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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  January 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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strategy and as the pentagon starts making big cuts. >> ♪ the thing about that is i was ready to give you my name ♪ >> justin timberlake and jessica are ready to tie the knot. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> good morning, washington. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> o'clock a.m. on this thursday, january 5. -- 6:00. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. the changes of the way. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> close to where we stood before this time of year in terms of morning temperatures. we are in the upper 20s low 30's, cloud deck moving
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overhead. warm air in general moving overhead. 28 in leesburg, 31 in manassas along with huntingtown, 29 in la plata, 27 in frederick, berkeley springs, 35 in west virginia. it feels, compared to yesterday. highs in the mid 40's this afternoon, becoming partly cloudy. maybe an isolated snow flurries this morning, few and far between, and before 7:00 a.m. mostly sunny tomorrow, mid 50's, maybe even a mere 60 south of town. metro rail looks good. everything is on normal service on the va will express. marc rail as well. we will take you to d.c. 295, a crash northbound at first sterling avenue. vddot is on the scene. looks good through annandale and tysons. quiet is in montgomery county at university boulevard in this picture. more traffic in less than 10
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minutes. new this morning, two people poisoned by carbon monoxide. firefighters found this in the home on south dakota avenue in northeast. there's no word on a cause or the victims' conditions. president obama will travel to the pentagon today to unveil major changes to military spending and strategy. he will announce the results of a review that he ordered last spring. he will talk about how the defense the problem will go about cutting at least half a billion dollars from its budget. the changes include a larger focus on asia, less on your, canada and the military will not able to keep its ability to wage two wars of the same time. no rest for the weary and the campaign trail. republicans running for president are either licking their wounds or looking ahead to the nation's first primary.
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the two front runners from the iowa caucuses will spend the day in new hampshire hoping to standout from the rest of the pack. >> mitt romney is still the party favorites. rick santorum riding high on his last-minute surge. brianne carter is in the newsroom joining us with where things stand. good morning. >> good morning. >> first it was iowa, but now they're focused on new hampshire and south carolina especially mitt romney, who appears to be taking hits from all sides. just edging out the competition, the new front- runner also appears to be the new target among his republican rivals. >> governor romney is a moderate massachusetts republican to the left of the vast majority of republicans. >> former house speaker newt gingrich is among those now trying to stop romney's momentum. >> i will try to get more than an eight-vote margin in new hampshire. >> the former massachusetts governor is turning his attention to south carolina. today he will travel to the palmetto state with senator
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john mccain, who endorsed him yesterday. >> honest, straight-talking personal experience. >> rick santorum hopes to continue research into next week's primary, touting himself as the anti-romney. >> it's a lot of energy. we feel very good about things. >> it appears those votes for santorum are turning into cash. he has raised nearly a million dollars just since the iowa caucuses. the new hampshire primary is five days away. live in the newsroom brianne carter, abc 7. >> thank you. stay with abc 7 news, your elections station for complete coverage of the 2012 primary season as we look forward to the new hampshire primary coming up next. a shootout in utah last night. six police officers are the hospital. investigators say the officers were looking for drugs at a
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house in cotton when gunfire rang out. one suspect was also injured. no word on any arrests, but there's no threat to the surrounding public. police need your help in trying to catch a suspected kidnapper. >> last night investigators released a composite sketch of this mandates a attacked a woman as she drove by the verizon center. it was in chinatown, lots of people were in the area from an event. john gonzalez joins us from the west with details. >> for zero weeks now police have been looking for this man. the best they have had as far as the description was that he speaks with a southern accent. they have released that sketched this morning. the crime happened right here at the corner of f and seventh which is a busy area at night right next to the verizon center. 7:30 last thursday evening a woman was sitting in her car at the light, a 28-year-old mother, waiting for the like to return
