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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> our big story at 6:00 -- strikes a prince county neighborhood. are found dead in home and it is believed carbon monoxide poisoning kill them. the discovery was made on shelby in oxon hill. e looking for ar of the deadly levels of carbon monoxide. we have been covering this story broke it at noon. >> take a look at what is going behind me. a very poignant scene. are the church family members and real family members lost theirs who because of carbon monoxide. trees, the red- with the white is where it happened. they were found this morning, just before 11. friends and family members
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hugged, and cried in a home where the five people died. were el salvadoran immigrants and actively the same church. this man to everyone but was closest to nelson. somebody called me -- i believe it. oscar lived in the house and theas his son who came to father alongd his with his stepmother. her daughter said he was a she was a baker at giant food. my mother was a hard worker country to lead better life. >> the other victims have been identified. family members say last night at 9:00, everything was fine. it appears that the way the gas fired furnace gave out. investigators found pipes crested and disconnected. cold last night and believe the press
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operating and filled the ofl with a lethal amount carbon monoxide. it appears this was a tragic accident. the fire chief, it is an accident could have been prevented. carbon monoxide detectors up the problemed early and alert people to their homes. that the message the fire get to the to community. very simple thing to put monoxide detector in home. they found levels of monoxide 560 parts per billion. if you reach 30 parts per billion, the fire department be fatal. an they want people to have carbon monoxide detectors and will be out knocking on doors, making sure everyone has one. >> thank you. a sad way to learn that lesson. we have more information on the how you can avoid poisoning right
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fow on the home page o . >> breaking news now from republicanl -- congressman peter king of new says three more secret service agents have been duty, bringingir to nine the number of agents dismissed since the prostitution earlier this month. said two other agents have been cleared of wrongdoing and the third was cleared last week. a total of 12 agents were officially under investigation. marion barry is stirring up controversy once again, this time about comments he made about nurses. made the remarks yesterday ating an oversight hearing of the district of columbia. said a hospital supply a lot see grid that he wants to locals become nurses. i want the ec to become the e where they graduate 300 or 400 nurses a year. he said of some people
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aserpreted his remarks racist, that's their problem. these remarks, the deal of comments he made by asian owners and 30 shops. he since apologized for those remarks. there was a pre-trial hearing y for army private bradley manning who is accused of wikileak documents to s. prosecutors rest to demonstrate how much damage was caused by the leaks. a judge is expected to rule against a motion to drop all charges. >> the supreme court is set to tackle illegal immigration. hear argumentsll whether arizona's controversial law is constitutional. the law requires police to check status of anyone arrested, stop or detained that suspect may be in the country illegally. the lower courts have ruled the be enforced because
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it violates federal immigration law. for the eighth straight day, gas prices have gone down. the national average is $3.85 a gallon. local prices have dropped as $3.70. let's go live to arlington for on the falling prices. experts cite a number of contributing factors. them, concerns over europe and the global recession. despite the drop of prices locally appear ugly. the d.c. area, it is pretty ridiculous. is cheaper than it was ago. ar that hasn't happened in 2 1/2 news for it's good drivers. e dropped 6 cents in folks we talked said they don't expect it to continue. if i see them go down, maybe.
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say it's tough to e prices will go by labor day. one thing is for sure, if gas rise, so will air fare fed up. are it costs almost $75 to fill up and i have a 40 mile commute. prices are still at nickel ago. than a year it seems like it just keeps going up. >> economists see high gas prices as among the biggest . reats to the economy this arlington construction he continues to struggle. the money i make is not to pay the gas bills. >> today, gas prices at some stations are as high as $5.50 a the district. you can buy gas at plenty of below $4 a gallon. exciting ast be as
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passed, but today is day in a handful of in the northeast. residents of new york, delaware and are heading to the polls. mitt romney is expected to take all five states. we will have the results tonight at 11:00. still to come, a slump in home sales across america. why it's tough to sell your s america right now. >> how you can stay healthy selling yourself on. the first charges are handed down in the gulf oil disaster. cloudyegrees and mostly we have more but sunshine. i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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we continue the first charges to be filed in connection with the gulf oil disaster. former bp engineer is obstruction of justice and the leading text after the spill related oil thatge amount of spilled into the gulf. >> just over two years after the spill in theil f mexico, the first
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charges have been filed. the former engineer was arrested on two counts of obstructing justice and the leading more than 300 text messages that some officials that bp the massive amount of oil lied tointo the about it. but government said in a message supervisor from may of estimated 15,000 oil a day were leaking. the 5000 at the company was saying publicly. the justice department said he later deleted this text. the attorney general vowed to g bp to justice. >> they have to be held for the lives that were disrupted and the economic inflicted upon people who are simply innocent. kept up a massive
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public-relations campaign. when bp made a credit to the take timeo it would we were determined to see it through. we feel confident we are resources inight e to meet the challenge. bp would not comment on the charges, but they say they are the justicewith department. delayt at 6:00, another togetting the space shuttle dulles. and election night -- we more on your forecast coming up. rg3 is taking a bite out of the big apple. are packed up for boston i in the all-important are packed up for bosto[ male announcer ]ortant this was how my day began.
