> a defensiveback. and daddy diddy could not be prouder saying justin did a shining example of what hard work and determination can achieve the i'm honored to call him my son. >> and after the 50-0 beatdown by usc, they could use it. >> that's great. diddy, congratulations. finally, steven spielberg says he and george lucas are working on a fifth installment to the indiana jones series, which is set to start shooting late next year. and at 57 years old, harrison ford says he's ready to break out the hat and whip and play indy again. he says, i'm available. i'm not cheap. but i'm available.
8:08 am
>> speaking of -- >> i'm available and i'm cheap. just saying, spielberg. look. i have my own hot. >> what, pray tell, is going on now? >> i was just wheeling in the tree. okay? look at the nice ornaments, lara. >> it's beautiful. this is just a little sampling. >> there we go. >> that ornament -- >> put this on here. >> there's a whole bunch. >> nice -- >> nicely done. >> we're getting there. >> thank you, carson. we'll see you soon. the surprise is still baffling us all. let's get to the weather. ginger zee is in for sam this morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're starting off with a lot of festivities out here. everyone feeling the holiday spirit. and you need to have it for parts of the southeast. atlanta, waking up with clouds. a wonderful shot from wsb. the cloud cover going to stick around. one more cool day for them.
8:09 am
let me show you what happens. the next three days, 61 by friday in memphis. 74 for the warmup is on its way. it's going to happen. let's fly across the nation and give you an idea of what's happening. providence, 58 today. and dallas, 61. this is a nice shot here. i have carson. >> going to hang it on the tree top. i'll be righ totals on shine overhead in the metro area. a beautiful shot of the son tries. -- sunrise. sunny but cold, colder than yesterday, 41 degrees in the and a school is 34 in manassas. lower on our way to the 50's today. we're back to normal for this ofe
8:10 am
>> we'll be back in a couple minutes. lara, back to you. >> thank you, ginger. here's a look at what's coming up on our morning menu. kelly preston reveals how she lost all of the baby weight. why she says it was kirstie alley that was her secret weapon. plus, how to take your eyelashes to new extremes without makeup or extensions. inside a hot, new trend. and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. the minutes ticking down. can carson pull it off? either way, you must stay tuned. it's our biggest makeover yet.
8:11 am
8:12 am
it's that time of year. give gifts and spread good cheer. your friends and family gather all around the tree. no one does christmas like you do christmas. under the mistletoe whether it's beach or snow, you sparkle and you shine because it's christmas time. no one does christmas like kmart does christmas.
8:13 am
kmart. smart. kelly preston says that when she got pregnant at the age of 48, she didn't know if her body would bounce back. not only has she lost the baby weight, she weighs less than she did before her pregnancy, thanks to good advice from her good friend, kirstie alley. that's one of the secrets that celebrity moms, brought to us by abc's andrea canning. ♪ >> reporter: kelly preston cheered on her best friend, kirstie alley, when she cha-chaed her way to the "dancing with the stars" finals in season 12. today, kirstie is down a whopping 100 pounds. and it was hard work. >> i think that if i was a size zero, 22 would be easier. >> reporter: and now, kelly
8:14 am
preston is looking to her friend's weight loss secrets to lose her own stubborn pounds from baby benjamin, born a year ago. telling "people" magazine, i lost 39 pounds, have more energy than i did 20 years. >> she's going to be somebody that's forever young. she is starting a new chapter in life. >> reporter: kelly says she's actually below her pre-pregnancy weight, thanks to kirstie's supplement system. >> easy. skinny. >> reporter: kelly is now the spokesperson for the company. >> it's the first usda approved weight loss program. you drink it throughout the day. and it helps you curve your cravings and boost your energy. >> reporter: how do celebrity moms make it look so easy? >> jenny, set go. >> reporter: mariah carey told our lara spencer, she owes her better-than-ever body to jenny
8:15 am
craig. >> i couldn't fit in this chair. i wouldn't get up from the chair alone. >> reporter: mad la miranda kerr was in the victoria's secret fashion show las night. the real secret is show she looks like this after having her son, quinn. talk show host pat turned to exercise after her daughter was born, running up 70 flights of stairs every day. lifting weights and boxing. but no one seems to be more supermom than supermodel, gisele bundchen. saying she bounced back quickly by doing the hard work before her baby was born. her routine was yoga and kung fu. >> if you're a celebrity or a mom, everyone relates to that idea of after having a baby really wanting to get your body back. >> reporter: for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> looking good. wait, there's more, george. the latest beauty trend.
