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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 30, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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robberies and carjackings in springfield and manassas and a parking lot and tysons corner. most recently, it should carjacked and rob dibble men in baltimore county, md., on banks -- and what -- and robbed a woman in baltimore county on thanksgiving night. more charges are coming. >> we have much more on stephanie schwab's history on our website at another major arrest today. police caught the man they believe is responsible for three wheaton carjackings. henry levi sanders was arrested in the prince george's county. residents are breedingeathing a sigh of relief. >> you cannot blame them.
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police believe this man was on a one-man crime spree across montgomery and prince george's county carjacking at least five older men. we met one of those victims today. when police announced the arrest ups henry levi sanders we showed is a photo to 79-year-old man. but does this look like the man? or a retired cardiologist said he suffered from this encounter he believed was sanders. his carjacking happened on the 18th. >> he said, you have to get out of the car. i am taking the car. i thought he was kidding. he hit me harder than i was
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hitting him. >> his wife said he was not even recognizable. it was one of at least five similar kidnappings of older men. thanks to a tip from somebody to sell the security video he is now been charged in both prince george's and montgomery county. >> he is a serious repeat offender that needed to be taken off the street. >> he was arrested at the home he owned in landover yesterday afternoon. his fiancee says she thought he worked during home improvement. -- doing home improvement. dr. banks says his reaction to the arrest -- relief. mr. sanders was arrested on an armed robbery early in november
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in prince george's county. he was free on $100,000 bond. he started allegedly doing all of these fresh crimes. he will be held without bond now. the man who tried to kill president ronald reagan wants more time away from a d.c. mental hospital. a federal judge heard arguments today. he has lived at st. elizabeth's hospital since 1981. government lawyers are fighting the plan for more freedom for john hinckley. we will have more details on that coming up at 6:00. we are following some breaking news out of new york city. markets are closed after an historic surge on wall street. the dow closed the day it up nearly 490 points.
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that is its biggest gain since march of 2009. markets in europe also searched today. this comes after a major central banks took action to give banks cheaper access to loans in u.s. dollars. that eases fears of a worldwide credit crisis. things are back to being seasonable. >> cold. doug hill had our first check of the forecast. >> let's take you got to chesapeake beach. it is getting dark, but there's still a delight in the the sky. -- a low light into the sky. temperatures are mainly in the 40's. they will drop to the upper 20's by morning. just a few clouds through the
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evening. definitely on the the cool side. overnight, we will continue the clearing process. it will be colder, still breezy at times. we will look ahead to the first seven days of december to see if old man winter is anywhere to be found. the mystery surrounding robyn gardner's disappearance continues tonight. gary giordano is back in the united states. after four months of jail, a judge said it is time to let him go. >> he is a free man and he is in new york. the gaithersburg man has a new legal worries in his home state of maryland. from his hotel room in our robot overnight, gary giordano called
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home to talk with his three sons. he stayed in this hotel, where have class shouted "murder w er," he is the only suspect in the presumed death of robyn gardner. authorities say his story showed inconsistencies and they called his response to disappearance suspicious. without a body or a murder weapon a judge ruled he could no longer be held behind bars. prosecutors appealed and late this afternoon a panel upheld a lower-court ruling. his lawyer tells the associated press -- >> gary is not running from anything. >> here at home, he could face a
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grand jury indictment in maryland. insurance fraud. he took that insurance policy all the day before they went to our robot. the fbi has already raided his home confiscating potential evidence. >> gary giordano will give this first interview tomorrow on " good morning america." the first lawsuit has been filed and the scandal surrounding the jury sandusky. a new accuser has come forward saying that he was abused more than 100 times. we are live in the news room with the details. >> he came forward after the sex abuse charges were filed against jerry sandusky. we're told he filed a report to
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police yesterday claiming he abused him over and over again when he was a boy. the first lawsuit against jerry sandusky has now been filed by a new accuser. a 29-year-old man who claims he sexually abused him when he was a boy, more than 100 times. the alleged victim issued this statement. >> because of what happensed even more tormented. called the lawsuit claims the victim was 10 years old -- >> the law " -- the lawsuit claims the victim was 10 years old. the same places where sandusky is accused of 40 counts of abuse.
