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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  June 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a four-hour dance party for the late chuck brown. and there's a severe weather system headed our way, expected to cause flooding and wind damage. adam caskey has more as we continue right now it's 6:00 a.m. -- at 6:00 a.m. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you are with us on this friday morning. june 1, 2012. i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. >> it's friday, june 1, national doughnut day. gives you another excuse to pack on a few extra pounds. let's look at live super doppler 7 radar. we have areas of rain especially in charles county, along 301 moving north and pushing toward
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southern prince george's county, almost in fort washington. western fairfax county, a few light sprinkles. all this action is moving north and showing signs of slowly falling apart. 75 along the blue ridge from winchester all the way down to warrenton and marshall, light rain. temperatures in the '60s. for in leesburg, 66 in college park, 72 in the district. added humidity today, 83 degrees with midday sun shine. widespread storms later on today. a good chance of some of those being strong to severe. >> thanks very much. our top story, five children hospitalized after a devastating car accident in a quiet community. police say the car plowed into the crowd of children on hannon street in hyattsville. the children ranging in age from one-and-a-half to 11. john gonzalez joins us on the scene where investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> before paramedics arrived last night many of the
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neighbors came to the aid of these very young children. you said police are trying to figure this out. the woman apparently put her car in reverse and then suddenly exhilarated. this was horrific scene in the driveway of this home in lewisdale, maryland. the five children including a toddler were struck or pinned under the large suv. the frantic moments afterwards were captured on a neighbor's cell phone video of. the woman is the mother of at least one of the children who were playing in the yard and the driveway last night. call came in to police around 9:00. the children's ages again, from one-and-a-half to 11. the car continued backing up and lodged into a garage that was detached from home in the backyard. witnesses recalled hearing adults arguing and shouting at the house just moments before the accident. >> there were just playing and they told me that the woman tried to stop the car and
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instead of stopping, she did it by accident and reversed even more. that is when all the damage was done. >> we understand this morning the conditions of the children ranged from critical to serious. that woman was taken into custody by police, but this morning police only say that she's being questioned. john gonzalez reporting, abc 7 news. >> a tractor-trailer accidents at the person to the hospital in critical condition. this happened on route 301 overnight at trade mill avenue in upper marlboro. the person was pulled from an overturned car. if it's not clear how the accident happened. southbound lanes are shut down this hour. >>crews working in the district 6 a water main break. it broke nearly 24 hours ago in the heart of dupont circle on connecticut avenue if. two other breaks have been
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fixed. jummy olabanji has the latest developments. still some work to be done. >> still plenty of work to be done. good morning. i will step out of the way so you can see the work that continues on connecticut avenue. what we are being told by d.c. water and sewer is that this break that happened yesterday could take several hours to fix. this break in the heart of dupont circle created quite a mess yesterday. could be seen gushing out of the pavement and slowing down the street. a few lines of connecticut avenue had to be closed so crews could fix the break. about 35 buildings were without water, forcing the closure of offices and businesses. >> no one is allowed in the building a. it's i will work from home, i guess. officials believe the 12-inch water main shattered early thursday morning. frantic efforts went on to try to drink several flooded parking garages. >> the water was halfway up the
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side on a couple vehicles. >> restaurants which rely on lunch and dinner business had to turn away customers. >> they're closed. >> officials from d.c. water and sewer authority said they will work around the clock until the problem is fixed. >> there's water inside. -- nop water inside. good lord. officials will be back out tomorrow to pave. they have been able to restore water to most of the buildings around here, but they say about seven still remain without water. reporting live in northwest jummy olabanji. >> a traffic alert for drivers on the capital beltway. two lanes will be open on the inner loop between wilson bridge and telegraph road. construction crews working on a major paving project that will continue until 5:00 monday morning. expect plenty of delays throughout the weekend in this
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area. they're asked to use the local lanes is possible. after a confusing day in the courtroom, john edwards is a free man but he admits he has made mistakes. >> while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful, awful lot that was what. >> the judge sent the jurors back to the deliberating room after they reached a verdict on one count of campaign finance violations. they came back an hour later and returned a not guilty verdict. the judge declared a mistrial on the remaining five counts. local law expert says edwards is likely clear of legal troubles and that evidence was weak from the government. thousands bidding farewell to the "godfather of go-go" with a huge celebration. >> ♪
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>> we love you chuck. >> family and friends and fans honored his life. the service was upbeat with go- go music dancing jokes storytelling. celebrities, city officials, and fans were all there. >> go-go music is here to stay. >> this might be the nation's capital, but go-go music is the district of columbia's music thanks to chuck brown. >> that was the mayor. brown died two weeks ago after battling pneumonia. he was 75. if you would like to see more of the memorial, go to can also share your memories of brown on twitter or our facebook page. let us know what you thought of the memorial if you went. if still ahead --
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[spelling a word] >> the excitement to make it through another round. two days at the national spelling bee but only one person would come out a winner. we will let you know who. and lisa baden has a check on
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brands can do that? i dare to compare... will you? [ female announcer ] anti-breakage from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. >> we are team becker from bethesda, maryland. on june 2 we will be running in the susan g. komen race for the cure. >> good morning, washington.
