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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc breaking news. >> are breaking news is coming in from the district. resigned tonight after he was charged with tax fraud.
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we have obtained the resignation brown.from kwame live outside of the wilson with the late breaking details. yesterday kwame brown said he had no plans to resign. but it is a don d.o.. residents are -- it is a done deal. >> no comment as of now. --kwame brown writes his bank fraud charge comes a after harry thomas jr. was sentenced to prison and just after two former campaign staffers to the mayor pleaded --
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>> we are the laughing stock of the country. >> it feels like you have no say is going on. >> there is no balance within the government. on have most of the people the city council who are one party. i want to reassure have a process in place. >> it is a very sad day comment for mr. brown. a sad day for the people in the district. people are saying just that tonight. as what comes next, she active share of the council. wednesday, she will call a to elect a different person. brown, he has a court date on friday. we are live tonight in northwest d.c. >> kwame browns resignation is
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a litany ofn the d.c. government. harry thomas jr. was sentenced forhree years in prison embezzling city funds intended for a soccer program. pleadedaign aides charges. >> we are following another breaking story tonight. is a of a much lighter in nature. this. look at we are live under -- over the arundel mall. hundreds of people lined up around the mall to get their go inside the casino. it is the closest to the d.c. metro area. --ight's opening comes after we are inside the casino right
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now. we will have a live report in just a few minutes. we are on your side with an districttion into the thehow they are cashing in on speed and red light camera tickets. d.c. police unveiled 17 new cameras today, including the street bridge and the ninth street tunnel. the district has already issued nearly 50,000 more speed camera tickets this fiscal year than year. last that adds up to $40 million. at least one member of the d.c. council concedes making money is driver behind the expansion. >> it is more about money. it was put in the budget to balance the budget. for safety, it would done a different way. >> d.c. police chief cathy also spoke to us. said the cameras are needed
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for public safety. 10,000 morning tickets were the newut in locations. for a complete list of the speed cameras, go to our website. >> the white house got some news as the economy remains the top issue. the dow rose more than 280 largest gain of the year. today's gains indicate the moving bankers will be boost the global economy. today's news on wall street obama talkssident about the economy during two appearances in california. the night in los angeles. earlier in the day, he was in san francisco. we have learned mitt romney would place his fortune in a trust if he was elected president. it would prevent him from
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knowing where his money is invested. his assets are worth an estimated $250 million. >> the daughter of the second- democrat andng a lesbian. out as she made the announcement first washington blade. she made the revelation so fromands of people to marrywill be able the person they love. sports fans are the yellow flag on the the teamafter move training camp to richmond. a lot of fans are calling this move eight major fumble. >> every fan who we spoke with said they were a bit concerned about the washington redskins understanding of geography.
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, theackdrop was baseball national toasting the mats. when a flat spot -- a football dominated' conversations are around this diamond. >> they cannot do that. they are the washington redskins. moving training camp 120 miles to the south. a city thrilled to host the nfl starting inars, 2013. >> they will be embraced by our citizens. >> what about washington? >> it might broaden the fan base. people willlot of be disappointed. they live only five minutes from ashburn and love going to training camp. >> of richmond is not their home. >> this is not unusual. the redskins have trained in a
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of out of town locations. >> i think it is too far to call themselves the washington redskins. fans are far more about victories than about where the team trains. now, they have to win some games. big push is for gun to richmond is mike shanahan -- for them going to richmond is mike shanahan likes the team being from the washington, d.c., region, and the distractions that come along with that. the headquarters is not going to richmond. >> coming up, back to our breaking news tonight. of the maryland live casino. minutes ago, at the casino
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allowing gamblers inside. >> a new twist in a disturbing story. girlfriend of the suspect in florida attack speaks.