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joe paterno was fired for failing to report the allegations. the unit cost -- his gift charity are named in the suit. >> is about bringing the institution into meaningful accountability. >> sandusky maintains he never sexually abused anyone. >> i have a horse around with kids. i have showered after workouts. >> the alleged victim has filed a lawsuit and says sandusky gave him gets and privileges after meeting him for the second mile charity. he claims that sandusky lost interest in him when he was 14 years old.
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after more than a decade on the run the suspected east coast rapist appeared in a virginia courtroom today. aaron thomas raised or attacked more than a dozen women in maryland virginia, new england, a prosecutor said. so the victims planned to testify against thomas. a preliminary hearing is set for january 20 fed. he faces several life sentences if convicted. a car slammed into a local -- with the owner inside. >> it is going to be really tough. >> 5 teenagers lose their mother and a tragic car accident, forcing them to face their future would just each other. >> a decision is made. find out what will happen to this war veterans elaborate tree house.
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are levels of arsenic and apple juice dangerous to your health? cut the debate is back on tonight.
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-- >> the debate is back on tonight. >> there is disturbing new evidence about what is in at the apple juice your child may be drinking. consumer reports found 10% had total arsenic levels greater than the federal standard for drinking water. 25% also had higher lead levels. >> some of the best known brands in america have arsenic in their apple jews. >> dr. oz's show sparked fierce debate. >> you are telling parents they are poisoning their children. he was absolutely no evidence. >> the fda provided faulty data. >> they said there was not the industry standard. they say the type of arsenic and apple juice was the safe kind.
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it turns out it is not. >> children 4-7 at should have no more than 4-6 ounces per day. as for the industry, a leading interest groups responded to the latest findings this way. >> we need to pay attention of the result of the process, which is hopefully setting a limit. telling the manufacturers to look for these levels and not exceed this number. >> in response, the fda says there collecting additional data. vitamin d may do even more good than we previously thought. a study of 11,000 patients found that giving patients cut their risk of dying in half.
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the study does not prove though, that a lack of vitamin d causes those problems. experts claim there is little hard evidence. there? county leaders say the tree house can stay. mark grapin built the tree house in his front yard to fulfill a promise to his sons before he deployed to iraq. after 10 months of debate and a 1600-signature petition from neighbors, officials approved of duran's that allows him to keep the tree house. >> this is a father tried to do the right thing for his two boys. not looking for 15 minutes of fame. >> the county ruled that he must maintain trees and plants but around the house.
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he gets to keep its. >> good for him. today, not the best day. >> we started out with sunshine, and in some clouds came in. it is the end of november. tomorrow the meteorological winter. we will see if we get that lucky in december around here. let's get started with some temperatures. prince george's county, 45 degrees. the wins will state -- winds will stay up, and you will definitely feel the chill. 46 degrees in bethesda. at this hour, numbers north and west of the city are falling more rapidly.
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to the south, upper 40's, skies are clear. this is the way it looks as we head for the morning 34 by early tomorrow morning. it will be cold and crisps with a bit of a breeze. the high-pressure area causing all this stays with us right after the weekend. it will remain generally in the 50's for the next four or five days. there is a larger view. it was interesting checking temperatures this morning up and down the east coast 7:00 this morning, it was 62 degrees in maine. at the same time, it was 59 degrees in miami, florida. now it is starting to level up
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-- out. yesterday's storm system pulling out of the picture. we see everything push away and we will see quite a bit of sunshine tomorrow. more sunshine as we head for the day on friday and prue the weekend. here is the way it looks tonight. 34 in the morning for an average temperature. 47 at midday tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. as far as the next seven days ago, it looks pretty good. saturday, 52. a little bit warmer as we had to the day on sunday and monday bridge early next week, a few clouds. the next cold front approaches. it will be december. we can deal with that. >> exactly. thank you. our latest facebook giveaway is perfect for the holidays. >> you have a chance to win a weekend at the taylor national resort at the national harbor.
