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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 19, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. new details in the secret service scandal. three agents, gone. now, the woman at the center of the toxic mix of drinking, sex and money, speaks out about what really happened that night. sorry, pippa. a big apology this morning. the french aristocrat who whisked pippa to paris, takes us behind the scenes in the wild night. and the truth about the gun in that car. the fast and the furious. an out-of-control car, right over a creek, crashing into the side of a house. the driver was pulled to safety, with only minor injuries. the accident, all caught on camera. ♪ five, six, seven celebrating our friend, dick
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clark. the megatv host, who launched the careers of superstars, from the beach boys to madonna. >> what are your dreams? >> to rule the world. >> he made new year's eve the world's biggest party. inside the life and legend of america's oldest teenager. so many great memories of dick clark. many of them right here, made for millions in times square, what he called and what many called the crossroads of the world. transforming it into a national party, every year at new year's eve. >> so many people all over the
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world, pouring in with their remembrances of dick clark. president obama, weighing in. saying dick clark made us feel as young and vibrant and optimistic as he was. but my favorite was tony orlando. he said, only god crowuated more stars than dick clark. >> someone said, if you were watching dick clark on new year's eve, you were never alone. and you felt that way. and so many people how he introduced them to rock 'n' roll singers. >> and he came out here every, single year. and the times were always changing. but he never seemed to change. take a look. >> one thing never changes, times square, and the crowd on new year's. they're young. they're happy. you haven't seen anything until you've seen times square. the crossroads. the crossroads. the crossroads of america. the ball is dropping in ten, eight. seven. five. four. three.
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one. happy new year. >> and we're also thinking of his wife. that kiss we saw every new year's eve. dick clark passed away due to a heart attack at the age of 82. we'll have more on his life and legacy in a moment. first, the top stories and josh elliott. >> we're going to get to the dramatic developments in the secret service prostitution scandal. three agents are being forced out, as we hear for the first time from one of the women involved. abc's reena ninan has the latest from cartagena, colombia. reena, good morning to you. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that members of the presidential advance team, did a little advanced work of their own last week. the room at the hotel caribe, before a night of alcohol and sex with prostitutes. abc news has learned the men reserved a space large enough for at least 30 people, before traveling here to the pley club. sources say several of the men
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not only met prostitutes here, they paid for sexual services inside the club. then, brought the women back to the party space at the hotel. congressional leaders say as many as 20 women may have been involved. >> this is a real black eye, if this is pretty deep. we need answers to the questions. >> reporter: one of the women involved said she was ripped off by one of the americans at the hotel. in an interview with "the new york times." she agreed to return to the hotel with one of the men for $800. but the next morning, she says, he would only pay $30. after a dispute involving local police and members of the secret service, she agreed to leave with approximately $225. this is something really big, she said. this is the government of the united states. i have nervous attacks. i cry all the time. three secret service agents have lost their jobs, including two supervisors. josh? >> reena ninan, in cartagena, thanks for that.
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a man is on the run right now. santos carrera morales and eric james are described as armed and dangerous. they escaped after being transferred from a state prison to a local jail because of overcrowding. meanwhile, overseas, tensions are rising concerning a nuclear arms race in asia. today, india successfully test-launched a long-range nuclear missile, capable of striking china. india called it a major step towards being seen as a world power. and here at home, good news about gas prices. on wall street, gasoline futures are trading roughly 6% lower than a month ago, thanks in part to falling oil prices. what does it mean for you? if the trend continues, we could see gas drop by 20 cents per gallon in the middle of next month. and we showed you the top of the show. it happened in brazil. the driver lost control. and ended up launched into the
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second floor of that house. a family was inside sleeping. remarkably, no one was hurt. and today marks the end of a singular era. after 38 seasons, pat summitt is stepping aside as head coach of the tennessee lady vols, to face her next big challenge, early onset dementia. summitt is one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history. no other coach has won as many games. 1,098, to be exact. and she said to you, robin, she wants you to understand you don't have to be afraid of dementia. we heard sherri shepherd say, you run towards the fear. if anybody will do that, i have to believe pat will. >> i talked to her yesterday on the phone. she sounds great. she's going to remain a strong presence there with the lady vols. but holly will now be the head coach. and tyler summitt, her son, is
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an assistant coach at marquette. he's following the tradition. >> remember him as a little boy. what a singular era. we're going back, now, to the celebration of the life of a true tv legend, dick clark, passed away on wednesday. for decades, he made his way into the living rooms of millioning of americans, ringing in the new year, from right here at times square. and inviting teenagers to a national dance party on "american bandstand" each and every saturday. chris connelly is here with a look at dick clark's remarkable career. good morning, chris. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, robin. he began in television in the 1950s. but he was no oldies act. he kept america smiling for 50 years, looking just like that. and doing every kind of television. >> "you send me." ♪ darling, you send me >> reporter: for a half century, from game shows to blooper shows, to his new year's rockin'
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eve, dick clark was tv's ever-present mr. congeniality. his cultural influence came early, back in the '50s in philly, "american bandstand." >> if it's got a good beat, you go out and buy it. >> if you can dance to it? >> reporter: "bandstand" became a smash. with the clean-cut clark, diffusing parents' fears of the new music. for millions of the era's teens, with an introductory course in rock 'n' roll. ♪ we're going to rock around the clock tonight ♪ >> he would take music. and he would make it bigger than life. >> ladies and gentlemen, here's chubby checker. >> reporter: like the man who made "the twist" a dance sensation. ♪ twist baby, twist ♪ >> once i got out there and we did the twist, that the world
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was changed. and it did change on "american bandstand." why? all because of dick clark. >> reporter: ducking the scandals that ended others' careers. clark became known as america's oldest teenager. and would become as much of an icon as the stars who played on his show, like the beach boys. ♪ i don't know how long >> reporter: and stevie wonder. all the way through the '80s. >> what are your dreams? >> to rule the world. >> reporter: but pop music never defined dick clark. he was a savvy businessman, aiming to please all audiences. he hosted "the $25,000 pyramid," and created the american music awards. he even became an icon for a new generation, with dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. first hosting in 1972.
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even continuing to come to times square, after suffering a stroke in 2004. >> my speech isn't perfect. but we'll get there. >> reporter: dirk clark is destined to be remembered as a television pioneer. who, in his 50-plus years as a host on the small screen, never dropped the ball. how amazing that three generations of tv viewers have dick clark in their lives. >> what are you going to remember the most? >> i remember the show on abc, that he oversaw called "where the action is." i would come up and watch freddy canon and paul revere and the raiders. he was our rock 'n' roll 101 back in the bay. >> and the blooper show he had. >> and ed mcmahon. there were a lot of thigh-slapping on that one.
