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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 22, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- the latest episode of weird weather in america. a vicious nor'easter careening up the eastern half of the country. they're expecting floods and, get this, a foot of snow in some areas. our ginger zee is tracking the storm. missing. 6-year-old isabel vanished after being put to bed friday night. her family believes she was kidnapped. a massive air and ground search under way. slumber road. was the governor of new jersey chris christie really napping at a bruce springsteen concert? this could be political suicide in jersey. but the governor is fighting back. why he says his eyes were shut.
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and wedding blur blues. what made these the worst professional photos ever. pictures of that magical day messed up. out of focus. heads cut off. and where are the groom's parents? the camera catastrophe that takes the cake. hey, good morning. we want to welcome abc news correspondent extraordinaire sharyn alfonsi. who's in bianna. >> go on. very good to be with you this morning. >> i could keep going. >> go ahead. you're here, i should say, on a very busy news morning. we're following the story that's terrifying tucson right now. this 6-year-old girl has vanished. her parents and now the police believe that she may have been abducted from her home while everybody else was asleep. plus, we have two huge high-profile trials starting
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this week. first, john edwards set to stand trial tomorrow and the biggest bombshell on the witness, his mistress. abc's bob woodruff joins us with what she may say. the other trial involves music and movie star jennifer hudson, the man accused of killing her mom and her nephew, will hudson herself take the stand? and we have a little riddle for you this morning -- why did the rubber chicken end up in space? wait until you see the other strange objects floating alongside. space is starting to look like my son's bedroom a little bit. all right, we're going to start closer to earth with the latest outbreak of weird weather in america. the big spring storm taking shape right now. poised to pounds millions of people with hard rains, flash floods and in some spots a foot of snow. our meteorologist,
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ginger zee is in chicago with the forecast. >> good morning, dan and everyone. inundating rains already happened in the keys and up to miami, up to 7 or 8 inches of some of the keys. look at this video. i want to show you what you can expect as it moves north, it's going to look very similar in the mid-atlantic and into the northeast. now, the video. from the video to the graphics. a major nor'easter taking shape. it will be rain along the coast. big cities from d.c. to boston, it's going be rain. you go inland, it's going to be wind and snow. how much? let's look at how much rain falls. 2 to 4 inches in the red color you see here. 1 to 2 from albany to philadelphia. there's a reason for that, some of it is going to mix into snow and up to a foot of snow, just south of buffalo. that heart of really heavy snows. oh, my goodness, the 30 to 40 mile-per-hour winds all of the
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way back to chicago. this is massive storm. it's going to cover a huge amount of population. we'll be tracking it and we'll have more in this broadcast coming up. >> such a bizarre winter and spring. ginger, thank you. we should say that there's a reason that ginger is in chicago. let's go to ron claiborne for the other headlines. good morning, everyone. there are concerns this morning about safety for george zimmerman. if as expected he's to be released from jail. abc's matt gutman joins us now from orlando, florida, with the latest. matt? >> reporter: hey, good morning, ron. that's right. security remains the major issue. you saw george zimmerman go into that bail hearing wearing that bulletproof vest. his attorney said that assassination is still a major concern. the bond is set at $150,000.
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the family wanted to pay off it themselves. but instead, the family will probably have to go to bondsman, another set of people who know zimmerman's whereabouts. he'll be wearing that ankle bracelet. there are journalists waiting outside the jail hoping to catch that moment to leave. ron? >> okay, matt gutman reporting from orlando, florida. more fallout from the sex scandal rocking the u.s. secret service. one agent already fired. about to go public with his story. we're learning more about the supervisor who uncovered the scandal. abc's david kerley joins us with the latest. >> reporter: ron, there are still a half dozen agents under investigation. and facing possible dismissal. one man who was already dismissed, he's going to fight. this is highly unusual to take his grievances publicly. we're learned that it was a supervisor, a 43-year-old woman who helped uncover this scandal
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in colombia. she's the one who sent the team home and started gathering everyday in cartagena. >> david, thanks so much for that report. and one of the key figures in the watergate scandal has died. charles colson. special counsel to president nixon and a self-described political hatchet man. colson spent seven months in prison for attempt to cover up the scandal. in prison, he said that he was born again. colson died from complications resulting from a brain hemorrhage. u.s. officials have said it will be hard to access the data on that drone. but, a top general offered details of the drone's history, including that it was in pakistan two weeks before osama bin laden was killed.
