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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  July 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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was already in place or simply thrown into the theater. police are calling this a bomb and saying there were numerous gunshot wounds and they have recovered the gun used in this incident. those are breaking details just into abc. >> we do want to let everybody know what's going on. there has been a mass shooting at a movie peter just outside denver colorado in aurora, colorado. abc news has confirmed the police say that there are 10 fatalities and at least 20 injured, a gunman acting along a, opening fire in two movie theaters, numbers eight and nine at the"the dark knight rises" premiere. >> there were huge crowds for the movie all across the country. no one anticipated anything like this happening.
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they found explosive device. this has been confirmed by authorities. the suspect is in custody. sounds like he was a lone wolf but he did work alone. they are not clear as to whether it was planted in the theater whether this was premeditated, or whether this was actually thrown into the crowd sometime after the movie began. a dark crowded room obviously. >> clayton, are you still on the phone? >> yes, this will be a massive response and investigation, no doubt. there is an fbi task force made up of fbi agents and local officers who work on violent crime in this area. i'm sure they will be responding as well. if this will be a very large investigation involving a lot of different agencies including the fbi's. >> you are looking at live pictures. you said that you had just
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arrived moments ago on the scene and you're listening to the radio, listening to some eye witness accounts of exactly what happens in that theater. chaos and people were not sure what was going on, that the shooting may have been part of the movie and the special effects. >> of this lithis film has a lot of shooting and explosions that go on in it, the batman movie. according to some witnesses being interviewed on local radio were talking about there was a scene in the movie where a lot of shootings and explosions were happening and that is apparently when the shooting and explosions or whatever took place started. and so, that created a lot of initial confusion obviously, on top of everything else. right now this long, wide streets in front of the movie
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theater is starting to fill up with police vehicles. a mobil crime unit just arrived. there are dozens and dozens of police units all with red and blue lights flashing. just a massive response from all over the denver area. >> we want to take a moment. folks in that part of the country waking up to this news perhaps they have friends children, parents who work at the theater. this was the century 16 movie theater in aurora, colorado a suburb of denver, in theaters 8 and 9. this was a huge premiere showing all across the country where people lined up for hours to see this. we wanted to give you details on where this a place. as you heard, just incredibly chaotic on the scene. a lot of details. we're not sure about anything we have heard so far. a lot of it is unsubstantiated
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information from twitter or facebook. there's the possibility the death toll could rise. we don't have a clear picture yet. >> we want to thank them for bringing us up to speed on the coverage and colorado. if we will keep in touch with our friends at abc news and the folks we are in contact with in denver about the mass shooting and at the movie theater. latest confirmation is at least 10 people are dead and up to 40 transported to local hospitals after a gunman apparently acted alone in carrying out this mass shooting during the midnight premiere of "the dark knight rises." >> this happened right outside denver. this is a highly anticipated movie, so there were hundreds of people who have lined up and waited for the opportunity of the screening. apparently the shooting happened during a scene in the movie where there were a lot of gunshots and it was a violent scene. a lot of people inside the theater apparently either thought it was the movie or that
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there were special effects the the theater was putting on. just a staggering number of injuries and fatalities. we are continuing to follow the very latest and we will continue to update you. at this point we need to update you on the weather. we saw more storms overnight. it was a wild evening. >> let's check in with steve rudin. >> the storms are gone, but we could be dealing with another round of heavy rain later this morning into the afternoon and overnight across the area. look at the doppler radar. a clean sweep right now across the immediate metro. however, the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for all areas shaded in green from noon time until this evening as we could see rates of range of one or two inches per hour -- rates of rain. some areas may reach 90 degrees. moving through the overnight heavy rain across the mid- atlantic. all this will finally exit the
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region. it appears to exit the region as we move through the day on saturday. highs today of 84-89. grab the umbrella. you will definitely need it. >> it has been a rough few days for some d.c. residents cleaning up the damage from floods for the third time in nine days. >> john gonzalez is in one of the hardest-hit areas, which is rhode island avenue. they have been through this so many times. >> unbelievable. three times in just over a week. residents are just getting to bed this morning. they were up all night drying and cleaning their basements. one resident said she has lived here 50 years and this is the worst in has ever been. residents on rhode island are near their breaking point after their basements of flooded three times in the past nine days. >> this has been going on at least the last 50 years i've lived in this neighborhood. i recall being 10 years old and
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having a flood. >> heavy rain again. cars struggling to stay on the road. a low-lying area notorious for flooding. , it's once again flooding residents put the blame on the city, saying it highlights a complete lack of apathy and response by the department of public works. >> i have cleaned my basement three times and it's really hard and costs linked. >> d.c. water does have a long- term plan to upgrade and try to alleviate flooding in the bloomingdale neighborhood, but it will take billions of dollars and 13 years. >> they should able to do something. ] we have gone to the moon. can we not redirect the water somewhere? >> it's not only the homes being affected but business owners have lost thousands and thousands of dollars. they hope the city really addresses this major problem. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. 72 degrees 5:07.