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>> it was "the $10,000 pyramid." he was voted in his high school senior class. >> what? >> most likely to sell you the brooklyn bridge. >> but keep the rights afterward. >> thank you. we're going to turn to the search for a missing soldier stationed at ft. bragg. kelly bordeaux vanished after leaving the bar over the weekend. police are looking at her cell phone records and the man she was with before she disappeared. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this pond is now the area of an intensifying search for kelly bordeaux, the ft. bragg soldier, missing since saturday morning. >> were picking up a cell tower, along the north ranch street corridor. >> reporter: her sister, who gave a tearful plea for her sister's safe return, wouldn't
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answer questions about who bordeaux was with, or where mike, her husband of two years was, when she went missing. >> i have no theory. kelly went missing. that's the only fact i do know. >> reporter: first thing wednesday morning, more than 100 members of the police department and military personnel, combed this wooded area, behind the fayetteville, north carolina, bar, frogy bottoms, where she was last seen with this man, richard holbert, a 25-year-old registered sex offender. police are calling him a person of interest. but he says he has nothing to do with her disappearance. >> she seemed like a nice and cool person. >> reporter: holbert says he met bordeaux a couple of weeks ago. he said she asked him to take her to frogy bottoms. >> she was tired and wanted to go home. we got in the car. and she said, you can let me out right here. i'll walk. >> reporter: army officials say at some point, she sent a text
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message that said, got home safely. but relatives say they don't believe she ever made it home. holbert has not been charged in bordeaux's disappearance. and he says he's only being targeted because of his criminal record. our calls to bordeaux's husband went unanswered. an american cruise line is under fire this morning, facing tough questions about whether one of its ship's crews ignored passengers when they saw a fishing boat in trouble in the middle of the ocean. and disregarding the sighting cost two men their lives. david wright has that story. >> reporter: newly-released photos of a panamanian fishing vessel, adrift at sea for 28 days. santi vasquez was the sole survivor. it turned out all three could have been saved by the bird watchers that took this photo. judy has eyes like a hawk. on march 10th, she and her
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friends were on the deck of this cruise ship off the coast of costa rica. >> the more i looked at it, i could see a small person waving a shirt up and down. >> reporter: they say they immediately informed the crew. >> the boat didn't stop. didn't change course. nothing happened. >> reporter: the ship's operator, princess cruise lines issued a statement. >> we are currently conducting an internal investigation on the matter. we were saddened to learn that two lives were lost aboard the boat. but judy played us a voicemail message. >> the ship altered óeml clear. >> reporter: maritime law experts say the captain's duty was crystal-clear. >> a captain is required to assist a vessel in distress. >> reporter: for judy, it's unconscionable. >> it's frustrating that those young men were at sea two more weeks. two of them died because the ship didn't turn around.
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>> reporter: a tragedy at sea that meredith is convinced would have been averted if the cruise liner had taken the bird watchers seriously. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> that is a tough one. there are new headlines this morning from pippa middleton's party weekend in paris. one of the men in those infamous photos is speaking out, apologizing for his friend that waved that toy gun at the paparazzi. abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: oh, it's an irresistible tale for the british press. pretty pippa, in paris. a possible paramour, pointing a pistol a morning after a party. there's a whiff of bonnie and clyde. kind of. will pippa be arrested? this morning, we have a groveling mea culpa from the dude in the backseat. he's apologized to pippa and issued a statement. pippa had been subject to
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constant and dangerous harassment by paparazzi, throughout her time in paris, he claims. he says his friend who pippa had just met, drove her to the station. and the snappers were swarming. as a joke, my friend brandished a toy pistol in their direction. she did not find it funny. bad timing. there's been a spate of shootings in france and a bad location. diana died in a paris underpass, chased by paparazzi. >> pippa has become the press focus. nobody can touch kate. pippa is part of that team now. and they ought to be giving her royal protection, i think. >> reporter: and royal insiders are concerned that pippa will damage grand royals, with her i high jinks. who can forget she upstaged kate with that derriere. you know, pippa's rise writing a book called "celebrate," for party planning tips.
7:17 am
perhaps she'll have a chapter about what not to wave in a convertible, the morning after the night before. now, this won't be the last we hear of gungate because a lot of people say pippa was smiling in those photos, which rather fights the testimony of her gallant french defender. >> we've not heard from her yet. let's get the weather from sam champion. >> good morning, george, robin, everyone. we're going to show you pictures out of washington, d.c., with the patchy, thick fog that's getting worse. check your local flight arrangements and make sure you're not running a little bit late because of that. here comes the milder air that will take care of the moisture. wet, soggy. boston gets 65 today. philly, up in the 70s, as well. one to two strong to severe storms from des moines, to kansas city, wichita, oklahoma city, dallas. you're all in the way and could see strong storms and a lot of hail from those storms.
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>> we have some lingering cloud cover and fog. otherwise sunshine. the sun breaking out. 53 in annapolis where we have a picture. 49 in martinsburg. gaithersburg. near 50 to start the day with clouds.very of sunshine. 70 degrees this afternoon. bright and comfortable later on today. even warmer tomorrow. weekend rains. saturday afternoon and
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all of america's weather in the next half hour. robin? >> looking cool there, sam. thanks a lot. we have a retired couple in the small town of red bud, illinois, hit the megamillions jackpot. abc's ryan owens has their story. >> reporter: if you don't win the lottery, these are the sort of people you hope do. a retired couple. grandparents of four. so all-american they have a flag in their front yard and a winnebago in their driveway. merle and pat butler have been married more than 40 years. but he'd never seen a reaction when he told her he bought the winning ticket. >> just started giggling. and she giggled for about four hours, i think. >> reporter: that laughter helped the couple keep such a big secret in this small town. >> one of the people i know in the bank. oh, i guess you've come over to
7:20 am
put your ticket away. i said, yeah, i won this thing. and i've got to get it put away. just laughed it off. and she doesn't know to -- right now, that i really had that ticket in there. >> reporter: in fact, they didn't even tell their pastor. >> they've been in church every sunday. >> reporter: just sitting there like nothing is going on? >> just like everybody else. >> reporter: for almost three weeks, the multimillionaires were hiding in plain sight. telling almost no one. and quietly meeting with attorneys and financial planners. >> this is a full-time job, it looks like. >> reporter: i don't think we're going to feel sorry for you, sir. >> no. i'm not looking for sympathy. >> reporter: and they're not looking to leave red bud. apparently, home is still home, even when you can suddenly afford every house in town. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, red bud, illinois. >> good for them and how they're handling it. coming up, new clues on what made a mom snap and snatch another mother's newborn. also, justin bieber wants to
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live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. thursday, april 19. i am cynne simpson. we have a heads up for people downtown d.c. over the
7:27 am
next few days. tonight, 18th, 19th, streets will be closed. be closed sunday night. there is a list of closures and at thousands of people to spend on the air and space museum today welcome the space shuttle retiremento its home. astronauts will escort discovery on the last leg of the journey. our sister station will have more coming up in an in-depth few minutes.t a we get the latest on the morning commute. >> thank you. look at 95. very heavy and slow up from to the prince william parkway where that bric and -- trailer was tractor- the side of the road. trying to get to springfield, 395 siri software is the 14th street bridge. beltwayover at the hampshire avenue where
7:28 am
-- delays from connecticut ave. accident near durjava to clear away a while ago. >> lingering fog. sunshine and nice skies. 51 -- 51 in the district. degrees, cumberland. 48, dulles airport. 53, lexington park. comfortable afternoon with sunshine. on outning clouds move of town. withwarmer tomorrow sunshine. of rain.ekend, areas saturday afternoon into the evening. >> we need the rain. thank you for joining us.
