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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  August 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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hanks for watching, everybody. have a great day. >> i started screaming, help. >> firefighters rescued two children from a burning home in prince george's county -- a five year-old girl did not survive. firefighters were returned to the neighborhood as it tried to find because the fire. >> pressure on rg3 2 delivered during tonight's preseason team. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the good morning. let's go over to adam caskey. >> here at the belfort furniture weather center -- we do not have anything to track for a change. we have seen pop up showers in the last few days, but nothing right now. you still need your umbrella for
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later on today, and especially after 3:00 p.m.. we will see the humidity out there. scattered clouds developing. some will develop into thunderstorms. cloudy late today thunderstorms high temperatures, mostly in the lower 90's this afternoon. tomorrow looks like the best chance of the most widespread showers and storms, some of which have a chance of becoming strong and severe late tomorrow. lower humidity and more comfortable on sunday. >> i will show you what is happening on the beltway. kenilworth avenue -- you can tell in the dark that the reflective barrels have been moved to the shoulder. they are clearing construction. in maryland, a pretty good run along 270 to get down to the beltway. which will give you trouble times through tysons into
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bethesda. we are good and virginia. construction is cleared out of the way along 95. normal troubled times are expected. back to news. >> -- travel times are expected. back to news. >> later, prince george's county firefighters or return to a neighborhood where a 5-year-old girl died in a house fire. >> they will talk to neighbors and pass on information about fire safety. the girl's father and a 15-year- old boy were heard. tom roussey talks to neighbors who are heartbroken. >> the fire was coming from the side of the house. i started screaming, help. >> i just saw smoke up in the air. i saw flames coming out of the windows. >> the fire department had to pull two kids from the burning home. >> they carried her on their shoulder at. >> the chaos turned into
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concern. >> those little children. >> this woman lived in the other half of the duplex that burned. she frantically searched to make sure her family was ok. >> i cannot believe it. >> fortunately, her son was ok, but the neighboring kids were not so fortunate. besides the 5-year-old girl who later passed away and the 15- year-old pulled from the flame the little girl's 24-year-old father was burned, but major out. his mother arrived later and was so distraught she was also taken to the hospital. >> leonel owns the home and is related to the victims. >> all i can do is pray. >> dante is also related to the family. he grew up in the home. >> to see the house you grew up in all your life look like that -- jesus. >> the prince george's county
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fire department says the fire started on the first level of the home and quickly spread to the second. they have not released a cost. -- cause. a lot of folks in the neighborhood a taking the news hard about the 5-year-old -- 5- year-old girl who passed away. she would ride her bike around and wave and say hi. a lot of people cannot believe she did not make it. tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> the showdown over gambling in maryland is entering a new phase. the assembly returns to annapolis for a special session. lawmakers will consider a bill that would allow table games and a casino at the national harbour in prince george's county. it would allow casinos to stay open 24 hours a day. people opposed the plan will rally outside the statehouse later this morning. people will descend on annapolis to call on lawmakers to address a court of appeals ruling on peoples.
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the court ruled pit bulls are extent -- inherently dangerous and extended liability to owners. a bill considered during the session would make pet owners fully responsible for damages from the dog attacks. >> activists rallied in the district to speak at against hate crimes. this is in response to an assault last month that sent two men to the hospital. authorities believe the victims were targeted because they were gay. the rally will begin in northwest tonight. >> the state of virginia is taking center stage in the race for the white house. mitt romney will be in the commonwealth next weekend. vice president joe biden will travel to southwestern virginia on tuesday and wednesday. today, romney will campaign in iowa and new jersey. this afternoon, president obama will campaign in colorado.
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mrs. obama will be on the campaign trail. she will speak at campaign events in pennsylvania. turning to sports the redskins' new quarterback will get his first real test on the field tonight. >> robert griffin iii will lead against the buffalo bills in a pre-season lead, going against one of the best defensive linemen in the league, mario williams. he now he will have to be sharp -- knows he will have to be sharp. >> they do have a really good stout line. it will be a good test for us. we will definitely be ready. >> we will definitely have a crew in buffalo tonight for the shatt -- highlights for the news at 11:00. you can watch another matchup -- the baltimore ravens will take on the atlanta falcons.
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our coverage of that in starts at 7:00. >> a lot of people are looking forward to football. business news -- government jobs continue to decline. the national security administration is looking for thousands of volunteer retirements. >> here is linda bell in new york. >> hello. let's take a look at stock futures right now -- they are little changed. we're waiting on numbers for the trade deficit and jobless claims data. the national security administration is looking to trim its work force even more. it is reported they are offering early retirement to 9000 employees. they say they are already struggling with -- after last year's 6% reduction, which has resulted on a debra line on overtime. government employment is now at its lowest levels in 34 years. the decline in government
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workers has added to the nation's jobless rate. the proportion of the population working in government started the downward spiral in the middle of 2010. this is as the stimulus program dried up. it is still losing $1 billion an hour -- more on that and elevator etiquette. all of that and more coming up. live that bloomberg headquarters, linda bell, reporting for abc 7 news. >> looking at 74 degrees early on this thursday meaning. >> more to come. pepco customers and prince george's county got the chance to vent about their response to the june storm.
