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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  August 26, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> it tropical storm isaac bearing down on florida, causing problems for people living there and organizers of the republican national convention. now, a hurricane warning for new orleans. >> we have whether issues of our own. we will tell you where this of water shot popped up and a massive delays at the airports. >> live and in h.d. -- this is abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. >> we have certainly seen our share of rain today and it has had a big impact. at the maryland state impact close -- state her clothes for the day and there was a four-
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hour delay at bwi. the shore has been hit particularly hard. this idea was posted on youtube earlier today -- actually we're going to show you that video later on. we do have a couple of different shots of the water spout. some videos coming in -- take a look at this. from top to bottom. >> the storm soaked many parts of the area. we have been tracking isaac and the stormy weather. >> it has been a very busy afternoon. the waterspout did not allow -- did not amount to a whole lot. the heaviest of the rain is moving off toward the northeast. a citywide -- a few widely scattered showers west of the
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d.c. area. look at these impressive rain totals. almost 3.25 inches in annapolis. we still have the class -- still have the flash flood watch in effect for the district and southern maryland along with a flash flood warning for the southern calvert county until 9:15 this evening. a quick update on tropical storm isaac -- winds up to 60 miles an hour. at the latest track will take it toward new orleans late tuesday into early wednesday possibly a category 2 storm and new orleans is now under a hurricane warning. we will have much more on the track of the storm and we can expect in our area in the coming weeks. >> the governor of louisiana has issued a state of emergency.
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even going so far as telling people to get out now. >> we are calling on folks who live in low lying areas and of 15 parishes in a hurricane watch area to go ahead and start voluntary evacuations today. >> the governor is expected to speak at the republican national convention but says he will not leave his state as long as it is threatened by the storm. oil and gas operators of offshore platforms that are potentially in harm's way are evacuating tonight. >> it has been a day full of twists and turns when it comes to a tropical storm isaac. we have been keeping up with all of the changes. >> look at this loss of this storm. growing concerns now about louisiana and the gulf coast. authorities in florida and louisiana have declared states of emergency.
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you just for the governor of louisiana up ordering voluntary evacuations. isaac is now getting closer. the view from a miami hotel room shows isaac playing rough. >> it was kind of scary last night. >> some south florida neighborhoods were slammed by high wind overnight. >> the wind that i heard when this happened i have not heard since andrew. was like a train. >> the tropical storm left two people dead in haiti come battering thousands of people living in tents. knocking out power to most of the country. >> in south florida, three people have been killed on wet roads. the governor issued a state of emergency. >> have your medicine, fill up your car, be careful. if there is standing water don't go into it. >> add it then there is tampa. >> we could not be assured of total safety for buses traveling
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over long bridges. >> republican national convention organizers have canceled the program's first day. delegates will briefly can be on monday and reconvene on tuesday. >> if you get the are really behind us full and things and that terry rating on monday, you cannot get people back and the problem. >> now at least 2100 utility trucks from as far away as missouri and new jersey -- >> mother nature are is always going to throw a curve ball at you. >> 4300 utility workers are bracing for the inevitable. >> we're going to have power outages. our goal is to restore it as quickly as possible. >> the best thing you can do. >> the storm could affect 19 million visitors to florida. the concern is flooding in low- lying areas. there is talk the gop will extend its convention until friday. all this up in the air as no one is sure what is it will do.
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>> dominion and virginia is joining utility companies. we check today and found out there sending 100 to employees along with 13 bucket trucks as part of the mutual aid agreements to provide support during emergency situations. the governor says republicans will face challenges because of the impending storm. >> obviously, thesere things that have to be dealt with. we are just going to have to be more productive. we will have to do in three days with the democrats do in four. it is a concern. >> independent voters are focusing more on the election now and want to hear from paul ryan and mitt romney. >> a former florida governor says he will not be supporting mitt romney in november. he announced he is backing president obama. in an editorial that appeared he said president obama is the right leader for florida and the
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country. he left the republican party when he lost his bid to win a senate seat in 2010. he currently does not belong to a party. isaac is not the only storms swirling around the republican national convention. congressman taught taken's remarks -- a congressman todd akin's remarks have been -- have become an attack. >> with all the issues america faces, for the obama campaign to continue to stoop to such a low level -- say understand and they are wise enough to understand people like myself who have asked him to get out of the race are doing so because we vehemently disagree with what he says. >> akin is running for the missouri senate seat. romney says harris refusal to withdraw is hurting the republican party. we will have an update on
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everything that's happening, so be sure to tune in tonight for a live report from the convention. >> we are hearing more from people reacting to the death of neil armstrong. why fellow astronauts, john glenn, says he was envious of armstrong. >> cyclist lance armstrong's decision not to fight do [ male
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>> and john glenn is reflecting on the death of neil armstrong. >> to do what he did, the first person to ever set foot and make a first -- make a footprint on somewhere other than earth is a big event in history. >> armstrong's death after an a
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going heart surgery -- is the first man to set foot on the moon. he was 82 years old. >> even though he faces a lifetime ban from cycling, lambs armstrong's charity has got the biggest since the u.s. anti- doping agency announced it was stripping him of his seventh tour de france titles and banning of from the sport. donations to his charity have actually increased. he says about $80,000 were donated last friday, the same day the ban was announced. normally, the foundation to next -- collects about $32,000 in a day.
