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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ve details. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden. >> everything is on normal service. we started off with a crash now gone in dickerson, maryland. 28 has been reopened. we will give you the green light on 95, south into richmond and north into baltimore clear out to the airport if. pretty good shape on the greenway, the toll road, 66, 270. we will look at the american legion bridge, beautiful. beautiful on the weather front? >> not so bad. very refreshing. open the windows and let the fresh air in today and tomorrow if. by the weekend you will want the air-conditioning. take a look at live super doppler 7 this morning. a few sprinkles out there in charles county. lord calvert county, parts of st. mary's county, and into the middle peninsula of virginia
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and. extensive cloud cover lingering. temperatures in the '50s. it's a good morning for a long run. and outside and exercise. 57 in college park, 57 in gainesville,. 54 in, in june we often experience heat and humidity. that is not the case this week. 71 degrees today for the high temperature of. upper 60's in outlying areas of. 10 degrees below average. slight chance of the late-day showers. that's all for the forecast. >> new this morning, big developments in the scandal at penn state. jury selection begins in just a few hours in the jerry sandusky child abuse case. kendis gibson is live in a satellite center this morning with the very latest. >> despite repeated efforts by jerry sandusky to delay the trial, it does get under way a little later this morning in pennsylvania. finding a jury will be a monumental task. about it for second. the jury pool is basically the
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penn state university area, filled with university employees as well as fans as well as alumni. the trial will bring jerry sandusky face-to-face with his accusers. the of them are now grown adults. the former assistant penn state football coach is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 14-year period. he has pleaded not guilty to the charges but admits to a questionable interaction with young boys in the past. >> i have horsed around with kids, i have showered after workouts, i have hugged them and touch to their leg without intent of sexual contact. it will be up to the defense to reinvent his image in the face of jurors and to paint him as your typical 68-year-old grandfather who created the second mile charity for underprivileged children out of the kindness of his heart.
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but prosecutors alleged the charity was a breeding ground for jerry sandusky. a judge ruled there will be no veil of secrecy surrounding the accusers. they will have to testify using their real names in court and their credibility and their history will also be on trial. >> any humiliating, embarrassing experience in their past that has a bearing on their believability potentially may be revealed to all the world in the trial. >> remember mike mcqueary? his the former assistant coach at penn state university who testified in december that he saw jerry sandusky sexually molest a young boy in the showers at penn state university. his credibility will also come under fire when he takes the stand. jury selection today. and then on monday possible in the opening arguments. kendis gibson reporting. back to you. >> thank you. it's a big day in the race for president even though obama and romney have both cleansed their parties' nominations. primaries are still being held
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including large states like california and new jersey. the most closely watched state is the gubernatorial election in wisconsin. democrats are trying to remove republican governor scott walker from office if in a vote that could be a barometer of voters moods. we will talk with our experts about this and other races later this hour. the frederick county teachers' union is asking members to vote on a contract opposed by the union. the agreement would give teachers a pay raise averaging 3.5% in december. the deal also includes an increase in insurance and pension costs. the union says that would make the net pay increase only about 1%. it's ratified, the contract would take effect on july 1. >> the prince george's county police is sponsoring the first ever done by -- is sponsoring its first ever gun buyback program . people can get a gift card. the event takes place on saturday it 11:00 a.m. until
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3:00 p.m. at first baptist church of highland park in landover. >> police busted a meth lab operating inside a howard county hotel. jummy olabanji is live inin elkridge maryland, where happened. but that's right. around 10:30 last night one of the hotel guests at the holiday inn express behind us if smelled something a little funny and contacted the hotel who contacted police. police arrived and went up to the fourth floor. if in a room on the fourth for the hotel they found three men in what appears to be a math lab. they arrested those three men and they arrested a fourth man who they can on his way to the hotel room. we spoke with one of the guests who was evacuated on the fourth floor. listen. >> i was actually going out to get something to eat and i saw some cop cars drive by and then
