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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 23, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking now. that massive nor'easter causing havoc up and down the east coast. packing soaking rain, high winds, up to a foot of snow. a wild start to the work week commute. our extreme weather team is tracking the superstorm. also overnight, george zimmer man released from jail around midnight. where he's going now a secret. vanished. the frantic search for 6-year-old isabel. her window found open, the screen knocked out. now police and her parents in a race against time to find her. and royals on the run.
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prince harryry spills a big sect about will and kate's plans to run a marathon. is his clue a hint there's though race to have a baby? thank you. a little wet out there this morning. good morning, everyone. boy, do we have a lot to get to this morning, including the breaking news overnight. shooter george zimmerman posted bail and departed jail around midnight. the big question, where will he go to await his trial? >> his family concerned about his safety. look that picture. that streak across the sky caused a huge boom that shook up the west over the weekend. rattling so hard. knocked one person to the ground. >> all up and down the coast. and we're celebrating this morning. ten years ago today, robin
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roberts joined "gma" as an anchor. >> it means i've been sleep-deprive d for ten years. that beep beep beep at 3:30. it's been a privilege to say good morning, america. we begin with the bizarre spring nor'easter, making the commute for so many a mess this morning. torrential rain, heavy snow in some parts of the country. our extreme weather team is tracking the storm overnight. ginger zee leads the coverage this morning, right outside here in times square. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, robin, good morning, everyone. i want to get to the radar. our focus here son that snow. from buffalo to pittsburgh and some of the higher elevations, more than 7 inches has already fallen. you start with a half foot. in total, more than a foot will fall in the deep magenta color. we have the concern for gusty winds. this is where you start to see powerlines being damaged.
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trees coming down. 40, 50-mile-per-hour gusts coming along. we find david kerley in seven springs, pennsylvania. >> good morning, ginger. good morning, everybody else. the winter gloves have replaced the golf glooufs. this is seven springs. they're not playing golf. the cars are covered in snow. here's a patio. here's my measuring stick. it's a driver. they have about 4 inches of snow here already. they're expecting as many as 8 more. they'll probably be shut down for the week. they had 80 rounds of golf on friday, robin. nothing today. >> shonot at all. >> the weather surprising every week. now to the latest on the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman, wearing a bullet-proof vest walked out of
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jail a few hours ago. where will he live as he awaits trial? matt gut man has more. >> reporter: the short answer is, nobody nose. that's how zimmerman's family and the state want it to be. his security is a huge concern. you saw him wearing that bullet-proof vest. it's likely he walked out in the dead of night the avoid the gaggle of photographers that's been camped out here for days and then he simply vanished. betray nothing emotion, he walked out of a florida jail just around midnight. cameras were there as the defendant, escorted bay bail bondsman got into this suv and drove off. earlier in the evening, he posted the $150,000 bail and was fitted with an ankle bracelet. his whereabouts will be tracked
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in real time by probation officers. he afeppeared to be wearing a bullet-proof vest underneath his jacket. prior to his release, his attorney said they had arranged several secret places for him to stay during a trial that could last over a year. >> there are several possibilities to where we can hopefully keep him safe. >> reporter: a judge allowed him to post bond. as part of his bail agreement, zimmerman surrendered his passport. he's in the allowed to drink alcohol or handle fire arms or try to communicate with martin's fami family. >> if you'll state your full name for the record and spell your last name. >> reporter: that's what he did on friday, taking the stand, to apologize to martin's family. >> i wanted to say i'm sorry for the loss of your son. >> jour saying you expressed
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that concern for the loss of mr. mart. or that you had shot mr. martin, you felt sorry for him? >> i felt sorry that they lost their child, yes. >> reporter: just moments ago, i spoke to zimmerman's attorney. he will waive the formal arraignment. we may not see zimmerman back here for weeks. >> let's get the rest of the top stories from josh. great news for drivers this morning. the price of gas is plummeting, down as much as 19 cents in the last two weeks. if crude oil prices remain stable, we could save another dime per gallon by next month. top lawmakers are demanding a wider investigation into the secret service scandal after reports that one of the agents in question took a woman back to the hotel in colombiay the president later stayed.
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more employees are expected to be fired this week. one agent is expected to take his case public tomorrow. some members of congress are calling on the secret service to hire more women, like paula reid, who first reported the scandal. only 11% of agents are women. an unusual threat from north korea this morning. they threatened to reduce the government of south korea in ashs in less than four minutes in an upcoming attack. some experts believe it's saber rattling. others say it could signal a terrorist threat. and the united states will continue to offer afghanistan financial support through 2024. it's designed to show that the u.s. will not abandon the country. a terrifying scene on tape in washington has police looking for the owner of two vicious dogs. the dogs go on the attack, they
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chase two children who jumped on top of the car there in an attempt to get away. a neighbor later had to jump in, was able to distract the dog, who weigh about 190 pounds each. the neighbor needed stitches after being bitten in the arms and hands. and talk about a close call. take a look. a crash at a drag race in tennessee. watch as the driver loses control. goes airborne and say good-bye to this stationary camera. the guy behind the camera was barely able to make it out of the way in time. the driver, lizzy musi walked away without barely a strach. the same can't be said for the car or the camera. now to the john edwards trial. the former senator who rocketed to the top of the democratic party is now charged with
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violating campaign finance laws in a scheme to cover up the fact that he fathered a child with rielle hunter. if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison. abc's bob woodruff is covering the trial. >> reporter: the trial will begin here today. it could last as many as six weeks or more. the prosecutors are expecting to exhibit 700 exhibits. it will be an interesting list of witnesses. the john edwards scandal -- has everything you would look for in a hollywood block buster. a sexual affair with a presidential candidate. >> i'm not going to say anything, thank you. >> reporter: an expensive coverup and lice. >> the story's false. >> reporter: a lot of lice. >> it's untrue. >> reporter: many of the central players will take solemn oaths,
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to tell the truth, including the mistress, rielle hunter. she told oprah winfrey, she was no home wrecker. >> i didn't make a commitment to elizabe elizabeth. >> reporter: the defense team plans to call cate edwards who could offer important and never before heard details about how the affair played out with the family. the prosecution's key witness was andrew young, who once falsely claimed he was the father of the baby and who controlled the secret cash that helped keep hunter out of the public eye. how much money was devoted to the coverup? >> over $1 million. >> reporter: young will almost certainly testify that edwards was the master mind of the coverup. >> reporter: hunter has said young and his wife seemed to be
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in control, spent a lot of the cash on themselves. hunter told "gq" she was not aware how much money that andrew was making. we don't know if john edwards is going to testify or not. a lot of times, the lawyers that represent those accused don't want them to come on and testify. in this case, john edwards is an extremely good lawyer. one of the best in the history of north carolina. >> what an extraordinary rise and fall. the baby now 4 years old. now to the new developments in the case of etan patz. the young boy who disappeared here in new york 33 years ago. one of the first missing children to appear on a milk carton. fbi specialists have been ripping apart a basement in a new york apartment. david muir has more. >> reporter: authorities are being very cautious about a possible new clue. it's a stain found on some of
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the concrete in the basement. also strands of hair. they're testing to it see if it has any connection with the little boy. investigators talked to his parents. they never moved from the neighborhood, hoping he would come home. investigators have been digging for four days. now, a possible new clue. 33 years after etan patz vanished. with much of the basement now demolished, nothing resembling human remains has been found. they're looking at a stain found on some of the concrete, to determine if it is blood or anything else that could be linked to etan's disappearance. the basement was once used as a children's play area. othneil miller, a happeneddyman, was seen with the boy the night before. >> the fbi's been there.
