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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 2, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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know. will mrs. cain now pull the plug on her husband's campaign? new details on the country music singer accused of kidnapping her son. she has refused to back down from a judge's order to return her little boy immediately. and a little too much takeout on live television. why mario batali bit off a little more than he could chew. i love that shot. >> beautiful shot coming in. >> we love mario batali. but, mario, it's time to put down that chow mein, pick up some celery. >> and thus begins our crazy friday. it is a crazy friday, too. the wind out west.
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entire intersections out power right now. we'll tell you why it's not over yet. >> ginger zee will be along with that. and a lot of reaction to our abc news exclusive one-on-one interview yesterday with gary giordano, the suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner in aruba. now, her boyfriend, robyn gardner's boyfriend is here, standing by live, to respond to what giordano had to say. there was so much reaction to what he said and did not say. >> he's angry about it. wire going to talk to him, coming up. also, on a lighter note, beyonce sat down with katie couric, one-on-one. they talked about everything, her music and that new baby on the way. now, to the fierce winds tearing through the west. several cities have declared emergencies and are still cleaning up after a very rough night. abc's david wright is in pasadena, california, for us this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's been an unbelievable 24 hours here. a wind storm causing the sort of damage you normally see in an
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earthquake. millions of people dodging tree trunks on the way to work. as if work was open. a lot of small businesses, even big movie studios, have been closed. because for many people, the power is out. in utah, it looked like the center of a tornado. across the west and into the night thursday, high winds, tossing 18-wheelers. toppling gigantic trees. >> it barely missed the house. >> reporter: and crushing car after car with uprooted trunks. >> it's insane. i've seen probably 100 trees down, blocking entire streets. block after block after block. >> reporter: the latest santa ana wind storm to wallop the west coast is the strongest in over a decade. over 150-mile-per-hour, the force of a category 4 hurricane. >> i have never in 6 years seen
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anything like this out here. >> reporter: overnight, crews worked to restore power to more than 300,000 people in california alone. leaving many without gas pumps, atms and restaurants. in los angeles, a state of emergency thursday. more than a dozen schools closed. students celebrating a rare wind day. >> no school. >> reporter: here in pasadena, this heap of twisted metal is all that's left after a tree collapsed on the roof of a gas station. frees and traffic signals blocked roadways for miles. the storm spread across the west, from the coast to northern utah. these students at weber university barely able to make it up the stairs. >> what force winds could take down so many trees? >> reporter: so many downs trees here, residents were actually trapped inside their homes. >> we couldn't get out. we had to crawl through trees. we thought it was going to come through the house. >> reporter: as of this morning,
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still more than 250,000 without power. and the cleanup continues. and it may not be over yet. high wind advisories remain in effect through this afternoon. robin? >> my goodness. quite a sight there behind you, david. let's get the latest on where these winds are headed from meteorologist ginger zee, in for sam this morning. ginger? >> good morning, to you both. early-morning warning going on for los angeles. that includes red flag. there's fire danger with this type of thing. it's now moving off to the south and east. we find new mexico in one of those bull's eyes where you find 80-plus-mile-per-hour winds. how does it happen? it's like a gear. you have a high-pressure system rotatining clockwise. our next business will be the heavy snow on top of that storm and the continued winds. i'll talk about that in a couple moments. >> ginger, thank you very much. you keep shaking your head because you're from that area. >> the woman said, never seen
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anything like it in 36 years. it's like a tornado hit half the state of california all at once. it's unbelievable. we have other news, guys. let's begin with news overseas. an american aide worker held hostage by al qaeda. an american has been kidnapped from his home in pakistan and will not release them until the u.s. meets a long list of demands, which includes stopping air strikes in pakistan and afghanistan. u.s. forces handed over control of what was their headquarters to the iraqi government. at its height, camp victory housed some 70,000 troops and private contractors. they are headed home, as the u.s. departs iraq by year's end. and new evidence this morning of the struggle millions of americans face in this economy. among people who lost their jobs after the 2008 financial crisis, only 7% say they've been able to bounce back and return to their previous financial status. so, are things at least starting to get better?
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a question for "gma weekend" anchor, bianna golodryga, with insight. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning, the government is releasing new job figures. here's what we're expecting. analysts predict the economy added 125,000 jobs last month, including healthy growth in the private sector. but more people are applying for unemployment benefits. that's precautionary news. and the jobless rate is still at 9%. the federal reserve expects the unemployment rate to stay above 8.5% through at least the middle of next year. josh, that's because job growth, we're seeing, isn't keeping up with population growth. we need to see 300,000 jobs added each month at least to see progress there. >> thank you, bianna. a private boarding scohool n pennsylvania is being sued this morning because they denied admission to a student because he is hiv-positive. the hershey milton school says they are worried the boy will pose a risk to others. honda is expanding its
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largest recall ever. nearly 1 million vehicles made between 2001 and 2003, are being recalled, including the popular accord and civic because air bags may inflate with too much pressure. two deaths have been blamed on the problem. finally, look at this. a police officer driving down the street in kansas. and look what happens next. watch as a massive free branch breaks off and takes out the windshield. shockingly, he wasn't hurt. but it's a good reminder, buckle up. and avoid huge trees whenever possible. >> lucky man. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and the man who is rocketing to the top of the republican race for president has been so swift and so strong. he calls it disorienting. front-runner and former speaker, newt gingrich, sat down with jake tapper in iowa yesterday. he may be disoriented. but he's also super confident right now. >> reporter: he's never been
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known for a small ego. right, george? i asked him about the fact that we've seen this movie before, with other nonromney candidates surging in the polls. michele bachmann, rick perry, herman cain. but speaker gingrich says his case is different because they're new kids on the block. and he's a familiar face. a known quantity. >> we're a mess. >> reporter: in johnston, iowa, last night, former speaker, newt gingrich, brought the poke county gop kdinner to its feet. >> i have to confess, while i was hoping for a wave. we've had sort of a tsunami. >> reporter: but he's grabbed his gingrich for president surfboard and is confidently riding that tidal wave, as he told us in an interview. >> it's very hard not to look at the recent polls and think the odds are very high i'm going to be the nominee. >> he's a flip-flopper. >> reporter: success in the polls, come attacks from his opponents. but newt is playing nice. >> i'm going to relentlessly
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talk about solutions. and i'm going to focus on one opponent, barack obama. >> reporter: also with his popularity comes scrutiny. about, for instance, some of his more provocative comments. the one about child labor laws, for example, being stupid. >> it would be great if the poor neighborhood schools hired students to do things. what if they cleaned out the bathrooms? and what if they mopped the floors? what if in that process they were learning to work. they didn't have to become a pimp, a prostitute or a drug dealer. >> reporter: his third wife might remind some in washington of his second marriage. and controversies about his personal life. but he is undeterred and excited about the kind of first lady she might be. >> she actually describes herself as sort of being a cross between nancy reagan and laura bush with a slight bit of jackie kennedy tossed in. >> going to get onboard pronto. >> thank you. >> reporter: at his very last stop of the day, the 68-year-old
