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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  April 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning. we have made it to the weekend. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather. first, we look at the friday commute. >> montgomery county police at vier mill road, everything is open. -- veirs mill road, everything is open. here is a picture. at 270 traffic. beautiful. southbound, the headlights in this picture. although it down to the beltway it is ok. now, adam caskey. >> here in the belfort furniture weather center have a great picture from our rooftop camera. this is from rosslyn. memorial bridge right there.
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a beautiful conditions. the sunup in 15 minutes from now. a few high scattered clouds. and temperatures are close to normal. 47 in washington. 50 in bridge built. -- bristow. mostly sunny, high in the 60's. we of rain over the weekend. mainly saturday evening. saturday night. a good chunk of the weekend will be dry. >> all right. thank you. the washington redskins made it official. >> the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. >> new face of the franchise will be in town today. one day after the was picked in the nfl draft. one of the worst kept secrets in nfl history has done nothing to dim support. >> not a lot of drama.
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the excitement begins. jummy olabanji joins us in ashburn with a look at the draft day excitement. >> good morning. excitement is exactly the right word to use this morning. and you know, people are excited. they have the robert griffin iii merchandise out for sale this morning. selling out. flying off the shelves. yesterday, last night, as soon as the draft started, everyone saw him walk on the stage in the blue suit after his name was called. that cheers erupted. rg3 could be heard. folks were excited in our area. the big draft party was going on at fedex field. thousands of people were there buying merchandise and celebrating with one another. robert griffin iii knows that he has work to do as soon as he gets in washington.
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abc 7's director tim brandt asked him how he feels about having one of the toughest dobbs -- toughest jobs in washington. >> you have to lead a nation and it is not necessarily the u.s., but it is redskin nation. any quarterback of any team has that responsibility. i do not shy away from it. i represent a lot of people even though i have not played one down. >> rg3 will be here to meet with coaches and go over the playbook and of course, tomorrow, he will be introduced to fans at a press conference at 2:00 p.m. that is held at fedex field. reporting live, jummy olabanji abc 7 news. >> thank you. the excitement continues to build. after the draft, a we spoke with some insiders to see what they had to say. here is a tweet.
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>> from one quarterback to another. here is another. >> i think those are the same feelings a lot of folks have. thank you for weighing in via twitter. we appreciate those thoughts and he bet. switching to the washington capitals and more excitement. they had to the big apple for run two of the stanley cup playoffs. in new york rangers hold off up ottawa senators. game one begins tomorrow. the puck drops at 3:00 p.m. the caps victory over the berlins turned ugly. just after the goal was scored, angry bruins fan turned to twitter and posted tweets with racial slurs.
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teams contended. that caps owners said "shame on those folks who decided to take to their keyboards and show their ignorance and their racism and hate." good for you. >> brianne carter joins us with some of today's other stories. >> the space shuttle enterprise is not t - four hours until takeoff. the prototype is on the dulles runway strut to a 747 jumbo jet. the destination is the air and space museum in new york. it will go on display when the exhibit is complete in june. takeoff is between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. the house plans to vote on a bill to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling. legislation will keep current rates in place for another year. both parties cannot agree on how to pay for it. the gop wants to cut spending and president obama -- to
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president obama's health care. democrats want to end subsidies for oil and gas companies. there are motions in the george zimmerman murder case today. the killer could end up back behind bars. last night, his attorney revealed a -- his attorney revealed a website. they raised more than $200,000. his attorney says the website is now shut down. he will tell the judge about the cash during today's hearing. zimmerman's bond may not have been low. >> thank you. >> we are following a developing story for the district this morning. this relates to a story we brought you the other day. police say 3 random attacks in northwest this week could be linked. the suspect is on the loose. one person is dead and two others are recovering from injuries. john gonzales is live at police headquarters with the latest. >> the police chief is saying these victims were attacked
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suddenly without provocation. there does not seem to be a motive here. not much of a description on the suspect who is still on the loose. hours after detectives link the three violent attacks, cruisers' spend the night and this morning patrolling the neighborhood in northwest d.c. where residents are being told not to walk alone. a woman walking home from church about a block away from her home was seriously beaten wednesday night. that attack was identical to the incident involving denver tourist gary dederichs. he was found unconscious in an alley. he later died. nine hours after that, 53-year- old man walking on durjava and it was also hit on the head with a blunt object. the victims were not broad. the only similarity here is they were walking alone. dederichs was visiting d.c. he rented an apartment he of
