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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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n leesburg, 45 in frederick, 50 degrees in remington, 51 in lorton, 51 in arlington, 50 in chevy chase. highs in the low to mid 60's. 65 around the beltway with a gusty northwest wind. we expect some rain this weekend, but it will not be all weekend. i think it will be saturday evening into early sunday morning book ended by. some by house the traffic >> ? looks ok around the beltway. interstate travel is moving in our favor. activity on the 301 knights bridge that's gone. park police removed a broken- down vehicles. looking at lingering road work on fifth355 near cedar lane inside the beltway. here's a picture of interstate travel, 95 in springfield in good shape. green light between richmond and
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baltimore and the interstate. back to you. >> thank you. the big story this morning, of course since the nfl draft. already jerseys on sale last night. t-shirts on sale. the redskins selected the heisman winner as their new quarterback? . >> robert griffin will be coming to d.c. today and will be officially introduced during a press conference tomorrow. jummy olabanji has more. >> the washington redskins select robert griffin. >> it was a night of celebration across the d.c. area as robert griffin was officially drafted. fans are excited as the r.g. iii era now begins in washington. >> if you watched him in college, the excitement that the brought, if he brings that to the redskins it will be electric on the field. >> it's going to be a great season.
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>> he is excited as well. he told abc 7's sports director that even though he knew which team he was going to, he was still overcome with emotion. >> you cannot help the feelings when you hear your name called. >> touchdown! robert griffin iii. >> the heisman trophy winner from baylor university and the redskins highest peak in over a decade. the franchise has troubled many years and many are looking to him as a savior. >> you have to lead a nation the redskins nation. >> even the newest member of the redskins nation are getting. >> i think that he is going to make us win a lot. >> we certainly hope so. unfortunately, there is some bad news. safety brandon meriweather was arrested and charged with drunk driving after being pulled over on 66 yesterday morning. he was taken into custody after
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failing a field sobriety test. he spent the night in custody but was released in the morning. he signed a deal with the redskins last month. players and fans outraged over racist tweets directed at a washington capital. several boston fans posted tweets filled with expletives and racial slurs. the owners of both teams denounced it. >> we are following a developing story in northwest washington. police think the same person is behind 3 random attacks in the pack with neighboring rhod-- neighborhood. in one of the cases a tourist was murdered and found dead in an alley. john gonzalez has more. >> the police chief says the victims were attacked suddenly and without provocation. there does not even appear to be a motive. there's not much of a
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description to the suspect, still on the los. -- loose. they spent hours patrolling the petworth neighborhood in northwest d.c. where residents are being told not to walk alone. >> we are like a family in this block. >> a 37-year-old woman walking from church was seriously beaten wednesday night and was able to stumble around the corner to her apartment building. >> the ambulance administered first aid. she was bleeding profusely. >> the attack was almost identical to the incident involving denver tourist gary dederichs. the retired registered nurse was found unconscious tuesday night in the alleyway. he later died. nine hours later a 53-old man was walking on georgia avenue when someone hit him with a blunt object, knocking him unconscious. the victims were not robbed. the only similarity is they were walking alone. >> sometimes i park all the way
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up at night and then have to walk around alone. i won't be doing it this night. >> and understand gary dederichs was visiting the scene and had rented an apartment about two weeks ago. the other victims remain in the hospital in serious condition. john gonzales reporting. >> the space shuttle enterprise will make its final flight in a few hours. a modified 747 will fly the shuttle from dulles airport and kennedy airport in new york city. a large will then take enterprise to its new home on the uss intrepid on the hudson river in june. the space shuttle will go on display in mid july >> . 5:00-- >> your looking at 50 degrees. >> there's going to be a big crowd, joel hololstein will be
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speaking. >> and the anniversary of the tornado in tulsa, how the anniversary is being remembered. >> there
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>> events will be held today in
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alabama to mark one year since the devastating tornado. it was able 27, 2011, when the twister swept through tuscaloosa, killing 47 people. it was part of a storm system that spawned more than 350 tornadoes over two days. >> its friday. let's look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's find out what's happening with adam caskey. >> gusty air out there today. you will notice the wind, first thing this morning. also, a lot of sunshine. a beautiful day, but gusty. over the weekend a little light rain mainly saturday night. most of the weekend will be ok with the exception of saturday evening. showers moving into town of. 44 right now in hagerstown, 57 in quantico. 58 in lexington park. mostly sunny, thus the debate, low to mid 60's. westerly breeze at 10-20 but with higher gusts.