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signed books. and took one, last question from us, about how he's dealing with his sudden front-runner status. how are you having to recalibrate yourself on the trail? >> the more i'm out here, the more i realize how really tired people are of the bickering and the infighting. this is not going to be, in the end, an anti-obama campaign. it's going to be, in the end, a pro-rebuilding america campaign. >> reporter: and, george, gingrich is tied with mitt romney in a gallop poll of republican voters nationally. but what's key in that poll, is the voters who support gingrich are much more intense in their support than they are for mitt romney. george? >> now he's ahead in the other states like south carolina and florida, as well. jake, stand by. we also have news from herman cain. yesterday, he gave an interview to "the manchester leader" where he said it was a surprise that his wife didn't know anything about ginger white, the girlfriend we spoke to earlier
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this week. take a look. >> my wife didn't know about it. that was the revelation and the surprise that my wife found out about it when she went public with it. my wife now knows. my wife and i have talked about it. and i explained it to her. and, you know, my wife understands that i'm a soft-hearted, giving person. >> and for his sake, mrs. cain better believe him because she made it clear in an interview a couple weeks ago -- take a look at this -- that she would not be a political prop. >> i will not be one of those people who will stand up on stage, with a smile, and knowing that you were wrong. i'm not going to do that. so, you know not to do anything wrong because you will be there by yourself. >> so, jake, cain will decide whether to stay in the race or not. but are the other campaigns even treating him as a factor right now? >> reporter: no, they're not. but what was most interesting, i asked speaker gingrich about this. and he's had personal troubles in his past, as well. i said what advice would you
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give to herman cain? and he said he should stop and think carefully about what he owes to his family. and he at one point, gingrich said that cain was vice presidential material. i asked if that was still true. he said, i think he's a fine man. but he has some things to work out. i think that was rather telling. >> it was. jake, thanks very much. and diane sawyer will be in iowa next week for the big republican debate. all of the top contenders will come together saturday, december 10th, at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. it will air across the abc networks three weeks before the voting begins. now, for the latest on the bitter custody battle over country singer mindy mccready's young son. she is refusing to back down, defying a court order to bring him back to his legal guardian. yunji de nies is on the story for us. >> reporter: authorities are calling this is a parental abduction. the fbi will distribute this
7:13 am
photo of 5-year-old zander and hope to bring him home. the problem is they don't know where he and his mother are this morning. that's why a judge signed a new order telling law enforcement nationwide to take zander into custody upon sight. the florida department of children and families tells abc news, once the child is located, we will pick him up and bring him back to florida. his safety and well-being are our number one priority. mindy mccready, a shochart-topp country singer, has a history of drug and alcohol problems. he's been in a messy custody battle over her son with her mother. zander stays with his grandmother. but can only see mccready on supervised visits. at some point during a visit on tuesday, mccready took zander
7:14 am
and fled to nashville. her ex-husband told hln, he's worried about his son. >> tell us what you know object what happened to your son and why. >> zander is used to being here in florida with me and with her mother. and i'm worried about, you know, him being moved around. >> reporter: the country music singer's spokesman says mccready and her son are safe, happy and comfortable. a judge ordered her to return her son by thursday afternoon. but she made clear she had no intentions of meeting that deadline. she is 7 months pregnant with twins. and says she doesn't want to travel because she needs to rest. now, mindy mccready has given no indication if and when she plans to take little zander back to florida. she could now face felony charges for bringing him across state lines and violating that judge's order. authorities say they are now fully focused on finding that little boy. robin? >> all right. now, for more on this case, "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams,
7:15 am
joins us. pick up on what yunji was saying right there. >> these are emotion cases. but you can't go in and violate a court order and take your own child to another state. you can't say, i'm seven months pregnant and as a result i can't bring the child back to florida. these are not answers. there's a specific order in place here, as a result of mindy mccready's own behavior. the drug problems. the alcohol problems. assaulting her mother, et cetera. a court ruled that for the best interest of the child, it should be in her mother's custody. if she says i want to change the custody arrangements, great. go do that. but you can't go in there and grab the child and evade authorities, like she's doing right now. >> she is seven months pregnant with twins. and she can't travel. that's not going to play? >> no. now you have the authorities out there looking for her and the child saying, fine. you don't want to bring the child back, we'll do it.
7:16 am
that's the problem here. i don't think that the authorities want to really charge her in connection with this case. >> what do you think they want to do? >> i think they want to find the child. i think they want to find the child and bring the child back to who's supposed to have custody right now. sure, if this continues and in particular, if she continues to not respond, there could be problems for her legally. >> and this will make it harder for her to get custody down the road. >> it could make it harder. again, the focus in custody cases is what's in the best interest of the child. and so, the question will be, how does this incident impact that best interest? >> thank you, very much. now, to the latest in the tragic hazing death at florida a&m. four students who served in the marching band with the victim have been expelled. and we're hearing for the first time the chilling 911 call that came in as drum major robert champion play dying. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: it was a frantic call for help.
7:17 am
>> is he breathing or is he not breathing? >> e with don't know if he's breathing or not. >> reporter: police believe students called 911 after a hazing on a bus ride home after a losing game. >> and you're right by him now? >> reporter: the band members had just arrived at the orlando hotel. and drum major, robert champion, was in the middle of the aisle, losing his life. they had tried cpr. >> he wasn't responding. we thought he was breathing because he was making noises. i don't know if he's breathing now. >> is he awake? >> his eyes are open. he's not responding. >> okay. but is he breathing? >> i have no idea. i cannot tell you that. >> okay. >> he just threw up. >> reporter: the caller never revealed how this 26-year-old was so badly hurt. police haven't said, either. but this morning, the university president said he's dismissed four students from the school. and writes that 30 students were dismissed from the band prior to the game. >> everybody on the campus is pretty aware of it.
7:18 am
they don't say too much about it. it's a secret. it's within that organization. >> reporter: police tell us they're also investigating the haying of an 18-year-old clarinet player a month ago. she came home to her parents and could barely move her legs. the band director has been fired. he said he tried to stop the haying. >> i told the students daily, don't haze. >> reporter: florida's governor is now pushing for tougher rules. >> our children go to our universities. and we expect them to come back home. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news. >> a sad case. time, now, for another check of the weather. "gma weekend" meteorologist ginger zee in for sam. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, to you both. who wants to start their weekend with a foot of snow? i'm getting a couple of noes here. no worries in the northeast. but we see it south and west, in parts of new mexico there. how cold it is this morning.
7:19 am
minneapolis, 5 the windchill. bright sunshine early this morning to start to melt of that frost. start 2 hour day. degrees inool as 21 frederick and 25 at dulles airport. 35 at reagan national airport. widespread 20's especially in areas.lying today and a skies clouds as the cold front drops in. high
7:20 am
>> happy friday. robin and george? >> okay, ginger. to you, too. coming up, so much response to our exclusive interview with gary giordano. now, robyn gardner's boyfriend is here with his reaction. and katie couric and beyonce go one-on-one. we'll hear about that new baby on the way. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning @ 7:26 on this
7:26 am
friday, december 2. track work will make it around d.c. metro this weekend. red line trains will not run between rhode island avenue and the glenmont station. be free shuttle buses available at work will take place from 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. we can track work is not the issue facing metro riders. considering fair and parking rate increases. fill ae trying to help $124 million budget gap. fares would likely go up by 10 cents. will look atrd next month. newschannel 8 will have more coming up in a live in-depth report in a few minutes. let's get a quick check on the morning commute. we will have a live look at accident in the wolf trap
7:27 am
fairfax county. is involving a school bus on route 7 just before beulah road. that is causing delays from georgetown pike. to the toll to go to avoid this activity. westbound is open but it is an unexpected delay on route 7. a chilly start 2 hour day. you can see some frost on the field. that will burn off quickly with some light. 21 degrees in frederick. we are on our way to the low to mid 50's now and through the weekend. we will be back at 7:56.
