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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the core of these storms are from manassas to montclair. there you see the area. a lot of lightning with that. that will move to the general direction of the west side of the district or the next 20 or 30 minutes. the areas of greatest concern are dale city, burke, and manassas. those are from the western portion of the severe thunderstorm warning we are trying to keep an eye on. that warning and the west side of the city until 5:30 this afternoon. hail the size of quarters are possible in these cells as they move north. you can see just to the se -- it extends to pay market. that extends to manassas. that portion of prince william county will cross over to fairfax before long.
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can we switch over to the east side of town one more time? very intense rain. that is what i say about flooding. certainly what i have seen in the past 30 minutes with the storm, there will be standing low lying water issues because of these storms knowing that more are coming along a little later as we track -- if we can go to storm can -- storms can again. this is a new line that stretches into the raleigh area and to central north carolina. that will push in the same direction up toward the greater washington area. we will have several more hours of these severe thunderstorm warnings and the possibility of isolated tornadoes. western maryland, our viewers and cumberland, we will watch for you, too. there is another line on the
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cold front coming in from the west. it will be a very active night. that is what we have for you at the moment. no other warnings to pass along. i can assure you there will be more as the severe weather continues from the south side of virginia over the next few hours. >> good deal. we will give you a chance to take a break. we are going to hit the streets for a moment. team coverage from all over virginia and d.c. for you this evening. let's begin with jennifer donelan. you were in the damascus area. i hear that you saw what appeared to be or tornado this afternoon? >> we were 1 mile south of what appeared to be a tornado. we had to take cover quickly. i am down here because what you cannot see behind me is a driveway. this just goes to show how
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quickly things can happen. this is a massive tree that was and a gentleman posy friend yard in damascus. it came crashing down blocking his entire driveway. we will be speaking with him live in a moment. i want to take you back through the afternoon and how things progressed. we saw these threatening clouds moving into the area. we were going down to 70 from the d.c. area. the wind began to pick up. then all just opened up. as we arrived into damascus, that is what we had the tornado warning. doug hill saying get inside the building now. that had completely lost power. people were standing in the lobby because they were afraid to go outside. then we were able to finally get out and survey some of the damage. we heard about the large trees coming down and people posy
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friend yards. that is when we met paul. i will have to come around here and join me. he had just arrived home from -- you heard on the radio -- >> 124 and main street. we were two blocks away. >> what is going on for your mind? >> race to get home. >> we can see this tree here. as you polling, where is your driveway? >> went to pull in but i cannot find my driveway. >> you are very fortunate. why is that? >> if you look at where the tree fell, it could have fallen in the street, on top of a passing car, it could have fallen on my house. >> you have a new appreciation for mother nature. >> absolutely. >> there is a realistic side of
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this. this is going to come at a cost for you. >> $875. >> the entire viewing area is under this watch until 9:30. i think you can testify to how quickly things can go badly. >> and never thought i would see the street now. this tree is huge. it is one of the bigger ones. >> i know you have a miss here to clean up. stay safe and stay dry. that is the latest here from manassas. >> thank you. it is amazing how quickly things can change. >> that is the scene in damascus. i want to get back to doug hill. >> the national weather service's maintaining the tornado warning in the area not far from andrews air force base
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for 10 minutes or so. they are indicating a continued rotation not far from andrews. the storm continues to move up. you can pick up the area between andrew's and district heights, if there is a tornado on the ground this will be the area just north of sea and road -- just north of suitland road up past marlboro pike, somewhere in that area is probably where we are looking for a tornado or fall. it is possible too, given the nature of this storm that if there is a circulation it could be arraigned unwrapped. we will not get a chance to see the final because the rain may be wrapped into the system. -- the funnel because the rain may be wrapped into the system. there is the part we were
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telling you about. andrews, across marlboro pike in district heights. that is where it is if it is on the ground. a densely populated area. if you are able to hear me right now and you live in those areas go downstairs to an interior room of your house. there are real are indications right now and that specific region of circulation and a possible tornado surrounded by areas of heavy rain. you see all the little white crosshatches, those are residential street. densely populated area. we cannot narrow it down any more than that except to save from walker road on the north to andrews air force base on the south and west of the beltway that is the entire region that may be threatened by a tornado. hence the tornado warning continues for another 10 minutes or so. we will keep our eye on this one for you. anything new that develops will get back to you in a couple of
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minutes. >> virginia saw a fair amount of storm action as well. we have an eye witness picture from sterling, virginia. that certainly looks like funnel cloud. horace holmes is in dale city. >> it is quiet here right now. ever the past few minutes if you look up in the sky, a very thick, dark cloud has moved right over our heads and is continuing to move and around us. we have seen just about everything. heavy rain thunder and lightning, and even a little bit of hale. these guys are threatening right now. >> the storm moving quickly to northern virginia with wind hail, thunder and lightning. all of this caught james and police said german by surprise as they rushed to get into their new home. >> you have bad weather coming.
