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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 8, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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alleged to have abused three students. the incidences took place between october 2009 and october of this year. the victims were 15 and 16 years old at the time. brad bell will have a full report tonight. mother nature through a mix of wet and wintery whether our way, and many communities were left to deal with down wires, power outages, and high water. we are joined by brianne carter in upper marlboro with the latest on cleanup efforts. >> they are still cleaning up. the water remains on what is named water street. we had all of that rain yesterday. there were concerns of flooding. here, we got it. the saying goes, when it rains it pours here is the floods.
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>> it was off and on, hard, a little bit slow. >> a section of the water street was washed out this morning forcing drivers to find an alternate route. >> we have to go around. i was supposed to be here at 8:30. i got here at 9:15. >> high water forced highway officials to shut down a section of route 1 in beltsville. last night, a driver was stock in a mess but was able to get out without injury. last night a mix of rain and snow coated the frederick hagerstown area. the weather was frustrating for drivers. >> the roads were kind of scary. >> winter is officially two weeks away but some are thankful it feels like the season. >> i'd like the snow.
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>> others are ready for warmer temperatures. >> i am ready to head south. >> it is not clear how long the water will take to receive here, in upper marlboro, but state highway officials say they will remain out here keeping this section of the road blocked off. brianne carter, abc 7 news. after the storm, the skies cleared, but what can we expect tonight and into the weekend? meteorologist steve rudin has a first look at the forecast. >> it will get mighty cold. the storm system is moving well off to the north and east. radar shows it moving into nova scotia, that is how quickly it has moved out of the area. right now, clearing skies bright sunshine for the remainder of the afternoon. 41 degrees at reagan national. to the west, winchester and
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petersburg are now at 39 degrees. our forecast shows 40 fourto 49 for afternoon highs. take a look at the forecast tomorrow. we have a funnel system on the way, then it colder weekend. details from abc belfort furniture weather center in a few moments. up and down the eastern seaboard, some places saw plenty of snow. committees north of scranton had several districts for school clothes. i scouted power lines led to thousands -- power lines down when to thousands of outages. if you have taken any weather pictures, we love to see them. a montgomery county community is in shock after a
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reported sexual assault. someone attacked a cleaning worker at the potomac oaks condominium complex on quince orchard boulevard. police are looking for a suspect. >> this is just terrible let something like that what happened around here, especially in the middle of the day. >> john gray is stunned to hear about this sexual assault in a typically quiet gaithersburg committee. >> pretty nice ladies work around here. they speak to everyone, and do a great job. >> it was one of those women who worked as a cleaning lady that police say was held at knife point and sexually assaulted. the 28-year-old victim says she was performing routine duties when a man locked a door, pulled out a knife and assaulted her. >> i am very shocked and i am sorry for her. >> the suspect took off, and
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montgomery county police are still searching. flyers urge caution for all residents. >> the victim was not physically injured, but shaken up. a school bus caught fire this morning in prince william county. we flew over the scene along butterfield street in manassas. officials say four special needs children were on board when the driver smelled smoke and evacuated the autobus. the fire started in the engine. a ride on bus struck a pedestrian in rockville. 63-year-old joey honda was hit as she tries to -- tried to cross rockville pike near halpine road. police are looking to see if she had the right of way. >> we are falling breaking news in the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. he posted bond and is now out of
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jail. we have the very latest developments. >> the former penn state assistant football coach was handcuffed and arrested wednesday afternoon on new child sex abuse charges and now faces more than 50 counts of sexual abuse. >> he is scratching his head asking what is next. do not ask that question. it can get worse. >> two new accusers take a terrifying picture of what went on in jerry sandusky's basement where dictum number 9 says he was ordered to stay and eight meals -- a meals. there are new details about jerry sandusky's wife. the victim was 10-to-12-years- old. he testified his wife was in the house but never came downstairs. at least once he screamed for
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help, knowing his wife was upstairs but no one can to help him. >> jerry sandusky is set to come face-to-face with eight accusers at a preliminary hearing. as of now, all of them are expected to testify. rod blagojevich has 71 days left as a free man. the ousted illinois governor begins a 14-year prison term in february. yesterday, he admitted he made terrible mistakes and apologize to former constituents, the court, and his family. he was convicted of trying to sell president obama's vacated senate seat. jon corzine is on the hot seat today, being asked to explain how his hedge fund, mf global, managed to lose $1.2 billion in clients' money. jon corzine says he simply does not know where the missing money is.
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the collapse of mf global is the eighth largest bankruptcy in u.s. history. another poll shows newt gingrich coming out on top among republican presidential hopefuls. according to a survey in florida, the house speaker is pulling double digits over rival mitt romney. meanwhile, mitt romney is hosting a fund-raiser in richmond, virginia after a pointed speech by new jersey governor chris christie on why he is backing mitt romney. >> is he the kind of person that will always make me proud in the oval office, that i never have to worry will embarrass america or do something that will make me ashamed? he just will not. >> political watchers expect the attacks to nt -- increase on his character if he continues to dominate the polls.