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>> we will be back with an update of the mass shooting in colorado as a movie theater. at least 10 dead, 39 injured. back after this.
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just snap a pic... ♪ ♪ hit send... and their checks are deposited right to their account. well almost all of their checks. stand back. seriously? [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. >> welcome back. the big story that in tarnation is talking about and the nation in mourning for victims of a movie showing in aurora colorado, just outside denver. at the theater on the left side of the screen the century 16 theater. according to police, a gunman
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inside the theater set off some type of explosive device, could of been teargas or a smoke grenade, and then started firing inside the theater during the midnight premiere of the new batman movie. still awaiting the number of casualties. police say at least 10 people dead, up to 40 people injured. not all of them shot. a number injured when the explosive device went off and people tried to escape the crowded theater. >> one person is in custody. the big question is did the individual acts alone or did he have help from other people? quite a feat to pull off at the century 16 theater. as you mentioned, an explosive device perhaps a type of bomb going off, followed by gunfire. this is a story that is developing right now. you can see in these live pictures of that there's a huge
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response from police and authorities trying to get a handle on what exactly happened and then, also, try to treat the many people who have been injured. the medical center hospital is one of the main hospitals taking in the injured. two other hospitals as well. they are trying to. sort to. we are-- they are trying to sorted out. >> our friends say between 12 and 15 shots were fired at the scene and other details continue coming in. stay with us and we will keep in touch with our friends in abc news denver. and we will keep updating our twitter feeds. >> we want to check in with steve rudin for the latest on the storms that caused flooding once again. >> we had another round of severe the storms last night that rolled across the area. those storms are long gone now
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but the whole system is still around. it will bring us more rain later on today. 76 degrees right now in the airport, 75 and fredericksburg. montgomery county is quiet and dry, and the same in prince george's county. dale city, woodbrige looking at quiet conditions. a flash flood watch if goes into effect at noon and includes all areas stated in green from the chesapeake beach is all the way to the mountains. it's going to be cloudy today 84-89 degrees. nighttime lows will be in the '60s with showers. the first half of the weekend periods of rain mainly during the early morning. otherwise cloudy and humid, and '70s to low 80's. letson an update on the commute with lisa baden. >> metro rail on normal service. nothing complicated on 95 between richmond and baltimore. 66 at 270 moving nicely. the beltway at new hampshire
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avenue looks good. looks good to annandale merrifield, and in tysons on the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 5:14, 72 degrees. >> we expect a big decision today affecting pepco customers. how will affect your wallet organic artichokes, organic lettucec organic kale... does your cauliflower have a big carbon footprint? not at all. that's great. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. gallagher. incoming!!! it's wasteful. you know jimmy. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> abc news has confirmed 10 people killed and 20 others injured in the mass shooting of the century 16 theater during the midnight showing of "the dark knight rises" movie. >> it is still an active scene going on in colorado.