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with her 15-month-old son in the back seat when the suspect jumped into an unlocked passenger door. he pulled out a gun, a pistol whipped the mother if in the back of the head, and forced her to remove all our clothing, and demanded that she drives 3 miles north to an area in northwest d.c. where he sexually assaulted her. that was while the baby was in the backseat. there was an event here that thursday night, a w w ewe wrestling event. police are hoping someone will recognize the man in the sketch. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. prince or discounted facing a $125 million budget deficit forcing them to mix of cuts and consider a controversial proposal to increase revenue. additional red light camera are expected to generate more money. county executive rushern baker says that he will consider the possibility of slot machines in
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the county as a way to generate cash. d.c. councilman harry thomas jr.'s political future may be a little slimmer this morning. insiders tell us that thomas could resign as soon as friday. he is accused of diverting more than $300,000 in city funds for personal use. thomas is reportedly seeking a plea deal under which he would quit in exchange for a short jail sentence. his lawyers would not comment on the report. 34 degrees outside, 6:07. >> why the cold weather made the morning rush in nightmare for metro passengers yesterday. >> plus, that's not a parking space. a car ended up on top of a house. >> and lisa baden will have a look at the
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i am courtney, executive director of the reading connection. our volunteers read to kids to get them excited about reading and give them new books to teach. -- to keep. good morning, washington. >> good morning, 6:10 is the time 32 degrees in alexandria. we will a check on traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey with more. >> call me this morning relatively speaking. -- balmy this morning. a good 15-20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. winchester yesterday was 7
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degrees. that was 24 hours ago. now 28. 34 in the district, 30 in hagerstown, if 33 in quantico, but for the most part it's around freezing. clouds will clear away shortly after sunrise. until then we could see an isolated snow flurry or briefs dusting of snow in one or two random locations. mid 40's this afternoon 45 the high temperature. maybe even 60 degrees farther south of the metro area tomorrow. the commute looks ok. there was a crash on the district side, to 95 northbound at first sterling avenue. now they're checking for one on the suitland parkway. we are checking in centerville virginia for newschopper 7. headlights are eastbound out of manassas to centreville. that's the normal volume. everyone is coming through
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the battlefield on 29 and that is increasing volume. 395 north bounds at duke street no worries, no delays up to the pentagon. winding down with a look at maryland, outer loop at new hampshire avenue in pretty good shape out of laurel the beltsville and to holy cross hospital. back to you. >> thank you. dog about a wild ride. the driver of a speeding car mr. turner, and then went airborne. the car ended up parked on a roof. it happened yesterday morning in fresno. the car did not damaged the house. -- the speeding car missed a turn and hit something and then went airborne. they had to use a crane to bring the car down and the driver was rescued. he tried to run away. >> 34 degrees outside. >> coming up another bowl game
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for the record books. the orange bowl score makes the century mark. >> a tax deadline delay. you will have two extra days to get the forms filed on time. >> the cold weather that has been moving through our area caused a lot of problems yesterday. i am jummy olabanji
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captioned by the national captioning institute want to take a look of the day ended. a rockville man pleading guilty to a crash that killed three of his friends is scheduled to be sentenced today. kevin coffay faces updecades in prison. the crest is car into a tree in olney and then ran away. vincent gray and others will have a sense of celebration for members of the d.c. national
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guard. 79 members are deploying to afghanistan. we-- a send-off celebration. jummy olabanji has some good news for metro riders that was stranded yesterday by the cracked rail. >> absolutely. when the trains started running 30 minutes ago on metro everything seemed to be going as normal, which is good news. it's about 34 degrees at dupont circle, which is much warmer than it was yesterday? when they're all the problems in the morning. according to a metro spokesman, because of the quick drop in temperatures, some of the metal on the railways expanded, causing cracks. that caused several delays. they had to suspend service on the yellow line and red line yesterday morning because of problems at pentagon city?
