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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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now live. as you can see several members of the police department remain on the scene. just moments ago, we got an update from police chief davis. here's what happened. there were several people, at the time. this is his great-grandmothers house. he found a backpack with a loaded revolvers. he somehow got a hold of it and fired the gun. the backpack, we're told, belongs to a 20-year-old not related to anybody who lived in the house. he has been transported from this scene and facing several possible charges anywhere from manslaughter to child endangerment. and especially tragic situation in clinton. that's the latest. kendis gibson, abc 7 news. >> tragic. in other news today, it's scary landing after something went
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wrong at reagan national. a united flight blew two tires. the plane was filled with school kids in the louisiana. for many of them, it was their very first flight. rebecca cooper is live with the details. tell us about it. >> the pilots told everyone on board to prepare because he expected a bumpy landing because of severe turbulence. when the plane landed in the two tires blew out, it became even scarier. when this flight from houston they made it before the stomach was queasy. >> a group of eight grade student arriving from louisiana for spring break. many like caroline had never flown before. >> did you scream? >> a little bit. >> the chaperones say there were
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screams and shouts outings -- and shoutings. >> it was one of the roughest landings i have ever had. >> she said her heart sank. >> i saw the fire trucks and a police cruiser driving down the tarmac. >> at some say they could see smoke from their seat. they credit the united pilot for restoring calm and told them what to expect. >> they said to stay calm, no one moved. he had a nice, calling police. >> -- a nice, calming voice. >> no one on board was injured and the kids are all looking forward to their trip to d.c. they say they are not afraid to fly back home at the end of a
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doll. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> i'm glad there is a happy ending their at least. a state department employee is facing serious charges after they found child pornography on his computer. carl carey as work for the state department since 2003. now he could lose his job and spent years behind bars. pamela brown is live with the story will only hear on 7. >> this is someone who has gone through an extensive background check and has a security clearance with the department of state. he is indefinitely suspended following a police investigation. fairfax county police arrested state department employee carl carey charged with 10 counts of child pornography but possession. they were stunned to learn that his neighbors now back at home awaiting a court hearing after
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posting bond. >> i hope they would let the neighborhood know. >> hello, my name is pamela brown. >> he declined to comment. he's an nyu grad and also a master's from tryo. -- troy. it worked his way up to the senior position of project manager in the i.t. department. >> for your job to be protecting people and you do that? that is scary. >> fairfax alerted the state department after issuing a search warrant. he was a it -- he was suspended without pay but was not arrested until 1.5 years later. >> this does not add up. there may be more to the story. >> they could not confirm any
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allegedly illegal activity was taking place on government property. he is the second u.s. employee to recently been arrested. diplomatic security officer james kaffir the pled guilty to transporting child pornography. -- james cafferty pled guilty. , we hope to learn more at his preliminary hearing. if he is found guilty on all 10 counts, he faces up to tet50 years in prison. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> the navy says they will compensate people after a jet cloud into a virginia beach apartment complex. the hornet slammed into the building on friday. seven people were injured including two pilots. it is expected that each family will receive $2300 per person.