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>> we are almost done. >> people were looking to the heavens fearing what was to come. >> it definitely looks ugly. hopefully it will blow past us. >> it did not blow by bubble into dale city. david hall works for a glass and window company. he expects a busy night. >> the afternoon is not the time we want to have extracurricular work going on. glass makes a -- >> back here in dale city. that is a very frightening sight right there. the very low clouds, starting to rain. we are seeing a little bit of lightning out here in dale city. at this point there have been reports of any injury or flooding. >> thank you in virginia. we do have some new warnings.
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>> a brand a tornado warning issued for central prince william county and southern fairfax county. doppler radar indicating rotation with the possible tornado. a little bit to the west of lake ridge right near dale city. horace holmes is right on top of it. he is right in the path of where the storm is developing. we see the storm -- the timing of this is about 40 miles per hour to the northeast. this. just to the west of dale city and lake ridge. as it continues to move to the northeast it will move right over very intense areas, highly populated areas along the rte. 1 corridor. that is an area we will monitor as we go through. a lot of hill possibility torrential rains as well.
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it is a severe thunderstorm. a lightning and ahil. -- hail. until 5:45 third central prince william county, if you are anywhere in or near lake ridge burke, springfield 395 495 interchange and the south to franconia, you are in the path of the storm. it is suggested you take cover immediately. do not wait any more to find out what happens. is a violent complex of storms moving in. that whole area to the west to have them and coming up the river from dumfries to dale city and up to the 395 interchange with the beltway just a tremendous outbreak of severe weather. we will have more for you coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. we always know we get power
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outages. we want to bring you the latest number here in virginia. there are a little more than 7100 dominium customers without power. the ge is 2500 without service. >> there has been no shortage of mother nature's displays of power. you can see the lightning strikes there. there is when you can see on the far left side of the screen. lots of those strikes showing up on the radar as well. they're happening all over the region but particularly in their area. >> that is certainly a threatening seen. >> definitely a good reason for you out there to take cover. here is what we saw when jennifer donelan stepped out of her car a couple of hours ago.
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take a look at this. >> i do not know if you can hear that thunder. do you see those clouds? right there? right in downtown damascus right now. i know i cannot hear you. we are close to where the tornado is a concern. look at those clouds are there. if you look at the sky you can see it looks really bad. we have even seen a little bit of rotation in the clouds over here. the rain is really starting to come down. i am afraid we will lose the fund. the rangers picked up. we are going to get inside of a
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building. >> just as she had to run inside use of school buses driving through the same. >> this is a very wise move on her part to take cover. i know that was a scary moment there. >> these storms span of very quickly. a severe thunderstorm can spend up a tornado in a matter of seconds. we will continue to get two separate areas under tornado warnings are in now. let's go to live super doppler radar. the eastern storm, that is one we tracked out of southern sections of charles county one hour and a half ago. where are you seeing and doppler radar? >> we see some circulation moving to the northeast. let's switch modes a little bit. you are looking at the rain fall and maybe a little bit of hail.