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i saw the fire truck go by. so i turned around to see what was going on. all of a sudden more of them pulled in here. if i go up to go in and a police officer is telling another guy to turn around so i assume i will get the same treatment, but i would have to turn around if. >> that man was one of dozens of hotel guests on the fourth four evacuated to the lobby as police investigated this potential methylamine. least of not release the identities of the four men there arrested. all they will say is that they are adult men. police also say that agents from the dea could be on their way here this morning to help with this investigation. reporting live in elkridge, maryland, jummy olabanji. >> outside looking at 56 degrees, 6:06. you are looking at live video right now from st. paul's cathedral in london as queen elizabeth celebrates her diamond jubilee in grand style. >> we will show how the
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tornado cleanup is going on in maryland and virginia. >> we will look at the tuesday morning commute. if only it looked like this everywhere. 395
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>> we are from st. john's catholic prep in frederick maryland. >> good morning, washington. >> we want to say good morning to everybody out there including the folks in hampton, virginiahamptonwho had this
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seemed to wake up to on saturday morning after the tornado hit on friday night. local emergency was declared. that was provided cost $4.3 million in damage to. officials don't believe the damage will meet required levels for any state or federal assistance. emergency officials toward that area of virginia yesterday. a lot of damage in maryland from the same storm system. part of damascus littered with debris and tree limbs. the national weather service says two of friday's 9 confirm tornadoes in maryland touched down in damascus damaging roads and buildings and toppling trees, but in damascus, nobody was hurt. -- damaging roofs. >> let's start with traffic and weather now. lisa baden. >> 95 in the beltway, no worries right now. they are going to show you that the beltway looks good, nothing in tysons on route 7. not bad leaving 66 and through
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falls church for. good in the mixing bowl through springfield, virginia. to find out about the weather adam caskey. >> we have lingering sprinkles in lower southern maryland, few and far between and coming to an end. just cloudy otherwise. let's look at temperatures. still another unseasonably cool day, refreshen outside. a good morning for a workout outside to start your day. 57 in culpeper, 55 in hagerstown, 59 in the district, 54 in gaithersburg. very low humidity. keep the windows up for the next couple days, highs in the 70's. and the one today, 10 degrees below average slight chance. of late-day showers. same story through thursday. warming up on the weekend, upper 80s. chicagos, 70 degrees. storms in atlanta towards jacksonville, near 80 degrees. heat in the deep south and out
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west. dallas, 93. no delays at area airports and across the nation, no airport delays to start our tuesday morning. that's your forecast. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12 right now, 6555 degrees in leesburg. what's your dry cleaning bill could get more expensive. >> here's a live look at st. paul's cathedral in london, where the queen is celebrating her diamond jubilee. you can see the ceremony under way right now. we have a live report coming up in a moment. >> first, news for teenagers looking for work this summer. some places are hiring. more on that
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> this is "good morning
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washington" --on your side. >> summer employment for teenagers has its best start since 2006. the job market for teenagers has continued to improve. but a growing number of teenagers are abandoning the summer job market. some bad news if you get your clothing cleaned at the dry cleaners. might cost more. the cost of metal hanger's is expected to increase. the united states is imposing new trade penalties on vietnam saying it has been unfairly subsidizing wire hanger exports. >> new this morning leaders of some of the world's wealthiest countries will meet today to try to stop another worldwide economic recession. nelson has more. >> an emergency economic summit, finance ministers and central
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bank pevspresidents will participate in a telephone conference call later today. although european problems are contributing to the economic slowdown here, economists don't think the u.s. will wind up in another recession if. households owe less money, banks are more profitable, earnings are up, and even the housing market is getting better. starbucks is a credit pastry's by purchasing a big rebrand. and taco bell says the new doritos taco is very successful. yesterday was the anniversary of china's crackdown on pro- democracy demonstrators in tiananmen square. the shanghai stock exchange closed down 64.89. that is the exact date of the crackdown. i am rob nelson. >> quite a coincidence. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey >> . it is on the cool side.
