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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 5, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. severe weather alert. new warnings for more tornadoes, strong winds and extreme weather for the entire southeast this morning, as a tornado ravaged areas of texas are only just beginning to clean up. sam is tracking the new danger zone. and brand-new details on the final moments of whitney houston. the star found facedown in a foot of scalding water in her hotel bathtub. the shocking evidence, now revealed just a few feet away. hollywood downfall. how did this sitcom star from "that '70s" show, go from blonde bombshell to rock-bottom. now, she tells her side of the story on "gma." and snake on a plane.
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the sudden surprise in the cockpit and right into the pilot's lap, forcing an emergency landing just ten minutes after takeoff. how did he end up with such poisonous company in the cabin? good morning, everyone. robin, on vacation this week. glad to have katie here for a couple more days. and i'm learning something from you every day. got your tweet about an hour ago. it's national fun at work day? >> that's what i proclaimed it. i needed something to inspire me this morning. >> you remembered. thursdays are the toughest day. >> what's that you told me. and i think you're right. do you ever get up in the middle of the night? do you have that problem? >> every day. >> you wake up in the middle of the night. when i'm not doing this show, i get up in the middle of the night all the time. as do my friends. i think it may have something to do with my age.
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that's a different story. there's a newly approved sleeping pill hitting the shelves. is it finally the solution to a good night's rest? dr. richard besser will be here with a closer look at this. and look at this woman right here. her name is a man that brick. she wrote a provocative blog. i'm going to quote a little bit of it. there's down sides to being pretty. the number one being that women hate me mostly because of my lovely looks. >> don't hate me because i'm beautiful? >> yeah. >> that's interesting. >> we're going to hear from her. also, this laugh will get you going on a thursday morning. take a listen. she is the housewife who really knows how to spice things up. eva longoria speaking out about life after wisteria lane and the role that made her a star. she is beautiful. she is nice. and she is incredibly smart. and that is very annoying.
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>> you're going to have a giant samantha brick right there. now, the new threat for severe weather after an already difficult week. sam, it's the southeast on high alert. >> yeah. and take a look at this. this is a handful of hail, as katie put it when we walked into the room. this is from houston. remember, we're talking about the line of storms that set off these twisters in texas. and in the dallas area, we got the report that the forney tornado was an ef-3. 150-mile-per-hour winds in that storm. amazing nobody died when you see the destruction in the neighborhoods. here's where the worst storms are lining up this morning, in southern louisiana, also through the florida keys. there's been a lot of tornado watches and warnings kicking off through that area. the storms are going to light up the entire southeast today. atlanta, orlando, jacksonville, tallahassee. we'll go over who gets storms and what to watch. but they will continue this morning and into the afternoon. >> thanks very much. now, let's bring in josh and the rest of the news.
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>> good morning. we begin with the economy. new signs of trouble, affecting everything from the price of your home to your grocery bill. stocks suffered the worst loss in a month yesterday. the dow has fallen by 100 points. one reason, the new worries about the debt crisis in europe. but another factor, the federal reserve, appears less willing to stimulate the economy. experts are predicting a new wave of foreclosures. and food prices rose in march for the third-consecutive month, thanks to crop shortages and the gas used in machinery and shipping. and it's been caused the most significant case of police misduct since rodney king. now, the five police officers are going to prison. they were accused of shooting an unarmed family crossing a bridge to find food after hurricane katrina. the sentences handed down to the officers ranged from 38 to 65 years behind bars.
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another officer convicted in the cover-up faces six years behind bars. to a sign of the times in afghanistan. look at this photo. it's from a park in a normally peaceful city in the north. u.s. soldiers were sightseeing there, taking pictures, when a man walked up to them and blew himself up. three of the soldiers were killed. the ones you see there were wounded. attacks are on the rise. everyone, now, as the spring season arrives. and in medical news, intriguing, new clues about the causes of autism. for the first time, scientists have identified genetic mutations that increase a child's risk. they found more evidence that the ages of the parents, particularly when a father is over 35, upped the odds of developing the disorder. and a rare sight in miami. boxing legend, muhammad ali, look at the greatest there, surprising the crowd at the marlins season opener in miami. delivering the first pitch at the team's stadium.
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the parkinson's prevented him from throwing the ball. but did it not diminish the fans' excitement. they gave him a much-deserved standing ovation. when you're in air traffic control and you hear snake on a plane, you think you're being punk'd. you don't think it is real. for this guy in australia, it was real. an australian pilot on a solo flight, just flying along, when a snake popped up from behind his dashboard. what's worse, it started slithering down his leg as he was landing the plane. even worse, it didn't disappear. as of this morning, still no sign of the snake. the pilot won't be flying that plane until it is found. that's a smart pilot, folks. >> that was a big snake. >> a huge snake. >> how did it get on the plane? nobody knows? >> nobody knows. >> was he the only one on the plane? >> he was on a solo flight.
