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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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c and while working as a nurse. the suspect worked in several states and at four maryland hospitals before moving to new england. steven is that one of those facilities. >> prosecutors in new hampshire have extended the pool of potential victims to thousands of people in eight states. they're getting ready to send out hundreds of letters to former patients telling them to get blood tests immediately. >> at southern maryland hospital, the word the suspected serial hepatitis c in factor work here. that stunned some patients. >> it that is scary. it is a terrible thing. >> and david kulikowski is accused of deliberately exposing people to the virus. at least some former patients contracted hepatitis c. >> he reportedly worked in
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maryland hospitals from 2008-10. at southern maryland hospital he was assigned to the cardiac unit. >> yeley worked in the catheter labs and vascular lab. we have looked at every patient in that timeframe. >> that we worked at maryland -- though he was only in maryland for just three months, they have gone through their patient roster. >> we want to air on the side of caution. >> he injected himself with painkillers intended for patients and then return to the syringe for use. some of the neal's apparently carried the hepatitis c virus -- some of these syringes apparently carried the hepatitis c virus from him to the patient. >> he did not test positive for hepatitis c. antel 2010, a year after he left maryland
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hospitals. but this virus can be a symptomatic for decades and there is no word whether yet been tested for it before 2010. -- whether he had been tested for it before 2010. >> for more information on where you should do if you were a patient at many -- any of the hospitals involved in this investigation, contact authorities. >> on the 1400 block of empire st. in woodbridge around 3:30 p.m., a 4-year-old child died. >> a heartbreaking scene here in the woodbridge/dail area of prince george's county. there's a blue pickup truck parked in front of a home. prince william county police say the little boy who lives in a home somehow got out of the house and into the pickup truck where he found a loaded handgun. the gun went off and the child
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was hit in ahead. he did not survive his injuries. authorities tell us it appears to be a tragic accident. it remains unclear who owned the gun to my wife was loaded, and why it was in a location accessible to a 4-year-old. we do know that date -- an adult family member was looking after this child at the time of this incident. charges could be filed. >> the investigation into the person who abducted the mother of cal ripken jr. continues. police found his mother, violet, after she had been abducted from her home early this morning. she was found in harford county. the exact location has not been released. the ripken family has released a statement saying they are grateful and relieved she is back at all unsafely. the suspect is still at large. >> -- that she is back at home
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safely. the suspect is the large. >> the d.c. bureau chief is live at the wilson building with more on what happened with the mayor. >> mayor vincent gray over the years has been cool and collected as he dealt with reporters. but the calls for resignation and questions over whether he may be personally implicated in a corruption scandal the mayor today were showing signs of strain of a public official under attack. >> you asked d.c. residents how well they think american clint gray is running the city, a frequent answer is they do not know. -- that they think mayor vincent gray is running the city, the frequent answer is that they do not know. with images in the news of his campaign supporters pleading guilty to corruption, the mayor showed frustration in his biweekly news conference, where
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he touted his administration's plans and accomplishments. >> wido you focus on things like education? why don't you focus on things like getting people to work? >> between his defensive answers to questions belittling his claims, grace said he saved $50 million in the special unemployed -- special education budget and cut unemployment. >> me, mayor vincent gray, the guy was sworn in january 2 2011. >> the news conference was a struggle. >> i will give you an answer. i have given you an answer the best i can. >> with two colleagues already forced out for correction there's blood in the water. the mayor is dealing with media that have lost respect and decorum. >> it is distracting him from doing his job as mayor. i hope this will resolve presume for the sake of the city and for his sake. >> -- will resolve pretty soon
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for the sake of the city and for his sake. >> when asked if he planned to be in office long enough to see his plans through, the mayor would not answer yes or no. >> thanks very much. an ntsb report on last year's deadly tour bus crashed in central manute -- central virginia is due out next week. the crash occurred last may when a sky express bus bound for new york overturned on interstate 95. the bus driver admits to falling asleep at the wheel. he is facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> in nearly $8 billion plan to overhaul service at the d.c. union station was revealed today. the proposal will add six high- speed reels in addition to new platforms, retail space and even a hotel. one line will go from dc to nyc in just about 90 minutes. officials and legislators are
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warning that this renovation is a long way off. still to come on abc7 news at 6:00 p.m., see how you can understand airline tickets prices better. >> you will be using these on the express lanes set to open at the end of the year. >> extending middle class tax cut, sorta. >> a wonderful day today. but the heat is coming back with a vengeance.