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and the fbi is warning that hundreds of thousands of people could lose internet access later this summer. computers all over the world have been infected by a hacker ring, it was broken up. when shut down in july, those affected will lose internet services. visit the government website to see if your computer was hacked. it was a perfect day at the ballpark for chicago white sox's pitcher, phil humber. he retired all batters he faced. third perfect game in white sox history. as the south siders downed the seattle mariners on the road. and i did some figuring here -- there have been 170,000 baseball games since 1900. 21 perfect games. very, very rare. >> really rare. >> exclusive group there. >> it really is. >> thank you, ron. we're going to move to the search for isabel,
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a 6-year-old girl missing since her parents put her to bed friday night. a frantic search is under way. and abc's john muller is tracking this developing story and joins us with the latest. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: she's less than 4 feet tall, weighing 44 pounds. with an angel face. this morning, the first-grader remains missing in tucson, arizona. second day of desperate search with few clues and no suspects. a massive manhunt as aerial grid searches grow even wider. on the ground, checkpoints as scores of police and federal marshals locked down this tucson neighborhood. asking anyone if they have seen 6-year-old isabel mercedes celis. the adorable first-grader, hasn't been seen since her parents put her to bed. the nightmare began saturday morning when he father went to wake her up. >> she was checked on this morning at about 8:00 when her
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father went to wake her up. so they could start their day. she was not in her room at that point. >> reporter: police are exploring all possibilities. was she kidnapped? could she have wandered off? isabel has no doubt that she was kidnapped by a stranger. isabel's uncle and family spokesperson. >> you don't think anything like that would happen to you. all of a sudden, you wake up and you're that scenario. everything goes through your mind, you're angry, upset and confused. >> reporter: police have kept everyone from the home. isabel's uncle told me that her bedroom window was open. and he said that the family was very loving. >> they're, very, very upset, of course, her mother is beside herself as anybody else would be. we're just trying to let the police officers do their deal as far as the investigation. as far as information. we're trying to piece this
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this together. >> now, isabel's uncle told me that there's no way the 6-year-old would have wandered off in the middle of the night on her own. he also said that the blinds would pushed aside. so far, police have not confirmed anything. >> hour fig story. john, thank you. now to a stunning personal and political disintegration, tomorrow john edwards, he goes on trial. this man has gone from political star to defendant, facing 30 years in prison, and his mistress, the mother of his love child, is set to testify at the trial. abc's bob woodruff has been covering the story from the very beginning. >> reporter: the whole case got its start with a chance encounter on a street corner here in new york city more than six years ago. when john edwards met rielle
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hunter, she told him he was hot. and we know where it went from there. the case is sure to be one of the most scandalous political trials in years. on the witness list, the candidate's mistress, rielle hunter. the noer of edwards' 4-year-old daughter. also set to testify is cate edwards, the oldest daughter. she has been standing by her father since he was arrested last june. prosecutors said that the case is simple. that edwards is so determined to hide his relationship with hunter -- >> the story is false. it's completely untrue. >> reporter: -- and so intent on keeping his presidential campaign going. even after hunter got pregnant that he solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign cash to cover up the affair. it's a high-stakes criminal trial that could send edwards to prison for up to 30 years. edwards' lawyers have called the case crazy and radical. they say the payments were gifts that had nothing to do with the election.
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>> i didn't violate campaign law and i never for a second believe that i was violating the campaign law. >> reporter: edwards never touched the money his lawyers said. and they'll argue that he was trying to hide the affair from his wife not his voters. one of the key witness, andrew young, one aide once so loyal, claimed to be the father of hunter's child. young said that edwards was in on the plan every step of the way. >> he knew about the money, the methodology. and the sources. >> reporter: edwards said that young has a vendetta against his former boss. >> they're going to go after his credibility. why he's saying this and doing this and how effective the defense is in cross-examination of andrew young could make or break this case. >> reporter: now, the prosecutors do know that they will have problems with andrew young's credibility. he lied about the baby's father,
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he likely mishandled some of the money. but they'll try to keep the focus on their main argument, this was happening because edwards wanted to be president. and someone else cashed the checks and because edwards didn't get his hands dirty, that doesn't let him off the case. over to sharyn now. all right. presidential politics. your voice, your vote. two prominent republicans appear to be ready to run with mitt romney. former florida governor jeb bush said should he ask he would consider. and marco ru bishgs o. joining us now is "this week" host george stephanopoulos. these guys are both being so coy. marco rubio once said not interested. >> for months he has been saying he's not interested.