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>> 6:11 right now. here's a graduation students will never forget. a wild bear crashes a graduation in california for a middle school. he keeps going back and forth. surveillance cameras caught him running near the parking lot. the elementary and middle school were put on lockdown. he was finally captured in a nearby apartment complex posed for the cameras and an animal control officers released him back into the wild. they believe that he simply wandered into town on his own. let's check traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. we will find out what's happening right now with adam caskey. >> we have light rain to start the day. thunderstorms this afternoon with a break in the action and sunshine around lunchtime.
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warrenton northward up towards winchester and moving into berryville right now, light rain. prince william county, prince william parkway, 7100, and fairfax county if seeing light rain moving north, and showing signs of falling apart as it crosses off into montgomery county. western montgomery county will see light rain this morning. the heaviest stuff is in charles, moving into prince george's county, calvert county. ben's moving north through southern maryland in to brandywine, morningside soon to get some light rain later this morning. we will see sunshine around the lunch hour into the early afternoon. high temperatures around 83 later on today. you will notice an increase in the humidity just for today. widespread storms expected this afternoon and evening. nodoz have a good chance of being severe, with the biggest threat being straight line wins. here's the risk factor index for today. and high risk of streamlined wins being gusty and the next
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biggest threat will be flash floods between for clark and 11:00 p.m. today slight chance. we could see a small tornado later on today. the primary threat is the straight line wind and flash flooding. now to lisa. >> everything is open between bowie and upper marlborough where there was an overnight accident on 301 at trade mill road. traffic is getting through. nothing to watch. that has been hauled away. now i will take you to a scheduled construction projects across the wilson bridge in alexandria on the inner loop of the beltway. for the weekend until monday morning, state with the local lanes. not take the through lanes. they are suffering already. better yet, go through southeast d.c. next we will go to a live picture of traffic north of the beltway. it is beautiful. moving at speed on dry pavement for now in landmark.
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back to you. >> thank you. 6:39 now. subway trains supreme, the sandwich chain gets a high honor. and then a luxury jumbo jet takes its first flight to the nation's capital. and an innocent psa well the kids wanted a puppy but they can be really expensive. so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just t ayin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. n fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey >> . today it's carrying passengers for the first time, the new boeing 747-8 has new features including seats that convert into beds congratulations.
