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tv   ABC 7 News at 530P  ABC  August 26, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> that is incredible, isn't it?>> severe weather in our area today -- this city is of a waterspout near cobb island in maryland. thank you for joining us on channel 7. >> thank you for being with us. we have gotten some much-needed rain tonight, but too much, too fast in annapolis. route 450 is closed. we've got the latest forecast. >> heavy rain will stick around for another couple of hours. we have been watching the shores and thunderstorms all afternoon long. we have had severe thunderstorm warnings.
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those have all cancelled out now. but if you look at the doppler radar, the heaviest activity hugging the western coast of the chesapeake bay and this will move toward the north and east over the next couple of hours replaced by a few showers. with these impressive rain totals. nearly 3 inches in annapolis. 1.2 inches in germantown. over an inch in brunswick, md. with a temperature of 71 degrees. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for the district. notice red. southern cal first is under a flash flood warning until 9:15 this evening. coming up, a full look at the forecast, plus the latest on tropical storm isaac. we have hurricane warnings for new orleans. >> the severe weather in our area is causing delays at all
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three major airports. all have experienced ground stops for traffic arriving afternoon. the stops have been listed but there are long delays. check with your airlines before heading to the airport. >> let's talk about what is it has done. it has already proven to be a deadly storm as it crossed haiti. the storm's impacts are already being felt in parts of florida and has forced the republican party to alter the schedule for their convention in tampa. let's get more on its impact. >> look the wide swath of this storm -- haiti cuba, south florida, and now growing concern about louisiana and the gulf coast. authorities in florida and louisiana have declared emergency and the governor of louisiana has urged evacuation had of coastal areas as isaac barrels toward the u.s. the view from a miami hotel room
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shows isaac playing rough. >> it was kind of scary. >> some southwest florida the brits have been slammed by high winds. >> the wind that i heard when this happened, i have not heard it since andrew. it was like a train. >> a tropical storm left two people dead in haiti, battering thousands of people living in tents. knocking out power to most of the country. >> be very cautious. >> in south florida, three people have been killed on what roads and schools are closed. the governor has issued a state of emergency. >> pack your medicine, philip your car, be careful of there is standing water. >> and then there is tampa. >> we could not really be assured of total safety for the buses traveling over long bridges. >> republican national convention organizers have cancelled the program calls for state. delegates will briefly convene on monday in recess until
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tuesday. >> if the air -- is full and things and up deteriorating on monday and you cannot get back, it's a problem. >> 2100 utility trucks from as far away as new jersey have come. >> mother nature will always throw a curve ball at you. >> 4300 utility workers bracing for the inevitable. >> we're going to have power outages. the goal is to get power restored as quickly as possible. >> the best thing you can do is plan for the worst. >> we're getting late word that the men in power is sending bucket trucks. it's part of a mutual aid agreement with dozens of flights in and out of south florida canceled or delays. gop organizers may extend their convention into friday. all of it is up in the air. no one is exactly sure what is it will do. >> in other news today, as we gear up for the republican
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national convention, controversy over rep taught taken's -- over taught a can's comments of our rape. >> leaders of the party have said get out of the race. you have said something which is highly offensive. >> he said democrats are trying to use the comments to cast a shadow on the entire republican party. mitt romney says it will not work. >> vice-president joe biden's entire florida trip planned to take place this week has been cancelled. the campaign said the change in scheduling is to make sure law enforcement and emergency management resources in the state can focus on safety as her -- as isaac approaches. the campaign had previously just cancel joe biden's stop in tampa. historian frederick md. -- police are investigating a shooting that happened shortly after midnight.