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we want to know what you think. we invite you to vote. house republican leaders are trying to get their party members in line for next week's vote on extending the payroll tax cut. the measure would rebuild this year's two percentage point cut in the payroll tax through 2012. the senate is scheduled to vote on a similar measure as soon as today, but it is expected to fail. when abc 7 news continues our recall where from a grocery store, plus, -- >> what i did was to protect my child. >> she is speaking about time on the run with her son and the charges she is facing. law but is pouring down the mountainside.
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we're following a developing story from las vegas where federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused it or helicopter to crash. a pilot and four passengers died when the chopper went down during a tour of the las vegas strip. a team from the national transportation safety board is investigating. singer mindy mccready is speaking out with her first interview since taking her son on the run and is revealing details. >> he was screaming. "please do not touch me.
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please to not touch me. please do not touch my mommy. please leave me alone, i want to be with my mommy." >> mindy mccready described the scene when u.s. marshals took her son from her arms. police say the singer who lost custody of zander took him from his legal guardian, her mother. the adduction landed her in front of a judge, but monday she emerged from court with a huge grin. >> i cannot talk about it. >> the custody case is sealed but things are moving in a good direction according to mindy mccready. >> she was on celebrity we have last year. she says she is pregnant with twins and hence a new love. she says her new life will not be complete until zander is with
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her, and bringing him to arkansas was a risk she will not regret. >> what i did was to protect my child. not a person in the world will tell me that is wrong. >> the tories will not say where the little boy is right now, but say he is safe. police in prince george's county want to find the person behind this and usual mass. he walked into a bank in fort washington, passed a note to a teller, demanding money. the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. a giant food store is alerting shoppers for a recall for of all bend's whole grain white rice garden vegetable package. if you still have your receipt you can bring the product back to the store for a full refund.
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for more information, log onto our website, the fda is weighing in on whether to include warning labels on certain birth controls. studies found women who take certain forms have higher rates of blood clots. today's hearing will focus on yaz. the controversy continues about access to the morning- after pill. the fda wanted to move the drug to store shelves and scrap age restrictions but health secretary kathleen sebelius overruled plans, sparking reaction on both sides. >> i do not think they are ready to make the decision to buy that stuff. >> i have a young daughter, and i think it should be on the shelves right next to condoms. i've no problem with that.
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>> for now plan b will stay behind pharmacy counters and require a prescription for anyone under the age of 17. look at this is that if -- video. this red hot lava is spewing out of the volcano. it is pouring down a mountain and into an abandoned neighborhood. police blocked off the area, trying to keep hundreds of spectators away. it has erupted sporadically since 1983. look at that. hot, burning lava. >> those black sand beaches you see are the results. yesterday we had a record- breaking rains fall. over 3 inches fell at reagan airport yesterday, the wettest
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december day on record. >> what a difference today mix. >> nothing like that there now. temperatures are cool for this time of year, but considering how mild it has been, we will take today as long as the sun is shining. the temperature right now reagan national airport is 41 degrees. we have a wind chill factor of 33 banks to win out of the west, nw at 23 miles an hour. 27 degrees on the western andedge of maryland. in silver spring, we are at 39 with wind and around 5 miles an hour. temperatures are called to the west. 36 in cumberland. 39 winchester. 42 in annapolis. 42 in baltimore. you can see where the cold air
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is located. 27 in michigan to the biggest story will be the temperature change. how much warmer was it yesterday? 14 degrees at ration -- reagan national yesterday. there is a big change. we can take an area of low pressure quickly moving off to the north and east. our skies will remain clear overnight and into tomorrow. we of the week funnel system that will move through late in the day tomorrow, pretty much the only significant change being a few significant clouds and wind direction of. a cool down for the weekend. the funnel system will move out, and we might see a snow shower in the mountains, but mainly a dry front. temperatures will remain below
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average. there is our forecast. temperatures will only be in the 40's. tonight, mainly clear and cold. suburbs fall into the mid-20's, mid-30's closer to the district. tomorrow, 46 degrees to 51 degrees. warmer temperatures for the weekend -- colder temperatures for the weekend. there you have it. 42 for saturday and sunday, and then back into the upper-40's as we move into tuesday and wednesday of next week. head over to for the latest forecast. >> we will check that out. developers of the new casino in maryland are accepting job applications. it will open in june but they need to fill 1500 positions. hundreds of full and part-time
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positions are available in marketing finance security, and service workers. check that out. coming up, the signs families shared watch out for as a record number of older drivers struggle with the debate on giving up keys. later --
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well, you can expect toll increases on the dulles toll road every year for the foreseeable future.
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the airports authority, which runs the highway, says tolls have to go what to fund the metro rail extension to dulles airport. rates will jump 25 cents starting january 1. the airports authority has hired an outside consultant to examine future increases. there are new concerns about the numbers of older drivers on the road. aaa calls it a silver tsunami. the number of drivers 65 and older is expected it -- estimated to be about 20% but they cause 16% of fatalities. experts say he should be honest with yourself. aaa offers a test that you can find at
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but don't forget, you still have an opportunity to enter at our latest ipad 2 give away. go to our facebook page. you are allowed to enter once a day and we will announce the winner tomorrow. the sunshine has come out. >> the skies had cleared, and a cooler days ahead. not so bad. 45 degrees for a high today. 47 tomorrow. cooler for the weekend. we need a new sofa.
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