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they're blaming this on a mechanical malfunction. >> the weather is beautiful outside. however, we could really use some rain. >> do we want to it though? we can use it, but do we want it? let see what the situation looks like tonight with meteorologist doug hill. any weather in the forecast tonight? >> a few showers around. here's the live super doppler radar center. a few showers over prince george's county toward andrews. a few in the panhandle but very scattered. maybe it will wash the pollen out of the air. here are the temperatures and wind speeds right now. 61 in the district. 57 in leesburg. the wind is pretty gusty out there right now. we have had gusts up to 40 miles per hour. rooftop camera showing some clouds but no rain at the
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moment. there is still a window of opportunity for a stray showers. cooler air will move in tonight. will the air stay around? will the warmth of returned? the answer is coming up in the fall forecast in a few minutes. >> new dutes in the trayvon martin case. a florida special prosecutor will not bring the shooting of the unarmed florentine to grand jury. she said she will continue to investigate the february shooting. the decision to charge zimmerman is now at her discretion. he claims he shot martin in self-defense. >> police say 19-year-old jake england is suspected on three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of shooting with the intent to kill. it is too early to know what these are racially-motivated
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hate crimes. all five victims were black. >> these of the same types of buses that montgomery county uses. the writers are concerned and now they're looking at pulling the buses out of service. we're live in silver spring tonight. >> the investigation will be watched closely. there are hundreds of those buses in use around the country. this is what is left after six boss fires in three years. this is back from december 2010 and it comes from wtop. the buyers have been linked to problems with the brakes. >> when you hear something like that happening, that's crazy. that should be taken care of. >> people use that as a form of transportation so it needs to be
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safer. >> the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating the vehicles involved in three fires. model year 2007-2010 to determine if a safety defect exists. the agency and is aware of to read bus fires and is in close communication with local officials. there is already a plan to take them off the streets because they have had multiple mechanical issues and dark unreliable. they say it is not good enough. have filed a grievance that the buses need to go now. >> something else may happen. if you look at the buses come you can tell come at a fire starts in the front and it is the only way off? >> no word yet from montgomery county. how many buses are still on the
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street bikes we do not know. we do not know how long the investigation will take. there are 800 of these in use around the country. live in silver spring, roz plater abc 7 news. >> the first family joined hundreds of families in any tradition, the annual easter egg roll. as brianne carter shows us, it involved the easter bunny celebrities, and a lot of smiles. >> with joy on their faces thousands of children danced across the one for the annual white house easter egg roll. >> i was scared at first. >> it was awesome. >> this family has been trying to get in but this year they scored the hottest tickets in town. >> all the work that they do, it is so much fun.
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>> all this was following this year's theme -- >> lets go, let's play, let's move. >> a central part of first lady michelle obama's campaign to combat childhood obesity. >> it's fun to play in your yard. i think they have a bunch of upon. >> she lives not far in laurel, md., and she brought her kids today to celebrate what she calls an amazing experience. >> i have never been this close to the white house and i have lived here most of my life. >> this will wrap up around 6:00 p.m. when in is all said and done, 30,000 people will have had a day of fun at the white house. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5, a man shot in a quiet atomic
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neighborhood. was this random or was he targeted? >> a new autism study has many professionals divided on the link between a mother's weight and the link between autism. >> the killer of jennifer hudson's family went on
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>> a jury selection is underway in the trial for a man accused of killing three members of an upper hudson's family. >> some members of the court system are concerned that her fame could influence the jury. >> some of the questions they're asking the jury is just about hudson. she plans to be in court every day, but it is unclear she will be called as a winston -- witness. >> she is no stranger to photographers. >> i would like to thank my family in heaven and those here today. >> the man accused of killing her family in 2008 went on trial today. they began to that potential jurors -- to vet jurors.
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>> all attention is usually on the celebrity in the courtroom and the challenge is to shift the focus to the action on the witness stand. >> there. asked what they know about her even though she was not home when belfort went on the rampage. days later, the body of her 7- year-old nephew was found in a vehicle. balfor ur was enraged that julia was dating another man. hudson came to fame on "americna an idol." >> i have to do justice to who i am now. i cannot be another character if i do not know who i am. >> now she is heading to court
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for a role she never wanted. it is generally thought the prosecutors want her because she is a popular while the defense does not want her there. the judge wants the jury in place by wednesday. testimony is start april 23rd. -- scheduled to start april 23rd. >> security for whitney houston's general will cost $187,000. local police were paid overtime for her service. the police chief said too moderate officers were on hand. many argue that her family should have paid for their own security. >> a red flag warning in effect for northern virginia and the d.c. area meaning that critical fire weather conditions are in effect. earlier today five d.c.
