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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ in a world where ♪ there is so much to see ♪ there's still no other place ♪ that i would rather, rather ♪ rather, rather be ♪ [ male announcer ] dip into sabra hummus and discover a little taste of the world. enjoy sabra dips. adventure awaits. don't money.he jordan zimmermann is back in jail. -- george zimmerman is back in jail. people are saying no real expenditure.
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-- a rail expenditure. is back inimmerman jail tonight. he surrendered this afternoon hisr a raid judge revoked bail. -- after a judge revoked his bail. weeks zimmerman as six came to a crashing halt on saturday. this is his mug shot after he was forced to surrender to seminal county, fla. .uthorities bars afterbehind thisading the court about his finances. the core of the issue is how does the man actually have.
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zimmerman and his wife claimed had very little money. prosecutors said that to bond when, in fact, raised about $135,000 line defense fund. his attorney concedes this development could hurt his client. a credibility issue. now that credibility is subject attack or could be tarnished. that he killedid martin in self-defense. but now he is back in jail facing a second-degree murder charge and a trust worthiness issue. understands the court's concerns. he understands the state's concerns and we will address those. >> as attorney hopes to clear up he calls a misunderstanding at another bond hearing. the judge will decide whether
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be another bond hearing. attorney is applauding the decision. the meantime, he is by cell for cell his own safety. it is 67 square feet with a bed, toilet, and st.. after a string of tornadoes, withwere dealing thunderstorms today. we have the first look at your forecast. thesehave been watching showers and thunderstorms. good news from the situation. warnings, no watches, and we expect any watches or warnings to the overnight hours. pushing through southern fredericton to .ontgomery county not really will amount to a
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whole lot. your weather headlines through the evening hours. overnight, temperatures will fall into the 60's. coming up, we will look at the extended outlook. do have unsettled weather on the way. but next beat -- but next week bad.'t look so county leaders will hold a to talktomorrow night about extending metro train service into virginia. but some say no way. >> unissued they will be debating tomorrow night and months is the coming whether metro should go to dulles airport or should it keep going through dulles airport and the dulle greens way for two more stops? burn shopping center
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--r the proposed final stop this is ashburn shopping center near the proposed final stop. i was here for 40 years. find a lot of adamantlyesidents bringing the metrolink to loudoun. crime. be awful. even here, there is some support. would be good for the area. more people will help our local businesses. be a jam packed public hearing tomorrow night. be a lot of folks for against bringing metro past dulles into loudoun. it will start at 6:30 p.m.
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already over 100 people will speak. be a long night in the board of supervisors decide whether want metro to come into county were at the want dulles airport. >> what a terrifying week of in prince woman county after a car slammed into her bedroom while she was sleeping. the woman was in her bedroom when a car came crashing through apartment onoor riverdale rd. appeared the knocked her off of her bed and onto the floor. >> i heard a really loud noise, loud. i thought something came up from the roof. my son said it was a tree that fell down. a car.was the victim was taken to the
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hospital for treatment. police are still investigating. right now, it appears that the pulling into a space when her brakes failed. and 11-year-old boy is dead accidentally -- he was accidentally shot by his brother. there were fooling around with a secretly taken from a neighbor's home. prosecutors are reviewing the case. >> a warning for drivers in montgomery county. police is stepping up enforcement. they will hand out tickets to tailgaters and drivers.e publicpe to educate the about aggressive driving. you may want to calm down a little bit on the road because prices are changing.
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local drivers are paying even , about 3 $52 -- $3.52 per gallon. >> it is nice to see prices going down. sight in newzing city this afternoon. the space shuttle enterprise way to its new home at the intrepid sea and aerospace museum. been housed at the air space museum in northern virginia. what happened today as the diamond jubilee. a game show icon that passed away today. a game show icon t[ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years
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week. selection is expected on tuesday. accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. experts say the case him will likely hinge on credibility of his accuser. they alleged that sandusky and theim in his home locker room and local hotels. denied any wrongdoing. is remembering actor game show host richard dawson. in los angeles last night from complications from cancer. he will be forever linked to the show "family feud." always picked vote -- he always kissed the women on that show. that was his trademark. he was 79. >> fairy tales can come true, especially if the dream is to be box office.t the
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"snow white and the hunter and" and the huntsman" debuted this weekend. earned 56 by-- it $3 million. up, queen elizabeth's to the water with a few hundred of her closest friends. >>
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it is a celebration six decades in the making. queen celebrated her today. jubilee step upper lips were today.les she is just an amazing woman. >> thank you. the center of their affection, queen elizabeth ii thee a royal barge down river escorted by a flotilla of 1000 ships.