6:16 am
on the new fleet, natalie. tell us about them. >> thank you so much. we are really excited at lufthansa today and to debut this new queen of the skies to washington dulles airport. the flight has left frankfurt and is on its way to washington dulles airport. it will receive a nice washington welcome. >> what is it you look for new airplanes these days? to appease the business class passengers or those in coach or maybe try to be more green with the way the engine performs? >> paul farance steve. the airplane is designed with precision and customer service in mind. we have been working with boeing over 50 years designing and building aircraft. for a customer conference and service, it's outfitted with an entirely new business, first, and economy class, which allows for more storage. it's a completely new experience for our passengers in first class to an hour for double the
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distance between you and the next passenger. a completely open space for you. with a touch of a button, the business class bed flattens out. >> where else will it go from d.c.? >> the plane is in the skies now. we expect it to arrive on time around 12:45 this afternoon and a great welcome to washington. we do have 20 aircraft on order. we are excited. we will see this on the u.s. market and other places. we have five more bees coming out later this year. stay tuned. >> we will see you soon. luck with the new venture >> . thank you so much. >> the boeing 747-8, there's more information at our website,
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mortgage rates hit a new low. there are hopes for today's jobs report. more details now from abc. >> topping america's money, signs of slower job growth even before today's may jobs report. yesterday the government reported 10,000 workers applied for jobless benefits last week than a week before. average mortgage rates at their lowest level ever. 3.75% for a 30-year loan. more than a two dozen interstate bus companies are not running this morning after a crackdown by safety officials following several fatal crashes. most of the affected buses operate in the northeast. the american heart association today will give a pat on the back to the subway sandwich chain. the group says more than 40% of the menu and meets its health requirements. pizza hut this weekend is challenging some wa -- away
6:19 am
with its own line of sandwiches. >> thank you john. we will check traffic and weather every ten minutes. starting with the commute, lisa baden. >> steve has been warning you about scheduled road work. it started at 8:00 last night and will drag on through the weekend. inner loop out of maryland across the wilson bridge, delays forming in the through lanes. our advice is to either go through southeast d.c. or stay with the local lanes out of maryland into virginia until monday morning. going into virginia, dry pavement right now. 66, 95, a typical slowdowns. no worries to report on the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road to. 28 leaving wax pool to get to the toll road, the normal backup. everything is open between bowie and upper marlborough on 301 southbound where there was an accident overnight.
6:20 am
metro rail reporting normal service. >> thanks very much. >> some parts of our region have rain this morning. >> it will be pretty much everywhere this afternoon. >> this afternoon commute could be troublesome especially later in the commute when we get heavier rain showers. flash flooding is a concern later on today along with other risk factors. let's start with a 9 sean burroughs tom campbell of gray skies over. the over low clouds over the metro area right now. 72 degrees in the district, a mild start. 67 at dulles airport, 62 in hagerstown, 59 in cumberland, 75 in quantico, 73 in lexington park. here is the rain i was talking about. a little in prince george's county and along 301 moving north, indian head highway getting light rain. prince frederick and huntingtown moving forward -- northward.
6:21 am
along 7100 near centreville clifton, reston, light rain as well. some light rain in northern fauquier county moving into loudoun county. frederick, clark, and warren counties in virginia seeing lights pringles. sunshine at this midday, 83 degrees, little added humidity. widespread storms between 4:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. there's a decent chance some of those could be strong to severe with the biggest threat being damaging straight line wins. . then a good threat of flash floods later today. low to moderate risk of seeing an isolated small tornado later this afternoon. looking good for the weekend low humidity, mid to upper 70's. >> banning walmart. renewed efforts to stop it from being built in washington d.c.
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--a >> next "anderson," the most memorable moments, controversial guests. what you admitted doing is an intensely personal way of killing somebody.
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>> montgomery county officials are considering closing schools for two muslim holidays next year. county councilman george leventhal is asking school leaders to shut down campuses on
6:25 am
those two days that muslims used to pray and visit with family. they would be excused absences for muslim students. he says it's not fair the school is closed for some religious holidays and not for others. opposition growing for wal-mart plans to build six stores in d.c. hundred the protesters rallied yesterday outside walmart's office in chinatown. the protesters and suggested that mayor vincent gray and others are in bed with walmart. that's because of the partnership investment in d.c. from the chain. >> none of that has filtered down into the community. >> walmart says the new stores in the district will create 1800 new jobs and will provide access to a healthy, affordable food options. the stores are scheduled to open late next year.
6:26 am
can you spell guetapens? a 14-year-old from san diego could and that made her this year's national spelling bee winner. snigdha nandipati spelled the french-derived word meaning ambush snare, or trap. she beat out eight other finalists and captured this year's title. congratulations. 30 minutes left. coming up, d.c.'s top cop facing tough questions from our own police force. and 7 on your side with a major crackdown on discount bus lines. we will talk about that coming up. >> we have called this morning and a little rain. if we will look at the radar and i will help you plan the rest of your day, which
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national captioning institute >> at a card their roles and to five children, including a toddler. we are live on the scene. >> were recovered on the main floor -- >> the shocking and disturbing crime linked to a more gang -- morgan state university student. it is friday morning, june 1 and steve chenevey, and we will start with traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> the commute will take you live to news chapter 7, pretty decent in and out of baltimore. right here on the beltway, the outer loop heading away from us getting around to 270. looks good bit of a green broke -- greenbelt but not so pretty to go wilson bridge. >> some areas of light rain scattered across the region. a few embedded moderate showers.