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get the facts. >> an active day in the weather center. >> a lot of rain fell in a short
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time. a few of those warnings remained but glimmers of sunshine. it's not so bad out there. al little bit of some outside with the cloud the very away. that means we will see a clearing as we move through the overnight hours. our temperatures will fall into the lower 60s. went out of the east at my mouth our. one degree below average for this time of year. almost half an inch of rain in the upper northwest of the sea temperature now stands at 70 degrees. not a pretty day at the beach -- over half an inch of rain right now. over to a quarter inches. annapolis sought over 3 inches of rain. temperatures outside
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considering the cloud cover and rain head down to southern maryland. heavy showers living toward the northeast. heavy rain in long beach. heavy rain earlier in hunting down. almost 3 inches over there. this is the latest we have in terms of the flash flood warnings and watches. head down to southern calvert county where there is a flash flood warning until 9:15 this evening. an area of low pressure starting to develop off the coast of north carolina now moving away from our area with plenty of sunshine out to the west. looking at sunshine west
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virginia right now. nothing like that toward the south where isaac continues to churn. the development has it tracking toward the northwest at around 15 miles that were with winds begin to intensify. the lake -- the latest models have across new orleans into tuesday afternoon. possibly becoming a category 2 hurricane with winds as high as 100 miles an hour. a lot of warmth across the gulf of mexico with the waters -- a lot can change between now and then. we will keep you updated. the next 48 hours, clouds beginning to erode through the day into tomorrow. cooler to the north and west but a cold front sweeps on by late tomorrow night into early tuesday. temperatures not tremendously cooler.
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actually all little warmer. slightly cooler air wednesday and thursday. by the end of the week, we could be talking about the remnants of isaac. overnight hours with temperatures falling to 72 degrees. mid to upper 80s and a few afternoon showers possible with a frontal system moving in from the north to the west. the extended outlook showing a cool down by wednesday and thursday. did 20% chance of showers friday and saturday. this all from the remnants of isaac. should they make it our way -- we are still trying to pinpoint the exact location where it will make land fall. the next update will be at 11:00. as updates to go more -- grow more important tempo with the republican national convention to be looking at a storm surge of three to 5 feet and when
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gusts of 40 to 50 miles an hour. not ideal, but not as bad as it could have been. >> the weather we had today was absolutely crazy. i cannot get over that video of the water spout. >> they issued a tornado warning on this at about 1:30 this afternoon. no damage reported but it does look scary. >> if you did not know there was water there, you would think it is a tornado. >> the warning call lasted 15 or 20 minutes and of course that is a great video and a lot of tales to tell right now. >> we have been getting great pictures and video from our viewers. >> let's go to sports now. >> we have some great video of the redskins. still room for improvement but did he come out on top? some people say he did. we'll have a full report of the preseason numbers.
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a defensive player is trying to make the team again and the nationals were dazed and confused at one po
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>> it is hard to believe there would be tension in the
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clubhouse, but according to several reports, there was a closed-door heated discussion after today's game. here is the possible reason why. bottom of the fifth, jimmy rollins drive one deep to right center. the phillies take a three run lead. bottom of the six -- at hardliner to write for a solo shot. not looking good. top of the seventh -- some relief could be in sight. it hits the wall of the plexiglas and he thought it was called on sunday are trotting are around that they stop at third base. the nationals lose four in a row. >> you can always review it.
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you never put yourself in a position that the ball is still on the field. if you assume -- the ball is still in play. >> never assam. the redskins beat the indianapolis colts. but that's not the only victory. many insiders are giving rg3 the edge and the iraqi showdown. 74 yards and a touchdown. and -- griffin all we had 31 passing attempts this preseason. they need to get rest, but a bad coach was to show as little of griffin as possible. griffin has proved he can
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flourish but also bounceback. >> the great thing is how he responded this week. i think he did a lot of great things and made some plays and there was a good tempo and had command of the offense. he's going to keep getting better the more experience he has. >> tiger woods had a dismal afternoon but it's the fourth round, so that is his style. he shot 5 over 76 and finished the tournament at one over par. he finished his style with a birdie on 13 and ended the day at 10 under par. around the nfl the seahawks are right -- the seahawks wide receiver -- getting rid of some
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dead weight, i guess.
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>> is it is on the move. they're going to hear a lot about the storm of the coming days. this is the projected track into wednesday. it could intensify into a category 2 storm before making landfall. new orleans now under a hurricane warning. here is our forecast for the immediate future. the rain will move out of the radical from late tomorrow followed by cool down. nice weather wednesday and thursday and back into the lower 80s and lower humidity.
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