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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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weatherir traffic and every 10 minutes. >> and a little bit to start off your friday morning. cannot start that up. the stake a look at the forecast. ours a chilly start to friday morning. 25 degrees. to this is one of the warm spots. waldorf is 25 degrees. look at that. it is 21 degrees. you get the idea. the vast majority of our viewing area is below freezing. fews mostly sunny but a developing this afternoon. put it over to steve. >> we continue on the roads. we will take a look at the beltway. everything is moving pretty
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smoothly. is a littlek it heavy. the rows of very quiet. no major delays. we're going towards springfield. like the weekend is start. decent >> we are following the search a gun man behind the robbery of a postal employee. happened last week.
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good morning. >> good morning. so postal inspectors say this is in a string of robberies that they have seen their employees. investigators believe that the been watchingve the employee. brazen. pretty was loading mellon to the the truck when a man with a gun approached demanding money. the suspect but the money and a back pack before putting the back of the trap. the employee call police and was freed unharmed. >> you have to keep your word up. is unnerving. been driving for ups for never had any problems. >> it is scary.
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>> a lot of people are saying that they are surprised to hear time and location of happening. inspectors are offering a for anyone with to an arresteading and conviction. republicans blocked a plant plans to more of than $1 million. two dozen republican lawmakers broke ramp. the tax cut is due to expire at the month. we are about to get a better the state of the u.s. economy. the report will be released in few hours. it is expected to show. created 125,000 new jobs. they say the number could be
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but the unemployment rate 9%. likely stay at return to the latest controversy involving herman cain. he said his wife did not know about the french ship. she claimed she had a 13 year affair. he did tell the new hampshire leader that he gave them money. >> take a look at this composite sketch. man grabs a woman walked along hamilton street. she was pulled into an alley and at factor. is, callow who he police. university students are suing the school. not the university did do enough to protect them from sexually abused.
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assaulted sexually them. the accusers say after the supervisors they went to d.c. police. securityit takes the the students very sears. 5: >> the latest on the kidnapping of a maryland man. fierce winds are making for the west. at the damage. >> another traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we w
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>> some other western states are day of highanother winds. the wind gusts blew out transformers, brush fires. were so powerful they trees, traffic
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lights, power lines, and results. in may she felt like all we with are some cooler temperatures. >> pretty pleasant by comparison. we can see what to expect. a chilly start for the day. 35 degrees downtown at reagan national. culpeper. a chilly start to the day. this will warm us up in the warmer 50's. people have a cold front moved afternoon.s not notice that. it will wash out as mr. the area. few clouds. it may be a 10 mile per hour winds. mostly sunny. temperatures near 50 degrees. down near freezing threat the weekend. sunday, a little at a cloud
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cover. for the most part, we will call of sun and clouds. we're talking 50 degrees again. it still looks unsettled by the early and middle part of the chance of rain by tuesday. that is looking good. the traffic is looking good. 270 is a little slow. after that, we go all the way to be dead by beltway between college park and silver spring. we can see this going northbound on the left-hand side of the streets. are moving slowly. the age of the lane is moving up to springfield. up to the 14th street bridge. starting up this morning.
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back to you. >> not too bad. thousands of people joined the first family for a holiday tradition. >> the obama's help flip the on the national christmas tree. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> this is the brand new tree the list. has gotten a little criticism being as majestic as the less. it is because it is toppled by really strong winds we had. >> there's also a lighting in arlington. >> the rooftops and nearly 40 buildings will be here for the 18th year. is my son here. >> it is 33 degrees. >> we're hearing from a maryland the center of a mystery
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in aruba. what he had to say on an interview. >> one of the gop front runner said down for an assistant interview with abc. said down for an assistant interview with abc. his boldon my journey across am, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> barack prime suspect -- the in robyn carter's this appearance is speaking out. womans the frederick snorkeling and whated an explanation of might have happened to her. >> petrova has two sources of income and it is not -- aruba of income ands tourism and cocaine.
