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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  January 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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otes. >> with a little prayer and reflection, i will decide the best path forward. >> the candidates who did not win. we will have live team coverage of the iowa caucuses. >> of the federal investigation that could cost one d.c. council member his job. >> this is no good. >> later, the season has ended on a sour note for virginia tech at the sugar bowl. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine, washington. it's wednesday, january 4. i am doug mcelway. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. there was no showers in some suburbs yesterday. >> we have some school closures.
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garrett county public schools' opening two hours late. that's maryland. in virginia, winchester county schools are closed. clark county public schools in virginia will open two hours late. is there any more snowfall all the way to? -- on the way? >>the big story this morning is the cold. 17 at reagan national, in gaithersburg 20 in quantico. nine in winchester. i have been asking my facebook friends for their readings. in warrenton, 16. 13 in damascus. thank you to all my facebook friends for posting this. highs today in the low to mid 30's. much like yesterday with increasing clouds and becoming mostly cloudy. brief snow showers and around
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sunset and thereafter, even through the night. enough to give you a light coating early tomorrow morning. in the twenties tonight. in the 40's by tomorrow afternoon. lisa baden has been busy this morning. there was an accident on the beltway between 270 and the american legion bridge, but that's gone. there's been an accident inside the beltway near 410 with one lane getting through. red line delays for metro rail customers because of a broken down train at the catholic university brooklyn station, creating single-tracking. newschopper 7 looking at 66. here we are near nutley street. headlights are eastbound. there's more action spotted on the highway now. we will see if we have more volume than yesterday. back to news. mitt romney's margin of victory early this morning. the gop chairman declared the
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former massachusetts governor dukakis winner. he beat rick santorum by just eight votes. ron paul finished in third place, followed by newt gingrich, rick perry, and michelle bachmann. former massachusetts governor has been declared the caucus winner. >> the race went down to the wider. >> it did. the numbers were double checked early this morning after nearly 1000 campaign different front runners more than $12 million in television ads, and it all came down to eight votes. it truly went down to the wire. it was a two-man battle in the end. >> 32,015 votes for former governor mitt romney. senator santorum received
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30,007 votes. >> eight votes separated the winner and a very close second place rick santorum. >> thank you so much for all your help. on to new hampshire. let's get the job done. >> rick santorum has gone from the back of the pack to one of the front-runners. with strong support from evangelicals, he was feeling confident. rick perry appeared a defeated man. newt gingrich got to stay in the race. >> will the republican party debate before we are prepared to have a great debate with barack obama? this was the largest turnout in republican history. even though it was so close officials say this morning there will be no recount. live in the newsroom, john
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gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> mitt romney is also won the support of arizona senator john mccain. he is endorsing mitt romney for the 2012 nomination a sometime today. we invite you to stay with abc 7 for complete election coverage. in the next half-hour, josh will have a closer look at last night's winners and losers. president obama will hit the trail to push his economic message this morning. he will go to ohio, a crucial swing states with rising unemployment. a developing story from d.c. the embattled councilmember harry thomas may be ready to step down. wtop reporting also been harry thomas jr. will likely resign as part of a plea deal. it's not clear when that will happen. prosecutors say thomas diverted more than $300,000 in city funds for personal use. federal agents raided his home
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last month. thomas agreed to pay the city back. he reportedly missed a deadline to deliver that first installment. the bitter cold settled over our area. it stretches from florida all the way to maine. >> washington's getting used to winter's return. farms down south are scrambling to protect the food supply from bone chilling temperatures. >> the mid-atlantic is digging in and out from a foot of lake- effect snow. brianne carter has more details from arlington. >> good morning. this has been a shock to the system with a mild wetherbee had earlier in the season. it is the kind of cold out here that's max you in the face the minute you walk outside. locally we are at the a skating rink in arlington, a place that normally eats up when the weather cools down, but it is too cold. for the second day in a row it is bone chilling cold. >> the cold as they i have
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experienced in a long time. >> after a mild start to the winter, these temperatures are more than a shock to the system. some the frigid forecast is bad for business. >> when it gets really cold or india, the number will drop. people like it when it's warm. >> last night it was too cold for people at the of skating rink. >> i think we had 15 total. >> a drop in the usual crush of customers. and of course there are those who have no choice but to break the bitter cold. a valet in d.c. is piling on the layers. >> the wind is tough. we have to do the job. >> lawyers is the key words if you have to be outside for any amount of time today. you certainly want to bundle up. that is what we have seen this morning from people headed to the gym or the metro station. -- layers is the key word if you
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have to be outside today. 6:07, 15 degrees in oxon hill. >> very cold out there. coming up, an amazing story of survival for man's best friend. how a dog survived nearly half a day in a space filled with poison. >> and police on the lookout for a mummy. how you can help catch a bandit . adam caskey has the
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>> i am tammy from the in vertebrates exhibit at the smithsonian national zoo. this is our octopus' octavian. he loves seafood for breakfast. good morning, washington. wednesday morning, 6:11. the cold air is in place but it will get pushed aside later today and tonight. in the '20s by this time tomorrow morning and a few single digits right now on this wednesday. 12 degrees in frederick writedowns and in gaithersburg, 12. thanks to everybody for reporting. valerie in marshall, seven degrees. 2 in highview, west virginia.