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when they get the snake, i'm sure we'll have a comprehensive investigation. >> go down there for it. >> done. shocking, new details coming out from the l.a. coroner about the death of whitney houston this morning. the final 42-page report, revealing that the superstar may have overdosed on a cocktail of illegal narcotics, prescription medications and alcohol. abc's jim avila joins us now with the latest. jim? >> reporter: good morning, katie. today we learn, perhaps, more intimate details about whitney houston's death than we probably want to know. drowning in water so hot, it scatted her. from cigarettes, to alcohol, to her nemesis, cocaine. coroner investigators found champagne and beer, leftovers. a bag of prescription drugs. a bathtub filled with a foot of 93-degree water. on the bathroom counter, a few feet from where whitney houston's body was found, cigarette butts and evidence of the drug she battled and lost
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her life to. the final coroner's inventory reads, white, powdery substance. a small 13507b with a crystal-like substance in it. and a rolled up piece of white paper. the tools of an addict. the l.a. coroner's office would not elaborate. >> the report stands for itself. we've released it, both to beverly hills p.d. and family. >> reporter: she was alone when she died. her assistant out shopping. returning less than an hour later, to find her boss facedown in the bathtub, the water still hot. blood dripping from her nose. >> this unfortunate lady was overcome by a combination of drugs. she lost consciousness. she fell into the bathtub. she was unable to cry out for help. >> reporter: renowned forensic pathologist, cyril wecht, said a bruise on houston's forehead and
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her position in the tub, makes him believe she blacked out before hitting the water. >> there was no escape regretly for whitney houston. why? because she was not conscious, she was not physically capable of escaping from that bathtub. >> reporter: the autopsy describes houston at 5'6", and 151 pounds. her body showed no signs of foul play. but prolonged cocaine use left her with a hole in her nasal septum. besides the cocaine, there were prescription drugs in houston's systems. traces of marijuana, too. her heart showed signs of strain, as well. her blood vessels, 60% recolluded. but no evidence of a heart attack. >> a lot of problems. jim, thanks very much. new clues now, about susan powell, the mom who vanished in late 2009. her husband, josh, under suspicion for so long for her disappearance. but why wasn't he arrested before it was too late? now, a family friend is speaking
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out. rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: how to commit the perfect crime. josh powell may describe just that to a friend of susan's about a year before she disappeared. scott hartman told abc affiliate, ktbx, that josh's obsession with crime drama showed him how to do it. >> the best way to dispose of a body, would be a mine shaft, like a vertical one. that it would be the best way of disposing one because they're so unstable. >> reporter: according to hartman, this is what josh said to him at a 2008 christmas party. >> this is like a year later when, all of a sudden, susan's missing. it was like, whoa. are you kidding me? we really had this conversation a year ago. and i had no idea. it was scary. that i had that conversation with him. >> reporter: hartman's tip to police lead them to search an
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abandoned mine where powell says he took his boys camping. but nothing was found. hartman also shined the spotlight on josh's father, steven powell, who admitted to having an inappropriate infatuation with susan in 2010. he revealed indecent photos he took without her knowledge. hartman's theory, steven powell may have been his son's accomplice. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. important news this morning for millions of americans who suffer from insomnia. the first prescription sleeping pill intended for specifically for people who wake up in the middle of the night hits the market today. our medical editor, dr. richard besser, is here, with all we need to know. hey, dr. besser. good morning. nice to see you. who is the pill for? >> the pill is called intermezzo. it's for people who wake up in the middle of the flight. it's different from ambien, but it contains the same drug.
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it lasts for only four hours. it has a small amount of the drug in ambien. instead of swallowing it, you put it under your tongue. it's absorbed quickly. >> why not take half of an ambien? >> this is even less. and because of its formulation, you don't swallow it. >> what about potential problems with in new pill? is it addictive? can you get up and raid the refrigerator has has been the case? >> you're going to see the problems you see with sleeping pills. whenever you take a sleeping pill, the next day, you're not going to have the same reflexes. driving can be an issue. and, yes, sleeping pills are addi addictive. >> there was a study who said the death among people who use sleeping aids is higher. >> very concerning. the reason it's higher, why do people take sleeping pills? often they take them because there's a medical problem.
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when you develop a new medical problem, don't just reach for a sleeping pill. you have to get checked out. very important. >> quickly, can you give us tips on how to get a good night's sleep? >> the first one, don't drink a lot of liquids before you go to bed. if you wake up and you're up for more than to minutes, get out of bed. watch tv elsewhere. if you do that in bed, you're not going to fall asleep. and avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol near bedtime. >> and don't look at your computer. and don't sleep with your iphone next to you. >> another tip, have a diary next to you. if you wake up worried, write it down. time, now, for the controversy swirling around the masters golf tournament which begins today. the big question, will augusta national golf club finally admit women? josh is here with that on the other side of the desk. we may be hitting a tipping
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point. >> for almost 80 years now, augusta has been all men and it may be changing. ibm is one of the tournament's major sponsors. and ibm's new ceo happens to be a woman. for nearly 80 years, the storied fairways and greens have been a sanctuary for golfers. but rometty is not just any woman. she is an executive. one of "fortune's" most 50 powerful women running, is the ceo of birm. and the chief executive at ibm, a sponsor, has traditionally been offered a membership. but as of this morning, masters chairman, billy payne, has yet to say which position rometty has to be offered. >> i wonder if you see that
7:15 am
changing? >> all issues for membership have been to the subject of private deliberations to the members. >> reporter: augusta national won't reveal the name of its members, or how many there are. while an augusta won't admit to a no-woman policy, the fact remains, there's been no female members. >> as a grandfather, what would you say to your granddaughters, how would you explain the club excludeing female membership. >> that's a question that deals with membership. >> reporter: will virginia rometty break up the augusta nationals boys club? >> augusta national was an old boys club from the '40s or '50s. and in this case, a woman is in charge of a company that sponsors the masters. >> augusta national is nothing if it is not tradition-bound. in 1990, it admitted its first
7:16 am
black member. while it's able to deflect such pressures, those pressures were put on them by outsiders. now, here we are, on the inside. and the face of this issue happens to be one of the most powerful executives in the country. >> if it happens, it will not happen before the tournament ends this year. >> it will not. but it will be hard to see how they do not give the ceo of ibm a membership. >> really. get with the program. seriously? okay. so much madness following friday's record-breaking megamillions jackpot. three winning tickets were sold. almost a week later, we still don't know who the winners are. and the mystery is getting bigger after a bizarre press conference by a maryland woman, who says she stashed her winning ticket at the mcdonald's where she works. >> reporter: call it the case of
7:17 am
the missing megamillions ticket. and the maybe billionaire. >> i'm so shocked. i checked to make sure. >> reporter: 37-year-old mcdonald's employee, mirlande wilson says she has what may be one of the three winning tickets from friday's jackpot. here's the supersized problem. >> i have to find my ticket before i can make a decision. >> reporter: wilson doesn't know where the ticket is. and even the if she did, she says she won't tell. all of her mania seems to be causing bizarre behavior. she scheduled a press conference wednesday, showed up late, and told everyone to go home. her lawyer broke the bad news about the misplaced millions. >> i cannot say with any certainty this ticket exists. >> reporter: williams says that slip of paper, worth a cool $105 million, is safely tucked away beneath the golden en arches a
7:18 am
work. you have to think outside of the mcnugget box. is it stashed with the mcflurry machine? who knows? it could be hiding with the fries. in the patties. or that special sauce. or soon, someone would be opening the happiest cat and mouse ever. wilson went back to hunt for her lucky numbers. but was denied access. >> i cannot go inside. >> reporter: the very place known for serving physicals of customers, now has the potential for megamillions inside. and adding to the megamess, 14 of wilson's co-workers say they own a stake in that ticket because they're the ones that pooled money for the office. the biggest question is no longer, do you want fries with that? it's where is that ticket? >> it does not exist. let's get some weather from sam.