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weeks ago. he died. the other victims are in a hospital. they are in serious conditions. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> thank you. metro raises rates for the first time in two years. that starts july 1. the board voted yesterday to raise the average real fear by about 5%. -- rail fair to about 5 cents. bus fares will increase to 10 cents. there is a $1 surcharge for the paper cards. parking fees will also go up 25 cents. right now come a minutes past the hour. we are looking at 50 degrees outside. still ahead a close call at a local day care after a man goes on a rampage. why he was allowed inside. house security guards may have saved lives. >> first, will it be a weekend
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>> on 51 degrees in the district. 45 in winchester. 45 in gaithersburg. seasonable temperatures to kick start friday morning. bright sunshine today. breezy out there. northwester wind. over the weekend, we have rain. a cooler, as well on saturday with high temperatures in the upper 50's. rain developing late on saturday. the first half of the day, you will be just fine. then, by afternoon and early evening, showers move through
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into the night as well. clearing out on sunday. in the 60's on sunday. >> everything is open. 66 95, 395. i am saying yay. good morning waldorf. route 5 looks decent. through southeast d.c., no worries. no worries in prince george's county along the beltway in college park. we are moving at great speed and 270. goodbye to shady grove. >> thank you. 12 minutes past the or. 49 degrees. >> there is a warning about laundry detergent. which brand and has been linked to cancer? >> we go one-on-one with joel osteen.
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>> we look at the day ahead. a witness in the trial of john edwards will be back on the stand for a fifth day today. andrew young faces questions about payment from wealthy donors. prosecutors say the money was used to cover up his affair with a woman. young and they did the money went to build his family dream house. the jurors deliberate the fate of five men charged with one of dc's deadly shooting sprees. there is a series of shootings in march 2010 and they killed five people. four of them were killed in the shooting on south capitol street. president obama is set to announce protectants for veterans and military families who are misled by for-profit schools. the president unveils the initiative.
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the white house says they address complaints about fraudulent recruiting practices in that military families who are eligible for loans under the gi bill. >> apparently, tide detergent can expose you to cancer. the detergent contains trace amounts of a chemical that is causing cancer in lab rats. the maker says it is safe. advocates are asking it to change the formula. making use in america, a chrysler is back. airfares -- >> good morning. topping the money, chrysler is back. the auto maker turned in its best quarter in 13 years. sales have picked up along with the economy. the result trigger bonus checks of $7,050 to 26,000 auto workers. amazon had a blockbuster quarter thanks to sales of the kindle
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fire. they are investing in digital and kindle means it will pay off. the student loan rates -- the house vote on a measure to extend the current rates for another year. the rates are set to double in july unless congress acts. getting away this summer could be tough. airlines have raised prices three times already this year. get this -- they will boost them again before the memorial day holiday. that is america's money. i am rob nelson. >> thank you. it is one of the most -- he is one of the most influential people on twitter. joel osteen is bringing his message to washington. he speaks at nationals ballpark on saturday. am i last work, we heard him talk about religion and politics. -- in our last hour, we heard him talk about religion and politics. >> what do you think is the secret to the success that you
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have had so far, being able to get so many people and keep them? >> i think it is several things. one of them is the message is not super religious. a but people have grown up and thought that church is not practical for me. part of it is there a lot of negative things pushing people down. i am trying to lift them up and let them know you can overcome and had a new beginning -- have a new beginning. >> you get those who love you and those who have not so nice things to say about you. you have nonbelievers into also have believers who do not understand. how do you address those people? >> you know, i do not focus on the naysayers and critics. i am always open to advice but i am no good -- i believe this is what i am called to do. i am not as traditional as some
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pastors. even my father. my gift is to encourage people and try to motivate people. 99% of what i hear is people saying they have touched -- you have touched me. >> you are throwing the first pitch. how did that go? >> good. i played baseball growing up. i was still nervous. it was fun. >> an opening act for you. now, you are ready to go saturday night. good luck. >> thank you. >> he will be at nationals park on saturday night. he does not get nervous about standing in front of 40,000 people every week. much more on cutting ticket information and how to watch it live with cats if you cannot get to the ballpark. >> speaking of hope, lisa baden all is an uplifting voice. >> thank you. nice of you to say that. we feel good about 66, 95, 395. no complications.
