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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> just because a will be the second pick does not mean i am the leader of that team. you have to wear and respect. >> and earn respect from a city he has been in four years. >> to have to earn the hard work and show them that you can trust in me. >> that draft day party begins at 6:00 p.m. tonight on the close low of fed ex field. it is free to get in and there is free parking. reporting live, the jummy olabanji. >> thank you so much. it is 5:06. capstans have a reason to celebrate. >> a huge night. they beat the bruins in game 7. last night's winning play came two minutes into overtime. >> stop and score. on the rebound.
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the capitals a knock off the defending champs. the capitals will have to wait and see who they will play. it could be either the rangers the devils or the philadelphia flyers. >> there in a good position. it is 5:07. 56 degrees. >> still to come, an important vote. we'll have details on a proposed rate increase. >> lead when the house as expected to both on a new bill. >> we will check on your traffic and weather as we do
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>> welcome back. >> i am smiling. what overnight construction, but no longer. we are open for business on 95 between fredericksburg and springfield.
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we take you there live. rerun good shape on 395 and 66. nothing to report in maryland. we will go to adam now. >> most of the roads are dry right now. now we are looking at an area of rain to the southwest of washington. slowly creeping to the northeast. a few sprinkles and charles county. 59 in washington. 53 in college park. look at the wider view. i'm expecting the rain to become more widespread as we go to the morning commute. near 70 degrees this afternoon. as we go through tonight, we will see clearing conditions and breezes tomorrow. back to a lot of sunshine, but a little bit gusty and cooler.
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this weekend it looks like we will be in the 50s for highest. >> 5:11. it will cost you more if you take a ride on metrobuses and trains. they're expected to approve that 5% fare hike. it will take effect on july 1. metro will start offering unlimited 28 day pass. that will cost to $230. there will also vote on names for new silver line stations in the fairfax county. the house is said to a vote on a bill that prevents student loan interest rates from going up. >> legislation would be paid for by cutting money from president obama's health care overhaul bill. he has been visiting campuses from around -- around the campus to push action. >> the u.s. supreme court -- on
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> the red hot issue of immigration. we will know where the supreme court stance on in june. but among bradley reports. >> the supreme court is taking on one of the biggest issues in the country appeared immigration. the question in the port whether the state of arizona can make its own immigration law. allowing them to check anyone
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who they believed to be in the u.s. illegally. >> i have never expected to have to carry my passport in my own country to prove that i belong here. >> the justices appeared to find little trouble with major parts of arizona's law. kennedy addressed a huge burden that emigration put on the state. the state of arizona has economic disruption, residents living the straight -- state because of a flood of residents. you can see is not selling very well. why do not try to come up with something else. outside the court, and in cities across the country, protests by people who believe that arizona's law encourages racial profiling and stereotyping. >> whether the states have the
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right to promote racism, promotes hatred and police -- towards people of color. >> this is going to be a whole lot of people very angry. >> the court's decision could have a big impact on the fall campaign. republicans aggressive stance on immigration is alienating hispanic voters. >> thank you so much. 5:17. the army could lay off up to 24,000 workers and to 5000 officers in order to make a projected change in the board. earlier this year, defense secretary said the army would shrink from a peak of 570,000 to 490,000 within five years. the u.s. marines criticized president obama -- the u.s.
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marine who did has gotten in trouble. he says he was exercising his free rights speech. >> in today's tech bytes -- there may not be a new release for the iphone. >> in today's tech bites the hope for a summer iphone release -- a conference on wednesday, there was no hint of no new release. barnes and noble and new e- readers with glow light is out next week. they say it is no easy to read in total darkness and bright sunshine. >> for someone who likes to read from time to time, i like the light of built in the.
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you can probably spend less for lamp but this is a very cheap lamp. >> it was the most requested by nook users . and katie couric is going on line. it will debut on may 1 of your those your tech bites. i am rob nelson. >> thank you. check out this photo. this was posted on twitter. >> he says he saw this bus. if you see this ad on a train or in the metro system, a tweet it to us and we will give you a shout out. >> thank you. we appreciate that. now for a check on traffic and weather. >> we will share this picture of traffic moving very smoothly on the three ended55355.
