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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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one day this week. >> traffic roundabout way is good. a live picture. very quiet at new hampshire avenue. looks good in virginia on 66, route 7, no problems on the greenway or the toll road, a little manassas. looks fine on 29 headed to the battlefield. looks good through falls church, nothing on 395. looks good on the george washington parkway. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. now to news. >> jury selection will begin in a murder case that stunned the university of virginia. george huguely accused of killing his ex-girlfriend yeardley love, also a lacrosse player john gonzalez. has more. >> good morning. the victim and the suspect or days from graduation at the university of virginia.
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this morning in seven states maryland the presidengeorge huguely -- chevy chase resident george huguely will testify. a pool of 300 people have not been influenced by the high- profile university of virginia murder case, hopefully. >> it is unfortunate. i would rather the university did not have to have this reputation. >> the jurors will see a graphic images of a 22-year-old young woman found dead in her off- campus apartment in may of 2010. defense attorneys lost an argument to go out pictures of her badly bruised and beaten body. >> it was obviously really tragic. >> her ex-boyfriend, his
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attorneys will argue that the death was an accident while he was intoxicated. the university has warns students of emotional distress and will offer counseling. >> i think that we will move past this in time. >> not only will the jury see pictures and listen to recordings, but they will also hear testimony from the girl's mother and sister. there will be among the first to testify. reporting live in charlottesville, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> we invite everyone to stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the trial. you can also get instant updates on time at >> occupy dc protestors have a smaller presence in freedom plaza and mcpherson square. after saturday pose a violent confrontation with police enforcing a camping ban. brianne carter is live in
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northwest with more details this morning. >> behind me at mcpherson square tents remain, but there are very few protesters said after a clash with police on the weekend. now it's a much different scene than 48 hours ago. >> occupy dc as a movement is not going away. >> but it appears to be changing. park police combed through both camps at mcpherson square and freedom plaza enforcing the camping ban. >> this is not an eviction. our main goal is to ensure the health and safety. >> tense moments erupted on saturday at mcpherson square during a more than 12-hour battle between police and protesters. >> one person got really bad club on the arm and another got a finger broken. >> 12 people were arrested included a man they believe is responsible for throwing a brick at an officer in the face. despite all this, protesters
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said they are not going anywhere. >> there will be legislation. something will happen as a result of this. >> things need to get better. >> there's a park police officers still in the park making sure no one is camping out or sleeping inside those tenants. we understand the person who allegedly threw a brick at the officer is expected to appraise a judge today. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> funeral services will be held today for a murdered community activist from alexandria. a funeral for lenny harris is at 4:00 this morning at the greater mount calvary church in northeast. his body was found late last month in a well in fort washington. lin wood johnson and i did are charged with the murder. they believe robbery was a motive. -- linwood johnson and ivan newman. >> the missing mother's house in
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an anti-drug bill tilden were killed in a house explosion in washington state. it was no accident. demille bungee has details. >> authorities believe this was planned, based on a suicide note. minutes before, that was before powell send an e-mail to his attorney with three words. "time avi,." a-- "i'm sorry goodbye." a social worker went to the house. powell locked her out. >> evil was in this neighborhood and it can be anywhere. this is something you don't ever want to experience. >> the man and his two sons died
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in the blast. police say it was no accident. >> this is deeply wrong and it is evil. >> he has been the sole person of interest in the disappearance of his wife susan kerr in 2009. he maintains he took his two sons of the night camping trip the night she disappeared. last year pylos custody of his sons to susan's parents after investigators found sexually oriented images in his home. last week a judge ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. this morning police continued searching for a motive. according to attorneys the older son had just began talking about the night they went camping, telling investigators that his mommy was in the trunk. >> thank you. looking at 31 degrees. >> still ahead a big win in nevada, mitt romney hopes to
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carry the momentum into the next contest for the republican candidates. >> and the latest on your books people still dealing with one of the worst cold snaps in decades. -- in europe.