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thank you. a cold start to the day. the low to mid 30's this afternoon with increasing clouds. we cannot allow rule out a few late- day snow flurries. that would be after sunset in due to night. mid 40's tomorrow. traffic is not good. accident on the b-w parkway cell count after the beltway near 410 riverdale. they have closed the southbound baltimore-washington parkway. i cannot tell you if you would miss the crash if you get on at 410. you can use 50 the john hanson highway or kenilworth ave. in centerville virginia in this picture this is live eastbound.
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lanes are open to fair oaks. back to you. >> thank you. you have to see this to believe it. montgomery county police reaching out for help trying to find a bandaged banded. surveillance pictures show the man walking into saa cvs pharmacy in montgomery village on christmas eve. he told an employee that he was armed. he demanded prescription drugs and then left. >> i thought we had seen everything. there is a right there. >> that is a sad situation. 13 degrees in fairfax. >> coming up, your morning jolt just got a little more expensive. starbucks increasing prices. >> welcome to caucus day in iowa. it is a threeon my journey across america i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they wthant a big hat...
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...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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congratulations to governor mitt romney, winner of the 2012 iowa caucuses. >> a fitting finish to the roller-coaster campaign in iowa. mitt romney edges out centaur by just eight votes out of more than 120,000 cast last night >> . santorum's surge came at the right moment. ron paul in a third-place followed by newt gingrich. t.j. winnick is in des moines. where does rick santorum go from here? >> that's a good question. we were talking about this yesterday. he has to raise a lot of money very quickly. that is something that he is already trying to do. he is going to go to new hampshire, although many people pinkie should skip new hampshire and go straight to south carolina. new hampshire is mitt romney country. he own a house in the state and is expected to win big.
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the question is can centaur even compete in new hampshire. many folks say he should try to go to south carolina and convince folks they should vote for him and not romney. -- the question is can rick santorum even compete in new hampshire. >> around 2:30 the votes were still being counted. why did that take so long? >> because we are used to instantaneous results. there's no big computer involved with the caucus held here. these are handwritten ballots. many are counted by hand. you take into account that 123,000 votes were cast. that is the most ever in a republican caller qusseir. -- republican caucus here. and it was close. there was one discrepancy in
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store, iowa. those had to be looked at again. -- in storey, iowa. >> we appreciate all the inside from des moines. >> get some sleep. we will look at the day ahead. d.c. council chair kwame brown expected to introduce a bill that would require all high- school students to take the s.a.t. test before applying to any college or university. he is open to having the government pay any fees associated with taking those exams. montgomery county schools will celebrate the completion of modernization projects at three schools. garrett park elementary school and seven locks elementary school and another school. phase 2 a cure of the
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extension to dulles airport will be discussed today. -- phase 2 of the the extension to dulles airport. starbucks is getting more expensive. >> a good start to the year. the market started the year up thanks to a encouraging economic reports from the u.s. and elsewhere. the dow jones had its highest close in five months. the federal reserve is taking a big step towards openness. it will begin publishing its predictions for short-term interest rates. that may affect loans like mortgages and reassure home buyers and others that the rates will stay low. there's a big chance your homeowner's insurance premiums are going up. national disasters last year cost insurance companies billions of dollars. the average increase will be about $30 a year. your morning cup of starbucks coffee and maybe going up in
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price. it's raising prices 1% in the northeast. the last major starbucks increase was five years ago. that is america's money. >> feels like everything is going up. and my guess station the other day, it went up 5 cents in an hour. i went to the grocery store and came out. >> it does not paid to wait. >> just like that. you feel like the temperature has gone down. >> it feels colder. but temperatures are still dropping. cold numbers to talk about. i have been asking people on twitter and facebook. my buddy got a new weather station for christmas. 15.6 in alexandria, and two
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miles from reagan national. let's look at some of the coldest reading as i could find. the coldest are out west and some of the valleys in single digits. winchester at 7. frederick at 6. along with dulles airport, six. this is what it feels like the wind chill factor. we will go back to the temperatures and look at the actual air temperatures without factoring in the wind. there's not much of a breeze out there, luckily. the wind chills are not as bad as they could be. notice the been speeds anywhere from zero to 8 miles an hour. 17 degrees at reagan national, 14 at dulles. seven in winchester. feels colder with a breeze that picks up periodically. lexington park, 19. 17 degrees along the water in annapolis. 19 in quantico. these are not bad. the been speeds are briefly 8 miles an hour here and there. makes it feel like the single
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digits from time to time. this is the coldest morning since last winter. reagan national, if it drops to 16 degrees, it will be the coldest. there could be a few light snow for hours -- snow showers after sunset the this evening. b-w parkway closed. an accident outbound after the beltway. someone went out of control. southbound after 410. you cannot get on to the southbound parkway until 202. between the beltway and 410 there are no exit. by encouraging you to use 50, route 1 kenilworth avenue so many options. virginia, it's ok. the beltway looks good in this camera at colesville road.