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is the not believe that answer. >> al qaeda is issuing a series of demands in exchange for the of an aid worker that in pakistan in august. a video message was released yesterday with eight conditions relief among the demands was the release -- had to do with pakistan and yemen. debate tomorrow end former candidate mike huckabee will be the host.
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herman cain and jon huntsman not be taking part. meanwhile, in an exclusive news, someith abc bold statements. the line that the somebody was like bruce willis in "the sixth cents" that only guy who did not dead, the debate changes, you know. in today'ss -- tektites, an indication that its phones could tattle on users. >> a day after a report about users,hones spying on says its software that -- gathers statistics,
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not data. have hard drive makers production in thailand flooding there. tied actor -- be for a while. -- supply may be tight for a while. >> i like the idea behind it to get off our fannies, eat smarter, get a good sleep, exercise more. but theduct non -- company knowny a is noteless devices wireless itself. of weather will up and got there, won't it? it is brisk. >> it will get you up and back inside. you will feel it this morning.
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a whopping 23 in and leesburg and hancock, maryland. there is no wind chill factor to with this morning. 35 at reagan national. in at 36.checking otherwise, at or below freezing. frederick.rees in culpepper at 25. is safe to say, widespread 20's to start our morning. temperatures will quickly spike morning and then climb into to mid 50's by the year the afternoon. and with clyde lynds and very air, that allowed the temperatures to plummet. a band of clouds along the
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.ront it will dissipate later on today. thewill not notice much as front moves in. a few clouds later on today and about 10king up to miles per hour. another sunny and pleasant day. nitsa 50's down talent. mid 50'sipate -- downtown. overall, a great weekend. six degrees on monday and tuesday, about 10 degrees above average. and then chances of rain tuesday into wednesday. >> the friday commute looks good so far. you can see the george
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washington parkway under the 395 everything looks good on the parkway as well. movingburg, nothing too unusual. travel is good on the beltway interstate 95 all the way 5:21 a.m. and 34 degrees. >> stick around for the rest of from last night's game. muchanking has caused so controversy. >> you can put your leg across a small child back to hold them. say to poll the baby's
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that is why they call him seattles beast. marshawn lynch went into against huckabee of last night. the eagles-- against last night. >> the redskins will be facing the new york jets this weekend. 2 andle hunter is now 0- night, we have struggled the penguins offensively. .ere comes jason
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his team leading 10th goal of the year. the capitals are now in 10th place. if the playoffs started today, they would not make it. and last night, the georgetown hoyas. the upset alabama by two. the news continues with good washington at 5:30 a.m. >> still had in the next half- few months itst a aroundost more to get the metro. proposedve with increases. and a postal employee is rob on the job. i will have the latest on the suspect, coming up. >> temperatures right now are
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wide spread below freezing.
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straight ahead, the search the gunmen who robbed local plot -- postal employee and then locked him in a truck. begin withoing to your traffic and weather. minutes. start to for chilly start to our day sure. widespread and even in the '20s the 20's in most locations.
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waldorf at thomas stone school, a great location. 25 in manassass. no wind chill factor to deal with. fairfax, 27. it is a cold start today. will warm up into the low to mid 50's this afternoon. into the weekend, increasing .louds on sunday otherwise, very pleasant and sunny. how about the commute? the commute is still pretty good. the baltimore washington no problems so far. as you head inside the beltway
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avenue, you are in good shape. north african national. the parkway.n north ofnt -- here are backed reagan national. the parkway.n slow on the interchange. but everything is open. 5:31 a.m. right now. we return to the latest last night'sn of a postaly worker. making his rounds when he was attacked at the intersection "t" streets. >> postal inspectors believe had perhaps the suspect employee and this now on his routine had found the time to strike.
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it all happened it just on the from a post office as well. happened when the employee was loading mail into the back of a truck when the masked man appeared, demanding money. he quickly took that money and a black backpack. lofted into the back of the vehicle. >> the employee was able to use his cell phone to call authorities and then was freed the back of that vehicle unharmed. in the areapeople are surprised at the timing and location. investigators are offering a reward for any arresttion leading to an and conviction in this case.