7:19 am
>> when you play that piece back on dvr, that wasn't really the pink panther, people. it was close. but it wasn't. if you play that piece back, dvr it. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on this morning. we have the strong storms in louisiana. they spread towards atlanta today. stay up with the local abc stations because these storms will be rolling. did you notice the temp chufr drops with gusty winds? these are the night low temperatures what you're expecting. this cold air is staying in for a couple days.
7:20 am
bright sun shine overhead and some-clouds allughout the day but over will be beautiful but r than the laste days and temperatures this the '40'se mainly in be this afternoon it will about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday's. similar temperatures tomorrow start the day in the 30's and low 60's in the afternoon. pleasant for the easter holiday >> all, every bit of america's weather, coming up in the next half hour. george? >> thank you, sam. coming up here, a cold case heats up. a husband charged with his wife's murder, six years after her death. why did it take so long? how did the actress from
7:21 am
"that '70s show" go from this to this? >> and take a look at this woman. she said her life is difficult because she's too pretty. millions of people weighing in there. in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records down here on the gulf. more people more good times. this year we're out to do even better... and now's a great time to start. the sun's out and the beaches are even more relaxing. you can go deep sea fishing or enjoy our world-class restaurants... our hotels and rentals have special deals for the whole family. go golfing, kite boarding, or build the worlds biggest sand sculpture... with the world's best sand. so come on down to mississippi... get yourself down to louisiana... we'll see you in florida... you know you want to come to alabama. the gulf is america's get-a-way... and we're 100 percent ready to see you. come on down and help make 2012
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 7:26.orning it is april 5. we have a developing story from t washington where had to rescue from a burning
7:27 am
home. homelames broke out at a the 1300 block of locust road whato word on injuries or caused the fire. we will continue to follow the story and bring to the latest as get it. howard university athletes will sidelined while the school possible n.c.a.a. violations preschool has is violettat role athlete says it stands money the school gives at cover textbooks. e more inel 8 will hav an in-depth report coming up in a couple of minutes. let's check in the morning commute with lisa baden. we started off a little bit with north than 95 an in the age of the lane but that is gone. travel times are in our favor city to get into springfield and good across the alexandriage out of and her oxon hill. is good at the american legion bridge and it is between
7:28 am
centreville and the beltway and take you live between boulevard and 495 moving at speed. it is lovely out there. this camera in fairfax sums up what this guy will look like today. mostly sunny but a few high clouds rolling over head. 45 degrees in fairfax and 47 at reagan national airport. 51 degrees in fredericksburg. bright sunshine today and i clouds, 62, a similar situation but breezy and comfortable into the holiday. we will be back at 7:56.
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no. hair. i'm going to beauty school. >> lisa robin kelly from "that '70s show." one of the glamorous stories. but look at her there. she was behind bars after being arrested. this morning, she's going to speak out on "good morning america." robin's on vacation. good to have katie here. >> thanks, george. they say they're just three, normal girls. but apparently these teenagers have an extraordinary double-life. we'll tell you about that in just a little bit. >> look like the "charlie's angels" walk. >> they walk in slow-motion. >> we'll find out about them.
7:31 am
this woman right here is getting a huge backlash online because she wrote a post that talks about all the troubles that comes with being pretty. some didn't agree with the assessment of her looks. there's some mean stuff. she's speaking out now. and for the very first time we'll hear about lauren scruggs' recovery. that former model who ran into the plane propeller. her parents will be live here tomorrow, only on "gma." >> a remarkable story. we begin with the arrest of a washington state man, charged with killing his wife six years after her death. david pets was long the suspect in the case. but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him until now. abc's neal karlinsky is in seattle with the latest. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is one of the cases where a family waited and waited and refused to give up hope. now, after more than six years, cold case unit detectives reopened the case, found fresh
7:32 am
evidence. and now, they have a suspect behind bars. >> look at that beautiful girl. >> reporter: it began like so many missing cases. a family's plea for help. a young woman, 32-year-old nicole pets, suddenly vanished. her husband told reporters she was simply gone. >> focusing on finding her so you don't let your mind go to the bad places. >> reporter: but within days, nicole's naked body was found dumped in a wooded area. police have few clues. the news media moved on. the case was all but forgotten. at least that's what people thought. but police never bought the husband's story. now, six years later, he's being charged with nicole's murder. >> i think he deserves an academy award. he had us convinced. i've gone to prison and called him a murderer. i say, how do you look at yourself in the morning when you
7:33 am
shave? how could you do it? >> reporter: the victim's mother and friends faced the man who they thought was a loving husband in court wednesday. he pleaded not guilty and didn't look at them. >> i turn it over to god and said, he's the ultimate judge. hopefully we get the right judge here, too. >> reporter: in their wedding video, the happy couple promises a bond for life. >> until death do us part. >> reporter: but police say david pietz was having affairs and searching the internet for advice on cheating. they say he failed a polygraph evidence, and it tied nicole's death to him. an accusation he denies. >> we wanted him behind bars, instead of out there than living a life that she's not living. >> reporter: after nearly a decade, nicole's family feels they finally got justice for a case that never gave up on.
7:34 am
>> everybody wants justice for her. we're so glad they've made an arrest and taken this step forward. >> reporter: detectives believed david pietz beat and strangled his wife the night she went missing. he's on $1 million bail, facing a charge of first-free murder. now, that hollywood tale. >> a star of the hit tv comedy "that '70s show" was the rising star that went up to rock bottom. lisa robin kelly, is most known for playing laurie foreman on the show. she talked to abc's abbie boudreau. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, katie. we sat down with the former tv show. and she told us about that mug shot that has everyone talking. >> my senior year, i set the record for most topless rides on
7:35 am
the rope swing. >> reporter: she's the blonde bombshell who went from this, to this. lisa robin kelly played the sexy older sister on "that '70s show." alongside young stars like ashton future and mila kunis. while their stars rose, hers faded, until this weekend, when her arrest made headlines, accused of assaulting her ex-boyfriend. >> my poor mother has to look at that picture of me. it doesn't look like me. it's not me. >> reporter: people are being brutal online about this mug shot, saying you look like you were on drugs. were you on drugs? >> absolutely not. there was nothing i was on or abusing at that time. >> reporter: kelly, who can now face a felony domestic violence charge, says the accusations against her are false. >> this is all a bunch of made-up stuff.
