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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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of her pregnant neighbor. we have the latest in the investigation. >> i know at this point many of you expect me to go after my likely opponent newt gingrich. newt, there is still time man. >> no one was off limits during the white house correspondents dinner. what else president obama said about some of the hot topics on capitol hill. "good morning, washington" at being a 5:00 a.m. begins now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> rise and shine. it is 5:00 a.m. on monday april 30. i'm cynne' simpson. >> i'm steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather. we start with lisa baden. >> we are in pretty good shape on 95 66 395, good on 81 route 11 i-70. quiet in the district. normal start for metrorail. we have one exception, fairfax
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pa wrapping up an accident investigation on 123 close to hunter mill road. i will see if i can pull up a picture. this is 355 at booksville road. road. >> temperatures today are going to be pretty comfortable. similar to yesterday. you will notice an increase in the cloud cover later but overall very agreeable and pleasant monday. get ready for the heat and humidity by wednesday. 45 martinsburg, 46 culpeper and 54 in lexington park. partly sunny today high 68 south wind five to 10. tomorrow have the umbrella because we will have showers and thunderstorms. i will have more in a few minutes. >> our top story investigators are trying to piece together a crash which killed three generations of a new york city family. the s.u.v. with seven people
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flew off a highway overpass and plunged into a wooded area of the bronx zoo. they were and elderly couple from the dominican republic two daughters and three of their children. >> i love my whole family. >> it is hard. he worked hard for us. he did everything for us. unfortunately, this happened. >> everybody was wearing a seat belt. the vehicle landed up side down in an area away from the exhibits and closed to visitors. >> a milestone expected today at new york city's ground zero. if it is not too windy crews there will erect a steel column and that will make it the tallest in new york. that is if you don't count the empire building's antenna.
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this shows the construction of t the construction of the building. workers still adding floors. it is not expected to reach full height for another year. they have been putting up about one floor per week. >> impressive. >> a person stabbed in d.c. just after 2:00 this morning on 15th street. we do not know the condition of the victim and police have not made any rests. we are learning details in the murder of a pregnant woman in prince george's county. we are hearing from a neighbor who regrets not calling police after harg strange knowses from the home of jasmine moss. we have that interview. >> it woke me up. >> kim jarmin believes the noises she heard were that of jasmine moss. just hours later moss was found dead in the trunk of her mother's car. >> i mean i heard the lady crying or moaning and making
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noises about you she never said words and there was never another voice. >> police believe nathan rogers stabbed her to death and dumped her in the car. friends and family of the woman said he denied being the father of the unborn baby. >> she liked to joke and play around. she was outgoing. she loved children. she loved to keep her friends' kids. >> jarmen didn't know the young couple and had no idea of the problems but regrets not calling police. >> i went to bed crying and when i woke up saturday i cried because i felt like i should have done something or i could have helped her but i didn't know what it do. >> >> a man who survived a police chase that ended in a triple fatal crash is suing montgomery county police. he is seeking more than $10 million in damages.
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he was a passenger in a car that hit a tree in chevy chase circle after a police chase. three teens were killed a police spokesman says the department believes no police cruiser ever came in contact with the car. >> we turn our attention to the race for the white house where the usual mudslinging came with laughs. president obama didn't pass up the opportunity to make fun of the men competing for his job. we have more. >> hollywood stars, washington insiders and media were in attendance at this annual dinner where the president took center stage. he poked fun at himself and others in politics including mitt romney. >> great to be here in the vast magnificent hilton ballroom or what mitt romney would call a little fixer upper. >> president obama used washington's annual media dinner to poke fun at his rivals.