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metro will deadline is still on a delay. earlier broken-down train now gone. back to you. >> thank you. 6:21 right now. 13 degrees in fairfax. >> virginia tech and michigan battle into overtime get the sugar bowl last night. >> is reached an alley or a bitter end to the season? >> even though this man does not know you, lies about you can be posted on his website. >> my sexual preference. >> i try to expose dirt. >> how to keep your on-line reputation safe.
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the kick is perfect. the wolverines. >> the wolverines' w won on the 32nd-overtime field goal. justin missed a 37-yarder on their opening position. >> the hokies thinnest addt 11- 3. >> next is against the west virginia, clinton against west
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virginia. >> and the latest on an investigation in england. >> councilman harry thomas may soon be resigning. diana jennifer donelan. we will have late-breaking details. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. the cold air is in place. it is a cold morning. seven degrees in frostburg. [ toilet flushes ] i come in peace... i come in peace. ttvwkun+og#wvs#q'ppu;v?ñkñ0k9%"@n+fg@ú"ox@ but you go in pieces. [ female announcer ] you can't pass mom's inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. tt>fb@u!÷#w9"qqú a'pv,p&új[,4 ttvwkun+og#wvs#q'ppu;v?2v.=u1lt%p/wlñkñ0k9%"@n+fg@ú"(.h its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable versus the ultra rippled brand. tt>ff@ek÷#-3w9"qqú a'pv,p&újsné so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. tt>ff@mk÷#-3w9"qqú a'pv,p&újyg
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captioned by the national captioning institute l live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> on to new hampshire. let's get the job done. we have some work ahead. >> you have taken the first step of taking back this country. >> straight ahead at 6:30, a photo finish at the iowa caucus. 8 votes separate two candidates
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after tens of thousands of votes. good morning, it's wednesday jan where fourth period is a cold morning. i am natasha barrett. -- it's wednesday, january 4. >> i am cynne simpson. temperatures in the teens for the second day in a row. there was no showers in the suburbs yesterday. there are school delays and closures. garrett county public schools in maryland opening two or as late as well as clark county public schools in virginia. winchester schools in virginia closed. is there any more snow on a wedding -- on the way? >> there was measurable and snowfall in winchester and fauquier county yesterday.