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as well as takoma park. a lot of people yesterday had to wait for quite awhile. a lot of people took a taxicab to get to work on time. metro and was not the only agency dealing with problems. yesterday evening a power outage because of the cold weather in the talks all area of northwest washington, thousand people without power of several hours. good news is the power is back on this morning. we hope there will be no problems for anyone. jummy olabanji reporting. if frederick county man faces charges after allegedly leaving his two young children in the freezing car outside a walmart in frederick. police say he < four year-old girl and a baby in a car tuesday while he is shopping. -- left a four-year-old girl and a baby in the car.
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>> its crazy. >> is dangerous and anyone in their right mind would not do that. >> he was arrested and trust with child abuse. he refused to comment on the charges against him and the brics childre -- the children were released to their mother. someone shot and killed a golden retriever puppy and on station road in middletown. the owners also have three other dogs but none of them were heard. no word on the suspect or motive. two local high and stores are closing their doors soon. the macy's at laurel mall and the bloomingdale's at the white flint mall are closing early spring. 230 people will lose their jobs as a result. they will be able to apply for jobs at other stores. clearance sales at both locations start on sunday. the two extra days to file your taxes.
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and credit card rates at record highs. paul;aa has those stories and more. >> topping america's money, high credit-card rates. the average is near record high more than 15%. those with bad credit are paying an average of 25%. your card issuers are imposing those penalty rates. richard cordray was appointed by president obama defined as senate republican roadblock. the plans to go-around congress again today to start a summer jobs program for low income youth. the white house says it has commitments already for tens of thousands of jobs. if you wait so the last minute to file your income taxes, you have an extra two days this year until april 17. that is america's money.
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i impam paula farris. it was so cold yesterday, but feel so much better today. >> feels balmy. there was a brief cold snap. now we are on the upswing for the temperatures. a warming trend. let's look at the numbers to start this thursday morning. 34 in the district, 30 at dulles airport, 28 in winchester, 30 in hagerstown. winchester was in the single digits at this time yesterday. the cloud cover and warmer air and makes a difference. the warmer air mass is still advancing into town and the core of the warm air mass will be in town tomorrow and friday. of 17 degrees-- it is 17 degrees warmer now in the district. notice the white on the screen. that is the cloud cover moving
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overhead early this morning. we cannot rule out an isolated dusting of snow east of 95 and up until about 7:00 a.m. otherwise that will move out and we will have a fair amount of sunshine for the rest of the day. no big storm systems. we do have warmer air off to the west. that is in the orange color in the midsection of the country stretching and to southern canada. that will continue pushing our way. the core of the warm air will be over tomorrow and saturday. mid 50's tomorrow and saturday. as for today, mid 40's. that is close to average for this time of year. the average is 43 at reagan national. it's not going to get cold, just cooler on sunday and monday, back in the 40's. by the middle of next week on wednesday we could have a storm system affecting us. snow lovers it's going to be only a rainmaker with that storm
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system. we are crying. i know who is not crying. >> a rainmaker, we are so happy. we are happy about the traffic. get me out of here. good on the greenway, the toll road, seven out of sterling to tysons. no problems in springfield virginia. headlights are northbound out of woodbrige, off and on to the pentagon is getting heavier. allied the beltway and at new hampshire avenue, seeing a little more action. 295 was found in d.c., there's an accident at first sterling. back to you. >> thank you. she is keeping us away. we like that. >> 6:21, 30 degrees in leesburg. >> a record-setting and to west virginia's lopsided victory. next "anderson," the personal side of the oscar-
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winning actress angelina jolie . brad pitt said that he was going to quit acting by 50. >> i will ask him tonight. >> a daytime exclusive. when your kids say you used to wear blood around your neck -- >> i will say that i did.
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into the record books, west virginia.