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meteorological summer starts on june 1. low humidity outside as well. >> that's not bad. >> let's take a live look from our rooftop camera? . you can see clouds all across the region. even a few sprinkles lingering in parts of southern maryland. charles, calvert mary's county, they had light rain overnight and into this morning and. now that's coming to an end in terms of the light rain we have outside. upstream where it's coming from and pennsylvania, there is no ongoing showers. this is all for the morning. it is drifting south anticipating. and upper level circulation in the atmosphere, that energy periodically will dip into washington today through thursday giving us a slight chance of rain here and there today, tomorrow, and thursday. temperatures at the moment, comfortable in the '60s. 6 4 in gaithersburg, 59 degrees in
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the district. 10 degrees below average for this time of year. 68 degrees in cumberland the high temperature. 20% to 30% chance of a brief shower later on today. that will be few and far between. we will warm up gradually the next couple days. close to 80 degrees by friday. nearly 90 degrees by sunday. with that will be a little bit of a return of humidity. other than that, light rain showers today through thursday. look at the commute with lisa. >> looks good in baltimore. nothing out of the norm out of southern maryland. that includes route 5, route 4 and central avenue in thinning on 2 east capitol street and over toward union station. in virginia, we go live to newschopper 7, flying over the mixing bowl area, 95 395 the
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beltway, if somebody is paying attention in math class. looks good across the wilson bridge. not very complicated right now if you take metro rail. there on normal service. how about that? >> that is an engineering marvel. we will go a lot farther away than a mixing bowl. queen elizabeth marking her diamond jubilee in britain with elaborate events all over london. >> there have been fireworks and all-star concerts and more leading up to today, 60 of anniversary as queen. roger clark is live in london to tell us more about the celebration out there. >> good morning. we're having a giant party in the united kingdom. it's been going on three days now. millions of people literally up and down britain have been taking part in the celebrations to celebrate her majesty the queen's 60 of the anniversary on the throne. on sunday we had a giant
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flotilla of boats on the thames river. we have not seen anything like that for 350 years in this country. the queen was part of that flotilla. then the celebration moved to buckingham palace where an amazing concert took place, the likes of which will be talked about for many years to come. >> ♪ there will be an angel ♪ >> buckingham palace provided the backdrop for some of the world's greatest musicians. >> ♪ she's still standing after all this tim >> thousands of concertgoers and performers including paul mccartney and stevie wonder. prince charles and the queen came on to the stated the end of the concert. the prince of wales paying a moving tribute to his mother and noticeably absent father. and then the night skies were
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lit up by a spectacular fireworks display over buckingham palace. after all the celebration the pomp and ceremony today, the kind of stuff this country does so very well. >> roger, what is the latest on prince philip? he was noticeably absent yesterday. is he going to take part in today's events? >> the duke of edinburgh was taken with a bladder infection to the hospital in london. when you are 90 years old and you have this kind of infection you have to stay in a hospital in order to get the antibiotics administered intravenously. the duke of edinburgh will not take part in the jubilee celebrations today. hed will be disappointed about that. for nearly 65 years on big state occasions like this he has been
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in one place, and that is by the side of her majesty. at the moment the queen is at st. paul's cathedral taking part in a service of thanksgiving, something that her great great grandmother did in '87 when she celebrated her diamond jubilee. after the service, the queen will go to parliament and then she will ride in an open carriage to buckingham palace. there will be the usual balcony appearance in front of a million people. that will be the culmination of this wonderful of four more days of celebration for her majesty's jubilee. >> thanks so much for joining us from london. that address will be on the royal youtube channel in a few hours if you miss it. the queen and her family expected to make an appearance on the famous balcony at buckingham palace. abc news will cover that live when it happens around 10:30 this morning. >> 6:21 might now on this tuesday morning. it is 53 degrees outside.
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>> big changes coming to disney television shows. what you will not be seeing. that's next. >> next "anderson" -- was this couple scammed out of their baby? >> losing a child.