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new evidence suggests that a driver who hit some occupied d.c. protesters last month did not try to run them down. it happened outside the convention center. surveillance video shows oftesters moving in front the car while it was trying to through a small gap in the crowd. driver was not charged. and a federal court will lawsuit on ag on a congressional district map. panel will hear argument on december 20. the court could issue a ruling the end of january. it will be a big night to night for some girl scouts who their cookie money stolen. in october, surveillance video two suspects stealing a a wal-mart.m one suspect was a russian -- was
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eventually arrested. when word of the robbery got out, $800 was collected. line trains will not run between the ryland avenue and ma'at stations pierre -- avenue and clermont stations. the shuttle buses will be available.
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closures will take effect from 10:00 p.m. tonight and tell closed on sunday. and metro is considering whether to charge passengers more to make up for its huge budget gap. that is there is outside the station in arlington this morning with how much more it could cost writers. -- metro riders. >> metro says increases are coming to cover its $100 million budget gap. the increase in cost of labor related, health care costs as well as pension costs. metra says it does not plan to cut service, but doesn't -- does plan to increase ticket prices. this could happen two ways. the distanceen by to travel. by fares --rease by 10 cents. the initial hite will be the oneantly less than which was billed as the the transit --in which was the most expansive in transit history. the hiket will be -- go into effect in july. now 34 degrees outside. >> still to come, we will show how alocal community and
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is from a weekend fire lost three family members. -- who lost three family members. we also have
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are the american of pharmaceutical inentists right here
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va.ngton, on congratulations to them this friday mourned. let's check in with adam caskey and find out if it is in we will warm up this afternoon. overhead, quiet era. and dry we have more darkness than year, sothis time of that allows the temperatures to cool as well. just a few clouds from that front this afternoon. that is said. another mostly sunny day, however. when picking up to 10 miles per hour along the front. way, that front is
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move to wash out as we through the region. lots of sunshine on saturday -- sunday. the next chance of rain comes tuesday. on 395 and are moving smoothly north and south. from the springfield way to the all the 14th street bridge. 270 southbound at 121, a little of volume, but everything is moving. from northeast into northwest rove island and eventually into the downtown along.oving thank you so much. time is 5:40 a.m. is 34 degrees. iscoming up, how one hunter
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be the butt of many jokes. also -- >> it is insane. it feels like a ghost apocalyptic war zone. >> people in the west are
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>> investigators are searching an armed robber who held up in northwester washington. said the suspects told orders, and other the worker was shaking, but not hurt. latest in a the of robberies targeting postal workers. and we will learn more about headinge economy is reporte november jobs few hours.n just a thathowpected added 125,000 new jobs month, but the unemployment likely stay at 9%.
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and considering some parking rate hikes. the fares could go up by 10 cents. board isit agency's be looking at proposals in january. any approved increases would take effect in july. a local community came familyr to help a by a deadly fire. >> [unintelligible] clothing, homeht items to aand other to help the sunday's deadly fire. also donated $3,000 to a fund 46-year-old. mother, he can't -- for a 6-year-old.
5:45 am
he, his mother, and his aunt died not fire. jerry sandusky reached an alleged agreement with one of victim -- one of his victims.buse alleged victim is planning a seeking damages from the charity. the state said it will donate differenton to .roups robert champion collapsed charter bus just a on hours after a game november 20. authorities say hazing played a his death, but have not release specific details. some powerful santa ana winds are switching from toifornia all the way indiana. >> gusts as high as 123 miles
5:46 am
per hour. >> the santa ana winds do not usually pack is strong of a punch. in california this morning, many to clear are trying blocking their front doors. >> we could not even get out. we had to crawl through trees. was when to come through the house. >> in los angeles, a state of warm winds tore the city. >> if you do not have to leave house, do not do it. >> traffic lights were toppled, station wrecked, leavingmers blown out, 300,000 without power. the santa ana winds arrive every but the winds of this year ferocious. it was kind of like an without the shaking. >> it sounded like a hurricane. >> the worst santa ana winds in several continue across western states. wind warnings and it by issued in utah,
5:47 am
nevada, wyoming, and mexico. and eventually expected to hit east, oklahoma and missouri and indiana. than 100 m.p.h. move debris everywhere. >> the kids are screaming and the power is off. >> fire crews worried that small become a wild fires. 200e are staffing over extra firefighters. >> despite this, some are the win for their others enjoy the day off. time for us to checking on traffic and weather. there,mess that is out though. oh, my gosh, believable. makes as appreciate what we is just coolich temperatures. it is called this morning, it will be sunny all through the weekend. out on this friday morning.
