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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 6, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news this morning. superman. >> eli manning rallies his team to victory with a heart-stopping finish in super bowl xlvi. more than 100 million of us watching for the hits, the hail marys, of course, the big halftime shows. reviews of madonna flooding in overflight. a shocking murder/suicide from a family who spent years in the head lines. josh powell killing himself and his young boys. and also a president love affair in the white house. years before monica lewinsky. good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm tanya rivero.
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paula faris is on assignment. >> new york will honor the giants tomorrow with a ticker tape parade for the winners of super bowl xlvi. >> oh, what a game. it came down to the very last play in a celebration. eli manning with the lombardi trophy on the home field of his brother peyton. >> tahman bradley has all the reaction from the big game. good morning. >> reporter: they did it again. the new york giants knocked off the mighty new england patriots. >> the new york giants given last rites by many in december are the super bowl champs in february. >> reporter: there's something about this giants team, they know how to beat new england. new york captured its second improbable super bowl. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: eli manning does what he does best. the quarterback engineered
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another fourth quarter comeback. on the winning drive, manning completed five passes, none more spectacular than this grab by mario manningham. >> what a catch by manningham! >> reporter: for giants fans, complete jubilation. >> the new york giants have just won! >> reporter: it's more than just a game. madonna performed a few of her classics during the half. ♪ vogue, let your body go with the flow ♪ >> reporter: and there's always the commercial. one standout, clint eastwood on america's comeback for chrysler. >> yeah, it's halftime, america, and the second half is about to begin. >> reporter: with the second super bowl ring, one more than his brother peyton, eli manning enters the conversation with all-time greats right up there with the man he defeated twice
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in a super bowl, tom brady. there was talk in the season that the giants would fire their coach tom coughlin, but now he's the oldest coach to win a super bowl. >> and millions flooded twitter with the postgame reaction. and others weighed. one in particular caught our >> take a look at this message from tim tebow. he tweeted one word. that word was "motivation." we'll have more on the game later this half hour and on "good morning america." we'll be live from indianapolis on this super bowl monday. president obama watched the game at the white house with his family, repeatedly refusing before hand to take sides. on a more serious topic, the president says the direction of the economy has turned around from three years ago, but he admits there's still work to do.
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>> i deserve a second term, but we're not done. we created 3.7 million jobs. we created the most jobs since 2005. the most manufacturing jobs but we're not finished. >> the poll finds mr. obama ahead of mitt romney 51% to 45%. romney campaigns in colorado today following a rare day off the trail yesterday. the romney rolled to an easy victory in nevada over the weekend but his three rivals are vowing to stay in the race. newt gingrich is hoping for a strong showing next month on supertuesday. the caucus in maine is saturday. and another story. a sudden and tragic end to a family drama that's been in the head lines for more than two years. the husband of a missing utah mom has now killed the two children and himself.
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abc's neal karlinsky has the details from seattle. >> reporter: it was a horrifying turn of events from bizarre to sad for years now. police say a caseworker had just dropped off powell's two young sons south of seattle when powell locked the door keeping the caseworker out. moments later there was a smell of gas. the caseworker stepped back and the house exploded into flames. powell was the only person of interest in the disappearance of his wife susan in 2009. did you kill your wife? >> no. >> did you have anything to do with the disappearance of your wife? >> no. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> reporter: the kids were taken from him in the wake of the investigation that also turned up allegations of child pornography related to josh's father. the explosion comes less than a week after a judge ordered josh to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before custody arrangements could be made.
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his strange relations with his wife's family has sometimes boiled over. >> how is it helping? >> how is it helping to find susan? >> reporter: susan powell was reported missing in december 2009. josh powell told police he last saw her around midnight, when he decided to take their two sons on a late-night camping trip in the utah desert. and police say it appears that josh powell preferred to end his life and take his children with him, rather than live separate from them and answer any more questions. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> a heart breaking story. well, no relief in sight for europeans who were shivering through their biggest freeze in decades. the frigid weather has claimed more than 300 lives so far. temperatures in the ukraine have plunged to 30 below zero. helicopters are delivering food to the sick.