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firefighters put out a brush fire on rhode island ave. they are not advising anyone to light any flames outdoors all during this red flag warning. >> definitely can feel the wind picking up. >> tomorrow we are already under a prior weather watch. we will see. just a few showers out there right now, not enough to help out. this will help with the pollen and a lot of things. let's get started. outdoors to the rooftop camera, a time lapse of the last few hours. looking out over 50. we are getting these low clouds but very little rainfall. we will see with the sky looks like back on the horizon. most low clouds are skimming along a pretty quick speed year. a windy day. you know that already.
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what will happen next? we will keep our eye on the showers. we have a few more to the north and west but widely scattered showers and sprinkled across the area. we will turn much to lure the next few hours in the rain chances will go. the big story is the red flag warning. over 1200 for tree pollen again. a miserable day for many people. we will have more high pollen days to come in this pattern. 57 in the martinsburg. 61 in hagerstown. a lot of minor errors out of the area. 65 at reagan national airport. tonight, partly cloudy. noticeably cooler. 37-46 degrees and a little pocket of cool air that will slowly move its way across the northern middle atlantic and new england that will keep our temperatures noticeably above
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average, but we will get out of this and open up some warmer air down south. the satellite-radar, the bigger picture showing some spotty showers and sprinkles in the forecast. and we will see clear skies and cooler air moving in the area. fairly quiet whether tomorrow, windy conditions during the day. partly sunny skies. a brisk northwestern wind will keep it cool. by thursday, have pressure will start to build in and that will help to clear things out. partly cloudy and cool. 56 in the city. cooler in the suburbs. still kind of breezy and just a chance we might see another sprinkle popping up. but at this as we had through thursday for the nationals home opener and into the 70's with partially sunny skies. >> thank you.
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we will see you later. >> all this week we are giving away the chance to see a jeopardy taping. >> and sign up. they are taping at constitution hall the weekend of april 20th at. we're giving away five pairs of tickets every day this week. go to to see if you're one of today's winners. >> the want to go out and hang out with alison and her new best friend. coming up, the national mall is getting a new look. the design released. we let you wait in on that. >> first, new research that links a pregnant woman's weight to rutile the risk of optimism. why some e i'm more of an absentee
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>> tonight, a new study is linking a pregnant mothers wait to a higher risk that her baby will have autism. >> alarming finding that some experts say need to be taken seriously while others are pretty skeptical. jennifer donelan during this with the details. >> it is a sensitive topic. they looked at 1000 children, half of them with autism and
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half of them not. is this a critical piece of the autism puzzle or just a good piece of information to consider? for a pregnant mother, an alarming new study saying the risk of autism in children was 60% higher at the mother was obis hypertensive, or diabetic while pregnant. >> now we have something that we can look to man do something about. we know obesity is on the rise. >> they say the new findings linking obesity to autism must be taken seriously. more than one-third of adults in the u.s. are obese. >> of the mother of an individual with optimism, what caused it? not who caused it. if we can help people understand that, it is a step forward. >> the cdc estimates one in the 88 children now have autism. this says the risk rises to one in 53 when no bees. >> i would not say this is a
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smoking gun. if you compare our obesity verses of norway, they have an 8% increase -- obesity rate. >> it does seem to be a serious problem and should be taken into consideration. >> won a copy is good for you the next day and is -- one day coffee is good for you, the nex tt day it's not. >> if you are a pregnant mother and dobie's, do not lose sleep. more research needs to be done. if the findings are true, the science has to explain why. jennifer donelan abc-7 news. >> still had on abc 7 news at 5:00, a new movie in theaters
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this weekend. will it be good enough to unseat the hundred games? -- "the hunger games?" >> a glimpse of what the national mall could look like billy the not too distant future. >> i morris holmes. a shooting in this quiet atomic neighborhood leaves police
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>> you are watching abc 7 news
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at 5 with leon harris alison starling, doug hill, and tim braint. this is abc 7 news at 5. >> a quite atomic neighborhood -- potomac neighborhood is shocked by a shooting. >> they're not quite sure if this was a home invasion rate targeted shooting. the people who live your say they are unnerved. [no audio] according to police, what exactly happened is that the police came by at 11:45 and a 21-year-old lived inside the two
5:31 pm
roommates. there was a struggle. shots were fired in the gunman ran off. police are still looking for him. the man renting this house is in the hospital. police are still looking for the gunmen. they have very little clues as to why this happened. please send booking to interview the victim to find out exactly what went wrong. live in potomac aerosols, abc 7 news -- horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> the fire started and quickly started throughout the home thanks to a candle. a neighbors credited with calling 911 and going inside to help the family to safety. the family and their dogs run harmed. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. >> let's turn now to the top stories.