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becoming crowded through the day tomorrow with showers expected by the evening through saturday night and possibly lingering into early sunday morning. otherwise we will break out into a good amount of sunshine by sunday afternoon. that's the forecast. >> around 81, route 11, interstate 70, 95 between richmond and baltimore, a good trip on 66 as well. quiet on the b-w parkway. george washington parkway had a stalled car, but that's gone at 123. green light for everybody traveling as far as interstate travel. back to you. >> thank you. the white house says it is adding new protections for veterans and military families swindled by schools seeking their federal education benefits. >> it's aimed at reducing fraudulent or deceptive marketing to the military or veterans. president obama will make an announcement regarding that if in georgia. the house will vote today on a bill that will keep interest
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rates on student loans from doubling in july. republicans and democrats cannot agree on how to pay for the initiative. democrats want to boost payroll taxes and put taxes on oil and gas companies. we are giving you a chance to win a new car. a ford fiesta, courtesy of tysons ford. all you have to do is go to and you can enter. next monday we will pick the first of 15 finalists during abc 7 news at 5:00. if your name is called, you have 30 minutes to call in to win a final entry. 5:11, 50 degrees. >> there's a new options for how on-line shoppers can pay for their purchases at walmart. we have the details. >> a different kind of buzz for the redskins newest quarterback. robert griffin iii is gaining a lo we love theme parks but with four kids, it can just be too expensive. ah, so to save money we just made our own. oh no! what could be worse than ninety-foot
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>> you're watching abc 7's "good morning washington with cynne simpson and steve chenevey it. >> the redskins will hold a news conference tomorrow to formally introduce their newest player. the burgundy and gold used their second pick in the nfl draft to take heisman trophy winner robert griffin iii. he's also known as r.g. iii. d.c. police beating up patrols in the northwest neighborhood where somebody apparently is targeting people at random. investigators believe the same person killed a tourist from denver and has attacked the man and woman, who are now hospitalized. the space shuttle enterprise will make its final flight today. it will fly from dulles airport to kennedy airport this morning on a 7470. it will go on display at the uss
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intrepid on the hudson river this summer. >> we want to look at some stories getting a lot of buzz on the internet. no surprise that the nfl draft was trending on twitter >> . you could adjust followed it on twitter last night to see everything play-by-play. one thing that's really cool with the redskins' no. 1 pick is his inspirational socks. the burgundy and gold stocks emblazoned with the words "go catch your dream." that scis cool. >> he wore superman's thoughts to pick up his heisman trophy. at subway he was wearing subway socks. that's where our barbecued chicken statue was made of him - . prince william and his wife celebrating their first anniversary this weekend. >> maybe you saw the pictures of
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the royals with child. it is not their child but it leads to the question of whether they are feeling that. maybe start planning for a little baby. >> prince william has been very adamant in setting there is no baby, on the way. but people are wondering when. >> users are puzzled >who over who owns what they store on it clouds. >> some say the terms of service gives google the right to anything stored there. the company says it is "standard legalese" and it claims no ownership. buyers can pay in cash within 48 hours of a
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purchase on-line at aa store. what do steve jobs and willie want to have in common? steve jobs wanted to put a golden ticket on the 1 millionth imac that would entitle the buyer to a store of apple headquarters and a reimbursement for the computer it, but that did not work out. >> enterprise will be able to make the trip to new york today in clear weather. >> yes. today is going to be fine. we will have high-pressure pushing in. we will get gusty wind as a result. we will have rain in the forecast this weekend, but it is not going to be all weekend
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just a little rain saturday evening, saturday night, and into early sunday morning. it looks pretty good as far as the timing, after sunset on saturday and possibly lingering into early sunday. here's a look at temperatures this morning. 3 in the district, 49 at dulles airport, 44 in hagerstown, 47 in martinsburg. oakland is the coldest at 32 degrees. lexington park, 58. this is something you will notice all day, the wind. noticed the wind gusts in martinsburg and 25 miles an hour, 22 reagan national, 28 at quantico. a breezy day. high temperatures in the mid 60's roundabout way but a little cooler north west of town. close to 60 degrees in the potomac highlands with a gusty wind adding a chill to the air. we have a lot of sunshine through the day. tomorrow morning, a little sunshine. in the clouds will increase