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but the question on everyone's mind, gary, and you know this. they want to know if you had anything to do with -- >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> that is gary giordano in our abc news exclusive interview yesterday. now, robyn gardner's boyfriend is speaking out. richard forester has a lot to say about giordano's version of events that led to gardner's disappearance. we're going to talk to her boyfriend live in just a moment. >> he's in the studio.
7:30 am
and new developments in the case of the craigslist killings. how the prime suspect is trying to defend his reputation. he's under allegations of murder and prostitution. and what is really behind this? ♪ this kiss this kiss ♪ >> why did you want to show this? why cameras were rolling. for this life-changing kiss. >> we'll have a little more coming up. let's begin with gary giordano. his appearance here touched off a firestorm of debate. and robyn gardner's boyfriend is standing by with his emotional take. matt gutman is here with more on the interview and the fallout. >> reporter: good morning, george. we counted all the times that gary giordano mentioned the name robyn gardner. just once. and he didn't happen to clear up any of the mystery involved in this story. that interview didn't tell us much more than we knew before. faced with tough questions thursday, gary giordano seemed
7:31 am
to balk. >> they want to know if you have anything to do -- >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> do you feel responsible? >> it's a person i cared about. a companion. if i was traveling with you or you. has disappeared on my watch. that -- it will weigh heavily on me for a very long time. >> reporter: deflected robin's pointed questions in our exclusive "gma" interview. for the first time, giordano appeared, instead, to lay out a new theory on how robyn gardner may have gone missing. >> aruba has two main sources of income. it's not tourism. it's cocaine and human trafficking. right where we were, i found out, that's where they drop off the illegals. >> reporter: overnight, prosecutors call those claims laughable. saying giordano's comments implying gardner may have been involved with human trafficking, is inconsistent with the very
7:32 am
story giordano has been telling prosecutors for four months. >> that doesn't change our point of view of him being a suspect in this case. that hasn't changed with what he said in the interview. >> reporter: giordano's appearance made news in aruba and back here in the u.s. but his first interview was blasted across cable news, internet and radio. yet, in our exclusive interview, instead of answering questions, he seemed to generate new ones. >> reporter: what happened august 2nd, that day with robyn gardner? >> i've answered that question, 50, 60 times. i'm not prepared to, at this point, go from the moment of that day to the end of that day. i'm not going to do that. >> reporter: we had body language expert, jeanine driver, go through the interview, frame by frame. >> i'm going to stop. >> reporter: already? he hasn't said a word. >> he's rolling his lips in, before he says a word. gary here is already keeping his mouth shut.
7:33 am
>> reporter: body language detection is widely used and accepted in law enforcement. but like the polygraph, it's not admissible in court. more an art than a science. >> truthful people convey. liars try to convince. and all he's doing right here is creating a smoke screen to convince us, or try to convince us, that he is somehow the victim here. >> she points to the pull-in lips as smiling, as tell-tale signs of possible deception. but nerves may also played a roll. giordano had spent four months in an aruban prison and was live on television for the first time. >> matt, thanks. we're joined live by robyn gardner's boyfriend, richard forester. i know this has been a tough several months for you. i saw you watching that interview all coiled up. what did you think when you were watching gary giordano yesterday? >> he's the last person i want to see on camera. i think i speak for everybody,
7:34 am
that nobody really wants to see him or hear him. >> don't want to hear the story? >> we do. don't want to hear his voice. but we do want to hear his story. but he doesn't seem to be too forthcoming with the story, from what i saw yesterday. >> what did you make of what he was saying yesterday? his argument was, i didn't see them exercise on the surveillance tape because no one was there. he said he called for the insurance claim on the advice of an attorney. >> yeah. there's a whole lot of things he said that i have a lot of questions about yesterday. he also talked about, he's given his side of the story, 50, 60 times. why not give it again? give it to us one more time. let the people in the country and the world know what happened. >> what's the big question you want answered? >> where's robyn? where is she? you were the last one to see her. where did she go? you know? did she -- you know, did she actually drowned? and if so, can you prove she went snorkeling.
7:35 am
i know her very well. and everyone who does know her, knows she's not going to go in the water. whether it's her hair or her makeup getting messed up. whether it's 5:00 in the afternoon. that doesn't matter. she's not going to go swimming. >> he did say something yesterday that caught the eyes of prosecutors. in the past, he talked about her getting lost snorkeling. but yesterday, he raised the prospect of some kind of human trafficking. >> absolutely. to be honestly, it's something i've been thinking about the entire time, since day one. >> you think it's possible? >> i think it's very possible. but i think if possible, i wonder what his involvement was. >> that would mean he probably had nothing to do with it, correct? >> that's what i'm saying. i'm wondering what his involvement is with it. i don't know what he knows about aruba. i don't know any of the evidence. i just hear what's reported. it's something i've been looking into. look, here's the deal. venezuela is 60 miles off the coast.
7:36 am
curasao isn't far, either. there's no sign of her at all. no trace of her. that's what we know. from 4:15 in the afternoon to 6:00 in the evening, there's an hour and 45 minutes where he comes back and tells somebody at 6:00 or so, a little after 6:00 that she's missing. they sound the alarm. and he's got another couple hours -- >> are you suggesting that he sold her? >> i i think it's an option. >> do you have evidence of that? >> i'm not doing investigating. i do my own research. my evidence, if somebody wants to talk to me about it and see what i've come up with. >> what in your research tells you that it's possible? >> it happens in that part of the world. it happens all over the world. but i know it's big in that world. and he mentioned that human trafficking is part of aruba's revenue. and he's right. he's right. i don't know how -- if it gets
7:37 am
covered up. i don't know. i know there's somebody in jail right now at kia, where he was there. being brought up on charges. >> do you have anything specific you would give to investigators for them to follow up on that explosive suggestion? >> i mentioned it to the fbi before. i mentioned it to taco stein before. and i'm told, we follow where the evidence leads us. i understand that. any information i forward right along to them. >> do you think there's anything to be done in maryland? anything in the united states? >> you know, i don't know. i get what the media reports, the u.s. authorities don't tell me much or anything, for that matter. you know, if something's going to come up, it's usually, i hear it from the media. i did read a couple months ago that there was a grand jury in a met in maryland. i don't know if that was true or not. but i'd be curious to see if if a grand jury meets. if there's going to be an indictment. i don't know. i'm not a lawyer, either.
7:38 am
>> you still believe that gary giordano was involved in robyn's disappearance and committed a crime? >> i believe him being the last person to see her and with her, is responsible. he doesn't even show any remorse. you know? like matt said, he mentioned her name once. you know? and then, on friday, he's trying to get out of there. if it's me, i'm not going anywhere. getting off the island is the last thing from my mind. i'm staying with her mom. i'm staying. and i'm not planning on going anywhere until we know something. >> okay. richard forester, thank you very much. let's get some weather from weekend meteorologist, ginger zee. she's in for sam this morning. >> thanks so much for looking into the weather in the northeast and the southwest. everybody keeps saying, what about michigan? it has been a historic week for southeast michigan. monroe county, historic flooding after they had up to ten inches of snow. rain before that. and then, more snow this morning. i have great news for you. we're going to be drying out in the next couple of hours.
