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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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up, spectators camped by the u.s.t supreme court, ready to hear one anticipated rulings in some time. justices will issue a decision on president obama's health care law. >> attorney general eric holder back in the hot seat. whethere will vote on him in contempt of congress. >> make sure your air- is working. today is the day to get it fixed before the heat comes our way. atood morning washington" 5:00 starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you are with us on this thursday morning, june 28. i am steve chenevey. i am cynne simpson. this morning. traffic and weather every ten minutes. baden.g with lisa >> a nice trip around the beltway. complicated south into
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or north into baltimore. metro will starting on normal service. marc rail and vre in good shape. 70 has no police out of fredericton to montgomery county. we like the picture of the greenway, the dulles toll road, 7, if all clear between sterling and tysons. looks good across the american and in and out of 295, and across bridge, but the complicated through cheverly. i hope you have good news, adam caskey. >> i do. i know that you like the heat and humidity. it's going to be oppressive on ay. w you will have to take the precautions friday through sunday. currently 65 in bethesda, 63 in leesburg. landover, 72, 70 in round hill,
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bowie. it's not going to been too you but we will be in the upper tomorrow with humidity. watch tomorrow shaded in red.s the weekend forecast coming up. new this morning, the investigation under way into a in silver spring. it happened in a barbershop the 900 block of bonds of street.if at the ebony barbershop in silver spring they have itbeen years.ness 20 they have been dealing with suspicious circumstances. is michael this is the third time something happened in the last two weeks. >> yes.
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a around 11:50 they got a call window,eone busted the window of the shop. a call the push- on fire. apparently threw something inside and started the fire. doing an investigation find out what started the fire. in thehave two locations community. hyattsville.n if you do a lot of events around town. you got a call for one of your patrons. >> gas, a tow truck driver me they have the toldt blocked off and they him the barbershop was on fire. -- yes. that's when i came out. >> two weeks ago someone broke agowindow and a couple days to set fire to the .ront of the shop >> apparently the fire did get inside this time.
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far as to the person is, i idea what they're agenda is. popular and well known in the community. if anybody has any informations, please contact montgomery fire department or police us the information. we definitely would appreciate it. >> i know this is very upsetting. have more on this as the story continues to develop. reporting live from silver donelan.ennifer >> a lot of eyes will be on the supreme court. justice is expected to issue a law,g on the health care of which has stirred a lot of debate and led to lawsuits. now more from john gonzalez. of the most anticipated supreme court rulings in years. it will impact the lives of every american. " couldfordable care act play a big part in november. >> i believe health-care reform
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the right thing. >> the first three and a half this president's term the lawe been wasted if is deemed unconstitutional. this boy's mother worries a lack of treatment for if the health care law is struck down. concerned. >> 26 states to file lawsuits challenging obamacare. business owners say it would tie funds and keep them from hiring new workers. >> it will impact us. >> that was john gonzalez reporting. today eric holder could become sitting attorney contempto be held in of congress. republicans want him held in refusing to turn documents related to a botched gun trafficking operation known as fast and furious. a house committee investigating get theikely to documents as president obama has invoked executive privilege.
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>> we continue to monitor a developing story from around the world. an earthquake with a magnitude shook northern and eastern japan. also felt in tokyo. there was no tsunami warning issued. no reports of damage or injury. it's thursday morning. ahead, google ready to with the apple ipad. more on the new tablet. >> and a good reason we were the news desk yesterday. out in new york america. morning something we do every once in awhile. video fromyou some scenes, coming up.
