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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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s take you to annapolis. it is crystal clear. the winds are still an issue. a lot of snow showers up the north. 36 in gaithersburg, upper 40's south of the metro area. when you factor in the the wind, you wind up with wind chills and a low of 30's and 20's. we will be breezy and cool overnight. a mild trend going into the weekend and very cold air is just around the corner. we have a breaking situation in bethesda with a major traffic crash. >> what can you tell us?
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>> at this point we know that both the north and southbound lanes of the 355 are closed. we understand at this point, for at least five vehicles involved in this incident. that is coming to us from montgomery county fire authorities. at least a dozen different people are being treated for injuries. those injuries, some of them are serious. even possibly life-threatening. a very active scene. firefighters are still on the scene just beyond the sight of that bus. one of the vehicles involved is a passenger bus believed to be a metro bus. we are hearing from the authorities that there may be at least two people trapped. they're working to get them free from this accident. we are live in bethesda. there are at least five vehicles
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involved in the accident. this section of 355 is now closed. they're working to get all of the people free it from the vehicles and transport them. there are about 12 people the sustained injuries. some of them said to be possibly life-threatening. we will keep you updated. police are investigating a crash that killed a woman on interstate 66. we were out over the scene this morning. the 89-year-old of manassas was trying to turn when she was struck by a pickup truck. she died at the scene. the teenager driving had minor injuries. police officers from all over the area gather today to
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remember and honor a park police officer who died in the line of duty. they lined up outside a church to say goodbye to sgt michael boehm. >> he collapsed and died nearly two weeks ago while responding to a call near the key bridge. today was much remembering how he died, but rather the life you lead and a legacy leaves behind. how do loved one say goodbye? to a man that left them to send? for the family, friends, and fellow officers of michael boehm, but by means remembering the person behind the badge. -- goodbye means remembering the person behind the badge. he served his country and is committed to -- and its
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community. >> he was a model employee and date supervisor who never lost his zeal for being a police officer. >> he leaves behind his wife and their five-year-old son. >> he said, my daddy died. i said, i am sorry about that. >> a massive procession of more than 200 squad cars led the body of the sergeant to his final resting place, where he can continue to do what he loves watching over everyone. >> police officers from all over the region attended today's funeral.
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that procession much the funeral home in a burke and headed to park police headquarters in southeast d.c. it was a public show of grief and north korea. the communist country held a funeral for former dictator kim jong-il. tens of thousands of north korean swept -- wept. kim's son escorted his father's body. six more days until the iowa caucuses. it is heating up. the top gop contenders know that what happens in the hawkeye state can said the town for the rest of the election. our senior political correspondent joins us. >> this race is just beginning. we will not presume to make
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like it is a two-man fight. there is no love lost between newt gingrich and mitt romney. the gloves have come off. there may be multiple candidates gunning for the gop but only two are engaged in a nasty and personal battle. >> you want to run a negative campaign, you want to attack people at least be man enough to own it. >> despite his repeated vows -- >> we do not have to have a mudslinging campaign. >> that includes political action committees. yet miller still went out to iowans calling romney the second most dangerous man in america. >> compare that to pearl
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harbor it is more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. >> although romney says comparing this to this was just a joke, it could be a real problem. today, gingrich had lawyers in virginia to challenge the election board. >> every poll in virginia shows me beating romney in virginia. >> it is one more round of what is shaping up to be a heavyweight battle. >> i do not know why he is so angry. >> something that days to do see eye to eye on is their concern about beating ron paul. some polls have him on top right now in iowa and. >> scott will have more on ron paul and the other candidates when our coverage continues at
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6:00. it took authorities less than 24 hours to catch for teenagers accused of setting fires. >> investigators take this very seriously. there was a potential for more damage and the possibility of loss of life. even though the arrests came within 24 hours of the first fire it was enough time for neighbors to worry that would be hit next. >> i am so thankful. it was so scary to us. >> for the nearly 6000 people living in the villages of urbana -- >> my mom was worried about it. >> this family suffered the greatest losses. the entire community's sense of security was shaken. >> the most appalling part of this was they felt they were out
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for fun. one of the direct quotations was they wanted to freak people out. >> they accomplished that. i hope now they are caught, i hope they get a reality check. >> reality is that for 16-year- olds face felony charges. investigators went to walmart first. surveillance video shows three teenagers stealing $100 worth of clercs and getting away in the same suv seen in the neighborhood. >> they do not know how many lives they put at risk. >> i hope they learn to make better choices. >> that satisfaction may take time. investigators heard the confessions. >> some of them are just upset they got caught. >> those teenagers were released
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to their parents. none of them has a prior criminal record. coming up, a kill list is found at a maryland elementary school. find out whose names are on that list. >> some new airline rules go into effect next month. not everyone is thrilled. >> 25 movies added to the national film registry. did any of your favorites make a list? >> mothers across the country take on target.