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welcome back to "good morning america," with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos. >> what a voice. what a voice. sounds like the one you hear on all those movie trailers and such. it's not who you think it is. we'll reveal all. a very special "play of the day." >> a live "play of the day" this morning. that's coming up. also, justin bieber. boy, the superstar really turning up the heat in his new music video. but is it too steamy for his teenage fans? >> always have to make the transition. >> like miley cyrus did. and vanessa williams is going to join us live to talk about her revealing new memoir. and her extraordinary journey
7:31 am
from miss america to wisteria lane. >> she has done so much. looking forward to that. we begin with the latest on that brazen baby-snatching in houston. authorities have charged verna mcclain with shooting keenan's mother. yunji de nies starts us off from conrow, texas. >> reporter: verna mcclain is expected to face a judge here later today. she is in a cell alone, after confessing to kidnapping that baby of 3-days-old, and killing her mother. stunning, new information why she may have committed this crime. investigators said verna mcclain was a desperate woman. the 30-year-old registered nurse and mother of three herself, told police she needed a newborn
7:32 am
because she had recently miscarried and planned to pass the baby off as her own. >> she needed to justify having a child to her soon-to-be fiance. and she led him to believe she was pregnant and had a child. she needed to produce a child. >> reporter: to mcclain, the fact that she and her fiance are black, the baby white, didn't seem to matter. >> she represented this as her child, yes. >> reporter: mcclain has been charged with capital murder, after police say she confessed to shooting the 28-year-old mother and kidnapping her baby, as mother and son left this texas pediatrician's office. police say mcclain and her victim had just one thing in common. both took their children to the same pediatrician. they say mcclain waited in the parking lot and chose her because she wanted the child and wanted him for himself. >> investigation so far would indicate this was a random choice on her part.
7:33 am
>> reporter: her mother says she has no words to her daughter's killer. >> it's horrible is what it is. that's -- my daughter was a good person. she wouldn't fight and argue with anybody. but she would protect her baby. and she took her life for it. >> the best girl i've ever been with. she's good with the kids. >> reporter: keith said he was overcome with the loss of his wife and the joy of being reunited with his son, keegan. this morning, baby keegan is safe with relatives. but this little boy, less than a week old, will never know his mother. now, detectives have questioned mcclain's fiance. but so far, they say, they do not believe there was another person in the vehicle. you'll remember, that initially, they reported that there was a suspect in that vehicle. now, they say they believe that mcclain acted alone. here in texas, a conviction of capital murder does usually mean
7:34 am
the death penalty. so, investigators tell abc news, they are anticipating an sanity defense. >> thanks, yunji. let's get more from dr. janet taylor. thank you for joining us again, dr. taylor. these cases are so horrifying. thankfully, they're rare. but the common thread, is this just a woman desperate to have a baby? >> yes. desperation seems to be the underlying key. and that with the intention of getting a baby. and it is tragic. >> in this case, you had the shooter actually already had children. but it was a baby she wanted, not children. >> yes. it was a baby. that's typical of a case. you have a woman who has told a lie, lost a baby. and where there is an underlying psychosis, or whether it's temporary, they will do anything, to get a baby. in this case, she's black, the
7:35 am
baby was white. clearly, she wanted a baby. >> and perhaps planning this for months. triggered by the miscarriage. but then, she seemed to just snap. >> well, she did. and what happens, unfortunately, it used to be that many abductions would happen in hospitals. when they're out of hospitals, there is a tendency for violence. she was in the health care field. they share the same pediatrician. those interactions unfortunately became a distraction. >> the police believe this was at random. that this particular victim wasn't being targeted. is that a pattern? >> typically, it is a crime of opportunity. in this case, usually, the women are in health care fields. she could have gone for any baby. and unfortunately, she went for little keegan. >> it is exceedingly rare to have violence associated with this, beyond the kidnapping. >> well, it depends. out of the hospital, there is a tendency for more violence.
7:36 am
if a woman can go in and unfortunately just get a baby, there may not be violence. but out of the hospital, she had a gun. she had a plan. she was going to get this baby at all costs. >> what a rollercoaster for the father right now. he loses his wife. he gets his baby back. how does the family begin to deal with this? begin to heal? >> well, it's a loss on so many levels. but they can bond around the baby. they can bond around each other. and create an opportunity to have security and love for this child, who will not have his mother. but if they can create the love and attachment, they can have a loving environment and take it step by step. >> and the bottom line for any woman facing some kind of depression after a failed pregnancy, get professional help immediately. >> absolutely. and if you're a family member and you know the woman is despondent, is depressed, is acting not normal, don't be afraid to get an intervention. call 911. talk to the doctor. but again, this is rare.
