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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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visited the vietnam memorial wall. the president said americans who served during the vietnam era were underappreciated and the treatment toward any -- and that the treatment should never happen again. >> memorial means a long weekend at the beach. the price of -- the threats of rip currents did not deter people in virginia beach. >> there is a lot going on in the washington area for this memorial day. >> sam ford joins us from the national mall. >> the city was busy today with a lot of locals and tourists. it was a great day to be out. the♪
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memorial day in d.c. means the annual parade of dance and heroes like this 89-year-olds was the first to fly faster than the speed of sound. for many, it has been a day of quiet reflection. >> i've lost to many of my friends. >> cuba members vietnam. -- he remembers a vietnam. >> i have known people who have died in afghanistan. >> before the parade, an honor guard returned for the first time to remember world war i at the newly renovated memorial. it had fallen into disrepair but the foundation laid out 499 bouquets.
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>> the names are engraved around the base of the memorial in alphabetical order. >> he came to remember a world war i survivor, his grandfather who lived to be 100. >> i remember him as a warm and generous spirit. he was a great person. >> a day of many memories and a lot of gratitude. we are back live looking at the u.s. capitol, where the missing in action flag is flying under the u.s. flag. this will also be remembered for the heat. d.c. fire said it had to transport 13 people, four children and nine adults, to area hospitals because of heat exhaustion. >> we know this has been a hot memorial day. the summer weather is here early
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this year. >> we made it to 90 degrees. it felt more like august. how long is this going to be around? >> we have one more day of the really hot and humid weather and then some relief in the form of showers. take a look at these temperatures. operating costs for the airports. the bigger story -- 80's for the airports. a heat advisory remains in effect for just less than three hours. and then we will see our temperatures fall into the 70's and eventually the mid-60's. some relief is on the way in the form of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. could they become severe?
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we will talk about it in more detail in just a few minutes. >> you can always get the latest on the temperatures and the weather information anytime at or get the app for your phone. >> we have some breaking news. state police said two small planes have crashed. this happen late this afternoon in a secluded area near union church road. one plane was destroyed by fire and the pilot has died. the pilots of the other plane was taken to mary washington hospital in fredericksburg. >> a man wanted for destruction of property in fairfax county bush shot by police earlier today. this happened around noon in mount vernon. officers attempted to serve the man a warrant. when they opened the door, police said he had eighta knife.
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he was flown off to a nearby hospital for treatment. >> a rash of burglaries is keeping the washington neighborhood on edge tonight. the suspects broke into a number of homes just east of north capitol street. one victim came face to face with one of the burglars. >> neighbors say those burglars are young and brazen, old enough to break into a house while the owner is a there. snatched his keys and come back the next day to steal his cars. >> he was standing right there. >> this president is describing a frightening confrontation between a burglar and his 1- year-old son. >> they looked at each other for a moment and then he grabbed the bag out of the chair. >> it turns out this is not an
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isolated case. at least 20 homes have been broken into, all within a four- block neighborhood -- radius. >> kicking and back doors, going through windows. >> they suspect the burglars live here or know the area really well. >> they have to have somewhere to go right after this break into these columns. >> some of the residents are beefing up their security. >> others are changing their behavior. >> we will have to lock everything. >> police have stepped up patrols in the area, but the thieves are eating fast and frequently. >> -- hitting fast and
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frequently. >> people are coming into backyards and looking into windows. >> d.c. police have put some bike patrol officers. they are still looking for suspects. we are live in northeast d.c. >> will tell you about a new poll but has mitt romney happy on this memorial day. >> why we will soon know a lot more about what is inside marilyn's newest casino. >> a discovery that will take you back more than half a century.
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>> a describing -- a surprising discovery made by a work group. >> it is a time capsule of sorts.