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let's get back to the breaking news from bethesda. >> this accident happened at does about 4: 30. -- at just about 4:30. >> a very active scene out here along 355. a section of this both northbound and southbound closed down two vehicles because of this accident. we just had an update.
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there are at least 10 patients being treated and will be transported to local hospitals involved in this accident. this is a very big scene along 355. we still have a number of emergency vehicles still riding on the scene. there are at least five vehicles involved in this, possibly a metro bus, several cars, and a truck. authorities just updating us, telling us they have the least 10 patients that will need to be transported to area hospitals. at this point, the conditions are not being released by officials. they do tell us they believe some of them to be serious and others life-threatening. there are still working to get them out of all of those vehicles and into the ambulance. at this point, as we said, we still have a number of emergency vehicles still riding on the scene. we do understand that one of
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those possibly a metro bus. at least 10 people that need to be treated. they expect this road to be closed for some time. if this is part of your commute you will avoid -- you will want to avoid this at all costs. that is the latest from bethesda. target is coming under fire for what happened to a mother in one of its stores. >> the woman said she was arrested as she nursed her four- month-old son. women across the country -- harassed as she nursed her four- month-old son. >> we are live outside the
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alexandria target. >> these nurse ins took place at 100 locations including maryland, the district of columbia and a virginia. mothers who plotted to show that it is susceptible to a nurse in public. >> she is reading her eight- month-old son, along with a half done -- a half-dozen nursing mothers. they want to show the retail giant that this is a perfectly normal thing to do in public. >> it is really sad that people are still unaware and they still think that feeding your child in public is something that should be hidden. >> today's protest is in response to what happened to this texas woman. >> i had this big blanket over me. >> she was nursing her son at a houston targets in late november when she was harassed by store employees. >> they started walking by and
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shaking their heads. they were rolling their eyes. what i am doing something so horrible. >> one worker threatened to have recited for indecent exposure. the nursing moms started a facebook page with 6000 members. nursing in public is every woman's right. >> when you get the nerve to feed them in public, it feels really good. to have someone tell users should not do that, it sucks. >> anything that -- anyone who has a problem with that is ignorant. >> 45 states and washington d.c. allowed women to breast feed in public. that includes texas. target issued this statement -- we are reporting live in
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alexandria. >> do you think stores to be able to ban breast feeding in public areas? we ask that question on our website and facebook page. you can go to our facebook page if you would like to join in on the conversation. how about some conversation about the weather? >> gusty winds. we have the calls all day. a lot of things -- we have the clouds all day. a lot of things to tell you about. this is a look at the sky a bit earlier today. the clouds and eventually moved out and the skies cleared. and out it is crystal clear. -- now is crystal clear. 38 degrees in silver spring. look at the wind chill at 31 degrees.