7:37 am
there's over 4 million births a year that happen. and most families take their kids home. if you notice something, say something. >> dr. taylor, thanks very much. let's get the weather, now, from sam. >> hey, george. we're going to start with pictures out of yosemite of an incredible waterfall. this is happening about a month earlier. look at all of the water rushing out of the mountains. that's because of the rapid snowmelt. that snowpack was only 50% of normal. we're concerned about western water supplies as we go into a warm spring and summer. las vegas, up to 98 degrees on saturday. these numbers are about 20 degrees where they normally should be. and will well above 100 on sunday. l.a., you get 90 degrees on saturday, as well. you're in for a warm-up. severe storms in the middle of the country. we're in a milder phase as we get to the mid-atlantic and right now, 51 in washington. we have lingering clouds here
7:38 am
there. overall sunny. high as 70. tomorrow, mid 70's. >> all that weather was brought to you by kfc. george? >> thank you, sam. coming up, the superstar who ignited bieber fever. his racy, new video. [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words. first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning. you said "brian, it's 11:15. get up." so maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] celebrate the little things. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. [ female announcer ] been looking for your pain reliever lately?
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14 the biebs, justin bieber, skyrocketed to fame with hits like "i will never say never." and "baby, baby, baby." and he's been teasing his millions of fans with snippets of his new video. but it's a project that is too hot for teens. it didn't look g-rated, lara. >> well, he's 18 years old. and "boyfriend" has already topped the charts. the release of his provocative new music video now, is painting a whole, new picture of sweet, little justin bieber. the kid whose bangs and pouty lips ignited baber fever, is singing a now tune. ♪ if i was your boyfriend, i'd never let you go ♪ >> reporter: in the video for his new hit, "boyfriend," justin bieber is all grown up. in a steamy sneak peek of the video released this week, bieber
7:43 am
is whispering sweet nothings in the ears of a bevy of beauties. and there's lots and lots of hands. ♪ i would like to be everything you want ♪ >> reporter: bieber has come a long way. ♪ baby, baby >> reporter: for years, he's been the sweet prince of pop. but critics say the turn is the logical move for the 18-year-old superstar. >> he's showing a more grown-up side. but he's doing it in a way that feels consistent. >> reporter: and bieber is not the first to try to mature beyond his bubble gum pop roots. ♪ oh, baby, baby >> reporter: britney spears did it. ♪ i'm a slave for you ♪ i'm a genie in a bottle >> reporter: so did christina aguilera. ♪ want to get dirty >> reporter: and there's those who have a harder time making the transition. >> miley cyrus went directly
7:44 am
from a kid, where most people knew her as hannah montana, to something that wanted to be a more adult pop star. and that's a very difficult sort of a, slam the car from fourth gear into reverse moment. >> reporter: but when in doubt, all this justin needs to do is look to this justin, who knows how to bring a certain special something. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back >> reporter: because, after all, all those belevers have to grow up some time. a lot of hand there's. i wonder what selena gomez thinks of the girls in the video. the song has a mature tone. and there's good quotables, robin. this is one of the lines in the song. i could be your buzz lightyear and fly across the globe. >> and he says it like that? >> people mistake it all the time. >> it's a catchy tune. >> and exciting news. he tweeted wednesday he's finally finished his new studio album. >> can't wait. >> let's find out. >> all right.
7:45 am
when lara comes here. we just jack it up. josh's "play of the day," very special guest coming up. and vanessa williams is going to be here live, along with her mom. vanessa has shocking revelations about her journey from childhood to being desperate on wisteria lane. to being desperate on wisteria lane. come on back. h? medical huh! no! who's gonna help cover the holes in their plans? aflac! quack! like medical bills they don't pay for? aflac! or help pay the mortgage? quack! or child care? quack! aflaaac! and everyday expenses? huh?! blurlbrlblrlbr!!! [ thlurp! ] aflac! [ male announcer ] help your family stay afloat at plegh! i've discovered gold.
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7:49 am
and now, time for our "play of the day." >> ah. our very special announcer, announcing a very special "play of the day." see? 14-year-old jake fushy from north carolina, has become an internet sensation with that singular voice and what he calls his movie trailer guy impression. take a look and listen. >> in a world, where the earth was no longer in our control, with our survival at stake, we have one chance. and that chance is to fight back. get ready for the most thrill-ride motion picture event of the year.
7:50 am
"apocalypse" in theaters, friday. >> must be lip-syncing. >> jake fushy. >> have a seat. how are you? >> good. >> 14 years young, coming for all our jobs. >> wow. >> jake, when did you know you had the pipes? >> well, when i was 13, my voice dropped. and all my friends were asking me to say stuff. and go up to girls in school, like, hey, baby. >> i know you were inspired by the guy in the geico commercials. take a look at this. >> in a world, where both of our cars were totally under water -- >> we thought it would take forever to get some help. >> but a new wind was about to blow. >> it's spot-on. it's completely spot-on. >> the new wind was about to blow. >> he's very good. >> what do you want to do? >> i'd like to be a voice actor when i'm older.
7:51 am
for movie previews. movie trailers and stuff. >> might as well start now. >> actually, he started this morning. and, look. sometimes the teleprompter, we all duel it. and sometimes the teleprompter wins. we did some early takes today. >> welcome back to "good morning america," with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos. george stephanopoulos. george stephanopoulos. george stephanopoulos. >> i was 13 when i learned how to say it, too. don't worry. we'll be back.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. thursday, april 19. simpson.e good morning. police have the scene of a wherede in northeast d.c. dead at around midnight in the 1500 block of old street. was say it appears he to death. the prosecution scandal surrounding secret service may of threed the career agents. e working among 11 agents allegedly being involved
7:57 am
in prostitutes in colombia -- with prostitutes in colombia. have a report of the top of the hour. d out what is on the thank you, cynné. to 70 southbound from father boulevard to the lane divide, very slow. it is still slow in the local lanes. over to springfield, things are slow as you head up from dumphries pretty much all the way up to the prince william where the earlier was cleared away with a tractor-trailer. the what -- slow 1395 into district. adam? fog incan still see frederick. a lot of sunshine here for the morning and into the afternoon . comfortable. the district. 50 in frederick. 52 in quantico.
7:58 am
48, culpepper. 70 today. over the weekend, and settled of rainher with areas saturday afternoon on into sunday. cooler. ? update coming up in 30 minutes. have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm a survivor some baby avengers out there. good morning, everyone. great crowd. as always with us this morning. those in the orange, from -- >> napa valley. >> cuba gooding jr.'s high school. cuba gooding's going to be here. you know who is hot inside here? that is the one and only vanessa williams, and her beautiful brother, helen. and this is the book right here. oh, my goodness. >> you like it, huh? >> i loved it. it's a great read. and learned such revelations
8:01 am
about vanessa. and her mom learned some things about her daughter, too. >> that will be interesting. >> great to have you both with us. you saw the baby avenger out there. we have the big "avenger" cast out here this morning. robert downey jr., scarlett johansson. what they really needed. also coming up, you guys. not only the clothing that comes off in the ballroom on "dancing with the stars." it's also the pounds. it's well-documented, right? so, now, we take you behind the scenes to meet the incredible shrinking stars. this is a preview of a special edition of "20/20," that i'm hosting alongside cameron mathison. it's called "dance floor confidential." behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars." i've covered the show since season one. i learned a lot. >> when is the special?