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>> we will find out what we can expect for the rest of the 20 to of hurricane season. the national oceanic and -- administration will update its forecast. so far, there have been three a tropical storms and two hurricanes including the one working across mexico now. in the aftermath of the june storm that led to power outages, prince george's county residents made themselves heard. >> they expressed their
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frustration. the storm left thousands without air conditioning for a whole week. >> you need to hear us. you need to take us serious. >> pepco should not be allowed to operate. it needs to be shut down. >> residents say pepco does not deserve the rate hike could plans to ask for in the fall. the utility is depending -- defending itself. they say they responded to outer edges under difficult circumstances. >> let's check in with adam again. >> we could have some storms, especially tomorrow afternoon. expect a few thunderstorms later this afternoon. let's take a look at our temperatures on this thursday morning. what you would expect this time of year. fairfax's 71. chantilly is 69. right around 70 degrees to kickstart the thursday morning. high temperatures this afternoon
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in the 90's. storms will develop in the mountains and drift towards the metro area. tomorrow more widespread showers and storms. could be severe, especially in the afternoon and evening hours. in the upper 80's to 90. what is the weekend have in store? i will talk about that. >> plenty of good news -- things are rolling out nicely. it for anybody who wants to hop on the dulles toll road -- travel times are expected to be 15 minutes. a normal tour belong to hundred 70 between father " -- father hurley boulevard and the beltway. here is a live picture of 95 in virginia. 95 in maryland -- take the picture. we were looking at 95, now we are looking at 270 at montrose road. back inside. >> good news for people who
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commute to or from adams morgan. metro says the 90, 92, 93, 96, and x3 lines will return to normal routes. these buses have been detoured since april 2011 because of the street project along 18th street that wrapped up. >> time is running out if you would like to enter for a chance to win tickets to the montgomery county fair. >> go to to sign up. we will pick the winners this morning and tomorrow morning we will announce the next winner in the 6:00 hour of "good morning washington." >> 74 degrees on at this thursday. >> you might say that randy
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>> in response to sunday's shooting at a temple and wisconsin, the sikh foundation of virginia will hold a candlelight vigil tonight in fairfax station. hundreds of people went to another vigil outside of the white house. they said they organized the event to unite against hate. the fbi is still trying to
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determine a motive. investigators say the gunmen died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. we believe to police fatally shot him. six people were killed in the attacks. three were injured. two are in critical condition. >> police are searching for a gunman who killed a man in riverdale. he was found shot in the 6200 block of kenilworth ave. police have not released the man's name. friends gathered at side a daycare center to remember a murdered young mother. she was last seen dropping offer 2-year-old daughter. police say her body was found inside a duffel bag dumped in a fort washington creek. the family said she just got a new job and wanted to build a better life for her children. >> she wanted her kids to be happy. she worked so hard to make sure they were happy. >> her killer has not been
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arrested. police of looking into claims that she met a man by a car shortly after dropping her children off at day care. >> the 20 states with the worst air pollution from electric power plants will be identified. we have learned that virginia is one of them. they then will provide details during a news conference this morning. >> things are hitting a bit of a sour note for country music star randy travis. he was arrested after police found him naked and lying on a remote stretch of road after a car crash. >> we are hearing the 911 call from the man who found in. >> -- duhain. >> i am on a road from 3372 valley view. i just found a guy laying in the road. >> that guy was apparently
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landed travis. police say he was drunk when he had several barricades' and ran off the road. he is also accused of threatening a texas state trooper who responded to the scene. he is down and $21,000 bond. this is his second brush with the law this year. he was charged with public intoxication in february. >> singer rihanna will no longer serve as the face of a beauty brand. they say this because of the singer's party girl image. they claimed the singers departure is tied to the end of her contract. it is time -- 74 degrees. >> we will check the olympic update. gold medals keep ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes
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extra time to get a check on the forecast. >> good morning. >> yesterday was the 43rd 90- degree date so far. today we will make it the 44th. 77 at reagan national. 70 at dulles. culpeper, 68. near-74 the most part. -- 70 for the most part. we do have strong chances for
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the afternoon and evening hours. we could have a few rumbles of thunder and downpours. tomorrow, a better chance of more widespread showers. we have been talking about friday been the focus all week long. it still looks like that is our best chance of showers and storms, some of which should become strong and severe by the afternoon and evening. they will linger into saturday morning. sunday -- a sunny, low humidity. we will have a good, beautiful and to the weekend. that is your forecast. >> i have nothing rumbling around town right now as far as overnight construction. we are starting off on a good now. i have no major problems to report. interstate travel looks good. if you are heading to airports. we'll start with the traffic center camera in rosslyn./ nice on 66, to and from the
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roosevelt bridge. a good run on roza boulevard. 270 -- all those headlights already. moving at a good speed. back to news. >> your olympic update as we turn to the gains in london, americans pulled in the gold. >> lebron james got a triple double and kobe bryant chipped in as the men's team routed australia. the u.s. will take on argentina in the semifinals, 18 they have already beaten. americans are in a position to take a gold and silver in the decathlon. he shattered a 44-year old an olympic record in the deep-. he has a 220-point edge over teammate -- his teammate. misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings won their third
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straight gold medal. they defeated two other americans, who will bring on the silver. in the women's 200-meter, allyson felix won her first individual gold with a strong finish. 1881 bronze. the u.s. had a one and to finish in the hurdle. aries merritt got gold. in the hurdles britney reese one of gold in the long jump. usain bolt is on track to become the first man to win back-to- back gold. >> the u.s. 3 takes the lead in overall medals. u.s. has 81, china has 77. that is followed by russia, great britain, and germany. >> fans with olympic-style nail
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art. stylists have 10 different styles of art. >> you knew that would catch on. 74 degrees. >> still ahead, weeks later the the dark knight is still rising you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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