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we will continue to follow this through the morning. we are now learning 10 people were killed. about 20 other s injured. those numbers could increase. this all happening at the century 16 deer during the midnight showing of "the dark knight rises." abc news also confirmed there was some sort of explosive that went off in the theater. a lot of witnesses talking to local tv stations if said that perhaps there was teargas or something said off inside the theater. police tell us they have a suspect in custody. they believe that he may have worked alone, at this point, but they may be looking for someone else as well. that is not confirmed. witnesses said they heard several shots, perhaps as many as a dozen, this coming from people inside other theaters. we believe this happened in theater no. 9. this was heard by people in theaters 8 and 16. a news conference is scheduled
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for about 6:15 our time. >> we were watching a scene in the movie, it was a shootout scene, there were guns firing and then allow bank came from the right of the theater. smoke filled the entire theater and no one could really see anything. my sister and aunt me were wondering what was going on. -- a loud bang. >> a lot of people very confused because they were hearing this at the same time there was a shooting scene in the movie. smoke fill the theater. there's a press conference scheduled for 6:15 our time. we will continue to monitor this. back to you. >> thank you. a baltimore soldier is one of the latest casualties in the
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afghan war. 28-year-old sergeant daniel rodriguez died when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device in eastern afghanistan. another soldier was also killed in that attack. rodriguez was assigned to a unit based in fort drum, new york. a driver led police on a chase from baltimore into anne arundel county. officers began chasing the suv after it sideswipes several cars. the pursuit ended when the vehicle crashed near interstate 97 and seventh street. the suspect fled. police found him hiding in a vacant home nearby. no reports of injury. >> for the first time in u.s. history, the defense department will allow service members to march in uniform at a gay pride parade. the department sent a memo to all branches, saying troops would be allowed to march in tomorrow's day pride parade in san diego. the department says it's partly because pparade organizers
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had encouraged military personnel to march in uniform. the pentagon i taking steps to crackdown on the leak of classified information. the order came from defense secretary leon panetta. >> it's 5:20. we want to check on the weather with steve rudin. more storms happen overnight. >> i know. heavy stuff and a lot of flooding. now there's a flash flood watch from noon until later this evening for another round of rain. let's look at the rain totals. right now the doppler radar is quiet around the beltway. we have showers popping up well to the south and west of us. the showers are relatively light at this time. they will be moving our way through the morning. here's the flash flood watch starting at noon. it includes the district, prince george's county, montgomery county, of prince william everything shaded in green.
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flash flood watch in effect until later this evening. these are the projected rainfall totals until 6:00 tomorrow evening. could see a to an inch and three quarters at reagan national airport. western maryland, this could be the bull's eye. the delmarva beaches, it's not going to be pretty tonight or tomorrow. the best weather will happen at the end of the weekend. showers and thunderstorms could be today 84-89 degrees. >> a big cellphone makers showing much smaller numbers. >> rob nelson has details. >> big losses for a cell phone maker nokia, reporting, and net loss of $1.7 billion in the second quarter. overall sales were down 19% with smartphone sales falling by 34%. microsoft released a preview of its latest version of microsoft office. it contains all the features you would expect.
5:22 am
what is new is how you work with them. >> the main thing is it is meant to be touch-friendly and it's meant to live in the clouds. if you subscribe, if you can resume from where you left off and pick up any teacher from any computer. >> no official word on when it will be out or how much it will cost. americans are planning to rely on their cell phones and tablets for coverage of this year's olympics. 40% of those surveyed plan to monitor the games will do so on two or more devices. i am rob nelson.
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grex a high fly ball. hail to the chief. >> chad was a bright spot. a franchise record 47 saves in
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the inaugural 2005 season. the chief will be back in d.c. to like throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. good to see him again. >> he has gone through some tough times personally, after baseball, for losing his daughter in 2010. >> you can expect a big ovation for him tonight when he takes the mound. here's tim brant. >> the new york mets had a closed-door meeting after losing last night. they have about to get better. gio gonzalez lasted only 10 out -- outs. that is a three-run dinger. the nationals battle till the final out, something they will need against the braves, starting today. >> i like my ball club and i
5:27 am
like the position we are going into. >> jeremy lin was introduced by the rockets after r.g. iii signed his 21 million deal, and deluxe signed for signed22 million-- andrew louck signed for more than $22 million.
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing,
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the squaree sunnyd bottle. " it's getting back to our breaking news. coming out of colorado, at least 14 dead, 50 injured in a shooting at a movie theater. >> brianne carter has the latest. >> that is the latest we are hearing from police and talking to a affiliate's and colorado.
