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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  August 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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him for charges of receiving stolen property. do you want to say anything for yourself? police believe the evidence they recovered will say it all. >> we have 30 electronic devices, computers and things like that. >> this neighbor says the store has been a nuisance since it opened, but had no idea it was at the center of a criminal enterprise. >> i am glad it will be closed down. >> his brother was also a rested. he is facing charges of possession of stolen property. it is possible more charges and arrests can come out of the case. the business was shut down for code allegations.
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>> this is the second time in the past two weeks police have had a search warrant and recovered stolen goods. the first time it was just an ipod and they were unaware of other stolen items and the house next door. >> a man was stabbed outside of a restaurant this afternoon. the search is on for the suspect. tom with the latest. >> police say the started one block from here. this man found the suspect tried to break into his car. the victim gave chase to the suspect and they wound up in the parking lot of this restaurant right near the driver's side is where the man stabbed the victim. the suspect took off running on the north jackson street and they still have not found him. police say the stabbing happened around 1:30 in the afternoon. the victim was stabbed multiple
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times. the suspect took off running but they believe he may have stolen a white to work vin in the area. they've lost the trail around where the work van was stolen. they are on the hunt for him right now. as far as what this victim did it the police chief says that is not something they normally recommend it. >> he confronted somebody who was armed. i did not know that at the time. what we would advise the public to do is to call and not confront the suspect. >> there was a lot of blood. i did not say what happened. >> after no murders for two years, arlington has seen a lot of violence in recent weeks. another violent incident here today. the victim's condition is stabilizing. as for the suspect, he is
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described as a hispanic male, white t-shirt and blue jeans. they think he was injured in this fight. he is very likely bleeding. they are hunting for him at this hour. >> thank you. fire officials say an overload of a power strip took the life of a little girl. the grow's father and uncle are in the hospital. jennifer donelan has the story. >> i just spoke with a relative who went to the hospital. the rest of the family is at the hospital, distraught over the loss of this five-year old girl who died in an accidental fire started right here. >> the worst things sometimes happen to good people. >> the fire is long gone. the pain of losing her will be
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hard felt for a long time to come. >> i will not see her anymore. >> and janet gibson was the first neighbor who saw a danger at the home yesterday. >> i started screaming. >> authorities say his five year-old daughter jane, and her 15-year-old brother were taking a nap when an air conditioner plugged into an extension code and a power strip overloaded and started a fire. they were handing out smoke detectors today. working smoke alarms did alert the minister did. >> james was not very responsive. he looked as if he was trying to go back into the house. >> firefighters raced in and
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rescued his brother. despite all efforts, more than three hours after the fire she died. the grandmother who also lived in the house collapsed when she got to the scene. >> it is tough. you just lost her granddaughter and two sons fighting for their life. >> this little 5-year-old girl has one mother who lives in the district. she is surrounded by family and friends, obviously grief stricken. when they went door-to-door today they found other large appliances connected to power via extension cords and power strips. that is extremely dangerous. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> the woman and known as the bond and it was sentenced to 11 years in prison. she pleaded guilty to stealing $3,200 in a pair of bank robberies. she also admitted to stealing a
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car from relatives and carjacking two others. she will have for years to pay thousands and restitution. >> we are expecting storms in the next 24 hours. >> doug hill has when we will see some rain. >> right now outside of the weather center in arlington is partly cloudy and 91. other areas are getting hammered with severe thunderstorms. westward through washington county md., all of this in response to a line of storms. there was a tornado warning issued for areas north and west of martinsburg. that has weakened just a bit. we will continue to see showers. another one east of columbia. that will be the story
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throughout the evening. the areas to the southwest north carolina, east tennessee and kentucky we could see that overnight. a nice sunny day on the beach. a storm rolled through. people ran for cover. for us, mostly cloudy and isolated showers overnight. we will see more thunderstorms over night and tomorrow the storms could be severe. we will share more in a few minutes. >> the maryland special session is now under way. so far it talks about a gambling. supporters want to expand gambling in the state. not everybody is betting on expansion. brad bell is live with how things went down today. >> by legislative standards, the special session is is zooming along. the senate committee is already preparing to vote on this bill. they have been debating this
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issue for a long time. most people know where they stand. it has been a noisy battle from the start and it will be until the finish. like the other issues, and gambling expansion spurs passion. but it is backdoor deals being made and that is not fair. >> they even erupted and jeers as mike miller walked on by. he shows little concern about the opposition. >> put it on a referendum and let the people decide. >> the call to order the special session. the legislature will either approve or kill a bill that will let voters decide whether to allow a six maryland casino site in prince george's county, table games and all the casinos, and a slight tax decrease.