5:32 pm
a 6-year-old boy in the prince george's county has died after being accidentally shot. it happened in clinton around 3:00 this afternoon. police city child found a loaded revolvers in a backpack and accidently shot himself. >> a united flight from houston had a rough landing at reagan national. the plane blew out both the rear tires just after 11:00 a.m. none of the 122 passengers or five crewmembers were injured. >> the obama family hosted tens of thousands of people for the 134th annual easter egg roll. this year's theme -- let's go, let's play, let's move. there were activities like an obstacle course. >> it sounds like fun, as always. a glass pavilion, underground passages, outdoor theaters? they're all possibilities for
5:33 pm
the national mall, a competition for a new look is in the final stages. what would they like to see? >> its a non-profit group called the trust for the national mall who is organizing this design competition. they're trying to raise the $350 million they say they will need for the refurbishedment. they say they needed because it has been walked to death. basing much of the mall has become run down due to some much use. >> it kind of looks old and dilapidated, i guess. it would be nice to see some new more up-to-date architecture. >> the three sites being considered are the base of the washington monument, union square below the west wall, and constitution gardens, between
5:34 pm
the reflecting pool and constitution avenue. the theater would be replaced with a sloping green amphitheater and an underground walkway. constitution gardens could be transformed into an indoor- outdoor cafe area. union square could be transformed into a museum without walls where your voice could be transported to ripples. >> the amphitheater upgraded would be fine, but this section right here? just put in new grass. >> many people worry that improvements will only lead to overcrowding. >> absolutely not. it takes away from the historical view of the mall area. >> if you want to see the artist renderings for all 12 of the finalists, there is a link on our web site,
5:35 pm
you can let them know what you like and do not like. they hope to announce the finalists in may and up construction of at least one of the project will be completed by 2016. mark segraves, abc 7 news. >> let's get a check of the traffic situation. >> help on 395 is seen delays near king street heading towards duke street. 395 south across the bridge and there is a crash near the triangle in the left lane. inner and outer loop across the american legion bridge seeing some slow traffic. just pass this towards the 270 spur and additional delays on georgetown new hampshire ave. special delays on the inner and outer loop near river road. also on the 270 to 166.
5:36 pm
delays heading toward middlebrook road. and also heading toward 80- urbana. back to you. >> coming up on abc 7 news the $1 billion buy facebook is using to expanded their empire. >> i'm arch campbell with entertainment coming up. >> then on abc 7 news at 6:00, wal-mart's greetings from the windy city of chicago. people here sure are friendly but some have had a hard time understanding my accent. so to make sure people get every word of the geico savings message i've been practicing how to talk like a true chicagoan. switching to geico could save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance... da bears.