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>> welcome back. weather traffic and minutes. >> the heat is on the way. caskey. >> we will fill the first of it with highs in the mid 90's. oo humid.ot be t tomorrow, heat and be upon us in washington. now in the district, 64 winchester, 59 in cumberland
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and martinsburg. we are in the 60's for the most part. on waterways and upper 50's nook west of town. mostly sunny today. as much sunshine as the past few days, highs in the mid 90's. 95 this afternoon around 4:00 p.m. from noon until about dinnertime we will be in the low 90's. heat watch excessive tomorrow. it will feel like 105-110. slight chance of storms. now to lisa baden. >> 95 in virginia looks good and maryland. uncomplicated on 66. on the dulles greenway. out of southern maryland. looks good on central avenue to east capitol street. new york and cattle worth looking pretty clear. at the pentagon on 395, not bad. news.o
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a welcome back. checking our top stories, this heatwave sizzling much of the united states. waystarting to work its area.he d.c. temperatures expected to reach .he mid 90's today excessive heat warning on friday. could reach 100
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then and that could set new records. be prepared. we are few hours away from of the most anticipated rulings in years. will hand down a whether the health reform law is constitutional, later this morning. attorney general eric holder the first sitting general to be held in contempt of congress. house expected to vote contempthold them in refusing to hand over documents on a botched >> we took a field trip yesterday in new york at good morning america. >> it was incredible. we were in their studio. it was pretty incredible. it is located right in times square in the heart of new york. you've got a lot of action right there. >> the streets are blocked off the studio now. it is a pedestrian walkway, so
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can watch what's happening the window. that's right behind sam's monitor. everything is big. monitor is big enough for the entire staff to stand under. >> . it was > there was a kitchen set. .- there were several sets it was incredible. we also went into the control room. actually do the show, if it is not like there be three co-workers in the studio. people in dozens of of the place a whole time. same way in the control room. very busy place. it takes a lot of people to put the show on. like air traffic control. many guests day.ghout the
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they do satellite interviews from all over the world. a lot to coordinate. it was flawless. >> all the hosts were gracious enough to talk to us. sometimes people like sydney simpson take ane step farther end go into their personal areas. stylist iserts' area and he took her wardrobe room. = -- it was heaven. oes.y choo sh handles the styling.
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to more important business. we will be sharing more the show and throughout the week. interview alle to the big players and the guests that or on the show. and we had a chance to talk roberts about the bone transplant that she will undergo. she was vibrant and the picture of courage. >> all that coming up throughout week. today, google showing off its tablet computer operating ion.em and wi-fi connect paula faris has more. new web addresses are on given rece this week a new android berating system will
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from google, a tv set, and a tablet end of thee lower market. tablet is $199. it goes head-to-head with the .indle fire >> the nexus 7 will be available next month. also showing off its connected eyeglasses, which are able to send and receive data. $1,500. have a wonderful day, everybody. adam caskey, you would say is the calm before the storm, but in this case the is triple digits. >> excessive heat watch in effect tomorrow. it should feel like 105 or so. heat.ous >> stand for the big golf
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tournament, everybody headed to bethesda. that is a concern with people outside. take the necessary precautions. >> stay hydrated. >> and stay in the shade. you should wear light-colored clothing and loose fitting clothing. let's take a look at the rooftop camera in rosslyn. clouds moving overhead for the sunrise. we will have warmer air moving into town. 91 right now in washington, 60 airport, 59 in cumberland. 54 in petersburg. 61 in gaithersburg. most of the suburbs in the low mid 60's this morning. 70 around the waterways. we broke a record yesterday in houston and 99. 2 in, 10
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heat.we will have tomorrow, heat and humidity. effectve heat watch in tomorrow. 95 this afternoon. southwesterly breeze at 5-13. excessive heat watch tomorrow area, down 95, spotsylvania, charles county, culpeper. record-challenging heat on the way. low 90's next week. slight chance of storms tomorrow monday. not louisiana, france. ♪ nothing complicated through county. looks good in loudoun county. 66, 95, here comes the morning
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stretch, just fine inside and outside the beltway. to andtimes in our favor from the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. we interviewed the jackson family and i'm excited to show brothers,of the especially on their anniversary of michael jackson's passing. >> they will do a show in baltimore soon. i guess that's tomorrow. >> it is 68 degrees. >> the nationals offense plumped in. led the power surge out west. she's lived a life of triumph and tragedy. one of the most amazing women i've ever met, my mom gloria vanderbilt. next "anderson."