8:02 am
>> the special is on the 23rd. >> okay. i didn't mean to show you off. and we're reuniting the cast of tv's classic shows. tomorrow, candice burgeon and the cast of "murphy brown." a "gma" tv reunion blowout. >> it was wonderful to see them together again. they were fantastic. could have gone forever. >> josh and i were little kids. that's a pinch yourself moment. candice burgeon and the whole cast. we're going to begin in times square this morning, remembers an american icon, and american original, dick clark. as you likely heard, he died yesterday, after suffering a massive heart attack. he was 82 years old. fans had a candlelight vigil outside of the american bandstand theater. clark's family has not decided whether to hold a public memorial service. and new developments in the secret service prostitution scandal this morning.
8:03 am
abc news has learned that the agents planned in advance, reserving a party room at the colombian strip club, where they mingled with as many as 20 women. one of those women told "the new york times" that she agreed to return to the hotel with one of the agents for $800. but the next morning, he would only pay her $30. three secret service personnel have now lost their jobs because of this scandal. here in new york, a story doctors are calling a justified miracle. a police officer responding to a domestic call was stabbed in the brain. not only did officer haitor survive, he's talking again. that's because the blade of the knife missed the part of his brain that controls motor function by half an inch. he's expected to make a full recovery. and speaking of close calls. dramatic scene here. heavy winds in turkey, fuelling a massive fire aboard that small boat. flames spread in seconds.
8:04 am
other boats rescued everyone onboard before it was too late. good news there. we'll call this the outrage of the day. an airline in australia, jetstar airline, revealed that one of its pilots forgot to lower the landing gear while making the final approach into singapore recently. why? because he was distracted. why? because he was texting on his phone. at the last minute, 400 feet from touchdown, he stepped on the gas, aborted the landing. note to self, no texting while landing a jumbo jet. >> i mean -- here's diane sawyer with a preview of "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. and tonight on "world news," three things. just three can save your own life if you're the victim of a heart attack. and our own dr. richard besser has a very personal story for absolutely everyone. a story about staying alive, tonight on "world news." >> and nobody's going to miss
8:05 am
that. thank you, diane. over to, lara, if she wants to join us. >> i do. >> texting while -- >> george and i were texts each other. it's your turn. "pop news" is next. george, i'm getting to it now. thank you. good morning, everybody. so, mariah carey has been so honest with all of us about how she gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy last year. she did have twins after all. but would you look at her now? in shipshape, i dare say, on the cover of this month's "shape" magazine. she credits exercise and the jenny craig food program. and, boy, she is back in prebaby form. she and husband, nick cannon, are about to renew their vows. they do it every year. and on the same day as their twin's first birthday. so, do you know the song "call me maybe"?
8:06 am
>> it's on the ipod right now, behind the big weather monitor. >> yeah. >> it's also on sam's ipod this morning. >> we all know it. if you don't know it yet, you most certainly well. justin bieber has called this the catchiest song ever. now, katy perry is hooked. she and her friends made this video, singing along. she posed it to youtube over the weekend. it's gone viral. talk about a celebrity endorsement. >> wow. that's like 80 million twitter followers. >> done, right there. side note. at the end of the video, katy perry yells, we love you, justin bieber. there could be another story i'm working on for "pop news." >> we should have katy do a newscast. also in "pop news" in barger kings in japan, for an
8:07 am
additional $1.94 -- speaking of bacon. in burger kings in japan, for $1.25, you can add 15 pieces of bacon to your burger. and apparently, there's no limit of how many per person. this man had 70 upgrades. that's 150 strips of bacon. that's a whopper of a burger. don't go crazy, people. >> you're supposed to warn the people before you show stuff like that. >> i'm going to do josh's, nobody got hurt. >> nobody was hurt in the making of that burger. >> yes. and finally, we want you to see the world's first cat alarm clock. the guy who took this video says, every, single day, his cat, boo, does this at 5:00 a.m. he gets locked out. watch what he does. that happens at 5:00 a.m., every day.
8:08 am
>> that can't be true. >> that is real. >> that's the cat. >> he says he does -- that boo does it because -- it's not because he's hungry. he's lonely. >> how did you let lara steal that one, josh? >> because i'm a giver. >> and that is "pop news." >> well done. let's get to sam. >> follow that, huh? what's your name? >> in my way. >> keep going. keep going. wait. >> it's my way. >> all right. let's get to the boards. we have one or two things going on this morning we want to tell you about. we're just listening to a little "call me maybe." for the next 14 days, once we get the rainmaker off the eastern seaboard, the problem is, it's going to be dry.
8:09 am
we need to capture as much moisture out of this as we can. catch a look at the rain falling today into the weekend. it's kansas, oklahoma city, little rock. chicago, you're picking up big rainfall totals. this is a soaker. it will move towards the eastern seaboard for the middle of the weekend, we think. not the best complete wee 40 degrees in fairfax. some of the low hanging fog. be onrn off and we will of sunshine for the rest of the day. comfortable, near 70. we start the day about 50 degrees. degrees will be added into afternoon. degrees later on today with a lot of sunshine. light wind. comfortable afternoon. your average temperatures. tomorrow. of rain into the weekend >> i wish you guys could hear
8:10 am
this because we're having fun. lara? >> nice moves there, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." vanessa williams, turning her most shocking moments into one of hollywood's most inspiring success stories. we'll talk to her and her beautiful mother. both of them are with us live. robert downey jr., scarlett johansson, and the superhero dream team about to explode on the big screen in "the avengers." also with us live. plus, "dancing with the stars" and shaking off the pounds. who's winning at losing on the ballroom dance floor? maybe you can be there;
8:11 am
maybe you can't. when you have migraines with fifteen or more headache days a month, you miss out on your life. you may have chronic migraine. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life. whoa! what is that? it burns! it's singeing me! it's the sun. get of the office more often with chili's $6 lunch break combos, featuring our classic turkey sandwich. chili's lunch break combos.
