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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a local college and a fairfax county neighborhood lockdown >> live and then hd. this is abc7 breaking news. >> two breaking stories tonight a college campus lockdown and the surrounding neighborhood in fairfax county, and in just the past hour, from capitol hill tonight, a deal that will most likely to avert a government
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shutdown. we begin with the situation there in fairfax county where a community was on lockdown for six hours after an armed man holed up in a high-rise. steven is live on the scene with the very latest. >> this all began earlier today when a man on the eighth floor of this building was talking with his crisis counselor. he made some kind of statement to that counselor which prompted the counselor to call police, and thus began this eight-hour standoff. police distended -- descended on the skyline plaza after a call about a man barricaded in his eighth floor unit with a gun. >> this is strange. this is not typical of anyone living here. >> the man's apartment faces northern virginia community
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college. the college went into lockdown while the standoff continued. students and staff were told to stay indoors and away from windows. >> i don't know if people are coming out or they are just keeping them. >> police kept close watch on the building while other officers tried to make contact with the men -- with a man and convince him to surrender. some could not get in or out of the building. but ortiz told residents on the same residence and the floors above and below -- police told residents to stay inside their unit. >> there are 26 stores of condos and 18 condos per floor so a lot of people are probably inconvenienced by this. >> the man tried to make an escape. members of the swat team grabbed him. >> he is a younger adults. i really did not get to see his face because they had and
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surrounded when they were taking him out the back. >> you can say police are packing up. they have resolved the situation. we want to stress that no one was injured. the man who was taken into custody was then taken to an area hospital for a psychological evaluation. >> glad to see that has ended. now we turn to our other breaking story of the night which is a story that impacts millions in our region. late tonight, congressional negotiators have made a deal that will avert a government shutdown. john gonzales is live on capitol hill to break down the steel. >> it appears tonight republicans and democrats have come to a compromise here behind us. at issue was a new year tax increase, loss of benefits for the unemployed, and the possibility of furloughs for thousands of federal employees. tonight, relief but anger over yet another threat of a shutdown. 28 hours before the looming deadline for a government
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shutdown congress has agreed on a sweeping agreement for federal agencies that essentially covers the entire fiscal year. >> it is a gigantic waste of everyone's time and money. >> if the deal had failed, we would have seen the effects immediately downtown. national parks and monuments would have been closed immediately. federal employees once worry about furloughs are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. >> if congress had to answer to a boss the way most of us do, they would all have lost their jobs by now. >> the national christmas tree behind the white house would have gone dark. after dropping policy prescriptions, the millionaire surtax and restricting travel to cuba, members of the house and senate appropriations committee gave final approval to the plan. >> i appreciate the fact that they gave up on their millionaire surtax they did not
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give anything up because they never had it. >> the last shutdown cost american taxpayers $800 million. this time the stakes would have been drastically different. >> i work because i need to work not because i want to work. i have two little ones at home. >> even though spending bill had to be signed by tomorrow night the payroll tax expansion at -- extension has until the end of the year, so the debating continues. john gonzales, abc7 news. >> this breaking news led to a host of comments on our facebook page tonight. >> we are monitoring it to developing stories for you the first from charles county tonight, where crews are
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searching for a man who fell out of a boat and into the potomac river. news choppers seven is over the potomac in indian head. the men fell in the water just before 6:30 this evening. one was pulled to safety, but the other remains missing. news choppers 7 was over the scene after a chevy chase police cruiser rolled over in a chase. police say the cruiser collided with another vehicle and at last check, no one was seriously hurt in the crash. we are on storm watch tonight and keeping a close watch on some big changes in store. could that include some snow flurries? bob ryan joins us with a first look at what we can expect. >> it is hard to believe after temperatures today were not that far away from a record. we are still in the 60's, and that little area of showers did
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produce 0.10 inch. as that colder air comes then, here is bob's odds for tomorrow. it will be colder than it is today. if anything happens, it will be primarily when everyone is leaving tomorrow night. i don't think a snowstorm is going to happen. i have raised the odds on getting a little bit of a mix especially for you folks to the south of washington. >> in a matter of minutes a decision may be reached that could send surveillance cameras to one of our region's largest school districts. the fairfax county school board is meeting right now to decide on a multimillion-dollar plan to put cameras in the schools. the proposal comes after a rash of food fights in the spring that injured students and teachers. the cameras could cost up to $3 million. after nearly nine years, the
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war in iraq officially ended today. u.s. troops in baghdad lowered the american flag for the last time during a ceremony today at baghdad international airport. defense secretary leon panetta presided over the ceremony, saying it is now time to look forward for both the u.s. and iraq. more than 4500 americans have been killed since the war began. it is estimated that more than 100,000 iraqis have lost their lives. we posed a question on our facebook page. was the war in iraq worth it? 84% of those polled said no. coming up, the new attack on tim tebow. first, the scandal at penn state takes a new twist. you may not believe what gerry sandusky attorney said.
