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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> rise and shine, washington. it's wednesday, august 1. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we will check the weather first with adam caskey. >> similar to yesterday, high temperatures around 90 degrees. showers and thunderstorms off and on with heavy downpours. in martinsburg injoe picked joe picked up an inch and a quarter of rain. it is 68 degrees right now in manassas. some areas of rain in southern maryland now moving over the bay. partly cloudy tomorrow with highs in the low to mid 90's. now to lisa baden. >> everything was good on 95 between richmond and baltimore but there's been a collision in maryland on 95 northbound
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between the beltway and powder mill road and nobody is getting by. temporarily blocked with a crash in the calvert and area. southbound coming from baltimore towards washington, if everything is moving. -- temporarily blocked with a crash in the calverton area. >> the driver hit and killed a woman in herndon and did not stop. the woman was found in the 500 block of center street last night. john gonzalez has the latest details. >> we have two crime scenes. still a fluid situation. a lot of police activity on center street near downtown herndon, virginia. it will be shut down several hours while detectives investigate this fatal hit-and- run. a woman was struck and killed near an apartment complex around midnight. then about a block away, someone
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crashed a silver minivan into about six parked cars. the driver then fled the scene. police have reason to believe that driver is connected to this fatal hit-and-run. >> there is also a vehicle that may be involved in this incident that's near the location of the scene. >> even though they believe the driver is connected, they have not been able to confirm that is the driver who struck and killed this woman. police have not identified this lady. she is an adult female. a lot of questions on whether she lived in the neighborhood or whether she was perhaps targeted. the manhunt continues for the driver of that silver minivan. reporting live in herndon, john gonzalez. >> 5:02. for the second night in a row d.c. police responded to a double shooting on alabama avenue in southeast.
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the latest happened just a block away from monday night's incident. one man suffered a gunshot wound to his eye and is in critical condition. the man was shot in the leg. >> people convicted of driving drunk in the district of palm starting today there's a new law taking effect. first-time offenders could spend up to its months in jail and face a $1,000 fine. mandatory sentences for repeat offenders have doubled. blood alcohol limits for commercial vehicle operators is now 0.4%. anybody caught with children driving drunk face a five day jail sentence. -->> a bill to ban abortions in the district after 20 weeks of pregnancy has failed to win enough votes. it required a two thirds vote for passage. it will not proceed. to proceed.
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all new health insurance plans must provide preventative health benefits to women for free, starting today. >> there will not be a copayment. >> the department of health and human services estimates 47 million women are in health plans that must offer the new benefits. it is a requirement of the health care reform law passed by congress in 2010. the supreme court upheld most of the law in june. the secretary of health celebrated wednesday's milestone a day early. >> we are here to mark a new day for women's health in america. starting tomorrow, thanks to the new health care law, all insurance policies will be required to cover new vital care that women need to stay healthy. they will have to cover the care without charging women anything out of pocket. >> the benefits include contraceptives, breast-feeding supplies screening for sexually
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transmitted infections, and counseling for domestic violence. and routine breast and pelvic exams, pap smears, and prenatal care are included. >> often we put ourselves last. the regular checkups and screens that are so important to staying healthy but can be easy to put off. >> 14 preventative service benefits: and to have already taken effect, including mammograms to screen for breast cancer in women over 40. >> the first couple is hitting the campaign trail today. the president will fly to ohio of for a campaign event. this afternoon the first lady it will make stops in greensboro and raleigh, north carolina. tomorrow the president speaks at loudoun county high school. dozens of people lined up to see the president yesterday. in 2008 he was the first democrat to win a presidential contest in loudoun county in
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more than 40 years. want to be among the first and all republican presidential candidate mitt romney's running mate will be? the campaign says people will download the smartphone application will be the first to find out. he is expected to announce his choice before the republican national convention in tampa on august 27. 5:06 on this wednesday morning now. >> a new project in the works aimed at easing your commute. which area is getting high
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>> heavy rain caused major problems in parts of suburban phoenix today. the town of santa received up to two inches of rain in our work, causing drivers to get stuck in flash floods. >>-- town of anthem. >> now to adam caskey. >> we are attracting heavy rain on the eastern shore. most moderate rain over southern maryland still lingering. a few sprinkles. in sprinkles you will see the yellow on the screen indicating moderate rain. red on the eastern shore is heavy rain pushing east. a little lightning and thunder with that.