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he cooperated with them. he doesn't have anything to do with this. >> mr. miller denies involvement with what happened to this beautiful young boy. mr. miller has been cooperating with the investigation for over 30 years. >> reporter: miller has not been named a suspect. he's been questioned. all these years, this man, a convicted child molester, has been considered the prime suspect. >> i have no comment on the patz case whatsoever. >> reporter: little etan disappeared on the first morning his parents let him walk to the bus alone. while his case remained cold for decades, he was never forgotten. his parents never changed their phone number telling abc news two years ago, they never moved, hoping he would one day come home. >> we didn't know what had happened to him. of course, the thought in the backs of our minds was that we should be here for him.
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>> reporter: investigators say they'll be back at the soho building today. it will likely be the last day of the search. they've been digging six feet below the basement floor. the family has been waiting for more than three decades for any clues. >> because the family has not moved, they've been able to watch what is going on from their balcony. >> reporter: looking down the block and half that etan walked. that was the first day they let their boy walk to the school bus a block and half away. >> this case still holds so much fascination for so many people. now to the big bang that rattled nerves from san francisco to vegas over the weekend. david wright checked in with astronomers who think they know what really happened. >> reporter: a mysterious streak of light. >> a bright green flash with a tail on it. it looked metallic.
7:15 am
>> reporter: fold by a thunder clap. >> you could feel the noise in your chest. >> reporter: no one appears to have captured the sound. several people did manage to get photos. so many people witnessed it in california and northern nevada, the 911 call centers were swamped. >> we're getting several calls from all over the city. people in northwest reno and verdi felt their house shake. >> reporter: a mystery straight out of "the x files." >> how did the rock get there? >> it was from outer space. >> reporter: turns out an innocent explanation. a meteor shower. cosmic dust. >> happens around april 22nd every year. this is more intense. >> reporter: nasa analysts expected this would be more bright this year. the new moon meant the sky would be darker than usual.
7:16 am
sunday morning's fireball was big enough and bright enough to be visible during the day. >> really bright. something large comes in is infrequent. the people that saw this were very lucky. >> reporter: a rare day time shooting star, no cause for alarm, but certainly cause for amazement. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> beautiful from here. >> a lot of talk out west about that. time for another check of the weather, ginger zee in for sam. >> good to see both of you. i gave you the yin. let's talk about the yang. that's the heat. so hot in the southwest. phoenix yesterday, 105 degrees. an april tied record. records will happen again today. especially billings to boise. portland, oregon, will be right in there. illinois, parts of indiana, michigan are cooler. your local forecast is m cog up
7:17 am
in 30 seconds. grey, damp, gusty and cold as 69 anderage high to hit 50 thisy afternoon. right now, we are in the upper 30's. areas of light rain in montgomery county and silver spring area. northwest of town has the steady in the higher elevations. today in the upper
7:18 am
40's and tomorrow, a few peaks of sun and warmer. >> so, again, phoenix going the get to 100. we're going to go back to the east coast to cool you down, show you snow. prince harry, headed to the u.s. next month. he's making news for the huge hint he dropped about will and kate, saying the couple is about to take on a big challenge. he wasn't talking about a royal baby. lama hasan, you're right here with us. with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, to you, robin. prince harry wasn't talking about hearing the pitter patter of tiny royal feet just yet. what he said could give us a clue about whether or not kate will get pregnant soon. almost 40,000 runners finishing the london mare shathon receive royal welcome from prince harry. he awarded medals and made a
7:19 am
promise that may come to a shock as his brother and sister-in-law. >> it was fantastic. my brother and his wife will be doing it thex yenext year, i th. he's going to have to now, won't he? >> you said it live on air, exactly. >> reporter: if they make good on the challenge, what are the odds of a royal baby happening in the near future? >> a baby was never going to happen this year. there's too much on the calendar. >> reporter: even if kate does get pregnant, there's no reason to think she'll stay home eatg bonbons, because she, like the rest of the young royals, are models of physical finance. from william, the dashing polo player. to the ski marathons that help pippa stay toned. kate's love of rowing. she once let her hubby win. and harry can't resist a challenge. trying to outrun usain bolt.