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we could have brief snow showers later on today especially around and after sunset. the big story is the cold. 17 at reagan national. seven degrees in winchester. cindy in hollywood maryland, 18 degrees. 13 in damascus from barbara. eight degrees in damascus from terry, my other facebook friend. low to mid 30's today with increasing clouds and light snow showers this evening and tonight. back in the 40 tomorrow. 50's on friday and saturday. guy will let you get another log for the fire. metro will had a red line delay because of a broken down train. that has been resolved. back on normal service. virginia normal volume. 66 95, 395, normal. 95 in and out of baltimore in
6:32 am
pretty good shape. b-w parkway was closed southbound between the beltway ansdd 202. captain is able to get by. we are encouraging you to avoid the b-w parkway southbound. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, mitt romney's margin of victory. early this morning the the gop chairman declared the former massachusetts governor the winner, beating santorum by 8 votes. greg ron paul was in third place followed by newt gingrich and michelle bachmann. john gonzalez has more from the newsroom. >> it was very close. the numbers were double check this morning according to officials. seven different front runners more than $12 million in
6:33 am
television ads, and it all came down to eight votes. it truly went down to the wire. it was a two-man battle in the end. >> 32,015 votes for former governor mitt romney. senator santorum received 30,007 votes. >> eight votes separated the winner and a very close second place rick santorum. >> thank you so much for all your help. on to new hampshire. let's get the job done. >> rick santorum has gone from the back of the pack to one of the front-runners. with strong support from evangelicals, he was feeling confident. rick perry appeared a defeated man. newt gingrich vowed to stay in the race. >> the republican party will have a debate before we are prepared to have a great debate with barack obama. >> mitt romney is not wasting
6:34 am
time getting ready for new hampshire. this was the losses turnout in republican caucus history. even though it was close, they will not have a recount. >> mitt romney has also won the support of arizona senator john mccain. he will indorse romney for the 2012 nomination. that will happen sometime today. stay with us on abc 7 for complete election coverage. in about 15 minutes josh will have a closer look at last night's winners and losers. president obama is pushing his economic message this morning. he will fly to ohio, crucial swing state with a rising unemployment rate. resignation rumors around an embattled member of the d.c. council. wtop says ward 5 councilman
6:35 am
harry thomas jr. is in negotiations to step down. >> it stems from the federal investigation into allegations that he used city money for personal expenses. jennifer donelan is live in northwest d.c. with much more. good morning. >> good morning. so far this morning no official comment or reaction or message to voters from city councilman harry thomas. according to reports, this is not a question of whether he will resign, it is a question of when. his council seat may soon be vacant. city residents watched last month as fbi agents raided his home. he's accused of diverting $300,000 in taxpayer funds to himself. the money was supposed to go to youth sports programs.
6:36 am
our sister station reports that he has agreed to resign. what is uncertain is when he will leave office. that's not all. as part of the deal struck with prosecutors, in which he does not admit guilt, he was supposed to begin paying the city back. the washington post reports the council and missed a deadline to deliver the second $50,000 installment last night. his lawyer told the post they are working on the terms of the agreement. thomas is facing other financial troubles. court papers made public yesterday revealed that he is also agreed to pay the federal government $17,000 for two outstanding student loan debts. reporting from the wilson building, and jennifer donelan. back to you. >> thank you. people on the east coast are doing their best to cope with a bitter cold temperatures. people in our area are doing all they can to stay warm. local businesses including the
6:37 am
pentagon ice rinks in the cold weather is keeping customers away. >> people are dealing with a winter storm dumped up to two feet in some places and caused numerous accidents. a murder mystery. this was at one of queen elizabeth's the states. the body of a woman found at sandringham has been there between one month and four months. a dog walker discovered the body and new year's day. but not disclose the cause of the bdeath. it's 13 degrees in rockville. >> that was not a typographical error. >> id is cold. >> making the s.a.t. mandatory. d.c. leaders want every city student college-ready. >> kissing and telling. what michael bloomberg said about a new your skills with lady gaga. >> first, doug hill will have
6:38 am
the cold forecast.
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" combat, 6:40, -- welcome
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back. 15 degrees in oxon hill. >> 68 degrees inside where i am. stokowski's numbers. nine degrees but now in winchester. these are the coldest readings locally on the weatherbug network. if a degrees in a market. nine degrees in -- what you're noticing is the wind chills are about the same as the air temperature. look of these numbers. the 10k day vera, 19 in quantico 17 degrees at reagan national. the cold air is overhead all across the mid-atlantic. we have low temperatures there and in the northeast. [no audio] >> thanks. having a little trouble with the audio. we want to get lisa baden to find out what's happening with traffic.
6:42 am
>> plenty. yellow and blue line customers delays for metro will. single-tracking between the pentagon city and l'enfant plaza due to emergency track maintenance. this is the delay leaving nasa goddard on the baltimore- washington parkway. southbound crash at 410. the b-w parkway was blocked for 30 minutes. but the reason for the traffic. northbound 395 virginia, there's an accident between edsall road and duke street and blocking the left lane. northbound between edsall road and duke street, this is after the crash, very light volume. watch for delays leaving springfield. back to you. >> thank you. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is still gaga for his girlfriend. he was with lady gaga in times
6:43 am
square in the final countdown to 2012. he said the kids could not compare to the one he got later from his longtime girlfriend diana taylor. >> is doing the right thing. >> yes. that would be a little bizarre kissing lady gaga with a mask on. >> you never know what you are going to get with lady gaga. 17 degrees in rosslyn. >> coming up, a controversial plan to make sure every d.c. student is college credit. and an inspirational story of loss, survival, and man's best friend. >> first, closer look at the iowa
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gas 6:45 right now. it is the day after the iowa caucuses. >> josh is joining us live with details. did you get any sleep? >> just a touch. >> aid votes separate romney and santorum. it was a late-night counting the votes. we thought it was a yesteranybody is game yesterday. >> mitt romney cannot be very satisfied with this result, barely winning over santorum basically seen as being in the single digits a few weeks ago. on the other hand, santorum is a newcomer, but no one was considering him a serious contender, which means that he has not gone through the wringer, no attacks on his record, and no big newspaper ads
6:47 am
on everything that he's voted for and against in the past. we don't know if he has the steady dollar to get through new hampshire and south carolina. >> taking a look at some who did not fare as well. rick perry invested a lot in commercials in iowa, but was in sixth place. >> no attraction at all. he says he will skip new hampshire and go to south carolina -- he had said that he would skip new hampshire and go to south carolina, but now he is reassessing everything. the candidates depending on which state they think they can do best in , social conservatives will be trying to win south carolina. more fiscally conservative candidates will be trying to make a pitch in new hampshire. romney is favored to win new hampshire because he's from a neighboring state of massachusetts. >> good to see you.
