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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 21, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> this is abc 7 saturday news extra, on your side. >> 12 people killed, 58 injured. the end -- investigation into the man police believe are responsible moved forward. >> the bomb squad detonated explosives in his apartment. it was not an easy job. >> the technicians did a marvelous job. they went to the next ied filled with an unknown substance than they had to attack a triggering mechanism and they did that very skillfully. >> authorities called in about 100 officials for the investigation.
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they gathered outside james holmes apartment on saturday. >> this is a trip wire was set up to detonate when somebody entered that apartment. it was set up to kill that person. >> the aurora community is in shock after he opened fire during a screening of "the dark knight rises." 12 people died in nearly 60 hurt. three service members were among the victims, including john larimer. he joined the navy last year. alex sullivan also shot and killed. some of the victims look back on the quarter. -- the horror. >> a few centimeters there and i do not think i would have left the theater. >> i had my face down on the ground and i stayed as still as possibly could.
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i prayed and i prayed and he fired off a couple more rounds. then he laughed. >> police arrested holmes at the scene. he is expected to appear in court on monday. a steady stream of people come to make -- pay their respects at the memorial. the city is planning an official vigil tomorrow evening. >> we are learning now that president obama will be in attendance for that vigil. he will visit colorado tomorrow. but we are continuing to follow any new developments into this horrific crime and of course the conditions of the victim. we want to remind you can get all of the details any time that >> hit-and-run -- was another week of damaging storms for one neighborhood in the district. in addition to trees being toppled, people in northwest had their basements flooded and
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sewage backed up twice this week. it is the third time it has happened in the past two weeks. >> it shoots up like a geyser and comes into the door. it is frustrating. we had a meeting with the dc water and are council member at on monday after the first flood and they did not offer any solutions. >> when resident told us he plans to move out. d.c. crews were looking for ways to prevent future flooding and they're making sandbags available. >> the growing frustration over pepco's response to the storms has maryland's public service commission under fire. a petition racked up more than 2000 signatures calling on martin o'malley to fire the members of the team calling them "asleep at the wheel." dominion had restored -- restore power to 67% while pepco only
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43%. >> a massive oak fell tuesday night killing a businessman. the tree crashed his car as he sat stuck in rush-hour traffic on georgetown pike. efforts to trim the tree ended up making a lopsided. crews cut down the nearby tree that had a similar issue. the death is being called a freak accident. >> the man accused of murder for trayvon martin said he would do nothing differently. george zimmerman spoke on fox news saying that -- martin punched him and then he went for his gun. >> he said, you are going to die tonight [beep]. he took his hand off of my mouth and i felt it going toward my belt and my holster and that is
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when i did not have any more time. >> he said he was sorry that the martins lost a child called everything else "god's will." the martin family took exception to that comment. >> god did not have a plan for trayvon martin to diane for george zimmerman to shoot him for no reason. >> his family says they are glad he spoke saying that makes the prosecution's case against enemies here. >> montgomery county has polled 26 bosses off the road after a fire on wednesday. -- pulled 26 buses off the road on -- after a fire on wednesday. they also have a holiday schedule. metro says it has fixed the computer glitch that shut down the system last weekend. they blamed it on a module the
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size of a pizza box inside the network. it has since been replaced. metro says the glitches stopped the moment the work was completed. >> in the next few years, it could get expensive after the authority approved a doubling the toll by 2015. we break down the increase. >> it is ridiculous. >> that is awful. >> she cannot believe the polls will double on the dulles toll road. >> even right now it is too much to use. >> wednesday the airport authority approved to these increases from $2.25 to $2.75 this january. then in 2014, up another 75 cents to $3.50. 2015 it costs four $50 cents.
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that is $9 round trip. >> with a gas prices, they are raising the price of the toll. that is terrible. >> we are going to raise that, raise the, what else are they going to raise? >> it is expected to raise $3 billion for the . >> we are not a private entity. we're trying to keep it to the point where we can pay the debt when it comes to. >> that will take about 40 years to pay off. >> it is a bad thing and we do not want to do it but if you do not want to pay a, a jump on another line. >> metro is celebrating a milestone in the work to take it to the dulles international airport. crews lower the guide way into place. that is the parts that will carry the train. it is the beginning of the end of phase one of the project that
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will make way for five stops. metro hopes to have it up and running by the end of 2013. >> the first family takes some heat over a little pda. there moment on the kiss cam. >> why the settlement to a multibillion-dollar loss could hit you at the cash register. >> the daytime high was only 71 degrees. will it last? wow, lolook at this bed! this nightstand! isthis wardrobe! what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. w'at's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. ikea. the life improvement store.