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there you can still see a little bit of rotation in this area just north of district heights. you see a little counterclockwise rotation. it does not look as an impressive as earlier but we still see it out there. >> that area is moving 25 miles per hour to the northeast. now we have a fresh set of tornado warnings south and west through portions of southern fairfax county prince william county as well. the complex in manassas and another along the woodbridge. that continues until 5:45. >> in the woodbridge area that is where we have what looks like could be a little bit of rotation. a little noisy right there with the action out there. it looks like right here this could be one location of concern.
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those of you familiar with the prince william county area, this is the intersection with old bridge road. almost in the lake ridge area. it looks like we are picking up a little bit of rotation. i will pull in a little bit tighter and see if i can find anything more detailed. harvard drive. it looks like we are picking up a little bit of rotation there. is noisy at this time. >> we are looking at the right- hand side of the screen at wbal's chopper. i suspect they are in that portion not far from b w white. -- bwi.
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it looks like they are flaring out looking off west here. that is just south of baltimore city. now we have our two tornado warnings we have been dealing with. >> it looks like they dropped a little over prince george's county. >> now we have the one tornado warning in effect for another 25 or 30 minutes south and west of the city to include prince william county as well. what are we finding a in the complex near manassas stretching up toward 66? >> right now looking at some of the outer wrap -- algorithms we could have half an inch of hill. in terms of rotation which is the biggest concern with these storms let's fire this up and see if we can find in the rotation in there.
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a little bit right here east of manassas. just south of the clifton area looks like a little rotation is trying to come together. it is not a textbook. definitely an indicator of rotation. >> when we talk about inbound and outbound, we see air moving in two different directions at the same time. that is what we have is spinning rotation. we are spinning in the atmosphere. we are picking up at those wind speeds, there is some rotation. it may be more indicative of the thunderstorm itself. that is how it all starts. >> we had a lot of spin in our atmosphere today. we knew there would be severe weather and a good possibility of tornadoes. you see the green on your screen, that indicates -- the
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rain moving toward the rich are in the sterling, virginia. when you get that put together in this orientation, notice how you get the rotation. right there around henderson road south of clifton, you get the rotation when the colors line up like that. pretty heavy rain fell regardless. good chance of more flash flooding. >> an update on wbal, that is in carroll county were they had a couple rounds of severe weather. that is the. they are flying over rainout. we have our hands full right
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here with our own localize stuff. all we can do is monitor here. technology has allowed us to look inside in real time for these storms and try to get a clue of what mother nature has in store. that is what we were able to do. that is why it adds more meaning to the tornado warnings when they are issue that you have to take seriously because storms in this atmosphere can spend up very quickly. this was sterling, virginia, and nasty storm as a went through this afternoon. we have plenty more where that came from. can we switch over to storms can just to give you a look at what lies to the south of the metro area? there is a line of storms extending under the tornado warning now all the way south to
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north carolina. each one of these individual clusters will do the same thing adam has been showing you. they will each produce hail, lightning, maybe hail the size of quarters. we will see if that extends down to the ground. >> that is moving right over 50 at this intersection with the beltway. right there as you had around the beltway over landover heights especially northeast. i have not gotten any reports of actual hale, just large raindrops. that does not mean between some of our reports there were not spots of hail out there. we're still looking at this area south of springfield or moving into springfield bush enough to the northeast. that is another heavy one capable of gusty winds moving northward.