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quickly. mostly cloudy by midday tomorrow with gray skies. i like the timing of the futurecast holding the rain off until 6:00 or so in the metro area through sunset into the nighttime. we will have areas of rain through saturday night and possibly lingering into the first part of sunday morning. a little sunshine on each end. sunday looks like a pretty nice day overall. partly cloudy today. down in the 30's tonight. a cool start on saturday morning. we will only make it into the mid to upper 50's tomorrow if. on sunday we will be back in the 60's for the high temperature mid 60's with sunshine. out lisa. >> tapping the brics a little out of frederick into montgomery county on 270, 66 into manassas, 95 in woodbrige. looks good on 395. we have a couple of live pictures. first, 395 moving smartly between edsall road and seminary
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road and along the beltway. we will go to an example in montgomery county, it's quiet. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:19, friday morning. pastor joel osteen prepares to bring a message before thousands of guests at nationals park this weekend. we will hear from him about tomorrow's event and what he hopes to accomplish. >> my children watched them take me away. >> doors of kids fighting to free their parents.
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>> is the pastor of one of america's largest churches. millions watched his sermons every week on tv. >> this weekend joel osteen will be in washington to speak to a sellout crowd at nationals park. america's night of hope is the message he has brought to more than 100 cities across the country, filling arenas and
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stadiums to capacity. the man described by many as the most influential spiritual figure asin america. you have had the challenge to pray with congress and for them. >> it is awesome, kind of like coming into the lion's den. i say i have been easy job and they are here fighting the good fight. it's you will be an nationals park saturday night, more than 40,000 people expected. that's about an average sunday for nyou. >> we are excited about being in d.c., a lot of great people and the powerful city. it's great to be here. >> when you do the night of hope, when you are in houston have your congregation and you know who's going to be there but when you do something like this, how do you tailor that for people that have not been in your audience before?
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>> it's a little broader. at church is more of a church service, but this is a lot broader. a lot of people were not raised in churchlike me, this is new to them. that's good, that's what we are trying to do, we are trying to make god real and practical for people that say they are not really religious, but somehow they relate to our message. >> is it possible to remove politics from the equation in the nation's capital? >> i think i bring it in an in a broadway that god is in control of our nation and let's pray for our nation and for the lawmakers. my message is god is good and is on our side and has good things in store and to keep the faith. >> 40,000 and national park this weekend is what he gets every week at his megachurch in houston if. it's unbelievable to see that video. every weekend. lot of people.
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>> coming up next hour, you'll hear the second part of my conversation with him and what he has to say about the secret to his success and his response to critics. >> we have a information about his appearance saturday night. it will be a nationals park. can find that at looking at 50 degrees right now. the news continues at 5:30. >> details on an arrest and a fight in attack and the datacenter. why a security guard is being called a hero. >> it is official. robert griffin iii is a washington redskin. we will talk to the experts about what this means for the team coming up in a live report from redskins park. >> we have rain in the forecast on a weekend.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. >> it is a moment redskins fans have been looking for too long time. robert griffin iii heading to washington today to get to work on a winning season. good morning, washington. it's friday, april 27. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we begin with traffic and weather. adam caskey has a check on provide a forecast. it is gusty today. bright sunshine, a pretty nice friday overall despite the wind. let's look at the numbers right now. 44 in berkeley springs, 45 in winchester fox 59 the beltway in arlington and chevy chase, 48 in bowie.
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near 50 to kickstart our final day of the workweek. mid 60's for the high temperature. we will talk about the weekend rain coming up in a few minutes. right now, who looks like it will be late on saturday into saturday night. not a washout this weekend. >> in pretty good shape on the highway. beltway travel, interstate travel, just a little volume. 95 is good in and out of washington and baltimore. between fredericksburg and springfield as well. veirs mill road by the university boulevard, flashing lights. montgomery police say the wires are hanging on the highway right there. they have closed eastbound university boulevard, it looks like. traffic was getting through earlier. they have called out a utility crew. we will keep an eye on that. >> 5:30 right now.