6:31 am
let's get the latest on what is happening. shown in yellow of the current temperatures. 64 in martinsburg in gaithersburg and 66 and stafford. moderate rain into northern calvert county. southern prince george's county light rain. fairfax, moving toward the beltway in virginia. off to the west, some more rain moving toward loudoun county. some sunshine actually -- this midday, but widespread showers and storms expected this afternoon but a lot of chances to be strong or severe. >> thank you very much. we want to get to the top story as investigators are piecing together a sequence of events that led to a horrific accidents in prince george's county. five children including a top bush struck by a car in hyattsville, maryland, and one of the injured children is the
6:32 am
child of the driver of the vehicle. police are still trying to figure this out. >> as it gets later out here this morning, you can see the extent of the damage. we are right in front of a home and you can see the garage is destroyed. there is debris all over the driveway. they're all soaked tire marks. police are trying to figure out why this woman apparently put her car into reverse and suddenly accelerated. a terrific scene in the driveway. five children, including a toddler, struck and pinned underneath and large suv. frantic moments captured on cellphone video. >> the woman actually stopped the car and instead of stopping it she did it by accident and reversed some more and that is one of the damage was done. >> the call came in to police just before 9:00 p.m. last night and the children's age
6:33 am
range from a year and a half to 11. witnesses told police they recall hearing adults arguing and shouting at the house just moments before the accident. >> the lady was in the vehicle backed up, five children were struck. the vehicle continued and lodged into the crime issue that is in the rear portion of the house. -- lodged into the garage. the children were playing in the yard in the driveway. this man ran to the children trapped under bricks. >> i took the children because they could not move. >> from what we can gather, there are also children's tollways in front of the driveway. there are people home this morning. they are not answering the door. the conditions of the children ranged from critical to serious. the mother was taken into custody last night, but police are only saying she is being
6:34 am
questioned at this time. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> this next story is gruesome. police in maryland investigating the disturbing attack involving cannibalism 21-year-old alexander kinyu told police he killed his housemaid and eight the man's heart and part of his brain. he lives just outside of baltimore and is a student at morgan state where he was charged just a bit weeks ago on a random attack -- for a random attack on another student. a metro employee he hit by a train earlier this week is still in critical condition. the 28-year old veteran mechanics was pinned under a train. it out of service train was pulled the to the yard to be washed with witnesses say the mechanic walk in front of the train and was struck. metro is still investigating. crews making some progress restoring water to some customers in dupont circle this
6:35 am
morning. service has been restored to a handful after a water main break at connecticut avenue and m street. traffic on southbound 18th street is block between n and massachusetts. the government cracking down on what it calls on state tour buses. yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the deadly crash at i-95 on central virginia. after the largest crackdown 26 bus operations were shut down. one of the major companies targeted of the new century, had offices on h street in chinatown. at least one rider says he is not shocked to see it go. >> what was it like? >> a little bit undesirable -- stinky. they're like a year-long investigation found the drivers had invalid licenses and many of the companies were not tested for drugs and alcohol.
6:36 am
officials also said work schedules and reston requirements were violated. d.c. police union official demanding an investigation of the burning of some departments of records, the personal records were placed in trash bins and incinerated last month. d.c. police chief says consideration is a federally accepted that it would disposing of documents and more effective than shredding. the records were of this qualified job applicants. an update on and d.c.'s ongoing corruption scandal. harry thomas jr. owes the city more than $300,000. yesterday the judge ordered he repay $353,000 of one use money but he will not have to pay back another $90,000 diverted to thomas from the city drug program. he will serve more than three years in prison. still ahead -- breast-feeding fiasco. new pictures of breast-feeding mothers causing a whole lot of
6:37 am
controversy. and who was it that carries the most germs at work -- men or women? seven on your side with the results of a new battle of the sexes that repairing first another check of traffic and weather ereveryone's hair breaks. ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ you see it in the brush... ♪ oh oh oh oh ooh oh ♪ ...and then there's the pillow. ♪ i dare you to dare me ♪ so they dared me to try this pantene. [ female announcer ] pantene anti-breakage the keratin protection system makes hair stronger reducing breakage up to 97%. ♪ ♪ think only salon brands can do that? i dare to compare... will you? [ female announcer ] anti-breakage from pantene. hair so healthy it shines.