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it looks like it will be -- that is potentially up to 1 inch and a half, potentially significant help. we have the rotation you see on your screen moving toward burke crossing 7100 ran out. >> those are the areas where he is pinpointing you need to take cover and immediately. there is circulation and a possible tornado. >> thank you. we will see you in just a bit. you mentioned iran that was going through largo a little while ago. -- you mentioned the rain and going through largo a little while ago. >> we have been seeing the rain come and go. at the moment it is picking up once again. the biggest thing we have seen as the lightning and thunder
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over the past couple of minutes. that is what we have been seeing is a lot of lightning and thunder. we have not seen any tale i hear. it has been off and on every the heavy rains. just when you think you get a loll in the rain, it starts to pick up once again. it has been a lot of back-and- forth as we continue to monitor what is going gun. right now the rain is starting to taper off. as soon as we think it is starting to taper off it picks up heavily once again. >> tell us, are you seeing a lot of people try to drive their around and all of this? >> we have seen a number of people when the rain comes and really slowed down. here with the rain and people driving we have seen a lot of people trying to get into their car thinking there is a moment for a break. it is not fast enough before the
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iran picks back up. some people heeding warnings and slowing down. >> you state safe and keep us posted. >> thank you. we are hoping to go out to jennifer donelan. we are staying in maryland. what is the latest out there? >> we are live in damascus and i want to give you an idea of how much damage we have. this is the house. this is a driveway. the front of the driveway completely covered by a tree. this happened within moments. we will walk around to the fronts to you can get a good idea of how large this tree is and how powerful the storm was to snap this thing halfway up the base. it came crashing down. i stand about 5 foot 9 and this is a towering over me. you can see the wind came
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through in an instant and snapped this thing. the home owners said it looks like it twisted and came down. he was desperate to get back here and this is what he came home to. this all happened very quickly. i think this is a lesson for everyone watching right now we are under a tornado watch until 9:00 tonight. we were a mile away when this thing came through. it happened so quickly that once we left we came up the street and we found this tree down and several other large trees down. when they say take cover, this is why you take cover. >> thank you it for that. we will check back in charlie. now we want to go back to our meteorologist, our team working hard. what is the latest on the warnings? >> we have a brand a tornado
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warning issued until 6:00 for northeastern prince george's county, western anne arundel southeastern howard. >> north of largo pushing off to the north. triangulate between movie landover, and largo. the reason d.c. the yellow and red spending circle, that is because we have rotation in the upper levels of the atmosphere at lower levels of the atmosphere. this continues to track of to the northeast. let's see if we can spot any rotation and try to pinpoint the neighborhood. there rego. that looks pretty decent. -- there we go. he see the green on top and read
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on the bottom. that is some pretty good rotation. see if we can figure out how much rotation, give you a number. that right there, -47. about 80 miles per hour, that is pretty good. a good chance of a tornado east. that is crossing over route 50. you're looking at the center part of your screen. this little road. the inner section here. that is a neighborhood you definitely want to seek shelter right now. if you do not have a basement seek shelter in a closet or interior room. the locations will track toward the northeast at this time. >> this is the only game in
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town at the my right now. route 50, that will continue northeast eventually about 25 or 30 miles per hour right now. it will not be long before even places like miller's ville and portions ofanne arundel county. >> annapolis road and the vista gardens drive, that is what little road here in the center part of your screen. i have not seen a report -- have you seen a report of a funnel cloud or anything? everybody is shaking their head. the reports yet of a tornado actually on the ground. this is doppler radar indicated at the time. you saw the wind shear of almost 90 miles per hour, rather impressive. you see the back edge of the rain is crossing over 50. basically any community north
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of 50 right here and towards green belt around the beltway in prince george's county and also it will effect buoy, all those communities north of rte. 50. that is where we have the primary threat with this. >> go up to frederick. the weather service just issued a tornado warning for central frederick county. that is until 6:00. it looks like the right just to the west of frederick is that -- is where that will be. >> we did have some spend there. let's check out the velocity. just west of the city of frederick. the use the reds and greens come together right along to 70 pushing off to the northeast. >> that is moving northeast at 25. until 6:00, if you are in
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frederick, all those communities, you can see how bad these guys are. take cover right now in the basement or interior room away from windows until the danger passes. a sudden increase of wins outside of your home is your key to get away from windows and seek shelter in the interior section of your house. adam is circling the area up toward baltimore national pipe extending west. those are the areas right now where the circulation center is. the next sweep that comes in, the next day that center of circulation will move north of rte. 40 and become on the west side in the northern suburbs and part of the city of frederick. >> i will get rid of some of these roads on there because they are in a little confusing.