5:30 am
the latest news is 14 are dead. the number of injured has also climbed. we are also hearing from police that the gunman released some sort of cannister with some sort of gas in the theater. we hundred the reports from people inside the theater, of setting it quickly became filled with smoke. now we're hearing from police the gunman released some sort of canister and an individual opened fire. we are also hearing reports that a rifle and handgun were found at the scene. that is still not confirmed. we understand this all happened just about 12:30 morning colorado time, about 2:30 in the morning our time at the premiere of "the dark knight rises." people heard this in all the theaters. we understand this happens inside theater no. 9. we are hearing also from people no. 8 and #16 if they heard as many as 10 to 12 gunshots.
5:31 am
a lot of people thought this was perhaps part of the movie and not at first realizing what had happened. the latest news we are getting 14 people confirmed dead. the number of injured has climbed from 20. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. it's a heartbreaking story to learn of so many fatalities, so many injuries. >> police are stressing that they don't believe at this point a second suspect was involved, but they don't know. that's why they have all the witnesses to question at a local high school outside aurora so they can talk to them to see if there was evidence of a second person. calm at the scene right now. police believe anybody who was involved is in custody, just that one person. but we are still getting details of as we learn more from colorado. the police chief spoke in the
5:32 am
last five minutes. >> now let's skip the latest on some wild weather overnight. areas were flooded once again. >> we can show you the rain totals. over the past five and a half hours, over an inch of rain in stephenville and rockville. about a half-inch in tester down -- chestertown, maryland. 71 degrees in hagerstown, 73 in manassas. off to the west of us, showers beginning to develop. flash flood watch in effect for areas shaded in green, including the district and surrounding counties. 84-89 with a stronger thunderstorms later today. >> a rough few days for d.c. residents cleaning up from damage of floods for the third time in zero over a week. >> unbelievable. john gonzalez is at one of the
5:33 am
hardest-hit areas, which is rhode island avenue. >> good morning. unbelievable what has happened to these residents. if we were here yesterday talking to witnesses cleaning their basements. but it's happened again. the owner of the cafe has lost thousands and thousands of dollars. residents are near the breaking point this morning. their basements have been flooded three times in the past nine days. the latest compound and residents with heavy rain again as cars struggle to stay on the road. a low-lying area notorious for flooding it is reeling again. residents putting direct blame on the city. many say this highlights the lack of apathy and response by the department of public works. the seawater has a long-term plan to upgrade and alleviate flooding in the bloomingdale neighborhood, but the plan will take billions of dollars and about 13 years. >> they should able to do
5:34 am
something. we have gone to the moon. they can redirect the water somewhere. >> this morning the last thing residents want to hear is there's more rain forecast later today. reporting live in northwest washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> to a maryland public service commission expected to rule today on pepco's request for a 4% rate hike,. montgomery county held a debriefing yesterday on pepco's response to the june 29 storm that left thousands of people without power for days at. plenty of outraged customers showed up. congressman chris van hollen tells the washington post that the figures he compiled shows dominion was far more efficient and pepco in fixing outages after the storm. >> d.c.'s ever to impose a commuter tax might be gaining steam on capitol hill. >> california congressman
5:35 am
darrell issa suggests congress old andhold a hearing on the issue. d.c. is barred from imposing a commuter tax. any effort to impose one would be opposed by virginia and maryland. a former marine who fired shots at several military buildings in northern virginia will be sentenced today in alexandria. the yonathan melaku pleaded guilty in january in connection with incidents at the pentagon, the marine corps museum, and other facilities. he faces up 25 years in prison. >> 14 dead and up to 50 injured during a premiere of the batman movie in aurora, outside
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>> on with the coast guard station in ocean city, maryland, reminding you to always wear your life jacket. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning to all of you on this friday morning. >> we want to check the weather with meteorologist steve rudin. >> grab your umbrella as you head out the door. you will definitely need it for later this morning into the afternoon and also for tonight and tomorrow morning. the doppler radar is quiet and
5:39 am
to drive across the beltway. showers beginning to develop to the west of us around the blue ridge, the shenandoah valley. flash flood watch if goes into effect at noon time for the entire metro area, all of southern maryland, all the way to the mountains, this is until later this evening. rainfall totals may be as high as one or two inches. even more in some areas. 84-89 degrees. let's give an update on the commute. if >> bad news. on the inner loop out of college park to get into a green belt to there's been a collision near kenilworth avenue. they moved on to the right shoulder but look at the pace of traffic leaving 95 headed toward fedex field. in virginia the pace is not bad. 95, 95 quiet on 66. good on 270 and metro will is on normal service. >> we continue following a developing story this morning out of it or, colorado, right outside denver.