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-- 355. it is northbound 95. nothing complicated to report on the beltway. route 5 to under 28, nothing out of annapolis to get into northeast. we're going to meander over to the weather center. >> over to the weather. active day. areas of rain. we could use it. it looks like the heaviest rain will be southwest of washington. a little of everything. not a whole lot of one thing, a little of everything. today we will have acted weather. -- active weather. looking at the super doppler 7.
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along the mason dixon line parts of frederick county, baltimore county, areas of light rain. traveling down the south, a few sprinkles. especially along to under 35. -- 235. off to the west, heavier showers. the bulk of the rain will be south of the district. south of the metro. that is where we have the most energy. but you look off to the northwest and we have more action. that will continue to push our way. we will just get clipped this morning with some areas of light rain through about lunch time. then a few sunny breaks later today. 59 in washington.
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60 in annapolis. 50, winchester. 54, quantico. near 70 this afternoon with rain. have your umbrella with you. and in reach all day long. tomorrow, back to sunshine. but cooler and in the 60s. >> yesterday was beautiful. we will focus on that. >> 5:22. >> coming up -- >> i saw it and i took a whack at it. >> the capitals took a down the defending champions. >> on anderson, --
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>> talked about helping your phone calls. the nationals are off to a great start. they sank the padres 7-2. congratulations. >> that was just the beginning of 24 hours of the list. the wizards want. -- won. >> fellow. it is drafted night in the nfl. you know these guys had to have
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butterflies. their lives are about to change. robert griffin said he does not want anything given to him in washington. >> just because i will be the second pick does not mean anything. you have got to earn respect. i cannot come in there with a big head. you have got to put in the the hard work and show them how you can trust in me and believed in me. >> and you could be a hockey fan. watching the capitals in the second round of the playoff. -- playoffs. they are going to the next series. the caps eliminated the defending champions. two-one is the final last night. >> that is a look of your morning sports. have a great night. >> 527 is your time.
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>> learned of the trayvon martin case has prompted any event. >> could you soon be paying more to ride metro? i am brianne carter and i have a live report coming up. >> you will need the umbrella
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> pretty soon it could cost more to get around on metro. the agency's board is set to vote today on fare increases. >> good morning i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynné simpson. we're going to get started with
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your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. lisa? >> 8 the call just rolled over on the george washington parkway. you may want to take 50. we go to a couple pictures. so you know how to plan. everything is quiet on 395. good on 270. >> dry around the beltway. and most of the viewing area. but you want to have your umbrella within reach. we will have areas of off and on rain and some chance of thunderstorms. right now, you can see showers and the baltimore and calvert county. steady rain is just south of winchester along 1-81 and into southwestern virginia.
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also in stafford county. more rain is off screen. that is expected to hit later on. 46, frederick. 57 in the culpeper. near 70 this afternoon with areas of off and on showers and storms. >> thank you, adam. we are following a developing story. a man in custody. >> the honor student disappeared in 2010 while visiting family members in baltimore. her body was found later in the susquehanna river. >> last night police arrested the ex-boyfriend of her older sister. d.c. police need your help in finding this missing girl. they say 12 year old briandy was last seen yesterday. if you know her whereabouts call police.
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>> gearing up for a busy day ahead. >> their agenda includes voting on a fare increase. brianne carter is live with more. breaking down the numbers. good morning. >> good morning. just a few hours from now, the metro board will weigh in, voting on these fare hikes that will go into place in 2013. the proposal calls for increasing the maximum peak fare from $5 to five.75. -- $5.75. metro officials said the increase is needed to keep up with repairs. they say their design is to simplify the fare structure and encourage more people to use those smartrip cards. of the past months, they helpd six public hearings. the majority of the people
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making public comment said they do not agree with seeing any more fare hikes. if they are approved today, a mentor says it could generate about $66 million for the transit agency. there are proved, there will go into place july 1. reporting live, brianne carter. >> thank you. 5:33. investigators are still looking for the cause of the train derailment that led to major delays on metro's blue and orange lines. they say human error is most likely to blame. a set of wheels on the blue line at tradein jumped the tracks. >> virginia tech police officer that was killed in the line of duty will be honored today appeared he will be added to the national law enforcement memorial and d.c.. was making a traffic stop last december when he was shot and killed in an ambush attack.