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we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
8:15 am
one of our faves, vanessa williams, is one of hollywood's most inspiring success stories. she survived a scandal as a young woman. and then, went on to conquer broadway, the music charts on the large and small screens. and through it all, has been her gorgeous mother, helen. together, they have written a book called "you have no idea." we're going to speak to both of them live in a moment. but first, let's take a look back at your daughter's amazing career. vanessa williams has graced us with her talent and beauty for almost 25 years. >> i'm 20 years old. >> reporter: bursting on to the scene in 1983, as the first african-american crowned miss america. but she received a barrage of death threats and hate mail.
8:16 am
then, came the nude, racy photos, taken before she became famous. there was a huge uproar. >> and i'm going to relinquish my title of miss america. >> reporter: after that, williams went on to record a string of hit singles. ♪ save the best for last >> reporter: then, she conquered broadway. ♪ confidential >> reporter: and took on starring roles on the big screen. >> can we what? >> talk about it. >> can we talk about what? >> reporter: now, this busy mom of four has hit full stride. so good at being so bad. first, on abc's "ugly betty." >> must i do everything myself? >> reporter: and more recently, playing the deliciously naughty renee perry on "desperate housewives." >> you're a night hound. basically, you're me 35 years ago. >> so, this is my future. please, welcome vanessa
8:17 am
williams and her mother, helen williams. the full title, "you have no idea." there's so many mothers and daughters right now going -- great to see you again. it's wonderful to finally meet you. >> delighted. >> heard a lot about you. and a lot of times, the things that happens in your life, what would helen -- what would your mom say? >> absolutely. i've been offered time and time again to write a memoir. and at the time, there was just a scandal in my early 20s. and i said, i've got life to live. now, approaching 50 next year, i have a career and a life to live. but also i've got in span of fans from "ugly betty" and teenagers. and also, my mom's age that are, you know, women of a certain age. i have a story to tell. there's a back story. and through it all, there's my mom commenting on it all.
8:18 am
>> she's commenting in the book, as well. i love how it starts with little quotes. that's my mom's voice. >> great. >> when i hear that. mrs. williams, you learned some things through this book that you had not known that your daughter had an abortion in high school. that she was molested by an older teen woman when she was just 10 years old. >> yeah. >> what was it like for you to learn it through the book? >> well, the abortion part was not such a great surprise. it was kind of like a mother's instinct, you kind of know. but the molestation was quite surprising. that shocked me that that had happened. yeah. and that she was not able to feel comfortable sharing it with us at the time. but she survived. >> yes, you have. you really have. and you did not hold back, vanessa. so candid in describing -- >> it's important. with the title, you have no idea. people judge you. people assume. and especially people, how did
8:19 am
you get in the business? it must have been easy. oh, a pageant. that's what opened the doors for you. scandal. you would have had a career if the scandal didn't happen. you have no idea what i've gone through. you have no idea who i am. you have no idea what my journey will be. and that's been my catchphrase. >> your mom had an idea. what was the birth announcement? >> yeah. i was just happened to be in a hallmark store the year she was born. and i saw this cute, little card that says, here she is, miss america. i thought, that's cute. never knowing, how many years later. >> and it did. it happened. yes. i remember that so well, in watching it. and you start off the book with miss america and that experience. and something that you wrote about, those photos, that it goes back to that that. and something, what did your mom tell you when you were younger about not taking -- >> of course, she said don't take nude photos.
8:20 am
i started off called thrill rides because it describes my personality. my mother said, if you get on your bike and your cousin on the bike, what did i do? as soon as i get on the bike, i go down the road as fast. i like thrilling. i drive a maserati. i like fast horses. i'm that kind of chick. it sets up the personality. i'm a risk taker. she knew that from the beginning. and she was trying to harness my nature of my life. you say no. i'm going to do it anyway. >> yeah. it worked out for you at all, vanessa. wow. there was something that you wrote. when everybody else was looking at her body, you were looking in her eyes in those photos. and what did you see? >> when the photos came out, everyone was saying, did you see them? did you see them? her dad never saw them. he just could not do that. but when i looked at them, i looked at her eyes. and i thought, she's not comfortable. this is not something that she is used to doing at all.
8:21 am
and i'm sure she was -- had my voice in the back of her head saying, what have you done now? here are the consequences. >> she was sad that she was uncomfortable. >> it wasn't her. >> but she has gone on. every president from reagan to obama. >> yeah. >> that you have spent time with. your career has just been and continues, with wisteria lane. >> i know. we're shooting our last episode. we finish last thursday. and marc cherry was on-set yesterday and thanked everyone. and it's just been wonderful. >> you have, too. this is a wonderful book. i wish we had more time to chat about it. "you have no idea." vanessa, helen williams, thank you very much. >> that was great. we're so full of stars this morning. we're about to meet a hollywood dream team. robert downey jr., chris
8:22 am
hemsworth, scarlett johansson and jeremy renner. they are the blockbusters taking on "the avengers." here's a look. >> what have i here? >> the avengers. that's what we call ourselves. we're like a team. earth's mightiest heroes. >> yes, i've met them. >> it takes a while to get traction off of that one. but let's do a headcount here. your brother, the demi god, a supersoldier, living legend who kind of lives up to the legend. a man with breathtaking anger-management issues. a couple of master assassins. and you managed to beat any one of them. >> that was the plan. >> not a great plan. >> and they join us from london right now. good to see you this morning. robert, i'll start with you. how hard was it in real life. you've all played superheros before. but how hard was it to get
8:23 am
everybody together? >> i think that was the big accomplishment. and also, the other franchises had to work. and we had to convince jeremy. that was the tough part. >> convince jeremy of what? >> that it was going to be fun. did it pay off? >> it did pay off. >> jeremy, i hear you got banged up pretty good. >> yeah. and then, this lovely lady also beat me up. >> it was tying your shoes that got you in the end. >> tying his shoe? >> yeah. it was kind of -- after we'd done like months and months of training, there was plenty of potential for us to wound ourselves. and it was basically, he leaned over to tie his shoe. and somebody called his name. he turned his neck around. and could not turn it back around. >> yeah. it was humility. but it wasn't that bad.
