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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a big night, and the big stories. beginning with big dreams, thanks to a dream draft pick. am i am excited to be a redskin. >> live in new york what rgiii tells tim brant. >> three people dead, and an attacker and hero. and man demands to get into a building packed with kids. what happened next involving a baseball bat. >> the washington redskins a select robert griffin iii. >> with those magic words, it is now official, the future hopes
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and dreams for redskins fans lay on the shoulders of robert griffin iii. the redskins traded up to get the heisman trophy winner with the hopes of ending a postseason drought. tom rossi is live at redskins headquarters, but first we go with tim brant live at reduce city music hall with the word on it -- at radio city music hall with the word of the rgiii excite at. >> even though everybody knew the first and second round draft picks already the fans seemed energized by the sheer talent in the theater. and it was frenetic backstage total chaos. and dreadlock may have been the first pick, but it was robert griffin -- andrew lockeduck may have been the first pick, but it was robert griffin iii commit the biggest impact.
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does it take out the drama? >> it does, but you cannot help feeling when your name is called. it is something you dream of when your kid, watching the draft. it did not matter where i was going. i was still trying to soak up the moment. >> in washington, they say the president has the second most important job, the quarterback of the redskins has the first. >> it is not necessarily the united states, it is redskins nation. i know that i represent a lot of people, even though i have not played one down in the redskins jersey. i will make sure that i take that seriously and take my work and my job very seriously. >> when do you get to work? >> tomorrow i will fly to d.c., meet the coaches, have a two- hour meeting talk about general stuff, and get to work saturday with a little bit of the playbook. >> mr. snyder has a nice chat.
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if that he does. i have not rode it yet but i look forward to. >> moments ago, i heard from his dad, which will appear later in sports. >> i know that he will enjoy that ride. the redskins hope that rgiii will reverse the team's fortunes by drafting a quarterback as the no. 1 pick. jason campbell was drafted in 2005 lasting five seasons. he is now with his third nfl team. patrick ramsey had a little bit of success over four seasons beginning in 2002. perhaps the biggest bust, heath shuler in 1994. he has had greater success as a democratic congressman. now that it is official,. skins fans are excited about the prospect of having rgiii joined the team. >> fans are hoping that his arrival will help reverse all of
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the misfortunes. tom roussey has the very latest from fedex field. >> i spoke with some people who have been redskins fans since the 1950's, and they cannot remember a draft night as exciting as this. this draft pick was a hit with the fans. they're excited that this man will be playing for the redskins. why were redskins fans cheering for the colts' no. 1 pick? because they knew what was coming next. the pick is a hit with fans. >> if you watch him in college just the excitement that he brought to baylor, bringing back to the redskins, it will be electric. >> it will be a good season. >> skins fans rgiii -- skins fancy that rgiii gives them hope.
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>> we are still here. we are not going anywhere. >> especially now? >> especially now. >> already tonight no. 10 jerseys went on sale. >> i was the first on the club level to get it. >> $115. for many, this was a family night. >> my dad took me to rfk when i was a kid my granddad used to take him. it goes way back. >> and now he is passing it on to his daughter, who was excited about gryphon. >> i think he will make us when a lot. >> if you want to hear from the man who will be wearing this uniform that i am holding number 10, you're first official chance will be saturday at a big draft party at fedex field. it is free, starting at 11:30 until 6:00 at night. sometime in the afternoon
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robert griffin iii will address fans. >> love seeing the fans so excited. in addition to the shirts, rgiii der is available to the general public. -- rgiii gear is available to the general public, available at stores across the area. stay with abc 7 news for complete draft coverage. for the latest on the redskins' draft through the weekend, log onto >> moving to the other big sports story in town. as the washington capitals advanced in the playoffs, last night's victory turned ugly for the hero of the game, joel ward. minutes after he scored the winning goal, angry bruins fans resorted to racial slurs on social networking website particularly twitter. but the capitals and the brewers
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quickly condemned the attacks. ted leonsis said, "shame on these folks who decided to take their keyboards and show their ignorance and racism and hate." ward called it shocking, but brushed them off because he was not aware of them until a teammate brought them to his attention on the plane ride back to washington. >> a growing colored and a local neighborhood. the police believe a random attacker is attacking people in a neighborhood with a large community of senior citizens following the murder of a tourist. two people have been attacked in the same manner. horace holmes has the alert that everybody needs to see. >> this is a very frightening time in this neighborhood, and the police are asking residents not to walk the streets alone. thatpolice cruiser spent the night patrolling the neighborhood as officers searched the streets
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and alleys near where the attacks occurred. the people who live here are worried. >> i have been here every day. >> they are worried about their own safety, worried about what might happen next. they're also concerned about their neighbor who was attacked last night. the 37-year-old, who was walking from the church less than a block from home, when somebody walked behind her, hit her in the head, and ran off. she stumbled around the corner to an apartment building. >> she was bleeding profusely from her head. >> the attack was almost identical to the incident involving a denver to worst. he was found unconscious on eighth and emerson streets. he had been hit in the head and died a short time later. nine hours later a 53-year-old man was walking on georgia avenue when somebody hit him with a blunt object.