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the canals of venice are now covered with a thick layer of ice. also, a major milestone for queen elizabeth, she is celebrating her diamond jubilee, a 60-year reign. she's now the second longest serving monarch in british history. there will be a year's worth of festivities, including a jubilee weekend in early june. >> lots of celebrating. >> a lot of waiting. time for the weather from across the nation. a wet day in the southeast. showers and thunderstorms in the carolinas. eastern georgia and much of florida. as much as 15 degrees milder than normal in the midwest. a few inches of snow in the colorado rockies. and a dusting around denver, windy with evening showers in the san francisco bay area. >> 63 in sacramento. 53 in seattle. and 44 in boise. mostly 40s from the twin cities to chicago and detroit. 52 here in new york. warmer if you're still under the
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influence. 56 in atlanta -- yes -- 66 in dallas. 60 in new orleans. dallas gets to 56. and business news is next. including the alarming warm on gas prices which could skyrocket by spring. also, three u.s. crew ships nursing sick passengers. the latest outbreak of norovirus. and more from the
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now, not the news you want to hear but get ready for another spike in gas prices. aaa reports gasoline rose almost 13 cents in the past month. analysts warn the price could go up another 60 cents by may. it's not demand, but rather, speculation and worry about the middle east. despite that, automakers getting new details. 80% of car buyers start their shopping online. most overseas markets are up on the good jobs report in the u.s. last friday. tokyo's nikkei average was up 97 points today. hong kong's hang seng lost 47. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street the dow rose 202 points last week. the nasdaq index gained 89. both indexes opened this morning at their highest levels in years. and target's latest plan to
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woo shoppers seems to be working. jason wu's fashions sell elsewhere for $5,000 his target items are under 60 bucks. and "the chronicle connecticut showed top honors at the box office. the new film about a group of teenagers with superpowers almost three times the business it had expected. "chronicle" 22 millions. and "woman in black with $21 million. and finally "the grey" with $10 million. coming up, intimate details never revealed before with president kennedy's fair with a white house intern. and the heart-stopping moments from indianapolis. we'll get the highlights from espn. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,...
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what a scene that is. a big apple salute for big blue.
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the empire state building here in new york city is all aglow in blue lights, all, of course in celebration of the new york giants win last night. the lights actually went on saturday evening before the big game. a good luck charm that clearly worked. >> an exciting morning here in new york city for sure. and now a look at morning road conditions wet on i-95. rain drenches i-75 from tampa bay to naples. ice and fog on i-35 from kansas city to minneapolis. snow on i-25 from cheyenne to denver and colorado springs. >> if flying airport delays possible in miami, kansas city minneapolis and chicago. reward money has been pouring in for a teenager missing from become become. samantha koenig, her father sent out a message pleading for her
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safe return and the reward is now over $40,000. jury selection is set to begin forward the university of virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. george huguely allegedly told investigators that he kicked in yeardley love's door and shook her. causing her head to repeatedly hit the wall. her attorneys blamed the death on a mix of alcohol and drugs. 19 americans are facing trial in egypt in despite of the threat to cut $1.5 billion in aid. the americans are accused of using foreign funds to stir up unrest in egypt. the charges all come as turmoil continues to grow a year after the fall of egyptian president ho hosni mubarak. and a stomach virus has sickened three cruise ships.
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a royal caribbean ship they had to be delayed from departing from the next trip. it's easily spread in close quarters to flagships and nursing homes. for the first time, an intern from the white house is sharing intimate deals about an affair with president kennedy. in her book, mimi alford describes being seduced into four days into her internship. she said the first time she had sex in mrs. kennedy's bedroom and thereafter in various white house rooms. but alford said the president never kissed her on the lips. well, security was tight both inside and outside the super bowl last night, but apparently, all of it pretty successful. behind the scenes there were hundreds of police and federal agents. on top of that, bomb-sniffing dogs, remote-controlled robots and all sorts of high-tech gear.
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the air force had fighter jets ready to scramble. time for the highlights from the victory last night. we turn to the best in the business our friends at espn news. good morning, i'm max bretos, this is your espn news update. superbow bowbowl xlvi. top brady and the pats taking on the giants. first quarter, giants up 2-0. eli manning to victor cruz. do you want salsa for those chips. manning 9 for 9 to start the game. second quarter it's tom brady after a slow start finds woodhead. just like that. patriots lead it 10-9. that would be your halftime score. third quarter, brady to hernandez. patriots extend their lead 17-9. then the moment, eli manning for 38 yards. to mario manningham, the meat of
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the sandwich of two defenders. bill belichick would challenge the call but the feet were down. the giants' drive continues. now, giants inside the patriots' 10. the patriots' defense split. the memo, don't score the touchdown. he went in. would he be the go for that? no, he wouldn't. five seconds remaining. brady in the pocket releases a massive ball which is tipped down, almost caught, almost by rob gronkowski. the giants, just as they did in super bowl xlii beat the patriots and they do it in dramatic fashion. the mvp, eli manning, winning that award for the second time. and the battle for super bowl xlvii in new orleans has begun. all right, more from the game coming up next. including which commercials are getting the buzz. >> and once more from madonna.