6:48 am
>> we appreciate it. d.c. council chair kwame brown will introduce a bill today that would require all high-school students to take the s.a.t. test. he tells wtop he would consider having the city pay any fees associated with taking exam. montgomery county schools will hold a celebration today marking their end of modernization projects at three schools. students will return to cannon road elementary school, carrots park elementary school, and seven locks elementary school. two airport authorities committees will meet today to review a financing plan for the metro rail extension developing ment. that route to the airport is said to be completed sometime before 2016. problem monoxide poisoning
6:49 am
recently killed a maryland man. >> but his dog survived. this was before thanksgiving. they took a cross-country trip in the vintage rv. carbon monoxide from an unknown source filled the vehicle. >> my dad passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning. the dog was alive. >> he hung in there and is going to take care of us. >> the level of carbon monoxide was so high that it's probably killed and george in minutes. the black lab spent seven hours in there but is doing fine now. >> incredible. it's a shocking when you block out the door this morning. >> you really will feel subsided, luckily. only moving at 5 miles an hour at times.
6:50 am
makes it feel like the single digits but it could be worse. this will be the coldest morning across the winter end of the foreseeable future. i have been asking mike twitter and facebook friends or their backyard a thermometer readings. 11 degrees in olney, 13 in waldorf of the weatherbug network. christina in sharpsburg, 12 degrees. in herndon, 18 degrees, says windy -- wendy. thank you for all the reports. 17 at reagan national. that is the coldest temperature we have had since last january. if we can drop one more degree it will be the coldest since the abortive 2010. 10 degrees in gaithersburg, in winchester with a little breeze. 5-8 miles an hour for the
6:51 am
breeze. the wind chills of a single digits for the most part when the wind picks up. for the most part, it's pretty calm this morning. notice the cloud cover to the west shown in a gray and white. that's a upper level disturbance that will pass through washington. that's this evening and tonight, increasing clouds. we will start the day with sunshine but we will have increasing clouds, low to mid 30's. the amount and after sunset there could be brief snow flurries, unlike the past couple days. that's around and after sunset. that will be the case tonight as well. it will not be as cold. mid to upper 20s by this time tomorrow. mid 40's tomorrow. friday in the mid-50s. we have been looking at 20 this morning. metro will yellow and blue line customers, and additional wait for trains because of initial near pentagon city. we will northbound 395, accident
6:52 am
before duke street on the shoulder. here is the pace out of springfield headed towards landmark. there's a crash on the b-w parkway sac town after the beltway, but that's gone. delays continue out of greenbelt. -- there was a crash on the b-w parkway southbound
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6:54. time to check the top stories. a photo finish at the iowa caucuses. mitt romney beat rick santorum by eight votes. ron paul came in third place. newt gingrich in fourth place. rick perry plans to reassess his campaign after a fifth place finish. harry thomas jr. will reportedly resigned from the d.c. council. the ward 5 democrats will likely leave office as part of a plea deal. he diverted $300,000 in city funds for personal use. it is going to be another cold day all across the d.c. region. light wind will make it too little less cold than yesterday. let's get a last look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden. >> yellow and blue line and the
6:56 am
metro will, single-tracking because of initial near pentagon city. the worst of it is the b-w parkway. a crash southbound on the beltway near near 410 is gone. that has caused delays around nasa. now to adam caskey in the weather center. coldest morning we have seen this winter. single digits west and northwest of the metro area. ties in the low to mid 30's this afternoon. isolated snow showers if after sunset and through the night. you could get some on your car lightly tomorrow morning. mid 40's tomorrow. 50's by friday and saturday. roberta says its 11 degrees in maryland. >> bring on friday. that does it for us.
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