5:40 am
14 people were killed inside this century 16 theater. if it happened overnight while people were watching the brand new batman movie "the dark knight rises"" a gun and opening fire killing people and
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> 5:43. an update on the breaking news from colorado. police are saying 14 are dead, 50 injured in a shooting inside a movie theater of a premier of "the dark knight rises." >> brianne carter has the latest. >> we understand it happens after midnight their time, after 2:00 this morning our time. the latest from police is that
5:44 am
14 people are now confirmed dead. we are hearing reports of that as many as 50 people are injured in this shooting. this was during a premiere of "the dark knight rises" in aurora colorado. a gunman released some sort of a gas canister inside the kidder, according to police. we had word from people inside the movie theater that they saw the gas filling up inside the theater. we are hearing a rifle and handgun have been recovered at the scene. the suspect made some sort of statement about explosives at individual's apartment. police have evacuated that apartment and have been searching the apartment. they have one suspect in custody. they are asking for more witnesses to come forward to speak to them. those people inside the theater are being held at a nearby high school to give statements. we have heard from people inside the pewter when this happened. >> a police officer came walking
5:45 am
through the front door before everyone was cleared out and before everything was under control, came walking through the door holding a little girl in his arms. she was not moving. >> certainly a devastating seen happening at this premiere. just a few hours ago. it has been an active scene as police are on the ground continuing to search for clues. and this is happening at the apartment of the suspect as well. we will continue to follow the latest. 14 people dead and up to 50 people injured. back to you. >> thank you. absolutely heartbreaking. we need to get an update on business headlines. >> let's check in with linda bell. >> good morning. stock-index futures are flat right now. we are keeping a close eye on shares of microsoft. when you include a write-down that gives microsoft its first- ever loss as a publicly traded company, it managed a profit. investors focusing on the fact
5:46 am
that it is signing a multi-year software deals with companies. consumers are buying tablets instead of pc's. the hot and dry and whether it is worrisome to chipotle mexican grill chain. it is expecting higher costs for things like avocados, beef, and additional pressure on dairy and chicken, which will increase prices. campaign funding has surpassed the billion dollar mark. the biggest spending is yet to come. it could reach an eye-popping $3 billion. if you live in one of the 10 or so swing space, your television is going to melt. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. have a great weekend, linda.
5:47 am
>> she is talking about how the drought conditions will affect our food prices. we are on the opposite end with too much rain >> . looks like another batch of heavy rain later this morning into the afternoon. some of the rain may cause localized flooding especially later today into tonight. that's why we have the flash flood watch in effect from noon time today. since midnight we have had over an inch of rain in rockville. in sandy spring, maryland, about a third of an inch. the same in the district and in bowie. 72 degrees in martinsburg, 73 at dulles airport, 77 in annapolis. the doppler radar is quiet and drive around the immediate metro, all of southern maryland. that is expected to change as we move through the afternoon. look at areas covered with the flash flood watch. includes all of frederick county, montgomery fairfax the district, prince george's,
5:48 am
prince william, until later this evening. in may extended longer depending on the amount of rain that we see later on today. 84-89 for the daytime high. drain overnight. temperatures in the 60s and low 70's. looking for highs tomorrow around 80 with grain tapering off by the late afternoon into tomorrow night. it's an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. >> a couple complications. an accident on the inner loop in greenbelt that was moved to the side. traffic is delayed out of college park headed into greenbelt. south of town on the beltway, travel times in our favor to and from the wilson bridge, but on route 50. in virginia, nothing on 395. 66 has had an accident eastbound near 50, they're moving back onto the shoulder. marc rail brunswick trains are subject to disruption in service because of storm damage.