8:24 am
>> reporter: scarlett, what was it like being surrounded by all that testosterone all the time? >> what was it like? >> it was fantastic. more than anything, just being surrounded by hollywood's hunk yeflt, i was actually surrounded by a group of actors that i dreamed i would work with one-on-one. and i never thought imaginable that we'd be working together. it was quite surreal. and i felt honored to be in that company. >> you guys were all encased with some pretty amazing costumes. chris, i understand your costume had an air conditioning system built in? >> we discovered that halfway through shooting that it didn't breathe at all. and so, we had a chest that put on that had rubber tubing into it. and between takes, we would plug
8:25 am
into a machine that would run cold water up in it. but it was one extreme to the other. boiling hot to freezing cold. >> chris, i know you're used to this. i'm saying this to lara spencer right here. and she popped out of her chair at the first look at you. >> ooh. really? >> i just embarrassed her badly. that was my tiny prank. who played the best pranks on set? >> what is that? >> who played the best pranks? >> who? >> you, robert. >> oh, yeah. is it evans or ruffalo? >> who plays the best prank? >> it's somebody who is not here right now. they weren't invited because a prank might ensue. >> i also heard you had fun offset, as well. i want you to listen to something we have teed up right
8:26 am
here. ♪ rocky raccoon checked into his room ♪ ♪ only to find gideon's bible >> i'm not -- i'm not the only person that likes to sing karaoke. and i will continue to do it, unapologetically. >> i can't believe no one filmed it. it was in front of the live crowd of people. >> wasn't it? >> yeah. but they're people with integrity. >> you went out by yourself to sing karaoke. >> that's what it was. you weren't there. i think evans was one of those days. you know what i mean? >> too early in the morning for a few bars? >> is it too early here for a couple -- i thought you were asking me for a drink. >> good morning, america. >> thanks a lot, guys. "the avengers" opens nationwide on may 4th. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
live and in hd, this is an good morning. i am cynne simpson. general says he employees who collected unemployment benefits while they were working. fired 61 of the 92 suspended ine february. this city may have paid up to benefits tojobless working employee since 2009. >> the space shuttle discovery will be transferred to dulles airport to the aaron space museum. theill be on display at museum. people are expected attend the ceremony and news depthel 8 will have an in- report coming up in just a few
8:28 am
minutes. here is a check on traffic. start with a look, 270 southbound. father hurley, still very heavy. under speak on to the outer loop of the beltway. the beltway is slow from collins l the way around to connecticut avenue over to springfield. northbound on i-95, delays from delays. 395 is up from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and onto freeway, nothing reported. adam? >> there are areas of fog holding on tight. of thelly northwest metro. frostburg.west as it into the sunshine right over - ostburg state university - sunshine right over g state university. 55 in annapolis. lingering clouds, otherwise . comfortable.
8:29 am
near 70. weekend, it to get a damp by saturday. >> thank you.
8:30 am
♪ we go on the red one came ♪ ♪ the red one came along ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good morning, everyone. what a fantastic crowd in times square. and boy love the civil wars. what a year they're having in "the hunger games," as well. they're about to take center
8:31 am
stage in our spring cancer series. also this morning, cuba gooding jr. is going to be along. he is starring in an aspiring tv movie. he's going to be surprised to see some of his -- >> the high desert. apple valley high, right here. cuba gooding's alma mater. lara and i had a chance to sit down with the cast of some classic television shows. we begin with the cast of "murphy brown" tomorrow. a tv reunion blowout. >> you can see why that show was as magic as it was. they love each other. the stories. the tales out of school. we'll tell you about that tomorrow. >> ooh. >> and we also are very excited about a very special edition of "20/20," it's called "dance floor confidential." >> who is hosting that? >> george. funny you should ask.
8:32 am
it's cameron mathison and myself hosting it. for the first time ever, we'll show you what happens behind the scenes of the show that america can't get enough of. from the dance rehearsals to the celebrities who say the experience has truly, truly changed their lives and their bodies for the better. and cam talked to some of the newly-slimmed celebs. cam, fill us in. >> reporter: "dancing with the stars" is the place where celebrities go to strut. ♪ shimmy. ♪ and shake off the pounds. dancing six hours a day, five days a week. it's impossible not to lose weight. >> oh. >> every, single day, we are constantly active. physically active. you can't go to the gym and do this.
8:33 am
you can't go to the treadmill and get the same you get from dancing. >> reporter: boy, do the pounds come off. kelly osbourne, 20 pounds. ricki lake, 20 pounds. joey fatone dropped 20 pounds during his time on the dance floor. >> i hope to lose a lot of weight. >> you have to fix this. >> say what you do this. >> i need a bra. ♪ >> reporter: he may not have won the mirrorball trophy. but he was a winner at losing. >> my waist was a 36, 38. and i dropped down to a 33, 32. that was my high school weight. >> reporter: joey says his last name had always been synonymous with fat jokes. >> when we were younger, i was skinny. my nickname was fatone, fat-one, that's how you spell it. >> reporter: these days, he's looking pretty good. joe justice's keeping the pounds
8:34 am
off by getting his dance on. >> big man can move his feet. ♪ >> reporter: back on stage again with "dancing with the stars," this time, in las vegas. dancing's current cast is melting the pounds off, too. and they're barely halfway through the season. melissa gilbert slimmed down from a six 6 to a size 2. and a trim jaleel white shed 12 pounds. >> dancing salsa, william levy and his partner, cheryl burke. >> reporter: and even fan favorite, william levy, says he lost ten pounds since the training began. but it hasn't been easy. >> i have a lot of respect, more, for the dancers. it's hard. imagine spending jumping around for five hours. here's jumping, this whole time. it's crazy. >> reporter: he'd actually like to stop dropping the pounds. >> i don't want to keep losing weight. i don't want to look like i would look -- >> reporter: his screaming fans
8:35 am
agree. instead of shedding pounds, they'd rather see him lose the shirt. >> wow. >> too much. i hate when that happens. julienne huff, ricki lake, mario lopez. and i interview the one and only kirstie alley. she was find enough to let me into her beautiful home in florida. let me into her life and her heart. she's so open. does not hold anything back. check that out. a special edition of "20/20," dance floor confidential. it airs monday, 10:00 eastern, on abc. >> you got it right. now, am i the only one who noticed that lara is using this as an excuse to show pictures of william levy. who didn't lose weight. but every time we talk about the show, there's more william levy. am i the only one who noticed? >> okay. you guys are making me out to sound like a dirty, old lady. >> am i the only one that
8:36 am
noticed miss america -- lauren. >> there she is. when she hugs me because i am a judge. >> what are you doing here? just walking around times square? >> no. my year with miss america is a year of service and giving back. i'm here with keep america beautiful. >> it's like a press conference. >> yes, thank you. we're encouraging families to be interested in their environment and take care of their surroundings. >> this is the green city award for new york city. >> wow. >> and the mayor. >> thank you very much. >> wow. >> it's one of those things in times square. you turn around. miss america walks by. it happens in your neighborhood. let's look at the boards. we'll show you what it looks like. one or two things. twitter pictures to start the day. we have fog not only in the d.c.