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then he's giving a speech in washington on thursday, he starts to talk, and said, after four years of vice president, he has said that he's not looking, but a very attractive choice by mitt romney. from florida. a key state. latino. right now, mitt romney has a huge problem with hispanic voters. he'll get a hard look from mitt romney and that was a revealing moment. >> do you think he's in? >> i think that romney will take a look at him. i think that if he's asked, it's going to be hard to say no. >> you have an interesting show. you have keith olbermann on. >> he's joining the roundtable. his "this week" debut. all of this week's presidential politics, including the dog wars. we got keith and george will on the roundtable a little baseball, too. >> anything can happen with that group. we'll be watching. thank you so much, george stephanopoulos, coming up "this week," george stephanopoulos is going to have again keith
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olbermann for the first time since he left current tv, peggy noonan and george will. i want to start with why i'm in chicago. that's a very important reason. i was at a benefit last night. i was cohosting. i'll share a picture before i introduce you to a few quiet folks. let's look at the picture first. i was at a red dress party. the other co-host, the man there, the woman is here as well, she's my makeup artist, brenda. the other man there is cristiane. again, a little crowd that's growing already here in chicago. family. some signs this morning. so nice this morning. i'll introduce you more to them in just a bit. we have to get to the weather. one part of the weather that we did not hit, the western weather, a record
8:16 am
a record high yesterday, 103 in phoenix. today, 104 heading your way. all of that heat out there. midwest, it's not record heat but much more cool, that's what going to interact with nor'easter. that's going to drop some snow from buffalo to pittsburgh. some snow, up to a >> good morning. get ready for a saudi sunday. that rain is already starting to fall. heavier rain is down to the south and southeast. part of a serious coming up the carolina coast. you can see the heavy rain here portions of virginia. you can see anywhere from 1 inch to 2 inches of rain. snow in the higher elevations. >> so, a very dedicated family this morning. aunt beth and my little sister
8:17 am
alana. she made me a sign. the family and otis misses you. that's right, my dog is going to be on tv. >> ginger, excellent job. i can't believe how calm you are with your mom there watching you do the weather on national television. we'll get back to you a little bit later in the show. now, though, to the dust-up involving a rising republican star, bruce springsteen, and an alleged nap. the question on the table here, did governor chris christie fall asleep at a concert put on by the boss? the governor however is fighting back and this morning, ron is on the story. >> alleged is the key word here. someone perhaps a democratic snapped a shot with the governor 's eyed closed. a no-no for a new jersey politician. now the governor is offering his own explanation. he said that he was grooving to the music. you decide. he's new jersey's biggest rock star.
8:18 am
he's the state's biggest and most famously pugnacious political star. >> get the hell off the beach in asbury park. >> reporter: and chris christie is also a big fan of the boss. a veteran of more than 12o springsteen concerts. including this one at new york city madison square garden. just a few weeks ago. imagine the governor's embarrassment when a fellow concertgoer snapped this photo. >> falling asleep at a bruce springsteen concert is the worst thing that a new jersey politician could do. >> reporter: but christie isn't taking the accusations lying down. he's fighting back. >> it's kind of like a spiritual song, people sat. so, i sat up on the seat and i
8:19 am
put my head back and closed my eyes to listen to the song. >> reporter: the incident, dubbed "snoozegate." it was quickly splashed across newspapers. fair or not, christie joins now vice president joe biden who was caught resting his eyelids during a speech by president obama. former vice president dick cheney, who seemed to be slumbering during a cabinet meeting. and pope benedict. who once caught a few winks during a sunday mass at malta. it's especially uncool to nod off during a high-decibel rock concert and this is bruce springsteen after all. not the opera. >> i have never fallen asleep during a bruce springsteen show. i will never fall asleep during the bruce springsteen show. >> well, it only got worse for christie, when he started to reciting all of the names of the people who were there.