8:16 am
how to get extreme lashes without using extensions or piling on more mascara. it takes a visit to the doctor's office to get longer, fuller lashes. bianna golodryga has more on the length some women are going through. >> reporter: long, luscious lashes. they're everywhere you look these days. from glossy fashion magazines to the red carpet. even reality tv. for generations, it girls from twiggy to kim kardashians have gone to extreme lengths to enhance their beauty trademark. all the while inspiring others to do the same. >> more and more people are trying to seek out ways to enhance their eyelashes. >> reporter: and if mother nature didn't bless you with naturally long lashes, you're not alone. remember all of these women we showed you earlier? odds are, they are lash-folicly challenged, as well.
8:17 am
luckily, there are over-the-counter products to condition and strengthen. mascara promising to volumize and thicken. with celebrities helping to get the word out. >> your lashes can be all that. >> reporter: and for a bolder look, there's disposable lashes you can glue on and take off. there's even medicine. >> you apply to the eyelash skin. >> reporter: but for women who want long-term lashes without the pains of daily care, comes the latest trend to hit hollywood. >> hi. >> reporter: and has women flocking to spas like jeannette's and avanti. they're called lash extensions. busy moms love them. andra has busy kids all under 8. plus, a full-time sales job that keeps her on the goo. before, her lashes looked like this. and she would spend half an hour putting on mascara. now, they look like this. >> when you get up in the morning, they're there. you look like you have mascara on. you don't have to put on mascara
8:18 am
on. i put lip gloss on and i'm gone. >> reporter: and terri can't imagine not having them, either. how has it changed your life? >> it's easy in the morning. i deal with people every day. i feel comfortable about myself. >> reporter: both agree the lashes are a huge time saver. but as we all know, time is money. for your first visit, you'll drop around $200 for a full set. how do they work? each extension is placed on an individual eyelash, creating longer, fuller lashes. the stylist guides you to pick the look you want. maintenance is usually every two to three weeks at about $75. the grand total is roughly $1,500 for a year. but devoted customers point out, that's about the cost of a latte a day. and you eliminate the need for mascara. >> no more mascara. you don't have to curl them.
8:19 am
it makes me feel like you don't have to apply eye liner anymore. you feel like you need them and that's it. >> reporter: this is your secret. my husband hates it when i wear fake eyelashes. is there a way we can do something that looks more natural? okay. i'll give them a try. here are my lashes before. and after about an hour and a half, it was time to see. were my lashes long and luscious? >> looks like you're getting -- >> pregnant lady getting up. two weeks later. they still lasted. i can shower in them. we were on vacation last week. we went to hawaii. we went swimming with dolphins. they lasted fine in the water. there's the dolphins. he didn't notice they were fake at first. finally, upon further examination. >> you don't have mascara on. >> no mascara. and lasted two weeks. usually, two or three weeks, women get refilled.
8:20 am
>> i heard your real lashes take a bit of a beating. >> they glue them on to the real lashes. they're supposed to fall off when your normal lashes fall off, as well. the real lashes fall off. if you don't go and refill them. >> all right. >> i love your expression. taking it all in. >> maybe ali's watching. >> maybe she is. i'm just blinded by your natural beauty. >> well done, ali. well done. >> nicely done. >> thank you, bianna. guys, it is almost time. carson has been rushing around like crazy for almost an hour now. and, yes. we are just about out of time. minutes left for his final touches before carson reveals how he transformed our set. but let's take a look at what he's gone through to create his crazy christmas wonder land. ♪ >> well, happy holidays, people.
