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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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snow as it is doing already off to the west of the natural area and will continue to watch the flood warning area and then transition into the snow possibility. 8:00 tonight through 1:00 in the morning, these are the transition times. a 11:00 in the metro corridor and brief snow after midnight in southeast maryland. before we worry about the snow, heavy rain is moving through the area making a mess of the evening commute. this is a video of all water rising near the bridge in virginia. let's go live to montgomery county for more on the situation in maryland. >> a miserable mess indeed. it's cold and rainy and has been a dicey day for drivers.
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it could get worse as the evening continues. >> all around the region, traveling at speeds of the interstate, road spray and the possibility of puddles and a potential for spin out. the ride home was a challenge with traffic and near a standstill along sections of 495. most drivers were not in a hurry. >> i was driving and skidded a little bit. >> this is a few extra things. we don't have to go out for the next few days. it's cold and windy. >> regions to the north and west could see snow tonight. for some it marks a sad end to a mild november and december. >> i think there might be some snow tonight. my kids want to bust out the sled. >> i would rather have snow.
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this weather is for the birds. >> while drivers do not like the slick and the nasty conditions i got the sense from everybody we talked with they are accepting the fact that winter is on the way. >> thank you. as the storm or rolls through we want to see your pictures and video. send your shots to us at new video just into the newsroom shows there -- shows jerry sandusky being arrested for they second time after accusations of sexual assault. he was taken away today wearing a penn state jacket. allegations from two new accusers to say they were part of his second mile charity. he is already facing 40 counts of sexual abuse. >> brought a blagojevich was
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sentenced to jail today. he received a 14-year sentence for charges he tried to sell president obama's vacated sentence -- vacated senate seat. he is began to -- he is due to begin his sentence on january 52. >> i need to be strong for the children and strong for patty and as time for me to get hum's so we can explain to our kids what happened and what this means and where we are going from here. >> federal rules require felons to serve at least 85% of their sentence which means he must spend at least 12 years behind bars before he's eligible for release. the 2012 presidential race came to the nation's capital today. six of the republican presidential hopefuls attended a forum at the ronald reagan building. we talked with some of the candidates. >> this was posted by the
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republican jewish coalition. most of the remarks were condemning the actions of iran and condemning the white house for not being supportive of love is real. but it was also a good test for the top candidates and what they have to do to become the nominee. >> it's a burst of applause few would have predicted just four weeks before the caucuses. >> it must be a great shock to have me showing up again. >> that brash talk and calm confidence has vaulted newt gingrich to the top. he doesn't have to answer questions if he doesn't want to. it also means he has a target of his back. new ads by mitt romney taking swipes at his ethics violations and three marriages. insiders say romney is not
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worried yet and may be banking on an eventual gingrich implosion. >> the history of new is you never know. >> is the romney campaign that panic button? >> i would not say that. the people i talk to say they always knew there would be a test. >> it could open the door for others. jon huntsman says his turn could be next. >> in today's world, you can transform your performance in a way you have unseated a very short time. four or five weeks is an eternity only politics. >> only one gop can't it was not in attendance today. that was ron paul who was not invited. the republican jewish coalition called him an extremist who is not a friend of israel and has too often been a critic of u.s. aid to that country. to former virginia governors tried to tackle unemployment in
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the commonwealth as they compete for another powerful office. have there been mistakes made? this -- and >> the syrian president talks about the uprising in the middle east. a peaceful protest [ baby coughing
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occupied protesters spent much of the day on the move. >> before long, police say things got out of hand. >> things are fairly quiet at the occupiedy dc encampment. in bear true spirit, few of them overstayed their welcome. a rocket sent to a day of protest. dozens of occupiedy the see members. thousands from across the country and here in the district split into three groups and marched on some of the biggest lobbying firms in the case street areas. >> you don't see this on k street every day. >> it included members of occupy
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wall street and take back the capital. >> we came here to protest the fact that corporate greed and corruption and deceit are taking our country from us. >> it was a peaceful protest until all of the groups came together. some occupiers set up tents in the middle of case street intersections. >> it was getting a little cramped so we need to expand a little bit. it looks like a good spot. >> police warned the protesters to move. does interviews and that turned to chaos. police officers were shot around as they try to make arrests. police tried to restore order but it would be several hours before things were back to normal. >> most of the protests were purely peaceful and quiet organized. it just took a turn for the worse in the end and in the end 62 people were arrested.
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still to come, 70 years later -- we will look at ceremonies across the country and the anniversary of the attack that shocked the world. our storm watch continues. will have the latest on the wet weather and snow we change expected to begin later tonight. the caps have been on thin ice and aaron ottawa tonight. how does the fred davis drug suspension affect his future as a redskin? [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are g getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies.
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to virginia governors went head-to-head at the state capitol in richmond, each trying to point out the others failed policies. they're vying for the senate seat of retiring senator jim webb. >> the best way to get more jobs and more revenue is by having a vibrant economy. i think americans and virginians are taxed enough tree i know my opponent has a different view.