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it is a compromise worked out and supported by the governor. >> this would allow us to create jobs and make it gaining an hour stay competitive. >> it is expected the bill will win easy approval. the protesters are not giving up. but i am out here because i am tired of being taken advantage of by the politicians. >> the special session is expected to wrap up tuesday evening. if this bill passes, they want to have bet on the ballot in november. >> thank you. although it fills early for the nfl, it is a big night for the redskins and their fans. >> it is robert griffin iii's debut as a quarterback. >> horace holmes is here with all the excitement.
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what's he was drafted in april, so he has only been a redskin for a few months. it seems like we have been waiting for ever to see him play a real game. so much hype and talk. the waiting is over. in a couple of hours, the rgiii era begins. >> he is a player on everybody's radar. >> i have to see what he is about. >> it will be the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas. >> what does that mean? >> he will rock out when he plays. >> he will see his first action tonight. but i want to see how he is in the pocket. i am not expecting a lot. i think more depends on the team around him. >> is it an understatement to say this is the most anticipated preseason opener in decades? not if you listen to redskin
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fans. >> they have all the money riding on him. i think he will do the job. >> they went all out to get rgiii in the off-season. everyone hopes he will spark a turnaround in washington football. >> i think we have to be patient. at least we have something to look forward to now. >> i'm hoping the team gets to the super bowl. i do not think it will come overnight. >> maybe not, but tonight you get to see robert griffin iii. let's get into the mind of rgiii right now. is he nervous or confident? we will let you hear from him in a few minutes. >> we can hardly wait. >> coming up tonight, we will bring you the baltimore ravens versus the atlanta falcons. it starts tonight at 8:00. be sure to stick around for abc 7 news at 11. >> why police now believe the
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person was murdered in the woods. >> why the president and founder is stepping down from the role. >> a major dishwasher recall. >> will we learn more about james ho [ le announcer ] in 1996
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>> a recall alert. a defect in 1.3 million dishwasher's can cause them to cause -- catch fire. it is. adora, eterna, and profile and hotpoint models. the model numbers are on our web site if you have one, disconnect the power immediately and contact ge for repairs. >> a man accused of opening fire in colorado appeared in court today. >> greta kreuz has been following developments. >> a hearing is still under way on mayor request to unseal the case file. there has been a news blackout.
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the gag order means nobody can talk about the case. nobody can read about it either. news organizations are asking the judge to unseal court documents including search warrants, evidence seized and a police interviews with witnesses, all of which could offer major clues as to what could have led to the massacre that left one dozen people dead and 58 injured. why he allegedly did it or how police say he rigged his apartment with explosives. the media is arguing they are a watchdog and have to make sure the police acted properly and the public is informed. the attorney is arguing it would jeopardize his chances for a fair trial. prosecutors say it could compromise their investigation. we have just learned that holmes attorney did say his client is
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mentally ill and he needs more time to fully lasses the illness. we are waiting to hear more about that. the judge could rule to unseal all of them, some of them or none of them. we may not hear more about his state of mind or the details of the shooting until his preliminary hearing. that is not scheduled until november. >> thank you. george zimmerman's day in court could come before his trial even begins. defense attorneys are seeking a special hearing to have the second degree murder charge dismissed based on the standard ground a lot. it is like a mini trial. prosecutors could appeal if the zimmerman wins. >> we have already seen six tropical storms this year. forecasters say we could see 6-
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11 more storms. five-eight of those could become hurricanes. we have had two already. we could also expect two-three major hurricanes. >> that is a pretty classic pattern of warmer than average temperatures, and that affects everything across the hemisphere weather wise. everything we are seeing, i think it will be active for the rest of this month september and october. we have acted stuff right there right now. we will start with a tropical update on the numbers. we have been following ernesto which is moving up. we will take a look good doppler radar. we are looking at thunderstorms up to the north and west of the area.