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eastern calvert county still sing the bulk of the moisture. loudoun county and montgomery county we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle. a mixture of sun and clouds today, scattered thundershowers often gone. most numerous in the afternoon and evening with some abetted downpours and highs near 90 degrees. >> interstate 905 in maryland is closed northbound after the beltway, after the beltway,for 212. with a data before 198. -- that is before 198. traffic is using the service road now in order to get by. a lot of people are stuck in between. we do have options. avoid 95 northbound heading up to laurel. u.s. 29, route 1, or 295. southbound side of 95 in maryland is open. other side of town looks great.
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south of town in alexandria, through oxon hill, across the wilson bridge as well. good is 95 in virginia between dale city and the beltway, 13 minutes, moving at a good pace. back to you. >> thank you. 5:10. virginia set to begin work on a project that could ease your commute. governor mcdonnell says that work will begin this month on a high occupancy tolling project on interstate 95 between edsall road in fairfax county and garrissonville road in stafford county. drivers with at least three people in the car will be allowed to use it for free. work is expected to begin and be done by 2014. 5:11 is the time, 70 degrees. >> the result of a new poll asking district residents about the response to the big storm in june. what they think of the power comp sfx: sounds marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring amemerica's troops.ich is actually
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> on the hill congress has averted a potential government shutdown by approving a budget deal. current funding for federal agencies will expire in september, but lawmakers have extended funding for six months.
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a house panel will hold a hearing today on mismanagement and wasteful spending by the general services administration. several the gsa leaders resigned or were fired after the agency spent $800,000 on a lavish conference in las vegas. >> the house approved a bill that calls for federal employees who were tax delinquents to be fired. the legislation now have to this senate. it's estimated nearly 100,000 federal employees are delinquent on their federal taxes. >> the u.s. postal service is preparing for its. first ever its -- for its first ever default of payment due to the treasury. $5.5 billion is due today. another $5.6 billion is due in september. the postal service estimates it is losing $25 million each
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today. >> some good news for travelers as the back-to-school season will bring a drop in air fares. >> ticket prices should drop between 10% and 20% for flights departing on or after august 21. that should be a big relief for passengers since overall ticket prices have risen over the past two years. >> now to the aftermath of the deadly storm in june. president obama has declared d.c. a disaster area, freeing up federal funding to help the city pay costs associated with cleaning up. virginia was approved for federal assistance. the examiner reports maryland governor martin o'malley requested a presidential disaster declaration last week. meantime, a new washington post poll finds a majority of d.c. residents feel pepco did not do a satisfactory job in restoring power after the storm. but the survey finds little agreement on the much discussed solution of burying power lines
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to prevent outages. some residents said they would be willing to pay more, but others would not. >> adam caskey, how is the weather? we saw some nasty storms yesterday. >> there was heavy rainfall with big raindrops hitting the window. today will be similar a tropical air mass in place providing big raindrops. more downpours with lightning and thunder associated with them and a chance of a little hail later on today. they will be most numerous into the afternoon and evening. we have some action right now on the radar mostly over southern maryland, the lower bay and onto the eastern shore. 20 lightning strikes mainly on the eastern shore within the past 10 minutes. not very much. there's a look at southern maryland. on 235 from waldorf down to
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point lookout is where we had the back edge of the rain, pushing east. southern prince george's county and south of clinton is where we have light rain moving toward northern calvert county. light to moderate rain in most of calvert county, the bulk of the moving to the eastern shore. there's a sprinkle in darnestown and poolesville. a good amount of clouds over the metro area. 73 in the district, 68 in frederick. winchester, 64 along with cumberland and culpeper at 68 degrees. 90 this afternoon. that's pretty close to average. more showers and storms are likely if throughout the day. they will be widespread and numerous into the afternoon and early. early some of them could contain a little hail. slow-moving downpours. partly cloudy tonight, near 70. in the 50's in outlying areas.