5:49 am
you may want to check ahead if you take marc rail on the brand's decline. 270 down to metro, if you drive down that way, they will honor your ticket. but there's a new controversy in the trayvon martin case. >> barbara walters says that george zimmerman offered to talk to her, but she says it came with steep demands. >> george zimmerman gave his first media interview wednesday sitting down with fox news. >> i do wish that there was something, anything i could of done that would not have put me in a position where i had to take his life. i feel that it was all god's plan. for me to second-guess it or judge it, um. >> trayvon martin was a family responded. >> my first thought was i wish trayvon was here to tell his side of the story. it is ridiculous. god did not have a plan for
5:50 am
trayvon to die and for george zimmerman to shoot trayvon for no reason. >> i would just like to know why did he even get out the car? what made him rush to judge my son in thinking that he was a criminal or pursuing a burglary? " zimmerman's attorney said talks ended for a second interview after barbara walters refused a demand. >> and george asked her to provide residents for 30 days for his wife. george is very concerned that he may be arrested again. he's very concerned he will not be around to help. >> zimmerman launched his web site again, meanwhile. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank the masses. you can personally communicate with me and i hope to provide
5:51 am
more facts. >> we are looking at 72 degrees this morning. >> we will be back with the latest on the colorado movie theater shooting. 14 dead, 50 injured during the premier of "the dark knight rises." more coming up.
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> welcome back. we want to update you on breaking news we have been falling all morning long. a mass shooting in aurora
5:54 am
colorado, a suburb of denver. we have learned this morning 14 people killed, killed on the scene and four data to a hospital. 50 people injured inside the century 16 theater. people were watching the midnight showing of the batman "dark knight rises" movie. we're getting our accounts from the scene, where appears young people have been shot, people of all ages. right now police officers on the scene are really trying to get a handle on what has happened. hospitals as well trying to treat and help as many people as they can. what we have learned this point is that there was -- the movie was 15 minutes into progress when a man appeared at the front of the theater there was some type of explosion, a canister or some type of teargas device that left out a hissing sound and the
5:55 am
next thing people inside the theater , shots were being fired. initially, many of them did not realize that it was not part of the movie. a terrifying situation right there. we are continuing to get the latest and will pass that along to you. >> unfortunately, the shooting happened during the shooting scene in the movie and that led to confusion and if the gunshots penetrated the wall of one theater into the theater next door. as far as the investigation, police have one suspect in custody. they believe the act alone. there are reports that he is a male in his 20s from the denver, colorado, area. no reports as to whether or not he was dressed in any type of costume report. from the theater that many theatergoers were, so it may make it tough to see if anyone was concealing weapons. police believe the act alone in carrying out the shooting inside the center's 16th year in
5:56 am
aurora, colorado. 14 people dead, 50 interest. witnesses not injured were taken to a local hospital where they are still being debriefed. people also went to the suspect's apartment because he had said that he has an explosive device there. they have surged but not found anything there. this happened 15 minutes into the midnight showing of the movie. that would have been just after 3:00 a.m. eastern time. we will still have more as the story develops. >> unable officer and his wife have been arrested and charged with abusing their adopted son. matthew and amy sweeney of bristow abused their a-year-old son and it was discovered early tuesday when the boy fled their home and ran to a neighbor's house. >> he was very open about pulling up his shirt to show that he had bruises on his body. >> he appeared to be in good health and that the bruises were consistent with repeated physical abuse. matthew is an active due
5:57 am
diligence commander in u.s. navy. he and his wife are free on bond. the boy was removed from the home. >> someone to prevent a casino from being built in prince george county. the group plans a news conference this morning outside the prison store discount the administration building. they oppose giving a tax cut to casino operators at the expense of maryland's education trust fund. they want lawmakers to oppose a possible special session on gambling expansion. new details in the scandal at penn state. former chairman of the penn state board of trustees has resigned from the board. he has been harshly criticized for how he handled the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. he says he is stepping down because his presence on the board has been a distraction. he is the first board member to resign in the wake of the scandal. >> 7 is on your side with news that an old disease is now making. a big making the center for disease control says more than 18,000 cases of
5:58 am
whooping cough have been reported so far this year. nine children have died. help officials are calling on adults, especially pregnant women, and those who spent time around children, to get a booster shot. >> back
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