7:39 am
that same cold front going to bring some snow to the mountains of vermont and new hampshire. also going to be looking for a cool it is a very chilly friday with widespread 20's. elsewhere, in the 20's and below freezing. on her way to the low to mid 50's with >> this weather report, brought to you by crayola. george? >> thank you, ginger. coming up, how the prime suspect in the craigslist killings is trying to defend himself now.
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and now, to the latest in the deadly craigslist murder scheme. the prime suspect, who calls himself a man of god, appeared in court on thursday. spoke out in a letter to an ohio newspaper. and dan harris, our weekend anchor, is here with details. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. he's an interesting gentleman. he's the older of the two men accused in this sensational murder case. he refuses to answer the question if he was involved in the murders, whether there's more bodies potentially and whether he turned a boy, a teenage boy, into a serial killer. nonetheless, he's now trying to defend his reputation. head bowed, his hands folded and dressed in a striped prison uniform, the prime suspect in the craigslist killings appeared in court. his head bobbing up and down, as the lawyers and the judge spoke.
7:44 am
richard beasley is accused of using a craigslist help wanted ad to lure men into the remote ohio woods where they were shot and killed. his alleged accomplice, this 16-year-old boy. a high school junior beasley was supposedly mentoring, named brogan rafferty. police have found three bodies thus far. all shot in the head. all buried in shallow graves. beasley court appearance was not on murder charges, however. it was on unrelated drug charges. this self-styled man of god, who called himself chaplain rich, is accused of selling oxycontin. and this morning, he'll be back in court, charged with running prostitutes, 15 of them, including a 17-year-old boy out of this halfway house. in a letter a local akron newspaper, he takes issue with those who call him a conman. to call me a conman when i
7:45 am
sacrifice for others is wrong. i gave three, full years of my life to that ministry. and what i got out of it was the satisfaction of doing the right thing. that letter did not mention the craigslist killings. but beasley's lawyer says he denies any involvement. brogan rafferty's parents tell a very different story. is he scared? >> of course, he's scared. >> reporter: she insists he was manipulated by his 52-year-old friend. >> there's a monster here. but it's not my son. >> reporter: they are saying that you got roped into a scheme that rich beasley concocted. is that true? >> no comment. >> reporter: there's now indications that these killings could possibly, possibly have been avoided. overnight, the state of texas said it requested that beasley be held in jail in ohio on a parole violation earlier this year, after he was arrested on drug and prostitution charges. but the judge in ohio, perhaps misunderstanding the request, released beasley on bond. and months later, the killings began. >> hard to hear that.
7:46 am
>> reporter: yeah. >> dan, thanks very much. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and katie couric's candid one-on-one with that woman right there, beyonce. the superstar opening up about becoming a new mom. the superstar opening up about becoming a new mom. come on back. 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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here's "the play of the day." >> right now. >> all right. so, george, ear muffs. george, ear muffs. our friends at "the chew," led by that lovable scamp, mario batali, bit off a little more than he could chew. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. >> and he takes another bite. come on, mario. >> way to go, mario. >> he has -- other than a bed, with mario batali. >> mario owns it. i love it. >> look at that. that's great. that's -- we could watch that over and over again.
7:51 am
>> i want to call him. >> it was a healthy, gentle push. >> okay, that was mario batali. this is friday. it's a two for friday. so, we have for you, this -- ♪ >> oh, no. >> kiddens. >> are they watching? >> and who doesn't love kittens on a friday? >> kittens watching ice skating. >> it is tremendous. as we send you to break -- >> the bonus round is something else. coming up, a rare and special interview, with the one, the only doris day. >> can't wait to share that with you in our last half hour. >> i can't wait. ♪ whatever will be will be ♪ ♪ the future's not ours to see they're for keeping us together.
7:52 am
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still ahead on "gma," beyonce and our katie couric take over famous roseland ballroom for one night only. it is all out there. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 7:56 on this friday, december 2. we have breaking news from fairfax county -- one person was injured and a school bus crash trap.f
7:56 am
on route 7 and mill ridge road. has non-life-rson threatening injuries. more coming up in a moment. investigators are looking who held up robber in northwest.r the suspect took cash and other items and the work was not hurt. police say it is the latest in a of robberies targeting newschannel 8 and the have more at the top of hour. let's find out what is happening on the roads. this is the school bus route 7 about half an hour ago. looks like everything is off the roadway. there is still some left over go past georgetown pike in down on route 7 as you leave great falls. he may be better off to get on to the toll road. frost is melting right now.
7:57 am
it is still on the field in bright sunshine will burn that often it is still rather chilly. 28 degrees in gaithersburg and up to 30 now in winchester. 25 in manassas and 36 degrees on their waywe are the low to mid 50's this afternoon. a fair amount of sunshine into the weekend. some rain by early next week. we will have an
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ if you like it put a ring on it ♪ singing, "que sera," and come back to this. that's beyonce. what a beautiful friday. didn't she sizzle at our concert? is. >> she knew then. >> she knew she was pregnant
8:00 am
then. we didn't know that. talking to katie couric. talking about the baby who inspires her and why this new album means so much. and katie will be along with a sneak peek. there's a new reality show out there that's causing a big stir. it's called "virgin diaries." and it's all about adults in their 20s and 30s, who are chaste by choice. also, could color be the new diet wonder drug. there's a series that the color of your plate plays a part in how much you eat. could that be true? we'll find out. dr. besser is here. and he's going to butt the theory to the test. you were singing "que sera, sera." i heard you, ginger. you were belting it out. the legendary doris day. a revealing conversation with her is just ahead. first, let's turn to josh elliott with all of the developing stories. >> a lot of news this morning. we're going to begin with issue
8:01 am
number one, jobs. this morning, the government is expected to report that 125,000 jobs were added last month, with solid growth in the private specter. but that's not going to be enough to budge the unemployment rate, sitting at 9%. the job growth isn't keeping up with population growth. and the powerful winds across six western states continue. the once-a-decade windstorm overturned trucks. over 250,000 people are without power this morning because of all the trees that ripped down power lines. winds were clocked as high as 150 miles per hour. and this morning, al qaeda claims that it has kidnapped an american aide worker in pakistan. warren weinstein has not been since since august. al qaeda is demanding an end to air strikes in the region to win weinstein's release. and presidential hopeful herman cain is coming face-to-face with his wife after
8:02 am
being accused of a 13-year extramarital affair. after meeting with his family this weekend, he says he will then decide whether to continue in his campaign. he says the relationship with ginger white was financial. newt gingrich, who has been surging in the polls of late, confidently declared that he will be the republicans' nomine and he's refusing to krcriticiz his opponents. >> the more i've been out here the more i realize how really tired people are of the bickering and the infighting. this is not going to be, in the end, an anti-obama campaign. it's going to be, in the end, a pro-rebuilding america campaign. >> gingrich leads in the polls in south carolina and florida, both key early states. a reminder, abc news will be bringing you the next big, republican debate. it is hosted by george and diane sawyer, saturday, december 10th, in iowa, at 9:00 eastern, 6:00
8:03 am
pacific. that's thee weeks before voting begins. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. welcome to friday, for everyone at "gma." and this week on "world news," we've been telling you about some of the challenges facing so many foster children. those mind-altering drugs. tonight, some heroes who have found a way to help without so many drugs. and you'll hear about it tonight. see you then. >> all right, diane. finally, some stunning video to show you. we want to tell you up front both men are okay. take a look. two motorcycle daredevils performing at a theme park in brazil. top speed. one misjudges his track. >> oh, god. oh, god. >> and slams into an oncoming car. body flew some 120 feet in the air. >> nothing wrong? >> not even -- not only was he not hurt, he was back to work the next day, doing that again. >> i'm glad you said it ahead of time.