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this is the cool thing about life super doppler radar these issues -- these were issued here, that is drifting north and west. we have more severe thunderstorms to the west. those just expired. very heavy rain, thunder, and a lightning continues. that will continue to move up to the north and east as well. a few more opportunities as we had it through the evening hours. this little cluster can move in late tonight. maybe overnight some downpours and lightning and thunder as well. they had some of that and ijamsville. now skies are starting to threaten again as more movement from the north and west. it is a good indication of those thunderheads moving in the distance. we hit 958 little bit earlier this afternoon. it was the 27th time this year
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we have been 95 or higher. we are one day away from tying an all-time record. the computer model we saw a -- we call the futurecast more storms tomorrow are likely. some will be strong and severe. that could continue through tomorrow night. as we get through saturday as it moves through a moderate pace there will be a few leftover morning showers. by midday we will see drier air move in. that will set the stage for a beautiful day on sunday. we have to get through this first. there is a slight risk of severe weather in a large part of the atlantic and carolina's. it could be a busy day in the weather center. temperatures will fall, but it will stay warm and humid overnight. as we head through the next seven days, we will deal with showers and storms and severe
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weather tomorrow. sunday looks beautiful. lower humidity and upper 80's. a string of days without any 90's. it will be a nice change. >> coming up, three potential big money makers opened in theaters this weekend. which one should you see? >> he's got the fastest thumbs around. how much this national testing champ is taking home just for texting.
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>> a big shake-up in leadership for komen race for the cure. the president and founder is stepping down. >>friends and colleagues sasy they are not stepping down because of the controversy earlier this year. they say they stayed on during that time to keep moving forward. they now feel it is time per new leadership. komen for the cure was founded
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in 1982. >> i see her face every day when i get up. i just do not feel like we have finished the promise yet that i made to her. we have come a long way. >> after raising $2 billion and growing the dallas-based group to a global powerhouse, she is stepping down as ceo as liz thompson steps down as president. >> withdrawing funding from them really went against komen's mission statement. >> hopefully they can get those people back on board. >> others say they still strongly support komen and the race is a way to support victims and survivors. >> it is empower ring when you do it. >> sean raises money to remember
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his sister. he had his best fund-raising year yet. >> i really look as one of my greatest heroes. there is a need of filling it in such a global way. >> while thompson will be leaving, brinker will stay on to focus on fund-raising and planning. the u.s. organization funds programs and research in 50 countries and hosts race for the cure worldwide. >> thank you. still ahead, it has been a community staple for years. a local hardware store is in danger of closing. the big-name they are now suing. >> first he was hit by a car. a and a tragedy for the teenager
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known as the unicycle man.
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>> a gruesome discovery has a maryland community on edge as police search for answers. >> human remains were found in the woods near ritchie highway. stephen tschida is live in pasadena. >> just to give me some perspective, we are right behind a very busy shopping center right off of ritchie highway. it was right over here on the edge of the woods where a man found a human head. it was further back where investigators found a woman's body. investigators, the woods again today in search of evidence to help them in a quest for
5:31 pm
identification and to solve a crime. a homeless man found a human head monday. >> i found it hard to believe. i thought maybe it was halloween. >> the initial finding of the had spawned a search of the entire area. they found a body deeper into the woods. they have determined it is a white woman 18-20, 5 ft. 6 with brown hair. >> apparently the body was up there a few months. >> there is no three ways around here. -- freeway around here. not easy access to this. >> did they identify who it was? not yet. >> it struck fear into this community. those who have lost touch with daughters, sisters, and friends
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are worried. >> it scared them. that is why everybody needs to check in once and awhile and that people know where they are at. it is upsetting. >> investigators are going through the database of missing persons. locally they have found no matches. at the medical examiner's office, they are looking at dental records to see if they can find a match. >> thank you. a man is facing charges after a 4-year-old boy shot and killed himself. they say he left a handgun in an unlocked vehicles in front of his house. that is where his 4-year-old stepson found it and accidentally shot and killed himself. no word on when he will appear in court. >> let's take a look at the top stories. a swat team raid ended with one man behind bars.
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he was arrested at his business accused of receiving stolen goods as part of a larger burglary ring that. no word on whether they were working together. >> a man was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries after being stabbed in arlington. the man noticed somebody breaking into his car around 1:30 this afternoon chased the suspect. the two men began to fight when the suspect stabbed the man multiple times. >> a second person has died after the fire in capitol heights. 15-year-old ricky died in the hospital at around 1:30 this afternoon. he is the second victim after his niece died yesterday. >> a manassas teenager known as the unicycle man has a tough few months. first he was hit by a car, and
5:34 pm
now his family's house caught fire. >> 16-year-old brandon howard is known and manassas for riding around on his unicycle. >> i think it is another thing to be grateful for. >> a smoke alarm work up his mother. >> the lord is watching over us tenderly. >> his story is even more remarkable. not only did his entire family get out of the house and time, he was just hit by a car in june folding his unicycle at the time. >> this was the car windshield. >> several scars are on his arm. >> i have so much to be thankful for everywhere.