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it is chilly all across the area. these colors, the dark purples indicate below zero temperatures. come next week, some of this will slips out and affect our area. it is going to get chilly. but for now, we will have a warm-up. it will be into the 50's on new year's eve and new year's day. 11 degrees in syracuse. we still have some snow showers all lake effect. that is in this part of the country. not so much luck for ski resorts
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locally. high pressure will move in tonight's and be in control through friday. that will calm of the wind down a bit. it will be in the upper 40's tomorrow. lower 50's as we head towards the day on friday and saturday. it all starts to change and opened the door for a lot of cold air. in the meantime, it looks pretty good. these are the temperatures tonight. temperatures will average about 27 early in the morning. the sunshine will mix with some clouds in the afternoon. here are the next seven days for you. new year's day, partly sunny mid-50's. tuesday and wednesday, the highest in the mid-30's.
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if you wanted winter weather and you wonder where it has been it is heading south. >> what if you did not wanted? >> -- want it. coming up, does it seem like you are getting more and more parking tickets in the district? you are right.
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every year the library of congress adds 25 films to the national film registry. >> life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> in 1994 "forrest gump"
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captured our hearts. >> i just love the story. >> it is the most recent film of this year's inductees which spanned 80 years. also on the list, "bambi." ♪ the registry was created in 1988 by an act of congress to preserve films they're culturally historical and aesthetically significant. >> we want to be sure that 1000 years from now these films will be able to be seen as a quality of image and sound. >> it now numbers 575 funds. -- films. ♪
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"the silence of the lambs" -- >> i ate his liver with some fava beans. >> one of the scariest films i've ever seen. >> hard to forget that scene. the public can make a reservation to watch these films in the library of congress reading room. to check out a list of all the films, check out our website. still ahead, why some airlines are filing new rules about to go into effect. >> a big time college bowl action comes to d.c. what the game means to the city and the fans. >> a list made by a local elementary school student has a lot of parents of said.
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let's get back to the breaking news from bethesda tonight. >> a metro bus and four other vehicles involved in a serious accident that has turned deadly. we are live on the scene with the very latest. >> we understand that coming from montgomery county police, this is now a fatal accident. they're telling us that one person involved in this accident is now dead. according to metro, authorities telling us that that person was not a passenger on this metro bus. it is several vehicles, a metro bus, a truck, and several other cars i will step out of the way.
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this is an active seen along the 355. -- scene : 355. they continued to assess the situation. we have almost a dozen patients being treated and will be transported to area hospitals. people telling us at this point, one of them is now a fatality. other than that, we do not know any other details involving the injuries of these people. we expect we will get an update in just a few minutes. we did this year from the fire chief. here is what he had to say. >> we have numerous injuries. with respect to occupants of the numerous vehicles that were involved. at this time, several patients are being packaged, ready for
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transport to local hospitals. >> we are understanding now that just in a matter of seconds, i will walk over here so you can see. we will get an update right now from the fire chief of montgomery county. he is getting ready to give us the latest update. we expect he will give us some new details about exactly what has happened out here. this is all happening along 355 in bethesda. we understand there is no one fatality in a vault. we are expecting now to get an update from the chiefs. we understand there are dozens upon dozens of men working on the scene. we will go and listen in to get the latest on what is going on in bethesda. >> the fire chief is getting
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ready to speak. >> let me just wait a minute. >> at this point, we are still waiting for the update to be again. you can see a live picture of what is going on. a multi-vehicle accident. >> i want to provide an update on the condition on rockville pike. about 4: 20 this afternoon, a 911 call was received. a vehicle collision here on rockville pike. units arrived on the scene and encounter a multiple-vehicle collision. the injuries range from very minor to very serious. we are confirming one fatality at this time. we have approximately 10 patients that were treated and are being transported to the
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hospital. at this time, the bus driver is being treated and extricated and transported to the hospital. i will turn it over to county police for any further updates. >> we responded for the collision. we did confirm there was a fatality. because of that, are collision reconstruction unit was called. they have responded to the scene. it will be investigating the collision. at this time, we do not have any causes as to why it happened. that is why they are here. this section of roadway 355 north and south, will be closed for several hours. we ask people to avoid this area if they can. >> where are these vehicles?