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>> 7 on your side -- the total of two breast-feeding mothers is sparking a lot of the bay. in mid started as part of a some more -- support group outreach program for nursing mothers in the military but now people are upset about women breast-feeding in public, and mostly in while in uniform. but most people we talked to were not bothered by it. >> breast-feeding is breast- feeding -- whether it is in a uniform or businesses. >> if it is normal to do that in public, then it is normal for them to do it. >> one of the women pictured in the fog said she was "proud to be wearing a uniform" while breast-feeding. their research shows both men and women have a difficult time quitting smoking. the study followed -- found that women under the age 50 were less likely to give up smoking that men but men over the age of 60 were more likely than women to give up smoking. also in the battle of the sexes, women win in this next
6:41 am
door. apparently men spread more germs at the office. it was of originally thought that women were more likely to spread germs around because they use cosmetics. but a new study shows men's desks contain significantly more germs. researchers suspect that male body may be larger and more space to collect bacteria or it could be we just cannot clean very often. >> we tend to be a little lazier in the cleanliness department. >> what is going on out there? >> live super doppler radar -- a few light sprinkles across the region basically from jefferson county, charlestown area through leesburg down 7 and 50 sporadically come into reston, falls church, and clipping parts of north arlington. a quick spring go. then moving northward back into sunshine around lunchtime. dunkirk, southern anne arundel county, and even prince george's county, some areas of light
6:42 am
rain. 72 at reagan national, 64 in leesburg. some sunshine this midday in the early afternoon. storms expected this afternoon and evening, especially between 4:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. son could be strong to severe. the primary threat will be first and foremost, straight line wind damage. the biggest risk should the severe storms materialize. also flash flooding. heavy downpours and possibly more storms over one area back to back. and there is a slight chance of some isolated tornadoes this afternoon and evening. more on this coming up. now back to lease so with the commute. >> some issues this morning, 301 it is open, in case you what out for exercise and got back, 301 between the bully in upper marlboro had an accident but it is not complete.
6:43 am
cameras to show you the pace of traffic -- first of all, plan on going through southeast d.c. or staying only with the local lanes. scheduled roadwork on the inner loop once you get to alexandria is in the through lanes, and look at the impact, packing a wallop. the next picture will take us to 395 corridor, looks like the normal volume from springfield to get to the pentagon. we will have more attractive for you coming up in less than 10 minutes. now back to the news. >> coming up, it has been a wild week in politics. our partners at politico will join us for a week in review. then later -- >> "snow white and the huntsman" turned a children's story
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> huge discussions this morning surrounding a former presidential candidate, and current republican presidential hopeful and former president george w. bush. our economic reporter for politico joins us. josh, have a credit. john edwards, is he done in politics? anyway he can rebuild? >> looks like pretty much over. not like he stepped out of the courthouse in north carolina and said i am going to disney world after beating the trial. the fed could come if they choose, retry him. but for the most part it looks like he has a chance of rebuilding public life. he talked about working on pollock -- poverty issues, which from his campaign he cared about people. romney endorsement -- how does it help? > nancy reagan has become the
6:47 am
torchbearer for ronald reagan that a legacy so having the stamp of approval is critical. >> president bush back of the white house for the unveiling of the portrait -- portrait. more comedy than politics. >> a certain stage where presidents can relate to each other regardless of policy differences, because of the burden of the office. like the old "saturday night live" sketch the x pres.s former enemies uniting to fight the villain. >> another busy week sen. -- soon. have a great weekend. a new take on snow white is out this weekend but this version is not for children. it's a little on the dark side. arch kimble has his review of "snow white and the huntsmen." >> good morning, washington, i
6:48 am
am arch campbell -- i saw "snow white and the huntsmen" and i am thinking, mommy, i'm scared. >> you will do this for me -- >> charlize theron is an evil queen who seduces know why's father marvers him on the wedding night and takes over the kingdom and not snow white and a tower, but she escapes -- and the person to hunter down takes one look at hurt and vows to protect. "snow white and the huntsmen" 3 stars. our we can best bet, along with "the avengers" and "men in black" -- i'm arch campbell. >> the jazz festival kicks off today. if you are looking for something to do this weekend. this year's festival features --
6:49 am
features more than 125 performances in nearly 60 locations, and there will be family friendly events and lessons and late night club concert. the festival runs through june 10. time now to get a check of traffic and weather. the morning commute -- lisa, how is it looking? >> jazzing it up on 66 eastbound lanes of manassas fair oaks -- for 95, virginia, plantae -- plenty of traffic woodbridge through springfield. loaded up out of maryland to go across the wilson bridge. stay with local lanes or go through southeast d.c. scheduled work on inner loop alexandria telegraph road -- it affects the thru lane traffic so low local lanes are the way to go. >> adam caskey, today is the day things are starting to change.