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one man was transported to hospital in baltimore, but we do not know the extent of his injuries or what triggered the shooting. >> reaction to the passing of astronauts neil armstrong poured in from around the country as word got out. fellow space travel pioneer said a few words about his accomplishments. >> it i am by nature an envious person. i have a lot of opportunities come my way and we are proud of that. i am not the type that goes around to be envious, but i told neil for him i would make an exception. too deep what he did come to the then first person to make its uptrend on someplace other than earth is one of the big steps in history. we were fortunate to be living in that time. >> armstrong made two trips into space. he made s first jersey in 1966 as commander of gemini 8 mission which nearly ended disaster. then there was his more famous
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apollo mission three years after>> several school systems had back to class tomorrow, including d.c. >> but are the schools ready? in years past, the opening in d.c. was a traumatic event with schools struggling to patch walls and roofs and time. -- in time. >> the chancellor came to inspect a major renovation of an old building and found it bustling with activity. she insisted the battle days are gone. >> every single school will open on time. our educators are in the building, setting up classrooms and getting ready. >> teachers seemed happy and the renovation plan that finally reached these bilingual classrooms. >> every morning i have to wipe off the additions and it is absolutely gorgeous. >> they won't be distracted by wobbly tables and walls that are
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less than desirable. >> this looks like a new school. >> i like it. >> as usual, it has been the marathon weaker -- a marathon weekend as a volunteer for purpose -- as volunteers prepare the school for monday morning. the same story at friendship heights school, one of dc's charters. charter's now educate more than 40% of the students. >> my plan is to make the honor roll all four quarters. >> we are waiting to come back on monday and we look forward to seeing you on monday morning. >> coming up, campaigning is finally catching up with the 21st century. there is an app for everything, but could your privacy be at risk? >> the severe thunderstorms are out of our area.
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>> campaigns are catching up to technology with new apps, but there could be at drawbacks. >> a new report shows many security concerns with them. >> on the campaign trail, smart phones and tablets are everywhere. now, the obama and romney teams
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are taking this technology a step further, with apps that helps supporters keep track of campaign activities. but they also raise privacy concerns. the romney campaign app, which allows users to sign in through facebook can mine information on users friends. the obama one [inaudible] the obama campaign app plans blue flags at the homes of registered democrats. does this concern you? the fact that someone can walk up to your door? >> of course i am concerned. yes. i am very concerned. you did it this morning. you walked up to my door. he knew what -- who i was. i had no idea. >> they can also get information on the people to download them. we asked a privacy advocate about this.
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>> anything you do with your phone is designed to be exposed to the application you download. anything that might be valuable as far as figuring out how to tailor a message to you and figure out who is going to give the new -- is going to give the most money they have the ability to get and much of you cannot say no to. >> the obama campaign has said this campaign has always and will continue -- >> not everyone is worried. another georgetown resident we found using the obama app found it harmless. >> 30 years ago, if you work for any campaign and wanted to find out where the registered democrats in georgetown were you would go downtown, make a copy of everyone's registration and go through the annoyance of looking at street addresses and
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it was half a day's work. now it is 30 seconds. i do not feel my privacy is threatened by this. >> let's check out news around the world. the tension between israel and iran continues to grow as well as prospects of war. there are reports the israeli government is ramping up preparation for strikes against iran's nuclear facilities. that is from a report from the international atomic energy agency who says iran may be accelerating work on its nuclear program. israel's leadership thinks there is little time to act. >> benjamin netanyahu seems very determined to launch a strike against iran before november. any time between now and november is the window of opportunity. >> the obama administration is against the unilateral strike against iran. they believe there is still time for diplomacy. one analyst said if israel was
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really on the brink of an attack, they would not be talking about it too much. >> a typhoon is threatening to okinawa, japan. it's said to be the strongest in years. winds are reaching around 112 miles an hour. so far, for injuries have been reported and about 40,000 people are without power. >> a hurricane warning tonight for new orleans. >> that is something that has changed with the 5:00 update. isaac is still a tropical storm and it will gain strength over the next day or so. closer to home, let me tell you about rain -- a lot of rain hugging the coast of the chesapeake bay. some ominous looking clouds outside right now, but nothing we need to fear as we move through the evening hours. some sunshine in virginia. 73 degrees at reagan national airport.