7:20 am
>> you cheated. >> reporter: will harry be brauf you have to take on will and kate next year? >> did they persuade you to have a go? >> i've been trying to get a place for years. i can't get myself a place. what do you have to do. >> reporter: maybe it's a case of not so fast. the palace issued a statement after that interview saying the prince said it in jest. you have to love the royals. >> so off a little bit. >> wanted to see it. >> well, who knows. the palace did say he said it in jest. we'll have to wait and see. >> and the baby bump. it's a big talk across the pond, sit really a watch to see? >> it is. yes, people are speculating. it's coming up to the one-year anniversary. is she going to be pregnant, is she not? wouldn't it be sweet to celebrate the one-year anniversary? we'll have to wait. coming up, the frantic search for little isabel. was she snatched in the middle of the night? and something he called
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random twitter hour. the biebs gives taunts to the woman who sued him for paternity. and a special "play of the day" kicking off. [ male announcer ] raise your hand if you've got savings whiplash.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning @ 7:26. customers are seeing relief at the gas pump. price foral average gas is now $3.86 a
7:27 am
down 5 cents in e average price in d.c. is maryland, $3.91 and virginia, $3.84. george zimmerman charged with murdering trayvon martin is out of jail. released on bond at around midnight. newschannel 8 will have an in- report in a couple of minutes. here is lisa baden and a check on traffic. it started in the 2:00 hour crash on the outer between colesville road and avenue and only the right lane is closed. this is the pace of traffic from get to hold a cross hospital. the outer loop has had a long morning. in virginia, no accidents on 95 and 66 and 395 has delays from the belt way to the 14th street bridge. from is a live picture frostburg, maryland where we have snow.
7:28 am
there is about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground in parts of frostburg. are under a winter storm until 8:00 tomorrow morning. that is in the high country out west. even west virginia will see some snow in the higher elevations. otherwise, areas of rain and snowflakes west of hagerstown. near 50 this afternoon with of rain and gusty winds. it will warn the next few days. will be back at 7:56.
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7:30 am
these are pictures from the massive search for little isabel the the 6-year-old vanished in the middle of the night. police combing the area for clues. we'll hear from the police chief in charge of the search in tucson in just a minute. and a little mysterious. justin bieber went on a twitter fest over the weekend. a mysterious taunt to the woman who once claimed he fathered her baby. why is he lashing out now? and the wedding planner. the new clues that jennifer aniston may be getting ready for a real life role as soon as july. and we'll have a big celebration this morning. ten years of robin roberts
7:31 am
anchoring "gma." >> oh, should i be scared? >> we have surprises for you. >> where is josh? >> he's off plotting it now. we begin with the search for the 6-year-old girl who disappeared from her home this weekend. her farnts last saw isabel celis in her bedroom sleeping on friday night. neal karlinsky has the latest. >> reporter: right away, you want to know if we're dealing with a stranger or not. that is not something police with prepared to talk about at this point. the family home, just on the other side of the police vehicles, remains cordoned off. inside, investigator say they have found what they describe adas suspicious circumstances. an emotional vigil. >> we pray for her safe return. >> reporter: a short time
7:32 am
earlier, nearby, as we watched, police interviewed a little girl who said he played with isabel the last day she was seen. her brothers are family friends too. they tell abc news they didn't notice anything wrong. >> she was just a -- perfect little girl. having fun. at a party. >> reporter: for two straight days, investigators have been doing door to door searching trash bins for any sign of isabelle. they cord onned off the entire neighborhood around the family's home, keeping watch of everyone who came and went. is this a kidnapping case? >> we're not prepared to say at this point. there's a lot of insbes gating to be done. >> reporter: police say the little girl's family tells them they put isabel to bed around 11:00 friday night. they went to wake her saturday morning around 8:00, they found a wind open and their little dwirl gone. >> you wake up in a morning, you're this that scenario.
7:33 am
everything goes through your mind. >> reporter: police have searched the home twice. while they can't share details of a suspicious entry point, a family friend says the screen was knocked out of isabel's window. 17 registered sex offenders live within three miles of the home. so far, nothing. though they're trying to track them all down and interview them. the parents have remained out of sight and very quiet. police say they're cooperating. they've interviewed each of them separately for hours. so far, no sign of the missing first grader. >> thanks, neal. joining us by phone, the chief of police, robert villa senior. police have spent several hours with the parents. interviewed them. have you ruled them out as
7:34 am
suspects? >> at this point, we have not ruled out anybody. we're accepting all leads and following up on all leads. we're looking at all possibilities. >> what you tell us about the circumstances inside the home, perhaps a screen was blown out? >> we're not going talk about the specifics too much. a window had been opened. a screen taken off. however, we have other issues that we're following up on within the house that still keeps our mind open to other possibilities. >> can you tell us more what about is going on inside? >> not at this point. >> you had fbi and police dogs in there overnight, correct? >> yes, we have had fantastic cooperation from a variety of amg agencies. they brought out specialized canines. >> you definitely have not concluded this was a forced entry? >> like i said, we have not
7:35 am
concluded exactly what happened yet. if we start to go too early down a course of action, then the possibility of closing yourself off to other leads that you need to follow up on come forward. we don't want to do that at this point. >> you have had an intense search throughout the week end. what more should we expect today? >> we're going to re-evaluate the situation. we've been out there for close to 48 hours. we have searched the neighborhood three times. gone door the door, passed out flyers, used canines, helicopters, search and rescue teams. we have not spared any expense. we're going to evaluate where we are with that today and see what the next step will be. >> no sign of isabel yet? >> no, that's the unfortunate part. we haven't determined where she is or what happened. >> good luck with your work. thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> let's bring in brad garrett. i was struck by the fact that
7:36 am
the chief has not ruled out the parents as suspects. >> that's because most of the time it's a family member that takes a child. the problem with this case is they've done immediate searches, they haven't found her. they've got the removal of the screen and the wide open. what does that tell me? the possibility is that someone had some relationship with this child. maybe met her recently. think about taking the child out of a house in the middle of the night, perhaps going out a window or an open door, voluntarily, without making noise. the police have to focus on emp that's had contact with this child in the last two two three days prior to her missing. children she's in school with, teachers. anyone in the house in the last two weeks. >> what will those dogs that were brought in last night, what are they looking for? can they help? >> they're looking, primarily for a scent trail.