5:35 pm
>> with some much recent tragedy, he found his splash down water park shirt and went back to work today. >> this is like my family. i do not let them down. >> at this point the family says talking with fire officials they think the cause has to do with something electrical in the house. >> thank you. time for a check on the traffic situation. >> rehearsing delays 395 south big delays and washington boulevard toward duke street and additional delays on a 95 southbound after the beltway. to the prince william parkway heading to work quantico. on the outer loop starting in the maryland heading into virginia toward arlington boulevard. delays on the inner loop around cambridge road toward the 270 spur. things jam up heading toward university boulevard.
5:36 pm
27 the northbound delays start at 370 on and off toward middlebrook road. past the camera at 121 heading toward 80 urbana. also a crash in richmond highway. the right lane is blocked the crash and alexandria. >> coming up, the parking problem with a new post office in bethesda. >> meryl streep and tommy lee jones try to put the magic back in their marriage. sfx: sounds marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself
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>> three new and different movies at theaters this weekend. >> our own big star arch campbell is here with which ones are worth their time. >> it is a triple play. it includes another bourne daventure and tommy lee jones
5:40 pm
and a merrill streep "hope springs." and "the campaign." >> big money hires zack to run against will ferrell on debate silliness and collection tradition. >> he did not want to ask me how my hand feels after punching that iron shot of the baby? >> the campaign wins best new movie honors this week. >> we want to go to the extensive couples counseling. >> meryl streep forces tommy lee jones and to marriage counseling. a couple married 30 years trying to put some magic back. three stars, pg-13 breathtakingly honest with the exception of a resolution that comes to quick.
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jeremy renner has a bourne adventure in "th e bourney legacy." best bets included the dark knight, ruby sparks, southern wild and to rome with love. next week, new movies include "sparkle." it is the final appearance of whitney houston. entertainment brought to you by busch gardens williamsburg. >> we should see the campaign a question. >> i will predict it will be a big hit here in d.c. >> it goes so beyond being merely funny. >> i guess if you can get a laugh out of punching a baby.
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>> there is that. >> up next, meet the fastest texter in the land and how he practiced for the competition. >> the 60-year-old history of the store. >> a local family fighting to save a popular mom-and-pop hardware store.
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i got the chance to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends from those experiences i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there been way too much spending. and in massachutts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was
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governor we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> a well known mom-and-pop hardware store could soon disappear. >> the owners of the fisher hardware say they got nailed by ace hardware and are about to lose everything. >> two agencies are investigating and a congresswoman is demanding answers. >> i have always come here for my hardware needs. >> fisher hardware in springfield is about to run out of gas. >> we are running on fumes. >> they own the store. >> we saw just about everything.
5:46 pm
we could lose our house. >> he bought the house -- he bought the store from the fischers three years ago. ace convinced him that adding it to the franchise would boost profits. he is suing them for fraud and deceit. >> i told them, look, fix the numbers. do what ever it takes to get this through. >> a say pace use the phony numbers without his knowledge. did the small business administration to guarantee the loan with taxpayer money. and immediately hemorrhage under ace's faulty inventory system.
5:47 pm
>> we had $200 items at $2. >> he has laid off 70% of his staff. >> say a prayer every night. >> he discovered he is not alone. >> a lot of people are suing. >> across -- a class action lawsuit against ace has nearly identical claims and could soon have over 50 ace franchise owners nationwide. congressman connally is calling for a robust investigational. as says they will prevail against fischer but would not comment on other lawsuits. fischer customers are trying to to remain loyal. >> this is a shame. >> it would be very sad. >> he says he can only hold on for another two or three months. >> it is heartbreaking.
5:48 pm
>> if they win the lawsuit they will use any restitution to save the store. as will be in court one week from today seeking a dismissal. >> thank you. do you think buying apple is following the crowd? for every iphone sold in the second quarter for android phones were sold. apple and android making up 80% of the cell phone market. >> austin is the fastest in america. we're talking about texting. the two time text in champion says he sent nearly 500 texts a date to prep for the competition. >> i typed to my friends, my family. >> i hope you have the unlimited plan. there were tested on speed
5:49 pm
accuracy, and the dexterity. he won $50,000 that he will save it for college. >> let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> maureen bunyan, put down the phone and join us. >> i enjoy old-fashioned technology around here. we will head back to annapolis for more on the special session in gambling. see who opposes plans to bring a casino to prince george's county. a d.c. police officer pleads for charges connected to speed cameras. that and more when i joined gordon for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> see you in a few minutes. let's go to doug hill. >> >> we have showers and storms. the first. we are going to look at the south and west of the matter.
