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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 2, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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. tonighta "nightline," mega millions mystery. three people out there are holding winning tickets, but who are they? tonight the plot thickens as one small illinois towown, and in maryland, we hear from the woman who everyone thought was a winner. . standing up for full-figured fashionistas. the larger sizes are flying off the racks. plus two weeks ago, a nobody, now an international
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star. he's simon cowell's latest fledgling. >> good evening, i'm juju chang. there may be $656 million jackpot has turned into a mega mystery. while the rest of us have useless paper, we know there are three winners in three states. while it took a few seconds for a machine to spit out the magic numbers, who picked them and who will profit is taking longer to sort out. >> reporter: tonight the mystery only deepens. the maryland woman who told the "new york post" she had a ticket worth almost $220 million told us she needs to double-check. >> reporter: do you still have the ticket?
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she works at this mcdojd's outside baltimore, a mile away from where the winning ticket was bought. she's not the only one confused. when she told the paper she won, her mostly cloudy's co-workers said, wait a minute, we won too. they say she was part of their mcdonald's office pool. >> everybody give like $5 each. >> reporter: all of this back-biting, all of this angst and remember, we don't even know if she actually won a cent. what we do know is this scenario has played out plenty of times before. >> i think people who are in that position should learn a lesson from our case. that they do have responsibility in order to protect themselves and to protect other members of the pool, they really should have the ground rules straight. >> reporter: eric kahn
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represented five construction workers who in 2009 pooled their money with another company employee for a chance at winning a $77 million power ball jackpot. lopez took an extended leave of absence and returned to work four months later to tell his boss he was quitting. he won the lottery. he claimed he bought the ticket alone. a jury awarded hisco workers, $4 million each. >> if you buy other tickets, you have to make it clear. otherwise it's a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: don't think those mcdonald's employees in maryland aren't taking note. now to the second big winner, the ticket was bought in the sleepy illinois town of red bud. >> oh, my gosh, everybody's guessing and rumors are flying.
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>> reporter: 3,500 people live here. everyone knows everyone, and everyone wants to know one thing. >> everybody's wondering who won it, how many, whether it's one person or a bunch of people. i myself, hope it's a bunch of people. >> reporter: we did our best to find out. this is the only happening place in town. maybe somebody knows something here. inside the bar we came across gary lever. according to the rumor mill, he's the big winner. >> i didn't win, i didn't win. >> reporter: he's got hundreds of congratulatory calls and at least that many text messages. >> congratulations! >> reporter: he said he's even had reporters camped out at his house. somebody said i won the lottery and the great part about it, i didn't even buy a ticket. >> reporter: but in this one stop light town, no need to let the facts get in the bay of a
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great story. the latest rumor, the winners are a group of sealsmen at this dealership. he says the calls never stop. >> they ask, did you win? the answer is, you wouldn't be talking to me if i did. >> reporter: illinois law says whoever gets the check must come forward at some point, but they have a year to stay in the shadows. remember, it's only been three days. the third winner bought the ticket in kansas. that's about all we know and maybe all we'll ever know. the state allows lottery winners to remain anonymous, even the store where the ticket was bought isn't revealed. there are some mega millions winners more than happy to show their faces. across the country, 161 players matched five numbers and won $250,000, including 29
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californians. among them, this guy whose already quit his job at an l.a. doughnut shop. new york has 17 second-place winners, including a dozen employees of this sushi restaurant. >> oh, my god! >> as far the biggest winners, the people suddenly very wealthy, tonight their identities remain a mystery. and like any good one, this one may take some time to unravel. our thanks to ryan owens for following the money. up next, queen latifah rocks it, so does melissa mccarthy. have we entered the era of supericized and sexy? e is the w. i can't breathe and forget sleeping. good mornings? not likely! i've tried the pills the sprays even some home remedies. then i tried something new.
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. it seems ironic that chic fashion models are getting emaciated, real women are getting curvier. the average american woman now weighs 164 pounds and wears a size 14 or 16. there's at least one company out that's challenged this thin standard and proved that being overweight or obese, doesn't mean you can't be glam. ♪ >> reporter: no one was shocked when she shoopd up a half dozen grammys. but adele showing her size 16 body on the cover of this month's vogue, now that got fashionistas attention. >> we spent a lot of time working on this pants. >> reporter: bucksom women like queen latifah and melissa mccarthy of "bridesmaids" fame are thumbing mr. plus-size noses
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the uner skinny. they're launching their own line of clothes to cash in on the market. retailers are paying attention. enter fashion to figure, a new chain of stores providing stylish and glam clothes for women sizes 12 to 26. >> so much of the pain of being overweight is the inability to go into a store and buy what you want. >> yes. being exceptionalized and marginalized. >> reporter: michael caplin was studying for his mba when he noticed the latest trend, where an expensive look on the runway is created cheaply in stores. it was ignoring the plus-size market. >> this is like something of interest and it's $32. >> we don't have a dress in our store more than $40, and the dresses are in that range. that's our fast fashion model. people come into our store and will see new things every week.
