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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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continued to be blocked. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 on your side. >> good evening, once again. dave three of the big cleanup. >> -- a day three of the big cleanup. >> half a million people power tonight.t be the weekend before all the lights are back on. people in virginia, maryland, the district died during friday night's storm. >> pepco has 210,000 customers without lights. dominion, 436,000 customers. -- 136 customers without power. of the team coverage aftermath tonight. we are live in rockville. are making a little
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bit of progress. we spent the day with dominion no --ia and electricity. clearly, this is going to be a long road ahead. this stretch in arlington is a microcosm of the power problems facing dominion. the large trees that crumbled down 12e up brought poles, leaving residents in the dark. difficult.ty president during their part 2 residents doing their part to recovery, but they want dominion to do the heavy lifting. big task of coordinating four electrical crews trying to restore power to thousands. >> i have to circuits.
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-- two circuits. >> aberdeen rd. is the biggest his workers. look at the where it is located. this ravine. it gives you a sense of the that dominion is facing. have to install new poles in this area by hand. workers will spend today's on this part of aberdeen road allowance. days on this part of aberdeen rd. alone. it is going to take several days before everyone has the lights on. these guys are from georgia. they are some of the contractors from georgia. the cavalry arrives in less than an hour. the canadians are coming to the rescue. 700 trucks from quebec will come
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help dominion. >> like all local authorities, restore struggling to power quickly. crews are working in 16-hour shifts. that is little consolation to their third day electricity. brought in crews from with thetes to help efforts. our team coverage continues with the damage in maryland. >> frustrations are growing over the cleanup efforts. trees are still blocking roads. it caused major traffic headaches. picking up the in a number of neighborhoods. is what it looks like. go one single bloc in neighborhood without seeing this scenario. snapped power poles brought down trees that still across the
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roadway. >> this stretch of aberdeen rd. microcosm of the power facing dominion. >> the huge tree across the road, the power pole down and telephone lines asphalt.e the first time this very street has faced the same challenges. neighborhood, there about it. we can do >> a family just purchased this friday afternoon. and then this happened hours later. >> there are so many people. trees came down on their houses and cars. i think we lucked out. part has not bothered storms well over the past few years.
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pepco trimmed trees away from lines here, many formed y-shape. montgomery county some police are here to control intersections, more than 200 traffic lights are still dark. part of southbound connecticut from fridaylosed afternoon. late this making already frustrated more so. even >> it is ridiculous. believe this is not taking care of. >> we did have a couple of neighbors, door-to-door looking for everyone, telling them to as soon as possible. they say they checked in a few and pepco registered without power.s this community has hundreds of living here.
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>> of course, the big cleanup is under way in the district. earlier one scene brandywine street in northwest, debrisews swept up the from a downed trees. city leaders estimate 1500 trees during friday's storm. the mayor says every ward was hard hit. >> look at the power outages, 65,000, evenly distributed. this storm seems to have the equivalent effect on the city. >> people are sick and tired of the power outages and be done. needs to the mayor wants to meet with from maryland and virginia to talk about solutions. become more dangerous pedestrians to get around. night of the pedestrian was killed in arlington. man attempted to cross a road when he was hit.
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at a fairfax hospital. the driver did stay at the scene. chargeson whether any filed. >> our coverage of the storms and on our smart phone app. coolingte list of in the region. have a link to the list of closings and work information for federal workers. the final report on the navy crash in virginia beach. >> a possible terrorist alert regarding an american aircraft and the olympics. >> today's weather is about as as it is going to get the entire week.
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>> new concerns over a terror targeting americans. -- toeported down an airliner connected with the olympics.
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>> one source tells me that are much harder to track because the suspects can much better job of blending and. -- in. the latest threats reportedly again targeting a u.s. as intelligence agencies trying to track completed who has training act and al qaeda camp yemen. his '30's, a norwegian criminal history, islam in 2008. somebody who came out of the midwest. says -- moran -- >> they are doing a lot more than the public will be aware of. operational, now
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meeting ready for orders. about thet mind it the price to pay to be safe. the system has kept a safe for 11 years. i feel pretty confident. >> u.s. intelligence has successful, but over the years, the so-called the underweard byber have only been stopped the other passengers. if you see something, say something. >> it is a concern abroad, depending on what country you go to. not as much in the united states. >> because this particular has no criminal record, willes tell me that he have a much easier time andeling throughout europe getting into the united states. many are waiting to see if that related to any sort of olympics threat.