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a move that fans call it a step in the right direction. last night the redskins selected robert griffin iii in the first round of the nfl draft. he will be headed to washington day and will be introduced during a press conference tomorrow. >> only time will tell if they made the right move, but it was the right move in the eyes of the fans. fans are optimistic. jummy olabanji has more from redskins park. we can already sense the excitement of. >> i am pretty sure last night when they called his name in new york city, the entire d.c. metro area erupted with cheers. i will bring in brian murphy with an online magazine that covered the redskins extensively in our area. this is no regular draft for the redskins. >> this is a franchise-altering moment. this will be a day that the redskins and the fans will remember because they finally made the bold move to get the most electrifying person in the
5:32 am
draft. honestly, it is a moment that is long overdue. in mike shanahan's first year he had a veteran quarterback and it did not really work out. he tried to cut corners. in the second year they tried to look at other positions and spent less money in the quarterback position than any other team. it's a pivotal year for mike shanahan and his staff if they're going to be here while. they made the move and they got robert griffin. redskins fans are excited. >> absolutely. you guys have a big on-line following. what were the fans sang last night after the announcement? >> when robert griffin iii did his conference call with reporters he started singing the words to "hail to the redskins." fans are generally excited. they realize the last two times the redskins won the nfc east, they did not get a great performance out of the quarterback position.
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you need a legitimate quarterback and they have taken steps to hopefully get that done. >> a lot of fans are excited to see that. brian, thank you. the robber griffin will be here this weekend. he will be speaking with fans. we will hear from him in the next half-hour. reporting live at redskins park, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> talk about excitement. the fans were cheering at a spirited draft party at fedex field. >> it gives them hope after years of losing. >> we are going nowhere. especially now. >> fans also had a chance to buy his no. 10 jersey. the cost was $115. " the college bowl championship series could still be history -- soon be history. they will present several options for a four-team playoff.
5:34 am
any new postseason format would begin after the 2014 season. >> we want to get to a frightening scene at a daycare center in landover. a man used a baseball bat to attack a security guard who is now fighting for his life. brianne carter is live in the newsroom with details on this story. good morning. >> good morning. the suspect may have been high on pcp when he walked into a day care and allegedly began assaulting a man they're who was protecting the children. young, 26, is facing charges in connection with the assault. >> emotions are overwhelming. >> prince george's county police said that he walked in demanding to use the phone. when the staff members refused he became enraged. the security guard grab a bat. >> the suspect got hold of the baseball bat and turned it into
5:35 am
a weapon. >> young began attacking a 19- year-old security guard and smashing windows. concerned parents rushed to the day care center. >> i love this place and the staff takes good care of me. this is a surprise. >> young fled in a stolen car and was taken into custody a short time later where he assaulted three officers. those three officers suffered minor injuries. security guard remains in hospital but is said to be in stable condition. thankfully, no children were hurt in all of this. the day care centers as they will review security policy now following this incident. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> one of the men charged with killing an arlington health club worker will be sentenced today. in january, clark pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of carl diener. the man was stabbed to death as he worked with in december 2009. clark and his cousin was arrested last june and martin is
5:36 am
expected to be tried in july. >> there is a scam that involves a con artist where he tries to confuse the store clerk and the clerk gives back to much change. this happens at a business on about 40 corridor. police are concerned more victims could be targeted. we will learn who in d.c. $1 million in the wednesday powerball drawing. it was sold sold200 massachusetts avenue northeast. the winning numbers are on your screen. the big winners, 48 workers at philadelphia transit agency. they scored the winning ticket of $117 million. >> metro will raise its rates beginning on july 1. the board voted yesterday to raise the average real fair by
5:37 am
5%. bus fares will increase 10 cents up to about $1.60 for smartrip card users. using paper farecards, you'll face a $1 surcharge. parking fees at metro facilities will go up 25 cents. track work will cause delays for metro riders this weekend. there will be no blue line service between rosslyn and the pentagon from 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. the shuttle buses will be available. red line trains will single track between van ness station and farragut north. and between takoma and fort totten. >> a man charged with murder of trayvon martin, new developments. thomas money has been donated to a web site set up for george zimmerman. >> michael jordan's #23 has long been known for greatness. but the charlotte bobcats are making history now in a very bad way. rex traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> i am specialist andres ryan with the u.s. army drill team. good morning, washington. >> good morning. 5:40 a.m., time to hit the pavement, but be careful if you
5:41 am
take montgomery county, viers mill road at university boulevard, low hanging wires across the road. a portion of veirs mill road was shut down rather quickly. open for business is interstate travel. here's the bottom out of newington headed up to the beltway on 95. >> here's a map of what is brewing off to our west. next storm system to develop. d.c. is on the far right side of the screen. showers gathering in the rockies and great plains. area of low pressure will ride along a stationary front and give us areas of rain tomorrow evening around and especially after sunset. temperature is right now, 49 at dulles airport, pretty comfortable and seasonable. the average low is 50. it's 53 in the district. 57 in quantico and 58 in lexington park. bright sunshine today, but you will notice the wind out of the northwest at 10-20. unique harris spray.