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>> welcome back. we are getting a check on traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. lisa baden has a look at the roads. >> things are very quiet on 95 right now between richmond and baltimore. no worries on 66, looks good in maryland on 270, in 10 states 70, and in the district. live picture of traffic moving quietly at new hampshire avenue. more to come on the traffic scene, but now to the weather with adam caskey. >> give yourself a couple minutes to escape the frost often concealed this morning. there are some areas of fog. especially western maryland and west virginia. a two hours' drive west of drive allegany county mineral, hampshire county, all included in the dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning with disabilities below a quarter mile. 23 degrees at dulles airport, 24
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in martinsburg, 25 in frederick. we will warm up nicely later on this monday. prize in the low 50's. 53 this afternoon with a lot of sunshine. a company votes on wednesday where we could have a light wintry mix briefly. >> thank you. 5:11. at least 13 people dead after a powerful earthquake struck the central philippines with a magnitude 6.8 quake that destroyed buildings and trigger landslides and buried hundreds of homes. and people are missing. one of the worst cold snaps in decades. more than 100 people died in europe. thousands of been treated for hypothermia and frostbite in bosnia. arivers have been frozen and air traffic has gone to a
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halt. that will stick around for another week. it is 26 degrees la plata. >> president obama response to reports that israel is considering an attack on iran. what he said during an interview yesterday. >> today my journey continues across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. on your side. >> checking our top stories on this monday morning, drizzle to getting underway today of the trial of former university of virginia lacrosse player george huguely. charged with killing his ex- girlfriend 22-year-old yeardley love, asks her charlottesville apartment in may of 2010. this trial is expected to last up to two weeks.
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12 protesters arrested as u.s. park police tried to enforce a camping ban at occupy dc caps at freedom plaza and mcpherson square. mcpherson square turned violent. one officer was hurt when protesters threw a brick and him. a man suspected in his wife's disappearance set his washington state home on fire. jasonjosh powell and his two young sons died in the fire. his wife went missing in utah in 2009. >> gop presidential candidate mitt romney celebrating his big victory saturday about a caucuses. now he's looking ahead to tomorrow's caucuses in colorado and minnesota. at a victory speech in nevada he made no mention of his rivals. not the republicans. the mental, 20 times. >> president obama is shrinking our military. >> on nbc he spokegingrich said
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that he has no intention of giving up. santorum and ron paul say they're not giving up either. >> president obama says he does not think israel is made up its mind whether to air attattack iran and that the u.s. is working with israeli to solve the crisis. >> we have intelligence consultations. >> sealed the issue can be resolved diplomatically but is not taking any options off the table. syrian troops are once again shelling neighborhoods at the center of the unrest. at least 12 people died in the latest skirmishes in the city of homs. at least 200 people died according to some. russia and china have blocked
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attempts to end nearly 11 months of bloodshed. >> former panamanian dictator manuel noriega is in a hospital this morning in panama city. he's being treated for extreme hypertension. the 77-year-old has been serving a sentence for killing political opponents in the 1980's. his blood pressure was very high and. a weekend of intense negotiations increase failed to produce a deal. the prime minister is trying to get coalition partners to accept tough austerity measures as conditions for new bailout. -- in greece. it needs the money by next month in order to avoid a default. those opposed will have a rally today. hacker group called anonymous is stepping up attacks. the shutdown government web sites in sweden and greece and hacked into police web sites in
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several u.s. cities and intercepted a phone call between fbi and scotland yard. now the group is threatening to release details about u.s. military raid that killed civilians in 2005 in haditha. >> uprising statistics about social media. >> now more from tanya rivero. >> twitter and the super bowl. twitter reports in the final three minutes of the super bowl there was an average of 10,000 tweets per second a new record. madonna's halftime show was also a hot topic. one of the most use phrases was madonna is 53. she only generated 8000 tweets per second. smartphones are out selling computers and laptops combined for the first time ever. telephone shipments were up last year and in part thanks to the apple iphone.
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computermaker sales were up almost 15% last year. a study finds women are much more active on facebook than men. the average female user updates her facebook status more than men. >> thank you. >> 5:19. checking traffic and weather. >> it is cold out there. >> widespread 20's. a pretty pleasant work week with one little bump in the road by mid-week. >> just one of them. >> dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. far west of the metro area, parts of western maryland, allegany county, eastern garrett county, mineral, hampshire and party counties of west virginia until 9:00 a.m. with reduced visibilities especially in the valleys out west. defrost still developing outside on services -- surfaces.
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give yourself an extra couple minutes this morning. 31 degrees in the district, 23 dulles airport, 25 in frederick and gaithersburg. a warming nicely this afternoon. clear skies overhead. a beautiful night tonight and a great day today with total sunshine. high-pressure and giving us sunshine. over the four corners, colorado we disturbance -- a weak disturbance will move hereby wednesday. not much moisture in atmosphere to work with. but we could have a little light rain or a brief wintry mix with no accumulation on wednesday. 53 today and sunday. upper 50's tomorrow in spots. on wednesday there is a chance of a light mix. otherwise, sunny and pleasant. >> meandering out of the neighborhood looks good. no problems to report from the trail, marc rail, or vre.