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we have a good signature of rotation on the western edge of the city of frederick and communities just outside of rhetoric on the western side. -- outside of upfront -- frederick on the west side. shookstown road that is where you want to seek shelter immediately. >> we have that one and we also have the one in northern prince george's county and northern anne arundel county. we will get back to allison and leon in the back up today in a moment. >> keep your eyes on the hot spot right now we have video of what is coming in and virginia. >>autria is live in virginia.
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>> it is interesting to point out within the last 30-45 seconds the rain has really picked up. we are and herndon and the rain is really starting to come down hard. this is pretty much what we have seen throughout the last couple of hours. we have been driving all over the loud and county area. we have been through lessburg seeing heavy spurts of rain. and it will drop off quite a bit. understanding there is another band of storms heading through this area. for the most part, no real flooding, no serious hazard on the roadway. we have not releasing this have much of an impact on traffic. the rains just now starting to pick up. as this is happening we are also seeing these guys starting to
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leighton back up once again the as this storm slowly pushes its way a little more north. for the most are no major problems or traffic hazards. just a little bit of rain. >> no hale? -- no hail? all right. i think we are having a hard time -- >> that is understandable. >> it is interesting to see the situation, so widespread in our region. this is somewhat unusual. you see it in d.c., maryland, virginia all of the same time. >> mother nature basically aimed at this storm right at this region. it covers most of the eastern half of the country. it's trailing straight up through this area and that is where we see the fact in far
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western counties in virginia and what we see on the eastern counties of maryland. doug hill is still tracking all of this right now. we do understand some of the tornado warnings have actually been lifted for now. we still have a long way to go this evening. >> will still have frederick md. under the gun right now. we are taking a look at some of the videos that our crews took earlier as the were driving through some of the conditions. what is the very latest on the warnings so we can keep everyone up-to-date? >> the warning am prince william county, winding down on the radar. we have the center of circulation and prince george's county. we have won just on the north and west of the city of frederick. those are the two most severe storms of a bunch of nasty stuff
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out there. we are looking at live super doppler seven radar. west of buoy it is pushing to the northeast. -- bowie it is pushing to the northeast. flash flood warning until a:30 tonight because of torrential rains falling. they are moving fairly quickly but they are big enough that they are dropping down a lot of rain in the process as they move through. our headlines from top to bottom, a tornado warning for another 15 minutes for northern prince george's county princeanne arundel county, fort meade in that area. >> basically from bowie to croft and, that is the biggest threat for rotation. >> then the other one and the fed northwest of the city of frederick. the entire area under a flash flood watch until midnight,
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specifically montgomery, prince george's county under a flash flood warnings until 8:30. we are back up on the frederick tornado right now on live super doppler radar. wbal's chopper is overtop something. i am trying to see what they are making out on that image. >> those are lawn chairs. they're showing some flooding. >> that is it from us right now. as we look downstream on our storms can, there are a lot more storms stretching all the way to north carolina. each one of those looks like it has the bead on the general viewing area for the next two or three hours. >> really quickly the rotation just west and northwest of the city of frederick to the northeast about to cross over to yellow springs road to the northwest of rhetoric. that is where we have the danger zone with the rotation. >> -- northwest of frederick.