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haha... you people sure do talk funny. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> "the hunger games" makes it three weeks in a row at number one, but will a new horror movie knock it from the top spot back >> i know someone who knows. our brand arch campbell. he spoke to some of the stars of the new movie "cabin in the woods. >> i got them on their way out. here we are again. "the hunger games" has set the
5:40 pm
bar for blockbusters. but now a twist on the standard horror movie is taking a run at the biggest hit. >> something weird is going on. >> five college kids visit a deserted cabin and you know the rest. except you really do not. dick wrote in a twist on top of a twist. >> it really is a very original kind of crazy movie. it's a lot of fun. >> he plays the stereotypical class clown. she is the goody two-shoes growth you expect to survive. it turns into a literal bloodbath. >> and that stuff is made out of syrup. >> it is a little sticky. it is hard to get it off of everything, including an iphone. >> it "cabin in the woods" opens
5:41 pm
with a capital "r." the 3d enhancement of titanic is also out. tomorrow, meryl streep's "iron lady" comes to dvd. the short answer is "cabin in the woods" will beat "the hunger games?" nah. they are nice and on their way up. >> thanks. >> coming up next "phantom of the opera" is the highest grossing opera all time on broadway. >> it who is being recalled for a windshield wiper problem? >> a woman is given all of the
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so much for cable? switch to fios for just $89.99 a month guarantd for two years with a two-year agreement -- plus your special bonus: $250 back. save $600 in your first two years. hurry. this incredible offer ends april 21st. call 1.877.827..os. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's.877.827.3467. 800-974-6006 tty/v. or visius online to save even more. fios. a network ahead. >> in montgomery county woman is in the fight of her life trying to save the family business her father started 40 years ago. >> date are trying to shut down
5:45 pm
the lawn mower repair shop. the county made a zoning mistake. kris van cleave explains that even though the county made the mistake, they are the ones paying for it. >> 416-18 hours a day, he is fixing lawn mowers and tractors even opened during blizzards to help with snow blowers. the zoning inspectors are fighting this tough army veteran over their own bureaucratic blunder. >> i can take a beating but come on. if you're going to beat me, at least let me work. >> she bought 3 acres along route 198 and got all the necessary permits back in 2009 and in january 2011 opened doors. four months later, the zoning
5:46 pm
inspector rescinded the permit saying she was not zoned for lawn mower repair. the county made a mistake. >> we have to close you because you're not supposed to be here. they let me open. i do not know how that happened. >> these owning manager. >> this clearly was wrong. whoever did this, it was wrong. >> she spent her life savings trying to pick the county's mistakes. >> he just cannot do the work there. you have to relocate. >> she has a rare neurological disorder and says she will lose everything. >> i deal with pain, but i need my work. >> it is in an environmentally sensitive area next to a big pepco transformer across my large storage facility and an ace hardware with its contractor and one more business.
5:47 pm
>> i'm sorry. i just do not understand. >> and god knows what is going on in the county. >> county officials say they will put the case on hold the tried to fix their mistake. they will let her keep the 40- year-old business open. >> it's amazing. god is wonderful. >> she has a court hearing scheduled for tomorrow where we expect the county to seek a continuance. we will stay on the story. in the newsroom, kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> ford is recalling more than 140,000 focus to fix the 2012 model wiper motor. other contaminants could reduce visibility and increase the risk of a crash. >> facebook will be buying instagram, their largest acquisition to date at $1
5:48 pm
billion. facebook says instagram will run independently and they can still use it on outside social networks like water. >> a new king has been crowned on broadway. "the lion king" is now the highest grossing show on broadway. almost $854 million. it debuted in 1997. phantom opened in 1988 but the lion king has a higher average ticket price and a larger theater. is that right? let's talk about tonight. in prime time, it is rock and roll my on "dancing with the stars." they will perform to classic rock stars. kiss will perform. followed by "castle." >> lets see what is coming up on
5:49 pm
abc 7 news at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has a look. >> will maryland gamble on another casino? right now, in indianapolis they're talking about the possibility of a $1 billion casino in prince george's county but there's not a lot of time let because today's the last day in the legislative session. scott thuman will have the latest. this is a big week for historic howard theater. we talk about premiere week for the theater that has just been refurbished. >> the weather has been great. >> magnificent, but unfortunately very dry. we are all hoping for some rain soon. >> we still have a chance tonight as the cold front approaches. in arlington it is the same elsewhere, but sunshine and clouds and skies are at least partly cloudy. here is a time lapse from
5:50 pm
washington-lee high school in arlington. the skies darken and then come back. as far as any rain, a few light showers but they are well south and east of the metro area toward eastern virginia panhandle. 59 in lanham with the big gusts up to 48 miles per hour. 37-46 by tomorrow morning. this area of low pressure will hang along the east coast and keep tomorrow breezy and cool. by thursday, things will start to even out a bit as high pressure returns. mostly sunny skies and a warming trend that will last early next week. for the rest of the day, partly sunny, breezy, and cool. highs in the upper 50's. warmer temperatures likely over the weekend.