7:36 am
>> reporter: instead, the actress claims she was the one roughed up by her ex, john micas. but it was micas, that led to a complaint, leading her her arrest. he said you assaulted him. did you do that to him? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: now, out on a $50,000 bail, kelly is opening up for the first time about her fall from a popular sitcom. >> i married fez so he can stay in the country. >> reporter: to adirection. and she says all stemmed from a devastating loss. what happened? >> i have lost a baby. as a result of that, i lost everything. and i was abusing alcohol, which i no longer do. >> reporter: now, despite all she 235iss. >> all right. i'll do anything for ten bucks. >> reporter: in good fashion, kelly was making a comeback.
7:37 am
>> i was guilty of the drinking problem. and i ran. and i am not running from this. and i have paid my dues. and if i can make it through this, i can make it through anything. >> reporter: lisa tells us she's been sober now for about three months. and she's excited to be starring in a new movie called, "it sucks to be me." katie? >> okay. thanks, abbie. seems like she's kind of unraveling. >> let's hope she gets it back. how about weather, sam? >> we're going to start with pictures. there's been strong storms in louisiana, mississippi, this morning. this morning, very heavy rain and lightning. the real problem is going to be rain and hail. there's some isolated storms in the southeast. look at the storm system. as it swings through the south,
7:38 am
there's heavy rain. i wish josh was in the room. this is masters day at augusta, right? colombia comes in with some of the heaviest rain in that zone. here's the strong, gusty winds sunshine and 47 degrees early morning and rising to the low 60's this afternoon. it will not be as warm as the days and similar temperatures tomorrow and >> and all of that weather was brought to you by capital one. coming up, girl power. they say they're ordinary teenagers but they have an unconventional hobby. wait until you see what they do. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said,
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we're back, now, with those real-life "charlie's angels." young woman who believe they are ridding real demons by performing exorcisms. one of what are called deliverance ministries causing controversy in the country. dan harris has the story. >> reporter: they're black belts in karate. they're ace horseback riders. and they're also demon fighters. >> the word of god on you.
7:43 am
>> we're normal girls who do something extraordinary for god. >> reporter: the leader of the pack, brynne. they call her the enforcer. she's 17, home-schooled and a regular on the beauty pageant circus. then, there's samantha. she's 20. she likes to shop. and finally, tess, because she can do good cop and bad cop. she is 17 and performs in musicals. what do you say to someone who doesn't believe in this stuff at all? >> after seeing on exorcism, you will go away an believe. >> reporter: their teacher is brynne's father. >> i know it sounds controversial. but maybe half of the population. >> reporter: of the world? >> yes. >> reporter: this woman's name is gina. it's her first exorcism. the girls summon the demon within her. and the demon apparently takes over gina's body and speaks.
7:44 am
>> i receive. >> reporter: isn't it possible that people who may be mentally ill, and if you give them an xor inch, maybe you're making them worse? >> we do this under god's supervision. we never do it alone. >> but her dad, has been accused of being a fraud. he's charging money to perform these bogus. >> wait a minute. you're paid handsomely. so is anybody who has a responsible position in the public eye. and we have to fund what we do. >> reporter: whatever you think of bob larsen and what his proteges are doing, we're about to see much more of them. larsen says he's weighing several offers of new reality shows starring the girls. for "good morning america," dan
7:45 am
harris, abc news, phoenix. >> you can see a lot more tonight on "nightline." coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and we have a special guest here live. [ laughing ] that's why there's new beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks, they're oven-baked to surprise and delight. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four new snacks... to help spark play in your day. sears one day sale is this saturday, with friday preview. find the huge savings you've been hunting for throughout the store. plus, shop your way rewards members always get more. at sears. [ female announcer ] with depression, simple pleasures can simply hurt. the sadness, anxiety, the loss of interest.
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find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. here's "the play of the day." >> because the bar has been raised this week, i should say, lots of live elements to get to. first, sam, a couple other "play of the day" guests. >> ryan and grant, two of the folks. it's going worldwide this phenomenon. >> stick around. i hope this works for you. we all heard the excuse, the baugh ate my home work. in the spirit of the masters, starting today, 24 man won four tickets in a raffle, until sierra decided to eat them. >> no. >> russ berkman joining us.
7:50 am
i know you got them with you. what did you think when sierra downed the tickets? >> i just panicked. our bucket list trip had just been eaten by my dog. >> you got sierra to regurgitate. how did you get your dog to do that? >> katie? >> don't you want to know? >> my boyfriend told me to give it to hydrogen peroxide. i did. and ten minutes later, it worked. >> we just give our dog smoked salmon. >> can you hold the tickets up? i know you have what remains in a baggy. >> he pieced them together. >> and let's see the new ones. >> this is how they look. >> oh, yeah. sierra got into it. >> oh, yeah.
7:51 am
these are hard to come by. what were you going to tell your friends if you couldn't get the tickets out of the dog? i hadn't gotten that far. i couldn't call the masters until monday. we hood to go fishes on myrtle beach. but i had to give them that. >> we're running out of time. thank you for joining us. iller ji, fact ore fiction? brought to you by allegra. suffering from one type of allergy? well, at least that can't make you allergic to other allergies, right? [ female announcer ] with just one look you can silence a room... ...but why on earth would you want to do that?
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7:56 am
coming up, fasten your seat belts, everybody. carson kressley and regis philbin stop by. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:56 on this morning, april 5. in manassas woman accused of a one-woman crime spree will be in today.ater guiltyexpected to plead unspecified charges and she robbed three carjacked two people andorthern virginia baltimore county last fall. a lawyer for the baltimore woman claims to have the winning last week's mega million jackpots says he is not if the ticket exists. the maryland lottery plans to
7:57 am
later news conference discuss the situation. newschannel 8 will have an in- in a few minutes at top of the hour. out what is happening on the road with lisa baden. e is a little bit of on 66 but eastbound is average from manassas into vienna. the outer loop after van dorn slowing down because sunshine. this is after a crash and the before duke street. traffic without her loop delay is maryland, 95 and e pace to hold a cross hospital. the leaves are actually on the trees in our rooftop cameras. this is overlooking the federal sunshine and we clouds rolling over head. 47 degrees in the safe and it cooler northwest of
7:58 am
town. bright sunshine today all the way through the weekend, below 60's and it to 70 by easter sunday. we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] nice crowd out in times square this morning. camera man's number one fan. okay. you know that music, though. that is "desperate housewives." a very good reason. eva longoria coming up, and four episodes to go. and katie couric, in for robin, bringing it to us. >> i caught up with eva longoria, who is desperate -- anything but right now. we had so much fun. she took me to her restaurant. it is called beso. it means kiss in spanish.