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the residents who used to feel safe walking the streets have lost their confidence. >> i parked at night sometimes and have to walk around alone. i will be doing it this night. -- i will not be doing it this night. >> nothing was taken from any of the victims. the police do not have a description, so if you have seen anything, they need your help. >> an arlington man is in big trouble tonight after prosecutors say he and his father took part in a kickback scheme cost in the navy $10 million over 15 years. prosecutors say that ralph ma riano took kickbacks in exchange for naval contracts held by a firm advanced solutions for tomorrow. his father faces tax evasion charges in relation to the case. >> we remain on storm watch
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keeping an eye on possible showers after a rainy day. senior meteorologist bob ryan has a first look at what to expect overnight. >> here in the belfort furniture weather center, there have been showers, a rumble of thunder but to the north the storm scan, and sometimes we are in the middle of things. live super doppler, left over showers. they are light and howard county skimming the district. to the north baltimore the area at this evening in the belfort furniture weather center that got some rain about a quarter inch of rain. ready for a return of the early spring chill? i think it is coming back and sunshine, too. >> coming up, the news metro riders do not want to hear, the breakdown of high air fares. plus what it will cost an extra dollar every time that you
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>> a frightening attack at would make any person fearful. the police say a man flies into a rage a daycare center, and a security guard is fighting for his life now. employes at the maryland daycare facility calling the guard a baseball bat during his attack. jay korff is at the day care facility with why this is only part of the story. >> this suspect had been arrested in the past on a number of occasions on drug charges.
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the authorities say they believe he was high, possibly on pcp when he went into of all things a day care center. the authorities say that mickel young, despite the fact that he did not know anybody at the day care center, was buzzed into the day care center, he was enraged when staff would not allow him to use the phone and fearing trouble the security guard grab a bat. >> at some point, the suspect got hold of the bad and turned it into a weapon. >> the police say that young hit the security guard in the head and started smashing windows. >> the emotions were overwhelming. >> the suspect was captured a short time later driving a stolen vehicle and while in handcuffs he assaulted three officers. >> it appeared he was on pcp. >> concerned parents rushed to the daycare center. >> i love the staff, they take care of me so this is a surprise. >> some wonder how anybody allowed him into the center. >> the director said that she will review all security
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protocols but insists she runs a safe facility. she would like to think the security guard who happens to be her nephew. >> he kept everything contained to him. he is my unsung hero. >> the security guard sustain some painful and serious injuries but is expected to survive. the three officers injured their injuries are minor. thankfully, no children were injured. it the suspect faces a long line of serious charges. >> the mother of slain uva lacrosse player yeardley love has filed a $29 million lawsuit against her daughters convicted killer george huguely today and charlottesville circuit court. if george huguely was convicted of second-degree murder -- george huguely was convicted of second-degree murder in yeardley love's death. if >> members of the asian-
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american community are firing back after marion barry made controversial comments. >> my father is "one of those dirty store owners" you were speaking about. famine in recent weeks marion barry has characterized some asian american businesses as being, in his words, "dity," and has limited the number of immigrant nurses from the philippines. marion barry says the media is taking his comments out of context. >> 7 on your side as metro announces fare increases that go into effect july 1. the vote by the transit agency board raises the average welfare by about 5%. bus fares will increase by a dime. riders using paper fare cards face a $1 surcharge. parking fees at metro facilities will go up twenty-five cents. >> time to talk about the
