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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this law did not walk away happy today. >> 19-year-old jorge acuna is undocumented and was standing outside of the supreme court. rallies helped him get a reprimand from deportation. now he faces another battle as they seem poised to uphold the controversial arizona immigration law. he is worried that could prompt similar legislation in maryland and virginia. the justice department sued after jan brewer signed the law in 2010. despite a media frenzy, she appeared confident that -- confident after hearing the justices. >> we do have a responsibility. we have to do what we can. >> court observers noted it did not appear justices were taking issue with the section that
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would require police to stop and check people's status. >> they could be your next door neighbor. how scary is that? what's the fact they can profile me just because i look the legal, they can take me in. that is the sick part of it. >> all sides of the highly divisive court battle will have to wait until june when they are expected to hand down their decision. >> we are following the latest developments in the d.c. dog attack. the two docks caught on camera were attacking children when a neighbor came out to help them. those stocks have been euthanize. the neighbors save the children by fighting off the dogs. later they confronted a police officer in maryland. the officer fired at but did not hit the dogs. animal control took the dogs and euthanize them.
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prince george's county officials are warning families about carbon monoxide family after five victims died from the gas. it seeps into their homes through a broken furnace pipe. today fire officials went door to door handing out carbon monoxide detectors and checking furnaces. >> the u.s. marine who posted comments on his face but profile criticizing president obama has been discharged under less than honorable conditions. sgt gary stein was discharged. he posted comments calling the commander in chief a domestic enemy. the pentagon says the comments by late their policies. he says he was exercising his rights of free speech. he is expected to appeal the decision. >> today was day three of our --
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the former aide test -- the testimony of a former aide of john edwards. he said he retired of hiding edwards' mr. s who had edwards child. he is accused of using money from wealthy donors to cover up the affair. >> a number of developments today. several media organizations are reporting that newt gingrich will suspend his campaign next week officially. the former speaker is expected to make the announcement in the washington area on tuesday. gingrich's waiting until then to allow family and staff time to fly in for the event. the reports come in less than 24 hours after mitt romney swept five primaries. the man many consider a choice for vice president is receiving extra security tonight.
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the florida republican give a policy speech at the brookings institution this afternoon. >>rubio's talk on foreign policy comes as many say he is a top contender to be the vice- president on the republican ticket. he is one of eight names being floated tonight. >> last night it appears to be wrapped up for mitt romney. we all know a vice-president can make or break a ticket. one man's it name is garnering plenty of attention. >> the buzz is all about marco rubio. many want to know if he will be putting his speech into practice one day as vice- president. while the floridians may be a front runner, the story is far
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from over. >> -- while this floridian may be a front runner, the story is far from over. >> $1 billion in budget surpluses, no tax increases. >> rated america's top state for business. >> anybody that asks me to help the party or ticket in some way so we can get mitt romney elected, i am willing to consider doing it. >> the field is full of options including job bush crisscrossed the, paul ryan, portman, and martinez. it will have to be somebody who can help shore up support among skeptical tea party members latinos, or the youth vote where president obama has significant leverage.
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>> this time we will get it right. >> other names being thrown out there right now is mitch daniels, tim pawlenty, and condoleezza rice. they want to get voter reaction and it gives them time to look over a candidate's past. >> thank you. as you know, the president is doing well in the polls with young people. that does not do him any good unless they turn out at the polls. he is pulling out all the stops in his effort to keep student interest rate -- interest rates on student loans low. >> now is not the time to make schools more expensive for our young people. >> oh, yeah.
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♪ >> the president said -- the president took part in the popular segment. unless congress acts. for july, rates will double to 68%. in>> back in the headlines, the white house -- he is now seeking political office. we have the details. >> we talked to a local home owner who had exactly this happened. that story is coming out. >> a beautiful day today.
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big changes coming tomorrow with a warm front and a cold front. i will tell you what to expect
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>> a military judge refused to dismiss charges against bradley manning. another separate motion to dismiss the most serious charges
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still to be decided. he is accused of sending thousands of government documents to the web site wikileaks. it is considered to be the biggest leak of government secrets in u.s. history. >> the preparing for president obama's visit there. she says this appears to be an isolated case rather them part of a larger pattern. she attends to make sure it never happens again. >> we are going to get to the bottom of this. we will make sure standards, if they need to be tightened up are tightened. >> up to 12 agents implicated in the scandal. one has lost his security clearance and three have been cleared of wrongdoing. >> he plans to file as a
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republican for next year's race. his announcement comes days after fellow gop candidate filed suit against him and his company. the suit claims his business cheated customers by failing to give purchased wine tours. still to come, a rare sighting. a black bear pays a visit to a home. it is caught on tape. >> doug hill has the complete forecast coming up. ♪ ♪ [ ale announcer ] for our families... our neighbors...