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at the same time his re-election campaign is reminding americans. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> the one jury anniversary of bin laden's killing is wednesday and with the election just over six months away some analysts say the obama camp is using it for political gain and they are even running a new campaign ad that sucks mitt romney may not have made the same decision. >> it is one area he can boast. he can't boast about the economy. killing osama bin laden is something he wants to emphasize. >> romney calls it sad and say they are a distraction from the real issues. >> under this president we are seeing the stifling effect of excessive government regulation constant call for raising taxes. >> last night the president joined bill clinton at a private campaign fund-raiser in or region continuing to raise the money he needs to win the second term
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term. >> there's a term for guys like president obama. probably not two terms but there is. >> in other campaign news sources say newt gingrich will end his bid for the republican nomination wednesday. he is far behind in the delegate count and he is expected to throw support behind mitt romney although at the correspondents dinner president obama poked fun at gingrich saying you still have time newt. >> 5:07 and 50 degrees. more good news for drivers. how gas prices continue to go down and there is an appear for just about everything. there is one that tells you how ugly you are on a scale of one to 10. >> we have another check on traffic and weather i should be arrested
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>> welcome to "good morning, washington." it is 5:10 exactly so time to get rolling. don't hit snooze. it is quiet on the interstate travel and working in your favor but that can change so quickly. we will go to the geico traffic center picture of 95 in virginia which has changed.
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more neighbors on the road. lanes are open on the beltway close to andrews air force base. this is the beltway at route 4 pennsylvania avenue in pretty good shape at new hampshire and metrorail, marc rail and virginia railway express normal. >> 50 degrees downtown and 41 in frederick. nine-degree spread. a few clouds southwest of washington and energy in the midsection. parts of illinois through missouri and oklahoma a line of showers and thunderstorms associated with an area of low pressure. we will be effected by that tonight and into tomorrow. today, phrfrpbt comfortable but have the umbrella ready on tuesday. 68 the high this c, partly sunny, south wind five to 10. tomorrow limited sunshine a few peeks in the afternoon but scattered morning and afternoon showers and storms.
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it with rain all day but periodically we will have areas of showers and thunderstorms. near 80. then you will need the air conditioner for the end of the week. near 90 by thursday. >> it is 5:11 and we have more good news from the goes pump. prices going down. triple a says prices fell by a nickel last week. the national average for regular is $3.82. here the average in the district is $4.03 a gallon. $3.83 in maryland and $3.76 in virginia. one of the biggest giveaways taking place. your chance to win a ford fiesta go to we will pick the first of 15 finalists tonight during abc 7 news at 5:00. if uyou are picked you have 30 minutes to call and win the
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final entry. we will pick one lucky winner from the fastball 15 next month. >> coming up truly adding insult it injury. why nike designer is catching heat for comments he made about derrick rose's season ending injury and there is a new top cell phone maker and it is not
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>> 5:15. we want to look at some of the stores that are getting a little buzz. >> one of them has to do with nike. designer catching heat because it was mocking or at least the zeron was mocking an a.c.l. injury which knocked derrick rose out of the rest of the
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playoffs. that was the play right there. jason is a designer who designed lebron james's signature and tweeted rose should have signed with nike because lebron is getting stronger while rose is breaking down. rose signed with a rival and was their big gun, bigger problem for the bulls as he is out of the playoffs. white house correspondents dinner we have not talked about what people were wearing. one that is catching heat is lindsay lohan. tell us if you think it was inappropriate. some had a problem with it. i think it is fine. apparently it has sort of a flunging v-neck but give me a break. >> i'm not complaining. >> oscars people wear revealing gowns. i know we are conservative but that is a high fashion gown. >> many say the bigger problem is she walked out and past me
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didn't look good in general. didn't matter about the outfit. satisfy didn't look good. at the same time eva longoria and sofia looked fantastic. >> this was an impressive year. about 40 celebrities. big names showed up. i thought you looked fine. last season's "dancing with the stars" champ was talking about lindsay saying she is a knucklehead and that is what is wrong with america that people like her continue to get attention despite countless gaffes. >> that is the beauty of the world off the weekend. this app allows your iphone to tell you how ug will i you are. >> the ugly meter pro app allows the phone to use a number of parameters to review your picture and announces on zero to 10 how ugly your picture is. the creator says this one is
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selling like crazy. >> last month we were number one in china for about three weeks. we were the number one app overall. it doesn't matter everybody is interested in vanity and they like to know where they rank. >> sounds like it makes you feel bad. he admits it is for fun and sells for $5. >> i will pocket my five spot and leave that. other tech news there is a new top cell phone maker and it is not apple. we have the details. >> it is a tech bites google reportedly look the other way. it has blamed a lone engineer for harvesting personal data mapping for street view service. a report says management knews data was being collected and allowed it to continue two years. it now appears samsung is the top cell phone seller. it passed nokia the first quarter and sales of smart
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phones may be better than apple. your chance of getting the right medication improve if your dr. writes the prescriptions electronically. more than five times as many mistakes were in handwritten prescriptions and that didn't include ledge sblt problems. smart phones might have been different. a former apple executive said they were considering a physical keyboard for the iphone rather than the touch screen that influenced the industry. those are your tech bites. >> 5:19 and adam is back to look at the forecast. >> not a bad day. good way to start the week. nothing too active. just easy calm day and this will be date. tomorrow is when it gets more active. actually, break out the shirts and short leaves and get ready for the air conditioner crank up. 50 downtown manassas 46.