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get your lipitor co-pay card i'm starting to feel a change. hi jamie, love this stuff. things are moving along. activia helps with occasional irregularity, when eaten 3 times a day. i can't believe that feeling irregular, used to be my normal. ♪ activia love your new normal or it's free. welcome back, everybody. time to check "the pulse" this morning and all the super bowl moments you'll be talking about today, beginning with the commercials. which one was the best? that always depends on who you ask. what this doritos sling baby ad is number one in a "usa
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today"/facebook poll. plus online voting, anyone can weigh in until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night. and getting buzz, jerry seinfeld with the help of the soup nazi and even jay leno. and a popular volkswagen ad featuring a chubby puppy. that story morphing into a commercial being watched on tv. darth vader even makes a cameo appearance. and the little boy's darth vad per. >> and still talking about it's halftime show, madonna and her huge supporting cast. well, they went all out silences critics with a 12-minute spectacle that was more like a vegas show complete with a marching band and a choir. >> that's right, the 53-year-old singing songs along cee lo,
4:24 am
nic nicky minute nag. minaj. >> and the reaction was pretty immediate on twitter where lots of celebrities weighed in. sharon osbourne saying "madonna is back." >> did that go anywhere, though? >> to me, the crews set up and took that thing down in 20 minutes. hats off to them. the super bowl wasn't the only game. over on animal planet it was puppy bowl 8. millions tuned in to watch them play and score a goal. >> and water cam shots and a referee who had to clean up after personal fouls. and the halftime show, get this, cats. >> what else? how appropriate. 9 million people tuned in. for some of you your local news is coming up next.
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updating today's top stories. the new york giants are super bowl champs beating the new england patriots in a nail-biter 21-17. new york will throw a ticker tape parade for its team tomorrow. the husband of a missing utah woman has now killed himself and the couple's two children in a house fire. josh powell was the only person of interest after his wife susan disappeared two years ago. the bitter cold snap gripping europe is being blamed for 300 deaths. ukraine has been hardest hit with temperatures dipping to minus 30. and 70,000 people remain cut off in snowy serbian villages. and here at home. evening showers and high winds around san francisco. and light snow in the colorado rockies. and finally from us this half hour, there were plenty of super bowl parties this weekend. and this morning, plenty of super-sized hangovers.
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>> so what's the best way to get over the hump? abc's linsey davis investigating. >> reporter: some think the only sure cure for a hangover is time. and then there's dr. leonard grossman. >> once you have the hangover, you're done. you know, there's at least four hours of your life that's just lost. >> reporter: he says he's created a way to prevent hangovers. it's called bytox. and he says it does for the hangover what dramamine patches do for morning sickness. he says this patch is like being attached to an i.v., continuously infusing vitamins into the bloodstream. >> alcohol itself is a diuretic. and what happens is the kidneys go into overdrive and you're basically washing out everything that's water-soluble. >> reporter: he created the patch with alex flieshmaker who suffered a hangover so awful after a night out with the boys he had to call on his family friend dr. grossman for help. >> he administered an i.v. full of vitamins. and within ten minutes i felt
4:29 am
great. >> reporter: hangover remedies have been around for as long as booze. coffee, honey, greasy foods, hair of the dog. and now there's blowfish. no, not the poisonous puffer fish. a new over-the-counter drug that promises to upright your hangover. not with fins but with fizz. what makes blowfish more effective than just aspirin and a cup of coffee? >> well, the thing that's special about it is that it's an effervescent. so for one thing, that forces, you know, the sufferer to hydrate. >> reporter: but the authors of a 2005 study in the british medical journal found no convincing evidence that any conventional remedies can cure a hangover. and dr. grossman doesn't exactly dispute that. >> it's not a cure. it's only a prevention. >> reporter: while the science is debatable, the novelty of selling a cure for a super bowl hangover is not. i'm linsey davis in new york.


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