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we have talked to maryland state police and our friends in the district. the traffic signal on canal road -- everything should be normal. here is veirsmill road and the activity is gone. they have lahaina wires but they have been repaired. back inside. >> thank you. we welcome adam caskey into the party. >> it is a party. it is looking ok. breezy. a lot of sunshine. we see a spike in temperatures next week. wednesday, thursday. i think i can reopen the pool. [laughter] >> the big inflatable one? >> plastic. [laughter] cold toes water. said it out a few hours before you put the kids in. today in the 60's. a little bit of rain as we go to the upcoming weekend. i time out for you right now.
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here is a picture of the sunrise over arlington. is that not beautiful? sunrise at 6:15 a.m. high clouds. look, there is a bird. the temperature was, mainly in the 40's. a little dusty out there. the wind is gusting up to 30 miles per hour in quantico. annapolis, 22 miles an hour. here is a look at the temperatures. 45, winchester. reagan national, 51. average for this time of year. average low is 50. 56 in quantico. cooler northwest of washington. mid-60's. cooler in the northwestern suburbs. gusty wind said of the northwest. steady at 10 to 20. a little extra out when it in the here this afternoon. -- aquanet in the airhair.
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>> here is the -- here is the time stamp. in the upper 50's tomorrow. on sunday, mid- 60's. >> thank you. >> coming up next, we check out what is trending online. >>
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>> time for the morning chat as we look at things that are getting bus or the attention. one is college football. bcs finally some of the major conferences on board with entertaining the thought of a playoff system to determine the true college football champion. >> semifinal cynné championship. >> it could be a four-team playoff. this is a cool story. can you guess one of the most left behind items on planes? >> phones? is tablets. >> the ipads. people stick them behind the seat back and then they leave them there. the airlines are getting hundreds of these left behind. if you do not claim them within 30 days, they donate them to local charities. that is a good thing. people put their information on their.
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remember, pick it up. >> have do not get claimed. unbelievable. also, we have a photo that we want to show you. it is incredible. this is real. this is a bear falling out of a tree. the bear wandered near the university of colorado and fell asleep in a tree. he was tranquilized and then a sellout of the tree. they had cushions underneath the trampoline -- underneath or a trampoline. >> that is the most amazing thing. the bear landed on a mattress. he was not hurt. great photo. >> unbelievable. >> still another 30 minutes to
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> straight ahead rg3 to
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washington. how fans and the franchise are welcoming the starting quarter shep. >> enterprise bids bon voyage to washington. it is friday april 27. iam steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we check in with adam caskey in a moment, but first lisa baden. good morning. >> it is a good morning. i will give everyone the green light. as far as travel on 95 between richmond and baltimore, we are seeing a little bit more action. we go live to the "good morning washington -- geico traffic camera even with a little heavier volume on 270, great. >> beautiful outside. bright sunshine. gusty. that is the biggest player. you notice wind out of the
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northwest at 10 or 20 miles per hour. the fairfax, was a gorgeous picture this is. we are live with our weatherbug roof camera. sunup at 6:15 a.m. centreville, 47. 47 fairfax. 46 come bethesda. -- 46, bethesda. this afternoon, below average. a lot of sunshine. gusty winds. for the weekend, rain developing by saturday evening. late on saturday. in through saturday night. cooler on saturday. >> thank you. as of last time, the redskins made it official. >> the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. >> he will be in town today. the new face of the franchise one day after becoming the number two overall pick. his destination -- nobody will complain about that.
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>> jummy olabanji joins us this morning from redskin park in ashburn with they will get all of the draft day hype and excitement. >> good morning. i can tell you that we have not seen robert griffin iii here at the park as of yet. he did tell abc 7's tim brant he would be meeting with coaches later on today. even before roger goodell announced his name, redskins fans across our area knew that this would be their guide and this was the man that their coaches and the team had been going for for quite some time. even last night, there was a watch party at fedex field where thousands came out to watch live as robert griffin iii'a name was announced -- robert griffin iii's name was announced. we talked to some people. >> if you watched rg3 in
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college, the excitement he brought to baylor, bringing that to the redskins it will be electric. >> it will be a good season. we say it every year but this year, it is for real. >> tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. is when he will be officially presented to the team and the district as the quarterback. you can get tickets for the ceremony that will take place at fedex field. go to the redskins website. reporting live, jolie olabanji -- jummy olabanji. >> thank you. grab your t-shirt already. >> the most interesting man in the week. we will see what happens. this will guanays with mike capps jersey. -- my caps jersey. >> brown two of the stanley cup playoffs. the new york rangers are holding off the bottle with team last
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night. game-winning hit -- game 1 is tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. there is outrage over the way boston fans reacted to the elimination from the playoffs. minutes after the winning goal was scored, angry berlin's stance posted tweets tilt with expletives and racial slurs -- filled with expletives and racial slurs. "shame on those folks who decided to take to their keyboards and to other ignorant and the racism and hate." >> brianne carter is back with a check on the top stories. >> the space shuttle enterprise just hours from takeoff. the prototype is currently on the dulles runway. we look out there. destructive the back of a 747 jumbo jet. its destination is the aerospace museum in new york. nasa says it will be kept in storage at kennedy airport until the exhibit is complete in june.