8:01 am
she gives every customer a kiss. >> is that true? >> yeah. she's talked with me about moving on from the series and divorce. and what she's looking forward to next. >> it was a good perk to go to that restaurant. >> she taught me how to make something. >> even after you won our sandwich contest? >> i'm a big fraud. emeril was being nice. also, we'll hear from the woman who told everyone she's having such a hard life because she's so pretty. she's speaking out against the worldwide backlash. >> we've seen this movie before. doesn't end well. >> she looks much better on television than she did in the photographs. i think in the photographs -- >> yeah. also coming up, a legend returns. regis philbin, so missed in the mornings. we are taking care of that.
8:02 am
she's here this morning to fill us in on all things reege. i did a big commercial on regis when he left "live." we had so much fun. >> you made a bet with him. >> that's true. that he would shed a few tears. >> is this payoff day? national payoff day. >> you need to -- anyway. lara's off today. we have a very special guest here for "the pop news heat index." carson krezly. >> you were a co-driver before. >> i got a chair today. i got extra blonde highlights so i'd look like lara. that's how committed i am to the "pop news." >> very newsy. >> i'll feel like a journalist. wait until i do my santorum interstrew next week. just kidding. >> josh, with some news. the final coroner's report on whitney houston's death this
8:03 am
morning. she was found facedown in 90-degree water and cocaine in her system. investigators found traces of the drug and drug paraphernalia, including a small spoon inside her room. the examination said that houston had been dead for one hour before she was found. looks like stocks could take a hit this morning. the dow dropped 124 points. investors are worried after the federal reserve's signal that it may be less willing to stimulate the economy. and a sign of the financial times. the latest census numbers are out. and it shows the rush to the suburbs is offer. suburban growth has faulted as people turn to cities looking for more efficient living. breaking news from syria. we have just heard that the government has launched one of itself most violent attacks yet. the syrian president, accused of
8:04 am
escalating the violence before next week's cease-fire deadline. an emotional story that we daugt here. a 9-year-old class mate has sent a classmate an apology after accidentally shooting her. amina bowman nearly dayed after his backpack stopped on his desk. a judge ordered him to write the letter which said, in part, dear mina, i did not mean for anybody to get hurt. the boys mother and boyfriend face charges for allowing him access to that gun. now, here's diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to all of you, tonight. bargain-hunting and ending up be something great. tonight, four bucks and it's worth more than 2 million, tonight on "world news."
8:05 am
we have an apple doppelganger for lara today. he's carson kressley. can you get her that message? >> i'm going to tweet her, right after this president pop news." i'm on it, diane. don't you worry. time for "pop news." you are looking at a sneak peek from justin bieber's single, reque "boyfriend." justin is teasing everyone. it's a lot of hand-grabbing at the video. it's probably not a lot different from his everyday life. these hands are probably better manicured. >>. >> josh: jsosh elliott, or the biebs. google will have you seeing 20/20 in a whole, new way. that's everything in front of your face, basically.
8:06 am
the future is staring at you in your glasses. you can get the weather. >> how do you walk? >> i think walking might be a problem. okay? and then, finally, easter decorations. take it to a whole, new level. he says the tree is a life long ambition fulfilled. he started decorating it back in 1965. that's before i was born, america. with 18 years. he's done decorating now because he's out of storage space. you're preaching to the choir. i'm in new york. i have the same problem with my shoes. that's your "pop news" america. stay seated. wow. i feel almost like diane sawyer right now. i have been so easy. >> you fought that prompter. you did well. >> thank you for doing that.
8:07 am
it's fun seeing you again. >> i know. it's been too long. we'll chat later. and now let's get to the weather and sam. >> nice job, carson. let's look at what's going on outside your doors. colorado state university. they're pretty good on this forecast. they update it twice during the year. and they were saying that this year is a lower than average number of expected hurricanes. that could be good news. but it takes one bad storm on a coastal area. chicago, new york city, detroit, the rest of the several days, the afternoon may be nice. but your daytime temperatures may be chilly. day tol be a sunny
8:08 am
a few-clouds rolling overhead. a little cooler in gaithersburg, only 39 degrees. quantico is 54 degrees. mostly sunny, 62 this afternoon noticeably cooler than the days and a little >> and now, here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." just how hard is it to be pretty? the beauty backlash against one woman who says her looks make her life very difficult. katie's one-on-one with eva longoria. opening up about the final "desperate housewives" episode. the end of her marriage and beginning of a new life. and if you miss reege, don't miss him.
8:09 am
he's here on "good morning america." aegis. stay with us. [ male announcer ] where's your road to happiness?
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8:13 am
[ cheers and applause ] that song is there for a reason. this has been burning up the internet. samantha brick, a woman who sparked a huge backlash around the world after complaining online about how hard it is to be pretty. she's responding to her critics now. and abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: self-appointed pretty lady, samantha brick, has ignited a firestorm online by claiming it's not easy being gorgeous. >> i believe the perception of me.