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new boxings show up in our store every day. >> reporter: does that coincide with the fact that a full-figured demo is lower income and looking for value? >> that's not why we do it. we do it because we think it's the best business model. >> reporter: michael brother toiled in retail for 20 years. little sister paily trained at nordstrom. their business model, enough with the size two. but no mu mus allowed. >> chic say mind-set, not a size range. >> watch amanda transform before your eyes. she's 17 and about to graduate from high school. >> she's going to italy. >> reporter: she's trying to clothes she never imagined herself wearing. it will me what you see there. >> i see a beautiful girl. >> reporter: with a little help from underpinning.
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what's that for? >> it brings the woman's figure in one to four inches. >> reporter: garments like that make up 14% of fashion to figure steals and boost amanda's courage to try on a dress for the first time since she was six years old. >> i always felt like the girl who's the perfect friend to, like, a boy, and maybe this will hopefully get me, like a date or something. >> reporter: check out your daughter. >> oh, my baby! >> reporter: look at her. turns out full figure fashion is in the caplin's dna. their great grandmother was lane bryant, yep, that lane bryant, whose plus-size clothing empire includes nearly 850 stores and a billion dollars in revenue just last year. 13450e became a pioneering
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businesswoman when her husband died. >> he left her a pair of earrings which she pawned for a sewing machine. >> reporter: their demo is a generation of young people whose obesity rates have tripled in the last 30 years. >> there are critics who say isn't this celebrating obesity? a size 26 is a 300 pound girl. that can't be healthy. >> we're not in the business of labelling people. i think we're really all about confidence. we are trying to make people feel confident and we're there for you no matter what size you are. >> i definitely think that people should always be health conscious, but i think you should be comfortable with who you are as a human being, whatever size it is. >> big smile, awesome. >> reporter: anna is a plus-size
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model. she argues having sexy clothes options doesn't enable someone to be obese, quite the opposite. >> pants are like a paper bag every day. i would grow to fill that paper bag. whereas when i have something that looks awesome on me, i'm out, doing stuff. i'm with my friends and experiencing life. >> reporter: one is less likely to be on the couch eating a bag of chips. a woman after great grandma's heart. how do you think grandma would react? >> i think she would love it. i think she'd be pretty proud. >> reporter: and also a bit flabbergasted at how scommuj sexy plus-size fashion has become. no more frumpy fashions for anyone. . just ahead, brnt's got talent turns out an unlikely
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in the last few weeks, a shy 280-pound teenager has been making major waves, first on british tv and then around the
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globe via youtube. its his superstar voice and not so polished look that's captured hearts. nick watt brings us the full story of his homeland homeliest hero. ♪ >> reporter: in america, everyvesence charms. even "the voice" is supposed to be about "the voice." ♪ ♪ i'm free falling. over here on britain's got talent, occasionally we like to weave a different narrative. unlikely looking star shambles on stage.
11:57 pm
jonathan is 17, prey to the bullies at school. >> it damaged my confidence quite a bit. >> reporter: he was paired with charlotte in music class. >> i'm protective of jonathan. >> reporter: eyes roll. and then ♪ >> jonathan, you are a future star. >> it wasn't just that he was overweight and homely looking, he didn't look like an opera singer. he looked like a heavy metal guy. >> reporter: he looks like that guy from lost, before you can say sinically manufactured pop act, there's a youtube clip fest. >> we're trained to think that only beautiful people can sing, but the other part of it, a lot of people that look like that don't really have the confidence. >> reporter: it's susan boyle
11:58 pm
all over again. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: she came second but sold 14 million records worldwide. he had bad teeth and everything and won the show. >> i'm just moving the garbage. doing what i love doing and i'm just incredibly fortunate. >> i love your album. it's absolutely fantastic. >> he's the normal guy who's done well. everything was stacked up against him. he was bullied, in debt. he was shy and then he enters this competition and within two months of winning, he's number one in 17 countries in the world. i mean it's like a fairy tale story. ♪ >> reporter: now jonathan antoine is ripping up britain's got talent. simon suggested he ditch his friend and go it alone but he said no, he insists that she's
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coming along for the ride. what a guy! but enough already, i'll buy his records. just stop trying to make me cry. i'm nick watt for "nightline," in london. >> admit it nick, you had goose bumps too. tonight we note for you. police have identified a man suspected of going to a shooting rampage today at oikos university a religious school in oakland california. the gunlman entered the university at 10:30 a.m. and fired multiple shots. 43-year-old former student and korean national is being held for killing seven people and wounding three others. he sur returned at a market earlier this evening. be sure to watch "good morning america" tomorrow for full details from the scene. tomorrow night on "nightline," we'll have cynthia mcfadden's


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