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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that's what's making news this morning. >> have a wonderful wednesday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead republican presidential candidate mitt romney continues his campaign stops in the battleground state of virginia. this evening he will appear in sterling. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, june 27. time scott thuman. >> i am jennifer donelan. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning. 4:30 on this wednesday. temperatures are still pretty comfortable. they will be warmer this afternoon but the humidity will remain low. that will return by the end of
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the week into the weekend. in martinsburg, 65 degrees, 48 degrees in petersburg, 70 degrees at reagan national, 54 at dulles airport. mostly sunny today, warm and breezy, mid to upper 80 is with low humidity. well into the '90s friday it through the upcoming weekend with a chance of thundershowers, slight chance on friday through the weekend. some may be strong. now to lisa baden. >> on the baltimore-washington parkway, there was activity at 450 escalon. there was debris at greenbelt that's gone. everything good on the b-w parkway. road worker around the region like the dulles rail project and the the beltway at braddock road and at 66, for all that will be gone by the time you hit the road. giving you the all clear on 81, route 11 interstate 70, 95
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between richmond and baltimore with normal travel times and no major incidents. good morning. >> thank you. >> prince george's county police need your help finding a missing teenager. >> the 17-year-old williams was last seen yesterday evening leaving her home in 8100 block of murray hill drive and fort washington. her case worker described the teenager as having the mental capacity of a 12-year-old and is concerned about the teenager's well-being. please call police if you have seen williams. >> a presidential historian who admitted still indictable documents will be sentenced today. he faces 15 years in prison. the pleaded guilty in february to stealing manuscripts from the maryland historical society and other groups. one that involved a document
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signed by president lincoln. >> vote 2012, a gop presidential candidate mitt romney will visit sterling, virginia today, after winning the utah primary. it was the last contest of the primary season and he picked up all the delegates. he will make a campaign stop at it and electronic manufacturing firm in sterling at 5:00 p.m. president obama will campaign in d.c. today. he will attend a campaign event at the jefferson hotel and he will be on the south lawn of the capital later. he attended fund-raisers in atlanta and miami beach. >> there's been a resolution to the controversy on the campus of the university of virginia. yesterday the university reinstated president teresa sullivan. this comes less than three weeks after her dismissal which led to a series of protests. tom roussey has reaction.
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>> on university avenue, students gave a big thumbs up to the decision to keep teresa sullivan. >> we were upset when she was let go. >> i think it's great. >> this students from fairfax county says that sullivan is very popular with students. >> she has a great focus on academics. the main reason i chose to come here. >> even the leader of the movement to ditch the sullivan changed your mind. >> only if we go forward together. >> some say this took a major negative from the university and turned it into positive. >> i think it shows the. university at its the >> i am relieved. >> this parent has reason to be relieved. she has triplets starting here this fall and was worried about what the controversy was doing
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to of virginia's reputation. >> i was concerned about the situation as a parent. and i really like sullivan. "black swan of the issues that caused some board members to one sullivan to leave a few weeks ago had to do with their concern she was not doing enough to address looming financial issues at the university. the head of the board of visitors yesterday's of the board will work with sullivan to make sure those issues are addressed in the future. they say that they will work together in a unified manner. tom roussey reporting from charlottesville, virginia. >> a d.c. teenager recovering after a stabbing that happen before 4:00 yesterday afternoon near 48th and of minnesota in northeast. a suspect is in custody. a police standoff lasting more than 24 hours in falls church has ended peacefully with one man in custody. it started around 4:00 p.m. monday with a domestic
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disturbance call in the 600 block of hillwood avenue. police found a man with a gun barricaded in a home. he poured gasoline on himself and throughout the house reportedly. residents have been able to return. in business news, google has something new to show off. >> and netflix has a hearing on the hill today. linda bell is live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> hello. representatives from the paid television industry will face off at a hearing before a house subcommittee today. it was called to examine changes since the last broad revisions to cable law that were made in 1992 when a few consumers used internet streamed video. cable tv companies used to control 98% of the pay television market. netflix is concerned that the shift data billing will hurt its
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market. google has an event ticking off this week -- kicking off. the new device is much cheaper than the apple. the tablets is expected to be 7 inches and will run on android software. microsoft has recently unveiled its own tabla last week. oreo cookies stirring up controversy with a certain rainbow cookie and the support of gay pride. details coming up in the next hour. for now that's business news from bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting. back to you. >> thank you. cokie controversy -- cookie controversy. it is 63 degrees. >> after a 15-year absence
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where you can go to see the saids quilt. >> and where tropical storm debby is expected next. but it's a live look at the highway.