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>> here we are on a friday afternoon. everybody is trying to head out. this is the fact in the traffic situations. we have heard that the orange line service has been suspended between chevrolet. they are setting up bus service to help people out there. if you take the orange line that they have suspended the service. >> will be checking other lines to make sure we keep you up-to- date everywhere. we do have met her on the phone right now. -- metro on the phone riht now. what is the latest? >> it is pretty much as you reported. we have a downed tree out there on the orange line. services temporarily suspended. orange line trains heading back toward vienna are turning around and we are running a
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shuttle train back and forth between carroll 10 and cheverly. crews are on that but we are experiencing delays in both directions. because the blue line overlaps thrall of downtown, this is causing congestion delays for blue line customers as well. you want to give yourself plenty of additional time as we go through the balance of the evening commute tonight. the other thing i should mention is metro bus service as a result significant delays tonight. they will carry -- they vary but they are pretty much where the storms are. that is where bus delays are most significant. there are significantly -- there are significant bus delays throughout the region. >> are you seeing the biggest
5:39 pm
problem there at the orange line or anything else we need to make people aware of? >> that is the only disruption on the rail system at this moment. it is having a ripple effect through the system. it will delay people waiting at soggy bottom as well as people waiting at vienna and springfield. you will feel the delayed effects from the downed tree at cheverly. green or yellow are not seeing the any problems. >> let me ask you looking forward through the evening, we know this could be going on for quite awhile and considering how high your writers should maybe because of this, is there any thinking about extending the hours of metro this evening? >> we will monitor service levels as we go through the evening.
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but we saw because the storms were well predicted days in advance and certainly as we went through the day today, people knew the storm for coming. many people left work early. we saw trains for more full than you would otherwise suspect. we do not know how many people will try to travel on the other side of the severe weather but we will be monitoring that. >> thank you very much. once again the headline, the orange line suspended because of a downed tree. that will cause lots of the leas. please let us know if anything changes. thank you for your time. >> that is also for those on the blue line as well. that can cause back up because they do right on the same rails through much of the town. we are just getting any alert -- and eller coming in. doug hill has been focusing
5:41 pm
their attention on different rotation's they see popping up in prince george's county. the county executive just tweeted that they have of -- enacted their emergency operation center. you can follow for any updates there. >> we want to let you know the latest on power outages as of about five minutes ago. pepco has a little more than 17,000. bge 4,000. because of the latest numbers for you right now. let's come back to our meteorologist. >> i am guessing what they are looking at is an area of circulation north of baltimore city. i think that is what they are looking at in that shot.
5:42 pm
closer to the matter. we have had our own rotation still do. just made across northern prince george's county across the river into anne arundel county . >> moving basically from croft and across to the town . -- to the county line. we just got a picture in here that shows a little appendage coming down from the storm over route 50. it is hard to determine if that is a funnel cloud. a good reason that we have a tornado warning still in effect until 6:00. >> you can check out the storm in a little more detail and see what we can pick out. we are looking at some flair -- this distortion coming out of bowie.
5:43 pm
we have the circulation center just north of that. moving off into and around all county. this has been a tenacious storm. it is still hanging together and showing a pretty solid block of rotation as the moves north. that is moving at 25 to 30 miles per hour. this is the only court action we have right now. we have a flood warnings in effect throughout the region. farther to the south and west of the district rainout. >> we have been focusing on rotations. that is the most life- threatening situation. we also want to stress a flash flooding going on outside. what we saw in the damascus with people trying to drive through the road, that is the last thing you want to do. there is some ongoing flash flooding elsewhere.
5:44 pm
>> this is automated. we should take a moment to explain the computer base uses town names, zip code names land parcel names. as you look for these communities listed where the storms will arrive in 10 or 15 minutes, this makes sense to people who live in the immediate area and have knowledge. a couple of these towns i have never heard of. >> those are the location seeing that rotation right now. >> we will be back with you in a couple of minutes. >> will give back to you in just a bit. you mentioned how people in parts of maryland should be very concerned about storms over head right now. pepco is monitoring the power situation. 17,000 reported outages.