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-- 60's in outlying areas. ties in the low to mid 90's tomorrow into the weekend. chance of storms on saturday and sunday and lingering into monday. let's go. to lisa baden for go. >> 95 nor the amount leaving the beltway getting past 212 powder mill road, traffic moving very quickly. -- 95 northbound. folks moving slowly add the word live are trying to get around a crash after the first exit for the beltway. they have been sitting there 20 minutes. only one lane to the left is accommodating. accommodating we don't want you to get stuck in that back up. use the b-w parkway, route 1 or 29 from the beltway to get into
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a laurel instead. back inside. >> amazon takes on itunes. microsoft goes after g-mail. >> sunny hostin has more. >> major on-line poker web sites fold their hand. two of the world's largest poker companies are forfeiting hundreds of millions of dollars to settle federal charges of money laundering and fraud. amazon is the upgrading its clout service music player. it now has deals with major record labels. -- cloud service. microsoft has its new web service from outlook and its streamlines how the messages are handled. unlike google, out does not insert ads based on what is in your e-mail. >> they are not putting ads targeted at the actual text in an e-mail.
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>> it also lets you check your messages on facebook and twitter. i am sunny hostin
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>> get a good workout and finish on time. >> when bad weather rolled into redskins park on tuesday, the team went indoors to the new practice bubble. training camp continues today and the bubble will be there if thunderstorms strike again. >> that's right. keep on playing. the phillies management raised the white flag unloading many of the stars of the team. >> not enough. the rest of the phillies did not get a memo to quit. >> the nationals have played lights out for most of the season but on the first day of august we look back at july, and
5:25 am
did they stumble. let me take you back to the ballpark last night. steven strasburg did not have it. this is a frozen rope. homerun by kevin france and in the second period top of the fourth, jimmy rollins. right field. harper has no chance. he goes against the wall and the ball gets away. jimmy rollins has his fourth career run. 8-0 loss for the nationals. the orioles against blanket yankees leading in the second, 5-0. there's a souvenir. ordeals comeback to beat new york, 11-5. there's a look at sports. at a great day. >> 5:25. plenty of time for a chance to win tickets to the montgomery county fare.
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>> pretty simple. go to to get four tickets ride wristband and $25 to spend on food. we will pick a winner in the 6:00 a.m. hour later this morning. 5:26 right now. the news continues at 5:30. >> new developments in the gay marriage controversy involving chick-fil-a. movement planned by supporters today and what opponents are doing. >> and what's happening on 95 at 212. it is the northbound lanes, folks [ female announcer ] safeway
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> overnight, a woman was hit by car and left to die in the street. police in herndon, virginia, are searching for the driver behind the deadly hit-and-run. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, august 1. i am steve chenevey. i am cynne simpson. . good morning. adam caskey has a first check. on the check >> we have some areas of rain outside. not very widespread. many over southern maryland, the bay, and on the eastern shore. one sprinkle on the upper left side of your screen in upper montgomery county. southern prince george's county, calvert county, and a lingering in lexington park, a little rain moving to the northeast, across the bay and on to the eastern shore. temperatures in the '60s in northwest washington, 73 at reagan national, 73 in lexington park in southern maryland. 90 degrees for the high temperature with showers and
5:31 am
thunderstorms off and on with slow-moving downpours, which could have a little hail. most numerous this afternoon and evening. >> 95 maryland northbound has a substantial i couldn't after the beltway, after the beltway,for 212 powder mill road. we can get a glimpse of the delays. traffic that is moving is taking the service road. everybody is the leading greenbelt to college park. in virginia, in pretty good shape on 66, 95, 395. here we are live near the pentagon moving well. now to news. >> the search continues for the driver who hit and killed a woman in herndon and never stopped. it happened overnight on center street. john gonzalez is live this morning in herndon with details. >> still very fluid seen in herndon this morning.