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normal service systemwide. normal travel times along 95. back to you. >> thank you. 5:20 33 degrees in bladensburg. >> the super bowl came down to a hail mary. the question is, who's as would be answered? >> stopping a mother from compulsive hoarding. you want to make a change?
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>> one thing we learned from super bowl xlvi, and the giants and patriots made in the championship game -- >> and incredible giants' move turned out to be the crucial play. >> eli manning.
5:25 am
a catch. >> a great pass from eli manning to mario collected the giants' touchdown. the patriots allowed the score. but tom brady's a hail mary pass fell incomplete. they did not get to do what they wanted. the giants won last night 21- 17. there is the game-changing cast. -- catch. >> i froze my feet when the ball hit my fingertips. i had a little bit of room to work with. world champions. >> the giants live to the lombardi trophy. frustrating for redskins fans. the redskins actually beat the giants twice this season. >> how does that happen?
5:26 am
>> frustrating. >> there was some solace for sports fans. >> hockey fans. 35 saves for batman. the capitals lost, 4-1. will tour rebound tomorrow night against the florida panthers in town. >> fingers crossed. 28 degrees in woodbrige. 5:26. the news continues after 5:30. >> still ahead, learning more about an army general from fairfax county who died in afghanistan. what the military says about the cause adapts. >>-- is cause of death. greg anderson jury selection george huguely.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a jury selection begins in a few hours in a high-profile murder case involving two uva students. and --] >>- >> ♪ let your body moved to the movement ♪ >> another problem, but it was not madonna offending viewers. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. adam caskey is checking the forecast. >> a cold monday morning and a little foggy especially of to the west. you will have a fix frost on the
5:30 am
ground and your windshield this morning. allegany county, western maryland, parts of west virginia including mineral hampshire, and hardy counties until 9:00 a.m., dense fog and advisory. visibility of a quarter mile or less in spots. the 53 degrees this afternoon and even warmer tomorrow. >> interstate 70 eastbound near meyersville, there was a minor crash, now on the shoulder. no problems on 27 south0 found coming out of frederick into montgomery county. veirs mill road looks good and connecticut avenue. looks good coming out of kensington and wheaton. back to you. >> thank you. 5:30. later this morning jury selection begins in the trial of a student charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend. george huguely and yeardley
5:31 am
love were days away from graduating when oneshe was murdered in her apartment. john gonzalez joins us with reaction from campus in charlottesville. >> a chevy chase maryland residents will stand trial this morning for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. it is still not clear if he will testify, but we do know that the jury will listen to recordings between him and police. this morning the circuit court has the daunting task of selecting potential jurors from about 300 people, jurors that have not been influenced by the high-profile murder case. yeardley love was found beaten to death in her off-campus apartment the in may of 2010. after having a heated argument with exports friend george huguely, both of -- with ex- boyfriend george huguely.
5:32 am
the campus is upset that they have to relive the case. >> it is time to be taken care of and so we can move past the best. >> not only will the jury looked at pictures during the trial and listen to recordings, but they will also hear testimony from yeardley love's mother and sister. they will be among the first to testify. reporting live in charlottesville, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> we invite you to stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the trial. you can also look for instance updates online at >> new this morning one person heard in a fiery car crash that happened in northwest washington in the 600 block of pennsylvania avenue. the driver was taken to the hospital. we don't know his condition this hour. investigators are looking into whether a fire was intentionally set in southeast washington at a home on 41st street.
5:33 am
no one was. >> a one-star army general from fairfax county has died in afghanistan. the brigadier-general of fairfax was found dead in kabul. 49-year-old apparently died of natural causes. he was deployed to a afghanistan in december. his unit distributed and military supplies. he leaves behind a wife and four children. >> some occupy dc protesters are still at mcpherson square this morning despite violent clashes with police on the weekend. a police officer was taken to hospital on saturday after being hit in the face with a brick. the protester, accused is expected in court today. 11 people have been arrested at mcpherson square since police began enforcing a camping ban. >> this is not an eviction. our main goal is to ensure the health and safety. >> the occupy movement is here to stay.
5:34 am
we should maintain a physical presence here. >> protestors are allowed to remain on site at all hours as long as they are not camping. >> offering a three-credit class on the occupy movement. 32 students are enrolled at roosevelt university's class in chicago. they will attend meetings and read the newspaper articles. we are looking at 28 degrees in germantown. >> much more coming up. a stunning development in the case of a missing mother in utah. her husband and two children now dead. and it was no accident. >> bad news for drivers. gas prices climbing again. >> have a check on traffic and weather every ten [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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>> the national gallery of art holds the greatest collection of original life sculptures by edgar degas, including his most famous the little dancer age 14. come down and see her, washington. >> good morning, washington. 5:37 is the time, looking at traffic and weather. >> checking in with adam caskey.