6:50 am
>> you can kind of be your own forecast. the more sun shine you see the longer you have the sun from lunch to midafternoon, the higher your chances are of seeing strong storms. it really heats up and destabilize the atmosphere. on the flip side, if you don't see much sun at all, then your chances are a little less. >> kind of a no win situation. >> the more clouds have, it will be grayer but its chances of severe storms are reduced. but here we have a beautiful shot of this guy this morning. he took this at the park and ride lot. a few sprinkles moved through but this was after the rain, red around sunrise. 72 degrees downtown, winchester, 66. lexington park, 73. a little schaffer were moving toward lexington park.
6:51 am
piney point, a tall timbers -- just seeing the light rain pushing north. a few other sprinkles from loudoun county to jefferson county. prince george's, anne arundel county. the rain will be limited light, and brief. some sunshine by midday and afternoon. widespread showers and storms expected this afternoon and evening. the biggest threat will be straight line winds and flash flooding but there is a slight chance of seeing a few isolated tornadoes later on. something to keep a close eye on. big improvement for the weekend. >> you are watching "good morning washington." we are back after this, and w do you ever wish you could make some things just disappear? ♪ ♪ [ ping! ] [ ping! ping! ] that's why i use new tampax radiant. it helps keep my period invisible, combing tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapp so all they'll see is me.
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>> we need to check the top stories. unfortunate update to a horrible story out of hyattsville, maryland, or five children were struck by an suv. the ballots of of the woman driving the vehicle tells abc 7 the 8-year-old who was struck has died. that's a eight-year old and a two-year old also hit are apparently children of the woman driving the suv. police say the woman acting as tv in the driveway where somehow she accelerated, striking the children. she is reportedly still in police custody for questioning. the surviving children injuries are said to be serious to critical. crews are out working to fix a
6:55 am
broken water main along connecticut avenue nw d.c. work is expected to continue throughout the morning. n street clothes that dupont -- only one southbound and of a north brown -- northbound lanes open on connecticut avenue. if you want something to kick up your friday and that we can offer a good start how about doing it with a doughnut? it is national goal that day and the bindle that's giving away one free do not to customers if you buy a beverage. the salvation army established national done that day in 1948 to honor women who served doughnuts to soldiers during world war ii one end krispy kreme demint 1 dunaway without a purchase. >> i think it will work for me too. what is not working is traffic across the wilson bridge. scheduled roadwork throughout the weekend into monday morning
6:56 am
through alexandria. use the local lanes instead of the through lanes to cross over the wilson bridge out of maryland in to va or use southeast d.c. throughout the weekend. >> a few scratches and sprinkles -- some storms could be strong and severe. stay tuned to abc 7 and -- twitter facebook, everything. the weekend, lower humidity, comfortable, and temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. today, increase in humidity, but just for today. we have the breast cancer of what tomorrow morning of the weather looks agreeable. the ground maybe a little soggy and damp but otherwise we will clear up. but that would do it for "good morning washington" this morning and a concert series
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