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let's take a look at these numbers. will give you any mood for christmas. 21 in leesburg. hancock, 23. quiet wind, so no wind chill factor to deal with. in vienna, the warm spot. degrees there. and brandywine at 28. reagan national at 25. brayden national at 35. otherwise, mainly in the '20s. reagan national at 35. otherwise, mainly in the 20's. clear skies overnight and with air and complete the clyde allows the temperatures to plummet. -- completely quiet wins, that the temperatures to plummet.
5:49 am
there's a cold front to the northwest. there is even an area of snow out front. will drop in later on today. bring the snow with it. it is just going to cause a few clouds this afternoon. it will dissipate after it mr. washington. we will call it mostly sunny today, despite a few nine afternoon clouds. -- if you afternoon clouds. baichwal start to the weekend. -- a cool start to the weekend. mostly sunny, but some high, cirrus clouds. likehance of rain looks tuesday rendering into wednesday. -- lingering into wednesday.
5:50 am
the road to look pretty good. a little volume on the outer headbeltway as you through silver spring. it looks like it is still moving pretty well. traffic moving smoothly. no delays yet. the southbound side of 270 looks good, no accident. over to dulles airport, a few on a red wig, but no delays. -- on the beltway, but no delays. a bit of a bizarre story now of utah where a duck hunter became the hunted. by of all things, his dog. pooch saidger happy his owner to the hospital with a shotgun to the backside. waiting in the water near that is when his lab jumped into the boat boat,d the gun inside the
5:51 am
setting it off. cunningham ended up with birdshot in his behind, but it's be ok. some of his -- some the pellets are still lodged his buttocks. that cannot feel good. a proud moment. also an update that we told you week.last woman who went to hereme lengths to find missing daughter. >> for six days she's -- her for six days she stood on a bikini toner in a attention to her missing to watch. now installed a sure the in the dock puco missing again. the dalmathip in go missing again. more men are turning to osmetic counters while more women are buying guns.
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also, the extension of an recall. linda bell is live at headquarters this morning in new york. >> let's begin with the bad news honda. expanding its biggest with its laws related to air bags. the companies as defective air bag insulator's may deploy with too much pressure. as a were made as long decade ago. 2.7 million vehicles, making it for itsest recall vehicles. also according to the fbi, checks for buyers surge to record high last friday. more women are being drawn to shooting and hunting. on the flip side, men are buying cosmetics, including skin and personal-care products. while women usually use
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to enhance their most men use them to correct imperfections and are more on beautynd as they cover up for the holidays. back to you. nothing wrong with that, man. maintain your parents, why not? .- maintain your appearance why not? >> we will
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this santa claus was trying to make a grand entrance in florida, but his beard got while repelling. beard so take off his could make it down. >> how about the kids who were there watching him? >> exactly, that is disturbing. [laughter] to we want to take you back boy group when the hanson ruled the charts. tothey used their 1990's hit lodge their beer business. -- launched their beer business. during a recent appearance in hansens decided to
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brew their own ale.
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>> the latest labor report could but the setback president could cost
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millions of american workers. workers a vocal postal ave been attacked and -- been attackedhas in aobbed and locked truck. what police say could be a trend. live and in hd, this is good on your side.gton and good morning to you, washington. -- it is 6:00on on this friday, and december 2. again look at some of this damage coming in from california. santa ana winds way toroblems all the utah yesterday. gusts reached more than 100 hour.per just a fewt story in minutes. first, a check on our forecast. a very chilly


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