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the gunman was 22 year-old ashley. >> to the trayvon martin case. it is sparking concern about race relations and a prince or discounted in the wake of the shooting a formal will be held. it is on race relations and public safety. your time now is 5:35. >> still to come from the latest from the john edwards trial. testimony given by his one a trusted aide yesterday appeared we of the tales. >> also, a live report on a huge day for sports fans. preparation for the nfl draft tonight. >> we will check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> hello, my name is brian. after you watch, come down and try our mac and cheese. good morning, washington. >> 5:38 on this thursday morning. we have areas of light rain.
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especially in southwest washington. also, closer to baltimore. some areas of rain. frederick, you will wake up to some wet roads. sprinkles acting calvert county and moving into stafford county. we're starting to see the grain moved eastward. am expecting more showers to become widespread. especially because we have this moving upstream. that rain will clip our area later. i am expecting thunderstorms in the afternoon. near 70 degrees with a few sunny breaks today. breezy and cooler, but sunday tomorrow. >> plenty of traffic is the latest. 66 395 -- it is growing.
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southbound baltimore washington parkway is now closed. inside the beltway, a vehicle rolled over. it is blocked now because the tow truck is they're trying to operate the vehicle and haul it away. if you have some time to play, view of time to do that. that will be gone shortly, but if you're getting ready to leave, i would take kenilworth avenue. back inside. >> we always appreciate the heads up. 5:40 right now. have the chance to win a new ford fiesta courtesy of tysons ford. >> had it to our web site -- head to our web site. if your name is called cumming will have 30 minutes to call in to win a chance at that final
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entry. in may, we will choose one lucky person from those finalists. >> who would not love a new car? it is 5:40 right now. >> coming up, newt gingrich is wrapping up his prison and joelle didpresidential bid.
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xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. >> coming up new at 6:00 a.m., protecting your for legged friends from an ailment more commonly associated with humans. >> and fired over fertilization. in indiana teachers' fighting back after losing her job for trying to start a family. >> all of this coming up in a quarter of an hour.
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>> that is a good story. fans are hoping that tonight is the start of a brighter future for the redskins. >> the team is expected to pick robert griffin the third period jummy olabanji is live where the draft party will be held. >> i will be tuned in. as well as many other people across the dc area. the rain is starting to fall at fedex field, but that will not stop this party from going on as the redskins and their fans will be celebrating the no. 2 pick, which we know is widely expected to be on robert griffin iii. he won the heisman earlier this year. the redskins have been watching him closely all season long. a couple weeks ago they made that huge blockbuster deal to
5:46 am
move up to the no. 2 spot so they could pick rg3. we know that the indianapolis colts have come out and said they will be picking interlock with the no. 1 pick. rg3 should be coming to washington tomorrow morning for his first official press conference as a redskin. tonight is when the party will be. it starts at 6:00 p.m. at fedex field on the club level of the stadium here. it will be free to get in it and free parking. thousands are expected to attend. reporting live at fedex field coming to me olabanji. >> thank you. 5:46. things are looking up for the washington capitals'. >> they are now advancing to the next round of the playoffs. things to a quick play in overtime against the bruins. >> backhand, stop, score!
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on the rebound! the capitals knock off the defending champs! >> it was the seventh straight game decided by one goal. it is not clear yet who they will play next. it depends on the outcomes of two game number sevens. president obama is headlining rallies next week. >> there will be held at ohio state university and virginia commonwealth university. campaign organizers are trying to reinvigorate young voters who were a cornerstone in 2008. also, newt gingrich is taking steps during his presidential campaign. yet a friendly phone conversation with mitt romney. they're planning an event in which newt gingrich would show support. >> taking a look at a news around the nation.