5:42 am
gusts of 30 miles an hour. on the weekend, not a washout but some areas of rain expected. like to moderate showers saturday evening lingering into early sunday. >> thanks so much. fog and clouds 41 right now. the washington wizards ended their season on a six-game winning streak. >> they also looked recorded their most lopsided victory last night, 1 04-70 over the miami heat at the verizon center. lebron james was not a blank and dwyane wade was not playing and chris bosh was not planning either. but it is the victory that mattered. michael jordan excelled on the court and off the court as a businessman, but not so much with the bobcats. the team lost their 23rd consecutive game last night to the knicks. that gives the bobcats the worst winning percentage in nba history. if you thought the wizards were
5:43 am
bad, the bobcats finished with seven wins, 59 losses. >> it is 5:42 right now. looking at 50 degrees. >> close to a year since the death of osama bin laden. what a federal judge has ruled release -- concerning the release of photographs and videos during the raid on his home. >> a nightmare for delta
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♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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♪ ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ ♪ when i want you... ♪ ♪ my arms... ♪ ♪ when i want you... ♪ ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ ♪ whenever i want you all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. >> tonight at 5:00, what one local city calls a school zone others are calling a speed trap. the controversy affecting a large portion of the metro area. seven undecided best to get tonight at 5:00. >> part two of our interview with pastor joel osteen on the eve of america's night of hope. later on, a picture worth a
5:47 am
thousand words. will explain this coming up. keep that in mind and then we will talk about it at the top of the hour. >> my goodness. >> we want to talk about what is happening overseas in afghanistan. nato says three american soldiers were killed in a bomb attack in the eastern part of the country. officials did not release any more information about the attack that took place hours after the military said an afghan soldiers killed an american service member and an interpreter. thousands of u.s. marines will soon be on the move. the u.s. and japan have announced 9000 marines will move from the japanese island of okinawa to guam hawaii, and other locations in the asia- pacific region. 10,000 marines will remain on okinawa. it's part of an effort to remove tensions of what japanese see as a bird in some u.s. presence. >> a federal judge denied a request gto release photographs and video taken of the raid on the home of bin laden last year. a u.s. intelligence official
5:48 am
says there's no specific terrorist threat leading up to the anniversary, but there has been increased intelligence of tatter from al qaeda groups in yemen. >> now to the martin case soliciting donations for george zimmerman's legal defense fund has raised more than $200,000. his lawyer says the website will shutdown and he will tell a judge about the money today. he is now free on bond. a key witness in the trial of former democratic presidential candidate john edwards will be back on the stand today. andrew young will face more questions about secret donor money used to pay for expenses. much of the money went toward his family's dream home instead of edwards' pregnant mistress, he had mixed. >>5-- -- young admits./
5:49 am
>> a woman had a rash and was suspected to be a symptom of an infectious disease on a delta airplane. the woman was advised to see a doctor. passengers eventually were let off the airplane. >> police in tucson arizona are taking bodies of water near the home of a missing 6-year-old girl for any possible if signs. the parents of this child isabel celis say they saw her in the bedroom friday night and awoke saturday to find her missing. a neighbor said that she heard a dog barking. she said there were no sounds that indicated there was a struggle. tide is being scrutinized for a toxic chemical in some of its products. >> wegmans grocery says no price hikes and yes to another price freeze. linda bell has more from new york. >> let's begin with wegmans.