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huntington -- hunting down md. -- hunting down, md. 68 degrees is the current temperature. about half an inch in upper d.c. the final spot takes us to annapolis with 3 inches of rain in the bucket. temperatures managed to make it into the lower 80s but are now cooling down as we move into the evening hours. 75 in winchester. quantico at 75 degrees. scattered showers just to the west with heavy rain hugging the western and eastern coast of the chesapeake bay. all of this moves off towards the northeast over the next couple of hours, all part of an area of low pressure moving in from north carolina. we still have a flash flood watch in effect for montgomery the district, fairfax, and prince george's county. that areas shaded in red are flash flood warnings in effect
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until 9:15. we could pick up another inch of rain as this system slowly lifts out of here. a cold front to the west, moving through late tomorrow night into the early morning hours on tuesday. it will stall across the area but temperatures will be warm on tuesday, followed by a cool down on wednesday. this is isaac. the track continues at around 15 miles north toward the west- northwest. the latest guidance has it going around the new orleans area late tuesday into wednesday morning. this would mark the seven-year anniversary of hurricane katrina. that is worth watching over the coming days. the future cast, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. near 90 on tuesday, followed by a nickel on on wednesday. temperatures -- followed by a cool down on wednesday.
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here is the extended outlook showing the cool down on wednesday and thursday. on friday and saturday, a 20% chance of showers. a lot of that is up in the air. it depends on the remnants of isaac. right now, it is hard enough to pinpoint the landfall area, get along what we expect. >> why has this storm been so difficult? >> we have a lot of variables. a high-pressure ridge developing to the north and west and pushing it together and it continues to shift further toward the west. you saw the signal yesterday. the official track is it to the east of new orleans. >> it depends what model of you are looking at. >> let's switch gears now to football and the redskins. >> we will be playing in new orleans, soon enough. we will have a full report of rg3's preseason numbers.
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the nationals looked dazed and
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>> and the redskins beat the indianapolis colts this weekend, 30-17, but that is not the only victory. many insiders are giving rg3 the
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edge over the other rookies. griffin's numbers were pretty good. he was 11 out of 17 and threw a touchdown in one half of play. he has only had 31 passing attempts preseason. the head coach wants to show as little of griffin to opponent as possible. you can understand that. he proved he can floors but most importantly, bounceback. >> last week, we had a bump in the road against chicago. but the great thing is how he responded this week. i think he did a lot of great things. he made some plays out there for us and the offense seemed to have a good tempo and he had a good command of the offense. i think he is just going to keep better the more experience as he has playing football. >> aside from watching the roster he is evaluating guys
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who are on the bubble. one sack resulted in a safety against the colts. there were three other hits on andrew but will it be enough? the first cut comes tomorrow. the first cut last year went to eagles' camp and is back now. >> i'm happy to be a part of that, man. i can't describe how happy i am. the whole day was weird. i like to sleep in. i got up early and i was excited to walk in and see the locker room. all of the little things like that. i was happy and blessed that i could do it again. >> hard to believe going into today's game, jordan zimmerman had never retired [unintelligible] giving the slumping nationals no
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relief today. jimmy rollins used his bat to drive one deep into right- center. a three-run lead -- what is it about this team and the nationals at this year? lance snakes gives a hard liner to the right. look at this one at top of the seventh -- it looks like it's gone but it hits the wall, the plexiglass. they think it's gone and trot along basis. but for whatever reason, he stops at third. he keeps going and is tagged out. the nationals lose four in a row. it was reportedly a dispute with davey johnson and that gm afterwards. roger clemens promised when gay but judging by his performance, he might hit the amount of some more.
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he fanned the first batter he faced. many believe this is the first step in an attempt to return to the big leagues at 50. why not? the seattle seahawks cut their wide receiver today and the dolphins traded their hometown guy to the colts for a second round and conditional late peaked -- a late pick. >> breaking news.
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>> as we move through the evening hours the heavier rain will come to an end close to the chesapeake bay and we look for temperatures falling into the '60s. tomorrow around 87 degrees. a few afternoon showers may pop up as a cold front -- as a cold front approaches from the west. we may see the remnants of isaac toward the end of the week. if you have travel plans to new orleans, you may want to check them and make some alternative plans. they are now under a hurricane warning and the storm is in spec -- it storm is expected to intensify to a category 2 hurricane. it marks a seven-year anniversary of katrina. >> abc world news will have the latest coming up in a few
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan pla a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts.


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