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>> jury selection has finished in the sandusky trial. sureext step is to make separate their the universityh from his actions. the former assistant coach is molesting 10 boys over 15 years. he has denied any wrongdoing. >> we are learning more about the man who chewed off the face man in miami. is from his girlfriend. >> he never drank alcohol or around me. i only saw him smoke a marijuana
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cigarette wants. a caring man not use drugs other than marijuana and had no history of illness.l he was never violent toward her. believes someone slipped him a drug on memorial day the cost the homeless man. >> barbara walters issues an apology. the ethical line and she admits to crossing. >> the most expensive casino in maryland goes live. we have thel mills, on the excitement and the chaos coming out. >> do we have a 90 in front of us? ♪
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[ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ >> we are following breaking is in from maryland. the largest and most controversial casino opened up for business. >> thousand have already packed
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casino, which is attached to arundel mills mall. the excitement has led to lines, at this. unbelievable. we have all the excitement. >> a lot larger crowds than they because they just now started letting people back in it. for a while tonight, thousands had to stand out here told anything.n i try to find out if they had reached capacity. they could not tell me if that was the case. finally letting people inside. will take you inside said see firsthand just what people are so excited about. thousands of people flooded into the first to play the slots. they had to open the doors of 30
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earlier because the line was crossing the parking lot. a lot of excitement going on. a lot of people taking to the slots. the third largest commercial states, thee united slots in the state of than doubled. tableare also electronic games. construction of for the mass been without not controversy. people were concerned about the location because of the traffic and in justin. we talked with tonight, -- traffic and congested. the people we talked with the night talk to halt excited there drivebout not having to jersey to take a gamble. >> it will be good for maryland to bring in some revenue. it will be a good thing, i think.
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>> it is going to be good for the mall. people win, if they will spend. >> it is gorgeous. >> it is expected to be a big boost for the economy in maryland. the revenue from the casino is bring in over $400 oflion to the state maryland. over a million dollars a just from this casino alone. >> that is remarkable. thank you. isombshell beauty queen bombshell of her aunt. about missng pennsylvania. she gave up for crown, that the
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is rigged.ant she claims to have talked to list of the top finalist before the show started. donald trump is suing her for a false charge. >> barbara walters has issued an apology after admitting that she help a former aide to syrian president did a job get into a college. she met the woman during an interview with president bashar al-assad. on then contacted people woman's behalf. >> let's turn our attention to the weather. month, we have had above average. >> it is refreshing. you want to open all the windows. outside tonight, a lot of
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folks do like this break. we had a few showers coming through. if they were right over you, not so lonesome. a few raindrops, this is the row, folks, a belowr high temperature average. hadthe longest we have since we back in october. it is not going to last forever, is it? some clouds left over, you can see how spotty they were. about half an inch of rain in alexandria. hit and miss variety. did you pull out your tomato plants are ready? temperatures for close to average, believe it or not. 75 in washington.
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meanwhile, over the last 24 little area of low pressure to our south. the general pattern is well to our north. that has been the reason we have been standing on the cool side of things. tonight, the area of cloudiness come up some ofere will be some that will beorms forming out around the blue ridge. few around be a washington tomorrow afternoon. some leftover instability, a 30% chance. a little bit of a cool pattern. some of that midwest want is coming our way. once again tomorrow morning, is really june? an isolated afternoon thunderstorm. temperatures near 80 degrees once again. likely for you folks out near the blue ridge.
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82 was our average high. we get back into southwesterly winds. the chance for getting close to degrees as they get into the weekend. there is our facebook poll have you enjoyed this of refreshing whether it? over a thousand answered back. some of theyou comments. do not think redskins fans ready for the something else have coming their way. >> it is an interesting reaction. the redskins are getting ready move south. nationals hustle the mets. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward.
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>> here we go again. the nationals got a strong from jackson tonight. harper entertained fans again by a this team is fun to watch and playing theing fun game. a sinker to center field. that sets the tone for the rest of the night. bottom of the first, he dials long distance. out, over the fence. had leon only been there. nats win 5-3. let's go to boston, the orioles and red sox. singles into right. tied at 1. 2-1.beat boston
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a lot of people got excited about the redskins moving their summer camp to richmond. the majority of the nfl teams camps awayat summer home every year. this is not new for the redskins. needed say this is much quality time together. it is a change and even the players have to accept it. >> i think it will be more of an grow as ay for us to team. we will be 2.5 hours away from home. out with oneng another. >> disperse trying to stay alive. was on fire in the first half. san antonio built an 18-point lead. but the thunder came roaring back. oak city led 79-77.
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right now, the thunder lead by the fourth quarter. the staple center in los angeles. devils on the attack. look out, trying to stay alive. 2-1, new jersey. the devils beat the kings 3-1. for saturday'ser belmont. the only theome 12th horse to ever win the triple crown.
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just waiting at every turn. verbolteten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the black forest. >> there was our winds date facebook question of the week. -- winds the facebook question of the week. we did not have a lot of comments like this. i was in the pool. >> over the weekend, near 90 degrees.
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>> you had to go there. >> good night, everybody. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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