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and that's our quarterly wrap-up -- any thoughts? wow. outstanding. off the charts. boo-yah! excelente! that went well. add flavor to your day with dunkin's new breakfast burritos with fire-roasted veggies and delicious steak. try one today. >> new this morning, a big development for the disney company. walt disney joining with first lady michelle obama to make a
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big announcement for. from now on, all products are advertised on its child-focus tv and radio stations will meet the new nutritional standards. it means no more commercials for candy, fast food, or sugar serial. disney promises to cut down on the fat and sodium in foods sold at its theme parks as well. >> kevin costner and stephen baldwin facing off in federal court over the 2010 gulf oil disaster if. baldwin and a friend claimed kevin costner and his business partner duped them out of their shares of a deal with bp to buy oil-separating devices. bp bought more than 30 of the machines for more than $50 million. kevin costner goes attorney said that he played no role in the decision by stephen baldwin and his friend. baseball could tear us apart -- facebook could tear us apart just as easily as it brings us together. once something is on facebook,
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it can still be accessed even if you think it was deleted. the word facebook appears in a divorce cases. we still have another half-hour ahead. danger in a hotel room. what police found that caused them to evacuate the building. >> and a local county divided over plan to extend metro rail. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. i will let yo [ male announcer
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a wireless mind inside all of us. so where to next? ♪ ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> of new at 6:30. guests force out of their bed as police arrest a math lab. >> if a jury will have to decide about a famous football close -- football coach. good morning washington. glad you're with us. >> for i am cynne simpson. so glad to have you along.
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if we decide with traffic and weather. >> we are starting off pretty good. in maryland, route 4 and route 5 are starting to make their way around the downtown. if we will show you the pictures thanks to geico. traffic moving nicely in both directions. next, we go to a camera on the other side of town. just so you can get a glimpse in the field of 66 and 95 on the beltway. now, back inside. >> i will take it from here. we have a good amount of cloud cover. light showers last night, as specially in maryland. the rain has come to an end. it is comfortable. notice the clouds over fairfax. some sunshine here and there. if we will see some sun, even more so later today. 54 now in a buoy.
6:31 am
in west virginia, 54. chevy chase, 57. arlington, 59. on our way to about 70 for the high temperature today. we cannot allow a separate shower here and there. tomorrow, a few degrees warmer. amid a 70's. still, a weather pattern with a nice sharp. we'll be back with the seven-day forecast. cynne? >> all rights, adam. new this morning. why a hotel had to be arrested after a -- after the police arrested eight math lab in the rooms. -- a meth lab in one of the rooms. >> police are still in this hotel, the holiday inn express behind us. if they're trying to figure out what was going on inside the hotel. if they do suspect a math lab.
6:32 am
they say on the fourth floor of this hotel, a call to authorities told them she smelled something a little funny when police got out there. they had to call in the hazmat suit because they suspected chemicals. as you mentioned several of the guests at this hotel had to be evacuated. we spoke with one man just as he was trying to leave the hotel. >> i was actually going out to get something to eat. i see some cop cars drive by. and then i see the fire truck go by. if i turn around to see what was going on. then, all of a sudden, more of them pour in here. they say, a turnaround. i assume i'll get the same treatment and they will say to turn around. >> police have not released the names of the four men. all they will say is that they are adult men.
6:33 am
we are waiting for more information. investigators say the agents from the dea will be on their way to help them investigate this morning. reporting live in at elk ridge md., jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> investors are trying to piece together a deadly crash from last night. it happened at about 1:00 this morning. the exact circumstances are still on known around this crash. one person reportedly died after being crack -- after being trapped inside of that car. >> a bigger crowd came out for the metro rail. eastern areas like ashford say it will make it easier for commuters to get to washington. opponents, however, say extending it would be expensive and think the money could be better-spent elsewhere. they have one month to decide whether to move afford with deethe plan extension.
6:34 am
among other things, it will extend a bar hours to 4:00 a.m. it will also double the number of traffic cameras and raise the price of parking during high- demand times. they need an extra $3 million. >> 6:00 thursday for right now now to the scandal at penn state university. -- 6:34 right now, now to the scandal at penn state university. what we can expect later this morning. >> hey steve. it will be difficult for lawyers to settle on a jury this morning. finding someone who has never heard of this case, that is just not going to happen. the stark reality is all they can hope for. gerry sandusky is facing counts accused of molesting 10 boys
6:35 am
over a 15-year. those boys who are now adults, will take the stand. the former coach, mike mccurry is also expected to take the stand because he saw sandusky molest one of the boys in a shower at the university. the defense team admits they are facing an uphill battle. >> this tidal wave of presumption of guilt since november 4. i want to make sure that sandusky gets a fair jury. both sides of this case. >> a jury selection begins today in pennsylvania. opening arguments may start as early as next monday. back to you. >> all right. if we will be watching. thank you. 6:35 right now. so much more to come. hear how a young police officer made an arrest in one of the
6:36 am
most high-profile assassinations in history. >> also, why people will be looking at the sun today. >> we also have a
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>> it is a rare sight in the sky.