7:37 am
can they follow isabel out of the house a particular direction from the window? obviously, her scent will be all over the house. they're looking for tracking. i think they're looking for other scents. we don't know. maybe they have individuals they're thinking about and they want to see if they can match it. >> usually, these cases, if they're going to be broken are broken quickly? >> not necessarily. if you have someone who befriended the child, she voluntarily left with him or her, they're not in the area anymore, it depends on how good the suspect is at keeping it quiet. let's get to the weather and ginger zee. >> foggy morning up the east coast. massachusetts turnpike pictures. central park, 2.76 inches of rain overnight. warwick, rhode island, more than 3. boston, slower on the commute. a lot of this is pushing north
7:38 am
and east. we'll leave the heaviest rain frfrom the north partsf here is a look at your seven- -- areas of light today and snow in the elevations, near 50 for gustygh temperature and will warmup in the next day >> this weather report brought to you by farmers. all of us can go ahead and get our boots and step through the puddles early on. but it's drying out. coming up, bieber goes ballistic. what is behind his online taunt to the woman ho pseudohim for paternity? because the new avengers movie is coming out. and what does that have to do with us? we're the superheroes of insurance. [ makes whooshing sound ] whoa! how did you--
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a lot of beliebers miss iysd this morning after a torrent of strange messages from justin bieber. random twitter hour? >> he went for it. justin bieber has over 20 million followers on twitter. yesterday, he gave them quite a bit to tweet about. the most confusing comment of all, a shot he took at the woman who accused him of fathering her child last year. he seemed to spend 2 weekend tweeting. dozens of messages to his millions of followers. some of them were confusing. the most eye-opening, the one he
7:43 am
afierce have aimed at the woman who accused him of fathering her child. bieber tweeting, dear mariah yeater, we have never met, so, from the heart, i just wanted to say -- and then he attached a link to "borat." >> you'll never get this. you'll never get this. >> the tweet against the woman who filed the paternity suit against him is way off base. it bothered him deep down and continues to bother him. >> reporter: that was the last of more than 25 tweets that began on saturday, when he posted, it's been long enough. it's time. we are wac. random twitter hour. from there, the singer's stream of consciousness went into full swing. he tweeted, i discovered matt damon. a few minutes later, rick james
7:44 am
is my grandfather. and just finished building a birdhouse with bubba watson. one fan wondered, what is wrong with you? are you drunk? one wrote, justin bieber is definitely high right now. one wrote, i love when justin does random twitter hour. it's so freaking cute. ♪ if i was your boyfriend >> reporter: last week, he delivered a sneak peek of his new video, "boyfriend." he revealed a more sultry image. ♪ i would like to be >> reporter: he looks more grown up. some say the tweets remind us at heart, he's still just a teenage boy. >> most of the time, he's wise about the marketing, tweets, and messages. sometimes you realize he's a teenage boy. and it shows. >> teen-aged boy.
7:45 am
months since we have heard anything about the woman who made a claim sorks why bring it up again? we reached out to bieber's representatives, they didn't respond to our questions. that's the big question. >> i don't get it either. >> shine the light on it. >> are we sure josh didn't get hold of that? like he does with ours sometimes? we need to check that out. a special "play of the day" coming up. and the secret revealed to kate's wedding day glow. why bees could hold the key. come on back. ne free. really? wow, you can buy one 6" sub and get another one free? any 6" sub, before 9am... [ cyclist ] what? wait, you can get one 6" sub and get one free? before 9am... [ tires screech ] buy one 6" sub and get one free? before 9am. [ tires screech ] buy one 6" sub? ...and get another one free? before 9am. all april long.
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here's "the play of the day." >> whoo! >> we're going to try something new. it's like going on vacation while still being on television. it's anchor's choice week. >> that means we're doing your work this week. >> one of the folks sitting to my left is going to pick a video
7:50 am
every day they consider to be the best "play of the day." we're going the watch them all through thursday. and you're going to vote on which you think is the best. friday, a referendum on all of your souls. it will be tremendous. >> josh, this is in honor of you. i know how much you love ping-pong. the world's worst ping-pong winner. adam barbreau. >> whoo! whoo! yes. yes. yes. >> oh, no. not exactly a gracious winner. >> looks my dancing. >> oh, that's nice, george. >> a single point. he's losing, 10-1. >> you're not serious. ♪ move like jagger >> very good. very good. >> look at the crowd.
7:51 am
lo look at the crowd. that is his taysterical. >> top that, guys. >> george is in the clubhouse. coming up, kirstie alley revealing secrets to "dancing with the stars." and by the way, robin roberts' ten-year anniversary. >> so incredible. i'm here to congratulate you. i'm proud to call you a friend. you're -- who you are as a person. you're such a beautiful inspiration. we just love you. so to many, many, many, many, many more. shine on. >> thank you. thank you. that's nice. and we want this hair color to be party ready. let's get some dimensional color. now!? what if it comes out wrong? [ gigi ] nice 'n easy gets your right color every time. guaranteed. in one step get tones and highlights for a gorgeous result.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. time is 7:56. it virginia teenager goes on today in connection with some ofh that killed his classmates. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter. crash happened in april of year in haymarket and two of his passengers died. in marine accused of murdering a marine in southeast d.c. expected in court today.
7:57 am
the victim was stabbed to death morning near the marine barracks. police say it began when the suspect shadid and anti-gate newschannel 80 have an in-depth report at the top of the hour. here is lisa baden with a check on traffic. it started hours ago with accident cleanup between colesville road and georgia now complete and was anes are open but it r long cleanup of a is gone on the elderly after colesville road. this is the pace of traffic out of college park 2 georgia ave. the outer loop is the left side. we are stacking up to go in down road with a crash the beltway and in virginia, your headlights are n from edsall begi road to the 14th street bridge. throughoutloomy
7:58 am
but white in frostburg, maryland. some accumulating snow on some of the side streets. 6-12 inches in frostburg by tomorrow morning. light rain throughout the day to 40's-50's.p be back at 8:27 terry
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i throw my hands up in the air some times singing ♪ a lot of hans being thrown up in times square out there. they're not letting a wet morning deter them from coming here to celebrate robin roberts' tenth anniversary. a lot of people wishing her well. getting a little embarrassed. >> anytime you want to stop would be fine. >> nina wrote us on facebook. she speaks for our millions of viewers. she wrote robin is down to earth, authentic, beautiful inside and out. >> amen to that.