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it is well timed with this being memorial day. we will take you back to the 1940's with this incredible find. >> for decades, the walls of this world war ii era barracks held a secret, at a glance back in time. workers found 11 letters inside a wall. they were sent in late 1943 and 1944. the letters traveled from all over alabama new york, ohio. >> sometimes in the middle of the night, they're told, get ready. >> barbara taylor has been going through the letters. this one from a worried mother to her son about his sick father. >> it seems as if you had a
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whale of a time in baltimore. must be swell to be near a city like that. >> three letters remained unopened. found today's before memorial day to remind us of the brave men who ran headlong into danger in the name of freedom so many decades ago. >> this is one way to help people remember the sacrifice that generation made. >> historians are now hoping to preserve the letters and they're also trying to track down the three service members who should have received those of unopened letters. it is better to deliver a letter late then to deliver it never. >> you can check out more pictures on our website.
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>> another comment controversy at this time involving barney frank. hear what he said at a graduation ceremony that has people talking. >> summer weather is here. how long will it stay hot and humid? >> the national took the field in miami today. it was a final hit for maryland.
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>> a big parade in falls church this afternoon. it is part of the city's day long memorial day festival. it offered rides food, music. mitt romney marked his memorial day in california. he told supporters that if elected, he would make sure the u.s. military stays the strongest in the world. john mccain and campaigned with mitt romney today.
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he is already a favorite among veterans. a new gallup poll showed that veterans preferred mitt romney over president obama. >> barney frank is no stranger to controversy yesterday, he stirred the pot again. during his speech, he paid tribute to an african-american who received an honorary doctorate yesterday. he made reference to the martin case. >> tomorrow we will get a peek at marilyn's newest casino. it will hold it -- at maryland's newest casino. the half billion dollar casino will have about 4800 slot machines. that is more than any casino in maryland. >> it looks very big. >> with air-conditioning. >> our first 90-degree day this
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year. we are on our way for another 90-degree day tomorrow. the heat is going to stick around. annapolis, what a beautiful day to head over to the chesapeake bay. temperatures are a little bit colder than they were in the district. we will look for another hot day tomorrow. a daytime high today of 90, at the morning low of 70 degrees. the average before this date is 79. temperature outside right now at 88 degrees. we are not going to look for a dramatic drop in temperatures over the next few hours. that is why the heat advisory remains in effect. 86 at wtop radio. it feels like 93 in alexandria.
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90 in gaithersburg, winchester and 88. fredericksburg, 89. the heat index though, in the upper 90's. 100 in frederick. 9:00 tonight, that is what time the heat advisory will expire for the district and surrounding counties. temperatures warmed up out to the west of us. lower 90's for chicago and detroit. dew point levels and the 70's. that is why it feels so uncomfortable outside. this will pick up a little bit of steam as it moves towards tomorrow. clouds will increase and a better chance for some thunderstorms. this is what futurecast looks
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like. some storms beginning to develop around 4:00 tomorrow evening. a few leftovers on wednesday early. upper 60's 4 nighttime low temperatures tonight. temperatures tomorrow around 90 degrees. here is the extended outlook. the upper 70's to low 80's by thursday and friday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> maryland men's lacrosse admitted to the final game last year. could they do it again? that was the question. apparently, it helps to have eric on your squad. he racked up 17 goals during the n.c.a.a. tournament.
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second period, tied at 2. cooper nothing byut net. loyola completely in control from there. they win 9-3. afterwards, the head coach was choked up about this win. >> there are so many people live got us where we are today. -- who have got us where we are today. this is for the university. they were great all year. >> congratulations to them. the nationals arrived in miami this morning for a day game. davey johnson said it felt like they had traveled all the way from beijing. needless to say the club was tired.
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zimmerman, left-center field. bryce harper household all the way from the first. -- hustled all the way from first. the marlins take a lead and the nationals cannot score anymore. they lose a 5-3. cut them some slack. they have been hot lately. >> we had our chances to bounce back. >> it turns out it is that bad. tracy was sent to the disabled list. the club had to recall brown
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from syracuse. he could be out for a couple of months. there is a region -- reason roger federer is known as a tennis great. if he wins, he could become the first 30-year-old man to win a grand slam tournament in about a decade. interesting. game one of the eastern conference finals is tonight at 8:30. the miami heat hosts the boston celtics.
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>> it looks like summer has begun. >> and another 90-degree day on the way tomorrow. we have a cool down on the way. thunderstorms develop late tomorrow afternoon and into the overnight hours. >> thank you so much. >> we will see y
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