5:48 am
parents of the missing arizona girl made an emotional play for her return. >> to the persons -- tell us your demands. tell us what you want. we will do anything for her. >> 6-year-old disappeared from her home on tuesday night. please have scaled back their massive search. they're focusing on what to nearby surveillance cameras may have captured. they're not ruled out her parents as suspects. in the meantime, british investigators think a girl missing for five years may still be alive. the released this image of what matalin may look like today. they've asked portuguese authorities to reopen the case. she went missing in may 2007. her parents have been cleared of any wrongdoing.
5:49 am
>> john edwards werill take the case again. yes pleaded not guilty to six accounts related to nearly a million dollars in secret accounts. the money was used to hide his pregnant mistress. >> next month, a peruvian judge will consider reduce u.s. prosecutors want to try him for extortion in the disappearance of natalee holloway. their extra $25,000 from the alabama teen's family purity is now serving 28 years for killing a peruvian business student. >> a stand against plastic bags? >> and it is getting harder to save for your dream wedding. >> good morning.
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someone is putting off getting married because of the cost. studies say the people put off weddings' the most when the economy is lousy. sometimes waiting more than two years. the paper says -- are you looking for trouble deals? social sites will help you find promotions on everything from air fare to hotels. for examples, jetblue has had twitter exclusive deals since 2009. united has been awarded 50,000 miles for each 4 square or facebook check-in since december. and a trip to sea world is getting greener. the park is setting a precedent at eliminating plastic bags at to gift shops. part of the reason is doing this, it is taking a stand plastic bags and up and oceans
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and injuring wildlife. that is business news. i am linda bell, reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. it is 5:50 right now. >> we had the whole family decked out yesterday. >> this is good luck. >> so cute. >> those are the caskey's. >> i have a new set of playoff pj's. if i sleep in that short we win a. >> ok. keep it on 24/7. >> some areas of scattered rain. take a look. notice the light rain. basically south of winchester. on into culpeper county.
5:52 am
stretching into stafford. right along 95. we have a few light sprinkles now crossing over the potomac. in the and around la plata. it is pretty steady. there is a closer look from front royal down towards culpeper and stafford. the wider view shows more showers upstream. that will continue to divert our way and clipped us in the metro area later on this morning. i'm expecting thunderstorms later this afternoon. light rain this morning in a few sunny breaks near lunchtime, and then heavier showers here and there. with thunderstorms later today. it will not rain all day long. we will not see a lot of moisture. maybe a half of an inch south of the metro.
5:53 am
we could still use the rain. put a little dent in the rainfall deficit. 50 degrees in winchester. 59 in washington. 54 manassas. 60 and lexington park. -- 60 in lexington park. it will feel like yesterday. it will not look like it. if you sunny breaks here and there. otherwise, areas of off and on rain. highs in the 60s on friday. in the 50s at this weekend. that is the forecast. lisa? >> i'm going to take it. we just had a change. we're hearing about some new rolled over on route 40 or 301. cumming away from the beltway
5:54 am
toward upper malboro. and a vehicle rolled over on the baltimore washington parkway. it has blocked lanes for about 20 minutes now. things didn't look right on 95 northbound. this is a look at the exit to the beltway where it looks quiet beard of a sudden, traffic stacks up, and then it looks like a saturday morning without anyone there. something is not right. we will be back in 10 minutes to let you know what we found. >> thank you. 5:54. 57 degrees. >> coming up, we are used to seeing pet owners stress of dogs and cats. taking it to another level. docks. the rather
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>> looked at this. this is a strange attraction. this is in sydney, australia. the pay their money and watch a fashion show with a bunch of ducks. they were strutting their stuff on the "quack-walk." they are definitely working in it.
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>> yes. >> very colorful costumes or out of its. >> absolutely. 5:57. a lot more to come on "good morning washington." >> the excitement is building for tonight's nfl draft. the excitement levels are off of the charts. the redskins get set to
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