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>> the senate has approved a bill renewing some tax cuts. >> the senate has voted to extend the bush era tax cuts for anyone making under $250,000 a year. the senate was locked in a symbolic showdown before the democratic measure narrowly passed. it is not expected to pass in the house. >> the next big threat for america may not come from overseas terrorist groups, but from homegrown violent extremists. that is a quotation from a congressional hearing today. the speaker said al qaeda is not as capable as it once was and
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the country is focused on smaller plots against the u.s. he believes the bigger threat already exists within the united states. >> also, a report not so good for the u.s. housing market after jumping to a high in may. new home sales slipped in june. the rate was the lowest in five months. sales fell 60%. experts blamed on a weaker job market. >> the airline industry challenged iraq or iran showing consumers a total ticket price that includes taxes -- challenged a court ruling showing consumers a total to a price that includes taxes and airline fees. >> next up at 6:00 p.m., the beltway hot line is nearly complete. we will show you how much you will be charged for taking the
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backtracked around the district. -- the fast track around the district. >> the redskins checking for camp. robert griffin iii speaks out for the first time since signing his contract. and it was not prime time, but it was showtime [ male announcer
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 6:00 p.m., on your side. >> we continue with big changes for northern virginia drivers. >> these changes will affect people who use the beltway and rte. specifically deal with the express lanes that will soon open. some of you who have the easy path will have to make some changes. >> this is the new device that will be used. >> today, we saw the newly unveiled transponder called the past. you use it like this to travel on the new express lanes. and any other toll road. but here is what makes the difference.
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you can switch over to hov on and travel for free if you have three people in your vehicle. commuters are not thrilled about getting a new transponder. >> i think they could come up with a need your way to do it. >> the toll rates for using the express lanes are variable, depending on when you travel and when you get on and off the 14- mile stretch of highway. the average trip cost is between $5.60 dollars. >> do you plan -- between $5 and $6. >> the plan to use the express lane? >> it definitely. >> the new transponder's can be picked up at aaa offices in northern virginia. that is free, you have to lay down $35 to pre-pay tolls. >> residents who signed up or registered their e c pass can enter to win a car. >> you have to sign up to be
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eligible for the mini cooper contest. there is also a menands the attached, by the way. it is 50 cents a month for the rest of this year and then it goes up to $1 a month in january. >> you can cruise around with the top down in the mini cooper. today, but not tomorrow. >> no easy pass on the weather tomorrow. >> that was today. outside, this is how it looked at skyline drive. in garrett county, 52 degrees. beautiful day out there. folks were out and doing things. 87 degrees today. so far here in washington, we have had seven 100-degree days. the most is 11. look at the temperatures in
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other parts. the mid part of the country, a kansas city is 104 degrees. st. louis was up to 107 degrees. can you imagine what it has been like this summer? while we have been grumbling about our summer, st. louis has now had 15 days of 105 or higher. minneapolis, near 100. not only the heat, but of course, for all of the farmers and the folks that depend on the agriculture so much the terrible drought. meanwhile, baltimore friday 5. hagerstown caballo 80's. -- baltimore, 85. hagerstown made 80's. the humidity in washington was about 20 degrees below where it was yesterday. as the heat and humidity comes back, i think by tomorrow
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afternoon, we may be seeing some showers and thunderstorms. nasty weather may not be too far away. humidity will be coming back by tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon temperatures could approach 100 degrees. along with the risk of thunderstorms being picked up to the north. that is why we are underage heat advisory beginning at noon time -- under a heat advisory beginning at noon time. later in the afternoon the risk of showers and humidity. and then back in -- with a vengeance on friday and saturday. >> the toyota sportster esque brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving forward. >> the redskins are out on the field to amar. >> it will be very warm. i would not be surprised if they
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go inside their new facility. they will be on the field tomorrow one way or another. we have already gone an indication have the effect on the leak by rg3. the redskins do not even get on this field until tomorrow and the giants have already given some baltimore board -- a bulletin board material. the heisman winner has been called rg3 4 long time. still this afternoon, we heard from him for the first time since he signed his $21 million contract. >> i got a taste of how fast the game is and just what i need to do as a quarterback to help this team win. i feel a lot more comfortable. it is actually more relaxing. there's nothing else going on outside of football anymore. we are pretty much on lockdown. for a guy like me, that is a good thing.
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>> here he comes. the ravens are back to work. they were just a breath away from the super bowl last year. and ed reed reported they were asked to training camp on time. -- they were at training camp on time. in baseball, the nationals continue to roll. they beat the mets 5-2 today. at the top of the second, the nationals got back-to-back tax. 348 feet to right field. that baby is gone. as an asset, the very next batter. -- espinosa, the very next batter. and strasbourg. that is five wins in a row. >> attack the strikes. don't nibble. just go out there and make them
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put on it -- put depaul on plate. -- put the ball in play. >> stephen strasburg. another topic around a water cooler today is hamels starting a six year, $144 million deal. it is the biggest contract for a philadelphia athlete ever, and the second biggest for a pitcher in baseball. there's a great story developing in state college, pennsylvania. the ballplayers are staying together and urging all penn staters, past and present, to rally around them. >> we know there will be tough times ahead. we know what the coaches are made and what the university is madoff. we will stick together to get through this thing to the end.
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>> he then said "we are penn state forever." tonight, coaching the all-star team against chelsea in a friendly. >> maybe they will make a movie out of bus one day, another one said. it looks ♪ ♪ i've never felt this
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>> we hate to see this whether go. >> to amar will not only be -- tomorrow will not only be hot and humid but there's a slight risk of thunderstorms late in the afternoon and evening. the highest risk would be for some gusty winds. the main thing will be the heat. temperatures near 100 degrees feeling like 105 tomorrow afternoon.
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