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he leaps up and makes the catch. >> that's not bad. bryce harper has the national league and the american league mike.20-year-old, orioles of oman. the angels beat up on 1.ltimore, 13-
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orioles of a run. >> this is tyler moore. deep to center field. it is a souvenir. another star in the making. 3-0, national's. there is ryan zimmerman. 5-0, nationals. the nationals win the ballgame colorado. for basketball fans, the nba draft will be today. beal is attractive, but it looks like the wizards will take thomas robinson, if he available. the draft comes up later today. at at&t national take place congressional country club. taggart's --d of
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of tiger woods' tournament. there's a parking note. lot isk spring parking tomorrow.or the only public parking available is at the montgomery county fairgrounds. is a shuttle service and pass ising and shuttle $10 per vehicle. much cheaper than paying at front yard near the golf course. to be a goodng time this weekend. water. 67 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> these are targeting the elderly. one of the suspect was caught on tape. latest.have the >> the president's health care plan takes center stage today. i am john gonzalez with a live report coming up. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. today marks the beginning
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, keep the air anditioner on full blast of water on hand. our second heatwave in just as weeks. good morning. 8.'s thursday, june 2 i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. first, lisa baden. >> jumping to travel times. still giving you the green along the interstates. 270, 66, the dulles greenway, included. toll road out of maryland and in virginia,
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one lane available. on 50 in maryland between annapolis and north avenue. quiet is ride on 95 between rich baltimore. heavier volume spotted 95 virginia out of woodbrige. now to adam caskey. >> here comes the need to again. today marks the beginning of another heatwave. mid 90's this afternoon. too humid. humidity is a big concern tomorrow. at this time we're in the '60s almost everywhere. 63 in bowie, 69 in gainesville, 61 in clarksburg. upper 50's off to the northwest. frostburg and berkeley springs at 59 degrees. mid 90's today for the high temperature. 90's in the potomac highlands. have an excessive heat watch effect tomorrow because the heat and humidity will combine make it feel like about 110. the heat index values up to 100
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expected tomorrow afternoon. air temperatures near 100 with chance of a few thundershowers. should a small pop up, it could severe >> thanks so much. new this morning, investigators startedknow how a fire barbershop in silver spring. jennifer donelan has the latest. >> that's right. someone has been targeting a spring that'slver been here almost 20 years. ebony barbershop. here's a live look at what is happening. madrid county fire marshal on the scene trying to determine the exact cause. we understand from the owner that this is suspicious. montgomery county fire marshal. someone broke the window two weeks ago. someone trieder to set the exterior of the store
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on fire and were not successful. the owner said that they were on needles at the time, nothing had happened in the days, so we started relax. bailey.michael >> yesterday was the first day i started to relax. i went to get the graphics so we put blowback on the window becauses feeling good nothing happened in the last so i figured the person had gotten his whoever the person is. then to have this this morning .s definitely a letdown >> back here live, they are using a shovel and picking through the debris in front of the store. froml let you get an idea photographer zooming out, a tattoo shop and a gun store nearby.
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that was a big concern overnight. the owner and police and fire asking if anyone has information. the tattoo owner ran a man away from the barber shop around was trying to do something to the front door. the barbour is well known in community and they are comes forward with information. >> you have to imagine someone has information. 5:34. a big day in the debate over the health care law. will issue aourt on that lot. that decision could play a huge role in the presidential race. live outside is the court with more on what to expect. >> it is a contentious issue that divided the country. today the supreme court will try to find common ground. some sort of ruling or even a vote perhaps is expected in just a few hours. poll, ag to a new abc
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the country agrees with president's health care plan. one issue is whether the law is and will thenal court to approve the medicaid expansion. will impact the lives of every american. willaffordable care act" affect the november close election year those with existing health conditions worry their medical history forcing them to be dropped if struck down. 26 states have filed lawsuits challenging the so-called obamacare. business owners say that the law with tie-up company funds and keep them from hiring new workers. if the supreme court votes of the in favor plan, republicans have said they will appeal the rest of it. if it does not, democrats will pressure republicans to find a better plan.