6:39 am
the venus slowly crossing over the face of the sun all day today and tomorrow. if this is what it looked like the last time it happened. a viewing party is scheduled for many places around the area. the next time something like this will happen, it is in the year 2117. >> i think it is better -- i think it is safe to say we will not be around. >> i might. >> thought you might. i give you that. you'll be 103. >> fifth if it is true that caught expands your life, i am well on my way. >> let's get a check on the roads. >> that is very true. bless her heart. ok. let's see how we are doing on the highway. i will give everyone the green light. it looks good at the wilson bridge. it looks good at to buoyowie. heading north to virginia, live.
6:40 am
we have plenty of traffic through springfield. nothing out of the norm along the beltway here to the university. traffic getting away from us. a traffic pattern changed. look, there is no delay. back to you cynne and as steve. >> thank you lisa. >> we're going to go over to doug to find out what is happening in calvert county. >> we had a little bit of light rain overnight. low clouds, sunshine. let's get a check at chesapeake beach. we have rolling clouds. look at these temperatures. refreshingly cool is the way to put it. 54 degrees in gaithersburg. upper 50's in the city. 59 at a rate in a national. satellite radar -- 59 at a reagan national.
6:41 am
a little bit of pieces of energy break loose. we have some sprinkles. a very slow, arming the trend. today, the forecast adam put together, only around 70, 71. 10 degrees below average. possible sprinkles. we get out of here by thursday afternoon. check out this weekend. if we will be in the upper 80's with partly sunny skies. back to you. >> thank you so much. we will see you again soon. >> coming up here on "good morning washington." robert kennedy assassinated 44 years ago today. we will talk live to the man who caught his killer. >> and the election, five months from now. we will talk
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>> it is a big day in the political world. the final big a group of primaries are today along with the first recall election in wisconsin. we want to get started with the wisconsin recall. this has been a nail-biter. >> absolutely. this race in wisconsin, if this gubernatorial recall, is looking very tight. governor scott walker could be in for a long night, although polls show him in the lead right now. >> how likely is a recap of that could drag this on for several weeks perhaps? >> it is entirely possible. both sides have armies of lawyers that are ready to go in case it is a long election. if it will probably be a relatively small turnout. it could be right down to the
6:45 am
wire. >> it feels like we are in the general election, but today is actually the biggest primary of the season. >> right. if we are at the tail-end of primaries. if we have california at out west. in a way, it does not matter because mitt romney has clinched of delegates. it does give us a sense of who is excited. who will actually come out and vote in november. that is right. in california, the whole redistricting congressional map has been scrambled. they have a new system of electing. >> a lot of those races will be looking at incumbents immerses other incumbents because of that new -- in cumminsincumbents versus other incumbents because of
6:46 am
that new districting. >> robert kennedy's killer was quickly caught. he was caught by this man who is kind enough to join us this morning. thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> your not only a rookie officer at the time, you were just out of the academy. >> i was three weeks out of the academy. i graduate in 1968. >> take us through what happened as you were called. you got a call on the squad car and was out doing your duty. >> yes. we were on patrol off and the call came out. for all units in the facility, a shooting at the ambassador hotel. we were about four blocks away. we went down the to the location. red lights and sirens. if as soon as we got there, people were yelling at the same "he is over here, officer, this way. we followed him and some people
6:47 am
had his hands. >> you knew that bobby kennedy was at that hotel, right? but you had no idea he was the one that was shot right? >> correct. we knew he had an event there. the told us to stay by the area, but i did not know who was shot at the time. >> nor did you know who it was to have shot him. what was your thought process then? because the people who had contained the killer at the time, they were not too kind because they knew what had happened. >> i did not know he was at the time. people had him in a headlock. actually, a football player at the time was lying on top of him. he was pretty emotional. we moved all these people from him. i took him off the table and handcuffed him with my hand cuffs that i had on. >> when you look back at some of this video now, what goes through your mind all these years later? >> that i was very young. i was 21 years old.
