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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  April 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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show. that's what's making news in america this morning. p. >> stay with us for "good morning america." and have >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. the latestead, honored quake that struck overnight in chile. >> later this morning, space fly overiscovery will washington before landing at dulles international. good morning, washington. tuesday, april 17. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we will begin with traffic and weather. first, meteorologist adam caskey. yesterday felt a lot like summer >> . it sure did. air conditioners humming all across the neighborhood.
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today you will be able to open the windows to let the air circulate, if the pollen does .ot bother you much here's a look at the s.mperature 68 at dulles airport and in manchester, 70 in gaithersburg. morning sunshine, afternoon clouds today, breezy at times, highs in the mid 70's this afternoon. northwesterly wind at 10-15. even cooler tomorrow, in the low , mostly cloudy, gray skies on wednesday. a few light showers possible, 40% chance of rain. 77 and partly cloudy on friday. high hopes for weekend rain saturday intoe sunday. steve. >> the beltway near new avenue, some road work inner loop has been
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picked up. maryland running nicely. the hov lanes, are open. had been closed for construction overnight. good up to the 14th street bridge. looks good across the springfield interchange and to bridge. street there's a lot of construction on virginia.y in the ramp from the toll road to of the beltway is l continueay you wil the beltway are toll roads right now. that is in the process of being picked up. back to you. >> thank you. major damage from a magnitude 6.7 earthquake that struck central chile. one man suffered a deadly heart attack during the earthquake. is video that shows a set on thean
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it should the set for more than a minute. parts of the coastline were evacuated as a precaution. >> he stays calm under pressure to. >> that is not easy. space shuttle discovery beginning and it's turning into the smithsonian space museum in chantilly, virginia if. morning it will fly on top of a modified 747 kate and will fly over several washington landmarks. you should be able to see it between 10:00 at 11:00 this morning. display.hen go on if you would like to see the over, there are plenty of , including the national the southwest waterfront, alexandria, gravelly point, and other good spots. >> the university maryland carry outreatening to
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onhooting spree will go trial today. 19-rolled alexander song faces mail andg electronic disturbing the peace. last month after posting threats on social media web sites. he has been suspended from school indefinitely. taxpayers have until midnight fileht to postmark or their tax returns with the irs. today's the deadline for file theirsidents to state returns. post offices will have extended hours for people to mail last-minute returns. on senate republicans have stalled by democrats to attack wouldffett rule, which the nation's top least 30% pay at president obama denounced the vote and says he will keep congress to help the middle class. the d.c. council will vote that on an emergency bill
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would stretch mayor vincent power nt would to get the council's before reallocating public dollars. council chairman kwame brown the bill would improved transparency. a spokesman for the mayor says damage thel could way the government functions in the district. the d.c. council will discuss a plan today by the mayor to allow bars to serve our call an hour later until 3:00 a.m. on weekdays until 4:00 a.m. on weekends. boost thee plan would hospitality industry. council member jim graham fears of drinking would be destructive to d.c. neighborhoods. >> hearing from a local driver was targeted by robbers while driving in potomac. she said that her range rover vehicle onby another near turkey foot road. why the woman was outraged after calling police. >> my god, i think i'm being
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followed, i had the feeling something was not right. something was not right. tension rises in this affluent d.ntgomery county neighborhoo >> i'm surprised in this community. >> 11:00 on april 3, the woman said suv rammed into torpor. the man said that you need to your car and exchange information. i was like, are you crazy? >> the same thing happened a few later doorman on the jones lang. of up with duct tape out and forced him into the trunk, drove to the money, then dumped him in a church parking lot. we asked about the 911 operator's orders to the earlier victim. that has made us concerned. >> montgomery county authorities reviewing the 911 call and
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to talk with the operator. they say the woman was wise to her gut instinct and not get out of the car. i could of been hurt or killed if i had gotten out of the car. the man has been released from hospital. that north potomac neighborhood edge and likely untilemain so at least the two suspects are apprehended. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> turning to business news, are burdened with that mayoan debt and hurt the housing recovery. >> ellen braitman is live at g headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. many americans are struggling to off their college loans. student loan debt is a drag on housing market. consumer financial protection bureau estimating boring for already exceeded $1 trillion. many former students will not get a mortgage at affordable rates. u.s. postal service also struggling financially. l take a closer
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look today specifically at plans operationsantly over to boost cash. nation's largest carriers union proposing raising mail and saying the post office need to become more entrepreneurial. small gains in stock futures this morning. investors keeping an eye on your. a debts preparing for option. quarterly results due from goldman sachs as well as coca- cola. tax day is not all bad. food or a massage can come it. in the next hour. is business news at bloomberg headquarters in new york. ellen braitman reporting for abc 7 news. parramatta people need a massage overstressing over their taxes. 69 degrees. >> how the trayvon martin case legislation inew the senate. a show of unity on the campus
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virginia tech. thestudents are marking anniversary of the deadly on a college campus. we will
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>> tuesday morning. yesterday we tied a record at marshall airport. otherwise, we are three degrees of records remaining in the
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80s at dulles and reagan national. noticeably cooler today. you can open the windows for the the week. less humid air moving into town. 70 in manassas, 72 in winchester. 60's otherwise. 63 in berkeley springs. starting the day at 68. temperatures will drop a little this morning, then mid 70's this afternoon. northwesterly wind at 10-15. a little breezy at times with increasing clouds this afternoon. tomorrow we have a shot at rainshowers, much-needed rain. we could see up to 1/4 inch far h of washington close to , stafford, charlottesville, southern maryland. low 60's tomorrow. rain in thee of .econd half of the weekend >> 395 near duke street is moving pretty well right now. the road work is out of the way. hov lanes moving nicely
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northbound. looks like all the way up to dumphries and pass springfield 395, hov lanes are available. 270 near route 121 heading into county, everything is moving smoothly. light volume so far as you head down to the lane divide. no problems over to springfield. moving pretty smoothly looks good.5, hov overnight roadwork in the process of being picked up from of the beltway and virginia and from the inbound toll road. back to you. >> thank you. is tuesday morning. coming up, another day of for gun control advocates. details on recent cases sparking their readings on capitol hill. >> an option for metro rail customers.