5:38 am
rex harrison defrost on the grass and your windshield in the metro. foggy in the west. -- there is frost on the grass. 28 degrees in cumberland. we are in the '20s for the most part. sunshine will warm us up along with a southwesterly wind. 53 this afternoon, which is about average. most of this week, temperatures running above average. 56 tomorrow and sunday. on wednesday a big disturbance will pass overhead to give us areas of light rain and maybe a few wet snowflakes. it does not look like a big deal, not expecting accumulation. we will keep you updated. now, lisa baden. >> and accidents on 70 easter 17 meyersville moved to the shoulder right away. accidents on southbound b-w parkway before 175. one lane is closed.
5:39 am
northbound is quiet on the b-w parkway. normal travel times at the american legion bridge. in pretty good shape is traffic along 270. >> it's tough to ride the metro for lot of people especially the disabled. one-third of metro's nearly 12,000 stops are not accessible. it's a difficult problem to fix because metro cannot force towns and cities to make improvements and many of them don't have the money to do so. >> gas prices are continuing decline. the national average price per gallon of regular is now $3.48. in d.c., of $3.70. in maryland, $3.52. $3.45 in virginia.
5:40 am
it is 26 degrees in la plata. >> learn how queen elizabeth ii is marking a special anniversary today. >> the new york giants given last rites by many in december are the super bowl champions in february. >> celebration time for giants fans. we have highlights what do you get
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>> tonight at 5:00, someone else's secret may be causing health problems for you. years of trash accumulated behind closed doors. what some local task forces are doing to tackle the soaring case ofs of hoarding. >> jury selection begins today in the trial of the former university of virginia lacrosse player charged with killing his ex-girlfriend. george huguely is accused of murdering 22-year-old yeardley
5:44 am
love captain at her apartment in may of 2010. the trial is expected to last two weeks. and will services today for murder in alexandria activist lenny harris. his body was found late last month. it was behind a home in fort washington. he had been missing since september. two people arrested in his murder. freedom plaza and mcpherson square, a violent confrontation between police and protesters as police tried to enforce a ban on camping. at least 12 protesters arrested. >> following a developing story from washington state. investigators say the husband of a missing utah woman intentionally set a fire killing himself and his two young sons. those flames broke out shortly after a social worker dropped the boys off at jasonjosh powell's
5:45 am
home not far from seattle. this was days after an evaluation was ordered. >> this is deeply wrong. this is evil. >> his wife went missing in 2009 in utah. he was denied any and -- denied any involvement in histhe disappearance. >> their 18 in minnesota a memorial mass will be held for the only americans missing in the italian cruise ship disaster. they were among 15 people missing. seven teen mothers are confirmed dead. underwater operations have resumed to prepare the ship for removing tons of oil. the work was halted several days because of stormy weather. early in the weekend two princess cruise line ships stemming from fort lauderdale reported outbreaks of norovirus. the voyager left new orleans two
5:46 am
hours late on saturday because people are coming down with the illness. the cdc has not said how many passengers were sick. >> queen elizabeth marking 60 years since she began her reign. she attended church service on the eve of her diamond jubilee. she wrote a message thanking all her supporters and reaffirmed their dedication to the british people. she will be at a nursing school today and the main celebration will take place in june. there will be many others throw out the year. >> day super bowl last night, plenty of eyes on indianapolis last night for super bowl xlvi. the 99 stand without a little controversy. >> in data be something. during the halftime show, singer m.i.a. stock up her middle finger. nbc said it made it onto the air because of a failure in the delays system and is apologizing to fans. tahman bradley is joining us with some of the better moments
5:47 am
from the game. good morning. >> good morning. a great game and a great season for the new york giants. a few months ago they looked not so good. but they persevered and now they are the champions. they did it again. the new york giants knocked off the mighty new england patriots to win super bowl xlvi. >> the new york giants given last rites by many in december are the super bowl champions in february. >> there's something about this giants team. they know how to be. new york chapter in its second andof super bowl victory over the patriots in four years. -- captured. eli manning completed five passes, none more spectacular than this 38-yard pass to mario.
