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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> a big story at 6:00 what happened to winter? it seemed to have never shut up. >> it is starting to feel like summer already. a lot of people out along the basin this afternoon taking advantage of warm temperatures. we are in store for more of the same. doug hill starts things off tonight. >> temperatures are what we have average around the first of gnp. 78 degrees of side of the weather center. a cloud free sky. temperatures will cool a bit but even overnight lows will be warmer than average daytime highs. 80 degrees at reagan national airport. temperatures warming up in ocean city. current temperatures around the area -- look at that. 62 degrees and ocean city.
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we will stay clear and warm for the evening and overnight with temperatures in the 50's. how many more days to we have in this pattern? we will let you know and a few minutes. >> we are not alone with the unseasonably warm temperatures. this is from minnesota outside of minneapolis where golfers hit the links today. eastern two-thirds of the country is experiencing the same type of warm weather. parts of the pacific northwest are still under snow. >> you can check the temperature for your town anytime on click on the weather tab at the top of the page. >> new developments in the virginia tech wrongful death suit. the jury found the school negligent in the 2007 shooting spree after three hours of deliberation. the jury agreed with the parents of two students.
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they found university officials failed to send a campus warning when the shooting first occurred. 33 people died and the rampage. the plaintiffs were each awarded $4 million. >>heather mcguire was shot to death tuesday morning. gilberti dump for body onto the road and kensington. he had been arrested last weekend for violating a protective order. >> were all afraid of him. we try to be on his good side. i helped him a lot. he lived out of his car. if i met him today, i would walk the other way. >> he was later found inside a home in rockville. they had three children together. a memorial fund has been set up for the family. >> the republican hits for
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president are back on the beat with mitt romney looking for more wins in the midwest. he lost to rick santorum yesterday, but he won in hawaii and american samoa. rebecca cooper is live with more from the day after the southern primaries. >> today mitt romney said he is not worried about his double the feet in the south last night. he is still winning the delegate count and has a 1 million vote lead overall. instead of campaigning, today he is in new york city to raise more money. his coffers need replenishment after millions spent trying to clear the republican field. >> all of the money spent in the south did not pay off. a majority of voters deemed him not conservative enough. and now the winner says time is up on mitt romney's sense of
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inevitability. >> for somebody who thinks this race is inevitable he spent a whole lot of money against me for being inevitable. >> many voters remain convinced he will be the nominee. >> i think he has it in the back. only time will tell. >> these voters disagree with those who say the competition makes him stronger. >> i think it has hurt him. he has made a lot more gaffes as a result of everything that happened. >> exit polls show rick santorum won every age group except those over 65. despite all the talk about santorum turning off women voters, he won them in both mississippi and alabama. newt gingrich won the majority of white men. >> mitt romney does have a significant delegate lead -- 489 to rick santorum's 234.
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mitt romney will focus on fund- raising in manhattan and then go to puerto rico. some big prizes in louisiana and illinois. virginia has a caucus on saturday. >> thank you. next on the official election calendar, the missouri caucuses on saturday. on sunday puerto rico will hold its republican caucuses. on tuesday the illinois primary is expected to be a tight one. >> the white house literally roll out the red carpet today for the british prime minister. president obama welcome the david cameron and his wife to washington. tonight the obama as host a state dinner at the white house for the camerons. >> leon panetta was not injured after officials say a stolen vehicle crashed right near to where his plane was landing in
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afghanistan. his surprise trip comes in the wake of a mass shooting by an american soldier. panetta spoke before a group of soldiers. he said the incident is upsetting, but does not define the relationship between the u.s. and afghanistan. >> each of these incidents is deeply troubling. we have to learn the lesson from each of those incidents. that way we do everything possible to make sure that they do not happen again. >> his two day visit includes meetings with president karzai and afghan defense officials. >> america opposes air traffic controllers have a contract extension to that. they have agreed to extend the current contracts through june 2016. this deal affects 15,000 men and women who work in the control tower's. it will get the same.
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it's given to other federal workers instead of negotiating workers on the -- negotiating races on a case by case basis. >> the episcopal church needs more than $20 million to make repairs to the cathedral after the august earthquake. that is on top of $30 million for other preservation work. the iconic washington structure faces one of the worst financial crunches in its 105 year history. >> still to come, a new casino hits the jackpot. the first delivery of slot machines. >> how you can speak up about a big fare hike coming to a commuter rail system. >> more federal subpoenas to campaigns that received
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>> will continue without rich over d.c. residence after word that campaign records have been subpoenaed. >> saddam ford follows up with reaction. -- sam ford follows up with reaction. >> it seems that any candidate with contributions was a focus for the probe. we spoke with the treasure of
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the campaign of a losing candidate who said they received only one check from one of his associates and they were subpoenaed. two council members went on the air today. >> he told us her campaign office received a subpoena today. jack evans said he received one yesterday. >> they are looking into all of the campaign finance stuff involved jeff thompson. it does not surprise me that everyone would be looked at. >> geoffrey thompson gave money to 12 of the 13 members of the council. you will see money for candidates who won, lost. campaigns of both are receiving federal subpoenas. >> i have not received anything regarding a subpoena or jeff thompson at all. >> he added "as of yet."