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for the most part we are in the mid 40's. a few exceptions. cumberland 41 and frederick and warmer in lexington park. 54. 50 at reagan national in the district. partly sunny, 68 the high later on this afternoon. comfortable. a couple of degrees below average but close enough to call it even in terms of saoefpblg weather. there is action to the west. a line of showers and thunderstorms along a cold front in the midsection of the country. this area of low pressure will track east and pass north of washington and drag this warmer air through town. temperatures will rise the next few days. i think 90 degrees is not out of the question by thursday. it is a possibility. the forecast right now 89 but i wouldn't be surprised if we met or exceeded 90 by thursday. with that area of low pressure will be unsettled weather. starting this evening in the potomac highlands about a 30% to
5:21 am
40% chance of shower or storm and 60% chance tomorrow. not an all day rain tomorrow just a few off and on or periodic showers and storms. near 90 by thursday. lisa, what do you have? >> i have a heavier volume but everything is open. 90 and 395, 395 live northbound close to duke street up to seminary road. still a pretty good pace. back to you. >> up next the nationals find themselves on the business end of a broom in l.a. with their first place record swept to the dust bin?
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>> it is in the corner. he got it again. nick young. >> that is crazy. trailing memphis by 27 points with a quarter to go the former wizard nick young and clippers mounted a comeback and stun the grizzlies. he nailed three three-pointers within a minute leading to one of the greatest come pwabgts in nba history. they lead 1-0. >> the capitals continue their quest for the stanley cup tonight. they will try to steal home ice advantage from the new york rangers at madison square garden. the rangers got a 1-0 lead on saturday saturday. they were efficient scoring three goals on 14 shots. holtby will look to lock down his goal. >> the nationals hit their first bump in the road over the weekend despite more good pitching and highlight from bryce harper. they were swept by the l.a.
5:26 am
dodgers. the offense could only muster five runs in three games. the nats have a share of first in the n.l. east tied with the braves at 14-8. >> bryce harper getting it done with the glove and bat. the robert griffin iii era began over the weekend. he was introduced on saturday where he led the crowd in a celebratory hail to the redskins. he will immediately compete for starting job at quarterback with rex grossman and kirk cousins. the redskins have released john beck. rg3 jumping into things and embracing the new team. 5:26. we have more coming up. tragedy in new york as police look into why an s.u.v. went off the highway and landed in a bronx zoo. a pregnant woman is killed and her boy friend is behind bars and why authorities were already
5:27 am
watching him. >> a big change in temperatures on the way and you want the umbrella handy. i wi
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>> sometimes you come upon events that are horrific and had is one of them. >> investigators plan to return to the scene of a crash that claimed the lives of seven family members including three children. it plunged into the bronx zoo. "good morning, washington," it is monday april 30. >> good morning to you. we want to start with the traffic and weather. let's start off with lisa baden. >> there was just a wreck for anyone who travels up to
5:30 am
baltimore northbound 95 just before you access 695 the baltimore beltway. traffic can get by right now but a lot of equipment is on the way. you may want to use 295 and stick with the normal plan if you head across the american ledge bridge. we have the green light between father hurley and the beltway and 66 and 495 and no worries across wilson bridge or 95. this is in springfield, virginia. the news chopper 7 is just going aloft so we will have pictures in a while. right now to the weather center. >> we are rocking the red in the weather center. go caps taking on the rangers. pretty comfortable today. nothing to worry about today but tomorrow you want the umbrella. 40's, 48 gainesville, 44 leesburg 47 in college park and partly sunny, closer to 80
5:31 am
tomorrow and a few showers and thunderstorms from tonight through tuesday. it gets warmer by midweek. looking like upper 80's then. >> it is 5:31 and the top story is out of new york city where seven members of a family die in a tragic accident. investigators want to know how it happened. police know the driver lost control on a parkway in the bronx. the s.u.v. landed in a wooded area of the bronx zoo. everyone was killed. the family is left it mourn three discriminations killed in an instant. >> i love my whole family. >> it is hard. she worked hard for us. she did everything for us. it is un fortunatefortunate the way everything happened. >> police say all of the
5:32 am