8:37 am
area. but pittsburgh, as well. a lot of areas coming up with patchy fog. we'll watch the line of storms move through the middle of the country. this is producing heavy ra >> fog is burning off. today . sunshine comfortable. afternoon.s tomorrow. the weekend is looking rather unsettled with some areas of the second half of saturday >> all that weather was brought to you by allied bank. now, we sometimes pick out crowd favorites when we're in the window, looking at the audience. this is look. look at his face. >> can you say hi, luke? >> hi. >> can you say, lara. >> lara. >> perfect. oh, lara? >> hello, guys. coming up on "good morning
8:38 am
america" -- big band. big music. we'll have tha
8:39 am
8:40 am
you're listening to a little civil wars. what a big year for "barton
8:41 am
hallow," the song we'll be hearing. this is historic for us. i have to do a little bit of bragging. you were here when we just found out, one last week, the first time in 16 years. that's got to bring you a smile. >> i'm sure it's because we're here. >> you brought the good luck. >> what will you do to celebrate? >> go to disney world. >> and listening to civil wars. the grammys for barton hollow. that must have been great. >> it hasn't sunk in. we've been working so hard over the last two years, we find of have the blinders on right now. >> now, all the taylor swift fans, what the song did for "the hunger games." >> we were big fans of the book series and the franchise as a whole. and we were able to do a song of our own. and on top of that, taylor called.
8:42 am
you know, you pick up the phone. >> when she is on the line. >> it was a fun thing to do. >> she was great to work with? >> such a peach. >> are you ready to sing? >> yeah. >> let's hear "barton hallow." ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ i'm a dead man walking here but that's the least ♪ ♪ of all my fears ooh, underneath the water ♪ ♪ it's not alabama clay
8:43 am
that gives my ♪ ♪ trembling hands away please forgive me, father ♪ ♪ ain't going back to barton hollow ♪ ♪ devil gonna follow me e'er i go ♪ ♪ won't do me no good washing in the river ♪ ♪ can't no preacher man save my soul ♪ ♪ did that full moon force my hand? ♪ ♪ or that unmarked hundred grand? ♪ ♪ ooh, underneath the water
8:44 am
please forgive me, father ♪ ♪ miles and miles in my bare feet ♪ ♪ still can't lay me down to sleep ♪ ♪ if i die before i wake ♪ ♪ i know the lord my soul won't take ♪ ♪ i'm a dead man walking i'm a dead man walking ♪ ♪ keep walking and running and running for miles ♪ ♪ keep walking and running
8:45 am
and running for miles ♪ ♪ keep walking and running and running for miles ♪ ♪ ain't going back to barton hollow ♪ ♪ devil gonna follow me e'er i go ♪ ♪ won't do me no good washing in the river ♪ ♪ can't no preacher man save my soul ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] cuba gooding jr. is here in times square. >> people, let me hear you. [ cheers and applause ] what am i talking about? what am i doing up? [ cheers and applause ] let's hear you. [ cheers and applause ] where did captain america go? >> i think -- >> where did captain america go? >> there he is. hold my microphone. >> i've got it. >> captain america.
8:49 am
>> where is this man's mic? >> that was a flying captain america. what am i doing up, people? [ cheers and applause ] >> now, it's your turn to hold my mic. >> yes, ma'am. >> yes, people. two mics for me. [ cheers and applause ] that's it? that's all you're going to do? yell at it. i'm not talking to you. it's a conversation enjoy, robin. >> "firelight" is the name of the movie. he plays divine johnson, d.j., o helps troubled girls turn their lives around. tell us a little bit about the role. >> yes. robin, this role is really important to me because it's a true story. and that's my favorite roles. from "men of honor," to "radio," to "tuskegee airmen." it's exciting to do a role that's real.
8:50 am
and this guy, you know, these women were in this prison facility. and he allowed them -- he started a program that allowed them to fight natural disasters and help people out. and it changed the lives of these women who were in this prison. so, to me, the message of the movie is hope. >> and they weren't all crazy about it in the beginning. and here is a clip to let you know when he was talking to them about joining the program. >> what about those girls? >> they're firefighters. >> like real firefighters? that can do that when they get out? >> that is correct. it's a special program for inmates who qualify called crew nine. if you're interested -- >> i don't want to be no firefighter. >> that gives you an example. and we have to remember that, you know, sometimes, especially young people, they just need direction. they just need a reason. they need hope.
8:51 am
>> absolutely. and i think this -- specifically this program for these women, not only gave them hope but self-empowerment because a lot of times young men and women feel that their life is useless. and i think that this story tells it how these women, who are locked away in a prison, found strength amongst themselves because there's a lot of negative influences in prison. and they wound up overcoming their fears and became a positive influence on society. and i think that's important. did you see the movie "network"? >> i did, yes. >> i'm tired as hell. and i can't take it anymore. what am i doing up? what am i doing up? what am i doing up? that's the truth. >> i know. >> that's the truth. >> "firelight" airs this sunday, on abc, at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] yeah. >> just so i'm clear, these are students from apple valley high school, the alma mater of one cuba gooding jr. >> my high school. my high school. my high school. >> special thanks to civil wars, as well. >> you guys were fantastic. can a dog on a scooter top all this? that's what we have to find out. >> there's norman. remember him? is everyone at home, if you think you have a great trick, send it in. send it in to us. we want them all. dog versus dog. we want all the answers. you can do it on on yahoo! we want to see what your dog can do. >> are we still on the air? >> ten more seconds. [ cheers and applause ]
8:56 am
anve and in hd, this is
8:57 am
abc 7 news update. >> good morning. i am cynne simpson. virginia's budget is on its way to governor bob mcdonnell's desk. the $85te approved plan yesterday. this after voting against it twoe times over the past months. bank meetingsrld place this weekend in downtown d.c. , they will close parts of 18th, 19th, 20th, g and streets. there is a list of closures on, here is a check on traffic. >> we are starting with a look near shady grove road. there is a car sitting over on the main shoulder on mainly is very slow. get towardsnes to the lane divided -- everything open. involved cleared away. have reduced bring children
8:58 am
now. we are seeing heavy and slow eraffic all the way up from th all the way up to newington. you are slow again from the the 14thge up to street bridge. adam? areas where have clouds and fog are holding tight. northwest of town. we are becoming sunny into the afternoon. gaithersburg and winchester. 54 downtown in the district and quantico. afternoon withe highs right near 70. just a light and variable wind . warmer tomorrow. weekend, a little with some rain starting by the second half of and inton saturday sunday. into theres cooling 60's on sunday and monday. >> thank you. watching.for we're back at noon.
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