8:21 am
it's almost time for the holiday season. and my biggest makeover yet is making over the studios at "good morning america." so, i thought i'd hit the streets of new york and get some inspiration. all right. now, this is what i call a tree. okay? so the white and the blue may be out of touch with red, "good morning america." hello? this is what i'm thinking. can i get one of these? the holiday shops at bryant park to do a little shopping. i think we'll do something like this. tons and tons of ornaments. a chandelier. put this on the "gma" charge. i love this whole shoe section. oh, look at this. this is naughty. this looks like robin. this is giving me an idea for my own hand-crafted ornaments. stay tuned. have you decorated your home yet? >> no. i'm jewish. we don't do that. >> well, mazal tov. i have a menorah in the works, honey. don't you worry.
8:22 am
okay? so, my best inspiration comes from looking at holiday windows at stores. i popped over to lord & taylor to get ideas. tell me where you got the inspiration for the windows at lord & taylor. >> we found an illustration of santa claus. and the illustration asked the question what is christmas made of. 70 years later, let's go to the source and ask children, what's christmas made of? >> i love sam age 6. i'm stealing his idea with everything. i want to get a closer look. can i go inside? >> absolutely. >> so, i got special v.i.p. access. we went downstairs into the basement, under fifth avenue to see where the windows all start. okay. i've got one more thing to check
8:23 am
off my list. i'm going to pop into macy's. see you in a jiff. >> come on in. >> santa. >> come and see santa. >> way i? it's real, everybody. >> of course, it's real. >> i'm decorating the set at "good morning america." >> oh, well -- >> any words of wisdom? >> i always say, simplicity. give santa a hug. >> okay. merry christmas, everybody. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> merry christmas, everyone. >> happy everything. >> he has outdone himself. the studio looks amazing. >> where is carson? >> wondering where he is. >> oh. >> oh. that was the fireplace. >> and slides down the chimney. >> that's it. i was anyi ithinking about the . doesn't it look great, though?
8:24 am
>> it looks fabulous. >> i had a lot of helpers. we have a great team here at "gma" that helped put this together. i was getting inspired. and i totally -- here's the happy everything sign. thanks to sam from lord & taylor. i have stocken eings for everyb. robin, george, lara, josh. this is sam's. i started making this first and it got backwards. so, i turned it into florida. there's the panhandle. pensacola, tampa, and miami. and here's -- oh, that's from last year. there's mine. there it is. okay. and there's mine, just in case i get to stick around after this. >> we know you have not been nice. there's presents. >> oh, yeah. over here. you see george and robin over here. >> george and robin are covered. i'm hoping, finally, you'll stop with the madness and let us know what the big present is. >> let's get george and robin
8:25 am
over here. i also was doing a red, white and blue theme since it's "good morning america." oh, and ginger is here. all right. come on up. >> drum roll, please. >> cyndi lauper. >> isn't that great? >> cyndi lauper's here. >> hi. >> hi. >> i forgot to put air holes in there. are you okay? >> i'm good. >> okay, good. >> we also noticed that you built a set for cyndi? >> yeah. cyndi is going to sing for us. you can see the gorgeous set. we have a little board. >> oh, it's snowing. >> and we have all of the ornaments. i'm going the make one for you. >> oh. >> it's really coming down now. >> i need more snow in here. >> finally, before we go to black, will you do me a favor? >> this is a great -- this is a
8:26 am
great device. >> oh, okay. >> here. see how that works? and you can just -- wherever you want it. you go like that. >> nothing says christmas like carson and cyndi lauper. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. you at to d.c. council will take a look ethics reform and they will hear testimony on a would establish an independent ethics panel. would have the power to punish council members for violations and limit their to labor -- raise money. a hearing is set this in prince william county
8:27 am
alleged east coast to write this. only local tv station at the manassas airport aaron thomas arrived from yesterday. to 17 attacks in several states including virginia and maryland. newschannel 8 will have an in- depth report in a few minutes. let's check on the roads with lisa baden. it has been complicated in huntingtown maryland. a dump truck flecked -- flip over and lost its load on route 4. i will show you a complicated westbound with an accident the east falls church metro. the traffic is stopped before road to get to the beltway. on 270 inive maryland. it is not too bad at shady grove road to the beltway. sunny and 41 degrees at
8:28 am
chesapeake beach right now. partly sunny skies by this afternoon and temperatures back should be, in the lower 50's. it is about 20 degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time. we're on our way to the low 50's with partly cloudy skies. pleasant and sunday through the weekend. >> we will be back at 8:56.