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the highest scoring bowl game in history. >> quite a distinction. west virginia went all out scoring five touchdowns in the second quarter alone. that is a record. the quarterback, smith threew 401 yards. austin scott four took down passes, a gold record. west virginia's point total also grow and baylor's bowl record set six nights earlier. the most surprising footnote from this game, they led 17-14 after the first quarter. >> monday is a to a championship between lsu and alabama. >> the wizards have a dubious distinction of being the only and winless nba team. the orlando magic rolled across
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the court, out shooting. orlando went on to beat the wizards, 1 03-85. falling forto 0-6 for the first time in their history. still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> tragedy in a texas middle school. why police shot and killed a teenager outside and a grade classroom. >> a despicable crime in downtown d.c. this morning police have a new sketch to try to solve the crime. john gonzalez with that story coming up. >> to address on the upswing. much warmer than this time yesterday.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead mitt romney
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is in the cross hairs. her accent hormuz rolling in cash and michelle bachmann called it quits started the latest headlines from 2012. good morning washington. it is thursday, january 5. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. here is meteorologist at caskey. a relatively warm start to the dead. no single digits, no teens, just 20s and 30s. that disease -- southeast d.c. is 34. much warmer than what we had yesterday at this time by a good 15 to 20 degrees. warm air will continue to move in tomorrow. we should have filtered sun the rest of the day with highs in the mid 40's and warmer tomorrow mid-50's and into saturday.
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the traffic around the beltway has no accidents. we are good on 270 and 95 in maryland but 66 had a crash. let's go live to newschopper7. it was eastbound coming out of gainesville to get into manassas near to 34 business. everything is moved to the shoulders. >> two people were poisoned by carbon monoxide. this was on south dakota avenue in northeast d.c.. there is no word on a cause or the victim's condition president obama is preparing to unveil the largest cuts to the defense budget since the end of the cold war. the president is expected to talk about how the pentagon can cut at least half a billion dollars from its budget over the next 10 years. he is expected to discuss
6:32 am
military strategy changes including a greater focus on asia and not fighting two wars at the same time for the pentagon is already preparing for a reduction in the number of active-duty service members. at least 27 people are dead after a series of explosions in iraq. the blast happened in two shiite neighborhoods. explosions rocked the two neighborhoods and one was in the iraqi capital. at least 60 people were wounded. the republican presidential candidates have changed their focus to the state of new hampshire. they are spreading out across the state. mitt romney is the one to beat in the granite state. >> he has a double digit lead and that has made him the top target of his rivals especially newt gingrich. >> governor romney is a moderate
6:33 am
massachusetts republican to the left of the vast majority of republicans. >> oryx santorum is getting a big boost from his showing in iowa -- rex santorum is getting a big boost from his showing in iowa raising nearly $1 million. we will have complete coverage of the 2012 primary season and gordon peterson and rebecca cooper will be in new hampshire for the primary next tuesday. utah authorities say is one of six police officers were wounded in a shootout and he has died. the officers were looking for drugs in a home when gunfire broke out and another man was wounded in the shootout. he is the only suspect. an investigation is under way after a deadly police- involved shooting at a brownsville middle school. police shot and killed a boy
6:34 am
after he pointed a weapon at them. it appeared to be a real gun but it turned out to be just a pellet gun. police need your help at home. they are trying to assist -- catch is suspected kidnapper. police released a composite sketch of a man who attacked a woman as she drove by the verizon center in chinatown. good morning, this is a crime that has shocked many folks here because it is chinatown. it is very busy and this happened last thursday around 7:30 at this busy introspect -- intersection of seventh and f. a 28-year-old mother was waiting for the light to turn when a man jump in to the passenger side door. there was a 15-month-old baby in the back seat. the lady was approached by the man, he pulled out a gun and he pistol whipped the woman in the
6:35 am
back of the head and forced her to remove all of her clothing and demanded to drive about 3 miles up the road to the petworth neighborhood where he sexually assaulted her. the baby was in the back seat for all of this entire ordeal. police want to make sure that people get a good look at this gets to have released. there was at wrestling event that night so maybe someone will recognize the man and a sketch. -- the man in the sketch. the future of harry thomas jr. is in question. he could resign as soon as tomorrow. he is accused of diverting more than $300,000 in city funds for personal use. he is reportedly seeking a plea deal in which he would leave office in exchange for a short jail sentence. his lawyer is not commenting on those reports. marion barry is running for reelection. he filed to run for his third
6:36 am
consecutive term representing ward 8. several other candidates will challenge him including his former spokeswoman, natalie williams. he was d.c. mayor for four terms. prince george's county officials are grappling with a $125 million budget deficit. they are being forced to make tough cuts and consider controversial proposals that increased revenue. the red light cameras are expected to generate money. they will consider the possibility of slot machines in the county as another way to generate cash. the time is 6:36 and 29 degrees in bowie this morning. >> still i had -- hoping for better luck on the metro blue and yellow line and how the weather made a mess of the morning rush. >> plus, a pair of killers off the coast of california. >> we will check on traffic and weather every 10 ♪ i'm feelin',
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the time is 6:39 and much warmer than this time yesterday. we had that coltsd snap and now temperatures on the rise.