5:45 pm
we are joined by pepco to get the status report. what can you tell us right now? >> we are hovering right around 17,000. numbers are bouncing around a little bit. there are primarily in the district. we of 10,000 out in the district. what i would like to point out is we are getting reports of downed wires, which is critical for customers to report and stay away from. if customers do see downed wires they should give us a call at 1- 877-pepco-62. if they had electric service that can record them on line as well. that is one thing we do ask customers to stay safe and stay away from downed wires. >> we are not out of the storms at all. what can you tell us that pepco is doing in preparation for what
5:46 pm
we may see in the coming hours? >> we have been preparing beentree trimming and upgrading lines. today we have been adding crews and dispatchers checking inventories. we are doing everything we can to prepare for the worst. >> can you give me more specific information about what's parts of prince george's county or montgomery county whether -- we are seeing the most intense reports of very outages? >> montgomery county we are showing only three customers out. montgomery county is not the focus area. in terms of individual numbers i do not have the breakdowns right in front of me. it is primarily the district. >> you cannot tell which parts of d.c.? >> i cannot specifically. i would have to drill down to give the specific numbers. >> we understand. right now are you in a situation
5:47 pm
you might need help from other jurisdictions? >> we have boosted on our on careers. until we see what the storm will leave behind we do not know yet. we do not know what the rest of the evening will bring in what we have in terms of damage. >> here is hoping for the best. >> let's go ahead and give that number to people and remind everyone to stay away from any live wires that may be down. >> 1-877-pepco-62. >> thank you. please let us know the situation through the evening. >> we will be here waiting. >> thank you. >> the latest numbers have not changed too much. the latest report we have from virginia dominion is 2000. with bge a total of almost 5000 outages. >> when you look at the break
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down here. d.c. has the most, more than 10,000. the total for pep co over 17,000. >> with bge he should look at the concentration of the outages. the highest number they had seen to be concentrated in howarsd d county. that could change because right now those numbers as far as outages are pretty low. >> we want to show you this image. this is from greenbelt. all these people driving home on a friday afternoon and that is incredibly on a must. these are the scenes playing out in our region. -- incredibly ominous. horace holmes saw a similar sky. >> we want to show you a map of
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the metro system. we want to give you more information about where we got this report of a tree that has been down on the orange line. we are told the to win stadium armory and cheverly, it is stopped on the orange line. as you can see, that also is what will cause problems going through town because the orange line and the blue line merge. with the backups they are already experiencing because of the downed tree, that will cause a bit of a backlog on the blue line as well. >> when you start having to turn trains around the know the backups will be intense. the storms are not over so the delay is are something you should prepare yourselves for. let's get back to our meteorologist. what is the latest? >> a lot of torrential rain.
5:50 pm
that is hanging together. right now just south of 32 continuing to move up. that will have to be w i as well. >> this has been one of the more impressive areas of rotation in terms of impact. we just went to our velocities and figure out about an 80 or 90 miles per hour shear. no reports of an actual touchdown. that is the key. i am not trying to make it sound like a better situation. you still need to seek shelter. as of now no reports of a touchdown. >> we have seen finals trying to form up and clouds recall scott on the bottom of these advancing
5:51 pm
lines of thunderstorms. because of the atmosphere, every single storm has an element of twisting and turning. when they twist and turn that is where we pick up indication why is. >> for more than frederick county, that is frederick county virginia western morgan county in west virginia. that is until 6:30 p.m. this is moving northeast at 35 miles per hour. we're starting to see a little more organization in the shenandoah valley. the cold front is coming in from the west. we are starting to see more highly organized clusters of storms coming together and moving to the northeast. there will be impact -- >> there
5:52 pm
is a line that extends from washington to the southwest through fredericksburg on the west's lead of richmond. everything has a general north- south motion. each one of these individual cells and segments has its own nastiness associated with it be it hail, torrential downpours and the possibility each could launch a tornado. that is what we have been tracking right now for prince george's county. we continue monitoring these heavy areas of rain. the areas highlighted in red prince william county, fairfax county and those are under a flash flood warnings right now. everything that falls there is a
5:53 pm
problem and concern. the entire viewing area is under a flash flood watch until midnight. 2 inches of rain per hour, that is pretty healthy rainfall falling. that is how we get into these flooding situation so quickly. we have those in the fact. we have severe thunderstorm warnings and the fact. there are lines all over the place. more showers pushed to the north and the northeast. >> there are severe down by richmond. we have a severe thunderstorm warning outside of richmond. that is moving our way. everything develops to the south that we are watching is develop near richmond, charlottesville. it is severe or had a tornado warning, that is moving up toward the arlington area.