8:29 am
♪ there's no place like home for the holidays ♪ ♪ no matter how far away you go ♪ ♪ if you want to be happy
8:30 am
in a special way ♪ ♪ oh, the holidays begin with home, sweet home ♪ our special guest, cyndi lauper this morning. that was terrific. so much more to look forward to. >> you never know what's going to happen. having cyndi here is so special. she's going to sing a classic for us a little later. we just want to have fun. we're girls and we just want to have fun. thank you. what a morning it is. carson, you know, you did a really good job. >> yeah. >> thank you. thank you. >> you get a chair. >> no, no, no. you take the chair. seriously. you know? that's what you can get me for christmas, my own chair. >> we'll work on it. >> you did a beautiful job. >> behind there, in the windows
8:31 am
and everything. the wreaths. >> just gets us in the mood. >> yeah. all about the spirit. >> make us smile, every, single day. >> it makes me hungry. >> let's go cook, everybody. and help sunny anderson cook up a christmas breakfast. cinnamon toast, my favorite. and sunny, looking forward to that, coming up. >> let's make eggnog. >> we might have some. >> no. but i'm ready. it's almost 9:30. >> 5:00 somewhere. >> yeah. exactly. this movie is not coming out for many months. but everybody's talking about it. "john carter." the trailer's been under wraps until now. and taylor kitsch, he's the film's white-hot star. he's going to be here and give us a little preview. >> looking forward to that. so, am i going to go cook? is that the deal? sunny anderson. are you ready? >> let's do it. come on. >> it is time, everybody, to get
8:32 am
in the spirit. get your pens, papers, and listen up. we need an appetite. no, we don't. >> quality time is all about comfort food. i grew up on cinnamon toast from my mom. easy, in the oven. today, we make my cinnamon toast bread pudding. it starts with a little bit of cinnamon toast. and some butter. >> the bread is not normal size. >> this is texas toast. it's not texas toast unless it's bigger than one of your fingers, okay? has to be nice and thick sliced. little sugar. some cinnamon. some butter. a pinch of salt in here. >> that's smart. >> it brings out the sweetness. >> salty/sweet. i wouldn't have thought of that. >> mix it up. and it looks like this. >> what can i do to help you? >> you can butter both sides. >> you can really butter my biscuit, lara. okay? >> this goes into an oven. 400 degrees. it toasts up.
8:33 am
you bring out your cinnamon toast, both sides. >> okay. >> and what i like to do is cut them on a diagonal. >> if you're buttering both sides, how does not that get messy? >> the cool thing about the oven is it's all-around heat. >> you just turn it on. >> and you can put parchment paper down. i love the aluminum foil that's nonstick. you cut it on a diagonal. i have an eight-by-eight dish here. >> yes.r arrange them. >> okay. almost done. >> are we going to put a drizzle on it? >> you know it. >> i knew it. if you like the thing, you better put a drizzle on it. i thought you would never ask. >> we know he has finesse. the dance moves. >> look at that wrist action. come on. >> i'm going to add in some orange juice. this is the custard for the cinnamon bread pudding.
8:34 am
a little healthy with the yogurt. >> okay. >> you like? >> i'm hearing some heavenly -- >> whisking. >> vanilla. a pinch of salt. and grapes. >> the grapes are a fun surprise. >> and my favorite bread pudding is in new orleans at mother's. that's heavy cream. >> okay. >> mother's put punch in the bread pudding. i think about putting fruit in it. >> if you like it, you better put a drizzle on it. >> what? what? >> okay. >> let it sit. it's going to soak up the custard. put it in the oven, 25 minutes at 400 degrees. and it's done. perfect for kids. >> there you go. >> have a very good time. >> excellent. >> you'll notice. we're not bashful. >> carson, i have the eggnog.