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includes -- gaylord national resort. we will announce the winner on friday. here is a look at tonight's prime-time lineup. "the meiddle" kicks off tonight at 8:00. the first lady unveils -- >> new escalators at new metro stations. what about the rest of the system? >> a car goes out of control and through the front window of the neighborhood business. what happened to
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d.c. police are on the hunt for suspects and a series of convenience store robberies. two of the robbery happened on sunday. armed gunmen demanded cash from the registered and then robbed several customers inside. on monday morning, suspects rob the same 7-11. the three suspects are considered armed and dangerous. it was a busy day at a maryland shock. it was not a business that was building, it was the front window.
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>> a car ran into the business late this afternoon. we are live on the scene. >> workers did a pretty quick job boarding up this building. the owner and his wife were inside when the unimaginable happened. it was a terrifying experience. where was the car when you came outside? this job or nearly missed hitting his wife by inches. -- jaguar nearly missed hitting his wife by inches. >> maybe she tried to step on the brake and stepped on the gas. >> and then went flying in. police said that is exactly what happened but the 82-year-old driver was not going very fast, but the collision was enough to rock the entire strip mall. >> a loud noise.
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>> the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. that is completely understandable considering what did take place. police say they do not expect to charge the driver. coming up, concerns over d.c. firefighters living hundreds of miles away in delaware. efforts are underway to get them to move closer. >> a frederick mother of five is killed in a car accident. what happens to the children left behind? >> we're live in northwest washington at the foggy bottom metro station. the escalators are brand new
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you are watching abc7 news at 5 with leon harris, alison starling doug hill. this is abc 7 is it 5:00, on your side. a frederick community is coming together to figure out how to help five children whose only parent was killed in a car accident. >> she was killed saturday during a car accident outside frederick. today, her children gathered to
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mourn her death. >> mawi had five teenaged children and frick underworked six days a week to support them. she was a single parent. her children are left with no apparent. >> four daughters and a son have lost the heart and soul of their family. anis mawi lived for her children supporting them and praying for them every night. she died saturday morning on interstate 70 outside frederick. >> it is heartbreaking. i just feel for the family. >> at the family gathered to say goodbye to the woman who emigrated from this country three years ago this month.
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>>mawi worked at a farm, picking and packing fruit. that is where she was going early saturday morning. friends worry what will happen to the children. beyond this is just 13. >> i am sure they will need help. >> it is pretty awful. i feel really bad for the family. my mom and i are trying to help out in any way that we can. >> the five siblings are hoping to be able to stay together. for more information on how you can help, go to our website
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time to update tonight's top story spread the woman accused in a crime spree across northern virginia is now behind bars. police arrested 26-year-old stephanie schwab this afternoon. she is facing carjacking charges in fairfax county and baltimore county. she is also wanted in several bank robberies. >> police say a tip from a citizen help them track down a serial carjacker. henry levi sanders is accused of kidnapping three men at a shopping center. he drove the victims to atms and forced them to withdraw cash. >> annual lawsuit claims the jury sandusky's sexually abused a boy at more than 100 times. the 29-year-old victim says sandusky threatened to harm his family to keep him quiet.
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the victim is not part of the criminal case against sandusky. to a mattress stations have brand new working escalators. what about -- two metro stations have brand new working escalators. >> it is not often we do a story when we tell you the escalators are working. look behind me at foggy bottom, these escalators are working. but could there be a fare hike looming? for metro, this is a reason to celebrate. at foggy bottom today all through new escalators are up and running. -- all three new escalators are up and running. >> this is the foremost
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complaint, about the escalators on the system. >> this work on the rebuilding of seven escalators at union station are part of a $5,000,000,000.60-year plan. despite facing the potential of another significant budget shortfall next year, the agency says it has no plans to cut back on the repairs. >> we are trying to increase the amount of resources that we bring into the escalator maintenance. >> what about fares? >> it is one of the things we have to look back. >> metro is hot enough as it is. -- high enough added this -- as it is. i find it unreasonable. >> am i willing to put up with the? absolutely. >> according to metro about 60
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escalators were offline today. about half of those were from preventative maintenance. the budget issue is based on a preliminary budget that does not go into effect until july. the metro board is meeting to discuss it further tomorrow. police are investigating a crash in brandywine that left the driver critically injured. we were over the scene this morning. a dump truck collided with a neon and overturned. the dump truck driver was not seriously hurt. let's get a check of the traffic situation this evening. >> we are dealing with some heavy delays on the beltway. all of your travel lanes are open. we do have some activity on the
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outbound freeway at the 14th street bridge. southbound 95 slow at woodbridge. westbound 66 is slow. let's talk about the beltway. very heavy delays each direction, but travel lanes are open. outer loop delays on -- between 270 and 66. still ahead a man donates a suit to a good well, but forgets the $13,000 in the pocket. why it could be a matter of life or death. >> local high-school students lending their talents to help a young girl battle a rare form of cancer. >> herman cain's latest accuser speaks out again.