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john gonzalez reporting, abc 7 news. fornvestigators searching praying on be elderly residents in d.c. surveillance video, a person of interest walking into the delta towers on florida avenue northeast class tuesday. he went to an apartment and told woman he was a to fix the toilet, so she let him in. then he tied up the woman and a her and fled with money >> someone should catch him and him.him up and beat >> it is sickening for someone this to elderly people. man may have also carry on g street this past tuesday. police are looking for two will scant and 87-year- old woman out of thousands of dollars. man and a woman approached the victim of cited giant store in silver spring last week.
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he had a bag and he said was filled with money. told the woman that he would her if she put up $20,000. accomplice took the pavement. himelderly woman gave her account and jewelry and the suspects took off. it is 68 degrees. >> will tell you about a job for place today aimed at helping veterans. big changes for metro customers. increase starts this weekend. we will check the commute. here's 395 at glebe road, a good place to be. adam caskey has the forecast.
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i am with the ocean city, patrol., beach good morning, washington. and timed to hit the road. working in our favor, but they do change quickly. moving together nicely across bridge. street roosevelt bridge, memorial bridge, a key bridge, and the wilson bridge are pretty decent.
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out offfic is light frederick into montgomery county. adam caskey. >> a beautiful sunrise on tap. it'll betes from now over the horizon. overlooking the federal city. a few clouds overhead. 61 in gaithersburg, 60 in dulles airport, 59 in martinsburg. around 70 degrees around national,at reagan annapolis, quantico, 71. the heat is on today, mid 90's. too humid. be not comfortable either. tomorrow, in the heat and humidity. 110 by feel like tomorrow afternoon. that will be the heat index value. excessive heat watch in effect friday. actual air temperatures near the century mark friday through the weekend. this coming up.
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>> thanks so much. people using metro will pay more starting on sunday. expect a 5% can increase. the changes will vary widely farnding on when and how you travel. using paper farecards, $1 extra per one-way trip. the 20 cent peak of the pig surcharge is being scrapped. bus riders will pay 10 cents more. people will park will pay 25 cents more. 5:42. >> an update on the mass of wildfires southwest. shen the president i expected to visit the area. shen the president i expected to visit the area. >> here you go little man.
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[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios up at 6:00, the supreme court will announce its on health care reform. we will talk about what the
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outcome will mean for the presidential race. >> and more on our field trips withgood morning america robin, george, and a bunch of other people, coming up a 6:00. >> you'll comfortable on that .ouch rock,t that plays scissors and never loses. that's at 6:00. >> d.c. council committee will hold a confirmation hearing today for chief financial officer. mayor vincent gray nominated him again two weeks ago. washington post said the committee could take a vote on his nomination tomorrow. council will vote on july 10. been the cfo of the city since. a job fair in d.c. today courtesy of walmart. looking for local veterans'. the company goes the highe to fight
5:47 am
debt and unemployment rate. the jobs there will be held at today on 1500 startingitol street se until 3:00is morning p.m. >> firefighters still struggling o contain the big wildfire springs,r colorado colorado, hot, windy conditions. the fire has burned 29 square miles. than 30,000 people evacuated. the u.s. air force academy charred. dozens of homes destroyed. it's just to think of going back find my house in ruins. >> i have never seen anything so scary. president obama plans to go to the area tomorrow. will thank firefighters battling some of the worst fires to his american west in decades. 7 is on your side with. the fda has approved a pill that skindell people's work. >> the drug works by activating receptor in the brain that
5:48 am
person to the glass and still feel full. belvic is approved if you have conditions medical because of your weight. include high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes. off aaula deen is showing in people magazine. she has lost more than 30 pounds. sheen was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. she was criticized for high recipes. to adopt a new attitude when it comes to food. she has come out the mass potatoes and is eating more vegetables. don't know if three sticks of butter in the cookies is still being used. that she's only frying food once a month now. all about moderation. having kids out of school the summer can get
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expensive. >> and an update from apple. linda bell has this and more headquarters. >> if you use itunes, get ready for changes. apple is planning an overhaul that will end up being one of its largest changes ever. it involves integrating itunes icloud soly with more easily access and across different gadgets. for the first time in a century, --e young adults are leading leaving the suburbs for the big city. adults aged 18 through 29 urdened with college that are shedding homeownership for city employees, transportation, and better opportunity for jobs. with school out for the summer, of day trips,st swimming, babysitting, more than $600 per child.