8:35 am
it's the beachwood orchada. >> oh, gosh. >> it's good stuff. >> so, so good. so many different ways to make horchada. i do it with vanilla, cinnamon. those are eggs in baskets. that's hash browns, you drop an egg in there. prosciutto and maple syrup, and you're good to go. >> some of the best dishes we had here. go to on yahoo! >> i have a holiday episode with all kinds of good stuff. >> delicious. >> it is so darn good. >> mm. ginger, where are you? >> i'm waiting on you all. having a nice wave with the audience here. it's a breezy morning on times square. slightly cooler. but that's nothing compared to the wind that's about to hit the south part of california.
8:36 am
80-plus-mile-per-hour winds possible tonight. keep that in mind. vegas, breezy, too. atlanta, we'll get to 50. that's ten degrees below average. they're going to feel the temperature in the next few days. some rocky mountain snow, 37 degrees in leesburg and ondegrees in college park, way to lower 50's those are average temperature is for this fair amount and a sun >> that weather report was brought to you by angie's list. carson, beautiful job inside. >> thank you. >> now, you're bringing the fun outside? >> did you see the live reindeer? real, live reindeer. >> not reindeer. >> okay, they're dogs. i couldn't afford reindeer.
8:37 am
cut me some slack, ginger. but they are festive. look at that. blitzen. blitzen? blitzen? donner? >> okay. coming up, the highly-anticipated trailer f
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
what a special treat we have right now. he is one of hollywood's hottest rising stars here with us this morning. taylor kitsch. you may remember him from the show "friday night lights." i'm sure you do. he left high school football behind and has moved on to saving entire planets. his new movie is called "john carter." we have the world premiere of the movie's trailer and taylor right now. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> you're excited about this. we all are. >> it's been a journey to make. it's been so long since we ended filming. this is a big day for us. >> talk about a little about what we can expect? >> it's a character-driven adventure. you have a guy like stan,
8:41 am
oscar-winning story teller from pixar. any cast like this is going to be really well. >> we have a sneak peek. we are extremely excited about this. this is the world premiere of the trailer of "john carter," right now. >> let them be crushed. >> you are john carter? >> yes, ma'am. ♪ >> what happened to this place? >> new power threatens to destroy our city. >> that doesn't look like a fair fight. >> he will fight for us. >> get on. >> we did not cause this. but we will end it.
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> ooh. nice, taylor. you see the reaction from them. was it shot on mars? >> it was, actually. first time. pretty long shoot. we shot in utah, moab, like powell, a bunch in london, l.a. >> you did your own stunts, i hear. >> i'm telling people that. no, i did. i did, yeah. it was -- i mean, a lot of wire work, as you can tell. and on mars for "john carter." i have the scars. they're growing. it was well worth it. >> people are looking going -- they're not used t the shorter hair. they're used to you having the longer hair. so, what's up with that? >> just finished two films back-to-back. and i played a guy, a navy s.e.a.l. and another one where he's in
8:43 am
the navy. i had no choice in the matter. >> 2012 is going to be a very busy year for you, taylor. >> yeah. >> i didn't realize this. i was talking to josh about it. you had a little sports in your background. >> yeah. >> where did you play? >> i played hockey for a good 20 years. >> but as a pro, right? >> close. but no. i'm not going to lie and say i did. >> come on. >> i was close. but no. i mean, the knee went out the year before i was going. so, and then this happened. >> well, hockey's loss is our gain to see you on the big screen. and we really loved you in "friday night lights," as well. what's up for 2012? >> we have "john carter." and we just finished an oliver stone film called "savages." with john travolta, benicio
8:44 am
del toro. >> we're very excited about del toro. >> we're very excited about seeing "john carter." at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings
8:45 am
academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible.
8:46 am
carson gave us such a great surprise today. cyndi lauper. you were surprised. >> i didn't get to really rehearse it. i was supposed to say, attention kmart shoppers. >> that would have worked. it's great to have you back. you have a brand-new album out. tell us about it. >> it's a live cd and a dvd. the dvd is kind of like a documentary, mixed in with -- we had a party in memphis and we filmed it. we played live.