8:14 am
>> right. >> and i bieve the perception of mow men approach me. >> you must think it? >> do i think i'm attractive? yes, i do. >> reporter: she says her beauty gets free champagne, pays cab fare. gets flowers on the street. all from handsome men. she says the attention is a problem because it makes other women hate you. >> people are mistaking arrogance with self-confidence. women aren't nice to each other. they're very two-faced. they always stab each other in the back. >> reporter: her tirade is reminiscent of a shampoo commercial from the '80s. but brick seems to be serious when she claims, unfortunately, women find nothing more annoying than something else than being the most attractive in a room. her confidence has gotten her thousands of scornful reaction
8:15 am
online. like dear, samantha, you are not ready at all. seriously. invest in a mirror and get a grip on reality. for brick, this angry reaction only proves the point she's trying to make. >> that's been proved to me by the thousands of messages i've had on twitter. the thousands of vile mails i got to me account. >> reporter: clearly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> she's got her story and is sticking to it. katie? >> george, thanks so much. kiss them good-bye. there's only four more episodes left of "desperate housewives." a show that was once the best scripted show on tv. and has been a staple here on abc, for the last eight years. but bob ghee solis says it's
8:16 am
time to leave the lane, that took her journey from break-out star, to the top of the heap. you know how the l.a. showbiz types are saying, let's do lunch. let's do it right. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: my crash course was, by no means, a cakewalk. >> that's okay. >> reporter: sorry. that was me. my bad. but in tend. cheers. it was worth it. sausage, really good. eva longoria has saucey down to a science. playing the suburban sexpot, gabrielle solis, for eight seasons of "desperate housewives." >> you laid out all of your positions. don't you want to get acquainted with mine? >> make mine a double. >> reporter: among them, her
8:17 am
very own restaurant. here we are at beso. and that means -- >> kiss in spanish. i want to kiss everybody that comes in. my lips are on the napkins. >> reporter: having left her mark on pop culture, too. long gore yo is looking at a show that plays to betrayal. >> where a married couple can be loaded. >> reporter:? fact, you say that gabby and carlos were like the modern-day huxtables in some ways. >> i remember the entire latino community embracing gabby and going, they're affluent. they don't sneak with an accent. they are educated and living the
8:18 am
american dream. that was really great. >> reporter: let's face it, gabby is no claire huxtable? >> no, she wasn't. >> reporter: did anybody come up to you and say i relate to gabby? >> i hope not. i was at a basketball game pep and there was a cardinal say, i love your show. i like, don't watch my show. i just beat up a none. it is interesting. i am not married. i thought i would be married. the show's ending. a lot of chapters in my life are closing. i get to redefine who i am. >> reporter: and it wouldn't with the first time. the corpus christi native, was the odd one out in a family with three older, and she says, prettier sisters. you said you were an ugly
8:19 am
duckling. i don't believe you. >> you have to see pictures. >> reporter: but she turned into a swan. she was winning beauty badgen'ts pageants. and acting on soaps by 25. when she first arrived on wisteria lane, longoria barely knew what hit her. >> i remember sitting in the trailer. and marcia was saying, you're live's about to change. our lives are about to change. >> reporter: relentless tabloid scrutiny would be one reason. especially when her soon-to-be ex-husband tony parker went public last winter. >> wit was painful. but life goes on. and i hold on to the love at the loss. and i the press wanted me to
8:20 am
hate him and i don't. and there was plenty of drama behind the scenes. most recently, when nicollette sheridan sued abc, claiming she was struck by coe creator, marc cherry. eight of the jurors sided with her. were you surprised? >> i'm surprised there was even a trial and that it went that far. i love nicollette and i love marc cherry and i love our work environment. it's a stain on our legacy as a hit show. but longoria's moving on. and she says she's most looking forward to our new role as president obama's co-chairs for his re-election campaign. >> i got my masters in chicano
8:21 am
studies. i want to be literate in the topics i'm talking about. i wanted to contribute to that dialogue. >> reporter: she's had eight years to hone her political skills on mistier ya lane. >> you do not want to start a war with me. >> reporter: a place where things weren't as idyllic as they appear. and at least one housewife, was going to miss it. what do you think you'll miss most about the show? >> the girls. and the crew. we'll never have this dynamic again. i will never have this perfect come industry. it was great to go to work every day. >> eva has five movies coming out. and she's producing three tv
8:22 am
shows. one is the pilot for abc, called "devious maids." she has a lot on her plate. >> i wish i would talk about what you have on the end of that piece. >> really? i was saying how cute she was. >> i'll get the resume pogt. >> you can get some of eva's favorite recipes on yahoo!.com. >> it's a great restaurant. fantastic. >> anyway. >> moving right along. >> who is coming in now for lara's seat? we're full of special guests this morning. who is going to be next? drumroll, please. whoa. regis philbin. >> wow. nice to see you. >> hello, regis. i brought you your favorite. >> thank you very much. >> nice to see you. >> you've been such a hit on the show all this week. >> is that right?
8:23 am
>> yes. >> you look like you're 20 years old, again. >> it's the lighting. believe me. >> who are all these men around you all the time? >> i know. i hate it, reege. i never have seen anything line this. >> it's not in my contract. >> really? >> i was in china for three weeks. you wake up at 4:00 in the morning. . and you can't sleep. >> for fun or work? >> it was for fun. >> i did look for a morning show. didn't get it. >> so, where did you go? >> went to hong kong, shanghai, beijing, then to south korea. and the president was in north korea. and also to japan. >> i saw you this past weekend. you're staying busy with your good friend, the donald.
8:24 am
>> what's his name? every time i come here there's different people. how many people do we need to put on a tv show? it used to be duty couric. it was you, your co-host and a weather man. all of a sudden, there's guys like this walking around. what is he doing to me, sam? >> mr. evan longoria opinion we're pro340e9ing that. >> what else have you been up to? went to china. >> went to china. >> are you enjoying your new life? >> yeah. >> you were looking forward to not be on television every day. but you must miss it. >> sure. every now and then. i think something happens, and i think i'll tell this story tomorrow. but there is no tomorrow. you did some acting with pretty white. >> it's coming up. "hot in cleveland" i'm chasing
8:25 am
her. >> are you playing her love interest? >> i think so. i have the script, i'm told. i'm playing a character. i have a dresser. she dhis he's gay. and she finds out, he's straight. right down my alley, baby. >> how does she find that out? >> when i come after her. i want betty white. >> you've been singing with tony bennett, right? >> singing with tony bennett? >> is that wrong? >> who told you that? >> the researchers did. >> tony bennett, see if i've been singing with him. i'm not going to talk about you. you were so sweet on my last day. we went out for a couple of days. went to the bronx and my high school. we had a wonderful dime. >> we did. >> and then we went to lunch, as some -- that's some and that's
8:26 am
the hulk. she said, you're going to cry when you leave. >> i know. and i have -- >> why would you cry? please. >> i bet regis $10. i knew you were going to bring this up. so -- that's your check. $10, regis. >> hey. >> george, help me. >> thanks for playing our game. >> i don't want a prop. i want my $10. >> thanks for playing our game. >> katie couric, you're the best. i really are. i hate to see you go to 3:00 in the afternoon. afternoon television is dead these days. this is where -- katie, this is where the action is, right here. with george. >> yeah. good to see you. >> i'm out of time. good morning, everybody.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning @ 8:27 on this thursday morning. an effort to recall vincent gray and kwami brown in d.c. is over. 2 resident fred butler led effort. he says he ended the effort because he thinks federal probes into the campaign will end with both being forced from office. some howard university athletes sidelined while the possiblevestigate n.c.a.a. rule violations. school is not said what rule was violated when at least as it money the school least to cover textbooks. newschannel 8 law have been in
8:28 am
that report in a couple of minutes. let's check in the traffic and lisa baden. we have had two accidents on 270 southbound. the new one is just before the 80 and urbana and the initial accident has been moved the shoulder. is the pace of traffic has down when he got son sen. now this just volume out of college park to greenbelt. we will take you to virginia been a beautiful ride. 95, 395 are in good shape as well as 66. 49 degrees right now in the district and 44 in martinsburg. tomorrow morning will be a bit cooler than now. a cold front moved through yesterday. right sunshine but high thin clouds. 62 will be about high temperature, cooler than yesterday, similar temperatures
8:29 am
little greasy and weekend is sunny and comfortable. at 8:56.l be back
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] wait. >> good morning, everyone. we got a great crowd out here. a lot of people enjoying their spring break here in new york. two days in a row for that young girl. as you know, robin's enjoying her spring break, as well. we've been having fun with katie this week. >> thanks. i've been having fun with all of you guys. i really miss lara because i hate being surrounded by men. >> you really hate that. the heat is on, when josh, and cameron mathison go head-to-head in a fierce cooking battle. >> yeah. honestly, the most terrified half hour i ever spent on television. >> it's supposed to be a lot of fun.