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opposition from republicans -- the senate voted to renew that domestic violence program. the violence against women act which was approved in 1994 is the government's program and pays for legal assistance, housing, preventive programs. this is the first time the law faced opposition in the senate. in florida, a judge hears motions in the george zimmerman murder case today. experts say the accused killer could end up behind bars. last night, his attorney revealed a website set up to help with defense expenses. they raced to a letter thousand dollars. his attorney says the website is now shut down. it will tell the judge about the cash. the bond may not have been as low if the judge knew about the money. >> thank you. following a developing story at 645 -- attacks in northwest d.c. could be linked.
6:35 am
qnexa the first happened tuesday night. it was on emerson street. tourist gary dederichs was hit with an object and he died. two others were attacked. what was wednesday morning. the other wednesday night. they survived. police are urging people not to walk alone. >> one man is in custody after an attack in landover at a daycare center. mickel tyrone young entered the facility is today. he became enraged when staff members would not let him use the phone. he took a baseball bat from a security guard and beat the guard before leaving. no children saw the incident fortunately. investigators say he can be captured and assaulted three officers. metro's fare hike will happen. the board voted to raise five%. bus fares increased 10 cents to $1.60.
6:36 am
riders using paper cards -- there is a $1 surcharge. parking fees go up 25 cents. this takes effect july 1. >> your time this friday morning is 6:35 a.m. with 49 degrees. >> a comedy with a ring of truth.
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♪ >> bob dylan has been around for a long time. he receives the nation's highest civilian honor. he is one of 13 people receiving the presidential medal of freedom later this spring. the 11th time grammy winner is one of the most influential american musicians of the 20th century. >> toni morrison -- it will be quite an event.
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we look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let us find out what is happening as we head on over to lisa baden. [inaudible] >> all right. you can see the traffic. we are having trouble hearing on lisa. let us say good morning to doug hill. >> good morning. it is friday morning. the first thing i noticed looking at the weather window is it is beautiful. let us take you up the chesapeake. we look eastward across the chesapeake bay. a few clouds. the drilling and of cloudiness. sunshine and breezy. not terribly cold. in the 40's near 50's.
6:41 am
51 in washington. 54 in fredericksburg. the satellite shows the cloudiness passing overhead. we had a few showers yesterday. we have some cloudiness this morning. in some spots we will see sunshine. temperatures will climb into the 60's. how far? here is the hourly. northwesterly winds at 10 or 20 miles per hour. 65 degrees. the next seven days, summary days. by wednesday and thursday. a steady ramp up and temperatures. before that, we get increasing cloudiness tomorrow with some rain tomorrow afternoon. showers into sunday. >> thank you. we're looking at 49 degrees. >> coming up, mike allen joins us with what is new in the world of washington politics. >> a new comedy about a couple
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who cannot make it to the altar. the weekend movie guide coming up. >> an investigation into the secret service scandal just keeps on [ male announcer ]
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>> coming up at 5:00 p.m., what people call a schools on could be a speed trap. there is a speed kamar controversy. seven on your side investigate tonight at 5:00 p.m. >> critz service is investigating employees hiring strippers and prostitutes. a tv station reports that it happened before a visit to el salvador. nine employees work -- 9 foia9
6:45 am
employees have left. counter-terrorism officials concerned about a tax leading up to the first anniversary of the raid that killed osama bin laden. there is no credible information pointing to a strike. a federal judge it is denying the request to release notice and videos taken of osama bin laden before and after the raid in pakistan. passengers on the delta plane are forced to stay after it landed in chicago. the cdc says officials suspected a woman may have contracted monkeypox. that was not the case and passengers were left off. >> the latest name from the rumor mill for a possible mitt romney running mate. mike allen joins us with the very latest. that name is jeb bush. what is appealing and what is not about him? >> happy friday.