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the queen lays three generations her royal family. her husband 65 years, prince philip, her son and heir prince camilla,nd his wife grandson's prince harry prince william's, as well as royal, his wife kate. she is celebrating her 60th year throne. people have known as a fresh-faced young woman herhad just learned of father's death. a queen ant 25, young mother children, ae grandmother, and now the second- serving monarch in british history. they turned up by the tens of thousands to congratulate her, this distinctive tip of the hat. weather could not dampen good feelings. all night? been here yes, in the pouring rain. [laughter] >> why? >> its for our queen.
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>> one of the great ladies of great britain. and the big do believe-does not end here. days ofe two more spectacular days organized -- big bash does not end here. there are two more days of events organized. performance atl the howard theatre. ng.nne reeves sayin the jazz fest runs through sunday. information, log onto our website. a beautiful evening to be had. both of theged
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the district and the media theory. forso lucky north to a bus the head showers and frigid of us where they had not so lucky- of us where they had showers and thunderstorms. just a break in the clouds, but tonight expect a whole lot of through thewe move hours to 78 hours. 80 degrees was the high temperature at reagan national airport. temperatures have cooled a bit.e now at 68 degrees, the dewpoint level is around 50. radio.ees that wtop they had a high today as 76 degrees. 65 degrees at the, part. had a high today of 77 a morning low of 57
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degrees. just cooler to the south and of us. 64 degrees in fredericksburg and southern maryland. cooler and drier air to the of us.nd east is where they had a few showers earlier in the day. showers move from the north into earlier this afternoon. some thunderstorm warnings and now they're just a showers moving across the area. you want to keep your umbrella for when you head out tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow , there's a chance for some more showers. where the showers are located right now, beginning to -- k up a little bit montgomery county. most of it will move through the next hour or so.
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this is what it looks like for the next 48 hours temperatures remain year average for tomorrow and then cooled down tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the forecast for tonight. for the day tomorrow, mostly breezy.nd expect a few showers and thunderstorms, mostly in the afternoon hours. temperatures around 80 degrees. extended outlook lower-ytime highs in the 70's. temperatures will warm back into and head over to to get the latest forecast of 24 hours a day. fans were glued to the tv
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because tiger is roaring back. today, he was like the old tiger. the national's made history as well. the national's made history as well. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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>> the nationals again today you'd likea way guests. the first two rookies to hit runs.o-back home bryce harper earned the rookie month award. in the bottom of the first, steve lombard throws one to deep right, making his home state of
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as his firstd home run. back to the dugout. doing anything. they don't care? oh, yes, they do. giving him some love then bryce harper it's one of his own, his fifth homer of the year. same deal. dugout and in the comes cheering. in the top of the fifth inning, between shortt and third. the braves take the lead for good and win 3-2. >> he had pretty good stuff. he really couldn't get the ball the ball in. -- the ball in. the orioleshosting
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crashed to deep left center, and a solo shot weight in the crowd. get on the board 1-0. then b.j. upton reps a shot. will send two runs home. they went 8-4. tiger woods has quite a while to .o but today, old tiger was back accomplished in new feet doing it on the course of golden bear field. the long birdie putt and it just rolls right in. tiger moves to seventh. here is what is incredible. look at that. chips it. perfect placement. just right into the cup, right in. the lead at 800. and at the 18th hole, tiger with a one-stroke lead. it sinks the verdi
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exclamation poin -- birdie for the exclamation point. >> i kind of pulled off today at .he end i was a few back with a few to .o the last four was a nice finish. 16 was off a shot at sweet, too. pretty sweet. lapin ninth, a big run-up on the backstretch. over 10 cars. tony stewart gets in the lane. it was a huge mess. jimmy johnson is ahead of the car. with that flashy aqua he takes the flag in arlington. erer not a bit of
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challenge today. he takes the next three sets to the quarterfinals major.onsecutive of the nba eastern conference finals, the celtics are yes, i am putting my nails. i am glued to that game. >> in the first half [inaudible] i am glued to that game. >> in i hate getting less.dible] but i love getting more.
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dreams came true earlier today for a group of disabled children. they held their annual several ball. up inung man got to dress tuxedos and the women wore fancy downs. one said it made her feel like a princess. it is so great. ♪
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>> how was the work week looking? >> tuesday, wednesday,
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