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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 11, 2012 6:41pm-7:00pm EDT

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the new political landscape. how is the campaign feeling about this? well, the obama website has been updated, david, it says "game on." >> not surprising. didn't take long, david kerley tonight. i want to bring in rick klein. rick, we know the incoming fire will be coming with suggested answers. hoarse a suggested talking point. they say governor romney applauds paul ryan for going in the right direction with his budget, according to the talking points. and as president, he will be putting together his own plan for cutting the plan. >> this race was about small things and suddenly it's about very big things. mitt romney is looking for just enough daylight to separate himself from his running mate. >> you know, rick, as i worked the source overnight, one source told me when i asked about paul ryan, look for the numbers.
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in wisconsin, he was one of the picks that could get very close to it. >> that's right, his home state very good potentially. >> what about the key, women, hispanics and the youth vote all important for romney to carve out the support. >> go back to that image, david. this say new face for the american party. it's a new generation represented on that stage. the one word that romney/ryan wants to project is bold. >> be sure to tune in first thing tomorrow morning with "this week" with george. but we do move on tonight and to other news. this note from overseas tonight. we reported last night on "world news" about the alarming increase in the number of american troops killed by their afghan partners. just since that, a new incident. an afghan police officer killing three u.s. troops at the base they share. so far, there have been 26 of these so-called insider threat
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attacks in which 34 american troops have been killed. back in this country, and we turn now to an alarming new consequence of this year's extreme weather. a deadly outbreak of the west nile virus. mosquitos are affecting everybody across the country they're so bad in texas they're planning to attack by the air. abc's ryan owens reports tonight. >> reporter: crews in gas masks and chem suits stray around dallas schools at night. trying to make sure mosquitos are gone by the time students return to class later this month. dallas county home to almost 3 million people just declared that public health in which. it's never seen this many cases this early in august. they've been spraying from trucks nearly every night but it's not enough. so the county has now approved dumping pesticides from the air over these heavily populated areas. >> we're talking about a third world virus that we don't have a blue prints to say this works versus, you know, another plan.
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>> reporter: scientists say the virus is more common because the unusually warm winter meant fewer freezes that killed mosquitos. west nile has been reported now in 42 states. 241 people have been diagnosed. texas has been hardest hit. dallas county alone has seen more than 175 infections with nine deaths. this 39-year-old dallas area landscaper was bitten a few weeks ago. >> yeah, definitely sicker than i've ever been. >> reporter: late august and september are peak times so crews here will keep saying hoping to slow a virus that's killing more often and earlier than ever before. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> ryan, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news" this saturday night. the frightening images almost too difficult to watch. a dashboard camera capturing it all and this bus flips over. featuring incredible survival stories when we come back here. . i took my son fishing every year.
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but slips to the floor. his leg nearly dangling out the door as the bus ripped in half. this man dragged two women from the wreckage. >> i prepared for the worse. i couldn't find the driver though. >> reporter: amazingly, none of the 13 passengers were killed. just the latest in a string of high-profile bus accidents. earlier, the government shut earlier this year, the government shut down 26 bus companies for safety violations. and now the national transportation safety board is sounding the alarm, citing tired driver, unsafe operators and poor oversight. but just how safe are buses? the tour bus industry says accidents like this one are rare. and that bus fatalities are way down this year. >> this year has actually been a remarkably safe here in terms of the motorcoach industry. >> reporter: what safety advocates say will make bus riders safer, wearing a seat belt. something that could have helped this man in the front row. and that crash is still under investigation. two people are still in the hospital. and, david when you look at that video, amazing anybody survived.
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breathtaking video last night from under the sea. fisherman mark peters hooked the camera while fishing for tuna. placing his camera and this is what he saw. the dolphins swimming at him. >> it almost seems unreal. people commenting it's not even real. i took it right out of the camera and put it in the computer. there's really no room for pixar in there and fake it. it's a pretty emotional moment. >> it looks like it's right from pixar. peter said he thought they were attracted to the camera because his camera, he said, looks like a squid. this is a week, apparently, to break out the telescope. the perseid meteor showers named after the greek perseus. the best time to catch the most action, just before dawn tomorrow morning. let us know what you find. when we come back here
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going back and forth with china in the medal count, team usa takes a commanding lead tonight as the games come to a close. we ask if it's mathematically possible for anybody to catch up. abc's jeffrey kofman is there in london with more as to why the americans are so far in the lead this year. >> reporter: oh, they make it look so easy. the u.s. 4x400 relay team. storming to victory. that's a gold sweep following the 4x400 win. not so easy in the men's 4x400 relay tonight where usain bolt and the jamaicans own the track at 36.84 seconds. they shattered the world record, giving bolt the third gold of these games. team usa took silver. and this is what gold looks like in the pool, as american david boudia took the top spot and left his chinese competitors stunned. these have been golden games for team usa. the top medal gold country has been seesawing back and forth between the u.s. and china
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throughout the games, but today, as it passed the 100 mark, the lead over china seems so impossible now impossible for china to catch up. one secret, vast improvements in sports science, nutrition and science gives the athletes the edge, especially in swimming where the u.s. has owned the pool. the other story, great britain, an impressive third place in the medal kourngts and and with these flawless games, this is what people here are telling you. >> so far for the games, i'm loving it. >> with 32 golds up for grabs, this was the biggest day for medals in the games. tomorrow, just 15 more left to be won as the xxx summer games come to an end. >> love that math. jeffrey, thanks to you. that is the broadcast on a saturday night. we're always online at "good morning america " i'll see you tomorrow night.
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good night.


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