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>> if you look over our shoulders, you will see that the truck that was involved and the metro bus are now situated in the northbound lanes of rockville pike. were they were prior to the collision is still under investigation. >> the one fatality, was that person in the bust? ? >> we are not revealing that at this time. we do not have that information to release. >> [inaudible] >> everybody in terms of passengers are off the bus. the bus driver is being extricated and will be transported short lead to a local hospital. >> were there other people on the bus that were not heard? >> i do not know the specifics of that. i just know that we did have
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patience on the bus other than the bus driver. approximately 10, i did not have a final count. >> thank you, chief. >> thank you. >> we will provide further updates. >> we are back to live in bethesda. we're just getting an update from fire and police. they are confirming that one fatality we were telling you about a few moments ago. the identity is not been released. we do understand from metro officials, that person was not a passenger on the boss. they are not telling us what led to this accident either. we do understand that this was a j9 bus headed to a lake forest mall. they are working to extricate the driver and transport them to an area hospital.
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at this point, there have now been 10 patients that have been transported to area hospitals. their range of their injuries. from everything from minor to serious. this multi vehicle accident shut down both the north and southbound lanes of this section of 355. it will be shut down for some time. that is the latest from bethesda. >> keep us posted. a scary situation for parents and students at one maryland elementary school after a student was found there with a kill list. >> this list had the names of 35 students on it. >> this has caused quite a stir in this quiet community. we spoke to many parents today. they tell us they do not necessarily believe that this nine-year-old student had
5:38 pm
malicious intent. but it is unsettling. she says she received a startling phone call last tuesday fromdeale elementary. >> are you kidding? this does not happen here. >> it turns out -- her son told her yesterday that the female student told him about it last week. >> she told my boys that she had a killing list and they were on it. >> official said the list included 35 classmates and celebrity names but just in bieber. -- just in bieber. >> i wish they would have notified everyone. >> the girls troop leader said she was a good student and loved to learn, but was bullied.
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the pta president said she believes the list was just a ploy to get attention. >> this is a cry for help from this child. >> some parents think that is not enough. >> some of them would like a child removed. >> of this mother hopes this community will come together and offer support. >> our first instinct is to attack. i do not think that is the right thing to do. >> school officials would not go on camera, but they tell us that school counselors and administrators are helping the student and the family. are you ready for some football? the military bull is under way right now. fans have been celebrating all afternoon. we have more on be a big game under way. >> they have been having fun all afternoon. not a huge crowds, but
5:40 pm
enthusiastic. this game could turn into a big platform for d.c. and the military. it is not only a time for football fans to gather, but it is a time for the military to show what they have to offer. >> in a couple of years, we will see you coming down to pensacola? >> she brought her young cousin out here to see the helicopters and planes on display all decided d.c. armory. -- outside the d.c. armory. >> the boys are crazy about sports. they probably would like to see this sort of the equipment. >> this is the fourth year for the military bowl. she drove from ohio with her family to see her alma mater take on air force. >> is a great honor to be in the bowl.
5:41 pm
we brought our son down to see the sights. we're having a great time. >> fans did show up in large numbers. >> we went to the air force academy and we just moved from colorado. >> as for the game, it kicked off about an hour ago. so far, they are in the second quarter. the score is tied at 21. we will have more on this came later on in sports.
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let's give back to bethesda, or one person has died in an accident. >> we are out here just moving closer to the accident scene. authorities have allowed us to get a little bit closer. you can see just how much activity is taking place with this multi-vehicle accident. we understand there is one
5:45 pm
confirmed fatality. we do not know the identity of that person. metro officials tell us that person was not on the metro bus. a metro bus several cars, and also a truck involved in the accident. one fatality has been confirmed. 10 people have been transported to area hospitals, some of them with serious injuries. 355 northbound and southbound remains closed. this will be shut down for several more hours while they continue to investigate the scene. at this point authorities said they are not aware of exactly what led to all of this. they are not releasing a cause of this crash. officials tell us that was a j9 bus headed toward lake forest mall. 355 shutdown near cedar lane.