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an emotional tribute to the of the virginia tech shooting. 9000 people gathered last night for a candlelight vigil on the active anniversary of the tragedy. gunman wered the killed on april 16, 2007. names of those killed were read last night included a local centreville. >> it is important for us to to honor every year them. >> we still remember everything
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so vividly. was onlylike it yesterday. far we have come in five years. >> the 2007 shooting rampage was deadliest attack on a college campus in u.s. history. >> the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing on a bill aimed at ending racial profiling in america. lawyer for george zimmerman, charged with killing and deborah, as case tohearing the down after she revealed a potential conflict of interest. is a lot's husband of cnn's legal analyst. gun-control advocates will members ofging congress to enact tougher gun laws. dubbed the days of demonstrations and meetings, on of the trayvon martin the fifth anniversary of the virginia tech massacre. they want lawmakers to reject that would force states to honor concealed weapons permits from other states. >> smartrip card holders have
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another option. y metro launched the unlimited seven-day smartrip pass. $47, they can use it to take as any trips as they walked for seven consecutive days. it was only available previously as a paper farecards. road it on line or at any metro station. on line orn load it at any metro station. right now d.c. is preparing potholes'. patched,000 have been while the campaigns were in effect. you can call when you see potholes, report them to the city. if you see one of these metro s with our picture on it, tweet it to us.
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>> thanks for the support. coming up on for clock 49 right now on this tuesday morning. seven the degrees on this w morning. -- 70 degrees. for the second time this season, we saw some kissing from maria menounous. a bare chest and much more. o impressed the judges the most? >>
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>> welcome back. traffic and weather. >> let's start with adam caskey with a look at the forecast. little warm out there. >> a mild start, but muchratures will not move the day.t the rest of likell be nothing yesterday in terms of high temperatures. it was 89 at reagan national, a to our first 90- degree high day of the season. is 64 degrees in winchester, manassas, 75 in the district and 70 in gaithersburg and. we have clouds moving in for the afternoon and evening. to theergy down move in tomorrow. that could give us an isolated tonight, not a big deal. tomorrow we could have a few y,ght showers briefl
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quarter inch in locations south of the metro and in central virginia. that's possible. cloudy and cooler tomorrow. before degrees today for the high temperature. 62 tomorrow. tod still hanging on hope for weekend rainfall. chance of widespread be saturday night on through the day on sunday. now to steve to look at traffic. moving pretty well so far. 66 near glebe road inside the cars.y, not many the road work is being picked up. eastbound 0m on outside or inside the beltway. in maryland, 270 near father welly boulevard is moving northbound.nd . no problems at . rround the beltway nea boulevard, a good ride. inner loop and outer loop, no problems.
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back to you. >> thank you. >> tonight we will find out who next celebrity to go home on "dancing with the "tars. >> things got spicy last night on latin night and the stars brought plenty of passion e others needed a little bit. and william jenkins scored 29 out of 34 tangos.gentine williams took the stage just after he got an mri for an ankle injury. was a little worried about >> i have to take this one week at a time. i have friends and family that wants to come here and visit. i will let them and because i if i'm not here anymore? >> tv host maria menounous -- >> i was really nervous and i were.hat you one.was a really hard
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but they tied with the football had oneald driver who of the night's most memorable moves. i did not have to do anything. before ride. good. pretty >> rochon fegan was in sixth place with the salsa. >> my objective was to have a good time. jaleel white was in sixth .lace with the samba and gladys knight danced the samba and got a standing for seventh place finish. is what entertainment is about if you can make people feel happiness. >> melissa gilbert in eighth place. >> if we are in the bottom two, the judges will let us go. i don't know what the deal is. feel't know why parrot i for melissa to have me as a partner. >> gavin degraw feels like he's
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danger after landing in last place. >> i need a rescue. a lifeline.rew me cannot swim. correct the bottom two couples to dance for the tonight and the decide which one of those couples goes home. >> the pressure. >> the judges will have the final set. now, 70 4:56 right degrees. performance that do you ever wish you could make some things just disappear? ♪ [ ping! ] [ ng! ping! ] that's why i use new tampax radiant. itelps keep my period invisible, combing tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapperer so all they'll see is me.
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>> i could have been hurt if not t out of that car. >> we will hear from the woman r she wase police afte in a fender bender. how that might have saved her life. >> prepare for an amazing sight today.skies discover will begin journey to its final home in northern virginia. >> down to the minute for last- minute tax filers. file is midnight tonight. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. 5:00 a.m., to rise and shine on this tuesday, april 17. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey.


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