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a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ >> live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side.
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>> more disappointing news on the real-estate front. new homes fell 7.1% month, the biggest drop in more than a year. home prices tumbled in most cities in february. homes of lost about one-third of their value since the housing n 2007. urst i you have anve -- if phone, students will be happy to take off your hands, collecting an unwanted cell metro stations. the students are working with a used cellecycle phones and the protest -- the benefitwill help impoverished countries. out whereom to find collecting the phones. it will be a few more days shuttle enterprise bid to new york. it is scheduled to leave on friday and arrive at jfk in new
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york. displayheduled to go on retired world war two aircraft carrier. >> a beautiful day today. >> it was cool and breezy but warmer yesterday. let's start with the time lapse. this was just before sunrise. beautiful. about 15 seconds, you can see overthe sky looked like , the type's capital of clout changing -- late in the afternoon, darker clouds but no rain detected. skies will clear, the winds will diminish and the temperatures drop. 64 and 42 at reagan national airport today. cooled numbers with a high of 69.
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57 in gaithersburg. 62 in lexington park. and chile with diminishing winds. up and down that east coast, eooler than averag . mperatures 64 in north fault. start moving west and the temperatures start climbing. 95 degrees in el paso. the warm air moving eastward and taste of thatf a wednesday when the warm cup -- when the warm front comes through. temperatures across the region be cool in the morning and climbed during the day
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into the upper 60s. clouds and increasing and on morning, a warm front with showers and isolated thunderstorms. then we climb into the lower '70s and a cold front comes through with another opportunity for showers. a chance of showers throughout weekend. here's the story for tomorrow -- warming into the upper 60s of y skies and there is a chance of showers, morning and evening. street through the upcoming weekend. >> the toyota sports desk, localt to you by your moving iters, forward. the nfl draft, the colts take
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- the >> and drew. >> that means? rg3 is coming here. a commencement of a new era for redskins. colts confirm that they andrew luck with that first pick. is officially a redskin. college players about to become professionals and their presence on variousn impact cities and their teams. we found robert griffin the and a sandwich shop on fifth avenue today. helot -- not long after statue in new york popular quarterback fielded questions. it has been 18 quarterbacks cents they have drafted a as no. 2. as high he talked about is at budding
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relationship with mike. any meeting i had with any affiliatedy person redskins, they let me know i want -- they wanted me to be there and it's one of the youngtime he's had a quarterback since john elway. he's looking for to working with looking forward to working with them. >> have you gotten intrench yet? i cannot give any shout out in dc. articular team era is set to begin y night. a >> we will be there thursday night in radio city. before the caps left to boston, they -- look at the attention before heading north. you would think as he gets ready play that his teammates and
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feel tight and pressure. we have had a few in our time. don't remember. we won a few embossed 2 and 3. >> you have to know the status. 2 and 3. this is the final week of the regular nba season and all of a sudden, the wizards are showing promise. it's the first four game winning since 2007. john wall was the star of the game. i should mention ernie -- you d it first year, he agreed deal that will keep him president of the wizards.
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>> we almost forgot about them. president of the wizards. >> we almost forgot about them. >> that sounds g
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fiesta courtesy of tyson's ford. and follow the directions to enter. monday, we will stick -- will pick the first of 15 finalists. if your name is called, you have in and win a call final entry. month, we will pick one one lucky winner from the final 15. >> today's weather was a winner. >> check out the best -- check out the next seven days. climbing in the upper 60s and a on thursday with a warm cold front coming through. showersing chance of bobugh friday and saturday ryan will have a fresh look at that for each night. >> thank you very much. >> join us at 11.
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