5:32 am
a lot of police activity behind us. this is center street near downtown herndon, where there are a number of tow trucks removing some of the parked cars that were damaged. police looking at two separate crime scenes as they investigate this they will hit and run. we understand a woman was struck and killed near an apartment complex around midnight. then a block away someone pressed a vehicle into about six parked cars including a silver minivan that is in the video. the driver fled the scene. police have reason to believe the driver, believed to be driving a black toyota, fled the scene and may be connected to this end run. they have not been able to confirm that. very unusual to have two scenes very close to each other. police have not identified the woman, only saying she was an adult. a lot of questions this morning on whether she lived nearby or perhaps lived in the apartment complex and whether she was
5:33 am
targeted. police are on the manhunt for the driver didn't run, perhaps the same driver that pressed into about six parked cars that are being towed away at this hour. john gonzalez reporting. >> the showdown over chick-fil- a's stance against gay marriage. supporters of the restaurant want to make today and unofficial appreciation day for the fast-food chain. >> but those against the restaurant are working on a movement on their own. jummy olabanji has more on this ongoing debate, in silver spring. >> two days from now on friday those in support of same-sex marriage say they will be meeting at chick-fil-a told a same-sex kiss-in. those in support today say they will bring all of their business through those doors. loyal to chick-fil-a customers say they are surprised that the
5:34 am
christian owner would take a biblical stance on marriage. supporters like michael plan to flood the chick-fil-a restaurant for an unofficial appreciation day. supporters of same-sex marriage plan to hold a kiss-in at chick- fil-a restaurants on friday nationwide. >> it is risky. >> people are as united as a husband and wife in a traditional union. >> it has sparked a nationwide backlash. >> we are going down a very bad road. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell weighed in on the issue on wtop. >> the unofficial appreciation day will be held at chick-fil-a
5:35 am
restaurant all across the nation today. those in support of same-sex marriage plan to meet friday night at 8:00 for the same sex kiss-in. >> calvert county police trying to find out what led to a murder-suicide that left three family members did yesterday. >> a 12-year-old boy survived and could provide important clues. at owings, they believe the father was responsible. he started a fire inside the home before shooting himself. >> trying to kill everybody. it makes no sense. >> kids involved, it is crushing. >> frank k. word's 12-year-old son was rushed to the hospital with stab wounds and burns. his injuries are serious, but
5:36 am
he's expected to pull through. -- hayward. investigators believe the man you are about to see enter in an orange coats abducted the mother of cal ripken jr. from her aberdeen home last week. he blindfolded her and drove her around. she was found unharmed the next day. >> kwame brown is scheduled to speak to the washington development agency county about how small businesses are benefiting from economic development legislation. he will be sentenced for campaign finance violations. >> prince george's county fire department is hiring 18 new firefighters, using a federal grant. the money comes from a program congress created, making sure fire departments have adequate
5:37 am
staffing, equipment, and training. looking at 70 degrees right now on this wednesday. >> still to come, hundreds of maryland residents afraid to be in on homes. what tell officials are tell officialsbatsd
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>> i am private mike price. >> we are from the maryland state police aviation command. have a great time on your vacation in ocean city. make good decisions and we are here for you if you need us. good morning, washington. >> time for a check of the weather. >> was going on? >> calvert county some downpours, the heaviest rain on the eastern shore. this started in virginia last night and drifted east. a sprinkle left over in montgomery county, west of gaithersburg. 74 degrees right now and the district, 60's to the northwest of town. we will make it to 90 degrees today with widespread showers and thunderstorms from becoming the most numerous this afternoon and evening, kind of like yesterday. a repeat performance of scattered downpours. partly cloudy tomorrow, low to mid 90's for the next couple
5:41 am
days off and even into the weekend. what is the latest on the commute? >> newschopper 7 looking at a collision north of the beltway in maryland on interstate 95 northbound. they moved the vehicle into the beginning of the safety zone in the middle of the highway at the first exit after the beltway at powder mill road. interstate was closed for about 30 minutes. everybody moved into a safety zone. back to news. >> arlington investigators looking for a man suspected of peeping on a young girl in a public restroom. she was in a bathroom stall at the boston common mall when she looked up and saw a man peeping at her. he ducked into a nearby stall before she left. the same man is suspected of exposing himself outside to build clarendon restaurants in a. >> hundreds of residents in charles county are lookingliving