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weather after a dreary day. >> we had some clouds. welcome back. what have you been doing? >> oh, you know, just getting married. we had a beautiful day for our wedding. >> we had scheduled months ahead of time. >> thank you for that. >> outside now lots of clouds. late in the afternoon, there were some breaks in the clouds. the temperature right now outside, 61 degrees. this is the first day as i mentioned yesterday, the average high of 70 degrees. between now and the middle of october, the average is 70 degrees or higher every day. look at the temperatures. we were in the 60's. the mid part of the country today, scorching. el paso, texas, it was hot. a record high of 94 degrees. some of the cooler air, the kind
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of air that will be on us. detroit right now, 43 degrees. the last 24 hours the wave in the atmosphere that has been moving our way. there is, the ripple, bringing through the morning showers. the leftovers moving off. even so, there are some few mainly in new england some left over showers. came through baltimore with about a quarter inch of rain. the main area of low pressure and all of this moving out to the east. through the night time, i do not think there is anything left on doppler, may be up around howard county getting a little bit. through the night, by 3:00 still cloudy. our temperatures will be dipping into the low 50's. the northwest wind coming in, early tomorrow morning, into noontime, the temperatures only into the 50's, and even tomorrow afternoon, the low 60's. sort of an early spring kind of
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day with a fair amount of sunshine. heading out, it will be breezy and chile and dry, do not need to the umbrella, 40-48 degrees outdoor recess kind of day. breezy and cool, the temperatures below average still ok. northwest wind, dusty. in the weekend, another area of low pressure comes our way. i think will be seen showers likely on saturday, then it moves by. i think sunday will be nice. a little bit on the cool side. next week, a little bit of spring fever comes back, into the 70's. >> another good week to get married. we can do it all again. >> only once. >> thank you very much. >> the redskins fans probably feel like they're getting married to rgiii. >> we are excited. >> in new york, the home of the
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giants and jets,
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> welcome back to new york city, a political science major about to take over washington,
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d.c. after suffering through 20 starting quarterback since 1990, the redskins feel they took a dramatic turn tonight at 8:09 p.m. >> the washington redskins elect robert griffin iii quarterback baylor. >> with the announcement, the redskins think and hope they have their first franchise quarterback in decades. rgiii will be in washington tomorrow to be with his new coaches and some of his teammates, and the new millionaire cannot wait. a long way? >> a long way, a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication. it all paid off. if you work hard enough, you get what you want. >> what did the shanahans say to you tonight? >> it has been a long way, they are excited to be meat -- they're excited to see me part of the organization.
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>> talk about the dreams, law school, the olympics, are they still realities? >> yes i don't want anybody to think that i am going half- hearted because i have aspirations of running in the olympics. right now, this is my future, and i want to go to law school,. now i am focusing on my job in washington d.c. >> a very impressive young man. his mom and dad are both military. after he was elected, he spent time with the soldiers at radio city. his dad told me he thinks the military upbringing sure made him what he is today. >> the military had a lot to do with it, from my mom and dad then leaving their house, going to the military, and being a servant of what i was supposed to do in the military. that helped a lot. the military has a lot of great concepts, almost like a failsafe type of thing, and if we do the proper training, there are
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expectations of performance. i indoctrinated that with robert. >> what robert griffin senior the capitals know who they will play in the playoffs, in new york city, the rangers. they eliminated the ottawa senators, two-one. the rangers now advance. it will be the capitals and the new york rangers, just about 18 blocks from where i am standing, 34 street, madison square garden. a lot going on for washington, the rangers-capitals. th
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>> if d.c. has been specially ball what does philadelphia have? it is national pretzel day in the city of brotherly love and across the country. april 26 celebrates the pretzel. the state still produces
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>> change is coming? >> ready for a return of the sunshine. since you asked, to
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