8:01 am
>> very, very sweet. >> truer words never spoken. >> those words could be spoken about kirstie alley. you got a chance to spend time with her, dishing on her "dancing with the stars" partner maks, her weight is secret affairs sizzling behind the scenes at the ballroom. >> are we finally going to learn who they are? >> she does dish. she's unafraid. but, you know, she also is respectful. she made a lot of great friends there. talks a lot about that. you might call this a royal sting operation. was it a treatment made there bees that gave kate middleton that glow on her wedding day. the new secret being called botox in a jar. if it involves bee stings, i'm not sure. >> julia roberts used real bees. that was part of the treatment.
8:02 am
you didn't know that, did you, josh? >> he loves when we talk beauty talk. and sarah jessica parker will be here. vince gill, chris botti. everyone sending in wishing to robin. brad paisley. >> oh, my bud. >> hey, robin. congratulations on ten amazing years on morning television. a whole decade. i remember when you were 11 when you started. now you're 21. congratulations. it's been amazing. i can't wait to see what the next ten years bring. >> thank you, brad. i have to say. the wonderful people that you get to meet and work with is just -- it's a true blessing. a blessing. >> he's great guy, too. josh, how about some news? breaking news from early this morning. george zimmerman walked out of a florida jail released on bail. his location is being kept secret for security reasons. he'll be under curfew, wearing a
8:03 am
gps tracking device on his ankle. expect big travel delays across the northeast today. a mass i have spring storm swamping parts of western pa and northern state. coastal areas could be flooded with up to four inches of rain. and on the campaign trail, mitt romney fighting back against claims he comes from after overprivileged background. romney said his grandfather went broke several times. his defense follows a statement by president obama in which the president said he wasn't born with a sul ver spoon in his mouth. and jennifer hudson is expected in court today at the trial of the man accused of killing her mother, brother, and nephew. william balfour, the estranged husband of jennifer's sister, is the accused killer.
8:04 am
hudson is on the list of potential witnesses. tonight is world book night. instead of handing out candy, people across the country will hand out half a million books, like "i brake for yard sales," and "my story, my song." publishing are footing the bills for the books. now, here is diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. tonight on "world news," something that affects every family in the country. what if you're going to the hospital. the cost is $100,000 more for the same procedure you could get down the road? we'll tell you how to avoid it. skin 'tcientists claim the ever adult albino killer whale in the wild. they spotted him off russia.
8:05 am
they call him, because they're masters of subtlety and nuance, iceberg. he appears to be healthy and leading a normal life in his pod. i don't know how they could tell that but, apparently -- >> you don't want to get that close to find out. >> let's hope he's living a normal life. >> good luck, iceberg. >> you're in a great mood. >> it's your ten-year anniversary. a great day. such a god day. "pop news" everybody. kanye west got the kardashian seal of approval over the weekend. it probably looks like a big "k" within a circle. >> was it physical m filmed? >> well, there's photographs. i know what you're getting at. the artist had dinner with kim's clan this weekend. there's been speculation that
8:06 am
things are heating up since the release of his song this month. he confessed his feelings. kimingi earrings that say "kw." she was wearing her heart on her sleeve. >> a week after brad and angelina announced their engagement, rumors are heating up that skren per aniston and her boyfriend, justin thoreau, are getting married . friends say the star's dad was born near a greek island. according to tmz, they're on talking about a july weekend. >> it's hot on crete in july. >> is it hotter than hades?
8:07 am
it's einstein's birthday. the world's smallest stallion turned 2 yesterday. >> remember? >> he had a blowout birthday bash. it was wild. he was only six pounds and jus over one foot tall when he was born. now he's a strapping stallion. he was partying with his bff lily the boxer. and two gives. he has two. goats named eleanor and isabelle. that, everybody, is "pop news" on this very special edition. >> it's memorable. thank you, lara. let's get outside, wishing sam was here. great to have ginger zee filling in for sam. >> thank you, all. umbrellaless now. that's why the crowd is growing. their wish came threw. rain rain go awade so we can be on "gma." they're here from -- >> destin florida. >> beautiful there.
8:08 am
something dui here. let's start with snow. seven springs, pennsylvania, western pennsylvania, this morning, parts of upstate new york, receiving a lot of snow. here's the snow totals at the end of this. more than a foot in the deep magenta color. here is a look at live super doppler seven and there are a sprinkles around the beltway mixed in west of the the district. i-81 also has since no mixing in as well. mixing and as well. >> we're saying dry out here from san diego, right? all right, we're going to get back to you. let's go to lara. here's a look at what else
8:09 am
we have coming up on our "gma morning menu" a revealing interview with kirstie alley. it's all the buzz. what might have been the key to kate's wedding day glow. and sarah jessica parker joining us live. haul that and more. (bell rings)
8:10 am
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8:14 am
half hour. so many people buzzing today about a royal beauty secret that may have been the key to kate's look on her wedding day. turns out, bees may hold the secret to the duchess's glow. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: she was watched by millions of people across the globe. that gorgeous dress, the perfect hair, the glowing skin. how did kate that that radiance? reportedly, thanks to this. the bee venom facial. shared with her by her step mother-in-law, camilla. the needle free alternative to bow tox. it has some women buzzing. debra mitchell claims to have pioneered the facial at a small salon called heaven. it's compared to an organic
8:15 am
facial. >> the most common complications would be an irritant reaction where your skin may become red and inflamed and may blister. >> reporter: mitchell reportedly treated kate before the big day with the bee venom facial. this is not the craziest one. snake venom, bird dropping. even fish pedicures. doctors say could end up being more fad than fact. >> there's though clinical trials that study what the ingredients are or what the effects are of it. it's hard to know exactly what sit doing. >> reporter: but that may not matter. because if some people believe kate is behind it, no doubt they will swarm. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> unclear whether this will help you bee your best. thank you very much. someone who is her best, two
8:16 am
decades, really, has it been since "cheers" went off the air. kirstie alley became america's sweetheart all over again last year. she had terrific chemistry with her part mer, maks. and the physical transformation. she melted the pounds away and melted the hearts of america and the judges. when she came down the stairs to begin season 12 of "dancing with the stars," she didn't exactly look like she would be a front runner the competition. kirstie was much heavier than she wanted to be. and physically, she was out of shape. then in the storyline straight out of hollywood, she underwent a transformation before our eyes. thanks in part to a man named maks. >> kirstie alley and her partner, maksim chmerkovskiy.