5:42 am
in fear of rabid bats. an infected animal was found last week in the huntington apartments off gala replace in waldorf. a meeting was held last night to address residents' concerns. people will believe they have been exposed for are urged to called the charles county health department. >> right around 70 degrees this wednesday morning. >> we are following several disturbing incidents involving commercial flights, including another
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>> here's what's coming up at 6:00 this morning. the power is back on in india now. an investigation is under way into what caused the massive failure that left 600 million people in the dark. find out if the same thing could potentially ever happen in the united states. >> we will look a the impact mitt romney's mixup overseas
5:46 am
could have on voters in november. >> america racks up the metals and there's controversy over some athletes not playing to win. >> testimony resumes today in the trial of a former illinois police officer and accused of killing one of his ex-wife's. drew peterson is charged with killing kathleen savio in 2004. her body was fount and the neighbor is expected to testify. peterson is suspected, but not charged in the disappearance of his fourth wife stacey. >> recent round of lightninfrightening strikes, a bird running into an airplane. >> and another needle. >> a flight from new jersey to geneva switzerland.
5:47 am
a flight attendant noticed something unusual a camera stuffed in a compartment on the back of an empty seat. the flight attendant told the pilot, landing at logan field in boston. passengers were screened again and the camera inspected. another emergency aboard a plane yesterday, a gaping hole near the nose of this united flight. it collided with what appears to be a large bird. none of the 151 passengers or the crew were injured. bird strikes are a growing threat. they cost the airline industry $609 in damage every year. one of the most famous bird strike incidents when sully sullenberger's u.s. air flight landed on the hudson river/ >> it's almost always dangerous. >> this time the discovery of a
5:48 am
sewing needle found inside a sandwich on an air canada flight to toronto on monday. no word on whether it is connected to the half-dozen sewing needles down two weeks ago on delta flights. bird strikes are rising. in 1990 there were nearly 1800 bird strikes. in 2010, more than 9600. tahman bradley abc news washington. >> this sounds like a case from the x files. a washington state farmer wants to know how crop circles ended up in his wheat field. >> he said a neighbor spotted the circles last week. he said it is the third instance in the past a fullfive years in that area. the man and his wife think aliens may have played a role in all this. >> the dimensions are pretty perfect. it would be hard for kids to pull that off.
5:49 am
>> there's no debate when it comes to recognition for the district, now named one of the best cities for seniors. >> its ninth on the list of top 10 large cities. it factored in things like quality of care, transportation,. and first was provost utah followed by madison, wisconsin. then omaha boston, and york. a new study says more men are getting help in the form of gps navigation systems. >> insurance company in australia found 64% of male drivers admitted to using gps compared with 50% of women. the study showed under drivers or more likely to use gps device is to find their way. many d.c. residents will soon see a big hike in their water bills. the average water bill in the district could rise by nearly $6 a month in october. that is when d.c. water will
5:50 am
implement its rate tights and a big increase an existing surcharge. the surcharge is to help pay for a 13 mile tunnel for a northeast d.c. to the blue plains water treatment facility. >> researchers at the environment center look at storm data between 1948 and 2011 and found the frequency of extreme storms in the mid-atlantic increased 55% during that time. a severe storm that only happens once a year in 1948 will now happen about every eight months. some of the topics on capitol hill today include online shopping and your child's web activity. >> and the olympics costing american businesses. ellen braitman has more from new york. >> we will not as, or spending -- you are spending at the
5:51 am
office slacking. $650 million in lost productivity and for employers watching the olympics. meantime, if you have been good and getting good deals on the internet online merchants may soon start charging state sales tax. and new rules are expected to be announced regarding companies that post information about your children's activities on the internet. the childrens' on-line privacy protection act needed an update because of the advances made in web technology as well as marketing. that's business news at bloomberg headquarters in new york, ellen braitman reported for abc 7 news.