5:51 pm
keep up-to-date with all of these crazy changing weather things on today is a red flag warning. if you have no idea what that is, there is a chance the bar a warning to be back tomorrow and there is in port information you could learn. back to you. >> how emotional was the masters yesterday? that was awesome. >> i loved it. i loved every second of it. you do not have to be a golf fans to enjoy the masters. the beauty of the surroundings is enough for most. the pressure of the majors catch the die-hard fans. in the human emotion had great theater playing out for a guy named bubba. one day, perhaps soon, baby -- bubba and his baby boy will get around talking about what he did at the 2012 masters.
5:52 pm
>> watson and his wife adopted one month old callebs two weeks ago. >> she told me she was going to have to adopt because she could not have kids. i told her that was fine. four years ago we started the process. >> they were back home sunday while bubble mounted his charge on the fabled back nine. on the second hole of the sudden-death playoff, in trouble in the trees, 135 yards to the green, this self-taught master threw a curveball that changed the masters history and his destiny. >> i got in the trees and hit a crazy shot that i saw in my head. now i'm talking to you wearing a green jacket. >> watson broke down in his mother's arms, his father having passed away in october 2010. >> he would be excited. we just cried in each other's
5:53 pm
arms. golf is not my everything. for me to come out here and win it is all some for a weekend and then i will go back to real life. i have not changed a diaper it. >> he had a spectacular weekend. it was emotional. this was a little bit special. >> and he will miss the days when he does not have to change those diapers. [laughter] >> that is a whole nother story. >> been there, done that. got a t-shirt. >> not yet. >> you will be in the club soon enough. >> forget about nascar. dozens of people took part in the race in the sand francisco. tim, you missed out on this one. your role on these tiny plastic bicycle down the kirby is street in the world. some people were caused teams.
5:54 pm
the stakes were high. the glory of the handmade trophy. and road rash. [laughter] >> is that you? >> that's me there.
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5:57 pm
>> eastern monday is usually african-american family at the zoo. -- easter monday. >> it has been a calm and fun day at the zoo. stephen tschida joins us with more. >> the officials say they were impressed by the diversity in the crowd was some visitors say they were most struck by the presence. it did they started with an
5:58 pm
easter egg hunt, an annual event on the day after easter. it is a tradition for thousands of african-americans on easter monday. "there are a lot of families out today enjoying the day. >> in the past has been bloodshed and violence. seven -- this sent people scrambling last year. they delayed their annual visit this year. >> so far, so good. >> the officials say they have beefed up security this year. the security impressed this visitor from oakland. >> tons of security. very different than the oakland zoo. about 25,000 people came through the gates today. they did not give the violence any thought at all.
5:59 pm
this woman has been coming to easter monday for years and says this was one of the most peaceful pleasant days. >> reporting live, stephen tschida. >> that is it for abc7 news at 5:00. coming up at 6:00. >> a 6-year-old boy accidentally shoots and kills himself. where did he get the revolver? live details coming up. >> dc's plans for walmart get delayed for a little bit. that and more coming up now at 6. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> the breaking news at the top of the 6:00 hour, a 6-year-old child shot in prince george's county has died. >> it happened around 3:00 p.m. in clinton-maryland.


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