8:17 am
>> i felt all sorts of things for maks. i felt them more after i was his dance partner. >> but you love him. >> i love him, but he's in the a friend. he's so hard core. he's brutal. >> i want to be pushing her to the limit. >> he's charming and brutal at the same time. >> i don't care about her physical shape. i know she can do it. >> i need a break! if you can survive maks, it's exhilarating. >> reporter: she knows all about survival. but there was a price to pay for the films she did. she's been on tabloid covers for more than two decades, all for being overweight. >> she was in the tabloids every week. the pictures got bigger and bigger and bigger. >> what about the weight? tncht weight and the age. she's a million years old, a thousand pounds. you have to learn to bend.
8:18 am
it's like, how. >> reporter: she's a remarkable good sport. >> she always kept a sense of humor about it. i think that's what ultimate hi saved her and made it okay for her to talk about it herself. >> i think i got the a 16. that's my guess. when i'm at my best, i'm wearing a 6. >> i don't worry about the number. >> i do. you haven't gone through a period of being fat. >> reporter: but the laughter does fade when she talked about being loved. >> i'm a suspect of anybody loving me for any reason. if man is handsome and wonderful and whatever, and he loves me, it's like, what is wrong with him? is he a serial killer? if he loves me, there's got to be something wrong with him. if he's younger and he loves me, he's a gigolo. if he's older and loves me, he's impotent. >> wow. >> if he's really handsome, he's gay. >> you go to a dark place.
8:19 am
>> i always have. >> reporter: if you want romance just visit the "dancing with the stars" set. >> oh, and "dancing with the stars" is more drama than a soap opera. >> are you telling me, without names names, there have been definite romances between pros and celebrities. >> of course. but i don't need to name names. >> reporter: we'll name names. jaleel white, ricki lake, sherri shepherd give credit to kirstie. for them being on in the first place. >> i watched her every week. she would make some snafu. she always smiled. >> before i did the show, i felt like i was complacent. i was a little bit broken. ♪ you are perfect >> i'm lucky. one of the luckiest people in the world. >> kirstie alley! >> reporter: and one of the most fun.
8:20 am
she has pet lemurs. you'll see them on "dance floor confidential." it's a special edition of "20/20" tonight right after "dancing with the stars." by the way, if the lemurs weren't enough, it's motown night. >> nice twitter party for that. >> pet lemurs. robin, it's time. >> this is your life. >> ten years ago, robin roberts took her seat as news anchor on the show. what a decade it's been. you have travelled theed traged. celebrated the royal wedding. a look at the first day. >> we have not had someone anchoring the news on a permanent basis. we can announce today, it's robin. >> good morning, everyone. good morning, america. i feel like i'm on top of the world. i hope i get my license one day.
8:21 am
i really do. you're really good. >> as much as you enjoy it, you should. >> there are over 200 game reserves here. 17 alone in the jo-berg area. you're not seeing double. you did see two kisses. ♪ >> it's been a very, very tense and anxious morning along the seven-mile stretch of beach, not one home or business remained. we're about 45 feet or so above the atlantic ocean. the area west of here is the toughest place in iraq. i asked them, why are you dancing? they said, we're celebrating life. everywhere you look, such destruction. trux workers on the ground here at ground zero. really resonating the death of osama bin laden. you know what is going on in tennessee with the gop there. >> let me just interject on
8:22 am
this. if they think that they're going to try to make michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful. these folks should lay off my wife. >> people say it's the potential to be destruct toif the democratic party. the things that are being said. >> i think it's important not the overreact here. it's been a fairly mild election. >> senator clinton and mccain have pro posed a tax gas holiday. do you agree requewith it? >> i said i would look at it. it's been awhile in the making, this problem. it will be awhile we solve it. >> i firsthand witnessed the destruction of hurricane katrina. >> when you left here last night and flew down, you hadn't been able to make contact with your own family yet. have you done so? >> they're okay. this morning. couldn't see the house. it's wonderful how people from all across the country are heeding the need of people here
8:23 am
in the pass. my father was a tuskegee airman. aviation is something i have always thought about. dad, this is for you. oh, boy. this is quite a view up here. look at that sunset. wow. it doesn't get any better than this. >> beautiful, sweetheart. >> little maya esther. we set out in search of her. she's survived. >> you found her? >> yes, we found esther. >> we wanted you to hear from us, i have breast cancer. ♪ life is a journey, not a destination ♪ >> i haven't felt this great in a long time. >> got it. >> oh. >> thank you. go for it.
8:24 am
>> mag ma. mag ma. >> say, robin roberts, look at me. >> mag ma. >> put the girls back in. >> take a break. >> the care is moving. do you notice. >> yes, i do. n-e-x-t. what would you do. my money. >> yeah. bo-per. bo-fer. ♪ it takes two baby ♪ new ways opening my heart and ♪ >> right here. >> pearls are nonne foeshable. i would rather be wet. >> you look a little bit like batman. ♪ like you want me to >> i just want to say congratulations on ten years. ten years you have given to all of us. a lot of them, happy to say with
8:25 am
me. and the good times, the tough times, and the triumphant times. nobody is celebrating more than i am and thelma and louise will ride again. >> and that's the news and weather at 7:16. do i get double pay for doing the weather along with the news? just checking. >> ten years, robin. wow. the day i remember best is the time you moved from the news desk to the host desk. and diane and i put out a third chair for you there. you were nervous that first day. that didn't last. we were through a lot. the death of your dear, sweet father. the destruction of your hometown, pass christian. and then, of course, your cancer. that's why so many people, i think, love you. because your emotions are always so genuine. that's why this long departed former host and anchor loves you, too. [ applause ] >> ooh. all right. sorry. i love this family. what a blessing.