5:52 am
>> its wednesday morning. >> adam caskey was debating with us on the idea of there being more storms, not necessarily accurate. >> i think more storms are deemed severe is what it is. the alarm is sounded. technology has played a big role. not necessarily the number of storms has increased. let's talk about some rain outside this morning. live super doppler 7 showing us areas of rain, many of the eastern shore, southern maryland getting clipped, moving into calvert county and prince george's county and through dunkirk. the rain is mostly coming to an end in calvert county as it moves across the bay and onto the eastern shore. lingering sprinkles in montgomery county stretching from poolesville and darnestown and through germantown and
5:53 am
towards laytonsville, that is just drifting. just a few drops along 270 early this morning. all that rain started in virginia last night around 11:00 in piedmont and pushed east. still falling apart as it moves on to the eastern shore. it does contain a little lightning and thunder. plenty of cloud cover behind that rain across the washington area this morning. seven did three in the district, '60s northwest of town. 73 in quantico 77 along the borde -- water in annapolis. 90 degrees by 3:00 p.m. today. scattered showers and thunderstorms and maybe a little hail. get ready for low to mid 90's over the next couple days. daily chance of rain this weekend with highs in the lowe ninth-- 90's.
5:54 am
>> 95 northbound, there was a crash, but that is getting by. an accident in frederick maryland at point of rocks road and 50. and a collision in maryland on the outer loop of the beltway after new hampshire ave in the long-term construction zone where you have three to the left and one lane to the by getting by. it is in the center lane of the three lanes on the left. the outer loop will be a long ride leaving college park to get around to holy cross hospital. back to news. >> we are looking at 71 degrees. >> kanye west was wrong about who is the greatest of all time. it turns out that it's michael
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>> president obama congratulated american swimmer michael phelps on becoming the most decorated the linchpin of all time, on twitter. >> his 15th gold medal making it his 19th career olympic medal in the freestyle. he tweeted back to the president as well. >> michael phelps is on top of mount olympus. the superstar swimmer needed just two more medals to make history as the most decorated the linchpin of all time with 19. he surpassed the record that had
5:58 am
been held since 1964, by winning the freestyle relay, his 15th overall gold. he stayed close to another gold earlier in the day getting first place cited the end of the men's 200 meter butterfly at. this chinesea 16-year-old chinese teammate raised eyebrows on saturday in the 400 individual medley that she swam faster than ryan lochte in a similar discipline, which raised questions of doping which the chinese have vehemently denied. the u.s. men's basketball team got their second victory in a row against benicia. the women's gymnastics team the americans were favored to win and they seal the deal.
5:59 am
vincent hancock struck gold in the men's skeet competition giving the u.s. a sweep after kimberly won the women's competition. tom rivers, abc news london. >> overall, china and the u.s. side of the top of the leader board with 23 medals. china has 13 gold and the u.s. has nine. japan is third overall with 13 total medals, followed by france and south korea. >> of fashion designer is making headlines once again for some pretty nasty comments. >> he sparked outrage by calling singer adele fat and has now consulted pippa middleton in a magazine. karl admired the nice silhouette of kate middleton, but he said that pippa middleton struggles and that he does not like a face. he said that she should only show her back. no response yet from her c


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