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x of fourth man has now come forward saying former assistant basketball coach bernie fine molested him as a child. the prison inmate claims he sexually assaulted him when he was 14 years old. fine was fired after a 36-year career at the university, but he does not face any charges because the statute of limitations expired in every case. now to the sex abuse scandal rocking penn state university. one of gerry sandusky lawyers makes a bold statement. he says the former coach might have needed to teach the troubled boys how to shower. >> teaching a person to shower at the age of 12 or 14 may sound strange to some people but there are a lot of juvenile delinquents who have to be
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taught basic life skills like how to put so on your body. >> in a later statement the lawyer said that was only a hypothetical example but said sandusky showering with boys is not enough to indicate guilt. he has pleaded not guilty to molesting a 10 boyce. a religious attack targeting tim tebow and how it has led to action. another big change has almost arrived. >> and neighborhood unaccustomed to crime is on edge.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 11 with leon harris, alison starling bob ryan is whether and tim brown sports. this is abc7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> an alert for an affluent d.c. neighborhood following an attack the neighbors say is very rare. homeowners are on edge tonight in grover park after a college
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student is the victim of an armed robbery. why people in the area are so alarmed tonight. >> they are rattled, and for a couple of reasons. the crime occurred fairly early in the evening yesterday. folks around here just are not used to crime. rubber park residents tell us they never thought twice about going out alone at night in their neighborhood. >> -- grover park residents. >> it is one of the safest neighborhoods in town. i walk my dog every night, along with everybody else. >> a rare, violent crime has residence on edge. authorities say wednesday night at georgetown grad student while walking home was ambushed. police say two men jumped out of a car. a suspect with a gun and not to down the student took his wallet cellphone and laptop.
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>> it is kind of shocking. i thought this was one of the more safe neighborhoods of dc. that was why we moved over here. >> she says this is only the fourth violent crime she can recall occurring in grover park. >> i am shocked and kind of scared. i hope they catch the people very quickly. >> residents are not taking the risk. >> i will definitely be more careful when i am walking home after work when it is dark. >> residents told us they are certainly going to spread the word about this crime to neighbors, so everyone is more aware and war alert. -- more alert. facebook 6 timeline is here. the social network began sending out messages for their new timelines service today. the service arranges post an
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important milestones in two columns by date. you'll have a week to review and edit before it is made public. a well known to this publication is apologizing tonight after publishing a controversial commentary about denver broncos quarterback tim tebow. the column set a super bowl victory would incite others who weren't mosques bashing gays, and vanish immigrants -- to burn mosques. tim tebow is an evangelical christian. the author of the article has personally apologized. i cannot get over how mild it was today. >> spring fever, and we have not had winter yet. >> i am sure it will be here soon. >> not tomorrow.
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outside now it is another beautiful night. there is our capitol christmas tree. outside, our temperature now a balmy 62 degrees. one degree down but from the high. the cold there has yet to arrive. we are not that far from the record in 1971. high temperatures all over here. down in fredericksburg, it was close to 68 degrees. hagerstown and callbacks 59 degrees -- hagerstown and colfax, 59 degrees. this is the cold front coming our way. by tomorrow, you'll notice the colder air. along the trailing front this is an area of rain down around mississippi. there is birmingham, alabama. that will be coming through us
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as we get to tomorrow night. here we are in washington. there you can see that overall pattern changed. that will mean there will be an area of low pressure coming to ourselves. overnight tonight, temperatures will drop into the 50's. when you get up and head out tomorrow morning, it will be in the 40's, and by tomorrow afternoon, there is that little area of low pressure scurrying to the south. down in to st. mary's county, it is likely you will see some rain showers, and watch as that mix expands. this is 11:00 to midnight and around washington. there are signs that may be a little bit of light snow, but with a ground war, no accumulation. then everything races out of here. by the time we get to saturday, it will be pretty chilly. another little ripple coming through could give us some snow
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flurries on sunday. tomorrow, temperatures will still be in the 40's with the paramount of sunshine. clouds begin coming in late tomorrow. -- with a fair amount of sunshine. a 30% chance of a little bit of a mix. anything would be slushy tomorrow night. then at the much colder air comes in for sunday. sunday, there could be some snow flurries. after a little bit of spring fever, back to a little more of reality of winter. >> what is going on in sports? >> i think the redskins are going to lose a big name for the rest of the year. the capitals fly north to play the jets. this was a good old-fashioned donnybrook.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> i don't have to tell you the capitals have been inconsistent under both coaches. dale hunter has struggled to get his system working with this group in particular. tonight they played winnipeg hard. let me take you back to canada and we will pick it up late in a scoreless game. caps on the attack. they beat the jets, 1-0. dale hunter is now 4 and 4. let's go to football. ron landrieu was placed on injured reserve, which means he is done for the season. he will have surgery on his achilles' heel. you have to wonder about his future. he is a free agent. he may be done here in washington. lamott peterson is the newest
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light welterweight champion of the world. he went from homeless to world champ, a great story. appealing the scoring from saturday's fight in the d.c. convention center. president darrell peoples has confirmed he is looking at referee joseph cooper's decision to deduct points. i ask lamott peterson about it to >> i am no referee but even i know that pushing and pulling on someone's neck is illegal. i was in the ring. i heard the referee warned him several times but he continued to do it,. >> are those things ever overturned? >> when they need to be, but in this case, it was a joke. >> the new world champion. remember when the wizard's went 0-25 on the road last year?
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things seem to be changing. they play an exhibition tomorrow night in philly and then open for real in 11 days. this franchise has not won 35 games in a season since the carter administration. ted leonsis says be patient. >> i have seen too many organizations when things get tough, change the plan. change the system. i dunno an organization -- i don't know of an organization that is successful going from strategy to strategy and changing the plan. >> walt lemon hit a three- pointer with 46 seconds left. there you have it. but the caps win. >> i saw lamott peterson in the building, and i knew he was somebody special.
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>> maybe tomorrow if you stay up late, you might see some wet snowflakes but cold air over the weekend. chances of seeing some snow, nothing like that. it will be feeling a little more like winter the next couple of days. >> thanks for joining us.
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