5:50 am
morley's at the checkout lines. it is announcing a price freeze on more than 60 products that many families by a lot of during the summer of. expect to see prices hold steady for hot dogs, catch up, and greek gilbert. this is in effect this sunday through august 25, as rising commodity prices have been boosting food prices and. may get money back from your insurance company this summer. the washington post says the insurance industry owes more than $1 billion after failing to meet standards in the 2010 health care law. tide detergent is being targeted by consumer advocates who says some varieties has a probable carcinogen. proctor and gamble tells the new york times that the chemical levels are minuscule and are within safety guidelines. the nfl just signed a multi-year deal with tied as a sponsor of the nfl to take care of all the dirty uniforms.
5:51 am
live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. in the nation's capital, all the buzz is about the redskins and it rg3. >> speaking of uniforms, t- shirts already have been printed with him in the redskins uniform. >> its upside down. >> lots of excitement surrounding the is. >> these are pretty nice. you can pick those up. there's going to be a lot of buzz and you can see the jerseys went on sale last night. there was a big party at fedex field. >> i think that his socks are the bigger hit. >> or people will start making their own. >> it's a beautiful day, breezy out there. you'll notice the wind. areas of rain in the forecast on a weekend, but it's not going to be a washout. i have outdoor plans saturday
5:52 am
morning and midday into the early afternoon and i'm keeping them, if because the rain will hold off until sunset on saturday. let's have a beautiful book from our rooftop camera. i love the sky over the district at dawn. we have a few clouds in the distance, that's all. gusts at 22 miles an hour in the district, 28 in quantico? . it is breezy and we will have the gusty wind all day until sunset. then the wind will subside. conditions tomorrow morning will generally been calm and clear with a little increase in the crowd quickly after sunrise tomorrow. 43 right now in winchester, and a little cooler north west of town. 53 in washington and 46 in gaithersburg. lunchtime, 60 degrees at noon bright sunshine. 65 at 4:00 p.m. for the high temperature. a little gusty and below average for this time of year. as we go into the weekend
5:53 am
saturday, mainly cloudy with a little morning sunshine. some showers developing especially by the evening a little before sunset to the west of the metro area and especially through saturday evening, saturday night and possibly a few showers lingering into sunday morning. overall rainfall accumulations will not impressive, close to a quarter inch off. upper 50's on saturday. sunshine on sunday, mid 60's. a warming trend by wednesday back near 80 degrees. >> we love that. but now we are not doing 80 because it's not allowed, but interstate travel, you want to. looks good on 95, 66, nothing on 7100. interstate 70, looks good between hagerstown and baltimore. in the district's, it's quiet on the freeway, new york avenue, kenilworth ave. switching to the the geico traffic camera enter picture looks great and university boulevard in the beltway.
5:54 am
back to you. >> thank you. 5:53 right now, 50 degrees on this friday. >> a tradition continues at mit.
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>> it is a strange celebration they have at mit. students dropping the piano from the roof of their dormitory yesterday.
5:57 am
are celebrating the last days students can drop clauses without having them appear on their transcripts for. >> students scramble for souvenir pieces and they get keys or hammers or strings. that began in 1972 and has been observed sporadically. that was until 2006 and that became an annual event. that's a lot of fun. >> i guess so. get the students together. >> there's more to come in the next hour. coming up, more on rg3 excitement in the nation's capital. the redskins made it official and took him in the first round of the draft. now the work begins. we will have a live report from redskins park. and lisa baden helping us navigate the friday morning commute.
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>> straight ahead, mr. griffin goes to washington. a how would skin fans are welcoming the new quarterback. a tourist is killed in d.c. and police believe it is linked to other attacks. but reports are straight ahead. >> enterprise bid bon voyage. "good morning washington" continues. [laughter] -- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side.


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