8:26 am
charlie and diane. to have learned from the absolute best like that. and they taught me what family is. and that's what i have here. i'll be forever grateful for them and to everyone here. >> a gift from you. a little book. photo album of everybody that works here. >> great. >> we want to read a little bit. you have taught us the most important three words. faith, family, and friends. from each and every "gma" family member, thank you for making every day special. we love you. >> the perfect gift. the perfect gift. thank you all. thank you. >> you. thank you all. >> we have to give one more special message from to your hometown boils and girls club. >> oh. >> all: congratulations robin roberts from the boys and girls club! >> i love you right back. thank you all. thanks.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. time is 8:27. bad weather has postponed the transfer of the space shuttle enterprise in northern virginia to new york city. was supposed to be flown from airport today atop a 747 but they will reschedule the weather clears. it will eventually go on display york.useum in new the neighborhood watch volunteer murdering trayvon of jail. now out george zimmerman was released on bail around midnight and morehannel 8 will have an in-depth report in just a few minutes. let's turn to lisa baden for a check on traffic. i am hearing about a crash
8:28 am
thethe outer loop on beltway between old georgetown the exit where 270 the beltway. s morning with a took six hourst clear off the outer loop but done and the outer loop between colesville road and georgetown avenue everything is open. the lais are spilling off on 295, maryland and look at 270, southbound to the beltway. northbound 395 to the pentagon has slowed traffic after the 14th street bridge. there is still some stuff on in frostburg, maryland. 6 test well that is possible morning.early tomorrow -- 6-12 inches possible there by early tomorrow morning. there is light rain around the and theise snow
8:29 am
higher terrain and highs today e lower 50's. will warm the next few days. we will be back at 8:56.
8:30 am
♪ wow. beautiful. that is chris botti. good morning to you. love this new cd that you have. >> thank you very much. >> and the collaboration. i know vince gill is going to be joining chris. they're going to take center stage in our spring concert series. >> what a way to ease into the week. also, sarah jessica parker is joining us live.
8:31 am
she's got a brand new project. taking her to washington. not in that, i believe. we'll talk to her in a a minute. >> robin is looking over the book given to you by the entire staff to celebrate your tenth ant ve anniversa anniversary. >> from the beautiful mississippi gifl coast, good morning, america. happy tenth answer ver ris robin. love you, so happy for you. >> we're thankful to call you a daughter. so on your tenth anniversary, we're here to say -- >> all: happy anniversary robin. >> sister sally, will set you free. the one that makes a lot of my jewelry that people often ask me about. >> you did something very special this weekend. >> my mother released her book, "my story, my song" which you
8:32 am
said. it's a beautiful, beautiful story of her life about faith and had the big tea sell wrags on friday down the coast. that's why i left early. she's had health problems. you could not tell this week. she was a rock star. the book signing, it was like l-u-c-i -- i saw here name. we were an hour and half late. >> you got in under the hour. >> just under the wire. the publishers, upper room people. 88, a first-time author. >> great read. we're going to talk to sarah jessica parker now on her new role with the president's committee on arts. they're talking about turn-around arch. sarah is here live. here's how the project works. the elementary school here in washington, d.c. is among the lowest performing schools in the country. hovering around 20% on test
8:33 am
scores, they're using an unconvention approach to improve scores. the school has been selected for a new nationwide program called turn around art. it uses arts to improve failing scores. >> the groel is toen crease achievement, motivation, attendance, this basket of benefits you see when you bring effective arts education into the schools. >> we're coming and we're going. >> reporter: test scores have not gone up yet. teachers arere saying they're seeing change. >> they gain more confidence and hopefully, i'm --ky see they're taking it back to their home room classes. >> reporter: for music, dance, and visual arts, they're learning far more. >> you have to focus on what you're doing. you cannot play around. >> you really know where you're coming from with this. you started young. you know how important this education is.
8:34 am
>> yeah, and think i was fortunate to grow up in a time that there was a lot more funding for ats in school. as we know, these are incredibly complicated times economically for this country. it's thrilling that an initiative like this is being given the support it's given. it's the first ever federal initiative that focuses on quality art education in school. lit -- we'll be watching how this can be a helpful tool to change the life of -- the educational life of a child. >> makes federal money, matches it with private money. >> t the first thing to go is arts funding in school districts. is there it's wonderful for children to express themselves. the more significant data says it's more than just a creative expression for a child. and a release and a sort of, that sort of -- you know, poetic
8:35 am
version of things. it's about higher attendance, higher gpas, higher s.a.t.s. the likelihood of a child att d attending school every day, graduating, attending higher education. and it gets -- the children are more invested and specially in the schools that are already failing or on the margins, it really brings the community together and especially the school that i have adopted. >> you've adopted a school in portland. >> the principal is kim patterson. she's been there for a short period of time. she's brought in aedness teacher and music. this is a great idea for this community. it's a school that's been on the margin, low performing. and portland is a very exciting cultural place. it allows the community to invest. allows people to consider enrollment because it's a complete experience. it can compete with some of the more well thought of schools.
8:36 am
i think this initiative is going to be really important. i personally would like to see it grow. but for the time being, we're going the watch these eight schools. >> it starts with the motivated and inspiring teachers, but they need the resources. >> we're not taking money from taxpayers. this is a primarily privately funded program. and these are schools already getting grants. it's well thought of -- well thought out financially. it's a beautifully organize straited after much much planning. >> that's important to emphasize. they're taking money already in the program, and just reshifting it to focus on the schools that need the most help. >> they're bringing in comprehensive art programs. not like somebody is coming in for a day and letting them touch and feel canvas and paint. it's a comprehensive program. it's integrated into a school system that becomes a critical part of the curriculum that
8:37 am
we'll see, as we have for decades, see how it influences their academic life as well. >> it's real family affair. matthew here on friday, you're here on monday. >> we try to strick around as much as we're welcome. >> thank you. let's get the weather from ginger. >> a misty morning here in times square. where did we find 10 inches of snow this morning? >> somerset county. >> somerset county, opini pennsylvania. you're right. snow still falling and will fall in the higher elevations. western pennsylvania and upstate new york. even into west virginia. today, portland and seattle, thunderstorms. and 42rees in leesburg the district. afternoon, we will only be
8:38 am
upper 40's. there will be a few areas of rain and snow in the higher elevations. today >> this weather report has been brought to you by purina. inside to george. coming up, tv's hottest doctor, kate walsh from "private practice"
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
for those of you who are not up to date on your "private practice" a spoiler alert. dr. addison montgomery got a surprise in the last episode. a baby boy of her own. kate walsh is here to tell us about the development. so happy to see you my friend. >> so happy to see you, too. >> what a great revelation. >> finally getting her baby. >> when you read that script, your reaction? >> i literally got teary. >> you did? >> i did. just talking about it. i didn't find out until the table read.