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vincent gray of another investigation, they are cynical of the latest news. >> money talks, and when you need a favor -- >> >> i think it is the corruption of corruption that has -- the culture of corruption that has caught up with us. i know there is a perception of ethics. >> he is also among those calling for an end to corporate contributions. >> thank you. next at 6:00, apple announces when the new ipad will be released. >> a warm wednesday.
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>> almost time to hit the slot that they do live casino. the first 100 slot machines were delivered. it is scheduled to open in june. it will be the largest slot machine. >> a hearing has been set for this friday in annapolis. a prince george's county executive is asking them to support the casino and pass legislation for it. voters would have to approve a referendum. the county would make $30 million a year in tax revenue. >> writing rails in virginia may soon cost more. they are holding a series of
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public meetings to run the area. if they prove, it will take effect in july. they need to offset rising costs and state and federal funding. >> it will be an early morning for people who want the latest version of the ipad. they will go on sale at 8:00 friday morning. no doubt, they will be long lines for many hours before the release. at least 1 million ipads will be sold on friday. you can get an ipad for free. all you have to do is enter the contest on our facebook page. we will announce the winner friday afternoon at 5:00. >> if you are camped out overnight, what will the weather be like? >> i think it would be all right. i would take an umbrella just in case. >> he did not want to get your new ipad web. >> absolutely not.
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-- you do not want to get your ipad what. >> we have one more day of this but then it will cool off a bit. looking like at the naval academy. we use this camera earlier, but there was a bird that was perched on the camera using it as a rest stops and it blocked the shot. temperatures 65. looking live from arlington. we notice the color starting to come out on trees. green will be replaced by ping before long. a very early bloom in the. share pictures to take. dickenson and to us on twitter or facebook or to eyewitness at 81 degrees and 54 today. the record was 86. tamara's record is 81 so if we
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had 81 or 82 that is record territory. -- tomorrow's record is 81 so if we hit 81 or 82 that is record territory. a record high today in st. louis. 70's and 80's around a large portion of the country. pretty much east of denver temperatures are above average. it is two degrees warmer in chicago and miami. everything is upside down. we will watch the front to move and tomorrow. the potential for a couple of isolated showers or thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon just about anywhere. on friday we have a better chance of more widespread showers and thunderstorms of temperatures back off to 75 for a high. all of this should push east giving us a slow improvement for
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the weekend. 56 degrees in the morning and 76 midday. better chances on friday. the leprechaun is happy, st. patrick's day will be warm and dry. in other warmup begins next week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> are the redskins going to get mr. griffin? >> this is a done deal, and they are moving around to get other pieces. they have been aggressive in free agency. now they are pursuing ben glove. the cornerback aaron ros on friday. they were close yesterday to signing him. talks broke down. he is talking to other teams. mike shannanhan originally
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drafted him in denver and he was like in here to play with the redskins. so for cornerback josh wilson likes the free agency game plan. >> last year they went and got all the defense of people we needed. we were a good defense. now we get a lot of dynamic offensive people with wide receivers and rgiii, we have some things happening over here in the nation's capital. >> josh wilson likes it. calvin johnson is the highest- paid receiver now in the league. he will get $132 billion over eight years with $60 million guaranteed. -- $132 million over eight years. >> georgetown has arrived in
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columbus, ohio. failure is not what they want to focus on. they play belmont on friday. they're trying to stay focused and positive. >> each and every year with a different set of circumstances i do not think there is one common theme. every team in this field is good. every team is confident about who they are. you have to have a good game. >> the tournament got under way with a first for. what a start. he went crazy. 16 of his 23 points came in the second half. byu came flying back and won 78- 72. the capitals made a comeback on their own. they were getting hammered four- one, but things turned around. ovechkin started having
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flashbacks to his days of being the best player in the planet. in the shootout, this is matt henry with a chance to win. -- matt hendrix with a chance to win. florida also won last night. their lead is still one game. linsanity is linsufficient right now. today the head coach resigned. they have lost six games in a row.
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>> it has been a great week so far. >> it will continue one more day. 58 in the morning. 81 could be a record. a better chance of storms friday and cooler over the weekend. a warming of next week. >> see you at 11:00.
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