6:46 am
if you talk to democrats about who is giving mitt romney the biggest lift, they worry about jeb bush. they think he will not pick him but they could run -- they get help and education and with hispanics. he is more moderate on immigration. jonathan martin talked to a dozen people around the former florida governor and they say that for family reasons, he will not do it. his oldest son, who could run some day, has pushed him to do it. he will help the romney campaign. he will raise my. he says this is not his time. when they went -- when he says that and another official, marco rubio, says that that might be a little bit code for, i want to run on my own in 2016. >> and jeb bush is saying he will not be the vice president.
6:47 am
is that correct? >> that is right. at the top of our list is senator robb portland. we have a couple of choices like mitt romney. people who will not overshadow him. mitch daniels. tempo antti -- tinmm pawlenty and paul ryan. he is catholic and younger. mitt romney will pay the price for what the obama campaign is calling the romney ryan budget. he might as well get the advantage. >> that is true. bush is not joining in this race and that i be the biggest advantage for the obama administration. thank you. >> it will be busy weekend for everyone. thank you. one of the man charged in
6:48 am
killing a health-care worker. he pleaded guilty to first- degree murder in the death of a man who was stabbed to death. martin is scheduled to go on trial in july. the mother of slain yeardley love has filed a lawsuit. she filed a lawsuit against george huguely yesterday. he was convicted of second- degree murder in february. there are indications that d.c. councilman marion barry me apologize for remarks he made on monday. he said he wanted more d.c. residents to become nurses so that hospitals will not have to rely on immigrants from the philippines. the philippine ambassador condemned him for what he called intolerant and narrow minded comments.
6:49 am
he said he would not apologize but he says he has requested a formal meeting with the ambassador. >> we heard mike allen mentioned this but hollywood is preparing to descend on washington. it is for the white house correspondents' dinner. lindsay lohan and kim kardashian are on the list. also, diane keaton in george clooney. -- and george clooney. no word if they will be attending. >> i am sure they will be. fascinating to see the celebrities in washington. >> i compare it to washington's oscars. the big red carpet event of the year. >> i will be watching for a couple of blocks away. time to check traffic and weather. >> we are speaking in view of an accident by looking southbound on 270. out of germantown and
6:50 am
gaithersburg. it looks like this. a crash after she grove road before 28. looking into virginia not to that across the 14th street bridge. there was a stalled car earlier but it has moved. we go back to the news desk. >> thank you. we check in with doug hill. good morning. >> good morning. we start you off with a time lapse of the sunrise. 43 degrees at the moment in damascus. a beautiful morning. some low clouds moving off to the east and southeast at a good clip. here is where we stand with temperatures. mostly in the 40's. bake temperatures warm up and you get a little bit of a push. 40's are on the area. our satellite reveals what will be happening. sunshine is the story today with gusty winds. off to the west, the satellite
6:51 am
reveals the system taking shape. this is low pressure moving along the boundary across virginia and north carolina tomorrow. that will give us a window for a possibility of light rain or showers tomorrow evening and into sunday morning. here is the timeline. as we get through the afternoon the rain starts coming in and we will feel that -- deal with that. sunday morning, everything is out. sunny and breezy today. 62 to 67. we call for sunshine and cloudiness, rain and colder on saturday. the showers and on sunday and it will be sunny. the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> do not go anywhere.
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>> good friday morning. a skier in the air. the cdc's warning a plane in chicago. the story. a scary break in here. it is tested were frantic dig
6:55 am
idea of a prank. is he the worst? -- it is just a boyfriend's idea of a prank. is he the worst? that is next on "good morning america." >> this is nothing. >> we will start planning the wedding again. >> "the five year engagement" -- they want to get married but fate intervened again and again and again. the comedy about relationships. rated are. -- r. "pirates" -- to grant is the leader of the of less than successful band of pulitzers. 3 stars. john huston plays edgar allan poe on the trail of a copycat
6:56 am
killer using his stories as a guide. it is a miss. 2 stars. here is the weekend movie guide. >> we have a -- 2.5 starts for "cabin in the woods." "safe" not very good. hope you have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell. >> thank you. >> i love it when arch campbell gets excited about the movies. >> we have the seven-day forecast. saturday evening into saturday night is rain. otherwise, looking drive.
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