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we are little below freezing in a few spots are above freezing. the highs today will climb into the mid 40's. the clouds overhead is shown in a white and that is moving overhead and will clear out of here. there'll be a fair amount of sunshine today with that warm flow out of the south-southwest. that will hold through tomorrow and saturday. it will drop down to below freezing it will be in the mid 50's tomorrow. further south of town, i would not be surprised if we would hit 60 degrees. it will cool just a little bit by sunday and monday. it looks pretty good on the roads. a crash is gone at sterling avenue. we will take into an accident that happened on 66 eastbound coming out of gainesville to get
6:41 am
into manassas. newschopper7 is looking at the slow traffic and a car wreck that was moved on to both shoulders. maryland traffic looks pretty good across the wilson bridge and good on the belt way through alexandria and oxon hill and moving nicely through local lanes. 6:41 and an amazing fight for whale watchers in california. two wheels were spotted -- killer whales were spotted along the coast. there travel patterns are unpredictable and extremely rare. pretty impressive. >> i would run the other way. >> as long as you are not in the water. >> 6:41 is your time and 31 degrees. >> coming up, a singer, dancer, actor and future husband, just and timber light pops the question. metro was dealing with major
6:42 am
problem because of the cold weather. we will hear from some frustrated customers coming up. >>abby phillips tells us
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6:44 am
five days until the nation's first primary can wreck santorum keep the momentum going. >> had a preview. rick santorum surprised everyone in iowa and now he has to keep that momentum going in south carolina where he has the best chance of collecting the same kind of voters, evangelical
6:45 am
christians who are excited about him a much less excited about mitt romney. i think it will be a tough call whether or not he can raise enough money and collect enough support and get organized and not to compete in south carolina next week. >> rick perry said he was going on to texas to reassess his campaign. people thought he was pulling out because of the how his numbers were in iowa but now he is going to south carolina and skipping new hampshire. is that a good move? >> that is another twist in this crazy campaign. rick perry was going to drop out after i will by all accounts but he seems to have made a determination that he has a good chance of competing in south carolina. that is about right. the evangelical vote will either go to rick santorum all go to someone like rick perry. if he can get those votes, he might be able to get back in this game. it is unclear if he can do that
6:46 am
because it is able late in the game and these candidates are running out of money and support. people are getting a little disenchanted with candidates who don't seem to be getting momentum or have a chance of actually winning. >> thank you so much. take a look at the day ahead -- the man has pleaded guilty in connection with a may crash that has killed three of his friends and he is expected to be sentenced today. he faces up to 40 years in prison. police say he crashed his car into a tree in olney and ran away while his friends died. vincent gray and other city council members will help sendoff military members who will deploy to afghanistan. we went from temperatures to the teens and a few days. >> jummy olabanji is live in
6:47 am
northwest with a look at some the problems related to the weather and some good news for metro riders stranded by yesterday's cracked rail. in dupont circle, it is around 34 degrees which is much warmer that was yesterday at this same time. the good news is that some of the problems that cold weather caused yesterday for metro riders are over. the problems have been corrected but there were problems yesterday for many pepco customers. losing power is the last thing anyone wants to deal with when coping with the cold. >> we don't see any lights on the street that that is what happened to many people living in northwest washington. pepco crews found a bed cables and restored power to the never but that was after several hours. some residents had already given up. >> we are heading out to stay with family.