8:42 am
it's literally the last thing that happens in the episode. it was exciting and cool. >> i feel like it's only fair for the only two people who didn't see it. i hope. we want to show you a little bit of a clip. take a look. >> yeah. >> i swear, it's impossible to feel bad about anything when i'm around him. i wish i could share it with amelia. >> welcome back. >> i'm not back. i'm visiting. >> you mind if i hold him? >> sure. >> did you get the basket i sent. >> yes. >> i would come sooner. we carry all sorts of viruses. >> is this -- >> breast milk. from the milk bank. not like i'm strolling the streets. just don't touch it, okay. >> okay. don't worry about it. >> you got the baby. the two men fawning over you. >> the scene with benjamin and sam.
8:43 am
there's no other women this l.a. they're both vying for me. what a great fantasy. >> we have seen one kiss so far. how will all of this change addison? >> i think it softens her up this year. the whole show focuses on growing up, family dynamics. i think that was the theme shonda started with. what happens when you froe up. it's dealing with people that are professionally at the apex of their career and mixes in relationships and family dynamics. the sex is still there. still very dramatic. >> so much fun. speaking of being at the apex, not only the success on "private practice." you have a lot of other things going on. i want to show everybody something you just shot. >> someone -- where is that -- >> that's where i'm wearing no
8:44 am
pants. then there's more. but wait, there's more. >> but wait. >> there it is. >> there she is. >> oh, look at her. >> look at you. i love that you talk that it's part of your responsibility to spread the message that, you know what, we're all beautiful. >> i feel at a point in my life where i feel empowered and good. i'm an entrepreneur. i want to message that i'm in my 40s and feel great. >> you were wearing your fragrance on the cover? >> yeah. me and my boyfriend. and also, trhere's not a lot of time. i probably will not do a lot of nude covers in my life. i was like, let's get this old house out there before it all falls apart. >> we know each other personally. you're very comfortable in your own skin. when you're on the set and there's photographers there.
8:45 am
how do you manage that? >> i made a general apology to begin with. whatever you see here, let's just -- keep it here. and let's try to keep it all together. seriously, we had a great photographer and a great team of hair and makeup. >> it shows. kate walsh, we love you on "private practice" and the perfume is -- >> billionaire boyfriend. >> because everybody needs one. check out "private practice." coming up, vince gill and chris botti here live in our spring concert series. stay with us, everybody. spring concert series. stay [ male announcer ]. this was how my day began.
8:46 am
a lite bird told me about a band...
8:47 am
♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ ♪ set me back some time but i made it through ♪ in our "gma" spring concert series. a dynamic duo, chris botti and
8:48 am
vince gill are here. they teamed up on chris's cd, "impressio "impressions." >> good morning, robin. happy anniversary. >> we go back a long way. wh what brought you to this? >> he's one of the great voices in the world. i called him up. he was gracious enough to do the record and be here to promote. he's doing this at this high level at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. so great. >> not easy for you either. >> a lot easier to play the trumpet early. >> vince is working alongside -- i don't want to drop names but andrea bocelli is on there as well. >> and herbie hancock and others. >> tell me about the song. >> i had to learn it.
8:49 am
randy newman. he writes the most brilliant songs. they seem to simple. but they really have great intricacies to them. it's a little out of my comfort zone to be hanging with -- >> nothing is out of his comfort zone. >> we're going to be treated now. performing the beautiful song, "losing you" off chris botti's cd, "impressions," chris botti and vince gill. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ was a fool with my money and i lost every dime ♪ ♪ and the sun stopped shining and it rained all the time ♪
8:50 am
♪ it did set me back some but i made it through ♪ ♪ but i'll never get over losing you ♪ ♪ did you know how much you mean to me? ♪ ♪ should've told you 'cause it's true ♪ ♪ i'd get over losing anything ♪ ♪ but i'll never get over losing you ♪ ♪ when you're young and there's time
8:51 am
to forget the past ♪ ♪ you don't think that you will but you do ♪ ♪ but i know that i don't have time enough ♪ ♪ and i'll never get over losing you ♪ ♪ ♪ i've been cold i've been hungry but not for awhile ♪ ♪ i guess most of my dreams have come true ♪
8:52 am
♪ with it all here around me no peace do i find ♪ ♪ 'cause i'll never get over losing you ♪ ♪ no, i'll never get over losing you ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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8:55 am
we're mike and mike from espn. we want to add ours to all the voices saying congratulations to robin on ten fabulous years. >> we enjoy coming on your show and talking sports. then i get to talk to someone who knows more about sports than guy next to me. if you get tired of that gig, i'll clear him out.
8:56 am
>> is that nice. >> everybody wants to help celebrate. including cake boss, buddy valastro. >> and vince serenading me. let them eat cake. thank you all. charlie, diane, the whole family, my family here. whey are you separating. thank you palm most importantly, thank you at home. for allowing me to say good morning, america, for ten years. i'm going the make you sway, george. i know it's killing you. have a great day, everybody. thank you. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. 8:56 on thisng @
8:57 am
monday. arlington county residents will paying higher property taxes. they voted saturday to raise taxes by 1.3% and the will have towner more in real estate taxes as well as water and sewer fees and the increases will take effect next year. virginia railway express passengers will soon see a 3% fare increase. the operations were approved the fare hike last week and the take effect on july 1. here is lisa baden with traffic. things are getting back to the beltway as open between 95 and georgia avenue. moving at a good clip in directions of i-495 . this is the springfield, va. good north and south thed between newington and the district, activity closing 14th street.
8:58 am
southbound is closed after independence avenue and they ofth directions the 14th street in a little while. video from this in frostburg, maryland accumulating snow where are under a winter storm in western allegany 6-12y perry they could see inches by early tomorrow morning. rain, much-needed over two inches from down to leonardtown. degrees now in the district areas of rain to the shenandoah valley mixed in.snow make near 50 today but warming the rest of the week. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay.
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