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if this is an area where you normally travel, they are advising you to stay clear of this road. we will continue to bring you live updates. coming up, the redskins snubs. >> new rules for the airlines in the new year.
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some new airline rules will now be going into fact. >> -- into effect. >> there are too big changes in store for the new year. under the new rules you'll have 24 hours to cancel a purchased ticket without any fees. mandatory fees and taxes, at those must now be included in the advertised price for your fare. passengers at reagan national airport say they welcome the new
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roles. >> i think it will help to have as much information as possible. >> by the end of january airlines must advertise the full cost of the ticket. more information upfront will help price conscious consumers. >> just tried to find the cheapest price i could. >> there is a big catch. so far optional fees like baggage fees do not have to be included. britney her grandson to pittsburgh today she wants to -- bringing her grandson to pittsburgh today she wants to know all of the fees in advanced. spirit airlines likes to promote fares as low as $9, but then adds all kinds of fees. there were no agents inside. not the kind that can help you
5:51 pm
avoid those pesky fees. before this rule takes effect, some low-cost carriers are trying to block it. let's get a check of the weather now. it was crazy today. >> it is nice that all of the rain is out of here. today looks a lot prettier than yesterday. >> absolutely. it is the end of december. numbers running in the 30's in most areas right now. the key is the wind chill. it feels like 28 degrees in gaithersburg. here is the big story. these are current temperatures in the northern province of canada. 35 below zero. that whole area of cold there is
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going to sink to the south and east. we will have a warm up first but then the cold air is going to break loose and pay as a visit next week. we will be in the 50's friday, saturday, new year's day. but in the cold front comes in on monday. keep up-to-date with the latest developments i want you to check out our website when you go to the home page. you will find a gallery of all the wild weather pictures of 2011. a good game brewing down at the rfk stadium. >> officials want at least one service academy to be and it. the navy lost to many games. the army fell out of the running. organizers decided on air force and toledo. did any of these teams bring
5:53 pm
defense today? the game is tied at 21 in the second quarter. if you have twitter or facebook, chances are your time line has been blowing up in the last 24 hours. the nfl announced its pro-bolt roster. fletcher was not included. he has 163 tackles so far this season. the redskins' record could be one reason. 65 out of the 84 players are on winning teams. fletcher made the past two bowls, but he was chosen as an alternate. teammates strongly disagree. >> to me, he is still playing the best.
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>> the way that the fans responded, my teammates. i appreciate all the support. >> that is what you have to love them. >> he is a great guy. >> he is a class act. >> he
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if you have ever driven her parked car in the district, chances are you have been ticketed. >> a new report shows that d.c. is issuing more parking tickets than ever before. there may be a reason behind the increase. >> a staggering 5300 parking tickets are issued every day in washington d.c. >> extremely frustrating. there is no parking in washington d.c.
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>> d.c. is issuing more parking tickets than ever before. in the fiscal year that ended october 31, the district came out 1.6 million tickets. that is up to 100000. >> the problem is and the numbers. 1.2 million people come into the district every day many of them drivers. there were only 17,000 street parking spots. the city recently installed 500 new parking meters that are supposed to send your text to tell you if your meter is running at a time. they said would reduce the number of tickets issued. it has done the opposite. >> far too few motorists are taking advantage of it. >> the district looks at parking tickets as a way to collect funds. they collected $80 million in the last fiscal year. >> it is quite a revenue
5:59 pm
builder. if they are charging $25. >> with the district hiring more parking enforcement officers, this will become a familiar and frustrating site for many drivers. >> i have seen that sign that i want to admit. >> there is just such a limit of parking. it is so hard to find a space. >> we thought there was a conspiracy. now we have more reason to think so. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> developing news, a woman claims a man forced her into a van and sexually assaulted her. we will tell you where this happened. caucus countdown, the top candidates in


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