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>> tropical storm debby has weakened to a tropical depression after causing a lot of damage in florida. massive flooding. it drenched the state at least four straight days. the storm is expected to head north while picking up speed. >> you spent some time in florida. >> most of my life. " that's a long time for a storm. >> it is. if you don't want the storm to move slowly, because it lingers
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and drops more rainfall. >> we are going to a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey. >> you are better off with a fast-moving storm in florida than a slow tropical storm. even though it's not as strong as a hurricane, it could cause more damage due to the flooding. 30 inches of rain in some parts of florida have been seen. that's a couple feet. that is accepting and moving over the atlantic for the next couple days. 56 right now -- 66 in arlington 62 in leesburg. highs today will be around 87 degrees. low humidity and still breezy at times, northwesterly at 10-20. warmer tomorrow. humidity increasing as well. >> we started the morning with some issues on the road.
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they're all gone. i am tickled about that. giving you the green light of the beltway in tysons and bethesda, across the american legion bridge, fabulous along 270. 66 is quiet near centreville and 495. the wilson bridge is open and is waiting for you. looks good out of dale city to get to springfield, virginia where we take you in this camera. back to you. >> thank you. the montgomery county council has approved new fares. starting july 1 the ride on will cost $1.80 if you pay with cash or a token. $1.60 with a smartrip card. a monthly pass is $45. learn more by calling 311. >> the aids memorial quilt is back in d.c. for the first time in 16 years.
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they began unraveling it recently. it weighs 54 tons and is more than a million square feet. there were some by hand by family and friends of those who have died of aids. it will be on display at today at the quilt festival. it is 64 degrees in june. i cannot believe it. we will take it. 4:42 is the time. >> an alert for parents, details on the search for a man whioo flashed an arlington high school student. and a deal that has be
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clucks in the trayvon martin investigation, documents reveal new clues into the night he was shot and killed. a report says george zimmerman did not identify himself as a neighborhood watch leader when he confronted trayvon martin. another investigator said that zimmerman' passed two lie detector tests when he was asked about what happened. >> arlington police are looking for a man who exposed himself to a high-school student yesterday in the parking garage of washington-lee high school. a 14-year-old boy was walking through the garage during freshman orientation. a man in his 40's jumped out at
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the boy wearing nothing but nike -- nike's. this is the latest in a series of indecent exposures. arlington police are investigating more than a dozen similar incidents which have happened since march. >> 70 years after african americans broke the military color barrier the first african american marines will be honored today. national posttraumatic stress disorder awareness day, an event on capitol hill today at 10:00 aimed at more awareness and understanding of issues facing many service members returning
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from war. if it's open to the public's in the upper senate park. like a bankruptcy hearing will be held today for the slavery museum and fredericksburg. creditors are opposing plans for the museum to restructure. a former virginia governor named douglas wilder first proposed the museum, but now faces $7 million in debt. today's hearing will be held a bankruptcy court in richmond. >> there may be a deal to prevent a hike in federal student loan interest rates. senate leaders reached a deal to keep stafford loan rates steady for another year. house speaker john boehner says that he's not sure if it will be approved. the rate is now 3.4%, but that could double on sunday if congress does not act. 64 degrees. it will get hotter after today >> .
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a woman who made her mark in journalism and in movies. we will look at the life and accomplishments of the late nora ephron. >> a live look outside on this wednesday morning.
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>> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center.
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get ready for heat and humidity. it will be back with a vengeance over the next couple days, especially by friday into the weekend. we have one last comfortable day with low humidity and a refreshing northwesterly breeze. there is very hot air in the midsection of the country. that will slide over washington over the next couple days. we will be in the thick of it this weekend. seven degrees right now in washington. much cooler in outlying areas. 61 in winchester, 47 in petersburg, west virginia. 64 in gaithersburg, 61 in lexington park. low humidity today with a breeze out of the northwest. upper 90s by friday. some storms possible friday through sunday. >> pretty comfortable right now as far as traffic around the beltway. we have overnight construction clearing on the interstate. no accidents or surprises.
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we will take you top 270 near clarksburg, moving at speed as well near father hurley and shady grove road. a good trip across the american legion bridge out of tysons and bethesda. >> looks good. 64 degrees outside. >> still ahead how robin roberts' fight against a blood disease is bringing more attention
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>> author and filmmaker nora ephron has lost a battle with leukemia. >> she is best known for writing hit movies such as "when harry met sally" and "sleepless in seattle"." she was 71 years old. >> 7 is on your side with. lawmakers, cancer survivors, and doctors will be on capitol hill to talk about ways to stem the tide of melanoma cases. this comes after a study that found young women are eight times more likely to develop skin cancer than they were 40 years ago. young men are four times more
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likely to battle the disease. researchers blame this on the part alerted indoor tanning beds. >> robin roberts' fight against a rare blood disease has sparked an increase in bone marrow donations. she announced she is suffering from mds, a blood and bone marrow disorder. people lined up yesterday to register in new york at abc headquarters. the number of registrants has doubled since robert's disclosed illness. a lot of people getting involved. >> that is something. good to something. >> it's wednesday, 4:56. >> big fans of general hospital you'll have to get use
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>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney continues to meet with voters in the battleground states of virginia. >> good news as we get closer to the fourth of july holiday. the national average for gas is added lowest price in five months. >> bad news for stock and, california. it could become the largest american city ever to declare bankruptcy. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.


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