6:48 am
to think about it now, it is amazing. it is amazing that only four years later i am -- only 44 years later i am just speaking about this. i think this would not have happened, what would it be like now? history. this is what it is about. i was a witness to history. i just happened to be the officer that arrested him. >> you went on to have a very long, distinguished career at the los angeles police department. if you brought along some of the items that were personal to you that day that will be donated on display here in washington. >> these are the original handcuffs that i used. they are smith and wesson handguns. this is the hats piece that we had at the time. -- this is the hat piece that we
6:49 am
had at the time. i had this frame and i am going to donate it to the national law enforcement museum tonight at the regent hotel monaco. >> hotel monaco. >> hopefully i'll be able to get the badge and eventually. i was wearing some other items that i had back then. >> the others can appreciate it. we thank you for coming in this morning. job well done 44 years ago and the rest of your career. >> off thank you so much. >> if you'd like to hear more, you can hear him give a lecture. that will be tonight at 6:00 at the monaco hotel. cynne? >> all right, steve. fascinating. it is time now for a traffic -- for a check on traffic and weather. we checked in with doug hill. how much of an issue will be
6:50 am
rain be today? >> i do not think a whole lot. just a few sprinkles and showers. in the morning hours, just some low clouds. skies brighton. right after sunset, that is the story today. periods of sun and clouds. this pattern is very similar to yesterday. we are watching the influence at the storm center. controlling weather throughout the entire northeast and mid- atlantic. much cooler than average. temperatures, in fact, will not reach the highest today. we are in the -- right now. here is the forecast for the area. a few showers here and there. temperatures much below the advertised 81 degrees. near 70, 71. should be a nice night.
6:51 am
tomorrow, we recovered to the mid 70's. that trend will continue. how warm will it get by the weekend? adam caskey has that in a couple minutes. that is the latest. >> thank you so much, doug. 6:51 is the time. we have a look at some of the top stores including the
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6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here is a look at some of the top stories we are working on this morning. jury selection is beginning today in the trial for penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. he is accused of molesting 10 boys over the years. >> hundreds of people came out last night for the metro extension plan in loudoun county. the supervisors have until early july to decide if they're going forward with the plan. >> if queen elizabeth celebrating 60 years on the throne with the diamond jubilee celebration. the queen is expected to appear on her balcony at around 10:30 this morning. you can see it live right here on abc 7. >> if a woman in midland, texas is about to turn 98 years old. if she is still scratching things off of her bucket list.
6:55 am
she added one more. >> that is right. writing in a hot air balloon she finally did it. -- riding in a hot air balloon she finally did it. the crew was able to get off of the ground. >> oh, i had a great ride. i am ready to fly again. i will do it any time that i have a chance. it was wonderful. >> you have to love that enthusiasm. if she is a former teacher and says she is amazed at how much the world has changed during the nearly 100 years she has been alive. >> here is my problem. if you scratch these things off your bucket list i would think the older you get, the more you want to admit to it. >> that is true. >> if you got to take good vantage of the opportunities when you can. >> we are glad she got the chance. >> we take a look at traffic and
6:56 am
weather every 10 minutes. >> lisa baden. >> this is one thing on our daily lives. that is to get to work on time. this is up to the pentagon and now to the weather center with adam caskey. >> stay cool. temperature averages close to 70. low humidity through the rest of the week. temperatures will slowly climb. a few isolated, weak little showers. by the weekend better pool weather. the pool actually feel refreshed in by the weekend. today? you might want to stay out of the water. >> 89? wow. >> that is going to do it for good morning washington. we hope you stick around. a lot more coming up on "good morning america" [ male announcer
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