8:20 am
his wife was not there. it turns out that she was there. prompting chris saying it was dark, what did i know, i was tired. >> that seems to be self-incriminating. >> he also said nobody was taking my picture when i was fist pumping. >> was he body surfing is the big question. >> so, if he can fall asleep, i respect it. >> the key, dan, and sharyn, is wear shades, nobody knows. >> it was good luck. i think he was feeling it. >> i agree. >> tips from uncle ron this morning. >> all right, some very creative kids came up with an out of world science project. something may sound like a crazy high school prank. there was actually a method of their madness. abc's lama hasan has their story. >> reporter: man has always wanted to conquer space.
8:21 am
unlock the secrets of our universe. the shuttles. satellites and space stations. but, wait -- what's this? a rubber chicken on a space mission? yeah, that's right. what you're looking at is the rubber chicken. all decked out in her specially-knitted astronaut suit. attached to a helium balloon, these budding young scientists launched her during a science project to help them understand what it's like. >> the pleasure of scientific discovery. the fact that we're able to see what's out there. just beyond their small little town. >> reporter: it's a part of a growing trend, of art objects that kids are sending up into the earth's atmosphere. everything from a burrito to a lego man.
8:22 am
my favorite, hovering 90,000 feet above the earth's atmosphere. and this girl who sent her mit acceptance letter to the great beyond. as for camilla, she's the first of her kind to be sent into space. one small step for rubber chicken. but one giant leap for chickens of the rubber kind. >> i wonder how that burrito's doing up there. coming up here on the broadcast -- the drama that jennifer hudson never wanted. the star will be in the court for the trial tomorrow for the man accused of killing her mom, her brother and her nephew. the gig question is, will she end up taking the stand? plus, i love this story. it's the worst wedding album ever. take a look at these pictures.
8:23 am
it looked like it was taken by a child. we'll hear from the angry newlyweds. and this 94-year-old may in this picture right here, just look a little bit feeble, but wait until you see what happens next when she throws that rocker aside. we're not going to show you, this is a tease. but in fixation, we'll show you the whole thing.
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>> good morning. very a damp, dreary, and here in washington
8:28 am
area. finally a wet day out there. down in washington, near 51 degrees, temperatures are similar across the region. day below the seasonal average. have a coastal low and a making its'easter coast moving in a direction,kwise rain moving in said and done. it will be windy out there, wind north, only 50 to 56. tomorrow, lingering temperatures the upper 40's. for the remainder of
8:29 am
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♪ well, look at these photos. these are actually not your drunk uncle charlie's candid snapshots. these are professional wedding photographs. are these the worst wedding pictures ever? good morning, i'm sharyn alfonsi in for bianna golodryga. who continues her maternity leave. >> if you're the photographer, you try to sell it as arty. good morning, everybody. i'm dan harris. this is sunday, april 22nd, we'll hear from these very unhappy couples, they're trying to get their money back. also coming up this half-hour -- chin-ups, pull-ups. we have the "rock" music.
8:31 am
this baby has it all covered. that's just one of our fixations coming up. >> no amount of baby proofing that can help with that. we're going to switch gears with the trial that starting tomorrow to grab headlines. jennifer hudson's mother and brother murdered in the family and her nephew. accused of the crime, her former brother in law. will the performer testify in this emotionally-charged case? >> reporter: sharyn, we could have the answer to that question within a couple of days. after almost four ars of anticipation, jennifer hudn's quest for justice will soon be in the hands of a jury. ♪ >> reporter: chart-topping hits. blockbuster films. jennifer hudson has earned her place in the spotlight. but come monday, she'll be in a spotlight that she'll never could have imagined.
8:32 am
front-row seat at the trial of william belfour. prosecutors said that he unleashed his deadly rage after he learned his estranged wife was dating another man. >> the jury is not going to able to ignore that. >> reporter: the trial is expected to draw media from all quarters. jennifer who catapulted to fame after being voted off of "american idol." may be called to testify. starstruck jurors are a concern not only for the defense but also prosecutors. >> they have to stay focused. they can't resort to any kind of tricks or rest on the fact that they have a star member of the victim's family as part of their prosecution team. >> reporter: on the south side of chicago, where hudson was born and grew from neighborhood starlet to international
8:33 am
superstar, her return home is bittersweet. >> because you're excited from the fame level that she's here but then you have to remember why she's back. what she's going through. >> reporter: hudson has kept most of that anguish private, but all of that could change if she takes the witness stand. >> i think she has made the personal decision, that justice and family support far outweighs any amount of privacy. >> reporter: the trial which begins tomorrow morning is expected to last about a month. sharyn and dan? >> thanks, alex. now, we'll get updated on stories developing right now. ron claiborne has the latest headlines. good morning, everyone investigators searching for the traces of etan patz. the 6-year-old boy who disappeared in 1979 have finished ripping up the concrete floor of a basement, they found a stain of interest on dry wall.