5:54 pm
we have a warning for eastern frederick county howard county until 9:15 for the flash flood warning. you can see why. we just showed you the rainfall. that is about 2 inches per hour. >> that line is really impressive. we also have one coming up west of the blue ridge through the northern sections of the shenandoah valley. that will be approaching as well as we get through. >> we do have a report of a funnel cloud from frederick county md. 1 mile east of jefferson. there was a confirmed it funnel cloud with that storm. >> looking now -- the you want to go back to doppler so we can check in for our viewers in frederick county? that has moved well north to the
5:55 pm
city of frederick. it will move up toward the carroll county line. the entire area finishes under a tornado warning until 6:15 as that storm moves about 30 miles per hour to the northeast. we have our hands full with the storms. we have these additional lines that stretch a couple hundred miles south of here. >> there is a rotation right there where you see the warning at the bottom of the screen. right over the first and thn, that is where you have rotation. again, this has a history of a confirmed that funnel cloud. there is a good possibility of 1. >> there is probably rain unwrapped as well. it is when you will not be able to see.
5:56 pm
that is where you have to take used to take cover immediately. >> thank you so much for all of that information. now we have been talking about the traffic situation. we have problems on metro. we want to take a closer look at the roads. >> jerry how does a lot out there? >> it is real slow in a lot of places. we have been suggesting that if you do not have to be out right now it is probably a good idea not to be out. if you are on your way home from work, that is a different story. we are seeing slow traffic. you can see along the 395 stretch on the northbound side very serious crashed there. a single lane is getting by to the far left. heavy traffic on 395 near the
5:57 pm
14th street bridge. basically crawling delays there a lot of these areas. if you look at 395, you will find accident activity. a very slow go through that stretch as well. 66 was down as you head out of town as well, lots of heavy traffic. even into maryland, the inner loop of the beltway, the delays began in virginia through a good bit of montgomery county over to the area for new hampshire ave. also on the inner loop of the belt way we see slow traffic working your way across the wilson bridge. we are seeing some issues with our cameras right now. a slow go through many areas around the roadways. it is a good idea to stay and fl possible. >> let me ask you something.
5:58 pm
is this what is keeping the number of crashes down? it seems like you are not reporting crashes. >> we are seeing some crashes around the area. with the wet roadways the crash as go up. you get a lot more volume. we have a couple of specific problems with roadwork over the weekend near telegraph road on the inner loop. there is a single line getting through there. also they set up a new traffic pattern on the inner loop of the beltway near university boulevard. it seems like for lans are getting through, but there is something in the center of the roadway. delays began well in virginia. we estimated the 20-mile delay taking 1 mile and a half to get through there. some serious accidents in some areas as well. specifically 395 and also a
5:59 pm
crash we are working on near randolph road. >> thank you. patient is the operative word. >> when you hear 20-mile backup the know it will not be a good thing. >> we have been telling you about the situation on metro. here is a picture that was tweeted out. the tree is down on the orange line at stadium-armory and cheverly. they have had to suspend service. we know they are turning trains around and there are lots of delays. here is a map so you can see the location between cheverly and sadium armory. once again there is a look from somebody who is


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