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that was in the new york times. that is business news at bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. it gets more expensive the more kids you have. you know about that, adam caskey. >> it is never ending. something always comes up. not think about that. i would rather have the intense heat on my mind than the money. fire up the sprinkler, jump in pool, go to the beach. >> you don't have a choice. >> today marks the beginning of another heatwave. mid 90's this afternoon. \ tomorrow we will be in the thick the intense heat and humidity. heat on theenging way. let's look at our rooftop camera. \ beautiful sunrise right now over the district. a gorgeous sunrise this morning. 71 at reagan national airport.
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along the waterways, basically, about 70 degrees. in the suburbs, low 60's. 61 in gaithersburg, 59 in martinsburg, 57 in cumberland. yesterday in the midsection of , butountry there was heat it's migrating in our direction. was 102 degrees in dallas and kansas. the intense heat and humidity intoy moving our way washington. be in the thick of it tomorrow. is moving along a high pressure system. is gettingair squeezed off to the northeast and parts of maine and the canadian maritime. not return anytime soon. sunny today, 95, southwesterly wind. we have an excessive heat watch tomorrow. the heat and humidity will combine to make it phyllite 110 tomorrow afternoon.
5:52 am
the heat index values up to 110 tomorrow. about 100 degrees friday through .unday this time of year you have to exceed 100 degrees to a washington.d in that is the coolest record, 100 saturday. think we will be near the -- with1959 set at the century mark in 1959. we have a slight chance of rain friday to monday. low 90's by tuesday and wednesday. fourth of july is next wednesday. look at traffic with lisa baden. travel times in our favor on 95. slowing in dale city, but open to get to the pentagon. great on 66. a little slowdown expected in manassas. normal stuff. 80, 109, 270.
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looking for a stalled car on 95 at 32. i love this picture in the heart of rockville's mixing bowl. looks good on 355. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53, 68 degrees. >> a shakeup in the morning show that's coming
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captioned by the national captioning institute does a checkup with the today show. co-host ann curry will announce today her departure. >> "usa today reporting she was ittional while talking about in a phone interview. she has been the co-host only about a year. the multi-year contract will have for covering big stories producing network specials and pieces for shows. many speculated she is leaving of a slip in the ratings. beat todayg america the firstings for time in 16 years. >> changes are under way on many fronts. news that would make nfl quarterback tim tebow blush. according to a new survey by, ranked second on a list of that married women would sleep with.want to
5:57 am
soccer star david beckham came place.t brady was in third place. yankee star derek jeter as well as alex rodriguez made the list giants.manning of the >> that website caters to a cheating spouse as. people look at tim tebow as a because he is not the kind of guy. maybe that's what it is. >> i can see david beckham and a -- a-rod. >> much more in the next hour. crowds gathered outside the today'scourt ahead of big decision. have a preview of the expected reform.n health care >> lisa baden has a look at traffic, which is not bad on 395 road heading into the city. adam caskey has the forecast. that's a different story. hot th
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we expect a final decision from the supreme court on constitutionality of the obama health care law. >> a fire breaks out of a local shop and the owner thinks he was targeted. >> also, temperatures are on the wave had theirt way.


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