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>> i have a different view about the deficit and how to get the economy going again. the plan george as outlined is what he did when he was a u.s. senator and tank the economy. >> george allen is hoping to win back the seat he lost in 2006. both men have to win their party's nomination before running in that general election. the president of syria has clung to power in the face of protests. it's estimated 4000 circassians have died in unrest. in an exclusive interview with barbara walters, the president denies he ordered the deadly crackdown on the government protesters. >> not by your command? the crackdown was without your permission? >> there's a difference between having a policy to crack down and -- no government in the
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world kills its people. >> he admitted some officials made mistakes but contended his forces are fighting militants, drug smugglers and terrorists and not innocent civilians. you can see more of the interview tonight after this newscast. 70 years ago today, the japanese attacked the pacific fleet at pearl harbor. more than 2400 service members died and the attack. the attack brought the united states into world war two. in hawaii and washington, ceremonies were held to mark the anniversary. at the u.s. navy memorial, uss arizona, a wreath serve as a quiet reminder on pearl harbor day. this is downtown washington. more than 2400 sailors who died. local veterans' survivors to part in a panel discussion about the attacks 70 years ago. a distinguished educator and
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journalist has died. he was a well-known washingtonians with a public relations firm bearing his name specializing in political and minority affairs. he was a founding member of the congressional black caucus and was a wonderful mentor of mine and many other journalists in the washington area. he died this morning in his hometown of detroit after a battle with bone cancer. he was 79 years old. many people are going to miss him. >> he was a good man. it's going to be a busy night. flooding will be a bigger problem than the snow. let's look at the lives super doppler seven radar. plenty of rain continuing to fall and more heavy rain through the evening hours. very heavy downpours south and east of the city right now. we will show you where the warnings are. there are widespread. in yellow and orange, as the
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areas of heavy rain we see across the area at the moment. heavy thunderstorms with a severe thunderstorm watch up from the ocean city to salisbury. very heavy storms stretching west of richmond. where this winds up across parts of virginia could exacerbate flooding concerns. on the western side, it's already changing to snow. that's the area of concern. right now, we have flood warnings up all the way to the southwest, and including up metro area. 2.36 inches of rain that reagan national. that's the most rain that has ever been registered on december 7th since records have been kept going back to the 1870's. 60 degrees with temperatures falling all day. it will continue to fall into the 40's. as the storm sweeps out, the
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colder air sweeps end. the change will occur from west to east. a brief turnover record and south and east of the city. we think there's a possibility of slushy stuff on the grassy areas through the corridor of interstate 95. when you get into montgomery county fairfax and loudon, along the ridges at higher elevations, some spots to get 4 inches. one model that we sometimes use does not show any changeover locally. but a number of other models show a transition that it's important to keep up with that. we will see at 11:00 with the new guidance as to say. the next couple of days will turn out to be pleasant if you like winter temperatures but tons of sun. 47 tomorrow. low 40's through the weekend. partly to mostly sunny skies for the next seven days.
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the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> we start tonight with the redskins. fred williams and trent davis apologize for their drug use and the trail of their teammates. it is really bad at redskins park today. >> we did talk in detail and i told them how disappointed i was. they understood that. i am hoping they go in the right direction because i believe in both of these guys. they are good people who made a couple of bad decisions. >> fred davis torpedoed himself after a breakout season. he has become the leading receiver. he has 59 receptions and 3 touchdown and now becomes an unrestricted free agent.
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he will live to rebate -- -- reevaluate davis and his future with the redskins. >> we will see what direction fred is going. any contract anyone would find someone to knowing what one failed testing could be gone they will protect themselves and the contract. >> what a mess. the caps will wrap up their road trip tonight in ottawa. the good news is the new head coach's only when it was against ottawa. the caps one of only six out of the last 17 games. this is not just dale hunter. defense has struggled. it doesn't even rack -- rank among the top 35 offensive guys in the league. >> you can't do much to make the
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extra plays because that's what's getting you in trouble in the first place. you have to make sure your making smart plays. >> let's go to peewee football. the championship in orlando -- they advanced to the next round. later, from marshall heights in the district, they beat the new haven steelers' 23-0. two local teams in orlando at the championship games -- the nationals are and legitimate pursuit. he agreed to play for the marlins. good luck to them. >> good luck.
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a lot of rain in the area. >> and there is concern for flooding. the rain changing into snow and heavy rain before then. we'll have an important update of what to expect coming up tonight at 11:00. flood warnings until at least 10:00. we expect the changeover to snow around 11:00. the sooner, the further north and west to go. abc world news is coming [ baby
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this is "world news." and tonight, behind bars. after so many accusers what was it today that sent authorities straight to the home of former penn state coach jerry sandusky? the coach, this time taken away in hand cups. then an abc news exclusive. barbara walters inside syria, with the only one-on-one with syria's 'emembattled president. >> why is this such a brutal crackdown? >> does he fear civil war? does he sense the circle closing around him? barbara is right here with us tonight. family values. why mitt romney is hoping voters will focus on this image tonight, as the gloves come off, taking aim at the new front-runner. that famous question and our question tonight for the ceo


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