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>> thank you. still to come, the severe problems stretch far and wide. you were tornadoes in virginia. >> the heat is way up. take a look at are steaming holiday weekend forecast. severe weather with wind damage caused overems at congressional weekend, but not for tiger woods. ♪
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>> the largest health care fraud settlement in u.s. history. >> glaxo smithkline has agreed pay $3 billion. the justice department accused drug maker of marketing some drugs as treatment for weretion for which they not approved. says theyy spokesman happened and have its >> the navy said eight rare malfunction caused that jets crashed in
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virginia beach. the lastejected at ground.0 feet above the , 27n people were injured apartments were destroyed. >> it has been a rough weekend all over the area. the richmond area also got severe weather. a tornado touched down in county north of richmond. power was knocked out and the cleanup is underway. there are worries about more storms and the central part of the state. >> time we get a break? >> i think today is it, unfortunately. starting tomorrow, the humidity is back. the week, upper 90's again. we have more thunderstorms coming. let's get you started. from the nation's capital, it is beautiful. there is no threat of activity tonight.
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temperatures will drop in the overnight hours. upper 60's, near 70 in the suburbs. not much of a breeze. in the breezes will be appreciated. 88 right now in king george. they received over an inch of rain. 87 infrederick -- frederick. the official height at reagan national airport this afternoon was 95. 90 degrees reported on the eastern shore. 91 in fredericksburg. temperatures are pretty much as should be for early july. maybe a degree or to hire. but tomorrow, then you will feel more of that oppressive heat in the air. moment, dew point temperatures, upper 50's, low
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60's. about 35%.y is all that is going to start ramping up. the heat is starting to build. this weekend in atlanta, they said all kinds of records. we are not seeing that level. humidity levels will start to creep up again. looking at some of the longer range computer models, there is any cool pushed of air in the immediate future. like to date was the of 90-onsecutive day degree heat. what we're looking at downstream, all of the weather down at the south. the humidity levels creep back again, 30% chance of thunderstorms. 88 midday. pretty typical july 3 as far as temperatures go. we head to the next seven laura 90's.d humid,
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the% chance of showers late evening onr wednesday. another cold front could bring much more needed activity by next saturday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> i think tiger needs to start taking you and me on the road because we are his luck charms. >> a lot of washingtonians are still without power. i will have to allowed a little bit longer. i want to give kudos to the at congressional country weekend. the disaster area.a i'd never seen a pga tournament fans or volunteers, but was done ont saturday. yesterday, tiger came from beat bo van pelt.
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so much of the credit goes to the folks at congressional. that course was phenomenal. >> it was a matter of making the putt and not making too many mistakes. would come down to last five or six holes. it came down to the last three holes. andiger wins the money give it tod to charity. the nationals are still in place and lead the mets by 3.5 games. washington. for i note it is early, but stephen named in the all- star team. home runs. had 13
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has been a great first half for the nationals. how about bryce harper? she is not on the roster right now, -- he is not on the roster but you could go on line. you ask me, nobody has energized their team more than harper pass. the 19-year-old has eight home runs. the most publicized baseball this should he be on the all-star team? the big alembic news today is --t -- olympic news today has forfeited her stop on -- the team. she finished third in the trials and qualify for the team. after further review, the
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was a deadaid it heat. it would be decided by the runoff. believed that she had already qualified. she gave for spot away. eliminated, 6-4, 6-3. was a heavy favorite at wimbledon. finally, at the university of maryland athletic department beenrmed that funding has for men's outdoor track and field. that board will survive, but have beenr sports discounted they did that sport but seven other been eliminated. >> tragic. been eliminated. >> tragic.
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