8:47 am
>> love the blues? >> love it in memphis. that's where everything happened. turned into soul. great music from there. >> we're looking forward to hearing more. first, i want to bring carson back. you guys have something very special. >> is this the part where i play the tambourine, finally? >> we saw you dance. >> i can't sing. >> i thought you were going to dance. >> we would do a combo. >> what are you doing this week? you have a big benefit this week. >> cyndi thought of the idea to do the home for the holidays concert. and it's this sunday, december 4th at the beacon theater here in new york. and tickets are available. >> lots and lots of people. carson, of course, will be there. i'm going to be there. rosie o'donnell. wanda sykes. >> norah jones. >> sandra wilson. >> a great show. >> yeah. >> vanessa carlton.
8:48 am
skylar gray. i'm missing -- >> cyndi lauper. >> oh, yeah. >> don't forget. and the band. >> and the band. >> and the band. >> a very good cause. >> yes. you see, there's up to 40% of the kids on the street who are homeless are lgbt. and that's kind of like an epidemic to me. and i don't think you should throw your kids out on the street. but since that's what they're doing, i think somebody has to step up. and i thought for the holidays, there is no place like home. >> we're glad you're stepping up. let's hear some "blue christmas." >> okay. ♪ one, two, one, two, three ♪ gonna have a blue christmas
8:49 am
without you ♪ ♪ i'll be so blue thinking about you ♪ ♪ decorations of red on a green christmas tree ♪ ♪ won't be the same, dear if you're not here with me ♪ ♪ and when those blue snowflakes start falling ♪ ♪ that's when those blue memories start calling ♪
8:50 am
♪ you'll be doing all right with your christmas of white ♪ ♪ but i'll have a blue blue, blue, blue christmas ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, you'll be doing all right with your christmas of white ♪ ♪ but i'll have a blue blue, blue, blue christmas ♪
8:51 am
♪ oh, i'll have a blue blue, blue, blue christmas ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah [ cheers and applause ] >> merry christmas. being in the driver's seat of a formula one car is sometimes about more than breaking speed records. it's about breaking barriers. and exploring how robotics systems work is a abot more than taking apart machinery. it's about dismantling stereotypes. no matter who you are, or what you love to do, you get the chance to master it atat rochesr institute of technology. around here, we only expect one thing from our students: to be totally and
8:52 am
completely unexpected.
8:53 am
[ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids.
8:54 am
[ baby coughing ] ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horsed open sleigh ♪ carson's crazy christmas wonderland. look at our anchor desk before and after. our performance area before and after. and we love it all. especially the spirit we're feeling with cyndi.
8:55 am
>> all of you go to our warm coats, warm hearts drive. we want you to donate at any burlington coat factory store. you can tweet us your photo and get yourself on the air. you guys follow directions very well. >> we have to say a big thank you to saadiq hayes and the university of delaware family. they won the college coat competition sponsored, and donating 250 coats. thank you the university of delaware for that. >> we have a lot of thank yous this morning. we want to thank our 500,000 facebook fans. that's what we're up to right now. we want to get to 1 million on that. if you're not following on facebook, join the conversation and do it. >> come on, now. >> "jingle bells," everybody. ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪
8:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. you at to a local iraq war veteran fairfaxear before the zoning board in an effort to save his tree house. >> it was heartbreaking. think of the having to unscrew boards and taken for trash.ut it out >> he built this tree house or sons in falls church. thousands of dollars on supplies and permits and the house board says the tree rules and has to down.n people had signed to save the tree house. marion barry has announced
8:57 am
running for a third term.utive faces several challenges in primary weemocratic to lisa baden for traffic. this is a crash that just on 95/springfield northbound under way to the beltway. just moved onto the we wanted to focus that to you know what to expect. take you around the -- no accidents to report on northbound 395 and at 466 westbound at the falls church metro, and accident cleanup. it is a beautiful day and back to normal temperatures. mostly sunny skies, just a few overhead and this is from washington-lee high school where currently 41 degrees. we are on our way to the low with a fair amount of sunshine and especially tomorrow and into the weekend. thank you for watching.
8:58 am
we will be back here at noon.
8:59 am
it's "live! with elly." the comedy "i hate my teenage daughter," jamie pressly. "the m the new series kristen johnston. performing their latest hit like that," hot helle rae. neil patrick harris turns for another day of duties. on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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