8:04 am
>> they're okay. they're okay. they're okay. >> i know. send your angry tweets to robin roberts. >> tweet, tweet. what do you have, lara? >> good morning. time for "pop news." and daniel day-lewis has done it again. the method actor has morphed into our 16th president. check it out. the first image of day lewis in character. the photo was snapped on a lunch break. the actor known for staying in character on and offset for months. this time, it may be no different. dbl was said to be presidential when he ordered filet mignon and brussels sprouts. and the mock turtleneck, maybe not lincoln-esque. the next time you look at a $5 bill, i'm not sure -- >> ddl. >> it's prop friday. >> thank you so much for noting that. it is prop friday. our next story, this is the
8:05 am
object that was the most-focused -- you know, i totally blew it because of the prop. it was so excited. i'm going to start over. >> oh. >> you are lucy. you know that. >> search for the iphone with the speaker. >> okay. we're going to try this again. and scene. here's number two story, guys. now, the object that was the most internet searchs this year. a clue? you may have been searching on this object. it's the iphone. >> wow. look at that. >> don't -- no? >> can we get chocolates and a conveyor belt? >> the iphone, most-searched topic on the internet in the last 12 months. thank you. it is the first time that a thing beat out a person for the top spot in the past seven years. >> oh. okay. >> thank you for your support and love. i feel it. >> it's unconditional.
8:06 am
>> i see that. i see that. >> got something else? >> i sure do. thanks for asking. >> you got it. this time, george is the prop because it's about lady gaga. you need to go into character. >> i don't have any scotch. >> lady gaga trending online, this time for her 14-minute video for "mary the night." it was directed by mother monster herself. gaga says the sequences were inspired by the nightmarish time she went through when she was dropped by her label, defjam. she's going through nightmares. how about the guy who dropped her from the label is feeling. check that out. it is really spectacular. finally, this is really cute. josh, this is for you. >> okay. >> some dogs chew on shoes. some, this one named tibble, eats at the table. he has opposable thumbs with the help of his owner.
8:07 am
the video has gone viral thanks to his table manners and his facial expression while eating dog food. it's funny. >> thank you, lara. >> you're welcome. >> you finished strong, lara. >> thank you. time, now, for the weather. in for sam is our weekend meteorologist, ginger zee, outside. ginger? >> huge crowd out here. and we are celebrating, robin. let's look. 22 years old, again. >> it's amazing. >> how do you feel? >> i feel younger every day. >> wonderful. so, a group from atlanta. and i'm telling you, it is so thick, the crowd here. a look at philadelphia, wpvi's shot this morning. it's been beautiful in the northeast. we were so spoiled with 12 degrees above average. that will be coming -- has come to an end. but we'll warm up over the weekend. the winds stick through los angeles to new mexico. the center of the nation looking
8:08 am
the frost in laurel is slowly eroding on the field with some light. skies today with just a few clouds. it is a cold start to the day, still 28 at dulles airport. and 25ees in frederick in martinsburg. tomorrow,ny and into 50's and and the low neck sprain >> you all have got to get out and enjoy this crowd. lara? >> looking forward to doing just that. thanks, ginger. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." katie couric is here. and talking with the one, the only beyonce. and could the color of your dishes be the key to keeping your weight down? dr. besser will explain.
8:09 am
and why these people chose to stay chaste. the new show is grabbing headlines. and that's before it even aired. stay with us on "good morning america." can you believe it another thanksgiving. oh your turkey was delicious like always sweetheart. ah...thanks mom. bye. drive safely. yes, we will we will love you. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ ♪ toys in every store. egg nog? ♪ the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door ♪
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the brand-new nook tablet. ♪ by barnes & noble it's their fastest, lightest tablet, with all my favorite books. ♪ jane can write and the best streaming movies. see? ♪ high score! yeah! yeah! introducing nook tablet. books, the best in hd entertainment, facebook, apps, magazines, and more. big event tonight on "20/20." two women who rule the world sit down and have so much to talk about. katie couric, and beyonce, in what's been a blockbuster year in the superstar's life. a new dvd, "live at roseland." and that baby on the way. katie's here and has the scoop. >> good morning, george.
8:12 am
nice to see you. i was like a doting auntie, around beyonce. i'm so excited for her. you and i have interviewed a lot of famous people, a lot of celebrities. and i have to say, she is one of my all-time favorites. and i also observed that pregnancy really becomes her. >> can't wait to see. >> reporter: beyonce opted for an intimate venue to promote her latest album, "four." she chose the famous roseland ballroom, which holds just 3,500, a world away from the arenas she normally plays. last august, in a series of sold-out concerts, no one really suspected that beyonce was singing for two. >> how are you feeling tonight? >> reporter: those performances became a new dvd, "live at roseland, elements of 4." was it disappointing you couldn't go on tour to promote
8:13 am
the album in a way you normally would? >> i was able to do roseland. and one of the reasons i did it is this music is so important to me. and i wanted everybody to experience that music live. >> reporter: and it was quite intimate, wasn't it? not only the fact that there weren't that many people here. but the content of the show was pretty intimate, too. >> it was. that was something important to me because i think people get caught up in the music and the beat. and the fun of the songs. and they don't realize that my music, it's the story of my life. so, telling the story was almost like telling my diary. ♪ say my name say my name ♪ >> reporter: the story is a string of hits, such as destiny child's "say my name." as well as beyonce's solo hits,
8:14 am
like "single ladies." there's also rare, personal home video from her life. even as a little girl, she knew music was her destiny. you knew what you wanted to do, what you wanted to be, at a very early age. >> yes. >> reporter: how did you know that? >> there was a feeling i got when i performed, that made me feel safer than any other environment. i guess because i was a bit shy, i did not express myself. so, that was my outlet. i also had parents that asked me, all the time, what do you love? what is your passion? and they built up my self-esteem. my mother's mish was to figure out what i loved. i think that's really important. and i hope to do the same thing for my -- my children. >> reporter: what's the best thing about being pregnant? >> the best thing? >> reporter: being able to eat whatever you want? are you able to? >> you know, i've been really
8:15 am
conscious. and i've been trying my best not to lose control because i've met so many people that say, my second baby, my third baby, i learned my lesson. so, i haven't been going crazy. i know that it's important that i don't lose much else. and i have my passion. and i have things that i love. and you know, i believe that life doesn't stop. >> reporter: these are your new digs? beyonce took me to see her new production company, the parkwood group, named of the street she grew up on in houston. a reminder of her home. you've always been empowered in your whole package. where did you get that from? you think your mom is like that? >> absolutely. my mother was a business owner. she owned her own hair salon. and i saw her working 13 hours a day. she never complained. she always went to church on sunday. she picks us up from school. she managed to balance her life. and hopefully i can inspire
8:16 am
other women to continue to write and produce their own songs, and direct their videos and have a brand. it's not something that somebody is telling them to be. >> reporter: it's here at parkwood that beyonce produced, directed and supervised editing of her concert film. in it, the very private beyonce even gives fans a tiny glimpse of her favorite dress, her wedding gown, something she's kept hidden from the public for three years. >> there were many magazines and people for us to give pictures and that. that's not what the wedding was about. it was so private. and it was only, you know, a few people there. it was in our home. my mother designed the dress. and i'm so proud of that dress because she did such a beautiful job. it's so beautiful. it's my favorite dress i've ever worn. so, i'm kind of happy people get to see it. >> reporter: you have some good role models in your parents, don't you? >> i do. absolutely. and hopefully, you know, i'm going to pass on things that
8:17 am
generations in my family have passed on to me. and it's exciting. i know it's going to be difficult at times. and i know, like my mother, sometimes i'm going to get on my child's nerves. and it's all out of love. and i'm just ready. i'm ready for the next chapter. >> she does look excited, katie. we're trying to do the math. we know she was pregnant when she came here to "gma" in july. any better sense of when the baby's coming? >> she's keeping mum about the due date for security reasons, primarily. but she just this week looked at the making of her sound "countdown." she said she was six months pregnant in late september. so, if you do the math, she might get a nice christmas present, or a new year's baby. >> that would be nice. but she has a lot of other things coming up.