8:34 am
the u.n. security council has voted to expand the number of observers to monitor the cease-fire in syria. from 30 to 300. activists there say that security forces there are shelling suburbs of the capital of damascus. and this soccer ball and volleyball appear to be the first pieces of debris from the tsunami in japan to wash ashore in alaska. and a new mexico animal shelter is on a mission to help find this fat cat shed some weight, you saw him here. 2-year-old tabby, weighs in at 40 pounds. about 20 kilos. >> thank you. i don't understand unless it's in metrics. and we have some breaking royal news. for both of you, sharyn and dan.
8:35 am
prince harry has just revealed his brother and sister in law, prince william and kate will run in the london marathon next year. he let it slip in a live interview at today's marathon. >> bring that cat with him. >> yeah. >> on that speculation that she might be pregnant. >> good point. anyway, time now for the weather and over to ginger zee, who joins us from chicago. this morning, ginger, it looks like you're on the chicago river? >> i'm on the chicago river. and so many love it. my family and friends are coming out. it's tough to come out early in the morning. i taught at valparaiso university. a couple of my students brought valpo loves ginger sign. my mom, my aunt, my sister and kate, my good friend who works for the bulls. we're doing a whole chicago thing here. i want to start you off with some weather. you need to get some information other than meeting my family and friends.
8:36 am
let's do that, beginning with how much rain is going to fall. that nor'easter, you can see the red there, 2 to 4 inches of rain in that region. many flood watches many flood watches have popped up. next, we want to show you the snow? are you kidding me? late april snow. buffalo, you're going to get a little shot. more than a little shot. south of you in elevated areas, a foot of snow. i'll leave you with a look at the national outlook. the west is still superhot. but for now, that's the big picture. you're going to meet my dog. a little preview. this is otis. he stays here in michigan. first time i have seen him since christmas. >> good morning, washington. a wet sunday on tap, southern maryland, coming up the seaboard look for rain, w >> all right, that weather report was brought to you by volkswagen.
8:37 am
let's get a little excitement here. >> ginger, just so you know, one of the beauties of live television, we heard somebody said, it's a good thing that the dog isn't pooping. which we agree with entirely. and ginger, by the way, ron is requesting that you bring that photo back here to new york city and hang it up in his office. >> please. >> this is just a terrible photo. it showed up everywhere including -- >> we should all look so bad in photos. >> i think it looks just fine. >> we all have those pictures. all right, coming up on "good morning america" -- happily ever after never looked so blurry. we'll show you the ultimate wedding photographer fail. what the newlyweds have to say about their returned reception pictures. and check this out, this is an amazing stunt. back flips on a pogo sticks.