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see what she saying about the alleged relationship. i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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[ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars
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paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. a community of teenagers is
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rallying around a young girl who was battling a rare form of cancer. students are leading the charge. rockville high school student body is this week's paris is a hero -- harris hero. they're sending a 10-year-old some much needed spirits. >> something simple that we could change in our routine. show our support. >> the sixth grader is battling a rare bone cancer. she spent the entire fifth grade in the hospital in treatment. the student band is practicing for a benefit concert in her honor. it is one of many students-led advent raising awareness for childhood cancer. >> it is really incredible.
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we decided, let's do our part. >> lily's father teaches at the high school. >> it is absolutely amazing. i always tell them, you do not have to do anything. >> it is amazing. >> you are not the only one amazed. that benefit concert is happening friday at 6:30 at rockville high school. >> we hope they raise a lot of money. coming up, it is the first look at this year's holiday displays. there are some very special christmas tree decorations this
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year. >> families who lost loved ones
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a fight is on tonight to get a truck drivers more sleep. >> we are live in arlington. >> 4000 people a year are killed in traffic accidents and some people say that is proof enough that the truck drivers need more down time. a proposal to do just that has come under fire by businesses who say it is costly and unnecessary. this was matthew before the truck hit him. this is not the today. -- matthew today. the truck driver fell asleep. >> this is public safety. plain and simple. nothing more, nothing less. >> they are fighting for a proposal to lower the number of
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hours a truck driver can spend on the road from 11:00 to 10:00. nearly half the truck drivers say they have fallen asleep at the wheel. in a house subcommittee hearing, opponents warned that cutting shift links will wreak havoc in an already depressed economy. >> in order for our companies to break even, we will need to raise our rates about 20%. >> the consumer will feel these cost at the checkout aisle. but that argument does not fly for this family of falls church. their daughter was killed on i- 95. the drop pushed her car the length of four football fields. >> are families spend another holiday without our beautiful daughter. i urge congress and the president to put the safety of the motorist before the greed of the trucking industry. >> those in favor of cutting the shift like to say that it would
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create jobs because they would need to hire more drivers. once again the industry says it is too expensive. they say fatalities are down by about a third. >> goodwill officials hope that someone out there comes forward with an elderly couple's life savings. a man in illinois recently donated clothes but he forgot that he didn't catch $13,000 in the pocket of one of his suits. they say the cash could be anywhere. >> it could have been put out already on the store for already. it is possible that it is in the warehouse. >> good will hopes that someone comes forward with the cash. the man said he said the money to will pay for his wife's cancer treatment. >> he was trying to do such a
5:47 pm
good deed. military families are getting a sneak peek at christmas at the white house. the first lady met with military parents, spouses, and children to check out this year's decoration. the white house decorations are dedicated to honoring a military families. >> we decorated the official white house christmas tree with cards recollected but some of our country's military kids. the tree is decorated by kids. it is very cool. >> another of the white house 37 christmas trees is dedicated to goldstar families, families lost a relative in a combat zone. the children got a chance to sample holiday treats made by the white house chefs. 85,000 people will visit the white house this holiday season. >> tomorrow night, the first family will help make the
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christmas tree shine bright. there are some new names on the list of performers. the black eyed peas and kermit the frog will now be taking part in this holiday event. in february>> i think that kermit is getting a little bit overexposed right now. >> you are going to see them everywhere. >> gordon peterson is in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> how old is kermit? >> unlike 150 or something. >> john hinckley once out -- wants out. he wants to spend more time with his mother in virginia.