6:48 am
hopefully it will be fixed by the morning. >> from power lines to train lines, metro was battling the cold. cracks on the rail on the yellow and red lines suspended service during yesterday's morning commute. >> we were literally like sardines and you cannot get on the metro because it is already full. >> metro officials say the extreme fluctuations and temperature were to blame and the problem was fixed by the afternoon. the weather has left some residents wondering what else could be coming. >> it is so called. it will be in the 50's and a couple of days. i don't know what to make of it. >> this morning, many people feel the same way. metro and pepco were not the only organizations and agencies dealing with the similar problems yesterday. up and down the east coast especially in the northeast other transportation agencies and power companies were dealing with problems of their on because of this cold weather.
6:49 am
>> thank you. 6:48 is your time. justin timberlake is now off that market. he reportedly popped the question to actress-girlfriend jessica biel in late december. they had been together on and off for about four and a half years. this was a busy season for people getting engaged. aretha franklin, steven tyler all of them got engaged recently. something must be underwater. >> d.c. was ranked 10th of the 25 best cities to find a date in 2012. alexandra came in 21. atlanta came in number 1. the available number of samples was but factored in the and the
6:50 am
mental and physical health of the city. there you have edge. >> way to go washington. >> good weather is always nice for dating, also. good weather and daylight is also on the upswing. next month we start getting more and more daylight and the sunset is finally back to 5:00 p.m. today. it will get later and later over the next several months. let's look at the temperatures. 34 degrees in the district and manassas is at 28 but 30 degrees in hagerstown which is warmer than yesterday at this time. widespread teens was the difference from yesterday. it is 21 degrees warmer now that was yesterday. you still want york winter
6:51 am
jacket but it is not as bad as yesterday. it is not a big deal. we can handle what we got yesterday and we will probably see it again this winter. here is a look at the cloud cover passing overhead with isolated snow flurries and that cannot be ruled out in southern maryland and the northern neck early this morning we will clear out with a fair amount of sunshine for the majority of the day. no big weather makers across the country but we have this swath of warm air in the midsection of the country stretching up to southern canada which will end our way. the core of that warm air will be in place tomorrow and saturday. yesterday we had a call -- core of the cold air and now we are transitioning into warm air. tomorrow, mid 50's and the same story into saturday and cooling by sunday and monday. as of now, it looks like a rainmaker middle of next week. we are happy that 95
6:52 am
virginia northbound looks like it is moving ok add a fredericksburg to get to 610. i-395 has a story of volume heading across the 14th street bridge which is open. rthis is olney with an accent. that is wanted a clause to prince philip drive for a crash grid wheel of more coming up in
6:53 am
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>> time to check this morning's top stories -- president obama is heading to the pentagon to reveal major changes in military spending and strategy. he is expected to outline millions of dollars of budget cuts and changes to our were fighting ability. best to get his release this composite sketch of a woman who sexually assaulted a woman in northeast d.c. he got into her car near the verizon center and forced her to drive away and attacked her. d.c. councilman harry thomas jr. could resign from office friday. he is accused of diverting city funds for his own use. he is reportedly seeking a plea deal but his lawyer would not comment. let's >> a quick last look at
6:56 am
traffic and weather every 10 minutes. metro rail is a good idea because they are on normal service. we are good and the baltimore washington parkway and south of town at the wilson bridge and 66 eastbound at 50 as slow traffic. just volume. warmer today we are currently around 30 degrees which is warmer than the teens' yesterday. may 40's this afternoon and tomorrow, sunshine and 50's into saturday. we could see a storm system affected by the middle of next week but as of now, it looks like a rainmaker. we will keep an eye on that. >> good morning, america is next. >> have a wonderful day.
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