victims were wearing seat belts. the s.u.v. landed up side down in an area of the zoo which was away from animals. >> a maryland woman voicing regret over not calling police who believes she heard jasmine moss being murdered allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend. we have the latest developments. >> according to court records nathan rogers was already on house arrest after being convicted of assault last year. now last night we spoke with a neighbor of the suspect who says she heard this william crying and moaning and this morning she regrets not calling police. the district heights resident kim jarmin believes the noises were of skwras machine moss. just hours letter moss was found dead in the trunk of already mother's car. she was 14 weeks pregnant.
5:33 am
police believe nathan rogers stabbed his estranged girlfriend to death. friends and family of the woman said rogers recently denied being the father of the baby. jarmin didn't know the troubled young couple and had no idea of their problems but regrets not calling police that morning. >> i went to bed crying and when i woke up saturday i cried because i thought i should have done something or i could have helped her but i didn't know what it do. >> police say rogers was the father of the unborn child and he has been charged with first degree murder. >> 5:33 and a university of maryland basketball player was cited for disorderly conduct after a confrontation at a college park restaurant. police say they were talking to a man allegedly involved in a confrontation at a cafe on baltimore avenue when pe'shon howard came up and started taunt
5:34 am
ing ing. he was told to stop and officers arrested him after he refused to follow orders. prince george's county police investigating a crash that damaged an ambulance in clinton. the ambulance was taking a patient to the hospital when a tow truck broadsided him. nobody was seriously hurt. traffic citations are pending against the tow truck directive. >> homelessness on the rise in the district. the mayor says the number of families living in city shelters has increased by 50% since this time last year. he says the city is working to increase affordable housing putting more money into a rent supplement program. d.c. leaders have almost reached an agreement it repay workers for furlough days they were required to take last year. a plan with pay them for two days instead of the four mayor gray wanted. the d.c. council could vote on the plan tomorrow.
5:35 am
>> still to come learn how you could have a chance to win a new car. >> highlights from this year's correspondents dinner. >> i sang appear green. in my second term i'm going with young geezy. >> hear how the president and jimmy kimmel took aim at some of washington's big shots. >> we have another traffic on traffic and [ male announcer ] knowing your customers is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses and maximize cash flow. as the number one small business lender for nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go
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>> good morning, washington! whew! >> 5:30. st. john's catholic school in frederick. 50 downtown 45 winchester we are start ging in the 40's for the most part. comfortable today, increase in cloud cover. partly sunny with highs in the upper 60's to near 70. 71 is the average high today. scattered light rain possible late tonight northwest of washington after sunset and tonight and into tomorrow scattered showers and thunderstorms. near 80 tomorrow. have the umbrella handy. periodic showers and storms. look how we warm up. not only will you notice the
5:39 am
increase in the heat near 90 thursday but humidity and with that summer-like weather pattern comes the chance of a stray or isolated thundershower every afternoon tuesday through friday. any issues on the road? >> 32 near i-97 a collision. 95 north before the baltimore beltway traffic can get around an accident. volume on 95 virginia northbound but in to stafford some debris in the roadway and victims on the shoulder examining their vehicles. we have 270 i believe is the focus here on the beltway it looks great at new hampshire avenue around to 270 and across the american ledge bridge. now back to the news desk. >> let's go on to 2012. bill clinton with words of praise for the president. he told democratic donors the president has beaten the clock to help the economy recover and
5:40 am
deserves to be re-elected. it was in the mclean at a long-time clinton supporter. neither the president nor clinton mentioned mitt romney by name. one night earlier he did mention romney during the annual white house correspondents dinner. >> it is great to be here in the vast manage tpheuf hilton ballroom. or what mitt romney would call a little fixer upper. >> the president also made fun of another republican candidate newt gingrich who was in attendance. he made a little fun of himself as well. jimmy kimmel roasted the commander in chief and some celebrities including kim kardashian. >> we hope you get in on one our biggest facebook giveaways. you can win a new ford fiesta. go it and we will
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pick the first of 15 finalists tonight during the abc 7 news at 5:00. if your name is called you will have 30 minutes to call in to win a final entry. we will peck one lucky winner from the final 15 next month. >> 5:41. 50 degrees. >> this week marks withinier since the death of osama bin laden. what u.s. officials say about the current state of al qaeda. increased tension 2010 the united states and china. what it has to do ♪ ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months.