8:18 am
nominated for a grammy. >> and that was for "beyonce i am, the world tour." her work behind the scenes is good enough to get a grammy nomination. she is so terrific. >> she sure is. we'll see so much more tonight on "20/20." and you're going to get to the bottom of the whole controversy. >> isn't this ridiculous? people saying she faked the pregnancy. we laughed and laughed about that. we talk about that tonight. and also, rumors about her cravings, which were also completely untrue. >> oh. we'll find out the truth tonight. >> yeah. >> that's at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> no ketchup and ice cream. >> okay. >> we're looking forward to that tonight. thank you, katie and george. if you're looking to shed some weight, forget about the fad diets. the solution may be as simple as changing what plates you're using. the latest research shows the color that you use may be the key to controlling your weight. our chief medical editor, dr. richard besser, put the theory to the test. >> reporter: the color of your plate and the numbers on the
8:19 am
scale could be connected? is it possible? we went to a new york city restaurant, marezella, run by cousins. marcello is playing social scientist today. cooking a delicious meal and amateur testing. ten unsuspecting guests think they're here for a free lunch. they have no idea i'm hiding in the back room. the food they're getting is pasta and bread sauce. do people put more food on the red plate? or more food on the white plate? remember, it's all an illusion. put red food on a white plate and you can clearly see how much you got. but when the plate's the same color as the food -- >> you serve yourself more if there's less contrast because the same amount appears smaller. you're more likely to give more to get the same effect. >> reporter: the experiment
8:20 am
begins. >> bon appetit. >> reporter: half get white plates. half red. and then, we have to fill the plate for someone else at the table. we don't want someone's diet to get in the way of our test. but before the plate hits the table, we steal it and weigh it, to see which colored plates have more food. >> two pounds, three ounces. >> reporter: our diners get suspicious. >> yeah, right? >> she thinks something. >> are they're going to -- >> reporter: she's doing it up good. hopefully whoever gets this likes pepper. >> this is number nine. >> reporter: she knows how to serve. >> she's italian. >> reporter: plus five ounces. carry the four. very interesting. time for my big entrance. hello there. thank you so much for coming. i'm dr. rich besser from "good morning america." you are all part of an experiment. we just did a little science
8:21 am
here. you knew it? knew something was up? >> we couldn't figure it what it was. >> reporter: there's a new study out that says the color of your plate will affect the amount of food you put on. we did an experiment to see if you all would put more on red plates than white plates. >> did we? >> reporter: you want to know what we found? got to watch "good morning america." >> very good. >> what did we learn? i was surprised. people with the red plates took an average of two ounces more of the pasta than people with the white plates. and that might not sound like a lot. but it can add up over time. two ounces of this pasta is 200 calories, which over the course of a month, would add up to 2 pounds. over the course of a year would add up to 24 pounds, just because of the color of the plate. >> that adds up. we can't have multicolored plates. is there any color in particular? >> the key is contrast. i would recommend going with a white plate. the colors to avoid would be red
8:22 am
or gold. like our dish, you're going to see that the most in the different types of food you're serving. >> i remember my mom, we would have gold plates for thanksgiving. and we did. we would load it up. i never thought about it. all right, rich. >> fascinating. >> have a great weekend. >> a shopportunity, robin. now, we move to a controversial, new show. that's raising eyebrows and not because of what you might think. it's what you could call a lack of sexual contact. "virgin diaries" on tlc is celebrating people who have chosen not to have sex into adulthood. and andrea canning is here now with the 20s, 30s and sometimes 40-year-olds that have made this choice. >> reporter: somewhere around 5% of adult americans are adult virgins. the virgins you are about to meet have a number of reasons for waiting. from religious beliefs to bad luck. it can be harder when you're an
8:23 am
adult. some of the holdouts are so desperate, they claim to have the hormones of a 15-year-old teenager. >> answer this question. are you a virgin? >> reporter: in "the 40-year-old virgin," steve carell's lack of, well, experience in the bedroom, was something to laugh at. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: but it's no joke for the real-life holdouts on the new show "virgin diaries." >> i'm 31. and i've never kissed a girl on the lips. >> reporter: take a look at ryan's first kiss ever, at the age of 31. it's with new bride, shanna, on their wedding day. >> i now declare you to be husband and wife. ryan, you may kiss your bride. >> really? >> yes. >> reporter: even ellen couldn't help but weigh in on this ---er -- passionate kiss. >> for those of you out there who have not kissed and are going to maybe think about kissing for the first time, less chewing. >> reporter: it's a level of
8:24 am
intimacy 35-year-old kerry is hoping to find for himself. >> might have been one time back in college where i had the opportunity. >> reporter: the mortgage analyst has never even made it past first base. >> i've kissed four women. two, really, where it lasted longer than a few seconds. >> reporter: kerry says it's due to his lack of initiative. his friends call him clueless. >> i was in a girls' dorm with her. and she were watching tv. and she started to play with me with her foot. and i turned to her, what are you doing? a few days later, i was like, that's what that was. >> reporter: lisa and tamara are roommates who call themselves the three musketeers because of their shared value over sex. each virgin has named their dream man. the viking, the rock star, and the mountain man. in search for mr. right, they go on individual dates and sometimes in a group. >> i'm a 30-year-old virgin.
8:25 am
>> i'm also a virgin. >> nice. >> reporter: they all want intimacy. >> i want to have sex. >> i want to have sex. people seem to really enjoy it. maybe i can get a piece of the action. >> reporter: luckily, ryan and shanna didn't have to wait long after that first kiss. >> bye. >> bye. see you later. >> reporter: well, things are going well, very well, for ryan and shanna. they apparently cannot keep their hands off each other. they say it was worth the wait. and let's hope practice makes perfect with kissing. >> afraid someone was going to get hurt. >> reporter: yeah. i would hate to see what they look like afterwards. >> okay. you can take that video down now. thank you. andrea canning, thank you very much. "virgin diaries" premiers this sunday on tlc. you can see more of this story tonight on "nightline." coming up here, "que sera, sera." come on, robin.