8:31 am
>> it was brutal. we also have kerry washington here. and she's in a great, new show. she's so good. and so good in the show starting tonight on abc, called "scandal." she plays the ultimate crisis something. it was a show by the creator of "grey's anatomy" and "private practice." she plays a former white house communications director who went in a different direction. >> who else is similar? >> carry the 4. it will come to us. first, sam has a look at the weather. >> i'm going to call this our robin roberts spring break update. we've been getting pictures all week long from everybody in key west. but look at this. late last night, early this morning, stornls in south florida and the keys. all will be good by the afternoon. all turns out well for south florida. >> robin especially.
8:32 am
>> near in the northeast, we have freeze warnings and advisories. it's a chilly morning. and the only reason we issue this kind of thing, is because it had been so warm. because everything's in early bloom, we have to tell folks when the frosty air gets bright sunshine today but temperatures will be cooler than the past couple of days. we will be in the low 60's today and tomorrow. sunny and comfortable through easter holiday and a chance of r >> and all of that weather was brought to you by party city. the "titanic" is a big craze right now. to mark the 100th anniversary of the singing of the "titanic," all these years later, that ship is in its massive boomed underwater grave is still there.
8:33 am
but it's deteriorating. now, the man who discovered the "titanic's" resting place more than 25 years ago is on a quest to save that ship and not let it deteriorate. can he do it in time? tune in to the "save the titanic with bab ballard." i will watch that. watch the real story. katie? >> sam, thanks very much. a new documentary called "bully" made headlines for the controversy over its rating. it a addresses an issue that 13 million kids face every year. take a look at this scene. >> does it make you feel good when they punch you? or kick you? or stab you? do they make you feel good? >> i don't know. i'm starting to think i don't feel anything anymore.
8:34 am
>> here with us, is filmmaker, lee hirsch, along with alex libby. and david long, whose won took his own life after experiencing harsh bullying. welcome to all of you. i saw this documentary. and there was so much attention on its rating. and not enough attention on its content. i thought it was so moving and powerful, three. what prompted you to take this on? >> i was bullied as a kid. and you carry those memories. you have a story you can connect to. you can really tell from the heart. i wanted to give a voice to that experience. it's so hard. people talk about bullying. and you hear kids will be kids. a lot of people felt like they didn't have the agency to talk about these experiences. so, film was about giving people
8:35 am
that noise. >> many updares lines in the movie is about you, alex. lee captured you getting bruised, punched, choked, stabbed by a pencil. really abused by other kids. and it was so upsetting and heartbreaking for me to see that. what was it like for you, alex, to have that happen? and i don't think this was the first time. >> it happened every day. i just wanted friends back then. so, i just took it as a joke. and like -- >> you put up with it, didn't you? >> yeah. i went with it. and then, went home. then, my parents didn't know about it. i was depressed and sad.
8:36 am
and until lee came along, i didn't tell anybody. >> then, lee captured this on film. three, i'm curious. throughout the documentary, such real situations. i wondered if you had a hidden camera at first. how did you make the kids were not aware you were filming them. >> i don't think they weren't aware i was there. i physically was there. it was a small camera. we had been there all year. we were sach a small crew. that life went on very quickly. and kids have smartphones all the time. the school buss have cameras anyway. there's cameras in the hallways. they're living their lives out on the camera. and it becomes less of a big deal. i think what's great is alex
8:37 am
hadn't talked to his mom and dad about what's going on. this film, families are finding an invitation to talk about, what might be happening, what might not be happening. we talked about it a lot. and, jackie, i thought you were wonderful in this documentary. you're such a loving mom. and as alex said, you didn't know what was going on. lee made this availbling, the footage, to the school and to your, after he thought it on the bus. and things escalated for alex. you went to the school to talk to the principal. that made me mad. the response from the principal was so frustrating. it must have been rust rating for you. tell us about that. >> we went in looking for answers. and felt like, not only were we not provided with answers or
8:38 am
solutions, but were shooed out the door. >> she wrote, i've ridden that route, and it was good as gold. because you were on the bus. >> david, your son, tyler, is a tragic example of what can happen, when bullying go to far. what happened to tyler? >> tyler hunged himself. >> what let him to that? >> over the years, he had had enough. there were certain situations i really can't talk about right now. if you take alex's story and not only his but the families in the documentary, there's thousands if not hundreds of thousands of families that are in the same situation that we are. and schools need to understand
8:39 am
across our country that when kids are in their charge, if things aren't handled correctly, this is the end result of what happens. >> lee, some people have asked the question, is there more pulleying today? has the awareness increased? or is it the does a du jour. is this on the rise? >> i'm very hopeful. i think change is on the rise. we've been talking about pull bying. i think it's been in the national conversation for two years. now, people want to know what they can do. i think we're at a tipping point moment. it's there. it's always been there.