5:50 pm
through harrisonburg. most of the action is no.. heavy little storms in howard county through ellicot city. the big area from westminster. another match near hagerstown. as far as what is coming next, i think we will get a break. later tonight there could be more showers and thunderstorms. this area moving east through kentucky, north carolina, north georgia. this will drift up. overnight we will see showers and storms in the region. 94 right now at reagan national airport. we will drop into the 70's with more storms possible in the overnight hours. a strong cold front could produce widespread storms with heavy downpours and the possibility of severe thunderstorms anytime after 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the showers will and saturday morning. cooler air saturday afternoon.
5:51 pm
a little more he met early next week. check out among the new blog entries is a bit 1 tonight on the new forecast from the hurricane center. they are expecting more significant hurricanes. also i one gordon to know the next one is forming right now in the atlantic, that will become tropical storm gordon. >> we have known all along. >> buffalo bills tonight. redskins. >> all across the nfl the debut of robert griffin iii the beginning of a new era. about one hour and nine minutes from now up in buffalo as the redskins take on the bills. a glut is expected from the rookie quarterback. he is handling the pressure
5:52 pm
well. what is he really feeling right now? >> butterflies i would think. >> britt mchenry takes us inside the mind of rgiii. >> the moment has finally arrived. robert griffin iii will suit up in burgundy and gold. >> it is great. it is baler times one trillion. >> the hype is through the roof but so is the pressure to succeed. redskin fans are all in on rgiii. >> you are putting more pressure on the game than i am. it will be fun. >> robert griffin will play 10- 20 plays. he is already setting lofty goals against the bills tonight. >> a couple of good drives, all touchdowns. 70 yard touchdown throws to pierre and jos. >> i know he wants to come out and be on the mark. he wants to run the offense.
5:53 pm
>> even though rgiii has not taken a snap in a game, he is preparing to play like a veteran by saying all the right things. >> i do not want to be the one to go out there and make rookie mistakes and say, okay, it is fine. i am a rookie. i will go out and be the best i can be. i will make sure i do that. >> they kick off in buffalo at 7:00 p.m. robert griffin iii is just one player on this team. at 6:00 his teammates talk about how the new quarterback is doing and how they think the team will do. >> see you soon. >> up next -- >> parking has been
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>> there is a parking argument under way in bethesda. >> people visiting the new post office on wisconsin avenue have
5:57 pm
nowhere to park. that is leading to a lot of towing. >> things have been so bad people have been praying to the parking got the will find a space. as we have learned, help is on the way. >> if you are heading to the new post office, did not even think about parking at the lot next door. the warning signs clearly say no post office parking. if the park any way you couldn't get towed. >> it is horrible. i have been going on the way over to the democracy boulevard post office. >> i drove around and around the block with my kids in the block -- in the car looking for something. and i gave up. >> customers say even if you can snag a meter you may have to navigate your way across a hectic wisconsin ave. >> i have been in a different
5:58 pm
verizon wireless store two hours this morning. i will let that be my excuse. >> the recently shut down two other post offices. a spokesman said the sale of those two sites will bring in $9 million over two years. they get a good deal on the lee said the new location. they went into the agreement believing they had the same privileges as the previous tenant. five spaces in the spots next door. it turns out that was not the case. >> they have been negotiating a settlement. they expect to announce a solution as early as next week. they are also looking for a second location with parking in downtown bethesda. roz platter abc 7 news. >> a senate committee has voted
5:59 pm
on a casino for a national harbour. i will tell you if it went up or down. >> a d.c. cop pleaded guilty to fraud involving radar. >> parts of the viewing area getting hit by heavy thunderstorms. i will show you the locations on radar. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> our big story at 6:00, lawmakers began to take on the touchy topic of casino expansion in the state. >> a special session specifically on gambling and where it should be allowed. the governor hopes more casinos will boost revenue and create jobs. not everybody agrees with him. brad bell joins us from the state house in annapolis with a look at what happened today.


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