8:26 am
it's an exclusive with hollywood legend, doris day, only on "gma." >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning it is 8:27. evidence suggests a driver some occupied d.c. intentionally not down. run them outsidedent happened center and cathy tells us the surveillance shows protesters moving in tryingit was get through a small gap in the crowd. was not charged.
8:27 am
considerings parking and fare increases. likely go up by 10 cents and the metro board will next month.osals newschannel able have a report in a couple of minutes. let's check on traffic. we are doing pretty well on and silver spring, much better than usual. this is the beltway at colesville road and over to 270. in springfield 95 northbound as you can head up from a dale city, we are moving smoothly. no problems reported and everything is open all the way down to dumfries. it is up to 37 degrees in the district but still 28 at dulles airport. still this20's especially a few ago.
8:28 am
today andunshine will be a couple of clouds with low totful day mid 50's. into the weekend. we're still looking at about for raid. >> we will have another update s 8:56.
8:29 am
♪ que sera, sera whatever will be will be ♪ that is doris day singing "que sera." doris day is a hollywood legend. this is a limited edition barbie version characters. she and rock hudson in "pillow talk." i love that movie. you know what? for the girls. for the girls.
8:30 am
>> that would go over. >> see how smooth he did that. and you were totally on it. >> we'll flip for it. >> okay. >> i have a daughter. i have a daughter. >> with these three around here. >> i will go and support. >> she has brand-new music coming out today. and she's going to tell us -- >> that's amazing. doris day with brand-new music today. >> dropping a single today? >> a whole album. sorry about the choke. >> it's big news. how far would you go to sell your house? we'll show you the wild steps that some people are taking to get buyers in the front door. we'll see if they really work. we'll look at that house in beverly hills. and alton brown. the "iron chef" is here to transform pomegranates into tasty dishes. i'm ready for alton and his creation.
8:31 am
also, penguinpalooza out in times square right now. our friend, captain rockhopper, in the red. the penguin in the red and blue. right there. club penguin. they have a special surprise for all of the kids here to see him. and, boy, it's -- >> very excited. it's a great cause. >> there are a lot of kids in the audience. >> the one, the only -- >> i would like these for harper and ellie. they decorated my birthday cake so well. >> here you go, girls. >> sorry, sarina. >> don't tell her that. >> there's a toys "r" us just down the street. >> i owe you, anyway. >> it was great fun. >> we're getting ahead of ourselves. she was one of hollywood's biggest legends. we're talking about doris day, america's original sweetheart. she turned her back on hollywood
8:32 am
three decades ago and has rarely been seen or heard from since until now. ms. day is releasing her first album of new material, called "my heart." that's what she opened up to us about in our exclusive interview. ♪ hooray for hollywood >> doris day. >> reporter: she was a young girl from cleveland, ohio, who became one of the most successful stars of hollywood history. appearing with some of the biggest names of the day. >> maybe you could just listen to the criticism. >> can i try writing one? >> i was practically jaywalking. >> yes, mr. webster. >> mr. ramsey tells me you smoke to him. >> mickey, how could you? >> reporter: doris day prefers not to go on camera anymore. but she allowed us the honor of a rare and special phone interview. the occasion? her first album in 17 years called "my heart."
8:33 am
♪ what a day for a daydream >> reporter: how exciting is this for you? >> it's just wonderful. i can't believe it, really. if you want to know the truth. >> reporter: her fans have never stopped enjoying day's music. she released more than three dozen albums over her career. your classic like -- ♪ que sera, sera it's timeless, ms. day. >> it's timeless because the children would sing it. and the parents would sing it to them. ♪ que sera, sera whatever will be, will be ♪ >> reporter: but it was on the silver screen where she had her biggest success. the original girl next door. >> i never thought that i was going to be in movies. when i was little, i had my life planned. i was going to marry a very nice man and have two babies. and learn to cook.
8:34 am
and nothing like that happens. >> reporter: instead, hollywood came calling. 39 films in all. >> miss marrow, why are you so fascinated with my personal affairs? >> i'm not fascinated, mr. allen. revolted. >> reporter: you and rock hudson. "pillow talk" was some time ago. but they hang on to that, ms. day. >> from the first day, we laughed. and he was very funny. really a funny guy. and rock became a very good friend of mine. he called me eunice. he always gives people names. and he'd come in to the makeup department in the morning. and i'd hear, eunice? he'd be hollering. i'm here. >> reporter: what are some other leading men? some other actors that you worked with that you really appreciated? >> clark gable.
8:35 am
i loved clark. he was darling. >> just what are you after? >> well, that's pretty hard to put into words. >> reporter: rock hudson, jimmy garner, clark gable, cary grant. >> cary was fun. he really was. >> miss timberlake, i'm glad i ran you down this morning. >> i am, too. >> reporter: it's got to be hard to pick a favorite. what movies jump out to you that you really enjoyed? >> all of them. all of them. i had such a good time. i really did. i loved it. i loved it. i loved it. and my time in hollywood was just beautiful. >> reporter: more than 30 years ago, doris day left hollywood far behind. and has since spent her days living in caramel, california. and dedicating herself to animal rights. >> i became very involved in
8:36 am
animal work. and the minute i got here, that's what i started doing. and i love that very much. >> reporter: her last movie was "with six you get eggroll," released in 1968. but for those who think her star power may have faded, just look at what happened when we introduced her to a member of our own "gma" family. tracy, this is ms. day. >> hi. >> reporter: she's crying. she's crying she's so happy. >> it's such an honor. >> tracy? >> yes. >> i just want to tell you how much i appreciate that. >> well, i appreciate everything you've done. i've grown up with your movies, your show, everything, since i was a kid. >> oh, my gosh. you're going to have me in tears. >> reporter: and while tracy dried her tears, i asked the question on so many minds. would you ever consider doing another movie? would you ever consider going back to hollywood? >> really not expecting that. but you never know.
8:37 am
>> reporter: yeah. >> what the next day brings. you never know what you're going to do. ♪ que sera, sera >> 87 years young. i hope to meet her in person one day. we've chatted -- >> you were talking to her. >> oh, my gosh. she doesn't -- this is "ohio." this is from her new -- >> it's pretty. >> "from my heart." out today. it's been in the u.k. since the fall. and top of the charts. she's the oldest to have new mouic on the top of the charts there. and it's dedicated to her beloved son, terry, who was the producer of that album. he died in 2004. thank you, ms. day. and tracy's still crying. let's get some weather now. ginger zee, in for sam today. >> we're out here waddling.