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those stories and much more at 6:00. we are getting the whether we deserve now. >> that is right. >> this is what we should have a temperature-wise. we were spoiled rotten by the warm weather. not complaining but it has turned cooler out there. this was just before sunrise. towards late afternoon, at some areas started to clear up. skies are clearing, temperatures are falling. 50 degrees in quantico. 47 in the district. it'll be cold and dry in the morning. bright sunshine for most of the
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day tomorrow. temperatures, low were 50's, just where they should be on the first day of december. it is going to be a pleasant stretch. mostly sunny skies on friday with a little bit of warm up in temperatures. we will stay very pleasant through the weekend. 29 to 36 overnight. the next seven days, at temperatures are up on friday, down on saturday, up on sunday and monday. the next chance of rain comes next tuesday. looking ahead to the redskins? >> it is a whole different ball club out there today. it is weird. the redskins were out on the field. the cloud has been lifted. there is a brand new attitude. >> what a difference a when
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makes for the redskins. -- win makes for the redskins. mike shanahan and as players were all smiles today as they got to work in hopes of starting a new streak. >>the offense came through in the clutch. largely thanks to this bomb by rex grossman to armstrong. that was not the only highlights. >> i did watch it again. i will it meant that. >> next up is the new york jets with a defensive strength, a top 10 in the league. it is a bigger challenge than seattle, but one they are ready for. >> they are coming into our place.
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>> we need to get it done. see if we can beat the jets. >> thank you very much. we taking to the swan river to incredible frisbee and throw and catch. watch the guy. are you kidding me? wait out over the river. that is without a doubt one of the most talented throws and catches you have ever seen. there is the frisbee toss. >> i think it is the real deal. >> that is funny. >> coming up next, d.c. wants to
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[ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ ♪ major changes are being proposed for the d.c. fire department. >> it is part of an effort to save money and compelled firefighters to live closer to the city. >> this was all revealed this morning at the monthly breakfast meeting between the d.c. council and mayor graybeard the fire chief was explaining to them how he was going to -- mayor. . so many firefighters live very far away from the city. they risk their lives every day responding to emergencies. d.c. fire chief says there is a problem. he has to many firefighters and many of them live too far away in case of an emergency.
5:57 pm
only 25% of d.c. firefighters live in d.c.. 41% lived between 30 and a hundred miles away. >> that seems a logical. >> and not everybody cares whether firefighters live. >> i do not care if they live on the moon. >> as a way to encourage firefighters to live closer to d.c. he wants to change the shift they work. >> they worked a 24-hour shift a days a month. under the new schedule, they would work 12-hour shifts. he knows this might cause some employees to quit, but he says that is a good thing. he wants to cut his staff by about 20%. 2200 firefighters to a proposed level of 1625. on the issue of staff cuts, everybody we spoke with a grade.
5:58 pm
>> that is atrocious. >> that is going to be a serious hazard for the city. >> the firefighters' union calls both of these proposals upsurge. they doubt that the chiefs assertion that this will save any money. both sides say brace yourself, the public will get a big push from the city and the firefighters union. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> an alleged one-woman crime spree comes to an end. >> should john hinckley be allowed to go home for good? >> police into a major cities crackdown on the occupy movement.
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captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 at 6 on your side. a woman accused of several crimes throughout the area is no longer running from the law. >> the beginning of the end came for stephanie schwab this afternoon. she reportedly was able to make it to old georgetown road in bethesda before police caught up to her. we were over the scene as police searched the suspect. this afternoon's arrest and a massive search that lasted more than two weeks. we were first to report the story on line just after 1:00. we're live in mclean with more on this big break for police. >> stephanie schwab allegedly tried to rob this bank iran 1:00 this afternoon. --


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