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>> tonight at 5:00 summer blockbuster season is almost here. which movies we will be talking about and putting on the must-see list. arch gets us ready for the summertime movie season tonight at 5:00. >> coming up at 6:00 this morning morning, stepping to the plate to keep dinner plates full in his community. how one local man is working to under hung are in montgomery
5:45 am
county. >> and news about teens and type two diabetes. 7 is on your side with a new warning. >> later, the titanic 2. somebody wants to recreate the doomed luxury lane are. that and more on a democratic fund-raising dream team at the top of the hour. >> 5:45 and a woman who witnessed robert kennedy's assassination says there was more than one gunman. she told cnn she heard two guns being fired when kennedy was shot in a los angeles hotel in 1968. she said she heard ump to 14 shots but f. pwfpltb.i. act the -- agents altered her account. sirhan sirhan is serving a life sentence. this week marks the one-year anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden by u.s. forces. officials say bin laden's old team is all but dismantled but new branches of al qaeda are hitting western targets and u.s.
5:46 am
allies overseas. they say the leaders still dream of pay back for the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> we are concerned about them which is located in yemen. they have demonstrated intent and capability to try to carry on attacks. >> counterterrorism expert john brennen says as the anniversary approaches police departments will be on alert but there is no sign of an active revenge patriot. >> there is new tension between the united states and china after a pwhraoepbd chinese activist escaped from house arrest. he has taken refuge in the u.s. embassy in beijing. >> the u.s. is scrambling to contain a diplomatic crisis with china on the eve of important talks. a pwhraoepbd chinese activist is believed to be under the protection of american officials. demonstrators in hong kong
5:47 am
gathered over his fate as the u.s. manages a tkeufdifficult situation. chen was forced to lived house arrest because he is a campaigner for disabled rights and exposed forced abortions there. this is what happened when christian bale tried to visit him. last week in what seemed like a hollywood thriller chen scaled a wall and escaped. he was driven it beijing by a supporter where after a car chase he was tape in by the u.s. without confirming he is under u.s. protection an aide spoke about the difficult balancing act. >> i think in all instances the president tries to balance our commitment to human rights and china-u.s. relations is very important. we will make sure we do it the appropriate which. >> a campaigner says a deal to occur the activist u.s. asylum could come the next day or so. negotiate being his exit from china will likely be difficult. >> if the chips want to play it
5:48 am
down we may reach an agreement for him to leave the country. if not this could be a big issue. >> hillary clinton leaves for china tonight in what would have been a challenging trip even before the crisis. >> 5:48 and we want to look at news around the nation. we are getting new insight into the fear felt by a woman. we have e-mails in late 2008 and she told friends and co-workers her husband had become moody and controlling and feared that he might harm her. she disappeared in december of 2009. josh powell killed himself and their two sons in february. >> the man accused of killing seven at a small california university will be in considerate today. he went on a shooting rampage after feeling rejected by former classmates. officials say he has been refusing to eat reportedly because he feels shame about the
5:49 am
crime. he is being monitored at a pitcher intermry. >> health officials in mexico trying to find out what caused more than 200 children to be ill from food poisoning. 220 children and nine adults after eating rotten food at a festival. the party was friday. officials were analyzing the food to determine what caused the food poisoning. >> will you soon see advertisements on nba jerseys? and a controversy over one brand of cereal. here is linda bell in bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> we are talking about the kashi brand. consumers pressuring them over claims it is not all natural. campaigns are mrs. ing the company saying it is misrepresenting the product. in response the company said information circulated on line is inaccurate and it is likely some of the food with genetically modified foods since
5:50 am