8:38 am
it's not just me rocking here. a very good morning to you. and a cool start in the northeast. we want to start with the storm that everybody is talking about in the southwest. where is this thing going? look at it. low pressure system pulling away. and it will bring heavy snow to the center part here is a look at our seven- forecast where we are in the 20's in the suburbs. low to mid 50's 4 highs this afternoon and a few clouds >> this waddling weather report has been brought to you by the nook at barnes & nobel. up back indoors. monday night, the empire state building will light up for an important cause. it will be the tenth anniversary
8:39 am
of baby buggy, an organization founded by jessica seinfeld. i cannot believe it's been ten years. the problem, as you know, is so great. one in four american kids, struggling with poverty. and you guys have really grown to meet the need. >> well, we started ten years ago. and we've been through a couple of economic crises. obviously, the needs, as you said, it just keeps growing and growing and growing. so, while, of course, it's the holidays. and people are thinking about giving towards those who are less fortunate, we've been doing it year-round now for ten years. and in ten years, we've given only 5 billion items to people in need. these things would have otherwise gone -- into a black hole. and we've taken basic necessities, strollers, cribs, things that keep children, young babies, safe and healthy. and given them a new life. so, we're very proud of that. >> should be. it started here in new york. now, so many cities across the
8:40 am
country. celebrating monday night. i don't believe i get to be on the stage with your husband, jon stewart, colin quinn. >> who else could we ask? >> george stephanopoulos. >> it will give us gravitas. >> and to raise money for the next ten years. >> you're helping us out today. we're trying to reach 1 million coats with our warm coats, warm hearts drive. >> ochblg. i donated our family's coats to baby buggy last week. and when i was lucky to come on "gma" this morning, i was like, where are our coats from last week? our kids love aquaman. they grew out of him. it's our contribution to the "gma" coat drive. >> you're going to help us hit a million. congratulations. >> thank you. coming up, the wildest ways some people
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
the weekend is time for house-hunting if you're in the market. but anyone trying to sell a home these days knows it is a buyers' market. david wright reports, real estate agents are taking extremes to sell those houses. ♪ >> reporter: in this real estate market, even in beverly hills, location, location, location, isn't enough. the location, location and botox? >> it is. i mean, part of the rules these
8:44 am
days is attracting people to the house. >> reporter: so, at a recent open house, the pharmaceutical fountain of youth was one of the draws. >> we raffled off about $300 worth of botox. and i hear it's 23 units, to get rid of the two 11s between your eyes. >> reporter: your neighbors would include sylvester stallone, eddie murphy and denzel washington. as well as some of the richer "real housewives of beverly hills." i imagine it's not cheap. >> for you today, $8.5 million. this could be yours. >> reporter: but in this market for the top 1% crowd, it's fiercer than ever. what did you do? >> we had a big food truck. we had the new audi a8, to give test drives. we had massages by the pool. >> reporter: real estate agent to the stars, joe babajian, had
8:45 am
an open house, too. >> they had a cirque du soleil theme. >> reporter: did it sell? >> we released after that. >> reporter: buyers agents are also pulling out the stops. ben salem shows his high-end clients around by helicopter. >> the clients feel like they're the kings for the day or the queens for the day. roll up their car to the helipad. have a nice dinner afterwards. >> reporter: million-dollar commissions at stake, it's well worth it. what are you doing the next one? >> i've done a little research. and i heard you can hire girls to roll cigars. and i thought private golf lessons might be fun. >> reporter: location, location, and in this market, whatever it takes. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, beverly hills. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
8:46 am
in more ways than ever. and our networks are getetting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless mpanies. it's simple --
8:47 am
more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] alton brown is going to show us how to use a secret ingredient throughout a meal. we'll reveal that in a moment. first, i want to talk about the show. huge fan. this is turning out to be a great and highly-rated season. >> you're going to be a judge. >> i cannot wait. it's on my calendar. you sort of gave the competitive eating genre. >> competitive cooking genre. eating is a different thing. >> and it's kept up with the program. why do you think it resonates so? >> i think it comes down to the fact that everybody loves to watch an athletic competition, which is what "iron chef america" really is. it's watching people at the top of the game, working their butts off against the clock and each other, to practice their art. that's compelling stuff. you can't look away. >> that's a great point. it's as athletic as it is culinary. >> if you knew how much weight people lose during the competition. some of them need to.
8:49 am
it's not a bad thing. >> i want to dive in. >> the secret ingredient is -- pomegranate. pomegranates are one of my favorite foods this time of the year. they're only ripe this time of year. but a lot of people in america are afraid of them. i want to get this out of the way. nair afraid of them because they don't understand how to harvest them. i'm going to quickly show you how to do this. this is a berry. it has the little seeds in the middle. >> that's worrisome for a lot of people. >> this red will stain the crap out of everything. so, what you do, you cut off the end. you score the skin. and hand me that bowl of water that i sloshed all over the place. you break it apart under water. i'm not going to take time to do this whole thing. if you do this under water, the aerols are full of sugar. and the waxy part comes to the
8:50 am
surface. in five minutes, you have the bad stuff up top and the good stuff, down below. take them and eat them. and eat the seeds. crunch them. it's like nature -- >> delicious. >> once you have them out, one of my favorite things to do with them is fake pomegranate juice, two cups, dissolve in two packets of gelatin with sugar. and set it into a gelatin like this. this isn't aspic. i know you're afraid of say spic. consider this is a congealed salad you have at christmastime. that's pomegranate juice to give it crunch. >> not just dessert. >> i wouldn't serve that as dessert. the astringent of the pomegranate works well. you can buy pomegranate choose and boil it down. i've cooked this with sugar and
8:51 am
grenadine. it's basically a pomegranate sugar. if you have that, you can make things like a tequila sunrise. we left out the tequila because this is a family show. after the show, we'll do that. because it's heavy, it will float down and make a beautiful pattern. you can try that. if you cook it down even more, you end up with something called pomegranate molasses. you and you can paint that on something -- >> how long? >> about an hour to get it to this consistency. we've taken a quart of the juice with a little sugar and lemon juice for acidity and boil it down to a cup. and i brush this on to this leg of lamb. that's all that's on this to make a beautiful leg of lamb that's stuffed. when this was going down, i put that on the inside, along with some of the seeds. eat that. we're men. we don't need plates. >> wow. >> so, one fruit, many foods, one season. >> that's a terrible job.
8:52 am
but somebody has to do it. alton
8:53 am
8:54 am
[ cheers and applause ] it's time, now, for our warm coats, warm hearts coat drive. we've partnered with disney club
8:55 am
penguin. club penguin, lee marefield. >> the kids did such a great job. we have the rock opera here. and we're celebrating all of their hard work. >> and again, these parents will know these two very well. >> absolutely. captain rockhopper is the famous penguin. and for us, it's all about the kids. all about the passion. >> right now, we want 1 million coats. at 836,972. keep on donating. thank you so much. everybody, have a great weekend.
8:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning @ 8:56. a federal court will hold a hearing on a lawsuit over maryland congressional redistricting. a three-judge panel will hear on december 20. three african-americans filed suit setting it dilutes the african-american vote. 4, 3, 2, 1. is the new national tree helpially led banks to the first family. last night, president obama welcomed troops returning home holidays and urged the crowd generous and help others this holiday season. time for a quick look at traffic. we are having a good end to
8:57 am
your friday commute. the 14th street bridge is moving arlington into the to thet and we will go legion bridge where thee is some volume on elderly from montgomery county bridge to the side everything is open. shape and 95ter city toway up from dale springfield and 395 good and 66 slowing 123 to the beltway. just a few high thin clouds you can see them in this camera. degrees right now in frederick. freezing in below locations. dulles airport is 28 degrees. 33 degrees and lexington park and 37 degrees and the district, the low to mid 50's. same story into the upcoming weekend and it could be warmer sunday tuesday a chance of rain. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
it's "live with elly." the new comedy "up night" maya rudolph. from the drama "the good matt czuchry. "how i met your mother" ar neil patrick harris wraps co-hosting. on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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