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>> a multibillion-dollar lawsuit has been settled. that is the fee the retailer pays every time you pay -- using a credit card. >> chris van cleve explains what this means for your wallet. >> out shopping, she and her friend did what so many of us do, use their credit card. since swiping your plastic could cost you a little extra. >> we do not need any more fees. you have to have a good credit rating so you have already paid your dues. i do not think they should charge you again. >> but if a settlement between providers and merchants would go forward, they would have the right to pass along so-called swiped fees. you could pay up to 3% for using your credit card. >> customers are already paying
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for this. the fact that retailers will now be able to turn around and charge their customers additional, seems outrageous. >> it would not apply to debit cards and would have to be disclosed but some say passing the fee on to consumers could be challenging. >> most merchants compete by lowering prices and being cheaper than the next guy. you are more likely to see them give discounts. >> discounts like the one offered by this gas station where the prices 10 cents less if he paid cash. -- if you pay cash. the judge has to approve the settlement and they may not happen until the end of the year. if it is approved, retailers will be on the able to charge you what ever the fee is on your credit card. that could be a complicating factor because each has a different feet. determining that could be a challenge to instituting any kind of fee.
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10 states already prohibit this surcharge and it is possible others would pass laws banning it as well. >> a federal investigation is under way into the gas pedals of 700,000 ford vehicles. the administration is looking at 2001-2004 ford escapes and mazda attributes. there are reports of gas pedals getting stuck including 13 crashes and one death. ford has not commented on the investigation. a president's every move is scrutinized under a microscope. >> or on a jumbo traian. why didn'
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>> 12 people died and 58 were hurt when james won't entered a movie theater during a screening of "the dark knight rises" and started firing. police were able to get into his apartment. president obama will attend a memorial service with some of the victims and their families. >> george allen and tim kaine met for their first debate today. it took a swipe at each other's time as public servants. >> pack your patience if you are going to take metro tomorrow.
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work continues on the red line and that is impacting every other line. you can check out more on this story on >> back a sweater if you're going out tonight because it is going to be --[laughter] >> your arms are always cold. >> tomorrow we will feel the difference. a little bit more sunshine and by monday and tuesday, back to the bathing suit. how was that? sound good? cloudy conditions and a little bit of fog beginning to develop. 71 degrees was it for the daytime high. in 1984, it was 74. that was the last time it was the school in our area and today we set the record for our average. 70 degrees right now at the airport. 67 in maryland. over two inches of rain since
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midnight. now 66 in alexandria. silver spring, 66 degree. the temperature has only fallen by two degrees. they had over an inch of rain earlier today. 70 at dulles. out to the west of us, this is where the warmer air is located. mid-60 in caribou. not much of a difference to what we have right now. although rain moving off of the coast. a little bit of fog will develop during the early morning hours. it should be out of here by 8:00 in the morning and that our skies should clear but do not expect a lot of sunshine. doppler radar is showing quiet conditions right now. r futurecast will take us through the overnight hours is temperatures fall. another couple of degrees but tomorrow highs in the mid-80's.
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a few breaks in the cost to the west of us so we will see more sunshine and then monday daytime highs will start to warm back to near 90 degrees. even hotter on tuesday. a patchy drizzle for tonight. 65-73. for tomorrow, we will see temperatures on the higher end. more clouds and a little bit cooler. the extended outlook will call for highs into the middle 90's on tuesday. around 100 degrees and then lower 90's's on wednesday. so far this year, 90 degrees or better 18 times and we're going to look for hot weather once again as we move through the next week or so.
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>> a trip out for the first family turned controversial because of a kiss that was sent. >> they found themselves on the kids can at the verizon center as they watch the usa basketball team. >> they refused to kiss and then late -- later relented. >> questions quickly bombarded the press office. >> the first time the obamas appeared last night, she appeared to be shaking her head. the president smiled and put his arm around his wife.
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the crowd did not approved. >> not too much pda. >> than the president got something that most politicians do not dead, at 82 over. the two kissed on the ellipse and the president followed it up with a pack on her forehead. the crowd word. >> i think it is queued to. >> then came the speculation was the president snubbed? did they even realize they were featured? a white house spokesman told reporters they did not know about the camera and tell their girls said something. then the officials said the president took advantage to steal a kiss from his wife. >> i think he arranged it. it is not a bad thing. >> i like to see are politicians showing affection. it was nice. >> maybe they were trying to
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avoid this, of the awkward kiss of politicians. mitt romney and his wife, newt gingrich and his wife, and who can forget that kiss on stage between al and tipper gore? >> steve has a final check on your forecast.


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