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>> black bears are seen in rural virginia they are rarely seen in the suburbs. >> one woman came face-to-face with 181 to get her camera to
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document the bir's visit. >> he came up to the back door and put his nose on the back door. he was looking and trying to see. >> she shows us the videotape to prove it. >> that or sometimes of not latched well you can push it open. he was right up to the door and i was afraid he would be able to push it open. >> she also saw the bear helping himself to the bird feeder. >> you can see here he pulled the bird feeder all the way down and took this feeder and twisted it into his paws and cracked it open. >> these animals are coming out of hibernation early because of our mild weather spending up to 20 hours a day eating. whether it is bird feed, dog food or cat food or trash, these are a those of the visitor
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stealing some of her trash bags. >> this is the first time in 25 years one decided to come over here. >> nice visit he made. >> scary. >> warm weather, more beers. >> it will be warmer tomorrow and a lot cooler friday and saturday. we will have some great chances again. this is a picture of time lapse photography from the hd camera looking across the city today. it has been beautiful and breezy. the fairweather clause would the minister tonight. it will not get terribly cold. -- fair weather clouds will diminish tonight. it will bring some rain in by the morning. 70 degrees and 50 degrees are
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our averages. 73 in quantico, evening temperatures will start to fall off. a warm front, some areas of rain and a rumble of thunder and extend. all of this advancing eastward. early tomorrow morning by 5:00, may be earlier in some spots a few scattered showers. we will brighten these guys a little bit and warm-up with southeasterly winds. a cold front in the afternoon will move through. it will give us a redo chance of isolated showers and storms. -- renewed chance of isolated showers and storms. look at these numbers. 92 at the airport in kansas city, missouri right now. 88 in dallas. i told you it is only a couple more weeks before these pushes of warm weather will make it to
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the appalachians. not this time around. in the meantime we will wait for showers and clouds and the possibility of a sunshine breaking through midday and we will get the second round tomorrow afternoon with a cold front. the weekend does not look clear at all. redo chances of rain over the weekend. -- renewed chances of rain over the weekend. through the next seven days, sunshine and a bit cooler on friday. showers and thunderstorms saturday. a few sunny breaks in between. upper 50's and near 60. now looks like late sunday, monday tuesday wednesday we will see high-pressure and dry weather and a another strain of warm, sunny days. >> the toyota sports report, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> this is not a dress
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rehearsal. >> it will be tonight, game 7. the game everybody really cheers for. i want to give you this statistic. the washington capitals have played well against boston. they have won six of 10 games this year. this is the play the capitals do not want to forget. a turnover that led to the winner in overtime. learn from it. keep that puck out of the middle. they have to play mistake free hockey and let the puck bounced where it may. >> these are the games you want to play in. the big one. we have to come out strong and hopefully take the crowd out of it. >> will play a structured game. hopefully, we just try to capitalize on them.
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>> i have been in washington all my life. the best draft i think i have seen was 1964 when i was a kid. i think the draft tomorrow night has a chance to change the fate and future of the redskins more than any draft before it. i will be in manhattan for the draft. robert griffin iii is a young deal. -- a done deal. today mike shanahan gave us a report on his quarterbacking skills. >> he has great speed and as a great job in the pocket. he is a guy that has all the attributes to look for a in a quarterback. i will be very happy if he is on our football team. >> i told you earlier he has been in manhattan all week. he was out and about today with all the future superstars. we took a moment to ask if he
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had a moment to think about the defenses of the nfc east. >> i am not one to back down from a challenge. we all know they are really good and have really good pass rush is. >> for baseball fans, the national's early season surge has been fun to watch. the pitching has been off the charts. gonzalez was hitting his spots. he struck out six. gio has 20 innings of shutout baseball. they locked the win for gio gonzalez. game two gets under way in just a few minutes in san diego. back by popular demand, he was a shot to remember. real or computer enhanced?
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it is a real. he went back up there and asked him to do it again and he did 15 years ago both shots have gone viral. -- 15-years old, both shots have gone viral. forget the bank, just splash. robert zimmerman had an mri done on his right shoulder. he will be out for awhile.
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>> a new face but contest is under way. >> you have a chance to win a brand new ford fiesta. all you have to do is head to and follow the directions to enter. monday we will take the 15 finalists. if your name is called the will have 30 minutes to call in to win a final entry. >> good luck. >> it looks like we have some showers overnight. for the drive tomorrow morning bob ryan will update the cold front and tell you what to expect as we head to the day and the weekend. this one is coming from the west.
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