8:38 am
but what happens next makes it one of our fixations. keep it here. i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪ [ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime. [ male announcer ] jetta tdi clean diesel. the turbo that gets 42 miles per gallon. that's the power of german engineering. ♪
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doesn't that bride look beautiful? this is what happens when there's an open bar. now one of the most important and expensive parts of any wedding are the pictures. what do you do if those mementoes look like those? jeffrey kofman is in london. he has one of the worst wedding albums that we have ever seen. jeffery, are they all this bad? >> oh, you got to take a look at this one, sharyn. wedding season is upon us. happy day. happy memories. unless your wedding photos don't actually capture the wedding. that's what happened to a couple here in london who are claiming the title worst wedding photos ever. ah, that special day you want to remember forever. >> it's just a black blob. and a white blob. >> reporter: for thomas and anna, wedding memories will be a
8:43 am
series of blobs, blurs and backs of heads. a how-to of how not to shoot a wedding. >> this is one of the worst ones i think of my bridesmaid jessica. can't tell you who it is, though, because it's totally blurred. >> just another poor photo of the back of us. >> reporter: the happy couple paid $1200 for pictures of the photographers's lunch, the guests looking away from the camera and the mysterious hand grabbing a toy motorcycle behind the happy couple. remnants of a partially photoshopped nephew. weddings are meant to be perfect. but let's face it, they often aren't. >> now then, marriage is what brings us together. >> reporter: there's the eccentric priest as in "the princess bride." or adam sandler in "the wedding singer." at least the cameras were rolling for those. martin and heidi have only their
8:44 am
still photos to cherish. because the video cameraman they hired missed the moment when they signed their wedding license. missed the moment when they stepped out of the church and the moment when they cut the cake. >> i watched a short part of it and i couldn't watch any more of it because he was basically ruining our wedding day. and the memories we had he tainted. >> reporter: they sued and won $1,000 in damages for their botched video. they got their money back, but there's no point suing the photographer he's gone bankrupt, sold his cameras and, surprise, surprise, he's looking for a new line of work. >> i think, perhaps, he's taken over the camera work here at the abc studios. because we're out of focus. >> we never really looked better. >> there's our stage manager, looking good. >> we have never looked better at "good morning america." >> no, we haven't. >> this is actually a filter that certain people request. coming up on "good morning america" -- she's 94 and on the dance floor, but it's what
8:45 am
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♪ all right, sharyn, you're new to weekend "good morning america." this is the serious segment where we comb the interwebs and find the craziest stuff that we can show. i'm going to start, a little boy named jonas, getting a workout as you can hear from "rocky" music. this kid is serious. we talked to his mom, apparently, he learned how to do pull-ups in swim class. to get out of the pool andis
8:50 am
mother sd that he's been quote, working on his upper body strength ever since then. >> you should see his abs. >> ron, it's important to work on the abs. this is a guy named fred, doing nine backwards pogo stick flips. perfectly executed. highly dangerous, until things going a little awry here. yeah. look at this. >> is there a telephone wire? >> he's actually okay. >> he's fine. >> he got up later. he's fine. quite an accomplishment nine in a row and then a little mini disaster. >> let's get it out to ginger, who's with her nonpooping dog in chicago. >> i got one dog that's definitely talented. we'll start with him or her.
8:51 am
not sure which it is. check out what this dog can do. ♪ so -- >> a dog playing the piano. i get it. >> otis hasn't rocked a steinway yet. but he can shake. otis, can you shake? >> nice. >> yeah. >> otis is adorable. ginger has been talking about otis ever since she moved here. i can see why now, ginger. and here's my favorite video of the morning. take a look. meet 94-year-old mathilda klein. she shuffles on to the dance floor and then she loses that walker and check out the quickstep on her. >> what? >> apparently she has been dancing all of her life. this is her partner that she's been with 11 years.
8:52 am
>> i love her. we'll be right back, everybody. >> that is cool. we'll be right back, everybody. >> that is cool. ♪ [ female announcer ] walgreens introduces...nice! [ woman ] i got it. where's your brother? [ dog barking ] ♪ [ telephone rings ] [ dad ] hello. [ female announcer ] quality everyday products at a way better price. [ boy ] mom? ♪ [ female announcer ] now that's nice. come in now and get $2 off your next purchase when you spend $10 on nice products. sold only at walgreens.
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thanks for watching, everybody. say good-bye to ginger in chicago. >> and her family. >> ginger, bye. george stephanopoulos is here with "this week" and david muir with "world news." we'll see you. and david muir with "world news." we'll see you. >> good morning. is 8:56. taking a look at the stories today,s in our region that one marine was stabbed by another during a fight with a pocket knife early
8:57 am
on saturday morning. homophobic slur was used to sparked the violence. a political commission last t in the district, now say that he is in custody. they went on the attack as children play outside in trinidad of friday night. children jump onto a cart to escape the dogs. knows who owns the themls or what happened to after the incident. >> good morning. this is a rare sight for you our hour here. cloudy skies, water droplets on of the camera. get ready for a wet day. we have not had one like this for quite some time. a lot of radar to the southeast, theerature staying around mark east of interstate 95.
8:58 am
hugeat this system, a nor'easter. be a major snowstorm. well to the west, for us, the anywhere from 1 inch to 2 inches. 50 56and cold out there, our. from be higher debts tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow, more rain and finally, of theair by the end week. >> thank you for watching. hope you have a great day.
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