5:48 am
the final score 21-17. >> we never lost faith. >> for giants fans, complete jubilation. >> go giants. the new york giants just one. >> the super bowl is a lot more than just a game. madonna performed a few of her classic songs during halftime. >> ,♪ vogue ♪ >> and there's always the commercials. clint eastwood on america's comeback for chrysler. >> our second task is about to begin. >> eli manning now enters the conversation of all-time greats, right up there with the man he has now defeated twice in the super bowl, tom brady. there was talk earlier in the season the giants would fire their head coach. now he is the oldest coach ever to win the superbowl and will
5:49 am
lead his team in a parade tomorrow in new york. reporting live in northwest tahman bradley, abc 7 news. >> bragging rights for eli manning and his family. it turns out to the giants declared themselves the winners of the super bowl, a day early. this message was posted on the team website on saturday saying the giants would be super bowl champions and offered fans an opportunity to buy some of that commemorative yegear. >> maybe they spoke in skid- resistance. -- spoke it in to existence. target has another designer collaboration. and free coffee at starbucks. >> designer jason wu is known for dressing first lady michelle obama at the inaugural ball. now his fashions are selling at target. if you are lucky enough to get your hands on them.
5:50 am
demand is so high-tec that women need and were snatched items from one another. there's no relief in sight for high juicebeef prices. that includes mcdonald's. starbucks has a lighter blonde roast. today until wednesday participating stores will give you a free drink of your choice any size of if you buy a bag of the 16-ounce new roast. they believe this new one will be a billion dollar move for the company. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. any news about coffee is welcome
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this morning. >> we will take it. absolutely. let's get a look at the weather for today. off to a cold start. i really enjoyed looking at the moon this morning. almost a full moon. >> it is eliminated over 96%. >> that close. >> we will start with a great picture in ijamsville. you can see it in the distance. oakdale high school facing west. the moon will sat momentarily appear that will dip below the horizon. -- will set. it is cold, mostly in the '20s. 25 in strasbourg, virginia. 29 in arlington. even around the beltway we are in the upper 20's. cold on this monday morning. warming up nicely later today. picks frost this morning. give yourself of your extra
5:52 am
minutes to scrape the windshield. dense fog advisory in parts of west virginia and western maryland until 9:00 a.m. clear skies and a lot of sunshine to enjoy for the daytime. taipei share overhead will give us a sunshine today and tomorrow. there is a weak disturbance over the colorado rockies. that will track east. by wednesday it will make it to the washington area. there will not be much moisture associated with this system, but it could be enough to give us areas of light rain and maybe a brief wintry mix on wednesday. it does not look like a big deal. this week will be great otherwise. above-average temperatures. the average high is 45. 53 4 this afternoon. sunny and warmer tomorrow, may be nearing 60 farther south of the metro area. obama on wednesday, slight chance of sperrylite wintry mix briefly. cooling down by the weekend highs near 40 degrees by bent. what about the commute?
5:53 am
>> looks decent. even 70 eastbound meyersville there was a minor crash. that was moved to the shoulder right away. anticipates a little bit of a slowdown. b-w parkway southbound collision is before 175. if you are headed south past nsa, you are in good shape. looks good through northeast washington. no problems on kenilworth avenue or new york ave. looks good at the american legion bridge. normal troubled times on 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. the low volume southbound out of frederick. here come your neighbors, northbound 95 is the newington traffic to get to springfield. metrometro rail vre, and marc rail reporting normal service. >> i thought a lot of people would be calling in sick today.
5:54 am
>> yes. >> we are looking at 33 degrees in bladensburg. >> we are here for you. taking a look at the
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> glendale, arizona is the place to be this weekend if you have a sweet tooth. >> people from all over the country showed up at the chocolate affair. a three-day event featuring confections ranging from chocolate covered bacon to
5:57 am
chocolate cupcakes. >> i'm holding it down right now. >> check out this. raleigh, north carolina. they had to run to 0.5 miles it doesn't krispy kreme donuts then run and an additional 2.5 miles. the event raised money for children's hospital. >> by the clock 57 right now. much more to come in the next hour. >> i like that idea. makes you feel pretty good. >> i like eating doughnuts. >> a live report coming up from charlottesville. jury selection begins today in a high-profile murder trial involving a student charged with killing his ex-girlfriend. >> lisa baden will help you get to work on this monday morning. we will see how much traffic is out there this m they were made for each other. they're, like, the perfect match. brad and jill in accounting? crazy!
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coffee and chocolate. mocha. ooh! who's mocha? for the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate, try a mocha coffee or latte today.
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i'm drinkin' dunkin'. definitely dunkin'. you know, i need to get that jolt in the morning but i want sething good to do that. you can't mistake the flavor. i run on dunkin'. tell us what you're drinkin' for a chance to be famous. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> jury selection in the george huguely move your child. we will -- murder trial. we will have a preview. >> there are very few protesters out here this morning we will have the latest on the clash at the encampment at occupy d.c. >> eli manning has done it


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