well over 80% of crops are grown that way. they say seven of its cereals have the non-gmo project verified seal and is committed to before nutrition. wall street turning to a report on march consumer spending for more evidence the economy is in recovery mode. we have stock index futures little changed. you know how nascar has company sponsorships all over the place? a report in "new york times" says the nba is considering selling advertising space on layers' jerseys. the times said millions of dollars are at stake but as you can imagine so is backlash from many fans. that is business news live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. interesting story. >> i'm a traditionalist. i don't think i would want to see that. >> thank you, lin did. >> need to get ready for classical week on "dancing with the stars." they will tackle within of classic classical styles. they will perform the sraoe
5:51 am
neisz waltz, argentine tank question post say doble' and rum about. after they wrap up the routines they will return for the first team dances of season 14. tomorrow someone has to go home. it will be tonight at 8:00. >> let's get another check of traffic and weather. >> the decisions tonight. it will be a great day. nothing to worry about like i said today. easy start. that is the case today but tomorrow you want the umbrella and crank up the air conditioner by the middle of the week. there is federal city. a few minutes before sunrise. sun is up in about 20 minutes. temperatures are for the most part in the 40's. a few exceptions. 39 frederick, 50 in the district and 54 in lexington park. annapolis 53. 47 at dulles airport and 45 on the shenandoah valley in win
5:52 am
comments. a lot of sunshine but increasing clouds. partly sunny, 68 the high this afternoon. comfortable day,ing in to worry about. but notice the active weather to the west. a line of showers and thunderstorms developing in the midsection of the country from illinois to oklahoma. that is part of an area of low pressure and a confront that is triggering showers and storms cause being the lin of action. this will pass through the washington area and bring with it much warmer air this week. we are talking upper 60's today but get ready for near 90 by thursday and friday. even wednesday well into the 80's. that warmer air will come into washington and with it some unsettled weather. some showers and thunderstorms starting tonight a few possible but off and on tomorrow. not an all-day rain tomorrow. a little bit of sunshine maybe mixed in but periodic showers and storms. we are still in a drought so we
5:53 am
can look at the computer maryland. maybe quarter inch in prince george's county, .2 inch in montgomery county and fairfax county close to two inches -- .2 i should say. it is a good guide. next if you days chance of late day thundershowers with the warmer and more humid weather. that is the forecast. lisa, what about the commute? >> it is ok. 95 in virginia some debris at the parkway in stafford is cleared. 95 northbound slowing up at the occoquan and into springfield. 395 pretty good. 66 you have a crash eastbound between 50 and 123 but everybody moved to the shoulder. i thought i would go to -- to maryland where it is smooth. live on the picture at university boulevard and beltway. new become to news. >> 5:53 is the time and 50
5:54 am
degrees. a new twist to rg3 mania, how a local business went its things fun.
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>> last week the redskins drafted robert griffin third and fans celebrated by buying shirts and jerseys but that is nothing compared to one advertising agency. one that was named rt 3 changed
5:57 am
it to rg3. he says they have been committed to the redskins since day number one. much more to come in the next hour of "good morning, washington." learn how a local man has created a program to help feed the hungry. and lisa is back to help you navigate the commute. traffic and wea
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>> ahead at 6:00 seven people dead after a 50-foot plunge from a insurance highway. investigators want to know what went wrong. the political fight over the death of osama bin laden. where republicans object to a new white house campaign ad. back on top in the big apple. "good morning, washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning to you, washington. monday april 30 and we are starting the week off warm but it is turning wet. thanks for waking up with us. >> glad to be with you. we start with traffic and weather. first up is lisa baden. >> it is a foodgood right for metrorail and virginia express. nothing to report. 66 started off the morning with a crash eastbound at 50 air oaks and this sis


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