8:40 am
but people are looking at how it affects their lives. asking questions. kids are getting engaged and trying to come up with their own solutions. i'm very excited and hopeful. i think we have an opportunity to harness that. >> alex, are things better for you at school? >> they are? >> yeah. i have good grades, lots of friends and things. >> thing thats are better. you have a terrific family. and i was happy to see you have a safe, loving place, that you could go to after school. thanks for coming in and talking about this movie. i hope all teenagers watch it. suppose who have a propensity for bull diing. >> and all those to step up. >> the witnesses, too. thank you.
8:41 am
>> thank you all. >> can i do a shoutout? >> real quickly. >> eden moore high school, this is alex. just letting you know i'm hanging out on katie's show -- >> not really my show, alex. but thank you. yeah. that's going to get me in trouble. all right. that's it. for more information about this now, and the very important topic it
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
and we are back, now, with kerry washington, the star of abc's newest guilty pleasure, "scandal," the creator of "gray's anatomy" and "private practice," takes us into where you get to save kidnapped babies and get people out of jail. >> of all people, you would know. >> you handle all kinds of crises. >> the show is inspired by a real-life woman named judy smith, who is a crisis management expert. >> she worked in the bush white house. she worked with monica lewinsky. >> everybody from monica lewinsky to michael vick, she covered it all. those are the crises that walk into our door. >> it is based by judy smith.
8:45 am
but this goes way off. >> i like to say it's inspired by judy's work but not based on her. because my character, like judy, she is smart and powerful. and really empowered. but in her personal life, she is vulnerable and a mess. >> i don't know how much to reveal. ali and i watched the show last night. the personal life of your character really is a mess at the absolute highest level. >> it's really complicated. that's one of the fun things about the show. when you watch the first episode, you get introduced to the characters at pope at associates. but at the end of the season, no one is who you think they are. everyone has secrets. >> and one thing we do see is you're always in crisis management mode. let's take a look. >> should we do it? >> yes. >> i'm asking about talking to
8:46 am
george to marry you? >> do you want me to talk you into it or out of it? >> into it. no. into it. >> you love her. she loves you. normal people get married. >> you won't even date. >> i'm not normal. >> we learn that. but one of the things we learn, it's your signature line. olivia pope trusts her gut. >> that's right. she works in a high-stakes world. she has to trust her instincts. usually, that leads her in the right direction. but when her heart is caught up in it, it can lead to confusing situations, as well. >> that's to say the least. you went to college in washington. >> i went to george washington university. and i'm on the board of trustees there. kerry washington, thanks very much. when we come back, josh and
8:47 am
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[ cheers and applause ] all right, so the megahit show, returns this sunday night. cameron mathison and i were asked to go to the "chop" kitchen for a head-to-head battle. 30 minutes on the clock. four mystery ingredients. it quickly turned into one of the most nerve-racking half-hours of my life. >> two "good morning america" stars, one plate, and only one chance to win. our distinguished panel of judges will critique their work. who will win the ultimate "gma" bragging rights? and who will be chopped? >> josh, cameron, welcome to the "chopped" kitchen. we have bacon, english muffins, sparkling cider, cinnamon candy. you have 30 minutes on the
8:50 am
clock, gentlemen. clock starts now. >> where are you running to? >> i don't know. but that's what they do on the show. they all run. >> i saw bacon first. and i said to myself, i know how to cook bacon. i'm in such control. >> when i saw the bacon and the candy, it occurred to me, those two are going together. >> he's pulverizing the candies, making some kind of candy. what is he doing with the lemon? he is making hollandaise. that is impressive. >> you win. >> something is burning. oh, lord. his muffins are a little overdone. >> i got distracted. >> thi is a culinary nightmare for cameron right now. it occurred to me, you haven't touched your bacon in five minutes. >> josh is painting his english muffins with the bacon fat.
8:51 am
>> wow. >> and "gma" all-stars, five minutes left. >> he's doing the underneath plating trick. >> i've never seen anyone plate under the table. how are you doing? >> i'm way beyond panicking. >> 20 seconds. >> five. four. three, two. one. >> walk away. >> time's up. >> it's so good. >> wow. >> gentlemen, this is the chopping block. our esteemed judges are eager to taste your strikingly similar dishes. >> this is cameron's scrambled eggs benedict. enjoy. >> i think the mayonnaise was bold and inspired. that's what it takes to win around here. >> next up, josh. >> this is mary's scramble.
8:52 am
>> who is mary? >> my grandmother. >> that's very touching. but i don't think grandma would approve of the bacon being sort of burnt on the end here? >> it didn't suffer the same of mark's. it is glazed with that cider mixture. >> there can be only one "chopped" champion. give the judges time to make their decision. >> what did you do with your egg? did you scramble them? >> i did. but i was not brave enough to poach them. and the fact that i don't know how to poach them. >> so, who's dish is on the chopping block? >> that looks a lot like mine. >> chef cameron, you've been chopped. >> cameron, we felt you had some real personal and homey touches. but your use of the basket ingredients was a little light.
8:53 am
hug it out. hug it out. >> that means chef josh elliott that you are the "chopped" champion. congratulations. thank you. >> congratulations. i'm glad you're able to hug it out. >> yes. i'm telling you, that was incredibly nerve-racking. half way through, they said, can you guys talk or smile or do something? i took it way too seriously. and i said, i was way too happy to win. >> we know you can cook now. and we hope that eva was watching. >> we're not going to let that go, are we, george? go behind the scenes on
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] rascal flatts tomorrow. are you going to come down for a third day? >> what? >> thanks for coming. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 8:56 and this
8:57 am
thursday morning. a new report finds out that s serious barriers for riders the disabilities. two california ergonomics consultant compiled the report said the system had a lack of anchors for wheelchairs', doors,osing train outages and gaps along train platforms. metro officials say the system is compliant with the americans with disabilities act. maryland senator barbara getting an out of today.ld honor have a super nova name be atk herger this will -- telescopeescope science institute. here is lisa baden with a look at traffic. we have a lighter volume of spring break. to unfortunately, there is a crash beltway in virginia out tyson's to springfield at
8:58 am
arlington boulevard. the inner loop as delays after braddock road to get to 66. 95 traffic in and outside the good inlooks pretty springfield. near edsall road, no worries and beltway and rte. 1 in nicely inrk is moving both directions. bright sunshine outside and time lapsedeat setting overoon ijamsville. it shows the blue skies with cirrus clouds overhead. case all daythe long. 49 degrees and the district and is 52 degrees. low 60's today and tomorrow it sunshine. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next.
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